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Posted on June 26th, 2007 in by Martin Lee

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Dear visitor to this Storesonline Reviews website,

I encountered Storesonline (also known as iMergent) a couple of years ago when I saw an advertisement in my local newspaper. After attending their event, I felt I had to write down and let others know about them.

On this site, you will also be able to read not only my personal account of the Storesonline seminar and workshop, but also comments by hundreds of other people about their own experiences with Storesonline.

If you are about to attend their workshop or seminar, make sure you read everything here before you attend the session.

If you are considering purchasing the Storesonlinepro website, I strongly encourage you to read everything on this site including the comments left by hundreds of people, some of whom are Storesonline customers. Hopefully, these will help you make an informed decision on whether the Storesonlinepro website packages are suitable for you.

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  1. Jon Thomas says:

    Thanks for the warnings. I attended the first meeting last year and missed the second because of becoming ill. I really had my doubts. Thanks for saving me time on attending again.

    • John says:

      Sroesonline is the worst company to ever do bussiness with. They steal money and never follow through with there promise. There customer service that they said was world class was terrible! I don’t ever want to do work with StoresOnline again

      • Jodi says:

        SOL is a true scam! Attending a seminar in Texas – July 2008 – signed up and started working immediately – took over 5 days for the account to activate and when if finally did it was not user friendly – very hard to navigate. The alleged suppliers that offered dropshipping didn’t exist and SOL offer no support what so ever. The only time they would call is when they wanted more money “to get our site up and running”…more money???? We should have had that already with the package we signed up for. SOL also sells your information to telemarketers.
        Please – all Texas residents that has been scammed by SOL, contact the Texas Attorney Generals Office. They are currently working on 2008 cases right NOW!!!!

        • Steve says:

          I am sorry I bought into this. How can I get my money back?

        • Jodi says:

          What state are you located in? They have been banned in so many states already and even in foreign countries…..

        • Martin Lee says:

          Replying for Steve:

          Missouri. St. Louis

        • Geroge Lopez says:

          Only I want to say StoresOnline and the people who work for them Including Bob Bluhm all SUCK.
          FUCK YOU Storesonline, PMI, Universal and the other companies that work with them.
          Everybody if you want to buy this fucking product think many times, because they suck your money.

        • Penny says:

          Thanks Jodi for the warning. I checked on the Texas Attorney General’s site at and found the story you mentioned. I can’t believe they are STILL sending out invites to their Dinner Conferences (July 2009). So glad I checked them out before calling for reservations!

        • betty says:

          hey wanna attend a seminar? ya i just went to 1 too.reply and ill let you know.

        • deb north says:

          I spent over 7000.00$ and did not get any support and never started 1 web site, they told me it would cost more money for support, I regret ever doing this and embarrassed that I got scammed and did not see it coming. I wish I could get my money back but I know that will never happen call and take to me if you know how I could get my money back Deb North 260-417-6668

        • SOL FAN! says:

          YOU KNOW WHAT!?! they say everything is bigger in Texas and they’re right… You’re the biggest idiot in this forum. Why do I say that? Because I actually USE the customer support and they’re GREAT. Do you? nope. i bet you’ve called twice, logged in a couple of times, gotten frustrated, and quit… When you heard the voice of an articulate representative with an accent, you went defensive and decided they were a terrible company because you’re from Texas and want a redneck to talk to you.

          I know StoresOnline is a good company with GOOD PEOPLE and legitimate services. Everyday, they’re trying to become a BETTER company and are improving their customer service. Yes, they might have new representatives that need to learn more, but what company doesn’t?

        • I feel that Storesonline is a rip off and I wish that I never got roped into something that is not paying off. They are liars and steal your money. They make it so easy and that it isn’t cost you an arm and leg. They are so wrong!

        • Jen says:

          I just got an invitation to this seminar in the mail. I was planning on going, but Praise God I stumbled on your website, and I won’t be now. Thank you!!

          And I was just curious ~ SOL fan, are you an employee of StoresOnline? I think you could be one of those pushy sales guys. But I’m glad it worked for you and very sorry for the LARGE group of people that it didn’t.

        • Marybeth says:

          I feel so suffered dealing with them. My time wasted just about dealing with them. All comment above is true. They even have 2 different financial records that they made just to get more money. It’s really scary, I do not know how to get out from them! You better becareful. They will turn off your site to terror us to sent more money. They asking to get our personal credit card info in written.

        • Rhonlynn says:

          I’m attending a seminar tonight “free” mp3 player, “free” netbook….free dinner, atleast that’s free. I have a website by Webstarts, I love love love them. I doubt Storesonline, and with your review, I have a feeling my doubts are correct….Not taking my debit card is how I choose to do this one. I’m also prepared to tell them my webstarts package is only 77.00 a year, and i’m on Google, SEO search engine, and other etc. I love doing things like this, and catching them off guard. Boy am I ready. Oh and, the MP3 player is only available with shipping that we pay. I have an Ipod touch. Maybe I’ll win a netbook.

      • Leslie says:

        I just attended the training day in Virginia (3/12/10) and was convienced to buy the $6000.00 program with unlimited # of sites and all this supposedly great customer support. I was very shocked to find when I got home and opened the great package they gave us that was a value supposedly of $150.00 that in it there was at least two monthly charges I was never told about during the training!!!! I also was told the customer service would be someone in the states ie: english speaking and in twice in two days of calling customer support to get started I have spoke with someone in the Phillipeans not AMERICA and definetly not english speaking!!! I started doing some checking into the company’s reputation, (a little late) and have found some scary feedback from their customers who most seemed to have gotten burned!!! Also this company has more names than I have shoes and thats crazy!!! I would really do some thinking and googling this company before jumping into this!!! I am now in the process of canceling my membership with them to protect my self from becoming one of these people who’s out of thousands with nothing to show for it!!!

        • TAM says:

          Leslie, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I believe you are supposed to legally have a 3 day period (don’t quote me on it, it might be 2 days) to cancel for a full refund, but these folks are pros. I would follow all telephone correspondence with some sort of email correspondence so you have a paper trail of your attempts to cancel. Don’t give up on your dreams with the websites, there are many great options out there that won’t take you for thousands of dollars. Mine is through Weebly, FREE hosting, FREE Website builder (SO much easier and more user friendly than SOL) and ecommerce through Paypal, also FREE :) Good luck! Be sure to keep us posted!

        • Joell says:

          Hi, I was ALSO at the 3-12-10 seminar in Virginia and I took home the packet and started reading, researching (for my first site) and looking/listening the DVD but I still haven’t started the designing or setup of the site. I’m still stuck and have been having some reservations that this may not work for me. I am in a very desperate place money wise and I can’t afford to be duped (embarrasing and feeling small).

        • Cathy says:

          Hi, a friend just bought the program and suggested it to me. I searched and found this page – egad!
          What other companies are they going by?
          What Website company do you trust for building a website at a fair cost and monthly cost?
          I would appreciate whatever advice you can send me!
          Thank You,
          Cathy Bennett


    • Angela says:

      I have been reading all about you saying you have been scammed. I have a web-site and am working at it, I am getting sales and I do have to work at it. After all it is a business, No business runs without any work and if you think it does, you need a wake up call. You get out of it what you put into it.

      I also have a product if anyone is interested in it, it is not a SCAM by no means. I personally know people making $2000.00 to $15,000 a WEEK, I am again tried of everyone saying it is a pryamid, It is not it is a binary system which by the way pays you very well. If anyone is interested and needs money or even better health please call me I PROMISE NOT TO SCAM YOU. This is a business to if you want it to be a business or you can just drink it . This business cost me $39,99 to get in it. You make it what you want it to be the sky is the limit with this company, I will tell you that the company made 1 BILLION in only 3 years and has been featured on Success Magazine 3 times in 2008, Please contact me to hear more at [email protected]

      Thank you.

      • Bill says:

        I would like to know more about it. I am about to attend a workshop here in Florida in 2 weeks and started doing some checking on the company beforehand. I am open minded and do realize that a business is only as good as what you make it, provided that the people you contract with live up to their end. Any input positive or negative will be appreciated.

        • tom c says:


        • Norma says:

          Many of these remarks are right. My husband and I fell for this line of balony. I spent hundreds of hours working on the website and finally got it ready to go live. The computer tech had looked it over and found no problems. We went live. The first 2 orders the credit cards wouldn’t go through because of a problem with ECI. After hours on the phone with their tech that was fixed but the orders were lost. I tried to do an order and found the shipping was not showing up. By the time that was fixed at SOL (the tech had not checked a box) an order came in. We made $30 and had to pay the shipping and a $12 cost to the credit card company. SOL do not tell you that no matter how good your website is it’s all in the marketing. They mostly go over pay per click as a way to market it. It was left out of their speech that when bidding on clicks you are going against Sears, Target, Pottery Barn and a few others with much bigger advertising budgets than most of us have. When I raised the amount on the key words so we would be closer to the first 2 pages of the search engine, we went through $75 in 2 hours and still didn’t have any orders. I know my way around computers pretty well and spent hundreds of hours getting the site up and going, so it isn’t that I just did it in a short time and expected miracles. I have now sent a complaint to the Attorney Generals office in hopes of getting some of our money back or at the very least a cancelled contract. There are so many better ways to have a website for a fraction of the money. One area they promote are their wonderful tools. Those same tools can be found all over the web. We feel so foolish to have been taken in. I am on disability and thought this was one way I could help our income by working on it on my good days. I pushed and pushed myself to get this up and going and to no avail

        • Karn Mclure says:

          Would like to know if you went to the training session and what I can expect. I attended the conference and was going to go to the training. open to all info and ideas.thanks

        • Steve says:

          Stores Online is weak in disclosing all the details necessary at the seminar required to launch an ebiz with their software package. I bought one and it takes a lot of time to get up and running. Although I had bargained for more than I thought, I decided to get r done. My experience has been nothing but positive. They were most helpful with on the phone with tech support in helping me generate MY Site. You have to do the work, make no mistake! Know upfront thatyou have a lot to learn, theres’ a large time investment involved, but for me, it was worth it. I have total control of how I run this biz, not like prepackaged sites that don’t work. Any biz takes a lot of work and commitment, and stores has been with me all the way. BTW, I have not been contacted by Stores concerning purchase of any other products or by third parties. I wonder why I’m so different from most?
          If you are contemplating purchase, go in with eyes wide open to working your ass off, be open to the learning curve necessary, but in the end, you might just make some money and take some pride in what you’ve accomplished.

        • SOL FAN! says:

          i wouldn’t listen to the second writer who says that her husband and her “fell for it”… this is a legitimate business with a REAL product that offers you an easier road to building a website. Plain and simple. No promises made that you’ll be a billionaire.

        • Libris Fidelis says:

          As for SOL FAN!’s Reply of January 28th, 2010 at 9:38 p.m., let me tell you a true account of what the scammers do on the bus in Las Vegas (also called by locals “Lost Wages”). And this is probably what Shit-Outof-Luck does with the free notebook raffle scam (they have not made “laptops” for twenty years, that was an old technology, by the way!)

          Three of them get on a bus around the Las Vegas Strip. There are always plenty of naive working people and tourists on those buses.

          One sets up a “peanut under the shell” game (a penny can be the “peanut”) and the victim is required to guess which cup or “shell” the “peanut” is under. The operator
          says you have to put up money to play, and usually starts low, say one dollar. The victim usually loses but not always, but never wins enough to get their money back.

          If there are too many “wise-achers” who know better and make a scene, the operator folds up and gets off the bus with his other two co-horts and finds another bus. Usually they have at least “won” their three bus fares by then, however. By the way, this is illegal, so they have to be careful there are no undercover police on board the bus, and there are lots of undercover police randomly riding the buses!

          If the operator sees potential, then the two friends step into the game. The wagering rises, mysteriously the friends win, winning five dollar bills, tens, even twenties! Then the friend steps out grinning a “winner” and the watching greedy victims plunk their money down and LOSE one-after-the-other! The friend who won $60 or more? That was never won, they just go on to the next bus. It was “seed money” they use over and over and over again!!!

          I bet those persons who won the portable personal computer in the SOL raffle were either relatives or employees of SOL, the way SOL does things, they would never give something away like that, it was probably a shell game sales tactic! “Gee, they gave away a nice computer, they must like us, so I can trust them with my hard-earned money because I’m gonna’ make more money than I paid for SOL!!!!!”

      • tom c says:

        Is that so well let me tell you some thing my wife and I worked at it for three months and they still havent got my site up I went to another sorce and got my site up and running in one week so dont stick up for those thieving s.o.b.s they rob people for a living you just got lucky

        • Manon says:

          I just signed with them and I am now concerned about that. According to what they told me, they are supposed to built/design my first website, free. didn’t they do that for you?

        • Ian says:

          For Manon –

          It sounds like you might just be within the 3 day cancellation limit. If you can do it, get out now! You do not want to be where the rest of us are, with a holey pocket and a devil’s bargain. And above all else, document everything! Every email, phone call, every word they say or you say, keep track of it, cause if you don’t get out now you’ll need it all later…


        • got the second call sue says:

          who did you contact? I have been contacted by these folks for a “second” offer of $6000. I agree, there is a lot of expense in getting people to your website–something they don’t explain. what I don’t like is the high pressure sales. they always seem to claim that you are going to get something “free”. For example, I pait $50 for “training” that was just more hype on their program. When I was called back, the 1st person said that i was being selected for free counseling just for telling people of my experience. The “closer” then clarified that it would cost me $6000 but not to worry–I would get it back in 6 weeks. Yeah, right. the Guarantee was that if I didn’t make it in 6 months (paying my own advertisement), they would give me another 6 months of counseling.

        • Dianne says:

          What other source did you find to go with that was good? I just got an invite in the mail from Storesonline. Thinking twice now about NOT going.

        • Ian says:

          Dianne, there are a lot of other companies out there that offer what SOL does, for a fraction of the cost.,, and all offer unlimited storage and bandwidth with unlimited emails and domains for pennies a month, and they all have free site builders. Plus Google Adwords does almost exactly what SO’s reverse search tool does, only it’s free. The most dangerous thing that SO will do is try to convince you that no one else can do what they can. Do just a little looking, and you will see there is only one choice that makes any sense…


        • Al and Linda Hudson says:

          we got scammed too not bad enough we bought the site and paid 6 grand but they still get 30 bucks a month for use of our own site we worked 12 to 14 hours a day no sale went through always something stopped it i would tell every one i know to tell every one they know DON<T DEAL WITH STORES ON LINE they are nothing but crooks

      • Roben CG says:

        I need to leave Notice that they have mooved to Canada

        My mother and I Had been invited to a seminar, getting excited after the first seminar we bought a website for 51$, then we went into the second seminar…the “marketing” one… we went in and saw that they were rushing us into buying a “pro” pack for 6000$ and even offered financing…. using our brains we got my sister to research them and she found your site. I need to thank you guys for letting us not being scammed by these asswhipes.

        We left right after lunch 😉

        They may have gotten a lil bit of money from us, but we got 2 free meals and 2 mp3 players. So no real loss. But it sure was an eyeopener.

        Thanx again

        • Lisa says:

          Roben, I didn’t even get my MP3 player. Its been 4 months now and I can’t get anyone on the phone to ask about it.

        • Jouclyn says:

          I didn’t get my MP3 player either and its been 3 months

        • SOL FAN! says:

          call customer support, they’ll transfer you through to MP3 orders.

        • Cheryl says:

          I didn’t get my MP3 player either and when I called they transfered me and then I got put on hold and then they asked me to leave a message and so far no reply. This company if you can call it that can legally do this.

        • James Chappell says:

          You dont want it. Its a piece of crap. I’ve been through 3 of them and they didn’t last as along as it took me to load songs on them. I came here to tell people about my terrible experiance with this company but it pails in comparison to what I have read.

      • Pamela Bacon says:

        I wish I had found out all this information BEFORE I signed up with Stores Online. And as Angela said you have to work at it, this is no get rich quick scheme. I understood that from day one. One way they rip you off is by convincing you that it is a bargain to buy 6 websites and they make it sound so easy to do so. I have one store,, and it keeps me busy 10-14 hours a day 6-7 days a week. If one site requires that much attention, how the hell do they expect you to be able to run 6! They don’t, and thats the scam. They get you to pay for sites you will never be able to run! It may be possible to run 2 or even possibly 3 sites providing you are only selling one or two products but in my case I carry a large number of bras and lingerie, over 400 products total, and it is impossible to run 6 sites of that magnitude unless you have a large amount of money to hire people from day one. I’m on permanant disability and $6000 is more than half of my entire yearly income, but they convinced me I could do it and being the bargain hunter that I am I foolishly bought six sites. 2 yrs later and I have 5 sites sitting un-used because it is simply impossible to run all 6. I can’t even get enough time to open a second, much less 6! I don’t know about the rest of you but at the seminars I attended in Missouri we were told that we didn’t have to worry about dealing with people who’s first language is NOT english, definately implying that we could count on dealing with Americans! First off, all chat sessions are with someone from…..the Phillippeans, and believe me I have gotten so frustrated dealing with people who obviously have a language barrier problem that I have sat and cried because I was so frustrated. I’ve had chat sessions with people who knew less about computer programming than me, and I am an idiot when it comes to computers. So when I have to tell my chat person that they are wrong and demand to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor clearly admits I was right, there’s a problem! A big problem! Not that stores online cares, after all if you don’t like chat you are free to pay for a long distance phone call that can last for hours. You would think that after paying $6000 up front and and additional $29.95 month they could at least have a toll free number! I’ve also tried their email, what a joke. I’ve never gotten a response to any email I have sent them! I could go on and on and on about how stores online rips you off. Personally, I am currently looking for a new web service, GoDaddy has been suggested, and will be asking for a refund for the 5 sites I had no chance of getting up and going in the first place. Just to keep information current, stores online is currently being sued by 10 states and the country of Australia is also suing! Its only a matter of time before they are shut down, so if you feel you’ve been ripped off now is the time to file suit or ask for your money back before its too late and you’re screwed!

        • Martin Lee says:

          Hi Pamela,

          That really sucks. Which country are you based in?

        • Ken says:

          By the way how is your website, Doing, it sounds like you are successful with that one Ha.

        • SOLRealist says:

          Hmmm…I am sympathetic to the amount of time it takes…what is odd however, is that you don’t seem to have the cognitive faculties to realize that running your own business takes that amount of time and effort. As one who as both my own business with SOL and growing up with a father who ran his own business, I know that business owners are in most cases always working (many over 80 hours a week or more) and are happy to do that because that is what it takes to make a business succeed. One thing I have learned is that some people have no business being in business. It appears that you Pamela are one such individual.

        • Pam says:

          To SOLRealist,
          Insulting people is not helping SOL. As for my cognitive faculties, I’m a very intelligent person who realized from day one that a business, even a small one, is a full time job at best. That was not my complaint, my complaint was that SOL convinces you that you can run 6 sites, I don’t know anyone who can work 6 full time jobs! I worked my site/business for 2 and a half years, with a minimum of 60 hours a week. I’m a hard worker at anything I do and I have always been that way.
          One thing I have learned is that there is always some a–hole out there that loves to insult people to make themselves feel better about themselves. It appears that you, who chooses not to reveal your name, is one such individual!
          For the record, I gave up on SOL and went on to start another business, not on the internet, and I’m making more money now then I have at any time in my life. So, apparantly I DO have what it takes to run a business!

        • Dennies Santiago says:

          Hey Pamela,

          I’m from Philippines and I would like to tell you that we, Filipinos, pronounced English words quite differently but our grammar and technology are far more advanced than yours. Check your spelling and grammars posted here plus the fact that Telus call center was located in Manila.

        • JJ says:

          From what I see on-line your website is not even up and running. It says “under contruction.” So how are you working so many hours on something that doens’t even exist? Sounds fishy to me.

    • Ed Dotterer says:

      Free dinner, free MP3 player, no money transferred. Sometimes you can scam the scammers.

      • Bryan C says:

        Ehh free dinner, free mp3 player, free networking… ehh not that bad. The guy was kind of retarded though on some things… Im pretty computer literate, and when he made a reference to uploading a picture and started showing the code, i just laughed because it wasnt html code at all… but no one else realized that…

        Anyways, i bought their deal for 39 bucks, i ended up getting 10 bucks for free for a demonstration, and am having my partner give me 20 bucks (aka spliting the difference) to go to the bootcamp deal. Once again, im ganna go there and network and see if I learn anything new. Im not ganna buy pro or buy their expensive package… but for 39 bucks, ill give their basic system a try. I already have access to a server and have a domain name, etc… i figure if i just use the system and outsource the rest to my providers it wont be bad

        • Lil says:

          I did as you r doing, still going to second conference day , doesn’t cost me anymore than the 58$ for the site..which I wanted anyhow..and like you I hope to learn something. Also the guy who did the conference wasn’t particularly happy with my educated questions, I think I was a threat to what he was doing, but I plan on working it myself , don’t want someone to do all the work for me, just needed some more education and feel 58$ wasn’t a bad price. I picked the brains of others there, which ranged from doctors to shoe salesmen to people who didn’t know what they wanted to sell; some with sites up and running already and some with nothing! I think too many people go for these things looking for a quick fix, anything really good never comes but by good hard work! My mamma taught me that! If its too easy it won’t be worth it! I appreciatte the comments here and can see where people could get rooked by these companies! Sorry for all of you.

      • tom c says:

        yea you keep thinking that way you get what you pat for

        • joe s says:

          At the day long event, it was all about PRO and much of the ‘sales talk,’ I mean workshop consisted of sales closing lines to make you feel like you needed to get this NOW. When they took us out to talk about buying Pro, we felt like we were at a timeshare sales event, even offering the lower level ($3400 for one site) for now with the rights to upgrade to Platinum (approx $6000 for unlimited sites) within a year. After about 15 minutes, they did take no for an answer.

          There was stretch right before lunch that they went over so fast it was hard to understand. That was on the Merchant account to take credit cards. When they do things like that it makes it seem that there is something there that they don’t want you to know or understand until it is too late.

          The whole thing had a lot of the signs of a scam. We just walked away. I did get a few good ideas and I may try some with my other websites.

      • grizz says:

        I got screwed . storesonline lied to me , about getting mailed a mp 3 . sucks sitting thru all that bull knowing I was getting hosed stores online will come back and i”ll be there too

      • Coffeelady says:

        I just left their conference. Had a pretty good sandwich for lunch and just signed up for my MP3 player which I don’t expect to receive. I went in very skeptical and only went because I’ve been out of work for over a year. People all around me were signing up and giving them $48.00. I could see that the “drop ship” was a scam. One of their people came over and asked me why I wasn’t signing up too. I told him that it just wasn’t what I was looking for. No real pressure. I got a free lunch and lost about 3 hours of my time, which isn’t a big deal cause I’m unemployed. Are there any REAL opportunities out here for internet savvy people?

        • Neil says:

          Went to the same event and I did sign up and I did so because if they truly can teach SEO and it costs $48 its worth it. The rest of the program I never expected to be involved in. Matt did warn that they were trying to up-sell their website packages but who cares, I’m there for SEO.
          Anything else is a bonus. I’ll let you know how it turns out with an honest assessmnet. Neil

        • Neil says:

          Uh, that would be assessment.

        • Lisa says:

          Never received my MP3 player. Good Luck!!

        • hexdesign says:

          coffee lady contact me

        • kim says:

          I just got back from the seminar this afternoon. My girlfriend invited me and she had a personal issue so I went alone. It was at the Ritz Carlton, had a nice lunch of turkey on a croissant, and the guy was entertaining. No. I did not sign on. But, it seems like most in the room did. Our charge here in Detroit was $58. You would think they would give us a break! Anyway, I so appreciate reading yoru comments. I was about to call my girlfriend to try to attend, but I’m seeing through this now. I was in another deadend mlm in the past and learned a thing or two. I’m on to something now, though, which is an actual product that will actually help small businesses survive and compete on the internet, but still looking into it. I’ll let you know what I find out.

        • Greg says:

          This is not a joke. I received the two free tickets today and went on-line and found you guys. Wow, I don’t know who started this web site but, thank you.

          Check the link out above.

          I’ll send you Program 1302 free.

          Ink and Laser Toner Printer Cartridges.


      • Pamela Bacon says:

        the mp3 player is a CHEAP one! listened to it less than an hour and it doesn’t work anymore, I charge it up, turn it on and it plays for about 30 seconds and quits. Not worth 3 hours of your time. The ‘free’ organizer that is retailed at some ungodly high amount can be bought at BigLots for $4. I don’t call that scamming the scammer. That doesn’t even pay you minimum wage for your time.

      • Linda says:

        My daughter and I went to one of those conferences. Had a pretty good sandwich and brownie for lunch and signed up in Sept. for my MP3 player, this is dec. and NO player. I don’t expect my daughter or I will receive, at least we haven’t yet. I went on the website where you sign up and order. The first time after the order, they assured me it was sent out, the second time,no one was available to chat. The third time they said they were back logged, but they will be sent out!!!! Now how did the first person say it has already been sent out, yet five weeks later, they are back logged?????? duh!!! I hit me they don’t have them or they would have given them out at the conferance!!!!! RIGHT?????

        • Lisa says:


        • brad says:

          I went to that thing i did get a mp3 player .i didn’t even try it. it looks really can have it you want.I will send it to you if you like since they are to cheap to send you one i think this is a fraud company i will not attend any of their must be a scam glad i looked into this further

      • James says:

        Amen, “It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver”

    • debbi says:

      thanks for the heads up i got tickets in the mail and thought i would check out the web site first and seen this i am glad i came here first again thanks

    • Helen says:

      I was about to go to my first meeting with a friend. I am so glad that I read this. Thank you for the heads up.

      • Karen says:

        I attended a
        the first meeting a week ago with a friend.I was in the process of setting up a website for my jewelry business,and thought it was good timing for me.
        I paid the $38 to start up. I have not done anything yet
        with the software start up.I was planning on attending the workshop next week,and ran across the complaints online.If you never set your site up,are you safe from further charges?

        • Jill says:

          Dear Karen
          Do not buy anthing from these people.

        • Randy says:


        • Terry says:

          No you are not safe from further charges. I paid $500 up front, they got one more payment from my bank account for about $253, I had to close my bank account to keep them from taking more money, and I never got any websites up – that was 9 years ago and I still have their collection agency calling and they have dinged my credit report with over $12,000 they say I owe them – that’s no websites, no nothing, just a bunch of scam fake charges.

        • misguided says:

          People if you buy the $38, $48, $51 starter package, website ….. you have a short period to get it up and running or they will start charging for hosting. And to top all this extra fee’s…. if you don’t get published within a year there is a $10 fee’ to keep your site active so you can log in. The programming which is deceitful, expires in 90 days, I got one email stating deadline to send in programming supplies… here’s where I got them caught…. they said I had 90 days to get stuff to the programmer, but then they want to charge you another $300 cause you have past your deadline… I never gave them my credit card so I stopped paying when I realized this scam. Then I received courtesy billing “if you have paid, disregard, ” But then an email that if I don’t activate online chat???? I thought it was activated…YOU start getting charged for that also. All this is suppose to be included in the ONE Price Package with nothing else to buy….

          BTW Terry, depending on your STATE…in California there’ is a statue of limitations from 4 yrs with a credit hound, or 10 with the actual company –they can not any longer bother you and you can write your credit report stating this. They have to take it off. Check with the consumer protection. YOU Can also make reports notes on your credit reports by writing them and asking them to point out that YOU researched this company & it is a scam.

        • SOLRealist says:

          Terry…those “fake” charges were your financing payments that, unless you had a gun pointed at your head, signed for and authorized of your own free will…I really have to wonder when people in this world will take some responsibility for their own actions. None of you were forced to make a purchase with SOL, nor was I, however once the purchase was made no one can expect to return a purchase at any time. For example you cannot buy clothing from a store wear it for two years, realize the style isn’t right for you and then demand a refund from the company you bought it from. It simply is not realistic. You are probably the same people that can’t wait for those of us that produce to pay for the health care of those that don’t produce. This is the same mentality, everyone wants something for nothing. Perhaps your first website won’t be the big money maker. This also is normal, the man who made Hershey’s chocolate failed with several candy companies before becoming a success with Hershey’s recipe. You know what…SOL won’t give you your money back…maybe you should go ask Obama for it…he’s really good at giving other people’s money away…damn that feels good!

    • Ira says:

      Hi Jon,

      Too many people get sucked into these scams when there are viable online businesses already set up and ready for them without investment. I have been involved in an awesome company for nine years, and have changed my life financially forever. Even the novice can be successful. No selling,no collecting money or billing,no risk. I can be reached at 516-724-7199 or at [email protected] for advise.,

    • Amy says:

      I have been StoresOnline for 3 yrs and they have been very helpful all the way. Although at times the rep may not be knowledgable of the issues discussed but they’d gladly let you speak w/a supervisior promptly regarding it. All of them have been courteous. It does take time and work on my part to put the website up and running and with the help of rep, it has been easy. I’ve been making money with it.

      • tom c says:

        yea what do you work for them i heard they go on things like this to repair the damge i tell you what i hope i find out when there ma again they wont be bring much home that week ill tell you that

        • SOLRealist says:

          No you are! Great comment…you sure told her…and you made such a useful argument for your case its really a wonder that people don’t take you seriously.

        • GRAMMARPOLICE says:

          SOLREALIST – “None” is singular. “None of you has…” Not “None of you have…” In addition, “its really a wonder…” should be “it’s really a wonder..”

          For being such a critic of grammar usage, you really should watch your own. Also, you should not try to poke holes in the arguments of others when your own “arguments” are neither logical nor cogent. I appreciate that you take your job with storesonline so seriously, but it seems that if storesonline put someone like you in customer service instead, there would be fewer comments on this page.

      • misguided says:

        Then how come when I have repeatedly asked for a supervisor I get nothing. The only contact I got was from the lady who did sent the collection notice because even thou I sent the payment a couple months on time they didn’t receive on their end… I asked for help, got nothing except emails, phone calls for More Money. Their contracts are Illegal. They clearly state on them that they have NO Obligation to fullfill anything…How is that legal??? were suppose to pay for air?

        • SOLRealist says:

          It could be because you’re inconsiderate and screaming when you call…just a thought. Judging from your skeptical, infinitely open minded response above then I am sure that there is no chance that you might talk to a Customer Service rep like dirt…hmmmm….

        • SOLRealist says:

          No obligation? I don’t know how that is illegal, I suppose that you would have to ask an actual lawyer. When I don’t know something I ask someone who knows…I don’t make claims that I know…

      • jerry says:

        really what is your web site i might want to purchase something

    • Mo says:

      I received a packet in the mail last week to attend a store on-line seminar . The conference is next week , it runs from tues. july 21st 2009 till july 25th . I am thankful for everyones comments on this blog . After visiting this site I did some research . This Co. has one of the worst track records that I’ve ever seen. California has a law known as the S.A.M.P. Act. It requires companys that ask for an investment from its potential buyers to disclose certain procedures and practices . If a company is not trying to scam consumers they would have nothing to hide . But Imergent is trying to fight the state of California . After reading the court documents on this company and their shady practices I would’nt buy toilet paper from them Thanks again . By the way, in the letter they sent the mp3 player is an ipod shuffle, is that true?

      • lois says:

        It said that we would get an ipod shuffle, instead you get a mp3 player, and both myself and my daughter attended, and both mp3 players had a Trojan that couldn’t be removed.

        • Britney says:

          Read your invitation. It say’s you can get an MP3 free, or an ipod if you pay for shipping. They give you the option.

        • REGINA says:


      • Mike says:

        Did you have any success with this?

      • jenny says:

        They offer different “gifts” at different times.

        The mp3 player you receive at the seminar is a worthless generic one. Alternatively they will give you a coupon to send away for an ipod shuffle, but you will have to pay a $14.95 shipping charge and in return, receive only a 2nd generation ipod shuffle which is worth approximately $39.95.

      • Lena says:

        No, it’s not an ipod shuffle, it’s cute and works, but it’s an mp3 out of China. Newbies who want to make money online should go to the first free lunch/dinner. It won’t kill you and you’ll be able to walk away with some new buzz words and information and you can pay less than $50 to more-or-less have the potential to build a site and even if you just go to a one day workshop (which would be worth $50) that will give you more info so, gear up, get educated, take your time and learn all you can about doing business online. They charge $25ish per month for an express site which gives you help in making your site, etc., but…. you can pay $9.95 per month while you still build it. At the workshop you can upgrade to the pro (more features), but DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Get educated on the best way to do what you want to do to make money online.

    • Bill says:

      It seems to me that all the whiners are the people who have the time to sit and write a long complaint session online. I am making money with my StoresOnline websites and know others that do. Get to work and quit whining and you might make some money too. They have great tools. Well, gotta go make money.

      • Jerry says:

        You’re right about the whiners. They think they can get up one to six websites through StoresOnline and sit back, money just starts rolling in. If you are already desperate for income, don’t go the Internet route! But if you want to start off in a hobby/learning sort of way, build your own website(s) yourself, then eventually build an online business, the basic StoresOnline package is not a bad deal. Choose the three store package, don’t sign on with the coaches etc that will contact you, use PayPal and/or Google Checkout to begin with (in other words, hold off on gateways etc), learn the StoresOnline store builder and build your own first website yourself, do not use dropshippers that charge for their services (there are reputable free to join dropshippers available, provided you are properly set up business wise), etc. I have been with StoresOnline for 2 1/2 years. I have one self built website up and running (two years old now). It has a Google rank of PR2, gets close to 20,000 visitors per year with no outside help (paid for traffic help is a real scam most of the time), and it earns enough money to pay it’s way with some left over. With the leftover money from this site, I am now expanding my business.

        • karie says:

          Hi Jerry
          I went to a conference yesterday and I was really excited about joinging and the dropshopping,I am unemployed and was looking to make ends meet. Taking care of my parents and all. I thought the dropshopping was the way to go because I really don’t have any idea on what to sell. After reading everyone’s bad experencences-I guess I am glad that I did’nt sign up for the $48.00 workshop and invest more money that I don’t have. What do you suggest

        • Jerry says:

          Hi Karie
          I stated in my post that it has been 2 1/2 years since I began on my website with StoresOnline. Of those 2 1/2 years, the first few months was spent learning all that I could about the store builder, SEO, doing keyword research, building my site, etc. Then it took approx a year to test my site then tweek my site to where it rated high on search results and pulled in generic traffic, no PPC traffic.The last year, after a huge amount of work, my site is fairing well but not well enough to both take my business forward AND depend on for income.

          I will not discourage anyone from chasing their dreams, but I will say that ecommerce is not a get rich quick deal or a bailout for the unemployed because a website takes TIME to get there unless you have plenty of money to throw at it. There will be plenty of bumps in the road along the way too.

          Look at a website as being akin to opening a physical store with only a hand full of products and plenty of competition in town for those products (unless you have a unique product no one else has). Advertisement for the website must be from search results, social sites, forums, blogs, etc. Customers cannot simply drive by your store and see it to know it is there! Your customers will be nation wide or world wide (millions) but you must first get them to see the search results for and visit your site. No easy task because you’re competing with millions of websites. Unless you can get in the first page or two of search results, traffic to your site will almost be none.

          My advice to you, given your situation, is to find another source of income for now. If you are really interested in web ecommerce, there are free websites and free blogs, free dropshipping services, etc available on the Internet. Get a few products, a free website and a blog, and learn the process. After you have established this and can get traffic to your website/blog, you can sign up for Google Adsense and possibly make a few bucks there to go along with any sales you may get. Then,if you desire and when your financial situation improves, you can always later hook up with StoresOnline, Captures, Godaddy or some other service and put in place a great website with well researched products.

        • Mel says:

          I owe storesonline now and for about 2 yrs. I haven’t done anything with it, but feel that it’s been my fault……..I still think it probably is a good program and my daughter is now working on it with a product. I grateful for you comments.

      • SOLRealist says:

        Bill you are my new favorite person…thanks for calling all of these people to task! Hard work does equal results. Always has, always will.

    • lily says:

      I went to a stores online dinner. I said to a friend I saw there afterward, “don’t forget to google them before buying.” This guy named Andy followed me to the bathroom and behaved like a gestapo officer saying my name over and over 5 or 6 times and reprimanding me in a most bizarre way. He said, “I saw you talking…” I said, “oh, just telling my friend to google storesonline…” He said, “I SAW you talking before the presentation too.” Very stern. I said, “I can’t chat with other women… ANDY?” I ducked into the bathroom to get away. All the people standing around giggled nervously. I laughed when he was gone. I hate bullies.

      • Mike says:

        Where was this conference? I attended one yesterday in Norfolk. I am starting to wonder about all this. I am still in my three days so how do I cancel before time is up.

    • LB says:

      I’ve read through lots of these postings and sympathize with the dilemma. Don’t give up your dream of having an online store. Just do the homework first.

      If you now just want to have a website made, you can get a super basic one for $50 through this link:
      Get your domain name (like from, and then just make a posting for free stating what you need, and web designers will bid on the cost of making it for you. You pick who you want to do it and pay them through the service. Best of luck to all of you.

    • Kevin says:

      i purchased a package from stores online, but have not experienced what i’m hearing on this site so far. can someone be specific about complaints? So far it sounds like people here simply didn’t like their experiences or their result. i haven’t read a real issue yet. please inform.

      • Ian says:

        Hey, Kevin…

        Allow me to be so bold as to claim to be a fair representative of why so many of us have issues with Stores Online. I think there are two common threads that I can see – they use misinformation and misleading information to present themselves in their seminars, and you don’t learn where they left things out until after, when you look for information and help and don’t get it. For example, they are bound by law due to a previous lawsuit to print their 3 day cancellation policy in a certain font and with a certain visibility. In reality, however, they don’t tell you about the 3 day policy in the seminar, and they put the information about it on a different piece of paper from their contract information, so you do get it, but you have no real reason to notice it unless you are hyper vigilant about reading every word.

        In addition, they tell you about their “reverse search tool”, which they tell you is proprietary and no one else can offer it. In itself, that is true, but what they don’t tell you is that you can accomplish much the same thing with Google Adwords, which is free. They also imply through their presentation that the other tools they offer are also not available through anyone else, although they never say so outright. The truth, however, is that all they are really offering is to do your research for you; research which took me all of 15 minutes once I knew what I was looking for.

        They also don’t tell you that their prices are anywhere from 10 to 20 TIMES more expensive than anyone else offering the same services, which again can be found out in a very short period of time.

        They also tell you that their web building software is simple and easy to use, yet in reality it’s confusing and difficult.

        Then they tell you that through chat you can receive 24 hour technical support, but in each and every communication with said support I knew more than they did. Then they tell you they’ll give you a programmer number, but in reality it’s actually a number for customer management.

        Right now we are in the middle of “getting a refund”, which after almost 6 weeks is still only a hollow promise, driven by the condition that all court action against them must take place in a Utah court room, and accompanied by the release contract which states we will not take any legal action against them. It is our refusal to accept these two conditions that has led to a ceasing of communication on their part. They also arrange to have all arbitration disputes handled by the American Arbitration Association, which sounds like no big deal until you find out that the Better Business Bureau is thus effectively handcuffed from being able to take an active hand in any disputes.

        If you are having success with Stores Online, then I will most certainly say congratulations, and I hope it continues for you. I hope you do not have to go through what so many of us are experiencing. I would certainly not automatically claim that Stores Online is operating outside the law, because they have received enough government court actions against them due to their operating practices that they have polished the edges on their presentation quite effectively. What I will say is that you can get the same options, with better service, for a fraction of the price, from a number of other companies, and then maybe your nether regions would not get so smoky…lol

        For anyone else reading this post, just ask yourself if a company that is banned in several states, that has paid out millions of dollars in settlements and avoided any actual legal claims of culpability, that so many people are complaining about, is a safe and wise place to invest your hard earned money… Do you want to put your future in these people’s hands?


      • Pamela Bacon says:

        I will list my clear issues with StoresOnline.
        1) I was lied to about getting help from someone who’s first language is English. Chat is through a company in the Phillipeans, translation and their ignorance of StoresOnline programing is a big problem!
        2) When you purchase their program you get a “certificate” that says ‘confidential’ and shows you how much money you will save because they made a ‘deal’ with ECI (credit card processor). It says the $150 application fee is waived, the document preparation and filing fee of $35 is waived. Site inspection fee of $35 is waived. Installation fee of $195 is waived, set up and configuration fee of $999 is waived. Of course its all waived, no reputable credit card processor out there charges any fee at all for these so called services! Also in the small print at the bottom of the page it says they are saving you $1000-1500 in equipment fees, guess what? its an online business, NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED FOR AN ONLINE SITE! It’s all a bunch of lies to convince you that they are saving you all this money!
        3) My Quick Response Chat services are advertised as 24/7 but in reality it is only available from 7am-10pm MST, that’s false advertising!
        4) failure to disclose important information, ie: one of their ‘success’ stories is the presidents brother. They failed to disclose that ECI is run by StoresOnline. They failed to disclose that while yes, buying six websites seems to be a bargain, it’s impossible to do if you carry more than one product per site.
        5)They drill into you the importance of newsletters and how simple they make it to send newsletters. After months and months of following instructions (which changed every time I contacted them) I found other FREE newsletter programs that are simple to follow and send.
        6)They failed to notify me or to renew my domain name leaving me off line for a week.
        7) 3 day return policy – It is impossible to gather info, find a reliable dropshipper, build your site, test your site and publish in 3 days! Their competitors offer a 30 day money back guarantee, much more realistic!
        8) After paying $6000 and $29.95 a month you would think that they would provide a toll free number to call but no, they expect you to pay long distance, sometimes for hours to solve problems with THEIR programming! They probably won’t like that I am publishing this number but after hours of research I did discover that StoresOnline does have a toll free number for leaving messages but if it’s anything like their email support, it’s worthless because I have NEVER gotten a reply from email support! The number is 1-877-492-6490, good luck.

        • SOLRealist says:

          A thinker’s counterpoint (emphasis on the thinking…)

          1) Stores Online does offers customer service that I have found to be helpful in almost every case. Though it is true that not every person has the same approach nor the same level of knowledge, the rational person would not expect to find that. They have been great and very helpful. Stores Online has never promised me that I would only talk with someone whose first language is English. Stop being a bigot! There are a lot of people in this world who have sufficient knowledge to help you learn and not all of them are blond haired, white boys. I know what you’re going to say…”They don’t know what they are talking about!” This coming from the person who called someone because they didn’t know what to do…odd thing huh? If you knew the answers why call? People have differing knowledge and they learn over time. To blame a representative for not knowing something you don’t know is absurd.

          2) You are right that there is no equipment needed for an online business. Yet the thinking stops there. These companies do charge at times for other potentially useful things that some need and some don’t, such as card swipe machines. In essence hardware. Additionally, they all do have setup fees (save Paypal free) that Stores Online happened to negotiate for you with ECI. They were trying to save you money. Crazy huh?

          3) Just a little intelligence will take you far…Chat support is 24/7. Wait for it…yes its true. “Chat” meaning “typing”. We all know you can type volumes, you should try it out. Simply visit, and once again it is 24/7. If you are confusing the word “chat” with the word “phone” you must have slept a lot in school. More proof of that could be drawn from your lack of effort in your business. Of course the phone support is available from 10AM to 7PM M-F MST, but then it was never promised to me that phone was 24/7. I can see your confusion though, I mean…phone and chat are so similar…

          4) Success is success…its not like the brother of the president didn’t make his site a success on the Stores Online name alone. He simply, I know this is hard to swallow…worked…shocking… Also, if you’re concerned about whether or not the truth is being told about the success stories, the “proof is in the pudding” where do they show on Google, near the top I’m sure… Also, ECI is a completely separate entity from Stores Online…research is the key… Lastly on this point, I have a few sites with Stores Online and I know from experience that short of fulfilling orders as they come in, after the work of establishing them is done they largely run themselves…but again you still have to work. Let me say it again WORK.

          5) No comment here, if you found a way that was easier for you well done. Why are you mad about it? How can you be mad about easier?

          6) When my domain renewed I got 2 e-mails about it before it auto-renewed, only speaking from experience.

          7) I’m not a legal expert, but I understood the 3 days to be given to allow me to review my purchase and back out if I wished. I didn’t have time to read it all at the event so the three days was useful to review the documentation to know what I was agreeing to. Novel idea, know what I am agreeing to. For example, I know that Stores Online does not promise either equal work for equal results, or millionaire status. They are not selling me a business but tools for me to make a business. I know that you have to have a computer and knowledge of how to use it to make it work, and lastly I know that the three days was never intended to be used to go through all the steps of building my site. Legally speaking they have to give you time to consider. Apparently though, reading your documentation did not occur to you. Your fault not Stores Online’s.

          I detect a theme here blame the company who sold me and that has nothing to do with me or my actions. This is probably why if you had built a site it would not be successful. This would likely have been your potential customer’s fault not yours.

          Don’t feel bad though…its hard to see the such things when your head is so far up your ass…all things are made clear if you are pragmatic in thought and capable of assuming responsibility. Stores Online is not the only one who should shoulder blame here. Conveniently, I don’t see that there is a list of any things that you as the business owner did to make your business succeed.

          Business people fail from time to time, most however, don’t blame others…they pick themselves up and try again. I will say that it is easier for the simple minded to redirect their personal sense of failure.

        • elly says:

          Oh suppose to get a programmer to help you, IN SML print, they say this is for 90 days, but NO ONE CALLS till after 60 & you have no idea what they want, finding out it’s almost imposible to acquire everything -put on CD’ Mail it out… not quickly upload it to your website so they could use it??? They wait till they ‘THINK” THEY HAVE NO legal out for you. Then they send you “we can build bonus” cause you missed deadline if you pay another $300 for the month extention…. OH Customer service then after a few months / online or what ever is now BILLED to you…NOT FREE. EVERY thing is about money…well guess what I never SHOUTED AT THEM, I just asked if /when I was going to get a call returned for help….most thankfuly my email sent, with no reply will protect me. I contacted the state attorney genl’ SOL IGNORS, Well i’m not worried about anything cause I stopped paying and well they haven’t done anything to me. FACT is i’d love them to take me to court…I’d prove to the court they targeted a 100% disabled person who isn’t working. The contract wasn’t even suppose to be in my name. My husband bought their simple website, that’s all. They pressured us to look into the pro…checked credit score I guess, denied him, but got me. Funny thing is this..when I wasn’t disabled 6 yrs ago…I just found the paperwork…I had a basic SOL –I thought it was a dif. company called quicksitemaker…funny when I found this… cause that also would NULL /Void this contract as in their contract it states that I would be disqualified for being offered any new one. I had a major migraine and get this I AUDIO TAPED THE CONFERENCE ON A EXCELLENT BRAND MP3 PLAYER… SO BRING IT …I’d love to prove how they manipulate people & show no compassion for a person who was nearly throwng up. IF they actually were video taping the seminar AS REquired by CAL LAW… they would have seen that I had to go to the bathroom several time’s because I was sick. Probably from waiting to be fed after 6 hours and migraine. My dispute isn’t totally that their product isn’t something “doable” but they should not be dang SHARKS after people who can’t afford it at the time. They should be more respectable and then they would get respect back…. remember it’s earned and their rep has killed them. Last I find it rather comical that a sol person has so much time on his hands to whine back to defend their practices…. you must be getting paid. Just one more department in the mansion they live in.

    • Breola Chapstick says:

      Watch out! These losers are in Ct right now- I almost went to the seminar just for the intel and to look into something to supplement income.

      I own my own biz so thanks for saving the wasted time.

      P.S. I built my own website and currently get about 23,000 hits a month in the automotive industry all over the world.

      Cost for the website hosting service on Godaddy is like $275.00 for 3 years. Don’t let these guys blow smoke!

      There’s nothing worse than that sick feeling of finding out after the fact that you got screwed!

      Richard Bleumenthal – where are you when we need you!

      • Rosie says:

        I went to the program with seminar with the intent of learning about websites. It did seem too good to be true!
        I am planning to go to the all day one just for the information. But need to know where to go to get a good website design that will allow links to another site.

        • elly says:

          if you paid the basic website, regardless if you use it just to go to the next all day thing…beware they are going to start charging you 24.95 or what ever it is for basic in about a month….change your credit card, or close your acct. Asap..and notify your bank unless you want the site.

        • Athena says:

          My sister and attended the first seminar this week. We bought the $30 basic package (a $199 value!!! LOL). We weren’t sure about it, but figured the info, lunch and MP3 player were worth that amount.
          We both decided to use their tools and build our websites, but will do more research and most likely use other services that are more easily accessed and cheaper when we want to go live with our websites.
          But I am now concerned about SOL charging the $24.95 a month whether I activate my website or not. We planned to go to the next seminar just for more info, but not to buy anything else. Elly, were you able to stop the $24.95 monthly charges?
          Also, has anyone learned anything from the next seminar, or is it just a big giant sales pitch?

          Thanks to everyone for helping!

    • kristina says:

      I am so glad that I checked this out before attending the second seminar. I am supposed to go April 2nd, 2011.. I am shocked to hear all of this.. I hope that I am able to cancel the $139.00 that they are charging me to go to the secomd seminar.. I refuse to be a part of the scam.. when I read the 6,000.00 deal I about came out of my seat. I have 2 young boys and cannot afford to ve ripped off.. there will be no second seminar for me..

    • Alex says:

      Storeonline DO WORK! For lazy people that think it is magic this will not work. My company made hundreds of thousands selling with stores online. Highly recommended.

  2. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Jon, you are welcome.

  3. Mary W. says:

    Stay away from them. I attended a meeting in June of 2007. Purchased a package and am having mega problems getting the website ready to launch. No help from them. Wish I had read this before I attended. Would like to find other people who attended the meeting in Indianapolis last June. Thanks, keep posting.

    • Carol Hutchby says:

      Thank you all so much for your reviews. Attended my first seminar today, signed up for the second at the cost of $99.00. I will be putting a stop payment on the check in the morning. Thank you all for saving me a great deal of frustration.

      New York

      • Kathleen Brower says:

        I’ve been reading all the posts after I went to the first conference (99.00) and signed up for the workshop. I will call and cancel NOW! Thank you all for the info.
        Ithaca NY

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have tried to find this “Professional Marketing International” aka PMI firm and cannot find them on the web. Does anyone know if a website for them actually exists?

    • Lou says:

      Here is the site info you wanted, they say they are Better Business Bureau accredited.

      • Nancy says:

        That really doesn’t mean all that much. Just go to the BBB website and you will see they have several complaints against them mostly regarding their sales practices and refund issues. Which is exactly what people on this forum are saying.

      • willy says:

        yes i just checked on them at bbb……bbb says they suck ass………….over 700 complaints.all ended up canceling and getting ripped off…….and yes at the seminar they said they were bbb cert……….bullhit they are….seriuos hard selling is what i got from them when i attended…….i ate lunch and left………..then came home to do more research on website business’s to find that yes you can do it much much cheaper elsewhere………

    • Jerry says:

      Coaching is a waste of money anyway! If you’re in this to get rich quick, you’re in the wrong thing. Websites will not make you instantly rich just like a physical store will not make you instantly rich. Also, websites take time to rate well enough to get on the first page of generic search results (six months to 1-2 years). You will receive several calls from StoresOnline and StoresOnline affiliates ranging from coaching, tax management, SEO services, store building, etc. Think and think well before you accept any of their offers unless you’re very rich (which I doubt you’re rich from you’re question). Get the mindset that you will be working long and hard on your website (months, not days), will at times be frustrating work, will not earn a ROI for a while and will not pay for unnecessary BS. With a mindset like this along with persistence, you will probably succeed to a degree. Otherwise you will probably fail!

      • Amy says:

        My boyfriend and I went to their 90 minute seminar 2 weeks ago and are scheduled for the 1 day workshop this Saturday. I realize that no business is a walk in the park, but my boyfriend is not working and has the time available to put into it. We have been interested in starting an online business for a while and the invitation for the free seminar came at an opportune time. I don’t want to throw a bunch of money into this up front, because, although I make enough to pay the bills, I am in no way rich. Is there anything you think we should take advantage of at the workshop, or are we better off using what we have with the express and waiting until the business starts turning a profit?

        • Jerry says:

          I will not give direct advice on what you should do or not do in respect to your business, but the StoresOnline seminar will cost nothing but the trip. I am not sorry that I did become involved with StoresOnline, just sorry that I took the six site deal rather than the three site deal. I was in the process of writing a book that I wanted to offer but publishing costs and promoting costs for a physical book was prohibitive. With StoresOnline and their storebuilder, I now offer that finished book as an ebook without those publishing costs. I am writing another book and plan to write even more to offer as ebooks. So, for me there was a need to have websites (I just went a little overboard with six of them). You do not have to know html or anything with their storebuilder and you can have almost complete control of your website(s). Hosting is $24.95 per month per live site but you have access to their help through live chat, by phone, through video instruction (located in the storebuilder), etc without any further cost. Unless you or your boyfriend is a guru, you will need help. I bug them all the time! When I joined, they gave me one free website building certificate, where they built most of the basic site, but I decided that the best thing to do was learn all that I could about website administration, etc so I built and do all the SEO stuff to the site I have live now myself. I guess the credit card processing thing StoresOnline offers may be the most confusing thing if you decide to join up. Be sure to ask about doing this later and the cost of doing this later because you can use PayPal standard and Google Checkout for free to start your site(s). Make them explain it well too!

        • Norma says:

          My advise if you are interested in having a website is to go and listen to all of the advise. DO NOT BUY!!! There are plenty of other ways to have a website and not invest a lot of money. The tools they talk about can be found on the website without investing a lot of money either.

  5. Carol says:

    In my personal “opinion” I would “allege” Storesonline, Orem, Utah, knows how to sucker you in and string you along so they can SCAM TO MAKE MONEY! Especially Canadian’s like me. Legal or illegal, I don’t know. They leave out just enough information, string you along, until you have no options left but to PAY UP, SHUT UP or walk away, to their financial benefit! I have a site ready to publish but can’t because storesonline, call center type, online chat reps and supervisors are not capable of giving me the help needed (formula needed) to calculate PST tax as required. I was given the option of walking away, paying Progammer $50 an hour to give me the formula, or removing product from my website. I have spent over 1 year making sure I followed ALL their instructions, ie making myself knowledgeable, I have marketed my product, I have written CONTRACTS with a Distributor in place, I have made a relationship/partnership with the Manufacturer, and have set up a Merchant account with Pay Pal (Canadian Account), which storesonline also failed to mentions would not work the same with their “programming” and defaults. I am basically READY to publish my site and today, Feb 27, 2008, I have to consider paying $50 per hour (how many hours?) for the tax formula, or taking needed products off my site, or walking away and loosing BIG TIME! I have lost thousands of dollars of possible revenue waiting for storesonline assistance, in this area and others, due to lack of qualilfied assistance. I have to pay or walk away because removing product is not an option. I am VERY ANGRY! I believe Storesonline has a great business going, scamming people, likely legally!My personal opinion is this: CANADIAN’S, DO NOT DEAL WITH STORESONLINE, OREM, UTAH, DO NOT BUY A LICENSE, or else you can EXPECT HEADACHES, FRUSTRATION BEYOND BELIEF and ADDED COSTS because of CANADIAN issues.
    Including, credit card payments, credit card processing (Pay Pal) that will float around and never be processed! Of course Storesonline fails to indicate anywhere that the instructions are geared for USA merchants and NOT Canadian. I am sure Canadian’s, like me, have unfortunately learned a very COSTLY lesson, at the expense of lost future, expected revenues!

    • Paramjit Grewal says:

      After having lost $6000 with the so called Bright Builders also from Utah, I do not understand why I was so stupid to realise that StoresOnline is probably the same or similar company with a different name. I went to their seminar on 11th October at Richmond, BC. Thank God I visited this web site just to make sure that I was doing the right thing. The instructor Marty Huntsman convinced me that if a celebrity could sell his kidney stones for thousands of dollars on the internet, one could sell anything on the internet. It is simple that if it was so easy to sell on the internet why would these instructors be dependent on fixed income? They would be doing it themselves. Later they are going to blame you for not having anough computer skills to do the business. I have spent $25 for the starter package and now will never see their faces againfor the workshop. Thank you all a million times for the advice. I wish these people could live upto their promises. If you hear anything positive about this company make sure that it is not someone employed by the company!

    • dwayne says:

      Hi Carol..I am interested in whether you had your Canadian concerns resolved? ie provincial sales tax and paypal issues in Canada. I am a recent customer of storesonline and want to be proactive in solutions. Thanks for your input….Dwayne in sask.

    • patricia lazar says:

      I am a Canadian as well and have had nothing but misery from these scam artists! I am trying to not only get a refund of the $6500 we invested, but I really want to get these crooks in jail where they belong.
      Anyway, as you can see, I’m mad like hell!

      Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit in Canada or who I can write to? And is anyone interested enough to smear their name to get back at them for how they ripped us off – and to stop them from ripping off other trusting people…? Have any of you contacted government officials or newspapers?

      • amyinbc says:

        All the best to you. I declined the high pressure sales tactics (bordering on RUDE when we turned his offer down) and told our ‘host’ that if I really wanted to sign on I would do my research and pay the $199. He said very few did although many said they might..

        Well what a wonder! After doing a little research I found the hater sites VERY high up on my Google search. Perhaps why my host pressured so? 😉

        Friend and I had an entertaining afternoon, got SOME business tips, a free lunch (not bad!) and an MP3 player that my son had a blast destroying with a hammer (seems those that do not sign on get an ultra cheapy mp3 player riddled with Trojan viruses!)

        Thanks stores online for and enlightening day. And all free!

    • Roni West says:

      I am Canadian and I am with storesonlinepro. I have had my share of problems and then some. However, most of my problems stemmed from ones like UPS. storesonlinepro has helped me all the way. I never had them build my sites. I did it myself. I know to some WORK is a four letter word but it is still the only way anyone will ever get ahead. Anything that promises something for nothing is usually nothing.

    • Able says:

      Carol contact me

      [email protected]

      Iam forming an online marketing Business… Import exprot… presenting/routing/reseling already exsisting products


    • nom cer says:

      Hi there:

      Any luck with getting your money back from SOL as another fellow Canadian taken.

  6. Jeffrey Kruger says:

    I tried to set up web business for my wife because she cannot hold a regular job because of menieres disease,Stores Online ; The Tax Club ; have totally F—-D us out of thousands of dollars!!!!! Do not deal with them.Either I get a total refund, or else I will have to work on getting a friend who is a great hacker to shut them down both financially, and mess with their personal records ;ie birth certs,drivers lics;etc,can you tell I am PISSED????DO NOT DEAL WITH STORES ONLINE,OR THE TAX CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scott says:

      We just attended #2 session of storesonline today. Was skeptical so thankfully we walked out early and did not join. Wish I would have seen this site earlier. Could have saved me a day of lost wages. Thanks for your input

    • Robyn says:

      Oh no. I am right at the point where I was going to have the programmers program my quick site page and just now decided to do some searching -something I ALWAYS do before committing to anything regarding money. I am more than concerned at this point. The first payment was already deducted from my checking account this morning. I don’t want to say anything until I get more information. What would you suggest at this point?

      • pandora says:

        Hi, Robyn, I suppose you’ve purchased the lisence, which will be charge $25 or more for the rest of your business days. My sister and I lost $7,000 , I never got started but already a fee waiting to be paid, and they blocked everything until you pay the licence fee even if you don’t make money. So either you make it work or you just say goodbye to your money and save more fees. good luck

      • tom c says:

        Hi contact me i am starting a civel law sute against these people enough is enough any one who wants there money back with intrest e mail [email protected] together we can stop the scamers

        • Timothy King says:

          I would like to get in on the civil suit for reimbursement of the $3600.00 I spent on stores on line. I wish I would have seen this site before I got scammed.

        • Samuel says:

          I will be with you in going for the civil suit. I have spent $2000.00+ on stores on line. I also wish I saw this site. I am still paying and I could not stop them from taking my money. Can not get anyone to talk to me. I am from Oakland, CA.

  7. Chris says:

    It seems to me that the M.O. here is more time more money repeat>>> If you are within 60 days you can stop payment with your credit card. Im sure that they will try to pursue collections afterwards but who knows if they’ll have time between responding to law suits. Speaking of which I don’t know much about class action suits but I am game. I have been documenting every conversation and attempt for more money since I heard of these guy’s 4 weeks ago. Sure I’m a little embarrassed for being such a sucker but after closing a business tied to the construction industry I was looking for an opportunity. Needless to say I bought in to the dream, ie LIE.

    • bob says:

      You are an idiot! Maybe people should call you when their credit goes down the toilet because of your great intelligent advise. Maybe when they can’t buy a home they can move in with you and you can keep each other warm with all your hot air…just a thought…

      • Donna says:

        How is your reply constructive at all?? It was just negative and had nothing to do with what Chris was saying. Comments like yours are not needed on a site like this that real people are trying to make an educated decision.

    • tom c says:

      thats what they count on

    • I agree Chris , we did the same thing. Want a real opportunity, go to it was an answer to our financial prayers.

  8. Tanya says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m in Roanoke Va just came out of a StoresOnline workshop. Yes, they are good, very good. They show you all the offering and give you all the upfront costs. But I still felt that they did not disclose everything. I felt uncomfortable at their “personal consultation” the person tried to get me to finance when I said I was’nt intereseted in buying at this time. At an interest rate of 18 %. In my session I talked to a lot of people and there were a lot of people of poor or just making it income, elderly men and women who did not anything about the internet and I knew they would fall victum to the sales pitch. It was really sad. I’m glad I did not fall for the $6,000 make your dreams come true pitch. I am still continuing to search for REAL companies who can help me with my internet business. Based on what I’ve read here it certainly will not be Storesonline.

    • Victor says:

      Hey Tanya,

      Just wondering what companies you have tried that have worked for your business. Please let me know. Thanks.

  9. Alvin says:

    These people started my site and then cut me off, saying it was taking too long for them to do and completely stopped, leaving the site unfinished. I sent all original material and have nothing to show for my investment. SCAM is not the word, CROOKS…a better and more appropriate description.
    Words can’t explain these people… The better question is why and how are they still in business? Well I, for one, will do all in my power to have this situation corrected. I have no intentions to lay down and turn over to these shafters. DON’T GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY OR YOU’LL BE SORRY YOU DID. New York.

    • patricia lazar says:

      Alvin, I’m totally committed to do all in my power also to put these crooks out of business and in jail if I can. What are you doing and are there others working with you?

  10. Marleene says:


    Do not attend Storesonline workshop they are there for one reason to make money for themselves and their croonies like PMI and the Taxclub. They are slick very slick. They leave out all the pertinent information. and them some. There is no way in hell an ordinary person can succeed using their program.Check-out their website see how they use the same old tire success stories all the time. If any Canadians out there has had success with them please make it public.

    • shirley johnston says:

      This is the biggist scam I have ever known I have been taken big time with paying out over six thousand.I tried to tell them thast I would like to break my contract with them and they would not allow this to happen as they say they do nor do the main part which is Marketing.

  11. True Story says: is part of Imergent Inc. a “technology” company based in Utah. They are defendants in literally hundreds of lawsuits and have actually been banned from doing business in several states. Google “Imergent” and see what comes up, also google “imergent” with “banned” or “defendent”. Happy reading suckers!

    • Thandi Zulu says:

      I do not think that true, I join in may this year and am doing good they have helped me so much, my be am special, I do not think so, I have others who are happy with stores online, need to know more email below . and this is the website they helped me build in three months my website is best and ranked well than before I new stores on line. Email I will tell you the secret to success

      • Laura says:

        Thandi, please give me the secret to success. I have been involved with Bright Builders, aka Stores Online, for approximately 5 months now. The salesman on the phone sold me with the statement “We will take you by the hand and teach you how to successfully build and manage an online website”. I paid them $8,146.00 for their services. They have NOT taken me by the hand; they have left me out to dry. They send an e-mail every once in a while, which I’m sure is automated, to check on me. The courses are no more than common sense and very time consuming. I have done everything they have asked of me and I can’t find a niche, so they won’t allow me to go further with my website. I know that I can’t be told what to sell, right? But, one would think that in 5 months they would have at least an idea. I have been selling on eBay since the beginning. I have spent more money paying eBay and PayPal fees than I’ve made selling products. Please tell me your so called secret because I am at the end of my rope. I am very tired, mentally drained and so much more broke than I was before that fast talking salesman talked me into letting Bright Builders take more than 8 grand from me. I am serious…It has been my life long dream to own and manage a successful business. I have a BA in Business Mgmt and a BA in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.. I have been blessed with a loving and supportive husband. He is allowing me to stay home from work to get my business going. Well, now after all of this stuff with Bright Builders, my dreams may be shattered. I am 28 yr old middle class American with a dream…I told BB of my dreams and education the night of the initial sale. I honestly feel that they preyed on my fresh start on life by telling me that I was the perfect candidate for their program. Everything that they have shown me thus far, I learned while in college. I am so STUPID and angry at myself…

        • Ricky says:

          Dear Laura,

          You need to find your own niche and not depend on any company to help you unless they cater 100% to their service more than they do in caring that you pay for their crap. As for Thandi, i’m willing to bet he’s a second party business in a box rep for another company as well. Don’t be fooled.

        • Jerry says:

          I started with a book I wrote and offered it as an ebook on my first StoresOnline site. From there, I found a dropshipper that had some tangible items which were related to the theme or content of the book in some way. That book’s contents (using searchable terms related to the contents) is my niche. My website is now found on first/second page generic searches for the tangible dropshipper supplied goods as well. Of course, I didn’t let them build the site, I built it myself including SEO management and everything else. No money wasting PPC, no money wasting tax stuff, no money wasting coaching, etc. Yes, I made one mistake and signed up for six websites instead of three, but then I wised up and decided against any more money draining stuff. Learn to say NO to the telemarketers promising things that you can do yourself for free. Get a niche from at least a free dropshipper product, get your website back in your full control, then work with learning SEO, keyword/keyword phrase use, etc yourself. Slowly change your website to the website of your dreams, but learn to do it yourself!

      • ANGELA says:


        I read what you said about stores on line and I too have them I just lauched my website last week. I really didn’t have any problems with them like all the negative people say they have. I would like to know what to do to succeed. You mentioned to email you and you would help out. If you have any tips I would welcome them.

        Thank you,


        • Jerry says:

          Angela, the first thing you should do is concentrate on learning, for yourself, the store builder and such things as keywords/keyword phrases, SEO, etc

          Your site will, one day, have to have a product change/make over, content added/changed, desired pages added, etc which will end up costing you big bucks again unless you learn these things yourself!

      • Rose says:

        You must be on their payroll, plus you need to learn how to spell.

        • LB says:

          There are no typos in his posting. He’s offering sound advice. Be sure to do as much as you can for yourself, because you will always have to make changes on your site, and a change means either do it yourself, or pay someone to do it. That’s all he’s saying.

        • SOLSUX says:

          Okay im going to this stores online thing today. Ive read a lot of the post here this morning. Well im crashin this little dinner party baby.. Im steppin on their little trojan mp3 player. And screamin FRAUD. My mother was sent the package with tickets and shes one of the ppl who are bustin their booty n would have fallen into the little sceme theyre pullin. Well im gna save as many gullible ppl i can from makin this mistake. And this is also for the ppl that have already been fooled. And u crazy ppl who make it ur life to sit on here and monitor comments reviews or “complaints” go outside and enjoy the world God made for u..ur probably gaining weight. Its really not that serious. I mean 1000 other ppl have already said its not worth it. The damn dude who host the conference is prob gna gt assasinated one of these days..LMAO. Ppl dnt play especially broke and sick and old ppl. Hope it happens while im there today. Hehe! Btw was the lunch any good?im hungry.

      • tom c says:

        dont be fooled

  12. Sue says:

    Watch out you potential purchasers. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR VISA NUMBER. When we realised that these guys were scammers we got out quickly (we had 3 days from purchase date so the very fine print said) and we got our money back. We had paid by visa. We thought that was the end of it but no… several months later they start charging us on our visa several times in a month. We can only assume it was because they started ringing us wanting to know how it was going (idiots, we had quit months before) .Watch out guys they will take you for everything you have got.

  13. I just watched your video after reading the complaint that StoreOnline’s seminars target old people ad found that the majority of the images used in SiteBuildIt’s video are clearly over 65. I have been to StoresOnline’s seminar and while they ARE full of salesmen trying to sell you a product, it is no more high pressure than anywhere else. Ever buy a car? StoresOnline offers software to run an online business and marketing support, not a dream. Why complain that they are too expensive.Do your research first. I did. Sure you can have a website for less or even free, but a flat HTML website is about a useful in sales as a business card. Find any company that sells half of what StoresOnline offers in software capabilities alone and the price tag will be $10-20k for one site, now add marketing support to that and you will see that StoresOnline offers all this for ~$1k per site.
    No it’s not perfect but it DOES work. If you spend your time complaining, your business will fail. If you spend your time working, it will succeed.

    • Adela Davey says:

      I have only just read your email as I was doing some research about StoresonLine.
      Have you actually purchased any websites from them & what have you done with them?
      We originally bought in 18mnths ago & havent got any of the 6 sites up and running yet – due to a lot of reasons.
      We have just been approached by S.O.L. again with a Mentoring package which will cost nearly $7000 AUS.
      It sounds wonderful but it is huge amount to us which we cant afford. They have explained that with their help we will have a site up & going in a month & will be able to pay off this debt fairly steadily with income from our websites.
      I like the SOL concept but would like to hear others who have gone down this mentoring track. I would really appreciate your advice or ideas on this.
      Many thanks

      • Chris McMorrow says:

        Hi Adela,

        Don’t send these professional scam artists one red cent. If you do, you’ll be throwing your money right out the window … flushing your hard-earned cash right down the toilet. I got scammed myself for three sites for $1800 (as I remember, I think that was the amount). I thank God I didn’t buy more … or fall for the follow up pitch telling me that I needed to purchase the additional service to “really make it work.”

        Here’s what happened to me: Bought three sites, but after one year, all my tools were taken away. No access, no support, nothing! Was directed by SOL rep. to another site where I would have to fork over ANOTHER $300 to get my tools back.

        I couldn’t believe that all tools and access were taken away. This fact – that you only had one year to get these sites up and running OR ELSE YOU LOSE EVERYTHING – was never mentioned during their glowing presentation. Or, if it was, was not made clear.

        To work at SOL, you would have to have no conscience whatsoever. Your only goal in life would have to be to make a buck, regardless of the hardship and loss you would be causing others.

        Believe me, I would be extremely embarrased to work for such unprincipled swindlers. I would rather do any kind of honest manual labor – at half the wages or less – than work for these godless, Hell-bound crooks.

        I hope the triune God of the Bible (the one, true, only God)will pay back to these “saints” a just portion of the pain and anguish they have caused hundreds, possibly thousands, of other people.

        • Erika says:

          Hi Chris,

          I bought it 2y ago 3 stores for prize of one…now after two years I was trying to access but could not so I contact them by phone and ask why I can’t logg in. They told me that after one year if I do not publish they will take it away access because it’s no longer free for my use….I’m gonna have to reactivate for 10$ a month till I publish…later when I publish I don’t have to pay $10 anymore. They sent me a form to fill out but I’m not ready to work on my web site yet so I’m going to wait till I’m ready…they told me everything it’s there for me when I’m ready there is not expiration onec I bought license…important is to know your ID number. I’ll post later when I start working on it how I’m doing…I’ll be laid off from my job in Feb.09′ and have in plan to go to school to learn more things about net marketing.


        • Jenny says:

          Well, actually, if you read the paper work, it states (and perhaps when you purchased the sites it did not and they have since added the wording) that inactive (i.e.: non-published) sites after the first year would need to pay 100 a year or 10 a month to continue to receive the tools and support. If your site is active then you pay the hosting monthly fee and not the inactive fee. The reason for the monthly fee is simple…they are continually updating as the internet updates and you are paying for access to that. Look, it’s cut and dry…if you don’t know what you are doing…you’re going to have to pay for someone else to do it or to hold your hand. It takes money to make money…hence the idea of gov’t stimulus checks. Storesonline gives you resources and software, not a business and what you do with those resources and software is up to you. You don’t get something for nothing. And if you’re going to pay for websites and then you don’t even publish them with in the first year…why buy them in the first place?

    • jenny says:

      To: Reality check
      Other companies will charge you $10-20K for a site that Storesonline offers for $1K? You must be kidding!

      Haven’t you ever heard of Godaddy, or better yet, Host Gator? They have all the templates, links, domains, shopping cart, and credit card capability, etc., that you could possibly want. You can start out your own website on either one for less than $10 a month–and get rebates for signing up at various sites. Now, I just paid a 15 year old high school student $100 to design a site for me, and using professional graphic design software, he did about 20 pages, complete with banners, logos, keywords, links–everything! Took him about 3 days to get it up and running, and looks really great too! He’s now put his friends to work marketing my site all over the internet, linking my site to all their youtube, facebook, twitter, and other social networks, along with all utilizing all kinds of other SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. There doesn’t seem to be much about internet marketing they don’t know, or can’t do. I’m getting all my advertising for the cost of a couple of $10 itunes gift cards.

  14. Erythisis says:

    Reality Check, I agree that people do need to research first – but that’s what this site is.
    I’m a little lost on where you got your totals from. You can get an awesome, dynamic website with top-notch support for well under $1000 per year. For that matter, I have seen some ‘cheap’ sites that look many times better (and more professional) than StoresOnline ones, and I’m not just referring to sites listed by ‘complainers’. Perhaps before what is now known as the “bubble burst” such prices would be considered a good deal, but 10k for one site is ridiculous for a small business, especially for one that simply depends on dropshipping. StoresOnline isn’t even providing the products!
    This isn’t just a case of seagulls complaining about the pickings, something is afoul.

    • Ricky says:

      storesonline often change their prices. It’s what they do….the more money they can make from you, the better. It’s their trick…..if they can’t make that $6k from you, they’ll lower their prices to suck you in. There really isn’t a set price with them unless it’s too low for them to offer it to you as. A company like this has a “dynamic” sales marketing team that specializes more in their sales than they do in their technical and sales support. This is who they are and they have lawyers to protect them from what they’re doing so they’re very careful in their actions while taking your buck. In the end, they have several complaints against them but I imagine very few, if any, go to court against them. If you are iffy about their service, just think about how sneaky they are when they try to initially suck you in in the welcome session. How they tell you it’s one price ($199) but then quickly change the price to $39 to get you to buy it. They also aim for older people who have moderate to no knowledge of the internet……people who they got through leads of others who are on the know about your situation (ie how old you are and what knowledge you have about pc’s) and incomes. AGAIN, this is more of a marketing company than anything else thats in business for their own marketing purposes. Their strategies are to get the $$$$ out of you with a shitty program that anyone can virtually make and probably costs a lot less but they charge you more for it. It’s like they’re taking a piece of shit and selling it to you but for a higher price. I feel sorry for those out there who have studied and still have fallen prey to this bullshit. LOL. I never studied but I smelled their bullshit from a mile away.

    • Jenny says:

      They are a company that sells a product: software. They aren’t selling a business. And go re add the totals: Because here’s the one thing…with stores online you do pay a chunk upfront yes, but with other companies you pay every month. You pay the monthy software fees the hosting fees the merchant account fees, the set up fees for the previously mentioned. The way it looks to me, I have to put in the hard work and the hours…I have to earn my money…but I don’t have to pay a bunch of monthly fees. So, in the long run, I’m going to shell out less money over the years. Let’s be honest here…most website businesses don’t make money. If you want your piece of the pie you have to go out and do the work and learn and get smart about it. If I’m buying upfront and my monthly fee is a hosting fee…which I don’t have to host with them…I can host anywhere I want…If I have a site for the next ten years…I’m going to pay out more money somewhere else. And yes with time they are going to raise their prices. They are a business and that’s how it goes…anywhere. If you don’t have the education or resources to do this, then go get the education and resources first. You don’t need a degree, but if you are obtuse about computers, you need a tutorial. And yep it’s more leg work for me, but they give you the resources to drive traffic to your site. Other companies let you pay them (hefty monthly sums) to drive the traffic for you. I don’t know about you, but I look at the bigger long term picture to see what is really going to be favorable. And if you are terminally ill, you don’t have the funds for something like this, nor the energy either. It’s not overnight, there is no instant gratification. I asked all the questions and I read the fine print. How do you finance thousands of dollars and not do that…I mean come on. I found nothing hidden or scam like about it. And I’m nowhere near elderly and most of the people at my seminar weren’t either.

      • Bill says:

        What about the products and suppliers? I have a business and my wife has an online E Bay store. We are looking for suppliers and quality products that we can get drop shipped and build from there. We don’t expect some one to do the work for us however we do want to be able to service our customers and make sure our name and site has a good rep. So far my wife’s store has a 100% positive feed back and we want to protect that. We were going to the workshop hoping to find other online suppliers to hook up with and set up another online site to generate business through. From what I am seeing here we may want to pass on this company and not waste our time at this sales workshop. If anyone has been there and has done the work and had experience with SOL’s suppliers or drop ship methods we would greatly appreciate the heads up. We are going to the worksop in 1 1/2 weeks from now. Thank you, Bill

      • jenny says:

        Other jenny,

        What are you prattling on about having only to pay a fee upfront to SOL instead of a monthly bill?

        SOL not only charges monthly fees for hosting your websites, but they charge FAR more than other, far superior hosting services–which ALSO provide templates for web design FREE of charge!

        For the $6 grand SOL charges to provide you with their supposed “tools”, you can hire a professional web design company to do the complete job FOR YOU!

  15. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Reality Check,

    SiteBuildit offers (more than) what storesonline is offering for only $300/year.

    You don’t have to take my word for it as you can check it out for yourself. They offer a 30-day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

    They have videos showing some of their customers who are over 65 to tell us age is no barrier to using their software.

    • Ricky says:

      Bullshit…..the best programs out there won’t even cost as much as $300 either. Both, you and “reality check” AKA storesonline, work for your own respective competitor companies. I say this more for storesonline which im absolutely convinced is this so called “realitycheck”. Take a hike.

  16. Robert Russo says:

    Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity

    Storesonline is a great opportunity to create an online store in 3 easy steps. Top quality designs and functions make storesonline an industry leader in ecommerce stores online

    • Thandi Zulu says:

      Thank you, that you are like , keep on taking the negative guys out off the way thank you for you comment.

      • bjay says:

        I am going to attend a seminar today. Thandi Zulu, you claim to have a successful website. Have you ever tried what you sell?
        I’d appreciate your honest reply!

      • Sunshine says:

        Robert ~ You are probably employed by the company. I would think if you were a consumer, writing a review or commenting on a review of a product, that you would write a little more about your exprience than just a header and two sentences.

    • Ricky says:

      Ahhhh shit, you’re right. I totally missed them when they came out on magazines such as “people” and “fortune 500”. Do you have any of those back issues?? (being sarcastic)

  17. Jeffrey Kruger says:

    Is anyone interested in class action lawsuit against these scum sucking c–k-sucking ,lowlifes who would kill their own family to make a dollar???? PLEASE RESPOND….

    • patricia lazar says:

      Oh for sure I am – anyone else? I’m in Canada though.

    • Ricky says:

      I’m totally in for a lawsuit up the ass!!! Email me.

      • Shannon says:

        You can count me and my friend in putting these sleeze bags in their place- anybody else from SD interested in making these crooks- close up shop?

        • Penny W says:

          Yea I’m from SD! They need to be stopped. There were so many ppl at that so called “training course” that got into this. I wished I had taken names and #s so I could get a hold of them and show them this site.

      • Jenny says:

        Contact your state’s Attorney General’s office and file a complaint with them, along with your local BBB (better business bureau.)

        Good chance they’ve already filed legal legal action against SOL, or are planning on doing so as soon as they get enough complaints!

        • Jon says:

          Good luck with that. I filed a complaint in Nebraska and got nowhere. However, if there is someone out there who knows of a large group getting organized…..let me know.

    • robin says:

      I`m in. i just bought it. 6000.00 is what it cost. its cost to get a drop-shipper. its cost since i bought it. cant get my money back. have not made a monthly payment yet.

    • tamara fehling says:

      I sent in $30 for 2 ipods which I have not recieved yet. I want either the ipods or my money back it has already been over 2 months since I sent them the money.
      Let’s sue them! Count me in!

      • lois says:

        you should have got them free for just attending. I didn’t get mine due to them not having enough, and I had to get online with a code number and order it at their expense. I did get it about 2 months later, and it wasn’t a Ipod like they said, it was a mp3 player, and it already had a virus on it and no one could remove it. My daughters also had a virus on her. We just trashed them.

    • Al and Linda Hudson says:

      you bet we are

  18. Chris says:

    I sent info to my local news media and although they’ll do a story on every teenager that steals a pack of gum they did not even follow up on this. I am all for class action LawSuit but we need John Quiones or Bill O’Reilly or some 20/20 type program to really bring some attention to these crooks. Any ideas?

    • Thandi Zulu says:

      If the Bill will ready my email he will not go for that I know Bill is smart you have to have a good ground to lawsuit. Am happy with storesonline is OK check my website I just join three month ago. go to my site email me I will help you.


      • Raj says:

        Why Thandi kkeps on saying go to my website again and again…..!!!!!!!!!!

        • Melissa says:

          thandi actually makes money, however little when you click the little flashy buttons near the bottom on the left. and the more people go to that site, the better are her odds of selling her product

      • Melissa says:

        well I’m glad you’re happy with your website.

        I think it looks awful… my boyfriend is a web developer so maybe I’m picky, but I do have good taste in design and your site is terrible looking

        • Nberry says:

          I agree it looks awful. And I’m not speaking from a developers perspective. I’m looking at it from a consumers perspective. I just got back from a seminar and spent the 6 grand. I am now going to ask for my money back. It’s not nearly as user friendly as they say and the tools are tools that can be found elsewhere for a lot cheaper. Thanks all for your posts. You saved me a big headache.

      • Jo says:

        I just tried to go to Thandi’s website. It came up completely blank.

      • pandora says:

        Hi, since your happy with storesonline, are you making thousands of dollars like they said, are you selling products or services. How is it that works for you and not others, I too had lost $7000 ,

      • jenny says:

        Thadia Zulu? I just attempted to go to your “storesonline” website–and my antivirus software and firewall blocked it!

      • Jenny says:

        Oh Thadia?

        There’s already been SO many lawsuits and legal actions filed against SOL, that I doubt adequate “legal basis” should be any problem at all!

        The Better Business Bureau has given SOL a rating of F! With the 725 complaints filed with the BBB against SOL, and all the numerous state and govenment actions, well, here’s a summary of the legal suit the Wisconsin Department of Justice filed against SOL:

        May 19, 2008
        On May 19, 2008 the Wisconsin Department of Justice settled a consumer protection lawsuit against iMergent, Inc. and StoresOnline, Inc – which sell internet marketing software and commercial website services throughout the United States, under the name StoresOnline. According to the lawsuit, StoresOnline’s solicitations have violated Wisconsin law by failing to identify StoresOnline as the entity offering the products and services, instead using fictitious business names. They further violated Wisconsin law by failing to disclose that the purpose of the workshops was to sell internet-related software and services. Under Wisconsin’s law regulating direct marketing and mail solicitations, entities are required to disclose the name of the principal seller, identify that they are offering for sale a good or a service, and identify the nature of the goods or services for sale. The law also prohibits the use of fictitious names which can confuse or mislead the seller’s true identity. Under the terms of the settlement, iMergent, Inc. and StoresOnline, Inc. must pay the state of Wisconsin $50,000 in forfeitures, penalty assessments, and investigative costs. The companies also must disclose in its solicitations the identity of the seller, the purpose of the solicitations, and the nature of the goods and services being offered. In addition, they must provide a notice cautioning prospective purchasers that they should not attempt to establish a web-based business if they lack basic computer skills or a viable business to market on the internet.

    • Jill says:

      I say yeah to exposive them maybe 60 minutes and In Canada W5.

  19. Stephanie says:


    I need all people from Pennsylvania to contact me immediately.

    I spoke with the Consumer Protection (Attorney General’s Office) about getting StoresOnLine banned from PA and was informed if there is a reoccurring problem, they can get them banned.

    Any PA residents who have been lied to by StoresOnLine, contact me at 610-495-0176 or 610-213-9011 or
    [email protected]

    We need to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. Don’t worry about how long it has been. I filed 11 months after I was scammed.

    We need to show a pattern of deceit. This should be pretty easy considering the fact these people do not tell the truth about anything.

    • Jay says:

      There’s a conference coming up in Erie, PA. Im not sure if want to attend, I know its all a big sales pitch. The dinner and mp3 player might be worth an hour of my time, and of course I would spy because I am very skeptical.

      I can see how the programming and marketing tools could be worth $339/mo, but does the site actually work? Any site Ive seen hosted by them was terrible in design and the products were crap. I heard the dropship suppliers they had were nonexistent…

      What do you think?

      I dont have products to sell, but I do have a lot of question.

  20. Angie says:

    I attended a seminar on Thursday March 27th in Fairview Heights, IL. My group was offered a package price of $25 just to get started. For that $25, you could walk out with your binder containing the required info to get your site up and running. I thought the price was great considering we were told that the cost is usually $199. I only hesitated because I don’t currently have a website or anything in mind to sell. So I attended for information purposes only. So those who purchased will all be attending the workshop on April 11th in Collinsville, IL. Funny how the presenter told them to be sure to bring cash, checks or their credit card because there would be some great offers to purchase that day only. I found that suspicious because if I paid $25 to get my site going or improve on an existing website – then is the workshop all about making further purchases or learning how to work better with StoresOnline and my website ….. and of course making money? Also I found it hard to spend $25 up front, figure out soemthing to sell before the workshop and regardless of whether or not I do, I will also be paying $24.95 monthly to StoresOnline just so that they can provide me with service.

    The only good thing that came out of this for me is that it did give me an idea for a website if I ever choose to have one and they piqued my curiosity about drop shipping. I want to look into the profitability of this as well as putting a few questions to my accountant regarding how this will affect my taxes the next year.
    I’m glad I came across this site!

    • jenny says:


      That $25 is just the bait to get you hooked! What they really want is for you to attend their full-day followup seminar–which is supposed to be a training seminar, but in reality is a high-pressure sales pitch to get many thousands of dollars out of you.

      That’s the real scam!

  21. Laura says:

    WHAT CAN WE ALL DO TO GET OUR MONEY BACK???!!! This company has cost me over $3500.00! When I was ready to pay for all the service, they were there. But now that I am trying to get my money back, no one is willing to help. No one ever returns my phone calls. I live paycheck by paycheck and took a BIG chance on getting a website set up by storesonline. I have not made any money off of this, and I have put in so much time and effort into this. Can anyone think of something we can do to get our money back. How can we do this? If anyone knows of anything we can do, please contact me. I am in Texas.

    • Gina says:

      Laura, I am in Texas….(Brownsville, Tx) this people came w/their workshop, and we fall into their scam…we feel trapped in this, there’s no one to help us…..we purchased the $6000 kit(six websites…none of them online for now…without success….) at the McAllen Texas workshop Date: 2/08/08(february)…I feel desperate…because I had waste a lot of my time(of course money) trying to figure out how can we get started/working our websites…but just like most of the people from here…It is just truly unfair….to see that this is a MAYOR SCAM….and even worse to loose $6000 dollars that we can use in other things…..It is not good…so I will like my money back as well….what can we do????

      • Nancy says:


        I am in Texas too and have been with SOL since 2003. I have a few websites up and running with some success. I am close to you (Harlingen, TX) and am willing to help you get a site set up. (Free of course). I run my websites part time, but I think I can help you get started. I have the older version of their software, but I believe I can still help. Do you know yet, what you want to sell?

        • Gina says:


          Thank you for responding………I’m sorry that I don’t trust anymore….but are you 100% sure that this works??……..I mean how do I know if you are not part of their team…how did you do/run your SOL websites???…’s taking me a heck of my time trying to even understand it…….and they told me that it was simple!!!ha! well as I see it… I’m not the only one trying to figure this out….I will loveee!! to see that this can finally works……I will like to work part time on them(my SOL websites) drop-shipping….but I’m sorry I’m out of trust right now……I will need more information from you…….. (nothing personal believe me!!) but I think I waste/trash $6000 dollars….and even my DH is kinda mad at me about this….because as you know this was part of savings/credit…….so He’s really pissed off…..with all the situation……I truly will love to see that this works for real!!…….please send me more information……for example: let me see your websites….what are your sites?? let me verify and confirm with my own eyes that this works………please…I hope you inform me soon…I’ll be waiting…….Thanks in advance…….

        • Val Zav says:

          Hi Nancy
          Just wondering if you are aligned with drop shippers or you sell/ship your own product? I understand that in order to make $ you have to spend $ and put time into something to make it work. We’ll see what happens, I bought it, dont have a choice now.

        • Sheila H. says:

          I am getting ready to launch a website and noticed that you seem to be one of the few that seemed to be more positive about it. Can you offer any advice on whether or not to keep going, i haven’t set up a processor or intered any banking info yet. So even though we have spent quite a bit of money already, it’s not to late to back out without to much trouble. Plus you said something about being able to help. Are you doing pretty good at your business? I do have some questions. Sheila

        • Nancy says:

          Not sure if you were replying to me, but I will answer anyway. When you say you are getting ready to launch your website, do you mean you have all the products entered? Have you already paid for the processor?
          Only you can decide whether you want to publish your site. There are a lot of things to consider. I have been doing OK, but I still have a regular job. I also have the older version of SOL software which I can customize a lot more than the new SOL pro (so I hear, since I don’t have the new version, I can’t say for sure)

          I guess the first thing you have to decide is if you have time to devote to running your business. You will need to have some cash saved so you can market your site and get visitors while you are waiting for the search engines to index your site. It is a lot of work.

          Like any business you have to work at it to be successful. If you are looking for a get rich quick solution, then I would say don’t continue. You also need to have a good product that will sell on the internet.

          I am willing to help in any way I can. I would advise to stay away from PMI EMS or any other company that calls you telling you they can get you to the top of the search engines. They all claim to be different and they only thing they will do is take your money.


        • DEBORAH says:

          I have to agree with you. I believe that all of these people complaining are too stupid to enter into such a project. Their spelling alone tells me that. As I looked around the seminars I attended I could tell almost 90% of them would never make it. They did not have the intelligence or the computer knowlege and skills necessary to accomplish this.(some did not even own a computer!!) I have not yet published my site only because I have been waiting for my business licence. Other than that it is designed as far as I can to this point. Will be finishing it soon and I truly believe it will work. There is no way I could have obtained all of the knowlege that storesonline has provided on my own, that said I actually think 3,400 dollars is a deal. I hope this gets posted so these idiots will realize they are really complaining about their own ignorance.

        • lori says:


          I now that you say you have 3 websites that they are up and running.. They look good, how much additional did it take to actually get them up and running?? Did you get the support that you thought you would in order to build your site??

        • jenny says:

          Yeah Nancy, I’m not believing you.

          If you really have a website (or several) with SOL and are happy with them, then what are you doing HERE?

          You know, I go to complaint boards all the time–I own several of them!

          If you go on the complaint boards for well-know legitimate companies, such as Best Buy, you will NEVER see posters such as yourself. REAL happy customers don’t post on complaint boards, because they have no reason to visit them!

          It’s only on complaint boards dealing with the shyster or scammer companies–such as SOL, that you’ll find supposed “happy customers” (ie., SOL company sales reps.) making up BS lies to muddy the water.

          Oh, and to Deborah, if you think 90% of the people here are too stupid to “make it”, then why did SOL take their money and tell them otherwise? If you can supposedly “tell” these people don’t have the intelligence, or computer skills and knowledge necessary, then SOL should never have taken their money!

          It is completely unethical to take money from someone you KNOW isn’t qualified or capable of suceeding! And the real truth is that anyone who really is, knows they can develop a FAR better website for much less than what SOL is supposedly “offering”.

          Again, REAL happy customers don’t come to complaint boards, and LEGITIMATE companies don’t send their “sock puppets” to them either!

        • nancy says:

          to Jenny,
          I really don’t care if you believe me or not. I am NOT a SOL rep and never would want to be. I never said I was REAL happy. Sounds like you are just a big complainer and are just looking for things to complain about.

          I found this website because somebody sent me a link to a post not because I was looking to find complaints about SOL. I don’t spend a lot of time on complaint boards because complaining doesn’t do anyone any good. If you spent half as much time implementing the ideas and promoting your website that you do complaining, you would be way ahead.

          I agree with you that SOL should not be selling their website packages to many of the people they do sell to. When I attended the seminar years ago, they even said you didn’t need to own a computer and you could go to the library and do what you needed to do from there.

          They are correct though (technically) when they say you don’t need to know how to use a computer. You could hire them to do the programming and then hire somebody to fulfill orders and update your website. You could just sit back and collect the money.(ha ha)

          I don’t agree about being able to develop a FAR better website for much less though. There are a lot of factors involved in evaluating a hosting plan & online store. Can you get “hosting” for less than SOL offers. Of course you can. But price is only one consideration. I have tried several other hosting and stores and SOL is about average.

          For those that know very little about computers, they need something that is template based and managed by the host. Otherwise you would need to shop for a shopping cart and integrate that into your site. Then there are the updates and security issues. If you don’t want to deal with that, you HAVE to get a managed service, which is more expensive than just hosting.

          I am NOT saying SOL is the best, far from it. But what is best for you may not be best for somebody else. Since customers are NOT getting your money back from SOL, why waste your energy complaining and whining. If you use that time to work on a site, you can be successful with an SOL store.

          I haven’t visited this forum in a long time and only did so today because of your post. I really resent be called a “sock puppet” for SOL. I do not work for them and would never want to. If I could find a better, cheaper solution I would move all my stores off SOL. As of yet, I have not found one that is such a big difference and is so much better and cheaper than SOL to take the time to move a site.

        • Joy says:

          Hi, just got back from dinner conference, there website looks like it was all set up and ready to go, I’ve been trying to put my own together, it’s been a nightmare, I searched around for web hosting, a similar package with all the things they included added up to about $300,

        • Jenny says:

          Well Nancy,

          And I don’t care that you don’t care that I don’t believe you. Really, I don’t! And I came here originally just for some ideas for a new complaint board I just started, until I started reading some of these “happy customer” posts–NO! I’m not buying any of it!

          I have been on complaint boards for far too many years and never before have I EVER seen “happy customers” go to complaint boards to defend their venders, with such passion, no less!

          Especially not when you make statements like “Since customers are NOT getting your money back from SOL, why waste your energy complaining and whining.”

          That is NOT true! LOTS of customers have gotten their money back from SOL, as a result of legal action filed by their state’s Attorney Generals offices and others!

          Your statements intended to discourage disgruntled customers from filing complaints against SOL is what makes me believe you are a “sock puppet” for the company.

          Oh and trying to claim that,

          “As of yet, I have not found one that is such a big difference and is so much better and cheaper than SOL to take the time to move a site.”

          No? Well then I don’t think you’re even trying, because it’s not that hard to move a site to a different server, and there are far, far better and CHEAPER hosting sites than SOL. In MY opinion, of course!

          I want anyone who feels they’ve been ripped off or scammed by SOL to know that the more fires they light, and the more agencies and organizations they file complaints with, the greater the chances of getting their money back will improve!

          File complaints with the Better Business Bureau! With the Federal Trade Commission! With your state’s Attorney’s office (or equivalent)! Complain to your congressman, your senator, and all the newspapers and news stations you can think of!

          The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Yes, it most certainly does!

      • Nancy says:


        If you would like to try to make the websites work, please feel free to call me 956-440-1816. Do you have any ideas on products you might like to sell?

        I mostly use dropshippers, so I can help you with finding some. SOL has a few good ones on their list too. Although they do have a few on their list I would advise staying away from.

        I do still have my regular job, but most of the time I work at home, so I am lucky.

        A couple of my sites are and and

        • Gina says:


          I will love that!!! so I think I ‘ll probably give you a call…..because I still want to accomplish something…if I can still rescue the kinda of ideal job/publish website will be phenomenal…..I”ll give a last try…there’s nothing else more to loose….and I still have inside of me(what it’s called)” little hope”….to see if this can finally work……thanks for your information…..really appreciated…..

        • Karen says:

          go to hell you 2 idiots

        • Joy says:

          I found out trying to build from scratch is hard, and all the things needed ends up costing about the same as sol if not more. plus you have to do it yourself, then there’s the marketing to get people to your site, again a nightmare. How are they with marketing help? I may sign up at workshop.

        • nancy says:

          Well Jenny we could go on like this forever but I don’t care that you don’t care that I don’t care that you don’t believe me. As I said before you sound like you do NOTHING but complain.

          And as you said happy customers do not usually post on complaint boards defending the company being complained about. However, this is a REVIEW site, not a complaint board. There IS a difference. People coming here were looking for REVIEWS not complaints. As for finding different hosting it IS NOT easy to move an SOL site to a different server. You basically need to start from scratch at a new host and rebuild entirely. Then the page names all change and your indexing is no longer valid. I HAVE looked and I HAVE moved some sites off SOL to another host, so I know what I am talking about. As far as price, I still maintain that for what SOL provides (cart, ssl and hosting) it is NOT that bad. Its just their set up fees that are too expensive. SOL never claimed to be the cheapest, so why you bring up price I cannot understand. On the other sites I have and the ones I’ve moved, SOL is the least maintenance and actually less expensive that one of them for hosting.
          I just want everyone to realize that comparing HOSTING is not what you should be doing, because SOL is more than hosting. It includes the secure certificate and the cart. It is a nice option for somebody starting out and that doesn’t want the headaches involved with finding a different cart, getting the secure certificate and the updates required.

          I don’t know why you are saying I am defending SOL because I am not. I am defending myself. What I am saying is that I don’t believe people are comparing apples to apples when they quote “hosting” prices.

          What I say about SOL is just my REVIEW of their services. It is not for everyone. And yes some people get refunds from SOL. But, you shouldn’t assume everybody should get a refund just because some get them. If somebody built a site that didn’t work because they didn’t know how to market that site, why is that SOL’s fault? That would happen no matter where you built your site.

          Should SOL give customers longer to review the software and decide if it works for them. I absolutely think they should. I don’t know of any other company that doesn’t allow that. But that doesn’t mean they have to. People had ample opportunity to read through the contract and cancel within the 3 days. For something costing thousands of dollars, don’t you think it prudent to read the contract?

          It just sounds to me like many of SOL’s customers are people that are trying to get rich quick. Looking for “easy money”. You will find a lot of these also on late night tv infomercials.

        • jenny says:

          And you shouldn’t be DISCOURAGING those who want their money back from pursuing all available legal actions available for them to do so!

          And as far as this being a “review” board, as I’ve already pointed out–I name my complaint boards “reviews” too, but in reality, they are complaint boards. And it’s for the same reason that Penn & Teller named their highly controversial HBO TV show that exposes fraud, and scams, “BullSh*t!” If they had named it “EXPOSING SHYSTERS!” instead, they would have risked greater legal liability exposures, but by naming it “BullSh*t!” If you don’t get it yet, I’m not explaining further.

          Oh, and if someone’s website fails, how is that SOL’s fault? Well, as far as I’m concerned, it’s SOL’s fault because they “trick” people into going to that second supposed “full day training seminar” by first selling them a $24.99 website and not properly disclosing that their $24.99 websites aren’t REAL ecommerce websites that they’re planning on talking you into buying for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at that 2nd supposed “full day training seminar”, which in reality, is an 8 hour HIGH PRESSURE sales pitch! That’s why!

          But of course, you don’t find that out until you actually attend the 2nd “full day training seminar”, which is conveniently schedule at least a WEEK after the first one–so you no longer have the 3 day cancellation option!

          And paying THOUSANDS of dollars for their inferior web building “tools”? When you can get far better, for far, far less?

          To me, SOL’s “tools” is like selling someone a Honda Civic for $100,000 by conning them into believing it’s a Mercedes Benz! And if that wasn’t bad enough, when you get that Honda Civic, you discover that it’s not built like a regular car, and unless pay them an additional $50,000, you’ll never figure out how to drive it! And as you’ve already spent all that money, you finally cough up all that ADDITIONAL money you never knew was part of the bargain, and even after all THAT, there’s less than a 5% chance that car will ever even RUN! And IF it does, it’s will probably never run very well anyway–not without lots and lots of constant repair bills!

          Given the above scenerio, can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t consider that a complete and total RIP-OFF? Well, maybe not….if you just happen to be one of the very few fortunate enough to already possess repair skills, or have the talent to learn them, and somehow manage to get YOURS to run! Gee, lucky you!

          FYI! Almost EVERYONE would like to “get rich quick!” If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any lottery tickets to sell! It’s basic human nature. I don’t believe for one second that SOL isn’t fully aware of this basic, fundamental desire, and uses it to manipulate and exploit people to their advantage. You know something, Nigerian scammers do the same exact thing!

          But they don’t prey on the ones who are already “financially secure” because we don’t have much motivation to do so. We’re already fairly satisfied with the financial return we’re receiving from our effort, and don’t have as great a desire for more.

          No, it’s the ones who struggling, barely making it from paycheck to paycheck, desperate for a better life. Oh, and along comes SOL dangling HOPE in front of their eyes, with lines such as, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” Yep! That’s a favorite of SOL’s, isn’t it? Heard that one repeatedly at all 3 of their so-called “seminars!”

          I sat there, in the middle of my fellow participants, so many of who I could tell were destitute and oh so damaged and disparaged, watching their faces light up, as they were spun this wonderful fantasy dream of a better life–and with the knowledge of the REAL truth, it absolutely BROKE MY HEART!

          You know, money may not buy happiness, but lack of money can buy a whole WORLD of misery and pain! How can you trivialize the added hardship these broken people will endure when they’ve discovered they’ve just lost the miniscule amount they’ve managed to “beg, borrow or steal” on something that’s nothing more than a pipedream! Shame on you! Shame!

          Do you have any idea what it does to a person to realize they can no longer provide for their children because they didn’t know any better than to hand over their cash to a smooth talking snake salesman, peddling a bag full of hot air?

          And here you sit lecturing ME, all high and mighty, passionately defending the dispicable, underhanded tactics SOL employs, while callously trivializing the pain and suffering it inflicts upon others — with all the concern and sympathy of a rock!

          Do you care? Do you possess even the slightest shred of empathy for these individuals, or their families? Have you completely lose the capacity to place yourself in their shoes and have an inkling of what this has done to them? Or don’t you give a damn?

          You know, the psychiatric profession has a name for people who are incapable of empathizing with the pain of others. They call them…psychopaths!

        • nancy says:

          Boy you really go off the deep end don’t you.

          How about this. Do you possess even the slightest shred of empathy for those individuals who are working hard on their websites with SOL and NEED them to stay in business so they can stay in business. There are also LOTS of people getting by with their websites and it would be catastrophic if SOL suddenly went out of business and they no longer had their websites.

          You are the idiot that keeps lecturing me and telling me that I work for SOL and agree with all their sales tactics. I NEVER said that. In fact I don’t agree with how they are selling their websites now. As I said I bought mine years ago, and there was no $24.99 for a starter website at the first meeting, then 3 days from that to cancel.

          And by the way, yes $24.99 is trivial. If you cannot afford $24.99 to test out a business proposition, then you have no business trying to go into business. So when you pay them at the second meeting, you should still get another 3 days to cancel that contract as it is a new contract.

          If you know of somewhere that you can get a Far Better builder for Far Far Less. I would love to hear where. I have looked at many many ecommerce website builders and while most of them do not have the huge start up cost of SOL their monthly hosting is FAR FAR more expensive. Over $100 in most cases.

        • jenny says:


          Are you freaking kidding me? Are YOU?

          You want cheaper ecommerce hosting? You can go to “groundsite” and get their complete ecommerce package for a whopping $9.95 a month. In fact, you can try it out for only $1.95 for the first 30 days.

          Don’t try feeding me that crap about how you NEED SOL to stay in business so YOU can stay in business! You can stay in business without them, just as well!

          And Nancy? I looked up SOL’s failure rate, which is over 98%!! Yeah, SOL may have a few thousand websites that report making a profit, but they’ve sold HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS that haven’t made one red cent! In fact, the vast overwhelming MAJORITY of people who purchased their so-called sites never even managed to set one up!

          So, less than 2% of all those hundreds of thousands of websites SOL has sold has reported any kind of profit–at all! And according to Tamika, her’s is one of the profitable ones–only even her’s has only been earning a GROSS profit averaging a rather pathetic $4K per year! And that’s GROSS! I doubt she wants to admit what her real NET profit is, which I’ll bet is ZERO!

          One of the sites I looked at claimed that the percentage of sites that actually earn enough of a profit to actually live on is roughly .3%

          So let me see if I’m understanding what you just said. For your CONVENIENCE, you actually WANT people to continue handing SOL over anywhere from $5-$20,000 of their hard earned cash, KNOWING that almost 100% of them will LOSE every cent of it, just so SOL can stay in business so you don’t have to go through the BOTHER of changing your web hosting? Regardless of how much pain and suffering, loss of dignity, and even possible bankruptcy, and the MILLIONS of dollars that HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people will LOSE, just so YOU and a couple thousand of your fellow SOL buddies don’t have to spend a day or 2 changing over your hosting site?

          And you’re actually expecting me to EMPATHIZE with your inconsiderate self-centered attitude? It’s all about YOU, isn’t it?

          In all dead serious honesty, I don’t even want to live on the same planet as you. I need to go shower now.

        • Jenny says:

          Oh I need to qualify those success/failure percentages I’ve quoted, which I read on other websites, and have been trying but at least as of this moment, have not been able to substantiate. IF they’re available and I can find them, I will post the complete, corrected figures. I do remember seeing them on another website that I looked up after attending their first seminar, but can no longer find that website.

          Oh, and groundsite’s $9.95 a month ecommerce hosting? It does include a free domain name, dedicated hosting, merchant shopping cart, security certificate, emails, transfer of your current account, etc. And if you sign up for 12 months, it’s only $7.95 per month, while a 36 month package is $5.95 per month.

          And for anyone who DOES decide to set up an ecommerce website, or do any type of business on the web, with identity theft running rampant, I feel the need to strongly urge the following precautions.

          1. Don’t use your REAL name. Consider incorporating, or at least create a business “alias.” Check the laws for your state first for whether there are any requirements. For example, in my state, the law requires you file your business alias with them and post a small notification in a newspaper–any newspaper. My bank took care of all this for me for free in return for setting up the business account with them.

          2. Don’t use your REAL address! Either go to the post office and get a PO box, or, if you want an actual street address, there are retail businesses, such as “Mailboxes, etc.” or “The UPS Store” that will provide you with a mailbox, and as an address, allow you to use THEIR physical street address, along with a street number. The cost is usually under $10 a month, I pay $4.95 per month by signing up for a longer period. Set the box up under the name of your business alias.

          3. IF you post a phone number, don’t post your HOME phone. Either get a second line to be used strictly for business, or for more anonymity, buy a “pay as you go” phone, along with phone cards–and pay for them using cash.

          5. After you’ve taken all these precautions, THEN set up an email address in the name of your business, and use it to then set up a paypal account, also in the name of your business, providing your business bank account, along with your business name and business address. And AFTER you’ve done all that, THEN use your business paypal account to sign up and pay for for web hosting and set up your site.

          And I don’t care how much security a company has set in place, to ensure the safety of your financial data. In any security system PEOPLE are always the weakest link! Your financial institutions could build computer firewalls that are rock solid–which can easily bypassed by one of their EMPLOYEES, who got a job there for no other reason than to obtain their customers identities.

          A number of people reported that the MP3 players they received from SOL contained a “trojan horse”. Anyone who plugged one of those MP3 players into the USB port of their computer without an AV program that detected and blocked that trojan horse from installing, well as soon as they connected to the internet, their computer was stolen and has probably been made part of system of “netbots” being used to do all sorts of nasty deeds.

        • nancy says:

          I would be very interested in this fully dedicated ecommerce platform with shopping cart for the price you are saying. Believe me I have searched for a shopping cart solution and found several way more expensive over a 5 year plan (for example. Volusion 59.99 per month with 49 set up fee, 5 year cost $3648.40 – Shopsite $1295 for the software plus $70 – $125 a month hosting – Finest Shops 69.95 per month $4197 over 5 years) . For SOL I pay (24.95 per month plus the $1000 per site set up fee – 5 year cost $2497) These are the ones that include a real dedicated ssl, not the cheap shared ssl that comes with regular ecommerce hosting plans. What I am comparing is same type of service, where if there is a problem with the cart, you can just chat with them and they fix the problem. So where is the far far less expensive?

          I do have several ecommerce websites not on SOL and they are just using plain ecommerce hosting. However, I do have to pay extra for dedicated IP and SSL certificate. Then there is the expense for the trust seals.(not mandatory, but recommended because most are doing it and customers look for that) I also paid for the shopping cart software as all the free ones are very difficult to manage and customize. Plus there is the cost of maintaining and upgrading the cart software. Then if anything goes wrong with the software, I have to fix it myself. There is a forum for the software users to get help, but ultimately it is my time spent searching for and implementing a solution.

          Now if you are just talking about hosting with free shopping cart like oscommerce or similar then there are extras you will need to be PCI compliant. Also I have found that many people do not trust sites that just take Paypal. Oh, and Paypal fees are a bit higher than a regular merchant account. You also need a separate merchant account for each website you plan to set up.

          I have not heard anything about the MP3 players from SOL. Anybody that doesn’t have an AV program these days is playing with fire. This can also occur by just visiting some websites. This really has nothing to do with their program and policy of no refunds.

          I also need to add that the SOL costs are for the program I bought several years ago. I see their current costs of $300 month with 1 year commitment and that is totally outrageous. It is a shame these people didn’t put this on their credit card because that would be very easy to dispute. You could just say services not as expected/promised and detail the problems you are having.

        • Hi Nancy,

          “Jenny” is a ghost who just wants attention. I will never understand how you run a business but is afraid to advertise the business because of the personal information involved that could allow someone to steal your identity. if you ask me, everything she says runs in circles. One moment her business information is her personal information and the next she is incorporated with all her personal information protected and she can “teach” us how to do the same. there is no reasoning with someone who contradicts herself so often. I think she just wants to be seen here so she has been posting on comments over a year old because she has nothing better to do. If we ignore her long enough she will go away.

          Best wishes and much success on your business!

        • Jenny says:


          First of all, regarding AV software. There is absolutely NO antivirus software on the market today that can pick up 100% of all the viruses out there or that can offer complete protection. This is why I always recommend that in addition to your main AV program, you install several additional ones–and there are many extremely good AV programs that you can download that are 100% FREE. For starters, I recommend Avast, and “Spybot: Sear and Destroy”. I also highly recommend downloading and installing “CCleaner” which will erase your internet history, and clean up your registry. Again, these 3 programs can be downloaded and used free of charge!

          I also recommend downloading from “cnet” which scans the downloads offered on their site to ensure they are virus free. Many other sites also make this claim, and many of them are LYING, and have installed their OWN viruses on their download–just so they can “steal” your information or make your computer one of their “netbots.” So to be safe, download from cnet. And you also shouldn’t run more than 1 “real-time” AV program at any one time, (meaning, an AV program that stays open and scans continuously as you surf the net, as opposed to one that you physically set to scan at specific times or run manual scans.)

          However, even if you do all this, well, it will provide you with better protection than having just 1 AV program, but it still won’t provide 100% protection. Especially not against someone who knows how to make a virus either UD, which means undetectable from the majority of AV programs, or better yet, FUD, which means the virus can’t be detected by any one of more than 20 of the most popular AV software programs that virus has been tested against to ensure that the victim will have NO CLUE! And if you think this is something that only someone with advanced computer programming skills can do? No, this is something that is so easy, a 10 year old child can do it, and not only DO they, but some then proudly display their achievements by posting the information they’ve obtained from their victims on the internet!

          I’m not going to describe some of the more horrific violations of privacy that I’ve seen, other than to say that I strongly recommend you change your passwords frequently using random combinations of both letters and numbers, and if you have a webcam, BREAK IT! Well, I just use black electricians tape to cover mine up, but well, you get the general gist.

          So lots and lots of people could have received those MP3 players and even IF they have the best AV software on the market, they could still easily have gotten infected!

          And as far as groundsite’s ecommerce hosting goes, well here’s a link, you can do a comparison yourself.

          Oh, and yeah, their SSL certificate that comes with their regular ecommerce package is a shared one, or “cheapie” as you called it, but they offer a private one as an add-on, and sure it may be “recommended” by some, but I’ve never heard of anyone having that much of a problem using a shared one. Or with having a shared IP, but they also offer the option for a private one as well.

          And actually there’s a number of advantages to using a shared one, such as if there ARE any problems with it, the hosting sites get right to work resolving them as quickly as possible — because it effects ALL their customers, not just one.

          And yes, their regular ecommerce account does provide a shopping cart, and merchant acct that accepts credit cards as well as Paypal.

          There are some upgrades you can pay for, such as that private SSL and IP you were talking about, however they also allow unlimited parked domains and subdomains, along with 5 Addon domains for a small fee as well.

          Now, I don’t know how this works because I’ve never tried it–yet, but what a few people with ecommerce sites have told me is that they’ve been able to cover their hosting costs by basically letting others “sublet” space from them and sharing the costs to reduce their hosting expense even further.

          Now I personally use Host Gator, but not for the sale of physical products, which I personally find far easier and more efficient to do on ebay. But you know, with a simple Host Gator account, and a generic domain, you can make subdomains and slap up a WIDE variety of different types of sites, and fill them up with every kind of content imaginable, and experiment with trying all kinds of different things, and for very little expense other than your time, greatly improve your chances of coming up with at least one that you can make money from–or a number of different ones that generate a small amount each, that their combined revenue’s earning quite a tidy sum! I am generating income from internet websites, in a number of ways. And all WITHOUT all the work and hassle involved in having to go out and find products, vendors, dropshippers, SSLs, set up shopping carts, credit card and paypal accounts, searching for which one gives the best deal, getting an attorney to review and/or draft agreements, set up customer accounts, track each ones sales, handle complaints, returns, refunds etc., etc., etc….GEEZ!

          As far as I’m concerned, anyone interested in exploring the possible money-making opportunities the internet affords, really, at least for the purpose of initial exploration, is a far better, easier and far, far CHEAPER way to “get your foot in the door” to gain “hands on” experience to learn whether or not a person feels they even WANT to run an internet business, much less, whether or not they feel they will be able to make any money at it!

          Not getting “smooth talked” out of handing over THOUSANDS of dollars, right off the bat, on something they have ZERO knowledge or experience with–and aren’t even provided with “full-disclosure” of all the financial data to enable them to make an “informed decision” of what they’re getting themselves into.

        • Jenny says:

          Gee Tamikia,

          Calling me a “stalker” and “your groupie” when you stalk me to posts I’ve written to others? Oh, I don’t really mind, just goes to show who’s REALLY stalking who!

          And I hope you read my response to you below on the other reason why you shouldn’t be providing your REAL name on internet boards–especially not if you’re going to stalk, jeer, taunt, argue, insult, and in general, make a complete idiotic fool of yourself! Someday you just might want to apply for a REAL job, and when and if you do, well, employment agencies, recruiters and company personnel departments don’t just run simple background checks on applicants anymore. They also are checking potential applicants “on-line presence” to see what they do and say on the internet! Do you think your behavior here will impress any of them?

          As you INVITED me to “check you out”, the search engine I used is the very same one that was designed for, and marketed to employment professionals! It’s amazingly thorough too! All you need to do is type in a person’s name, and pretty much everything on that person pops right up! All their social websites, all public records, and all web pages that their name appears on.

          Unless, of course, you are absolutely certain you’re never going to have any need for a REAL job–because maybe you’re already earning GREAT money from your internet business? Well, we know that doesn’t apply to you as you’ve stated yours only averages a GROSS profit amounting to a mere pitance of $4K annually, so must be something else.

          You aren’t by chance really from Nigeria, are you? Because you’re really beginning to sound more and more like the scammers from there I like to engage in the practice of “scam baiting” with. They’ll try for months on end every trick imaginable to get my identity out of me–and I’ll keep them going too because the longer they concentrate on ME, the less time they’ll have for others who might actually fall prey to their scam. “Scam baiting” isn’t for amateurs though so I strongly EMPLORE anyone else here who reads this post NOT to try it!

          Oh, but hey Tamikia, glad you’re here because I thought of a few other things to I forgot about!

          First, allow me to educate you on basic bookkeeping terminology. You said that you’ve been averaging a whopping $4K GROSS profit annually on your internet businesses? By “gross profit” do you actually mean that’s how much you’re grossing in SALES?

          Gross profit is actually the total dollar amount you receive from customers, LESS your direct costs of making the sale. So, if you sold a widget for $50, for which you paid, say $30, then your gross profit is actually $20. $50 – 30 = $20.

          Now your NET profit on the other hand is your gross profit LESS any additional indirect costs, or general expenses incurred in running your business, such as your monthly webhosting fee, office supplies, business licenses, etc. So for the sake of illustration, let’s say your indirect costs were $10 for webhosting, $5 for office supplies, and $8 for your licensing fee, or $23 total. $10 + $5 + $8 = $23.

          So to arrive at your NET profit (or loss) you would subtract that $23 from the $20 you grossed, resulting in a NET loss of -$3.

          As you’ve never stated your NET profit, I’m going to assume that in reality, there wasn’t one, and that you actually ended up with a net loss, am I right?

          If so, then I wonder whether you are aware of what is known as the “IRS Hobby Rules”? If not, this is something you REALLY need to know!

          For tax purposes, a business is defined as an activity engaged in, SOLELY motivated for the purpose of making a profit! If your motivation for engaging in that activity is anything other than solely “profit-motivated”, such as for your own personal enjoyment, then you are not running a business, but entertaining a “hobby”.

          The reason this is important is because the IRS only permits a taxpayer to deduct the expenses of running a legitimate business on their tax return, and if you’re not engaging in an activity that is SOLELY profit-motivated, then you are not running a legitimate business! Because any legitimate business that doesn’t show a profit after a year or so, would shut down, that is IF it was solely profit-motivated.

          You see, the IRS permits businesses to deduct expenses from their revenue for the govrernment’s benefit, not for the benefit of the taxpayer. If the IRS didn’t permit businesses to deduct their operating expenses, then businesses would have no motivation to spend money to offset their taxes. However if the IRS is going to permit businesses to deduct their expenses, there damn well better be something left over for the government to TAX!

          So to determine whether an activity is being engaged in for the purpose of business or pleasure, the government instituted what is called the “IRS Hobby Rules” which requires that to be classified as a “legitimate business” from which the taxpayer may deduct expenses from the revenue generated on their tax return, it must earn a profit at least 3 years out of 5! If it doesn’t, then it’s classified instead as a hobby, and the taxpayer may NOT deduct any expenses and must report, and pay taxes on the ENTIRE amount of revenue earned, or $$ they received!

          So you see, it’s perfectly legal to put up a website and earn money from selling a few items on it, but if you don’t actually earn a PROFIT from that website at least 3 years out of 5, then you are required to amend your tax return by eliminating the deductions you took as “business expenses” and pay tax on the entire amount that you earned in sales–along with the interest and penalties for late payment, of course!

          Oh, there are some exceptions, for example, for investment properties where the intent is to hang onto them for a number of years to sell, expecting an eventual profit, and of course, “not-for-profit” organizations–but for that, the organization must qualify for tax exempt status in advance.

          Of course, it is possible for a nonprofitable business to argue their case as to WHY their business just taking longer than normal to earn a profit, but they expect profits will eventually exceed the previous years losses, but usually, that ends up requiring the business go to tax court, which is a rather difficult, process that can end up costing even more than just paying the taxes on the deductions you took that the IRS claims weren’t legitimate business expenses.

          Oh and Tamikia? I’ve never marketed or advertised my primary business–never! I built my professional reputation before starting the business. It’s all referrals from past employers and former business associates, who direct their clients in need of my services to me. There’s very few people who do what I do, and even fewer who are any good at it. My business was started upon request!

        • Jenny says:

          Going on the assumption that you actually ARE interested in a FAR cheaper hosting alternative that still has ALL the features of storesonline, and then some, well, my favorite Hosting service, Host Gator, offers ecommerce hosting, with unlimited sites, unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited space and bandwidth, along with a PRIVATE IP, and PRIVATE SSL certificate, shopping carts that accept credit cards as well as paypal, along with the most current up-to-date features, cPanel, FTPs, instant blogs, guestbooks, etc.

          And all for $12.95 per month, which even includes your very own private toll-free number–FREE!

          And Host Gator will also transfer all your sites, domains, and everything else for you, again FREE of charge! And you don’t have to do a thing either–they do it for you!

          PLUS, they throw in $25 of free Google Adwords, and right now are offering a discount of 20% off the ENTIRE package, reducing their fee to $10.59 per month, and you can get it at that price for the next THREE years!

          But wait! There’s More!

          If you sign up for their service through one of their “links”, you can also get an additional rebate of anywhere from $9.94 to an additional $50!

          And there’s STILL more!

          If, for any reason you are dissatisfied with their service, Host Gator gives you 45 days to cancel for a FULL refund! And you can also cancel your account at any time, with no cancellation fee, or further obligation.

        • nancy says:

          I have checked HostGator and I do use them for non ecommerce sites I have. However, the SSL certificate that comes with the service is not equivalent to the storesonline certificate. I would still need a much more sercure certificate. The website owner is also responsible for all security. This is a HUGE difference. If something should happen and your site gets hacked. Guess who has to fix it. Thats right – you the site owner.

          Also the shopping carts you refer to are the same free shopping carts that come with just about any hosting. This is not the same as the easy to use cart that already looks like the rest of your site that you get with SOL. I have tried this option and OSCommerce is a very cumbersome cart to work with. I have yet to find a free cart that is anywhere near as simple as the SOL cart.

          If you are comparing services and what is included, SOL compares to Yahoo stores, Finest Shops, Volusion where they manage the store and security.

          I wouldn’t recommend just hosting and using a free cart with the hosts SSL for anybody who has no experience with maintaining a website and who doesn’t want the responsibility of maintining security.

          My point is $24.95 per month is hardly out of line for hosting that includes the integrated cart (with updates), SSL and worry free maintenance. All other companies that offer this type of service charge FAR more for the same thing. In some cases up to $99 per month depending on the number of products you have.

        • Jenny says:

          Oh give me a break! That $24.95 a month is their starter package–which is a JOKE! Stores-on-line is charging $300 a month for their pro-ecommerce sites!

          Store-ion-line shopping carts are easier than Host Gator? Really? Gee! I just recommended Host Gator to my next door neighbor’s daughter, and she had her e-commerce site set up and running in 1 day, all by herself, without any prior experience whatsoever — and she’s 10 YEARS OLD! Oh, she’s selling like hotcakes too because she set it up to earn money for new uniforms for the sports team she belongs to at her school. Oh, and her website looks a whole lot better than yours too!

          So, are you trying to tell me you’re stupider than a 10 year old, or are you just trying to be a JERK?

          That full-grown adults with computer experience were unable to figure out store-on-Line’s software was one of the SPECIFIC complaints in the class action lawsuits filed against Stores-on-Line by various Attorney General’s offices! Are you actually trying to tell me that the state’s Attorney General’s offices are LYING about this? Or do you just think MORONS will read your post and believe you over the Attoney Generals? Yeah, ok.

          Oh, and as far as getting hacked goes? What the HELL are you talking about? Host Gator and just about EVERY OTHER hosting site automatically backs up their clients websites so if their site gets hacked, they can restore from their backups–and perform this service for their customers FREE OF CHARGE! OH! And you want to tell me that YOU receive “worry free maintenance” from SOL? Again, WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID? Lack of maintenance was yet ANOTHER one of the many complants in those class-action lawsuits filed against SOL!

          Oh, and Stores-on-line SSL certificates are superior to Host Gator’s dedicated ones? Really? PROVE IT! I want you to show some actual PROOF that Stores-on-Line’s SSL certificate that comes with the $24.95 hosting package is superior to the private SSL certificate that Host Gator offers with their $12.95 a month package–that you can get for LESS than $10 per month. I scrutinized both websites and didn’t see anything of the sort–so stop just making things up — SHOW PROOF!

          You know something, Host Gator’s ecommerce hosting is rated in the top 10 in NUMEROUS highly respectable, independent review sites! By contrast, Stores-on-Line isn’t even listed in the top 100! Most reputable sites, such as cnet, won’t even review them! And the Better Business Bureau has rated Stores-on-Line F! F! You’re trying to glorify the services of a company which the Better Business Bureau has given the rating of F! And that NUMEROUS State’s Attorney Generals offices and other government agencies have filed LEGAL ACTION against–from the complaint filed by the Illinois Attorney General: “The lawsuit seeks a civil penalty of $50,000 and additional penalties of $50,000 for each violation found to have been committed with intent to defraud.”

          You know, I don’t know anyone who would want their business associated with a company that has been accused by the State’s Attorney General’s office of FRAUD!

          Again, my little neighbor’s daughter set up her e-commerce website in ONE DAY, and she’s got about 40 items, over 20 pages, with blogs about their school, her team, and all kinds of pictures, flash videos, etc. She has ZERO computer skills and absolutely no prior experience–and she’s 10 YEARS OLD! Oh, and the cost, including her own private domain, SSL, and a year of hosting? After coupons and rebates, under $100 – not per month, but for the entire YEAR!

          Seriously, who are you trying to kid here? Who? Oh, and here’s a summary of the complaints filed against SOL with the BBB:

          35 regarding Advertising Issues
          1 – Advertised service not available
          1 – Advertised terms not honored
          5 – Advertisement did not disclose all conditions required to take advantage of an offer
          8 – Advertisement misrepresented a product
          6 – Advertisement misrepresented a service
          3 – Bait & switch advertisement
          7 – False or unsubstantiated claims in advertisement
          4 – None of the Above – Advertising Complaint Issue

          55 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
          5 – Failure to correct billing errors
          2 – Failure to substantiate charges
          9 – Improper collection practices
          23 – None of the Above – Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
          5 – Unauthorized bank debits
          11 – Unauthorized credit card charges

          70 regarding Contract Issues
          18 – Failure to honor a contract or agreement
          10 – Invalid or false contract
          38 – None of the Above – Contract Complaint Issue
          3 – Unauthorized changes to the contract or agreement
          1 – Work performed outside the terms of the contract or agreement

          51 regarding Customer Service Issues
          35 – Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services
          5 – Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support
          3 – Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
          8 – None of the Above – Customer Service Complaint Issue

          21 regarding Delivery Issues
          17 – Non-delivery of products
          1 – Non-delivery of services
          3 – None of the Above – Delivery Complaint Issue

          4 regarding Guarantee or Warranty Issues
          1 – Failure to honor money-back guarantees
          2 – Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties
          1 – None of the Above – Guarantee or Warranty Complaint Issue

          39 regarding Product Issues
          2 – Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received
          37 – None of the Above – Product Quality Complaint Issue

          226 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues
          13 – Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit
          39 – Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
          174 – None of the Above – Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

          185 regarding Sales Practice Issues
          25 – None of the Above – Sales Complaint Issue
          11 – Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information
          18 – Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer
          24 – Sales presentation misrepresented the product
          35 – Sales presentation misrepresented the service
          3 – Sales presentation not consistent with advertisement
          1 – Sales presentation not consistent with the written agreement
          31 – Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
          37 – Sales presentation used high pressure methods

          39 regarding Service Issues
          3 – Delayed completion of service
          6 – Failure to honor service estimate or agreement
          13 – Improper or inferior service
          17 – None of the Above – Service Complaint Issue

        • Nancy says:

          There you go again comparing HOSTING with shopping cart. As I said several times before I am not familiar with what their current $24.95 a month plan is. I got my websites several years ago and I pay $24.95 per month for the shopping cart and hosting. Host gator is NOT A SHOPPING CART!!! If you are so proud of this 10 year old, and think her site is so great, why don’t you post the link for all to see? You are just being an AHole saying her site looks much better than mine. PROVE IT! What shopping cart is being used? One of the free ones like Oscommerce? I have customers tell me all the time how much they like my website.

          Actually I find the 4.0 version of SOL software to be so easy a 10 year old could do it. It is well documented and you do not need to do anything but point, click and type.

          While it is true that Host Gator backs up your site on a daily basis. You may not realize code that was injected into your site for several days. Some of these hackers are very good, and just backing up the site may not help as the code is hidden. The only help you will get is for them to restore the backup.

          I still do not know why you think I am saying SOL is so great. I’m not. Not by a long shot. But, what I am saying is having a successful ecommerce site is NOT easy, no matter where you host. You need to consider your computer experience, amount of time you have to put into the website, whether you want to spend your time worrying about security issues and IT problems or if you just want to market and sell your products.
          Hosting is just 1 piece of the puzzle. You need the right shopping cart. I have tried several of the free ones and when I moved my cookware site off SOL, I chose a cart that I paid for. I also moved the chocolate site off SOL and ended up using XCart with a managed system. I pay more than $24.95 for that, but the host is very good and whenever I have any problem they fix it.

          Oh, and with Host Gator or any other hosting site, they may provide the free cart software, but if you have a problem with something not working in the cart and can’t figure out how to do something, you are out of luck. The host does NOT support that. You will need to find a forum and try to get help that way.

          And, if you do the math, $12.95 a month is $155.40 a year. So your statement of everything costing under $100 a year is a big LIE.

          Its not all about the price. But there is no way I would pay SOL $300 a month for what they offer. I know I could get better, without the commitment at Yahoo Stores, Volusion, Finest Shops etc.

          I do not even know why you started this argument with me, as I never said I loved SOL. I just gave a legitimate offer to help somebody that was nearby getting started.
          As a matter of fact if somebody had not yet bought something from SOL and they asked me, I would definitely not recommend them considering their new pricing structure. At $300 a month, yes you can get better for less. But to be equivalent with the managed cart and number of products allowed, you would spend $80-$100 per month with any of the popular ones such as Yahoo Stores, Volusion, Shopsite etc.

          So for somebody that is in my situation. I have the fully managed cart for $24.95 per month. They used to charge per license which included the first year hosting. But I think if you attend their workshop you get a different deal than what they show on their website. This is how they suck you in to thinking you are getting a good deal. They show their over inflated online prices and tell you that you are getting a big discount.

      • Erika says:

        I too am in Texas and I was wondering if you ever had any luck in getting your money back? I am trying and so far nothing.

    • Thandi Zulu says:

      I get help you to get your site back , get my website not long ago , you just need to do a few thing to get going. email me below:
      and check my website below.

  22. Kari says:

    I have been trying to get my money back 2 days after my husband bought the websites from them. Everyone tells me that I can cut my losses but does anyone realize how much $8000 is to someone who lives paycheck to paycheck. All I am being told is to sell the websites on ebay. Yeah what good that will do. The only way to get my money back is to go to a workshop and sell them to someone who is unfortunately just as stupid as my husband and let them deal with stores online.

    • Jenny says:


      Yes, I DO realize how much $8,000 is to someone who lives paycheck to paycheck.

      PLEASE don’t just take SOL’s word that you can’t get your money back–or anyone else here who tries to tell you that either! I recently got HP to repair one of their laptops–free of charge, a full year and a half after the 1 year warranty had lapsed! It took a bit of doing, but I learned that the motherboard used in my laptop had a “known defect”, which HP had been made aware of even BEFORE they produced the laptop I had purchased.

      I actually do this all successfully all the time, and if I can, so can you.

      If you tried to get back your money in 2 days, then they should have given it to you. If you tried and weren’t able to get a hold of them, they should STILL have given it to you.

      I strongly urge you to go the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website and and file a complaint! Actually, SOL has also agreed to enter into binding arbitration for the resolution of complaints and if you have ANYTHING you can bring to arbitration with you, even a phone record showing that you tried calling them within the 3 day cancellation period, then you should be successful in arbitration and get your money back!

      Even if you don’t however, there is still a good chance that you may be able to obtain a refund. PLEASE! File a complaint with the BBB, the FTC, and your state’s attorney general’s office as well–for starters!

      Depending on what state you live in, you may just be able to obtain a refund for the asking by filing a complaint because SOL has resolved lawsuits with those states by agreeing to provide a full refund to ALL dissatisfied customers. Even if your state isn’t one of these, a lawsuit may be pending in your state that you may be able to add your claim to–and receive a refund when the case is settled!

  23. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Kari,

    If it was less than 3 days, you should be able to get your refund back. How are you going about it?

    • Jessica. A. Benefield--Smith says:

      If you used a credit/ debit card, you can cancel your card. If you gave a check/ checking account number, immediately go to your bank branch and close the account. Open another account and let all your personal creditors know, you are made this change. Inform your creditors, you will continue to pay your bills by mail for a while until the matter is resolved.

  24. Dea says:

    I am from Cornwall, ON. Canada, and have receieved an invite to the 1 hour session. I was thinking of going for the free meal and business planner. Just wondering if they serve you supper and give you the free gift, eventhough you don’t buy into their business. My thought is to get those scum bags to buy me supper and I would not be afraid to bring up these posts that I have read on this site. I wish you all good luck at getting your money back and putting these guys behind bars.

    • Joan says:

      My husband and I attended the 90 min. session, which included dinner (water, chicken croissant, potato salad and small piece of cake). It was good, but hardly a meal. We also received an MP3 player, which they promised.

      I am pleased to say, after reading all these postings, that we did not sign up for the longer session next week.

      Good luck to all you “burned” people!!

  25. Dan says:

    i have worked on our sit for 2 years it took a year to find a drop shipper that we could work with and the stores on line program it the took 3months to load the first 24 items following there instruction and getting a program to do it for us since the we have added 950 items and were told that our site looks very good but stores on line can tell us or guide us in a direct way to increase traffic to our site and have suggest to use to go international knowing there shipping calculator dose not work they say they have a proven system but talking with many of there services reps there there is not one that has had a successful site of there own it is oh the ship could not delivery or they do not have the time after working all day if this is such a Proven system and it is supposed to give you financial freedom why are there employees not successful oh yes we have put about5 hours a day in to this for 2 years and only can achieve a .01% sales rate on and average of 300 hits a month that comes out to one sale for every hundred visitors that is a far cry from there sales seminar of a min 100 per day with a 10-20 % conversion which would make any one a very happy business stay far away from them at stores on line
    thank you

  26. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Dan,

    a 1% conversion rate is around the industry average. Some sites manage 2-3%, some 0.5%.

    10-20% just isn’t possible.

    Your font is a bit small, but your other main problem is getting traffic.

    Setting up a store is just the start, getting traffic is the other crucial part. Unfortunately, traffic doesn’t come by itself, you have to go get it.

  27. sue says:

    Wow!! My husband and I attended a meeting to introduce us to the company. We got our free planner and had dinner. We also paid $25.00 for the workshop. We attended the workshop in the morning. I was under the impression we would be served breakfast, we were not, it was cold as hell in the room, and they were trying to give too much info too fast. Anyway, we heard what they had to say, watched a couple sitting beside us sign up, we had lunch, discussed it and decided to ask our son and son-in-law about it and what it should cost to set up a website, and left. Thank God….. One of the men giving the speeches even said that the company was only there to make money off of us suckers. How stupid can people be? We did figure we got four free meals and a planner for our $25.00, so we didn’t completely lose out.
    We feel we put one over on them…

  28. Dan says:

    again stores on line can never answer all comments and statements made and have tried with there customer support team to get traffic put every time we call there is no consistence and this is your font size can not be alter another complaint that was never address hope stores on lines kept bring up problems that they were never able to address and fix Know they are demanding i accept a buy out with out having time to consult my attorney

  29. Annie Kuzma says:

    Anyone in Ohio wanting to start a class action lawsuit against Storesonline or their evil step-chils PMI, contact me!

  30. Ray Meyers says:

    I just got back from this bogus seminar. Before I left, I asked the speaker guy a question. I asked him do you have a website. His answer was yes 2 but he couldn’t tell me because he works for the company and he was aloud to give that info to us. one minute later ,( after he thought of 2 ) he told me. He seemed like no one ever asked him that questions before. VERY INTERESTING!!!

  31. Jeffrey Kruger says:

    How do you start a class action lawsuit without having to pay more thousands of dollars,like stores online already ripped me off ???? with no customer support whatsoever,if you think I,m kidding try going to their MERCHANT SERVICES link,what a F——G joke,it is a good thing I don,t feel like going to jail for life for going postal,plus I dont have the gas money to drive to Utah to kick some A-S

  32. Gail says:

    Has anyone from USA or Canada had an experience with their collection department or agency?

  33. jack and tim says:

    has one in indiana filed a lawsuit yet if so contact us at [email protected] we will sign!!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      The state of Indiana already DID file a lawsuit against SOL! Here’s the summary, and who to contact to start your complaint!

      March 19, 2007
      On March 19, 2007 a Consent Judgement was entered into between the Indiana Office of the Attorney General and the defendants Imergent, Inc. and StoresOnline, Inc. (“Defendants”). The Consent Judgment does not constitute an admission by the Defendants of any wrongdoing, nor shall it be construed as an abandonment by the Attorney General of his position the Defendants violated the Indiana Business Opportunity Transaction Act and the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. The Defendants are permanently enjoined from making the following representations: (a) the investor may or will earn an amount in excess of the initial payment as a result of the investment; (b) a market exists for any goods to be made or services to be rendered by the investor; (c) the seller may buy from the investor any goods to be made or services to be rendered by the investor; (d) the seller or a person referred by the seller to the investor may or will sell, lease, or distribute the goods made or services rendered by the investor; or (e) the seller may or will pay to the investor the difference between the initial payment and the investor’s earning from the investment. The Defendants shall pay: $19,261.48 for distribution to certain investors; $2,708.00 for the Attorney General’s costs of investigating and prosecuting the action; and $9,841.64 to the Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Fund for a total monetary judgment in the amount of $31,811.12. The Defendants also agreed to cooperate with the Office of the Attorney General in the resolution of any future written complaints the Consumer Protection Division receives

      • Jenny says:

        Oh, and don’t worry, if the Consumer Protection Division can’t obtain satisfactory resolution, you can always petition the Attorney General’s office to file another suit!

  34. Carol says:

    I am a Canadian who has designed a site using storesonline. It has taken me 2 years of marketing, research to become computer savy, finding the product of my choice, a distributor and drop shipping in place. I had a terrible time trying to get help with the formulas needed to calculate tax for Canada because I have taxable and nontaxable items and shipping charges. CANADIANS beware, because in cases like mine, shipping charges are broken down, PRO-RATE and serious formula needed from storesonline that they want to charge $50 an hour to come up with for you. I fought long and hard, drove myself crazy fighting with them but finally got the help I needed, at $0. USA does tax differently. If you are selling taxable and nontaxable items, contact me for more details, I’ll gladly provide. ANOTHER PROBLEM though is payment methods, payment processors! Pay Pal and all the ones listed in storesonline, all deal with USA and processing CANADIAN payments is a real problem. I am currently fighting with them about not being able to provide choices of telephone, fax or email orders with credit card payment (virtual terminal needed) and not available for CANADIANS, using the choices provided by storesonline. That is soon to be fixed, I hope because I’m still working with them on that issue. Contact me and I will explain. I am ready to get my site live, refuse to give up after all I have went through and will keep after them until it does happen for me! Fingers are crossed. I think I am the only Canadian to ever get this far and hopefully, think I am the only Canadian to ever publish a site with storesonline. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE CANADIAN AND HAVE A STORESONLINE SITE PUBLISHED AND DOING OKAY.

    • Bea says:

      IWe bought 6 sites in Dec 2005 and haven’t gotten any going yet. Mostly the problem was discouragement over poor customer service to Canadian customers and also, paying another $500 plus expenses to attend their eBay special seminar, which was absolutely underwhelming. The presenters simply didn’t know anything worth going for, and hadn’t brought the packages they were supposed to have. Lots of ‘good intentions; but lots more problems getting what was promised..
      We are going to ‘restart’, having had some help/encouragement today from one of their people who was at the 90-minute lunch presentation.
      Please do contact us – we would like to at least visit your site(s) and perhaps you would share some of your hard-earned knowledge with us…?

      Thanks for posting – it helps to read about the “get it done” stories!


    • Shaena says:

      I would love to have your info about paypal and canadian issues, I am building my store right now, and had no idea there was a problem, I thought paypal just sortof did it all for you nomatter what currency you used….

    • Marie-Anne says:

      Heh Carol:
      I’m a Canadian that have published my site, took me a year and yes had a hard time with processors, shipping, etc and decided to only sell to US customers then after all of that I got ripped off .. credit card scam so then I put everything on hold but after reading your comments, I would like to hear more about your issues.

  35. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Gail,

    I’m posting on behalf of Joseph.

    Yes joseph here after I stopped payments by cancelling my debit card I heard little or nothing from them after 2-3 years had gone by I was contacted Palomar saying they had bought my contract from SOL and expected payment. Sent them an e-mail and told them if they were willing to pursue that I would sue SOL and PMI for Fraud and Breech of Contract have heard nothing since also informed them they might want to investigate their clients history.

  36. Jeffrey Kruger says:

    I am curious as to if a class action lawsuit has to be filed state by state , or; can we as a nation can take them for all the money they have of ours? We are the UNITED STATES with justice for ALL right?Lets take these c–ks–kers down for [email protected]!!!!!!!!! [email protected] windstream .net

  37. john deer says:

    Under NO circumstances deal with these RAT BASTTRDS

  38. Jonii Hagene says:

    I bought into this thinking it was all very self explanatory even for people who have no web experience, which I do, per their customer videos at seminar. I have had problems from the beginning with not receiving a video by mail as promised from their “boot camp”, so therefore have made 3 more payments and can’t use the service at all. This is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made and a very costly one. Don’t get taken by them!

  39. Jeffrey Kruger says:

    Does any body scammed by sol or the tax club have a lawyer in your family?help put these motherf—-rs behind bars and get our money back.PLEASE, PLEASE… [email protected]

    • S.A.McNames says:

      Jeffery, these guys are just awful. I went to one of these meetings around Madison, Wisc. last February, 2008 and bought one web-site for $2,700.00. They are a tolal fraud and I am presently seeking my money thru Utah BBB. Their address is and phone # is 801-892-6009 dealing with the dispute counselor and their fee is $ 75.00. Good luck to you. I am so sorry that you have been taken for such a large sum of money. These guys should be shut done permanently.

  40. Rae says:

    I am a web developer who specializes in e-commerce websites and to my horror I recently discovered a friend had been suckered into Stores Online two years ago. She was destitute, on welfare for 8 years, has nothing, and was completely suckered in by these mofo’s preying on her desperation. She most certainly could not afford $300/month, even IF she could get the thing up and running, but she was never able to find drop-shippers like so many have mentioned, and had a difficult time just putting the site together, and she’s quite computer savvy. They put her account in collections within 3 months of not paying and have made her life even more of a hell ever since. It is pitiful to me that these people bait and prey on on people’s desperation and sucker them into signing a contract for over $6000.

  41. Rae says:

    Forgot to add that their service from the web developer’s perspective is a complete racket!! You can get an e-commerce site through reputable web hosts like GoDaddy for as little as $25/month or even free through many using Miva Merchant or OS Commerce that is installable in a few easy steps through your hosting company.

  42. Kari says:

    I think we should do like Austrilia and make one huge class action lawsuit for the US of A!!!!!!!!

  43. jvs says:

    I just attended a SOL (storesonline) 90 minute “free informational” (ie., BS) seminar yesterday (May 8, 2008), which was misleadingly advertised as an “internet marketing seminar”. Of course, when I RSVPed the invitation, the operator refused to provide me with the name of the company, or I’d have investigated them first–and stayed home!

    The presenters basically told us that for only $50 we could all walk out the door and start up our very own e-commerce website, which SOL would also host for only $24.95/month!

    Might have sounded tempting, except I already have a flat website–that I designed myself for free, and have hosted by “godaddy” for under $5/month–1/5th SOL’s price of $24.95/month. And I’m smart enough to know that a professional e-commerce website costs a whole lot more!

    And for all those who signed up and paid their $50, the SOL salespeople also promised a second “free” full day seminar where supposedly all attendees would receive free training on how to design and market their brand new $50 e-commerce website! Yeah right! The real purpose of that 2nd seminar isn’t for training, but rather so they will have an entire day to work on pressuring participants into conning them out of $6,000 or more for their BS programs, not the $50 they misled people into believing was all it would cost!

    What I consider especially underhanded and horrific was the way the presenter went on at great length, to convince the participants that $50 was ALL the design and set-up would cost–repeatedly comparing SOL with cable and cell phone companies that, for example, will give away cell phones and waive set-up fees because they actually make their money on the monthly operating charges–and claimed the SOL operated the same exact way! That guy flat-out stated that they were basically giving away the website–because the company really made its profit off that $24.95 monthly fee, and then he placed his hands on his chest to ever so humbly plead his case, practically whimpering as he said, “After all, as long as you’re making money, do you mind if we make a little too?”

    And that’s pretty much verbatim! What I want to know is–how does that guy sleep at night? How?

    I knew the guy was pulling a scam–I just couldn’t put my finger on it until after I went home and looked it up–or I’d have warned everyone there! As it was, I did warn my fellow participants in the immediate area that there was something very wrong and they didn’t sign up either. I feel so sorry now for all those who did! Especially when they attend that 2nd seminar and get strongarmed with the old “bait and switch” routine!

    All of the above contents of this post is my personal opinion, of course!

    • Rita says:

      We only paid the $25, me and my coworker, she paid in cash, I paid by visa. I went yesterday and on account of reading thousands of these comments & reading 20 other websites with similar styles of opinions, I am canceling tomorrow.

      You’re right – the sales person was very honest about the $24.95 / month and I shook my head. My only concern is after I cancel – will they keep trying to use my credit card? If so, TD Visa is very fussy and will cause hell to come down on them. :)

      Being a Canadian made me realize that I’ll have more than just tax issues. I’ve spoken 3 times today with their ONLINE Reps & their grammar irks me out. Their English is horrendous and I am not being rude – I don’t have perfect grammar as English is not my first language.

      But as professionals – you’d think their communication level would be a bit higher up there?

  44. Computerman says:

    As all the other post states Storesonline is scam company, who tricked people in attending a seminar with free food. The first seminar is to lured you in and separate the weak from the strong. ( as I was one of the weak).
    I fall for all the nice talk on how you could make a lot money selling on the internet, after all it is not as easy as they make it sound.
    I attented the first seminar in Jacksonville, Florida back in february, at that first seminar I pay $50, then we were ask to attend another all day free work shop on how to biuld your web site but that was’nt the case it was more of a retail store.I took the finance offer to purchase one storefront, that is the biggest mistake i had ever made. Then we had to attend another workshop again it was a retail shop, and at every work shop there was a different team of people, you never see the same faces.
    A few days after the seminar some guy called me from PMI on behalf of SOL, requesting more money for some kind coaching when that was to provided by SOl. Then I got another called from Tax guy who is also asking for money so that he can structure my tax papers in the right way so that I would not be double taxed.
    Now there is a outsource company that is doing all the collection of money from who did the finance option the name of that company is UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT SERVICING, LLC they located in ST. Joseph, MO 64502 where that is I dont know.
    At that point I wake up out of my dreams. People beaware of StoresOnline. What I would like to know how is all these so called internet company are all located in UTAH.
    Another thing that strike me is how come there is no african american on their team.

    If there is anyone else besides me in Florida who did attend that fake seminar, we should come together and filed a law suit against StoresOnline. By the way I’ve heard that Florida, N. Carolina, Californa have all taken them to court.

    Please lets come together we are entitled to a full refund of all money paid to StoresOnline.

    pls email [email protected]

  45. Computerman says:

    Hey Martin when you told the collection agency that you would sue SOL & PMI did they report to the credit bureau.

  46. Computerman says:

    I am trying to find other people who got scammed in Jacksonville, Florida, but so far no one has come forward.
    I am just hopig that who got scam in Jacksonville, Florida please contact me at [email protected]

  47. Minniemom says:

    Can anyone tell me if “my e biz” is affiliated with SOL. My husband and I just got involved with them and PMI and are in for over $10K. I just got a call from The Tax Club trying to pressure us into using them. After speaking with my own accountant, there is no way I will be using the Tax Club. I with I had done more research here prior to handing out $$ that we don’t have.

  48. Mike S says:

    Hello, We called our credit card and they said to return the packets to sol, fill out the sent paperwork (from credit card), and send other important papers(timeline , chats, responces,), and they will get our money back. because we are still within our 60 days. There support is a joke,the material does not match their site, and they wouldn’t let me talk to a superior! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

  49. Marvin says:

    My girlfriend and I just attended the “free” 90 minute seminar last night in Edmonton, Ab. Canada. I hate to say I got temporarily “sucked-in”, but these guys are good! I am glad we only paid the $50.00 sign-up fee. After researching, I will not be attending the six-hour training session in two weeks, and I will be asking for a refund of my $50.00, but the supper was not bad and we each got a free MP-3 player. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

  50. Attended their informative 1-day seminar for $50 in Ohio in January. I declined the opportunity; they offered to cut price. I wouldn’t buy, but I did try their DIY setup. Impossible! I canceled the monthly $19.95 support fee promptly. They processed it anyway, as I’m sure they do with everybody. Three bogus charges so far. A “Jill” called & promised credit & to prevent reoccurrences. These thieving bastards are still charging my VISA, which I’ll kill if that’s what it takes. I wish any class action plaintiffs the best of luck. The problem is that they’ve already been robbed.

  51. Computerman says:

    Hello everyone I was trying to get these scum bags to cancel my contract but they refuse to do so. It seems like I have no choice to stop making the monthly payments and a negative score on my credit report. I ask to talk to some one a higher position and I was told Holly that there is no one else higher to talk to, She said that this was the highest I can go. Ask about the president she said i cannot peak to him. So guess I stuck. Ifound another number dont know if it really make sense to call 877-492-6490.

    Sean Guy Director of customer support 801-227-0004
    [email protected]

    Somebody suggest file a compliant with the FBI internet Fraud department.

  52. Shelby says:

    I attended the all day seminar today in Prince George BC Canada and was almost pulled in, but thank god this site saved me. I was at the seminar all day and nearing the end of the day, I had my one on one consultation. At that point I was very excited and really wanted to do this and was going to do their financing option. All I had left to do was give them a cheque for $255.00 and I would receive the $6000.00 package and only had to make payments of $243.00 for the next 3 years. I was about to make some $$$ and “all my dreams come true!!” Except I forgot my checkbook at home. They said they would wait for me to go home, get my checkbook and come back. When I got home I grabbed my checkbook and ran out the door. When I got back to my car I decided to read over the 8 pages of notes I took while the seminar was on…..meanwhile still getting excited about the $$$$ coming my way. Then I thought, there are so many people out there trying to make a buck, I should really look this company up on google before signing up and making payments for the next 3 years. And that is when I found this website. Thanks for saving me alot of time and $$$$, which is exactly what they promised they would give me. I never went back! Good luck to all of you out there that have had problems with them. While we were on breaks I was talking to some people at the seminar and I couldn’t beleive all the people that had already paid there $6000.00. Especially alot of seniors and people who are already working more than one job to make a living. What a scam!!

  53. Yvonne says:

    Thanks to your site, it has prevented my partner and myself attending what we thought might be a scam and now we know it is. Incidentally we are in England in the Midlands area so it looks as though they are spreading their wings. We have enough of these “traders” already. Many thanks to all and good luck with your claims..

  54. B Zamofing says:

    Looks like these people are now racketing Australia.
    My wife just received an invitation….same jazz as in USA and CANADA,free meals,organizers…
    Thanks for the warnings,I will pass it on.
    Bernard .19-05-08.

  55. P Sharvell says:

    I too, just received an invitation in Brisbane, Australia. Wanting to get off the mailing list, checked out the site to unsubscribe ….. and found this. Thanks so much, it will now go where it belongs…rubbish bin.

  56. Computerman says:

    The purpose of this wiki is to allow reporters, law enforcement agencies, investors and customers and prospective customers to learn about the history of iMergent aka StoresOnline, aka Galaxy Malls. This is a company with many, many unhappy customers, and is the subject of legal actions in at least six states.

    The StoresOnline Website is full of testimonials that make it appear easy for anyone to make money on the internet. But the fine print says “Testimonial results are not typical and your individual results will vary”. The links below reflect what typical results really are. Testimonials are broken up in the following:

    Not Satisfied: 600
    Neutral: 89
    Satisfied: 95
    Leave Your Testimonial

    Getting A Refund
    If you’re having second thoughts about having just signed up for a very expensive internet storefront, you may be entitled to a refund, and you most certainly are if it’s been less than 3 days since you signed a contract or gave them money. Click on the appropriate link below to get more information.

    If you signed up in the last 3 days
    It’s been more than 3 days, but you still want your money back
    Additionally, there are a variety of actions against the company, some of these have provisions for getting a refund even long after the 3 days.

    Current Customers
    Based on their annual report, I estimate that StoresOnline has sold about 200,000 website licenses in the past 2 years at their seminars. However, there appears to be only about 20,000 StoresOnline-powered websites now, and about 1/3 of those don’t work.

    Legal Issues
    StoresOnline does its business by offering high-pressure seminars with well-presented stories about how easy it is to make money on the internet. Their sales people then convince people to spend thousands of dollars on their software package. Many states would describe this activity as a Business Opportunity, which has different disclosure requirements than simple software sales.

    North Carolina, Florida, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, California and others have lawsuits against iMergent right now. North Carolina residents can get their money back by requesting it through the AG’s office. The company has been forced to refund money in several places, even after the 3-day “cooling off” period.

    State Listings (Stories and Attorney General)
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

    • Scammed in South Carolina says:

      Does anyone know if there has been any legal action taken against Stores Online and Universal Account Servicing in South Carolina? I bought my sites from them in May of 2007 (in North Carolina) but I don’t know it I can get my money back since I am not a resident of North Carolina. Anyone have advice?

      • Jenny says:

        If you bought your sites from them in North Carolina, I think you might be able to get your money back!

        The North Carolina’s state’s Attorney General’s office filed a suit against SOL, and in the agreement, called for refunds to be given to all North Carolina CUSTOMERS, not RESIDENTS!

        I urge you to contact them. Here’s a summary of the legal settlement:

        August 6, 2008
        On August 6, 2008 the North Carolina Attorney General’s office announced a consent judgment with iMergent and StoresOnline, Inc. According to the terms of the judgment the companies have agreed to: change the way they represent their services to potential customers, make it clear when individuals who offer testimonials about their services have been paid to do so, and inform consumers of their right to cancel the service. iMergent and StoresOnline will pay refunds to all qualifying North Carolina consumers. In order to qualify for a refund, consumers must have purchased the company’s services before August 7, 2008. Under the agreement, iMergent and StoresOnline will be required to fully inform consumers about the requirements to use their products and services such as: owning a computer, having an Internet connection, having access to a product to sell, having access to an email account, and having moderate technical computer skills. The companies will also be required to notify consumers in writing about their refund policy and consumers’ three-day right to cancel, which is extended to 15 days for consumers over the age of 65. The consent judgment has been submitted for approval to the Business Court Judge.

    • jeff wilson says:

      please send me the info about cancelling within my 3 day period,i have one more day left and i would love to know what i need to do hit me at [email protected],thanks!

    • chris falgout says:

      Hi i live in alaska one month ago me and my wife made a very poor and stupid choice to buy into there scam after being sucked into the hype and false promise of geting a web site up and runing in seven days and that there staff and support would help and assure that we would be able to find a dropshipper and product well thats all bull shit ive read all the info supplied watched all the dvd training folks this shit does not work like they told us in the work shop and if investing $4,000 out of pocket was not enough when i did get some help from them on the phone to get the ball rolling they transferd me to another person from pmi trying to get me to buy there shit and even told me that i should get a loan throug them for $60,000 to 70,000 to help and ensure my biz what the hell my hole fucking reason for my investment and a bad one at that was to free up time for my familey and to work for my self and not have that 9to5 job be able to pay my bills on time and not have to live pay check to pay check what did i spend that kind of money for just to turn around and have some one tell me i cant go any farther with my biz until i spend more money on there crap im pissed they need to go down hard they made it to alaska who knows where they’ll scam next i want my money back lets take them out

  57. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Computerman,

    Thanks for the update. Very informative.

  58. Annie Kuzma says:

    Thanks for the info Computerman, keep it coming!

  59. Computerman says:

    Hey Martin when you told PMI that you would sue them did they make a report on your credit report?. If there is anyone in florida who needs help please contact this person she maybe able to help [email protected].

    We’ve got to come together and shut these mother f……….s down I am really pissed.

  60. Computerman says:

    Florida Sues Two Website Marketers
    ‘Business opportunities’ deceptive, suit charges

    January 22, 2008
    Stores Online
    • Florida Sues Stores Online
    • Consumer Complaints

    • More Scam Alerts …

    Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has filed a lawsuit against two Utah companies for allegedly using deceptive practices to get consumers to buy expensive website-creation products and services.

    Imergent, Inc., and StoresOnline, Inc., run seminars in Florida and other states at which they tell consumers they can make a fortune doing business on the internet with the companies’ software and related services.

    According to the lawsuit, the companies mislead consumers into thinking their products are easy to use and that they will provide technical support and business partners.

    “Many Florida consumers have been victimized by these types of get-rich-quick schemes and this type of behavior will not be permitted to continue,” McCollum said.

    Imergent and StoresOnline lure consumers to seminars at local hotels and other venues with offers of “free training,” free meals and free gifts, the complaint alleges. Teams from the companies were in Central Florida late last year and are expected to be in North Florida in the near future.

    More than 80 Florida consumers have complained to the Attorney General about the companies, which frequently make sales presentations in Florida. The complaints state that after paying thousands of dollars, consumers found the software and services were impossible to use and they couldn’t get the technical assistance that was promised.

    Instead of providing help, Imergent and StoresOnline referred buyers to other companies with which they have contracts and, according to the lawsuit, these companies wanted consumers to pay thousands more. The lawsuit further alleges the companies failed to deliver on helping consumers find business partners whose products could also be sold.

    The companies also have lawsuits pending against them by Attorneys General in North Carolina, Illinois and California. Other complaints have led to consumer protection agreements in Indiana, Louisiana, Texas and Utah, as well as Australia.

    McCollum’s lawsuit is seeking compensation for buyers and penalties under the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The lawsuit also calls for changes in the companies’ practices including full disclosure of the limited scope of technical assistance.

  61. Helen from Oz says:

    storesonline are back in Australia, even though the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) took out injunctions against them in 2006 and are currently investigating them again. They are still making the same claims for which they were investigated. I have also reported them to our current affairs shows. Perhaps you could do the same in Canada and the U.S? I noted at the seminar yesterday the majority of attendendees were elderly. I suppose the elderly are less likely to be internet savvy and therefore easier to scam. When I got home, I googled storesonline, the first site to come up was the ACCC, documenting their dealings with this company. Followed by all these wonderful forums. At least your complaints are saving some from supporting these scam artists. By the way, we got stung for $50 for our free lunch of sub rolls and cake, and no refreshments at the workshop! At least you guys got a good feed!

  62. Gladioli from Oz says:

    I registered for this seminar out of curiousity as a girlfriend of mine got sucked into the scam. I have an IT background. A friend was good enough to come with me just in case I was not able deflect the sales pitch on my own. I jokingly said to my friend, “Gee, there are a lot of geriatrics here” and immediately I questioned the ethics of it all. I was able to pick up the loopholes from their presentation on its shopping cart. As I had already suspected, even before reading this blog, the $50 outlay is just the beginning of digging deeper into one’s pockets. We were told lunch would be served after people have signed up. We did NOT stay. If the free lunch was subs and cake as per Helen’s blog, I didn’t miss out on much, although I must admit I was hungry and cold when the presentation concluded at 1.30pm. Instead, I bought takeaway on the way back – a lovely Indonesian meal. To Martin and the rest of you who have contributed to this blog – great job, guys. Keep it up!

    • Melissa says:

      No you really didn’t miss much. My lunch at, likely the most expensive large hotel in my town was a turkey or chicken sandwich on a croissant with lettuce. Served with a side of pasta marinated in a rather strong pesto. Mayonaise on the side was served community style in a gravy boat and it had also been sitting a while as the mayo was already beginning to crust on the top. Dessert was very strange looking cookies on the side.

      I did buy the SOLexpress 25.00 package. My boyfriend is a developer always looking to improve, and we don’t know much about drop shipping. He did just create his very first payment gateway, e-commerce here we come!

      Regarding SOL I haven’t signed in, I hope they don’t bill me monthly, and I really hope the boyfriend doesn’t wanna get up for this 8:30 am workshop this thursday.

      During the first seminar I sorda figured it out. Bare with me here. I attended a very similar seminar that happened to be a hypnosis seminar to help me quit smoking. And aside from the topic, the ONLY difference was that my eyes were open. SOL and SOL presenters/hosts need to keep you there and listening to their suggestions to increase your odds of signing up. The other thing I wondered listening to the seminar, even after learning the initial cost is that well, this really isn’t much money, so why do we need to hear all this other crap? My time is more valuable than that.

  63. Walter Misialek says:

    I would like to hear from anyone in Massachusetts who has been scamed by storesonline. I purchased 3 sites last year in Springfield, MA. I would like to get a class action suit going against these crooks. I am a senior person who feels he was totally taken advantage of for $6000.00

    • Nancy says:

      Walter, I also live in Massachusetts and have been scamed by storesonline. I purchased my 3 sites in 2003 and never had any luck getting them activated. I am interested in a class action suit. Please let me know if you’re still interested.

      • Bryan says:

        took three seconds to get it activated… Just dont buy their optimization package… its not a scam, its just a platform for a business… It appears a lot of people on there dont like it because they are either lazy or computer illiterate with no business sense(not directed at you Nancy, its just what I have seen from previous posts)

        • James says:

          I just resently attended one of the conferences and signed up to attend the training, did you do any research before hand or were able to activate on your own. What type of luck have you had with your site?

  64. Kathleen says:

    They are now operating downunder in Australia.
    I went to a luncheon to hear all about how to make money while you sleep. If is sounds too good to be true then it is likely to be a scam,
    I did not pay the $50 to join up ON THE DAY , otherwise it is $199, unlike about one hundred others that did, then they fork out more when they go for the workshop. What a scam…..
    Hope other may read this and be smart not to join.

  65. Computerman says:

    Clara, your story is not suprising
    I worked for PMI for nearly a year back in 1998. I have worked for 4 or 5 other similar companies, and have seen it all. There is a slick 2 part sales presentation where the first guy conducts an initial interview, seeing what you want to accomplish with your business. (They are really just trying to find out how much they can sell you, and what you need to hear to be sold)

    Next, ‘if you qualify’ which everyone with money available on thier credit cards qualify… they will refer you to their senior director, which they make sound like you are being called by a very successful business person with years of experience, and so on… in fact it is probably a guy in shorts and sandles, working in thier boiler room. This guy will follow a closing script built to make you believe you need help building your business, and they have just what you need.

    Invest into this scam, and you will be drug along long enough to let your time to make proper refund requests go by, and then you are stuck with nothing for a ton of cash.

    The fact is they will refund your money if you push the right buttons. The first thing you need to do, is contact 2 government agencies. The Utah attorney generals office, and the Utah Consumer affairs division.

    Many try the BBB, and these guys could care less. They figure, let the BBB reports go, and you lose a few sales of those smart enough to check it, and even a few of those are still sold after a slick sales guy explains away your complaints, as those who did not really try to make it work.

    There is a solution to your problem, and I can help you get what you desrve, which is your money back. I am not selling anything, and am not looking to get you to pay me more money to help you. but I know what to do, and how to do it fast. I know this site does not allow me to send you contact info so try sending email to tj89123 at hotmail dot com and I will help you get the money you lost.

    Certainly file a report with the BBB, but remember they do not care about these negative reports. Just know you are simply adding to the credibility of the other complaints, and you make help detur one person from sending them money.

    Hang in there, and good luck in your search for a resloution.

    • Gina says:

      Please help me understand what to do to get my money back….cuase I’m pretty lost and desperate, I wrote to Laura from Texas so we can do something about it here in Texas….(you can see my message here in the posts)….and I haven’t receive any reply from her….actually if you check this message you will see that someone by the name of Nancy replied to my message, saying that she’s from Harlingen Texas(very near from where I live) and that she can help me build my website……..But as almost everybody here….I feel Angry!! without any more TRUST!! this kind of people took it away..(you see I spent $6000 dlls I was fooled by this vampires…this was back on 2/8/08)… I’m afraid of almost any business system that promise us the “world”…. you name it by Phone, Mail, INTERNET!! so there has to be something to do about it!! we can’t continue having this kind of trashy dishonest untruthful system poking our eyes and kicking our savings/credit with laughter right in our faces…. leaving us with NOTHING AT ALL!! please I need help, advice on what to do………….my idea is to form groups in each state and sue them!!! we have to do something about this…..

    • Lizzieputs says:

      Hi computerman, my friend and I unfortunately bought the £3,400 package, one each. We have found it impossible to even start as we only have basic computer knowledge so don’t understand how to even get started. We did clarify that someone with our knowledge could do it and they said yes. They also told everyone at the seminar that you only needed basic computer knowledge, sadly they lied. That was without the other misleading information they gave. We bought it in June 2008 and the research I’m doing at present all comes up with the same problem and that is I live in Portsmouth in United Kingdom and it would appear that even if the court this end rules I have a case they cannot inforce it. I was very interested to read the contacts you mentioned in Utah, I wondered if I worked on both ends ie Portsmouth and Utah I may get a result. If you have any advice, knowledge, help, contacts or anything that would help I would REALLY appreciate it as like a lot of people I’m living from hand to mouth and in a desperate state financially at present. Also if there is anyone else out there that lives in UK that feels like they have been made a fool of and taken for a ride with Storesonline please get in touch as only if we consolidate can we hope to have any affect on them. Hope you or anyone else out there is able to help. It’s a tragidy for me that I didn’t know this website existed before I paid out all that money!! regards to everyone that reads this from Lizzieputs

  66. Computerman says:

    Dont know if the last post That i made is legit or another scam, but i did sent off an email to see what will happen.

  67. Martin Lee says:

    What computerman meant was that the comment he posted on May 23rd, 2008 at 5:10 pm was a message he took from somewhere else.

    He has sent an email to the email indicated to see what happens.

  68. MEC says:

    I am in Texas and was sent 2 complimentary invitations to this same seminar in early June. I happen to start researching this company and came across this site. I am so glad that I read this because now there is no way I am going to their seminar.

  69. Lori says:

    I went to the Seminar in Springfield, IL a couple months ago and we had the worst time getting on to the site to start launching. My CC was getting rejected so they said that they will do it for me if I would e-mail them my cc info. I decided it sounded to fishy, now I am getting charges on my account. They said they can not refund my card, however; I can cancel with them by e-mailing at [email protected]. I sent to that e-mail address and it came back with a deliver failure. Does anyone happen to know the correct e-mail address?

  70. Folks, if they are still charging your credit card for the hosting fee, send the credit card company the records of your attempts to cancel the arrangements, and institute a chargeback. That will reverse the transaction and charge them a fee for doing it.

    But you will have to have your websites off their servers first, otherwise they are charging a legitimate hosting fee. That’s probably best arranged by arranging for a new web hosting service and getting them to transfer your domains.

    If the charges are for a loan you have taken out, that’s another matter.

  71. sathish says:

    I attended the stores online conference .in sydney .They are targetting innocent people without any computer knowlegde,Beware of them and stay away from these jokers

  72. Alex Portnoy-+61409714742 says:

    In Sydney, Australia, definately go to the “Free Lunch” seminar at FIVE DOCK (Sydney, NSW, Australia).

    They served the most tender roast lamb & vegetables; or a fish dish…

    Very nice & FREE!

    Just don’t buy anything from them.

  73. Alex Portnoy-+61409714742 says:

    Always tell them “I am a professional Pornographer and want to sell Adult Porn on the Internet, and was thinking of selling cocaine on the site as a side business”.

    The Terms & Conditions of their $24.95 Per-Month-Hosting offer SPECIFICALLY STATES “We cannot host Adult content or anything illegal on our sites”.

    • Crossfire Girl says:

      Alex, OMG, I love your comment, lol.
      I went to their 90 min presentation in Raleigh NC 3/27/2009 and right off the bat it was clear to me they were a scam. It was sad to see many people running to pay their $38 for nothing when times are hard.

  74. Computerman says:

    This is a conversation i had with customer service Monday 2nd
    Started: Mon 02/Jun/2008 03:10 P.M.
    Ended: Mon 02/Jun/2008 03:31 P.M.

    Thank you for contacting StoresOnline chat support. This is Chris, how are you doing today?
    i am doing fine
    how about you
    hello Robert
    I am doing fine
    Thank you
    Good to have you on chat!
    How may I help you today ?
    i am looking to sell adult movies and toys on my site is that ok for me to do.
    you can do that
    But you are not suppose to add images which is prohibitted
    Otherwise there is no problem with the Adult movies marketing
    so how will i sell my products with out putting images
    you need to add images
    but while adding credit card processors they will review your web site
    and what will happen then
    they will advice to make changes before they attach merchant account to yuor web site
    what changes
    like image ( if you add Nude images) , other prohibitted quotes etc
    yes i have to add nude images to market my products
    so you are actually telling me i cannot do that
    yes , you are not suppose to add those images
    I am a professional Pornographer and want to sell Adult Porn on the Internet
    becasue most of the time Merxchant account compny willl not agree to add their processor at that time
    then i cannot do business with storesonline and will have to find some else to business with
    Robert, you may talk to our superviso about this
    can you advise me on what course of action to take
    Shall I give contact # please ?
    Please call (801) 434-8582 during business hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
    whats da name of the supervisor
    it will connect to Phone support group
    you will get support person and you may ask for supervisor at that time
    they will guide you further
    do notr worrry abotu that
    ok will call now.
    Okay fine
    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    yeh one other thing can i sell cocaine too.
    why not.
    I am sorry to say that – you need to get permission from State goverment for that
    we are not the authority to take desciopn on this topic
    robert, Is there anything else I can help you with?
    -robert dey has left the chat.

  75. Rae says:

    OMG! You are hilarious. Thanks for making me smile on an otherwise serious Monday! Hey, can I order some coke? Oh yeah, you don’t have an online store for that yet. Darn!

    • Laurie says:

      OMG this is to funny. I wish I had seen this before I went to that seminar because I would so have used it. They will be back and trust me, next time I will ask that slick ass these questions. Thank you for the smile, both you guys are nuts.

  76. Jeffrey says:

    Reality check!!! Being a entrepeneur is about having a “unique business”. How much success are you gonna have anyway if this company gives thousands of identical websites to it’s customers. It’s clearly a scam. Besides, why would I trust another site that claims you can purchase from Ebay, Amazon, ect? Me, the customer, would go to the OFFICAL site and not some suspicious looking web page ranked 1003 on the yahoo or google search bar!!!!

  77. Computerman says:

    Hey I’ve got a suggestion, why not we all send american greed an email to check out StoresOnline. I think we send them lots of email it may catch their attention, if any one is sending email to them here is the address [email protected]

  78. Warren says:

    Hi, I’m not to savvy with the internet and kno zero about setting up a website.

    I have a/ product & b/ An information/help system to sell. I have been stuffing around for years.

    All I have spoken to quote $thousands to set up a decent website.

    One set up by a friend for me, on my testing in a search using all the relivant words finally found my site around page 18; far too far back for potential customers to search. As a result I got no hits even.

    I can’t afford $ much.

    Went to meeting with wife & enjoyed it plus meal was very nice. Also got free organiser each.

    I signed on & paid $50 for two months.

    As overseas at time of their WORKSHOP I cannot attend. (I intended to go to later WORKSHOP).

    $24.95 per month is not a great amount especially if it works for me. If my products are not wanted, O.K. I can pull out.

    BUT some things worry me. How can everyone be put at top of the list or even on the first page?

    Has my $50 just got me into the ‘bus terminal’ & to get the ride I will have to fork out more?

    Ihave been bouncing this around in my mind :- $25 per month x 40,000 clients equals a pretty tidy amount. Is this their stratigy? OR is it a ‘come-on’ business that wants the max from all? Or What?

  79. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Warren,

    Paying $24.95/month or whatever other amount will not get your site to the top of the search engines.

    It takes a fair bit of work and search engine optimization to do so.

    If you have a decent site with a good salesletter that can convert visitors to buyers, the fastest way for you to start is to advertise your site using google adwords. You can budget some money to test it out.

    And if that works, ramp things up by starting an affiliate program.

    Good luck.

  80. Martin Lee says:

    Oh, and if you are selling just one or a few products, you do not really need any shopping cart system.

  81. Kari says:

    Dear Warren,
    I went to a workshop and the way you get your website to the top of search engine is to desribe you website with as many words possible that describe your website. So say I’m selling dog stuff. When I go to set up my website, when describing it, I would put words like: Doggy beds, doggy blankets, dog treats, dog toys, dog crates, doggy playpens, puppy mats, puppy treats, ect., ect., ect.

    This is exactly what they told us in the workshop. My dad has a website and I told him about it and so he tried it and he actually made it to the first page of searching. He is with and only paying $5.95 a month and didn’t have to buy any websites to set his up. All he pays is $5.95.
    Unlike my husband and I who ended up paying over $7500 for 6 websites and if we were to ever activate any of the sites we would have to pay $24.95 a month to have the site active. That’s for each site active too. So if I have 3 sites active I’m paying $74.85 a month.
    I think I would rather get rid of my sites through storesonline and go through for $5.95 a month. It sure is a hell of alot cheaper, and I know the tricks of the trade now.

  82. Alex says:

    Just like to say that I attended a 90min presentation here in England, UK and from the word ‘go’ had a ad feeling about all this starting from the sales pitch and ending with the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ testimonials and the today-only offer that started at £199 and dropped to the affordable £25. It’s as if they sat down a dn figured out the most monmey they coulkd get out of the most attendees! The whole thing screamed ‘scam’ to me but they have done a good job and got tme to spend £25 cash which I thought wasn’t a total loss as it secured an entire-day workshop at a hotel with a free hot lunch so I eppected to get something for my money at that workshop.

    This was yesterday. Knowing I only got 3 days to cancel and being suspicious, I decided to check on the web for any reviews and stumbled onto this site. My fears were confirmed and I’m glad I’ve not had the chance to spend thousands yet and still can claim the opriginal £25 back even!

    Guys, would appreciate any feedback from the UK. There is a workshop for thew whole day on 17th June at the Hilton in Coventry and anyone who went please drop a line here or email me: oleg_star1 at hotmail dot com.

    I’m sorry to hear about some others who have gone to spend thousands on this but we live and learn and thanks to trhe people running sites like this one and all the other people posting comments.

    Together we will beat the scammers!

  83. Alex says:

    Just wanted to say, thanks guys for your comments, I just e-mailed a cancellation request to the company to the e-mail they stated on their cancellation slip and requested a cheque fro £25 to be sent to my address. I’m glad I had enough sense to pay cash as who knows … Someone suggested they are getting a lot more spam after giving their email address to Stores Online as maybe they sell those. Well, credit card numbers are valuable too … (well thats just a speculation, but I wouldn’t put it past them after everything else I’ve read here) :(

  84. Blessed in Miami says:

    I have an interesting story: My friend and I attended the 90 minute presentation and were invited to attend the full-day seminar as we purchased the $50 webpage.
    Oddly enough, we were raring to go to buy SOL package. Sounded like a great deal, with all-inclusive options which would just require “adding water” to make everything go; one-stop-shopping for idiots!
    Due to some financial complications we made arrangements to meet with our “salesman” the following day at their next seminar in another part of South Florida.
    Interestingly enough, I have had to chase him down for over 1 week now and have had neither response to email, phone, nor ESP. I thought these people would be chomping at the bit to get our business and our “hard earned and not easily parted with” money, but they have acted as though we have leprosy, or some terrible disease. Now that we have $5998 dollars and all these great tips on how to do business, where do we go to get all of this in one bite-size portion, or all-in-one-place?
    Can’t believe all the negative stories and how lucky we are to have come out with our scalps intact!!!

  85. Blessed in Miami says:

    By the Way, I wanted to mention that during the reading of all these posts, I did notice many discrepancies in the pricing and what you get for the monies you spend.
    At the May 28th seminar in North Miami we were offered UNLIMITED websites for $5998.
    SOL would design and develop (ostensibly) your first website.
    For $29.95/mo, SOL would host your site. There were other charges as well to take Credit Cards, etc.,
    Seems interesting to me that they offer so many different packages and pricing plans nationally and worldwide.
    Good luck to all who purchased… in fact, I ended up here tonight thinking perhaps to purchase a SOL package from some disgruntled person… anyone wanting to sell their plan could contact me.

  86. Hey there everyone out there.
    My partner and I purchased out 6 websites about March 2007 and have slowly been working on this. Yes we also purchased the PMI Marketing and all we can say is WOW. We spent a lot of time researching what we wanted to sell and looking for suppliers, we constantly asked for assistance from Stores on Line and PMI.
    We launched our first site about February 2008 and then soon after in March 2008 our second site Currently we have another two sites that will go live in the next month or so. This one in particular is really fantastic – we can teach you and are putting together some very basic programs that anyone can do.
    By doing what we do we are getting to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Yes, you do have to be careful, no doubt about that.
    Please we welcome anyone to stop by and have a chat with us at our email [email protected].
    We are an example of how you can make this work.
    It’s not just going to be a snap of your fingers and you have a million dollars, please people get real.
    Thanks and please, you are welcome to stop by anytime.

  87. Martin Lee says:

    Julianna and Leonardo,

    You have some nice looking sites.


    How do you intend to get visitors to the site?

    It would be difficult to get good SEO rankings for those pages.

  88. Computerman says:

    Hi Blessed in miami I read your post, and if you are interested in purchasing a SOL plan please contact me I will be very willing to gave it over to you. In your post you did not leave no address of contact number, but here is mine email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] phone 904-238-0451, 904-406-8324, 904-237-6815 please contact me as soon as possible.

  89. gary and amanda says:

    we got our invitation to go to the seminar,a friend suggested to do research on this,thanks to this web site we will not be going.We were very surpised what we found.I hope you all recover your loses.

  90. Dr Johnson says:

    Just attended a Brighton (England) 1st presentation.

    Don’t believe the hype!

    Even the free dinner was useless (2 stale sandwiches). Total waste of time – will not be signing up for anything!!!

  91. Alex says:

    Oh yeah, the so-called free dinner turned out to be a couple of sandwiches and a cheap cake. As for drink – bottled water. Thery really didn’t live up to the picture olf a restaurant dinner pictured on the invitation! … which advertised the event as being worth £100 (or $200) so I expected something nice … yes I put my hands up – I am guilty of glutony … Lol :)

  92. boxer says:

    They really are scamming big time here in the Uk. They have a new workshop at the Hilton hotel in Croydon Walington London, on 23 June 2008. I am passing all these thread to the police fraud dpt. hopefully they will all be carted away. heheheheehehe!

  93. boxer says:

    The guy is very slick and what a pity to see very old people being taken advantage of by scums like these ass-wipes..Hope they rot in hell if the cops don’t get to them first and with any chance using the proceeds of crime Act we have in the Uk to take away all their ill gotten wealth….hahahahahahaa1

  94. Jenny Z says:

    Computerman –
    What package did you purchase? The unlimited site package or the 6 websites? I attended the full day workshop today and didn’t buy into the hype. I kept hearing about more that you would have to pay per month. I think they do have some very useful tools, but was not willing to pay the up front cost. I was thinking the same as Miami, but not at face value. Maybe someone just wants to recoup some costs. I did confirm with them that the sites are 100% transferable. I can be reached at [email protected].
    Good Luck to Everyone

  95. SPORTYCARMAN says:

    I’ve read all the comments on this site and this has opened my eyes and I have woken up to the fact (that I already belived) that this outfit are a disgrace and have a big money making scam! I’m in the UK and went to a hotle marketing meting (5th June) and signed up for £25, the site is all US based and yu cannot change the $ Dollor sign for £’s Sterlig! Its less than useless! The site brings customers to THEM and NOT you! I tried to put a site link up to my website and they took it off!
    I’m glad I did not go to the semiar, by the way I had a choice to go to either the morning one with breafast or the afternoon one with ‘dinner’, this was a cold sandwich with a glass of water, what was the breakfast like, I wonder!?


  96. Sonia says:

    I am a storesonline merchant and can not understand where you guys are coming from. I purchased the sites. Built them, published them, received support when required and have a successful website. It works with paypal. I am not resident in the USA and have no problems. I suggest that many people are blaming the company for their own short comings.

  97. jenny z says:

    Please share some of your sites with us then? We would like to see them. Also, why are you searching for a StoresOnline review if you are a happy customer of SOL? Hmmmm, I smell a rat.

  98. Sonia says:

    No not a rat at all! I was sent this by a friend who “happened upon this site” and sent me an email. you can check out we are doing very well.

    • dishearted says:

      well sonia here it is 2010 and your site is under construction??? update please???

      I had a friend lose his url because sol didn’t renew the domain yearly fee’….hmm wonder how many other’s fell into that situation.

      I have one site licence to sale if anyone is up for grabs… $3400 new software/ if you say you’ve had no problems building then go for it, I’ used to build computers from scratch and that was easier than trying to log into this one. As far as support, ha, the only support i’ve had is when it comes to them wanting their money…. email “collection” time….

      The problem people are complaining about it this. They PREY on people who are disabled, OR/And Elderly who they think they can bully “sweetly” out of their “savings” or little income & don’t think they will fight back. The part they didn’t count on is that we have nothing left to lose. You can’t get grape juice from a turnip can you… I walked out two years prior…the problem now is I am totally disabled & had a migraine the day I went to the seminar. Yes that should have told me to walk, as well as the SALES Person should have some kind of concious to not push this on me. He knew I was ill! I asked questions that under any other circumstances I would have been disqualified for any credit. I even said I did not want this in my name! My husband had bought the one day / single web….but they denied him…. Y is that??? I was trying to help my husband by cosigning, yet they took him off completely when I discovered this it was to late. We couldn’t get logged into the site for a month and half so “reviewing” it wasn’t an option. We had already had our reservations. But since we realized the measley 3 days had gone by, which btw is not in the legal font size of 12pt. we tried to get ahold of someone to help us log in. 1 1/2 months later…. someone finally called…. got logged in and shown how to change back grounds…oh goody. Then 20 days before the 3 months up, which we were not made aware of — we were told we’ would get a call from a programmer in 7 days, never happened. We got an email stating we had 20 days to get stuff to a programmer. I’ have no doubt if i’d been able to get all that i needed…which I didn’t have a product. BTW I am NOT a business, so theres a descrepancy ….I asked if I needed to be registered at the seminar….GARTH said NO…which also is a lie. Yes I am aware prior and since that I would need to be a business….but when you have a massive migraine and someone is telling you YOU don’t need a fbn cause YOU don’t Own products; I was under the impression that like avon, candle sales’ etc….. I was led to believe I didn’t even need my own customer service…as my health would not allow this –all at the objection of GARTH and sol that they don’t want to know about your disability……. I made it clear what my limitations were & they disspelled all my “fears” by stating I had nothing to worry about. MY GOAL is to get them to accountable & realize they should run a legal credit application. Which we did not do btw. All they did was take our soc.sec. #. I made it clear I was not working, nor qualified for working PERIOD. IN fact when I went into the Judge appeal for ssi, it lasted a whole 20 min. tops hands down approved due to my back injuries & other health problems. Do I like being disabled. NO …I liked making 20-40 bucks an hour helping people. Unlike popular sensus not all disabled people, i would guess 99% would choose to be independant & work & make their own money. But there are some who fall into a category that have no choice. It sucks. But there’s nothing one can do about it. So what SOL could do is show some compassion & make this RIGHT. THEN maybe they will renew their reputation as a viable Business, and not a loan shark company.

    • cott says:

      In 2011 your site does not exist, so much for doing well!!!

  99. Hey there everyone,
    Well thank you to those people who have stopped by and said hi.
    We are currently putting together some packages…. so you can get started with your online business.
    Our site (under construction) will be up an running in the next few days.
    In the meantime if you are really wanting to know about signing up for SOL drop us a line at [email protected] we will tell you what we have experienced in the past 15 months…
    Julianna and Leonardo

  100. Hey Martin Lee,
    What makes you think we don’t get the traffic to our sites….
    You would really have to get into our and see how else we get visitors to our site. SEO is not the only way., by far.
    Julianna and Leonardo

    • Madelyn says:

      Julianna & Leonardo — Thanks so very much for your posts. My fiancé and I recently attended the entire “tiered” workshop series and are brand new Pro merchants – no other affiliation with SOL. As a brand new purchaser, I admit I was starting to worry as I read many of the other posts here. Your comments confirmed my growing suspicions about the source of the complaints, primarily:
      1) unrealistic expectations on the part of the complainers,
      2) lack of implementation follow through, and
      3) a lack of familiarity with what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

      My comments are for anyone anyone considering attending a Stores seminar. I am posting here simply to provide some balance – to give anyone considering purchasing SOL’s software additional info to be able to evaluate SOL’s product from a place that is not “fear-based.” No product or service is for everyone, but it would be a shame (and unfair) to shy away from checking out SOL simply because of the sheer number of dissatisfied posts here. I have a hunch that there are more satisfied users by far. Scroll toward the bottom of this lengthy post for a “quickie” take on my (positive). Read your way down for some comments about negative posts.

      So far, our experience with SOL has been nothing but positive. True, the food was not great — but FOOD is not what SOL is selling, so the agita over the quality of the meal is not relevant and patently unfair.

      Yes, SOL does SELL. Very well: an excellent model of how you can make money too (an unadvertised bonus, in my way of thinking). It is naive to expect a company to be in “business” without selling a product or service. That is not evidence of a “scam” or a “bait and switch,” it is a legitimate way to market services: give away something to sell something, like a free taste. ALL businesses use the “loss leader” approach. You will too, if you get your sites up. SOL readily admits they have set things up to encourage you to buy from them – why is that a BAD thing? They don’t MAKE you buy, and we didn’t experience or notice anything but an excellent job from well-trained salespeople, not what I would call “sales pressure.”

      Our seminar leaders were very clear from the beginning about what SOL did and did NOT do, and that fees would be required for additional services. They also disclosed (from the beginning), that anyone without computer skills needed to handle that first – not something SOL provides.

      Admittedly, they cited an example of a man who made money starting from “way behind the line” — he didn’t even own a computer when he started, and had NO computer literacy. That, to my mind, was included as evidence that the program was not so difficult to navigate that a novice could not master it, NOT as an implied promise that it was so simple a child could use it “out of the box.” They added that this man’s results were not “typical” and that ours would depend on our willingness and ability to do the work required (work they spelled out clearly in the course of the bootcamp).

      As they said (often), and demonstrated with screen shots and live web examples, the SOL “suite” gives you the TOOLs to do website set-up and marketing work quickly, and explains what you need to do to expect to be successful. It does not do the work FOR you without an additional fee, nor does it offer custom-designed solutions that you might expect if you paid for a custom designed-from-scratch website site (pricey!). Far from evidence of fraud, I think it speaks WELL of the company that they provide access to SOL-knowledgeable programmer services (in addition to their customizable template-driven do-it-yourself approach), and that it is an OPTION to customize the product. The complaints about the programmer fees (not out of line with industry norms, and not necessary to use the product as purchased) baffle me. That’s NOT a scam, it’s an add-on service and an example of the amount of thought that went into developing and supporting this product.

      How is any business to make a profit (the definition of the #1 business objective) if they don’t SELL a product or service at a cost greater than that to produce the product or service? For anything that is not specifically included with the product you purchase, you have to *expect* to pay their employees and vendors for their time and skills, as well as additional fees for additional products. (SOL spelled out what is included in a handout, along with what you will be expected to pay for additionally).

      As an example, if you go to a free hot dog roast at a car dealership, it would be unrealistic NOT to expect a sales pitch and unfair to cry “money grubbers” when they offer a really great “buy now” car deal. The quality of the free hot dogs is a non-issue. If you decided to purchase one of their cars, anyone familiar with cars already knows they don’t WORK unless you put gas and oil in them, inflate the tires, etc. Complaining that you are expected to pay additionally for gas is nuts. Expecting to return the car because you don’t want to do (or can’t take the time to figure out how to do) what is required to keep the car running is also unfair, even if you didn’t fully realize what you needed to do to “use” the car when you made the purchase.

      If the car dealership above ALSO sells gas, that is not “a scam,” it is an example of a FULL-SERVICE company (unless the car runs ONLY with their gas and they don’t disclose that clearly before you buy – not the case here). Expecting free driving lessons as part of the purchase, simply because the merchant said they would “service” the car is also unrealistic.

      If you purchased one of their budget cars, it is also unfair to complain later that it didn’t include the factory airbags standard on the pricier models. Upgraded features for an additional cost is an example of pricing strategy, not “scam or fraud evidence.” Most businesses offer different features at differing price points, few profitable businesses market the most expensive offering first, and “upselling” is a common business practice. It is an unrealistic expectation that you will walk out of ANY “store” without some attempt to upsell. A realistic expectation is that you will receive a clear explanation of what you get at each price point – BEFORE purchase. SOL provides that clearly and well, yet some of the complaints seem to consider it an objectionable sales technique designed to “take advantage” of the buyer. To my mind, it is the opposite, albeit still within a “sales” context.

      As for the refund complaints — refund policies and procedures are a legitimate part of business, and refunds are a time-consuming hassle for every company, no matter how they set things up. Expecting SOL to put just as much manpower in the refund department as the sales department is not something you could expect to find in ANY quality business. (I would wonder more about the product if they DID have the manpower in place to give me my money back with the same “quality of support” I experienced before I made the decision to buy – as if they *expected* people to be dissatisfied in huge numbers.)

      It is also unrealistic to expect any company to refund your money unless you carefully read and follow their refund guidelines. EXPECT to be on your own here – did you think they were a fully-staffed refund BUSINESS? It is appropriate and usual that MOST of the efforts of ANY company will be focused on activities that add to their bottom line. Threatening a company’s reputation to avoid “usual and customary” business policies is nasty.

      So, if you have a legitimate gripe with ANY product or service, you probably will have to expect to jump through a few hoops to get your money back. That in itself is not evidence of “fraud.” ALL online businesses are set up to reduce the hassles of “impulsivity remorse.” Only dress shops allow you to take things home, try them on, and bring them back for a refund some time later. Even THEY have timing and condition-of-garment rules to protect themselves, and you will probably be asked to fill out a form of some sort. Would you take seriously any threat to report a dress shop for consumer fraud because securing a refund was time consuming?

      Background for context: No stores up yet through SOL, but I have been an online services merchant with a solopreneur approach for a l-o-n-g time, and am well aware of how very MUCH time each of the items included with their software can take without the help of automation. For over a decade, building and maintaining my website has been a second full-time job (in addition to the many hours a day I provided services and answering unpaid requests for information about my services). 50-75 hour workweeks have been standard for YEARS. Doing it “the cheap way” kept my company small with limited profitability, and me over-worked and close to giving up at many points. The SOL tools will handle what I have been doing “manually” at a savings of *at least* 20 hours a week. I don’t, however, expect it to be “work-free,” and I won’t cry foul because I have to handle the up-front tasks to get the automation set up and running. Relatively rapid set-up of ongoing automation *capability* is what SOL is selling — and, for my money, their product seems to do that extremely well.

      Whether they are the ONLY, the cheapest (or even the very best) solution of this type is something to research fully before you buy, if THAT is likely to be a source of a subsequent complaint. I saw enough to conclude that SOL was a more than adequate solution for many of my online challenges to date and an elegant solution for others, which is the point of the SOL free seminars: to see if what they offer is a good enough fit for your needs at a price that is reasonable for what their product does for you. I didn’t want to spend additional hours of research time only to add a few features or to save a few dollars, *and* I wanted to take advantage of their considerable “buy now” discount (standard business approach, by the). I COULD have delayed the decision to purchase to further research alternatives, and I may (or may NOT) have found something I chose to purchase instead — but it would have been completely unreasonable of ME to expect to receive the “buy now” discount if I wasn’t ready to buy at the time, and patently unfair to squawk about it afterwards. SOL offers an extremely attractive discount hoping to encourage anyone “on the fence” to buy NOW. Duh! That’s not “sales pressure,” that’s SALES.

      As for the “take no prisoners” speed of the seminars, do you really expect them to cover much at all if they explain in detail every single thing to the satisfaction of every learner in the room? I am highly computer & ecommerce literate, so I kept up with practically everything they said. Still, all I fully understood was what was available — along with relative ease of access and use, along with how to get specific usage info online subsequently — AFTER I bought their product.

      Be fair, guys. If they didn’t leave anything for you to purchase, why would anyone EVER pay them for their development time, staffing, seminar costs, etc? How would they stay in business? As I’d hoped, I got a LOT of info for free, but I didn’t expect them to give away the store. To my mind, the “free seminar” was an example of what an online merchant must consider along with a preview of how much more there was to get if I paid for their product – not MY definition of “a scam.”

      From what I have seen so far, SOL delivers exactly what they said they would: a full-service product to help an online merchant get a professional-quality website up & running quickly, especially the tools needed to RESEARCH the potential of new target markets, and to position & MARKET subsequent sites.

      Since I am not an SOL employee and already have an existing service business designed to pay my bills, I can’t offer to spend time responding to emails or posts about my experience, which is why I took the time and space for a lengthy post. I PROMISE to post back quickly if my experience in the future makes me change my mind about SOL’s product (and would willingly join any class action suit that I felt was REASONABLE, in that case – but I’m not expecting to find anything that would support a change of heart to that degree).

      If my sites-to-come become wildly profitable, that’s GREAT, and that’s my goal. But it is not the fault of SOL’s product if MY web-products don’t make me rich immediately (or ever). SOL spells that out clearly too, btw.

      What I think is great about SOL Pro is that I can set up MULTIPLE sites without additional fees (other than hosting, which is to be expected, and is clearly disclosed) so my chances of making my target profitability goals are increased immeasurably. With PRO, I also get free upgrades as long as I have at least one site hosted by SOL. I can also use the included (purchased) tools to do research for my existing site (hosted elsewhere), set up sites for friends and relatives for free or for fee, positioning myself as an “online marketing consultant” — charging others for putting sites together with my purchased PRO package, and charging fees for managing their businesses. Stores introduced that concept at the seminars.

      SOL Express, the cheaper option, does exactly what they say it will do also – it gets a site online quickly – no marketing tools unless you upgrade – SOL clearly disclosed, verbally and in detailed printed materials, what was included with each option.

      Until and unless I see something to change my mind in my future dealings with SOL, for my money, they offer exactly what they say they offer at an excellent value. Free? Of course not. Cheaply? Definitely not. But before you cry foul, check out what each of the products they offer would cost singly, and then factor in the learning curve and time to master a bunch of software solutions that each have their own user interfaces, and the time to make them work together. THEN consider the opportunity cost (the money you are NOT making while you do it all the slow way),. You might conclude, as we did, that SOL is a VERY good value (and that there is no such thing as a free lunch! )

      BTW: I am not including my website, email address, or any identifying features to avoid comments that this post is designed to market my existing service. This is a REAL post from a REAL customer whose ONLY “affiliation” with StoresOnLine is that of a workshop attendee and solution purchaser. This post is simply MY experience and opinion, offered at no remuneration, with no fore-knowledge by SOL. (I DO intend to inform them of its existence, because I never post anything, positive or negative, that I do not pass along to everyone cited in the post.)

      Hope this helps – best of luck to ALL.

      • Devi says:

        Thank you for writing. I have been with storesonline since 2005 and now have three websites up. Two are very successful and 1 is our problem child. We have certainly made back our investment many times over but we have also worked at it. This morning I received a nasty email about my testimonial on storesonline, I was quite surprised as I am surprised by all of these comments. Storesonline has been very helpful to us, in fact in 2007 they invited over 150 website owners to a two day seminar for $150.00. They paid for our flights, lodging and two days of advanced training. Only 10 owners came, it was fantastic and we met a number of the people who worked there. That is basically the last contact we have had with storesonline, as we haven’t needed them for help since then. But we do a lot of research, there is so much free information online to help you with nearly any question you have–but you do have to look. When people email me whether or not to participate this is what I tell them:
        1. You need at least two years of income because you will not begin to see significant income for that amount of time. It took us 8 months to program the first website and 9 months before we began to get significant free traffic from google, yahoo and msn search engines. Plus, because our first website did not have expensive items in it, we needed more websites to increase our income stream.
        2. Research your product and know your drop-shippers.
        I researched 3,000 products on World Wide Brands before I narrowed it down to 10 areas we would consider. We then interviewed dropshippers until we found an experienced one.
        3. You will make mistakes. We did, some of them very costly and none of that had to do with storesonline.
        4. The internet is wild, unpredictable, ever-changing and complicated. If you want security and safe–this is not the business for you. Give you an example, our second site we used two different manufacturers. We got ourselves to number 2 in google and had a nice stream of traffic and great sales. Our first manufacturer could not keep up with the sales and we ended up having to fire them–then our second manufacturer was bought out and then basically out of stock and reorganizing inventory for the next 4 MONTHS. We had 500 people a day and no product that we could actually ship. So we began to manufacture the product ourselves after 3 months of figuring out how to make it. We are still #4 in google and learning more every day, but we are leaning it–storesonline is not responsible for what I sell or how I market it. Our problem with the internet is not with storesonline but with how difficult google can be. They love two of our sites and hate the third–it makes business security a real illusion.
        4. Know your personality: I have had my own businesses for 34 years, I know how hard it is to make a business work and I enjoy the challenge. Right now, I am marketing our business through writing articles for ezine articles, my goal is to write 250 articles this year. I have completed 50. But internet marketing is really a solo job. You are on your own with only yourself to answer to. Ask yourself, are you willing to spend the time it takes to learn what is basically a masters level course in business and marketing to be successful? If not, don’t waste your money.
        5. If you are in any kind of desperate money situation, do not spend your money on this. This is a business to learn over time when you are not pressured. And yes, you have to have computer skills.
        6. For those of you who do not know, to have someone program your sites for you is very costly–we figured our sites would have been a minimum of $15,000.00 each to program and I seriously doubt we could get them done now that cheaply.
        Hope this helps those of you who are still interested.

        • Devi,

          I too received a nasty email.

        • James says:

          I just recently attending and for $48 signed up to attend (part two) the workshop and it sounds to me (after reading several testimonials) that if I/anyone is to be successful in selling a product or service on line, I/they should get some web developing training/schooling before buying into the ANY program?
          FYI to anyone interested – most adult schools offer free/low cost classes.

      • Gene Hutchins says:

        Thank youfor your honest comments. I have worked as a commercial trade credit manager (23 yrs) before down sizing. What a great number of people do not get, is the intense and huge commitment of time and blood sweat & tears that an entreprenuer must commit to be competive much more succeed.

        Entreprenuership is not for people who tire easily. They
        do not realize that buying “tools” is one thing. Having the skill and adeptness to “use” tools, much less than ‘mastering’ a tool, is another.

  101. gary graf says:

    I can see that so many people got into s.o.l. & p.m.i. well I to paid over $ 13,000.00!. I going to try to sell my websites (3) and move on and keep my head up. Anybody have any Ideas will like to hear from you, please contact me @ [email protected], anyone from illinois have same problem with s.o.l. & p.m.i. we can work together the more people the better chance on getting your money back!. thank you, gary

  102. Thomas Carson says:

    Was going to the seminar in about 2 hours. Thought I read up on this company. Found this website and decided to save the gas. A couple of complaints is on thing but these guys sound like they screwed people worldwide. Thanks for saving me time.

  103. John says:

    I really do not understand how you all can sit here and honestly say that storesonline does not provide good customer service. Every time i have had a problem they have fixed it for me immediatly. When i go to most of the time they will do it for me. No offfense but obvisiously some of you are not willing to take the time and do the work it takes to do this properly. I worked 7 hours a day 5 days a week for about 2 months and i got mine published with no problem and i am getting orders. Before you start complaining i advise you do a little work.

  104. Scott says:

    If you want to be succesful in this world it takes hard work. Money and great wealth do not come easy. Its sad that all of these people who are bad mouthing this company are to lazy to utallize the tools storesonline provides to there full potential. Getting on here and complaining DEFINITELY will get you nowhere. If all of you spent as much time on your website as you do complaining you mite be succesful. Best of luck to all of you.

  105. Sonia says:

    John and Scott – Thank you. It is good to hear from like mined hard working web entreprenuers. It does take time and hard work to be successful – In anything in life. I have found the sol support fantastic. My site is getting good traffic. It is rating on the search engines and life is good!
    I also wish the rest of you the all the best with your website endeavours.

  106. Mike S says:

    the above comments were provided by SOL !

  107. Bob the Blob says:

    I cannot believe these people who go to a seminar and call it a rip off. Has no one ever heard of negotiating a deal on terms. The whole world fundamentally knows that before handing over money you sign up a contract and make sure the contract is written your way. You get the chance to enter into a contract and word it the way you want. Buyer before and negotiate the terms. What have we got here – a lot of babies who want to be spoon feed and change their nappies. No one forces you to sign up. You can learn it all, go away and research other similar services and compare, and then decide. What’s a matter with you – your not normal consumers who operate on the basis of checking out the goods and services first. In this day and age of internet fraud and consumer rip offs by the multinationals you need to check everything and believe nothing.

  108. Sonia says:


    Best check your facts buddy. There are actually people out here that know how to make a success of things. You suggesting that we work for SOL shows how poor your thinking actually is and is evidence as to why you are not a success.

    • jenny says:


      First of all, I AM a success! I make an extremely good living working from home, and have been doing so for many years.

      Second, although most of my business is NOT internet based, I have also been doing rather well both selling on ebay, along with the services I offer on Craigslist. I also just had a website set up last week and have ALREADY made sales! I didn’t do any of the work myself either. I paid a talented teenager $100 to do it for me–pretty much ALL of it! He’s doing all my marketing and setting up my SEO as well. And if it doesn’t work? Well, all I’ll be out is a couple hundred–not ten grand, or more! Haven’t failed yet though, so doubt this will be the exception.

      What makes SOL a scam is their intentional deception, their “lies of omission.” At their first seminar they “trick” people into believing that the $25 for a starter website and $49 monthly hosting fees is ALL it will cost!

      And even that $49 monthly hosting fee? Geez! For that type of website you can get far superior hosting for less than $10–or even FREE! You can slap up a flat website, 100% FREE at any number of sites. My personal favorite FREE hosting site is t35(dot)com, also a favorite with hackers for setting up their phishing sites because there’s no advertising on it! Or, if you need templates to help design a website, “freehostia” is a good FREE hosting site, which offers TONS of really good templates, that you can use to design your site and have it up and running within a matter of hours–all 100% FREE!

      But I use Host Gator, which costs $7.95 a month for a starter site, not $49! And with Host Gator, you can expand your hosting package and services, AS your business expands–not in advance!

      Yeah, I AM a success and the reason for that is I know better than to pay $6 grand or more for someone to hand me tools and advice on how to do something myself, when I can pay far less to have someone else actually DO it all for me!

  109. Bob the Blob says:

    Mike S – I know some of these people and they do not work for SOL. There are 2 issues here (1) The seminars (and who knows what is said at those by hyped sales persons) and (2) the SOL service. I am considering using SOL and have been checking out other sites and comparing. Every normal person knows that you need a good product or service to make big money on the web, and it better be information related and not product orientated. SOL is a shopping cart system, what does that say. I have 4 brilliant information sites to set up that will sell information that is of interest globally. Forget the hype that you set up a site and suddenly the gold roles in. That is sales hype. If you are actually thinking straight there are 2 fundamental rules (a) you need to be tech savvy to run a site and (b) you need a good product or service – if you dont have those then dont do it or go out and get them. After that you need heaps of time and patience and energy and ideas and so on….the basic rules never change. Whatever site idea you have it must be able to bring value to the customer and make the customer’s life easier or be helpful. Those who thought they could make millions by just having any old site and actually the scammers because they hoped they were going to get other people to buy on their site based on some sort of belief that by automatically having a site “your in the world of I have a site and suddenly the world is my oyster” – get real and wake up. If a 14 year old school girl can make a few million selling a travel brochure to a beautiful holiday resort she went to by getting paid by the travel agents that get the referrals then you should all be ashamed of yourselves complaining.

  110. Kari says:

    To BOB THE BLOB: You said that you might be interested in working with SOL, right? So I have 6 websites that I am selling for $8000 that my husband bought from them. This is how much he paid for them and we are willig to drop the price down to $6000. I am a Web designer and unfortunately cannot work with these websites. Not because I don’t want to spend the time on them but because of personal reasons. I did start to work on one website, which if you do decide to buy any of these websites, I will make sure it is like new. SOL did tell us that everything is transferable. So if you want them I would be happy to sell them to you.
    That goes for anyone that is interested in buying some more sites. However if you only want one site they will be sold for $1500 each.
    Just contact me through [email protected].

  111. Alex says:

    It’s funny how when you get the invite to a conference it doesn’t identify the company presenting it so you don’t get a chance do go on the web beforehand to check out reviews to see if it’s worth going to.

    I was suspicious from when I got the invite but thought would give it a gowith an open mind, but if I knew who they were and went on the inet and found this site I wouldn’t have gone to the conference and saved myself £25.

    By the way I have applied for a refund as per their terms by emailing them with a request before the 10th June deadline and not had a reply from them yet. Does anyone know how long it takes as they don’t tell you that? Also, has anyone in the UK managed to get their £25 refunded?

  112. Neville says:

    Hi Alex – UK

    Just got back from the workshop in Coventry (UK), like you I also coughed up £25 at the initial 90 minute meeting.
    At first I was taken in by what I thought was a great opportunity, then they mentioned the cost(s). I was’nt prepared to use my cards to pay, then the rep mentioned the payment plans. The promotional offer( one time only) was £3’700 at an APR of 21%, which over 24 months would mean that I would repay over £16’000!!, the cheaper!! plan of £1’900 would equate to somewhere near £10’000. My daughter who came with me was skeptical to say the least and found this site while checking them out on Google. After reading all the comments I realise that I can have a site built for a fraction of the cost, and use the information that I walked out with to help me. Maybe this company needs to be referred to Watchdog!

  113. phil p says:

    Hi just got back from the coventry presentation, my wife and I left before the end, what a sales propoganda day We had to leave, it was mind destroying I just could not listen to anymore of their blurb and as for paying 3700 pounds for their so called platinium package well wake up people that is a lot of dosh to pay for basicly nothing, please do not get sucked in. all the best Phil

  114. I don't beleive you. says:

    Dear John from June 17th, 2008:

    You must be able to speak whatever language they speak in India if you think their Customer Service is great.

    In my personal experience, I had to repeat my questions over and over again and even gave the great patience of re-wording my questions several different ways.

    Even then, I never received an adequate answer and on many occasions I was given wrong answers. What little I did manage to accomplish I figured out on my own.

    Needless to say, I gave up on their crap and went with Microsoft Web Building Software and at least I can trust Microsoft. Not to mention it cost only about $400-

    Furthermore, after working with Expression Web, I have discovered that SOL’s crap is very outdated and slow.

  115. Alex says:

    Neville – UK

    Thanks mate, why didn’t I think of this earlier?

    I have just been on the watchdog site and submitted a report. For your reference I am quoting its full contents below (hope its OK with the rules of this forum):

    “This scam requires urgent action, not so much to help myself as the thousands of other people being scammed right now around the UK.

    I am not hyping this up or exagerating – this really does need to be addressed ASAP!

    There’s a lot to explain so rather than me typing it here and missing something out, please take a look at this site: I have been afeected by this as well and you can find my comments under the alias ‘Alex’ on the main page of the site.

    Please look into this ASAP as there are people being scammed out of thousands of pounds per person right now.

    You can contact me any time, preferably by email. Thank you very very much!!!”

  116. Alex says:

    Sorry, for anyone not living in UK – Watchdog is a major scam investigation govrnment agency here in the UK. If you’re interested you can find them at:

    Don’t give up guys – we can do it!

    • Lizzieputs says:

      Hi Alex I’m another Brit that got stung to the tune of £3,400 so did my friend (they gave us a discount of £300 wasn’t that nice of them!). Thanks for the watchdog address I will send an email to them straight away. I’m already in touch with Citizens Advice and Consumer Standards Agency to see what my chances are of getting a refund. If enough of us in UK send emails to watchdog and any other government department hopefully someone will listen. Good luck everyone with resolving their issues with SOL

  117. Mike S says:

    As you can see from the responces I was right!

  118. Mike S says:

    The responces show I’m right !

  119. Bob the blob says:

    What is the matter with you people. All you are complaining about it the cost and the service. If a company/business costs itself out of the market then no one uses it. If SOL want to run seminars to attract people to consider the deal, so what. No one made you go or sign up. Buyer beware motto. Check things out before you sign up.

  120. Bob the blob says:

    Presumably everyone who went to these SOL seminars want a website so they can make absolutely millions on a website or at least have a regular income so they can stop working. Well the good news is that I have such a website concept. It is so valuable and information orientated that if we all got together and set up our own site managed by professional experts then we would all recover the funds lost to SOL and more. How about some people showing some interest in recovering their position and setting up a website as originally desired? If we all got together and put some dosh in the pot to buy the expertise we need then we can own and have a professional site without all this hassle.

  121. Sonia says:

    You said it Bob. I think this is a fantastic idea !!!!
    We definitely need to stop complaining and start doing.

  122. Owen (UK) says:

    Geez, why complain about SOL? No one was forced to sign up. Like any business sector there will be those who make it and those that dont. I signed up; but have canceled, not because of SOL, I am a web developer and can do it myself if I’m willing to put the work in. Using SOL would save me time, but I can create websites the way I like them (using C# and ASP.Net). No one is forced to use SOL. What SOL do is put all the pieces together in one place and they should be applauded for that; their tools Reverse Search etc, are really good. For e-Commerce you need a site, most ISP’s provide SSL, Cart packages and site templates. You would source the products as per normal; so nothing new there, and would have to set up the customer database, but most people know how to use Microsoft Access or a college student should be able to do it. But again that’s what SOL are doing for you. What I would say is that it would be very helpful if you are technically (web) aware; a course in web design (HTML) would go a long way; but you can buy books (online even!) You could ask a company to write an e-Commerce system for you to your own spec, but what would that cost? Much, much more than £3K? Its NOT a scam. It’s an idea; what you do with it is up to you! I have a site (not SOL) that I don’t really use any more, but got 4000 hits this year and I don’t advertise it. But SOL has given me the inspiration to get it finished as well as some useful tips about Search Engine Optimsation (SEO).

    • Paul says:

      You are so correct!. SOL didn’t force anybody to sign up to the program. It is standard practice to read Contracts carefully before signing them. If you have questions about it, you should address them first. You can freely ask our Reps at the Workshop to clarify them for you.

  123. Alex says:

    Has anyone in the UK applied for a refund for the original payment of £25 and not heard anything back?

    I have sent the email off (as instructed in their refund procedure statement) on the 6th June (the next day after the conference) and not heard back.

    I will give them 28 days to reply (generally a standard max waiting time for a refund) and will then take this up with CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau).

    Will let you know what happens …

  124. Juan Ortegon says:

    I just came out of their workshop. Fortunatelly, I woman sat next to me, had stopped me when I was about to sign this Mo….Fuc….ers form for $50 to attend the marketing shop next Friday. After she told me all about this ash……es, I really enjoyed the meal, I took eight organizers which I may sell for $3 dollars each, and I handle about 60 copies of internet reviews about them and I passed to the people attending their seminar. F….ers.

  125. Pam says:

    My husband and I attended the first seminar on Thursday, June 19. We paid our $50 for the notebook and was planning to attend the second seminar the following week. However, a woman was outside the hotel where the seminar took place, she was talking to everyone who came out with a notebook. She had paid $10,000 and could get no help from SOL to get her website up and running. She was having trouble with cancellation and getting a refund. We decided not to attend the second seminar. I’m so glad we did especially after reading the comments posted here. I sent my cancellation email the day after we attended the seminar. I’m so glad we didn’t invest anymore. I will keep an eye on our credit card to make sure there are no additional charges. Thanks everyone!

    • jenny says:

      Yeah, I’ve attended 3 of their seminars now….for no other reason than to “scam the scammers” by taking advantage of their free meals and gifts…but mainly to warn as many of my fellow attendees against falling for their scam! No I didn’t lose any money to SOL myself–it just pisses me off!

      I usually invite one of my elderly neighbors to attend with me, so she can enjoy a nice meal and free gifts–and have fun warning others off as well.

      And yet, SOL keeps sending me invitations to continue attending their “seminars!”

      • jenny says:

        Oh, and for far LESS than $10 grand, you can actually hire a professional web company to do all the design and setup for you, as well as the advertising and monthly maintenance. EVERYTHING!

        Paying SOL that kind of money just to give you their outdated, inferior “tools” so you can do it yourself? If you want to do it all yourself, you can either get FREE templates from any number of sites on the net, or pay a few bucks for an upgrade—and get one that’s far easier to work with and far more up-to-date! Not to mention better hosting service, and superior in pretty much every way!

  126. Alex says:

    Pam – might be a good idead to cancel your credit card with your bank and get a new one reissued to save you the hassle of constantly remembering to check your credit card bills for unauthorized transactions and what if they appear under names you wont recognize to disguise SOL? You never know how long it will take before the put a sneaky charge on? I myself paid cash as a precaution to avoid that very danger so maybe a lesson for the future to use cash whenever possible? Of course it makes sense to use credit card over the net where the transaction is remote so you may not receive the goods you paid for …

    anyway, good luck!

  127. Earl Cornish says:

    I attended a StoresOnline seminar in 2003. I fell for it like so many others. However, I got real lucky because all they got out of me was the $1,000 down paymnent. It became very clear very fquickly that it would cost so much more than the $6,000 they told me about in the seminar. Bottom line, DON’T FALL FOR IT.

  128. Dissatisfied in Nebraska says:

    Just as a note to Bob and Sonia I too believe that people should not complain as much, but there is a difference between complaining and reiterating the truth.
    I went to the seminars in question and did end up buying the six sites for about 6 grand with all the bells and whistles. After getting home I tried to immediately sign in and work my magic on the internet. I was not able to sign on for 4-5 days and was not told or shown that I only had 3 days to cancel. well, after finally signing on and sampling the software that I had bought I decided that I did not want it as it was something that I could have done on my own reading out of a webpages for dummies book. well, only then was I informed that I had gone over the three day limit and would not be able to cancel my purchase. Thinking that I was stupid for not seeing that in the very fine print, I proceded to try and build a satisfactory website with a company that my wife had a membership to that would dropship for us. After about 2-3 weeks of working on this site we had a decent amout of items added to the pages and wished to have it posted and just add more to it when we had the time. This is when we started to have the major problems.
    First of all, the supposed built in credit-card proccessor that I purchased for about a grand I was told would need to be written into the pages to be useable, and that it would take several days to do so. Second, we chose not to purchase a domain name through the storesonline site as they were 3-4 times more than those that we had found and we were told that the storesonline servers could not be directed to that particular hosting service. Looking to rectify these problems I again contacted Storesonline through the telephone service where I was directed to a lady with an Indian accent so thick that I could not even understand 3 words out of 50 she spoke. Finally I told her that I could not understand anything she was saying and asked to speak with someone who knew a little better english, when I was told that I could not be transfered at that time. Well, I thanked her for her time and hung up, calling back a couple of minutes later and acctually getting someone who spoke english as a first language.
    Thirdly, and the real kicker for me, I, being like many here, did not have the entire 6 grand for the up-front costs and chose to finance. Which I strongly suggest no one to ever do with these people. Well, after signing papers with Storesonline for this option I went for almost 3 months without seeing a bill, and then, out of the blue, we started getting phone calls from a place called Universal. As I am the only one on the contract, when my wife answered once and the lady, who she said could hardly speak english, asked for me, she told her that she was my wife and asked who was calling and what for. She was told that she could not take a message and they would not tell her what kind of company they were other than a “financial company.” Thinking that this sounded suspicious we researched the name and found that many scams were being conducted by a place in the US called Universal, so when they called again we promptly hung up. This set up a string of harrassing phone calls 6-12 times a day from this company from 7 am to midnight for nearly 3 weeks straight. when I finally talked to them and threatened to report them to the police for harrassment they told me that they held my contract for storesonline and that I was now past due three months and was being reffered to a collection agency. I informed them that I had not even recieved a bill yet and that I thought my service had been canceled, as I had given up trying to get my site up due to the insurmountable problems I was having that were, I was told, all on my end. Thinking that they had canceled service from the time that I had contacted them earlier and that was the reason I had not recieved a bill.
    Since then I have recived notices from another company, Palomar and Associates threatening me with lawsuits to force “unwilling” payment. After a couple of these notices I have Finally recieved my first official bill from Universal printed and sent 3 months from my seminar.
    I really am just tired of all this hassel and would like nothing better than to just give the d-mn package back like I had originally wanted to do and get on with my life.
    Anyone with advice on how I could accomplish this would be most welcome to e-mail me at [email protected]

    Incidentally I would sell all six of my sites for the same $$ that I bought just to be rid of them.

  129. Maureen Nicolace says:

    I have purchased the $50 website package and am planning on attending the day-long marketing seminar on June 27th. Based on what I’m reading, I don’t plan to buy anything additional, but my question for everyone is this: is it worth my time to attend the seminar and perhaps glean valuable, usable information that will assist me? If so, I will attend. If I MUST buy more in order to reap any benefit of gained knowledge, then I will not attend. Thank you for your opinion(s)!

  130. Alex says:

    Maureen – hello from UK.

    I’ve been to the $50 meeting too which cost me £25 which is the same as USD50. After the meeting I came across this site and after reading it decided to opt for a refund.

    However, during the meeting I got talking to another guy who gave me his email address to stay in touch to see how we both got on. OI told him about this site and he too was cautious however he figured that the £25 may be worth attending the all-day workshop at the hotel to gain valuable knowledge about building sites in general so he went.

    Below is the feedback I got from him (hope he doesnt mind me posting it):

    “It was good. The whole day was very informative and learnt a hell lot about setting up a shop on line and they had to discuss the various strategies in order to market their software.
    They asked initially £2200 per site per annum….then made an offer of one off payment of £3700 for unlimited sites with full support forever.
    one could transfer the sites to ones children as well.
    Not a bad software compared to the ones I have been looking at in UK.
    I did not commit and stayed clear saying it was too rich for myself.”

    The rest is up to you. Bear in mind that the packages seems to differ in different countries so dont assume you will be offered the same deals.

    Whatever you do – keep a cool head!

    P.S. I did get my refund of £25 as a check and now banked it – will let you know if it clears OK.

  131. Mary says:

    We are also out 6000. We tried to start a web site but got no help from them. We were so excited about this business apportunity. Invested the money to make money, instead lost 6000., we tried to get our money back , but that didn’t happen either. They know how to scam people and make sure they keep the money, I don’t know of anyone who has succeeded with SOL. They go from state to state and country to country, does anyone even know what the company in UItah looks like, is it even there. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  132. Bob the Blob says:

    Hi Mary

    Go to Sonia’s website – she got it up and running with SOL and thinks SOL is the best thing around. See her website at – Shes presently working on 4 more sites and they are pretty damn good. Ask her to explain why SOL is so good.

    • jenny says:

      Oh, BS Bob.

      I really don’t have any doubt that you and Sonia are actually employees of SOL who are getting paid to write here, aren’t you? Probably that “website” of “Sonia’s” nothing more than another SOL con job.

      Why would an actual “satisfied customer” come to a complaint site to make one post after another? Sorry, happy customers don’t go searching the web just to argue with those who feel they were scammed! Only company representatives do that–a feeble attempt to “muddy the waters” for the benefit of potential suckers who may still be straddling the fence!

      Your presence here, along with “Sonia’s” is just yet another scam, right?

  133. Tiffany says:

    i’ve been to the seminar this afternoon in dunwoody, ga. the whole thing felt rushed (even though it was from 1pm til 7pm and maybe later). they wanted me and my sister-in-law to invest $6000 for the pro website (i’m sure you all know what that is). i’m pretty sure you can do the same marketing techniques at an affordable price. safe to say, we left during the seminar…and didn’t regret one thing (except for the $25 fee).

  134. Nancy says:

    SOL is not all that great. Their sites are so slow and the sites you build are not search engine friendly unless you really know what you are doing. Their customer service is even worse. You can ask 6 different people the exact same question and get 6 completely different answers.

    They want you to pay $60 an hour for a programmer when all you have is a very simple question. They will not answer it, just tell send request to programming. The programmers tell you things cannot be done when I know they can.

    Then they never take responsibility for their server problems. Its always something with them. I had a problem with the order form a few months ago and customers could not complete an order. They tried to blame me saying I made a change to the template. Well, I hadn’t made any changes in over a month and I had been getting orders all along. I only made a small change to one of my sites, but all my sites had the same order form problem and nobody could order.

    Finally the next day it was all fixed. But nobody could order for two days. They also do not give refunds for down time like every other host. Just sorry for the inconvenience.

    Well sorry does not pay the bills and they need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Like last January when they made a server upgrade at 2pm. Their reply was “We didn’t expect to have any problems, Everything will be fixed until the next update. “

  135. Alex says:

    Tiffany – you mention a $25 fee. I thought the initial meeting was free and its only the follow-up all-day workshop that cost $50. At least thats how it was with me here in the UK.

    Are they really charging for the first meeting and not offering a refund?

  136. Tiffany says:

    Well Alex, my mom and sis-in-law went to the free luncheon. They paid $25 dollars each to go to the all-day workshop (i went in my mom’s place cause she had to work). They offered you free food or gifts to attend the meeting. After you paid the $25 fee for the workshop, all you did is sit, listen, and nibble on a snack (not to mention they’re pretty rude when you have a question to ask).

    I doubt they would give you a refund. Sorry if I cause any confusion lol.

  137. Alex says:

    Tiffany – as for the refund, as I mentioned in a previous post, I did get a £25 (USD50) check, banked it and its now cleared so I did get my refund in the end – just took a few weeks. just wish i didn’t pay up the money in the first place to save myself the hassle, but i know there are people a lot worse off out there – those that have paid thousands and may never get it back. :(

  138. Tiffany says:

    You’re pretty lucky. I asked my mom if she had considered getting her refund back…she said she doubt it.

    I really do feel sorry for the ones who shelled out thousands for something they can do for a fraction of the cost.

  139. Alex says:

    Yeah. All I can say to the ones who have come back from the initial meeting and found this site is act straightaway – read the refund procedure on the back of the payment receipt, send the email as requested (easiest option on there i thought) and wait for your cheque. i havent spent any extra, had the cheque within few weeks (around a month wait), cashed and cleared within a few days.

    Good luck everyone!

  140. Dawn Sharp says:

    Hi everyone..assholes ripped me and my husband off also..went to both seminars..watched their smiing faces as they smiled..bullshitted and took our money also..ANYONE IN OHIO..IF ANY LAWSUITS..PLZ RESPOND..would like to jump on this ban-wagon…stop this from happening more..getting my money back..thanxs..Dawn

  141. Brett says:

    I’ve read mostly bad comments and 1 or 2 good comments about SOL. My question is, there has got to be an awful lot of happy people doing this or how could this company still exist?

  142. Hello, I too was taken by storesonline over a year ago. I never did get my web site up and running and I am out over $7,000. I have tried and tried to negotiate with them to buy back or just take back the 6 web sites I purchased. They refuse to take it back and only offer help at a heavy price. So, I finally went out and found the perfect Home Based Business that I was looking for. It is wonderful and profitable and my web site was up and running within 10 minutes of a minimal $449 one time price. I love my new home based business in the Travel Industry and it is going really well, the support with my new business is exceptional. I have no regrets with my decision to leave storesonline and I love my new home based business. If you are thinking about Storesonline, RUN THE OTHER WAY, DON’T DO IT !!. If you want a wonderful and easy home business with minimal cost. Email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to show you how. Good Luck to everyone

  143. Alex says:

    Just want to say thanks to Diana for this offer. HOWEVER, guys – keep a clear head as what she’s offering could be a conflict of interest and maybe take her customers away from her?

    I hope she’s doing it out of the goodness of her heart but the other possibility is that it’s another home business scammer trying to pray on you at your most vulnerable time (when you’ve already been ripped off) ‘good cop, bad cop’ style.

    good luck everyone …

  144. Tiffany says:

    Ouch. I congratulate you Diana on your success.

    For the time being, I’m gonna try my luck with eBay. They’re affordable and much easier on my bank account. I’m still not going to give up building my own website, but like her, I can do this under $500 instead of the mind-boggling $6000 they want from us.

  145. Bob says:

    It is another home business scammer – surprise surprise!

  146. Bob, if you are referring to me, I am not a scammer and I am very upset that you referred to me as one. I have a legitimate Home Based Business and web site and I have the right to tell people that there are legitimate ways to have a home based business for very low cost. My site is powered by Travelocity, so I don’t understand what gives you the right to say such terrible things. I was scammed by SOL and I currently owe them over $6000 because of a bad mistake. It’s people like you that say things on the internet that give it a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself

  147. Bob says:

    I was not – but since you mention it – you are promoting Travelcity and your website on this blog and not telling people how to set up their own website – you are instead suggesting and promoting they join Travelcity so that you get advantage. I understand you are telling people to join conference calls so that they an learn more as your guest of your upline called team freedom, and after the conference you want people to email you to join. Deny that or not!!! – Actually, the way you explain things, how your Travelcity set up the site and power it, you did not want to have your own site and develop it, you wanted someone else to do that for you so that you could have a homebusiness. You are just part of a wider internet business concept that sells people a website to promote their own business – and you actually are marketing and capturing custom for them – you are not running a genuine homebusiness. You are a commission sales person.

  148. Bob, I started out on this blog because of the terrible injustice I received from SOL. They ripped me off, with lies and broken promises. You are a promoter of this company (I believe). I wanted people to know there is another option to have a home based business. I invited them to join the conference call to hear about the business. I also said they could contact me if they had any further questions. I COULD CARE LESS IF THEY JOINED with me or not. I wanted them to know there is another option. If they joined under me then great….If not, that’s ok too. I love this business and am very happy with it. As for your comment about me not wanting my own site. You are dead wrong. I had another product to promote and SOL, left me hanging without any help except for the help I had to pay extra for. I am running a legitimate home based business that I love. Yes, I get commissions for any thing booked on my site and also anything I book personally, and I love itI . People need to know there are other alternatives and I am just the Grandma to tell them.:)

  149. Bob says:

    Thanks Diana for owning up to your interests in respect to your comments about SOL and there are better sites around. I think we all know there are many homebased site offers on the internet – such as this one

    What we want is software and services to set up our own website and not join a multi-layer sales scheme that rewards from commission sales. There are so many around on the web that get pumped down our throats every day in spam, that now they all look the same as every other scam. People want their own site and not someone elses, thats why they went to SOL. How is your any different? SOL is in 2 businesses – (a) marketing (which is what most of this site complains about) and (b) providing website software and hosting – I read about very few who actually bothered to buy and set up their site. I suspect the marketing seminars are all hype and no substance. Its the same as insurance – pay now and later you never get the benefits you were promised. But in almost 90% of the cases it appears no one has bother to put the effort in and actually set up their site, or indeed check out the representations first – which is what normal business people do. Business is about risk and if you believe everything you hear at a sales seminar then you should be an employee and get out of business. SOL are in it for the money – hold them to their promises and sue if they do not. If anyone wants to set up a class action and sue, then say so and I will arrange a law firm to take the work. But first we need everyone, and I mean everyone, to sign up and pay a contribution to the cost of that. I think few will – but they will keep on complaining.

  150. I would happily join a class action suit against SOL. I have read that many others would join too. SOL needs to be held accountable for what they promise at the seminars. I believe they out for the money only. They do not care if the people that buy into them make it or not. ONce the money is paid, your forgotten. This is not good practice and maybe it’s the reason why they have had to change their name a few times. I just hope that people read this blog before they go to the seminar or buy into SOL. I realize that some have good things to say about SOL, but they are few and far between. And that is sad…….

  151. Solodidu says:

    I have been fleeced by SOL on their meeting in the Uk on the 27th June. Are there any people in the UK who are interested in a class action? I have a credit card where they will be taking money every month, what should I do? Someone please help. I went to the bank and they wont cancel the transaction because they say I signed a contract. All who need a class action in the UK contact me at [email protected] so we can arrange one.

  152. Solodidu says:

    Thank for this site

  153. Bob says:

    Solodidu the email you provided does not function
    at [email protected] – who are you – dont you read before I suggested all people register and set up a fund to fight a class action? I want to see every complainant register their interest on this site and say they will pay $5000 each to run a class action – otherwise stop whining – legal action costs money

  154. Owen (UK) says:

    I wonder how many people have actually tried to set up their websites, either with SOL or on their own. How many did any market research in the time between the initial meet and before they signed up with SOL. I think not many; hence all in here complaining. I want to have an online business, but didn’t really look into it until after I had been to the seminar; that’s my fault. That said, I think it is possible to be sucessful, but as in all things it will take time and effort; and I dont think anybody at SOL said any differently. How many people have gone to the bank and said I’d like, say, £3000/$6000 to start a business; what would the bank say? Have you a business plan, have you done market research? etc, etc.This is no different. Sure I now see that I can get all the resources elsewhere; as a .net developer I can do my own website. I even have a better understanding of SEO; and a realistic timeframe to get to page 1 or 2 of Google. I think the hardest part is getting a decent drop shipper, but I’m still working on that one. Stop putting all that effort into complaining, law suits and doing nothing and get the website live! I would offer to help as I know HTML,.net, etc but developers do get paid more than people (non commercial) want to pay. Good Luck!

  155. Bev says:

    My sister got me to go to a SOL conference in NY. I went and was a bit enthusiastic. I am the skeptic of the family. Well, time came for the ‘consultation’ and she bought the 6K package. She’s got a regular job, I’ve been out of work for some time now. So, it became my ‘job’ to be webmaster.
    This isn’t easy. There is SO MUCH to go through and I am really confused. God – if you read ALL the stuff in their Merchant Services section – it’s mind boggling!

    I have been working on this for WEEKS almost non-stop. Some of it I can’t comprehend. I keep at it, though.

    Today I wanted to register a domain. Tried to get into the payment section and it wouldn’t work. So, this being a weekend, I got on the CHAT site.

    I said that I didn’t want to use my sister’s credit card, which was listed on the site. The customer service guy told me that he would send me a credit/debit card authorization form in ‘Word’ that I could fill out and send back to him. I didn’t want to do THIS by e-mail; something didn’t feel right.

    Well, I get the e-mail and on the form there are a bunch of costs:
    $24.95 for web hosting
    $200 to Add Processor out of contract
    $10/a month for extension of service
    $100/yr extension of service
    $50 MX record transfer
    ______ Blank @$50/HR changes request
    $150 Programming
    ______ Blank “Other”

    This line on the form BOTHERED ME…..

    “If I have not included a check to cover the above marked fees, I authorize StoresOnline Inc. to debit my credit card
    for above total amount. ” – and THIS AMOUNT… if I did my math correctly, would come to $535 without any of the BLANKS filled IN!

    Something was fishy!

    Here is part of the chat:

    OK – I am reading this form and my sister has already PAID $6000 for the SOL package. I DO NOT want the fees described ON the form to be charged to MY card!
    check select the other
    and for the domain registration price list
    you may check on
    if you register your domain name for 1 year it will be $14.95
    I was thinking about 5 years to start?
    OK – let’s go back to the beginning…. ALL I want to do is register a domain. Maybe I am not getting this….
    yes that’s right Bev
    you need to fill up the form I sent to you
    so that we can process your request for domain registration
    What I am trying to say is…and maybe I am not getting this – but if I ‘sign’ that form – it looks like – to me – that about $500 will be charged to my credit card. IS THIS CORRECT?
    For domain registration?????
    no Bev
    the domain registration is only $14.95 for 1 year
    I’m sorry….
    How much for 5 years?
    let me check on it please hold
    thanks for waiting Bev
    its more or less $75
    No additional charges?
    I’d go into merchant services and do this myself but I cannot get in.
    Perhaps I should wait till Monday and call and do this over the phone. Would that be something good to do?
    Yes Bev.
    I apologize for the delay Im have a high volume of chat’s right now
    -Darwin Atkins has left the chat.
    -B has left the chat.

    WHY would someone send me a form and just tell me to fill it out with ALL THOSE OTHER CHARGES ON IT?????

    Has anyone else had this or something similar?

    What about those who attended the seminar in Melville NY on May 30th and what are YOUR experiences?

  156. Nancy says:


    You should not be charged $500. You should be able to get a domain registered from any domain registrar. I would stay away from SOL for that. Go to and register it there. You should not be charged hosting until you are ready to put your site online. Then it is $24.95 a month to host.

    The other charges they list is just a summary of everything they charge for. You probably don’t need them to make any changes, you can probably do that yourself. As far as the processor is concerned, look in your contract to see what was included. If you don’t use the processor you signed up with, then they will charge you to add an additional one. (a rip off if you ask me as it only takes them a few seconds to activate a different processor)

    The $10 a month for extension of service is if you haven’t published within a certain time frame, they will charge $10 per month. The $100 yr extension of service is for those who haven’t published all their sites, they will charge $100 yr.

    The new fees are confusing to me too. I signed up in 2003 and didn’t have all these rip off fees. I was charged $150 when I published a site. This took care of the initial publishing plus a year of hosting. After the year, I now pay 24.95 a month to host. THe mx records fee is a real ripoff. It takes about 2 seconds to make this change.

    All I did when I published was send in the activation form and I was able to select 5 email addresses for my domain. I gave them the domain name I wanted to use. My registrar is with godaddy and all I have to do is enter a couple values for the dns servers.

  157. Nancy says:

    THis comment is for Bob,

    You must be joking. The people on here who are complaining don’t have $5000 to pay you for a lawsuit. Thats certainly not worth the price. Most only paid $6000 or less to SOL. What would be the point of paying another $5000 to get maybe a portion of their $6000 back. I don’t think anyone is that stupid.

  158. Nancy says:


    I forgot to mention. SOL chat is next to worthless. You can ask 6 different people the same question and get 6 different answers. This person obviously had no idea what you were asking for.

  159. Bob says:

    Nancy – exactly my point. Everyone has lost their money, but no one will fund the recovery of it because it costs too much to do so compared to the loss. Its the same as insurance, you lose $5000 in premiums, the company never fronts up with the promised benefits, and you just have to right it off as a lesson learnt because it costs more to sue and recover than the loss itself. SOL is no different and they are smart. They charge just enough to make good money from the scam, but not enough to justify any person spending time or money on chasing recovery of the loss, while they make future promises that no one has checked out before paying. Lesson in life, never prepay for what is promised in the future unless you are certain the future is certain. Hey, great site, it teaches all those who complain a life lesson that most seem to not have ever learnt. If people want to recover their money then class action lawyers will be the first to set up a global class action, but only if everyone is willing to pay for the cost to do so. The more people who join the less it costs on an economy of scale basis. Trouble is, you will find everyone will be just complacent and apathetic, enjoying more to just complain than either set up a class action or better still, get on with life and set up the website they always wanted to and recover the cost that way.

  160. Bev says:

    Thanks, Nancy! This is all so confusing -BUT- I am going to stick with it and TRY to get the money back that my sister paid out.

    The chat people have helped me on some things, but this wknd I have had 2 chats that were worthless. They just TOLD ME to do what I had already done!

    I have not activated the site because I have nothing on it yet. I do have products ready to go but the process described at the seminar isn’t as easy as they made it sound. Perhaps it is ME doing something wrong, I don’t know.

  161. Nancy says:


    If you are looking for real help with SOL site setup and optimizing your site, check out The site was started by a group of SOL store owners frustrated with the lack of support from SOL. The help is free and very useful information .

  162. jeffrey says:

    Get the honest people out of Orem Utah and nuke the f—-ing place

  163. To Whom it May Concern;
    Capt. Nielsen

  164. Jenny Z says:

    Bev – Be careful about getting a domain at I agree that this is a cheaper option than going through SOL, but in recent months I have heard that domains other than ones purchased from SOL will not work. Just check it out if you can. Good luck!

  165. Chris says:

    I got a Store through StoresOnline and so far have found their customer service to be quite easy to work with. I reached their Customer Service department at 801-434-8582. I was told by them that if I had any special concerns these concerns would be taken to a review board by their management and my individual questions would be addressed by them.

    In this day and age you simply cannot get an optimal target audience for your business without having a presence on the internet. Three out of ever four online businesses started will fail without the help of a tutor. So far, StoresOnline has delivered for me.

  166. KatieInBham says:

    I went to the free ‘conference’ and was a little skeptical of the whole thing throughout… (the speaker creepily touched my shoulder at one point) …anyway ..I am SO glad I decided to google “storesonline scam” just to see what came up. Sorry to all who weren’t so skeptical!

  167. todd says:

    My girlfriend got the invitation newsletter. It’s a
    good thing that I found this website. Would it be ok to attend the meeting just for the free food and and free mp3 player?

  168. Frances Lape says:

    I just got the invitation for the free lunch and seminar. Thought I’d check them out first. Since I already have a great website, I don’t think I would have bought into their scam. Glad I checked though. I think I’ll go anyway and make sure I give out this site to everyone there for them to see before they sign on the dotted line. By the way, you can get a web site for $95.00 per year through Pow Web. They have free web builders (I didn’t use them though – I had someone build my site for me). The best thing about them is that there is always an english speaking person there to help you with the technical stuff and the support is free. I would highly recommend this company to someone wanting to do a web site.

  169. Ok, I was contacted by a Consumer Advocate Person today. He states that he can actively help anyone who has lost money through Storesonline, by submitting a list of names, email addresses, phone numbers, $ lost, how many sites they bought, and dates and places of the seminars they attended and purchased SOL. He stated that if I get enough names (they can be anywhere in the world) he can find a pro bono lawyer to take a class action suit for us to get our money back. I DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON, BUT I WAS WILLING TO HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. My email address is [email protected], and if you want to join this then email me. If anyone out there has any information about this, please let me know. I am skeptical, but willing to do whatever I can to teach SOL a lesson that they cannot treat people they way they did, and we deserve a refund. I am anxious to hear from everyone with a comment on this. GrandmaDee

  170. Julia says:

    Dee, at first glance that sounds promising but then it struck me you said you were contacted. How do you know this isn’t another scammer trying to bait everyone to get private info to try to sell them on something else or exploit them? Why don’t you tell them about this site and ask them to post their company info and contact info themselves? I’m encouraged but I’d like to see something that legitimizes who they say they are before people start sending off private info.

  171. Julia, I like that idea. If he really wants to help us, then he can place a comment on this site. After I wrote my comment I thought, I don’t want to be responsible if this is another scam……..I agree with you, if he is really a consumer rights advocate and can locate a pro bono lawyer, than have him request the contact information. So, everyone, disregard my last comment, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this is actually someone who is willing to help us. Thanks again Julia

  172. Julia says:

    If you guys just google consumer advocacy class action lawsuits a bunch of firms come up that do these kind of cases. I just looked at one called Public Justice and you need to write them a letter and they will look into it. I’d follow their request for info and make sure to include this site for their info. If a few of you send letters to a bunch of these firms you ought to be able to generate some activity from people who actually do this for a living. I am not a victim of SOL so I can’t send a letter myself. I just found this site doing some research for my friend who was taken by them. She is not in the position to contact any of those consumer advocacy groups right now so maybe some of you can who are serious about taking action with this. Good luck!

  173. Helpline says:

    If you feel you have been treated unfairly with your online store please give me a call, I can help. (206) 339-7988 Leave a message and I can give you an immediate response.

  174. Martin Lee says:


    Can you explain what you have in mind?

  175. Laura says:

    Back in March 2008, I posted a comment about how I was trying to get my money back from this scam with Storesonline. Well, after reporting all this to the Attorney General and BBB, I got a $1,000 refund. I had put in around $3,500 total, but at least by fighting and being consistant, I did get something back. So, just don’t give up!! Keep on, and the BBB is who helped me get this refund. Mari Silva is the person at Storesonline that I delt with in getting my refund. [email protected] is her email address and you can call 801-227-0004 to reach her. Good luck!

    • kim says:

      This woman will not help you if you have gone past the deadline for getting a refund. I was one day past and all she wanted was “specifics” to my complaints. Those complaints being:
      .I find SOL untrustworthy, in that it’s business tactics are unethical. Deceptive advertising, encouraging a higher rate of attendance for the sole purpose of generating more sales. Civilcode Sections 1566, 1567, 1572, 1573, 1689(b)
      …Not disclosing all the facts, misleading consumers. Having one believe what they were buying was everything needed in order to be a success. Only, to have an affiliate contact you saying you needed something else, but cost were thousands more. Many other hidden fees that are not mentioned.
      …dishonest sales rep, unable to answer a valid question. Plus, I was promised a copy of the seminar, but never received one. Should this case require my further action, California Attorney Generals Office will assist me in obtaining that recording, and it will be key in my winning any case brought against you.
      …misrepresentation of the product and services. Promoting having to spend only 10-12 hours a week for success. Claims of making much more money, than what was paid for services, in just a few months. (for additional undisclosed cost, up and over 20,000). Work shops and training nothing more than sale seminars, as all information revealed is easily found on internet for free.
      …product incomplete and outdated by nearly 5 years, even though Directors and Members of the Board have changed personell And, even though, Court Judgements have ordered company to change rules.


  176. more says:

    their in new orleans with the same shit

  177. CEAC says:

    The company I work for has SOL and using a search engine I have trouble finding our product. The person that set up the site keeps tell us the “stats” on the site are great. The conversion rate is the one that matters so who is the one that establishes this rate SOL? Please help me understand what stats matter and where they come from because I feel we could do better with a good experanced web designer setting up a site from ground zero.

  178. T Reed says:

    Hey-I’m going to one of their seminars on 7/31 for a free lunch & an MP3 player.

    Any questions I should ask to BLOW their whole presentation?

  179. Diana G says:

    Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home. Eat, get your gift and run as fast as you can out the door.

  180. Susan says:

    This is WA on 7-29 tues. I am reading this after the two seminars. I paid $50. for two meals and 2 MP3 players. Luckily no one talked to me at the second seminar. I looked into the Express site and tried to do that Domain thing and same as the girl earlier pretty much exact situation. Error on the credit card for me to pay and talked to “chat help” same info given emailed me some “fee” crap page. I’m always skeptical so My husband and i think that the two dinners (which were fruit and chicken pitas) along with the cheap MP3 players was equivelant to a nice date and purchase of a toy for someone’s gift. Otherwise i’d b crying. I really do hope this all stops and everyone gets their money back. We know nothing is easy but a little help does sound nice. And for the people on the positive notes in here. Who are you foolin. Common, try going to areas that have a little more money bet you wouldn’t win them over so well. I noticed the areas StoresOnline picks are in unwealthy areas. Because “Why?” their r more people desperate to try to make money.

  181. Craig says:

    I Live in Sydney Australia and I am ashamed to say I fell for the whole Storesonline sales pitch…. So far we’ve lost AUD $4000+ afterpaying off our debt to Duvera I had great trouble building a website- I was not as easy as they showed and the training DVD supplied to help us do this easily was based on their “old software”, so I used their online 24hour help chat but they didn’t really speak english well and it was hard to get my questions across – I found out their chat is based in the Philippines.

    Here’s the kicker………..
    1 year after signing up they billed us AUD$477.08 on my new credit card that I didn’t authorise them to have and they say they didn’t bill me, so I sent them a copy of my online statement showing “Storesonline as the billing company” it’s been 2 weeks and still no word… Liar, Scam, Unscrupulous….. Don’t do it with them, if I had been smarter I could have had a company in Australia proffessionally build host and maintaine a website for me instanlty for less than half what we lost with no return with Storesonline.
    We also purchased 2 domain names through Storesonline and now we have told them we don’t want to deal with them they have made it near impossible to transfer these domain names to
    Craig B Sydney Australia

  182. Craig says:

    Hey to: T Reed on July 28th, 2008 at 4:02 pm (above)
    Hey-I’m going to one of their seminars on 7/31 for a free lunch & an MP3 player.

    Any questions I should ask to BLOW their whole presentation?
    You bet mate print these pages from Australia-
    -StoresOnline customers get $679,000 in refunds after ACCC legal action

    And- ACCC amends claim against StoresOnline to include new allegations of false or misleading conduct

    There are heaps of these- I’m going to try for a refund and contact one of these Departments in Australia.

    Craig B Sydney Australia

  183. Joanne says:

    T Reed!
    They will not allow you to ask any questions during the presentation!

    I attended the presentation in Reno NV this month and paid the 50.00 fee and was wondering why when I paid with cash the guy taking my money looked irritated now I believe they wanted my debit card number for the future presentaton..

    By the way we got breakfast! scrambled eggs,bacon,sausage,fruit and bread-yummy! Plus at the end recieved the mp3 player that even my son could not get to work.
    I just attended the workshop on Monday and got a few useful pointers inbetween ALOT of sales pitches and they were wanting a confidental paper filled out so they could offer financing to everyone-I did not fill this paper out but I did stay until the end of the presentation to hear about how to get a website to the top of the search engines and I will be checking into the site that I purchased to see if it is workable before cancelling it . I thank everyone who posted here and giving us all a heads up!

  184. Diana says:

    Hello, I was contacted yesterday from the Attorney Generals office in Washington state and they are investigating SOL. I was told that if anyone else in the state of Washington has a complaint, they are to file a complaint. I was so excited that they were being investigated. Good Luck to everyone

    • Mercedes says:

      We are from Massachusetts and navegate on the same boat. We just contact Attorney Generals office in MA.
      Maybe yo can let then\m know

  185. Jason Dragon says:

    I just attended a SOL seminar last night for the first time. It was interesting. Well I am a blogger so I just made a very detailed blog about the whole thing. After I made the blog I found this site, so I decided to make a link to it for all of you to read. Hope it helps.

  186. Joanne says:

    I know this off subject but has anyone looked into SMC?

  187. T Reed says:

    2 those of you who responded-Thanks!

    I went to the meeting yesterday and lots (35?) bought the Express pkg. I found it interesting that they sked the 6 hr meeting 16 days later-which allows no one to rescind.

    Sure glad I’d been to this page B4 the meet–good lunch, crummy mp3 player-Best of luck to all of you!

  188. T Reed says:

    To Joanne-SMC’d be great if you could find people willing to pay retail for junk-

  189. Quince "The Man" Talbot says:

    Mr. Dragon’s review has it’s good points, but the objectivity ends up neutralized with his sarcasm – I read his follow up post about how his StoresOnline blog got the most visitors…does he really care about StoresOnline or was he just jumping on the bandwagon of “post a link on a blog and reap the rewards”…does it matter? Maybe not, but it was worth mentioning.

    My favorite parts and “business pointers” for Mr. Dragon’s review are as follows:

    “I always am trying to learn about business.” – Good for you – an open mind is required to learn most anything. Objectivity is a common sign among intelligent persons.

    “They promise free dinner and a free (128MB) MP3 player to everyone who shows up and stays for the whole event.” – Did you get these items? If yes, then promise fulfilled.

    “…no FTP, no domain name, no email or any of that (At least they did not mention this).” – Find out first, then continue writing your review.

    “Now here is where it starts to get really bad. They took some polls. First off most of the people there were over the age of 65. Next of the 200+ people there only 7 of the people in the room currently had a website of any kind.” – What is the bad part? The idea that the reason many of the people attended a seminar that talks about the web were not web savvy? Hmm, sounds pretty normal to me. If you were shocked or offended by people who don’t know about the internet going to learn about the internet class, I’m not sure what to tell you.

    “Now at the end of the meeting they handed everyone a order form/contract. If you sign it says they will bill your credit card the monthly fee until you cancel in writing. For me it was crazy. But I was surprised when I looked around almost half of the people there were signing up, handing over their credit card info and their money.” – Again, there is nothing shocking or as you’ve put it “crazy” about someone signing up for a service and getting billed monthly, with services terminable by writing. More writing scare tactics…moving on…

    “The people who run StoresOnline know that almost all of these people will NEVER make even one sale.” – Who did you talk to at StoresOnline to verify this? Careful of the slander/defamation line – “In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel, slander, and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual…” Up until now, you were obviously NOT a fan of Storesonline, but as a tip for future reference from one blogger to another: be careful.

    “They then showed some examples of their clients, like the one who is FIRST on google with the keywords “inland empire thomas guide”. OK anyone that knows about SEO is laughing right now, I know. It was hard for me not to. If you search for “thomas guide” they are middle on the second page, not too bad.” – Anyone who does SEO? I know you said you like to learn about business, but you should probably pick up on the SEO tactic of “low hanging fruit” and keyword strategies as well. Diana is obviously doing something right to show up so high in a Google search. Where exactly is your blog or website in the search engine?

    “Everything they were showing was right from 2001.” – Touche, and yet, if most people have never learned the basics, would you really throw them into a 2.0 web environment? Walk before running Mr. Dragon, it’s another learning new things approach that I’d recommend to you.

    “… then they told the only lie of the night about how people can go to your site, order something and some of the money is “Wired” to your paypal account while the rest of the money is sent to your dropshipper and it all happens while you sleep with nothing from you. I talked to them later and they said that it really is not possible to do this but they just wanted to make it simple to understand for the people there, and I found that acceptable.” – I’m glad that you cleared that up with them and that the answer was acceptable to you. For being such a bad company, they only told one lie that ended up being acceptable to you…I find this somewhat intriguing as you are clearly against their product, company, and presentation at certain points, yet you ferreted out only “one acceptable lie” – hmm, credibility continues to fade.

    “But how many smart motivated business people are clueless, they don’t coexist” – True and yet there are those who are smart, motivated people who may start out “clueless” to something like the internet, and when they find the right fit software and company wise and get the education they needed, they are no longer clueless – it is the process of education, law of the harvest type idea you know.

    “I am really impressed with their presentation and how it all works, it was very slick,” – seems that you are upset by the way it was well put together so you couldn’t stab it any further, but you do make up for the professionalism with your speculations of how StoresOnline works.

    “Who would of thought you could sell $100 worth of stuff for thousands and still have people lining up. They are able to send out targeted direct mail, then hold a meeting, give away free food, and free gifts and STILL make a profit. I need to figure out how to do this with one of my businesses.” – And there it is folks, in black and white: I NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS WITH ONE OF MY BUSINESSES. His opinion of StoresOnline is that they are basically ripping people off, but hmm, he wants to figure out how to do the same thing he is so obviously criticizing. Mr. Dragon, when you do figure out how to be “very slick” as you’ve put it, the world best watch out – you’re so happy to shame shame StoresOnline, yet you want to know how to duplicate what you supposedly despise…tut tut.

    “At least I would only talk to people who I knew could use the product, not just any dumb person with a credit card like these guys do.” – You make a blanket assumption that you know who can or cannot benefit from an online business and assume that is what StoresOnline is doing. If you mail out advertisements and people show up to learn more, then it is really a self screening process and in the long run, don’t you think it might be possible that people might want to spend $50 on a simple website – is that such a despicable business practice?

    Oh well, that was fun. Thanks for the blog Martin, I had a good time.

  190. TR Stand says:

    My free mp3 player signals an threat notice from my AVG secuirty software when i plug it into my computer. then if i click to isolate the threat, and continue working my computer shuts down at various odd times. Has anyope else experienced this?

  191. Mari Silva says:

    Due to the great response we’ve had in resolving customer service issues with past and present StoresOnline merchants on these blogs, we wanted to publish the official StoresOnline contact information for those who will visit this blog:
    Mari Silva
    Director of Customer Relations
    Stores Online Inc.
    Phone: (801) 227-0004
    Fax: 801-426-6712
    Toll Free Fax: (888) 416-7370
    Email: [email protected]
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    • kim says:

      Why are you saying this, Maria? Oh, I see, that was in 2008. When did you stop resolving customers issues? And, what exactely were those issues? How many REFUNDS were the results of customers issues???!!

  192. Jason Dragon says:

    Well I guess Quince was not happy with my blog. I will address his many complaints. I was not 100% negative on it. I did receive the food and MP3 player as they said, and over all I had a good time at the event, I even met a few people who I gave my card to.

    As I said it may work for some people. When I say something is Slick that means it is really smooth and it is not a bad thing at all. And I would like to be able to produce a slick marketing thing for my company. When I said that they know that most people loose money I should have said that if they looked at the numbers they should know. I have never seen ANY business opportunity were even a majority of the people make money. To me it is about how much these people who loose money loose, and watching how they get sucked into it. This is not the first or last company that I have reviewed. I understand low hanging fruit, I have gone after many but as an example it is weak. I did not intend to spend this much time talking or looking into this company, I just wanted to make a blog about what I thought on the day I thought it, nothing more. I don’t deal with this company near to the extent as most of the people on here, and I don’t plan to. But if you talk about being critical, you were much more critical of my blog as I was of this company.

  193. Joanne says:

    Well it seems most of the internet online stores really are buyer be beware!

  194. nelly silva says:

    I’m from Ma and I to was scammed by sol. I attended their workshop in July 2007 and purchased 6 websites and couldn’t get them up and running so I paid a website designer to help me with it and he too could not get my website going. I just about gave up on everything and am now 6500.00 short. If there is anyone out there from Ma who attended these seminars I would love to here from you, Thanks.

    • Steve W says:

      To Nelly Silva – it sounds more like you were scammed by someone claiming to be a website designer. After reading so many comments on things, sounds like SOL’s software is not as intuitive as it is advertised to be, but any decent web designer should be able to work with it, as is proven by the numerous SOL websites that are out there and working.

  195. Jason Dragon says:

    Basically it all comes down to this. Getting an online store from GoDaddy or many other sources is about $50 per quarter. There are at least 100 places you can buy this at. But the VALUE of having an online store is 100’s of times more than the cost. You can spend $50 and make $50,000 with ease. So smart people are taking advantage of this, and they are taking these cheap products that are very good and marking them up and marketing them to people that don’t know the real price of the product. This is VERY common in our country. Ink costs about 20 cents an ounce but sells for over $30 an ounce when put in an ink cartage for a ink jet printer. Phone service costs your local phone company less than $1 a month to provide to you yet they charge $30 or more. Caller ID costs them under 1 CENT per month yet they usually charge $5.99.

    People can choose to be educated or pay, it is their choice, and in our land of freedom we offer all of these choices. If you are smart enough to find someone to pay $6000 for the product that costs you $10 then you are free to do it, but when people figure out that they over paid you may have problems to deal with.

    Jason Dragon

  196. Carly says:

    I just attended the meeting last night and bought into it. Wish I had been able to research BEFORE the meeting. I don’t care so much about the $50 charge but I do want to stop the recurring monthly payments before they start. Anyone know what I should do?

  197. Kyle says:

    No one made you people buy anything. If you put the time and effort into it, you can make it work. How do you think it works for thousands of other people just like you? They give you the tools, they hold your hand, but YOU have to do the work. It is a business. It is not an overnight success. You will not make a million dollars in one day. The only reason it didn’t work for you is because you let it fail.

  198. Desiree says:

    I attended a Storesonline presentation about 5 years ago in San Jose, CA, purchased a license and was NEVER able to use the so-called turn-key website. All they wanted was more $$$ whenever I called to ask for help. They are a total scam. DO NOT go to their seminars. They really need to be shut down!

  199. Desiree says:

    Carly –

    You have 3 business days to cancel your contract

  200. Well I just purchased the $50 package and have seminar next week. I have no intentions of purchasing the PRO package…never did… I have been to high pressure sales things so knew they would try to sell something else. My question is has anyone had any luck whatsoever if they didnt spend any more money and just used tools on the express package? It hasnt been 3 days so should I go ahead and cancel? has anyone been charged the monthly fee if they cancelled right away?

  201. Carly says:

    I called and told them I wanted to cancel my account. The rep said it was taken care of but then told me my account was “on hold.” I told him I wanted it cancelled instead of “on hold.” He said this was the only thing he could do and it would not be active unless I called back to change it. He said I would have no charges to my credit card and so far there have been none. I am so glad I did this within the 3 day period.

  202. T Reed says:

    Smart! They hold the 6 hour conference beyond the three-day cancellation period because most people will wait to attend it, thinking all their problems will be solved at the meeting.

  203. T. Knight says:

    My son and I attended one of these seminars in Feb. 2007
    My son had just “retired” from working on cruise ships for several years and wanted to get into something he could do from home. I was interested in “retiring” also so I went with him. Boy! They are GOOD!!! They had elderly couples and young alike rushing to buy into this ” Get Rich Quick” program. Of course, all the video testimonials they showed made it all look so easy!
    They kept offering better and better “deals” Well, long story short, we purchased 6 websites for $6400. The websites were $4900, which included a 1 yr. “customer support fee” (BS), $999 for Credit Card Processing License, $499 for e-store tax program. The training was free. I paid part of the down with a credit card and the rest of the $900 with a check. However. They insisted that the balance be on a monthly draw from my bank account. We were excited to get started.
    Then the phone calls started. My husband thought the Tax Club would be a good idea. They convinced him that they could also take over handling the books for our business we already own. That was another $2600 or so. Then, they charge us $19.95 every month. For nothing. We have yet to get one website up and running and he did not turn his books over to them after discussing it with his longtime CPA. We have had numerous people call us and say they can get us up and running, for a price of course. We have been working on one website as our schedule allows. Although, it is not as easy as you would think I even had one fellow call me and identified himself as someone with StoresOnLine and literally badgered me about not working on it. At one point he alluded to the fact that people like me were losers. Needless to say I hung up on his ass.
    Every single person that calls trying to sell us something else is in with SOL. Believe me, if we could get out of it we damn sure would.

  204. Dave Hayward says:

    There have been questions on the blog about getting in touch with Mari Silva. In order to contact her directly, you need to call 801-234-5976 or email her at [email protected]. Mari is working with merchants and others who have questions about StoresOnline and seems to be very passionate about her work. She is someone you can talk to and get help from, so I recommend that you get in touch with her.

    • kim says:

      It will not be in the form of a refund. If that is what you are looking for and you are not within the 3 day limit…do not waste your time with this person. It will only make you more upset.

  205. I sent her an email on aug8 or 9th and havent heard a word from her. I sent copies to every email address I could find of theirs, also to BBB. I did get a reply from someone that said I needed to send them more info and it would be taken care of. I still dont know yet if it has. I will keep you informed. I also sent a copy to the convention center that is hosting the so called workshop next week to let them know that Storesonline is planning on scamming the local residents of Chattanooga/Cleveland area. Whether they do anything or not is up to them.

  206. monique says:

    I attended one of their 90 min seminars the other day, full knowing it was going to be a scam but figured I would get a nice dinner and a mp3 player.I was appauled by how many people bought into this scam. Not only did they purchase the empty $50 binder which charges $25 a month, but were all willing to go back to the all day workshop which is going to shake them down for $3,500. I understand people have a dream to stay at home and be their own boss, while making money, but chances are if they can’t see through con jobs, their chances of having a successful “at home” business is slim to none.
    My favorite part for this conference was the dinner, which included, a dry turkey sandwich, a cup of mac salad, and bottle of water( all wrapped in plastic wrap.) Now I am praying the mp3 player works.
    I also found it interesting how we were not permitted to ask questions in front of the audience (only on a one on one basis). I wanted to ask the MC “how much do you make a year and do you utilize the storesonline software.
    I hope more people that are drawn into these schemes realize that they can purchase software that does the same thing and cost about 1/1000 of what these crooks are asking for. Please people realize that the only one getting rich here are the people holding shares to storesonline.
    This is my take on the whole thing- but you can decide for yourself. They sell a great dream but It’s their dream that is coming true.
    with concern,

  207. Mari Silva says:

    In response to [email protected]: I responded to your email message on August 9th – your request should have been completed, however if you have other concerns in relation to your email, please contact me directly at 801-234-5976. Thank you.

  208. David D. says:

    I worked for these guys for a short time. It was a sweatshop. A year ago they had SEVEN different state AGs looking into their business practices. I have since found out that a person can get set up in a business-oriented website for a LOT less than they are charging. Their “premiums” (meals, business organizers, MP3 players, etc.) are trash.

  209. Ivan M.burke says:

    Hello to everyone who is reading this. I recently attended the meeting in manassas virginia Where they gave away free dinner and a ipod shuffle. I listened to the proposal that storesonline had. They had a speaker that wasnt even working with them. He was terrible,nervous, and admitted he made a part of the story he was telling us was false. He kept studdering,which in my book is lieing. Then they claimed about how many people did this and that. But for real reference, I went and check the better business bureau online. And didnt find them regristered at all. I started a website like this..just with world market systems.and they got me for $100. and stores online is the same setup.pick the product, price, and bla bla bla. my advice, work hard and start your business from the ground up the old fashion way. The internet is easy to make money..but also easier to lose money.thank you very much

  210. Beverly Nagy says:

    I am from the state of Texas and purchase StoresOline, iMergent & PMI in 2007 and I am out $13,367.00 and would like to know how I can get a refund? I have already contacted the Attornery General of Texas and have not heard back. Does anyone out there know of an Attorney that would handle a class action suit to get a full refund of my money?

  211. Hector says:

    Hello all, I would like to thank you for this website. It has helped me in my decision to cancel service. Today is my 3rd day and I have cancelled my service. When I called in to cancell, The guy on the phone said everything short of calling me a looser. He was very unprofessional but he did say that they have cancelled my service.( I am hoping that they will cancel) I have called my bank to stop payment on the $4999.00 check. Now as far as them being a big scam, I think that they are very tricky in showing the software. During the presentation the guy acutally created a website in just a few clicks and bam!! The website was created and had everything u needed to publish it….WHAT they dont tell you is that it takes about a month or more to do all the prepwork. You have to create tons of accounts with various other companies. To start a dropship account etc., also there are so many other fees out there its crazy. I will say that I learned a lot of info from the workshop/seminar ..I think if you go to one write down as much info as you can and go out and do the leg work yourself .They give you enough info to really go and do it yourself…Besides one more tricky thing they said no 2 more is 1 they claim to help you with your current site(I already had a web business) They could not touch it! 2 If you tried to have them build you 1st website for you, YOU have to do all the research and upload pictures and everything so YOU do all the work anyway they just put all YOUR WORK together..I thank GOD for this website and helping me to save a ton of money…You guys are great.

  212. Richard says:

    I went to a meeting in Chattanooga and they said many times that they are all required to have a working website and that they are all making money with them. When I was interviewed by the “high pressured sales person” I ask him about his site and he said that their policy ststes that they cannot reveal any information on their person site. I ask why and he said that he cannot do it. I can only assume that he was not making money or he does not have a site in the first place. Why would anyone not use a successful site to help you sell? It did not make sense and not I am in the process of cancelling. I have called in and got the reps name, time I called and a confirmation number. I then took the information and faxed the info in to confirm my call to them (just in case they say “I never called them”) and I even went so far as to e-mail them!

    I want my $5995.00 back!

  213. Karen says:

    Everyone who “thinks” they have canceled their account,,,make sure you check your credit card statements. We canceled but then a charge showed up. We called again and they have not refunded yet. Keep an eye on your charges and credits!

  214. Biju says:

    Today I attended the 90mts session in NY. I knew this is a scam as I had attended the full day session 3 years back. But a full day session for 50$ is really worth for the updated information on internet marketing. You may say you can get all those infor from internet. True. But a class room session is really effective. From the last class I got the idea of drop shipping. I have my web site up and running for 3 years. ( not through SOL ). Let me attend the upcoming 5 hour sept 1st session to get the 1/2 an hour worth updates.
    By the way in our today’s 90 mt session they didn’t handover the mp3 player. It seems the shipment didn’t arrive and asked all of us to fill in an address form to ship.
    I really feel for all those seniors who attended the program who think ecommerce is a cakewalk the way SOL projects it.
    I gave cash tob eon the safer side to attend the one day session.
    I was surprised how 90% of the attendees were handing out their credit cards – they will realize the pain when the monthlky fee of 25$ kicks in.
    Thanks to who ever set up this site.

  215. Hector says:

    Yes They do have the conference long after the 3 day cancellation so I did lose $50…plus $14 for parking for the day and the gas I spent driving to the event. For those of you who went to the 2nd event though you can cancel that contract because it was separate from the 1st…but I highly suggest you cancel your check you wrote or stop the credit card you used because I cancelled yesterday and still don’t have word from them. I will keep you all posted….

  216. William says:

    I have read through all the comments on this review and I can’t help but notice how many of you seem to have wanted success for little or no work on your part. I too went to one of their workshops and was very ignorant to internet marketing but decided I would learn. I spent months and months reading the tutorials offered in merchant services and following through on the information given. My thinking is this, If you want success on the internet it will take literally years of hard work through continual building and promoting of your web site. I agree that the presenters at the workshop make success on the internet seem very easy, but I also realize that is how every company out there markets their products or services. Approximately 95 percent of all Biz owners fail, and I have no doubt you guys easily fall into that category and the only ones posting here are not willing to spend years investing and working a business whether it is online or offline in a traditional business. Folks I am determined to make a success out of my e-commerce web site and I will take full responsibility for it. You guys can dilute your self by claiming SOL web sites are more expensive but It is very competitive with the others out there for what you get. None of the others offer the marketing tutorials and updates to whats new in marketing on the net. Folks, I can go on for hours explaining why 95 percent of the people in this country would rather whine and complain if they do not get rich overnight but after I post this comment I am sure I will get accused of being affiliated with SOL. I can assure you I am just like you guys except for I have a realistic view of how to become a success with a business. Success very rarely comes over night and I’d be willing to bet I had a harder time understanding the builder than any of you. I consider myself very good using the builder now and I got that way by spending hours chatting and learning it. Stores chat support are not specialist in marketing and promoting but they are very good in the builder. To learn how to market and promote to drive traffic is an education in itself and takes time to learn. Review any successful website on the internet by using alexa dot com and you will see most took years to become a success. My website was published in February of 2008 and It took months just to get indexed with the major search engines. Most in here know fully well they didn’t spend the required time to achieve success and they are just full of excuses, they would fail at any endeavor they attempted. After 6 months of very long hours promoting my web site I am happy to say I am having success in sales as of recently. If you are truly doing it right your web site will change consistently and after years of climbing the google rankings and learning hundreds of ways to drive traffic you will enjoy the successes of the other 5 percent who truly put forth effort to become successful. Sorry folks but it is just a sad fact that most people just want something for nothing and will whine and blame someone else if it doesn’t happen over night. I have nothing but rave reviews for SOL’s 24 hour chat support. Ill say it again for the many excuse makers. I am in no way affiliated with Storesonline or any one else . I just happened to see this blog as I was logging in to my back office. For the record, I have more money invested than any of you that have posted here. That’s how it works folks in the greatest country in the world. If you put forth the time, effort and yes, money, you can be successful. If you don’t have the money then ask yourself why that is and how you expect to change that by complaining and blaming?

  217. John says:

    I can’t believe how many people feel it is their right and duty to criticize and judge those who have posted their (bad) experience with SOL. I am a web developer and I can tell you that charging people $6000 for an ecommerce website that they don’t create for you is absolutely INSANE! I charge about $4000 for most e-comm sites I create, but I’m creating them in every aspect and even loading their products for them as long as they give them to me in a spreadsheet, and I also provide free training on how to use the back end of their store. Those of you who are so arrogant as to demean others for not being as savvy as you are just plain jerks!

  218. Martin Lee says:

    Hi William,

    Thank you for your feedback. Just out of curiousity, you mentioned you saw this blog in your backoffice.

    Where was that?

  219. William says:

    John, I rest my case!!! My point is verified through your post. Noone paid 6000.00 for a web site. It is approximately 6500.00 for the whole package of 6 web sites including ECI credit card processing for all and their in no other provider out there supplying as much info on how to market and promote their site. If a person doesn’t understand the marketing end of it they just need to research it to learn it. I have read numerous post, on this thread, riddled with innacurate info about SOL and I have read about some who couldn’t have possibly worked at being successful in such a short time. John my post was not meant to be arrogant, I just simply know it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to become successful in this venture and yes I am proud of the fact that I work at it instead of making excuses. It seems you posted with more of an intent to advertise yourself to the helpless in here rather than actually reading all these posts. some in here wer’e definitely detered from ever even trying based on the excuses and outright lies about the SOL service. If it weren’t for the great customer service I would have never figured out how to use the SOL builder. They not only provide help but will actually set it up while you chat with them. Any one can make a go of it, but most will just make excuses and hope they can recover their money. You see they purchased a dream but was not willing to support their dream.

  220. William says:

    To Martin Lee,

    If you read my first post I did not say I saw this blog in my back office, I stated I saw this blog link on google when I typed storesonline to get to my login page so I clicked on it because after all I’ve learned, I now know that in order for someone to have their link on the same page as Storesonline’s search results they would have to have a Pay per click campaign (PPC) If a person set up this blog using PPC then they most definitely have an agenda and that agenda is most probably to promote their services or product, but it is a great place for the meek to vent about how the world screwed them.


  221. Martin Lee says:


    You mentioned nothing about google in your first post.

    “I just happened to see this blog as I was logging in to my back office. ”

    Say whatever you like but I’ll let people make their own judgement call on whether they find this site useful.

  222. John says:

    William said: “It seems you posted with more of an intent to advertise yourself to the helpless in here rather than actually reading all these posts. some in here wer’e definitely detered from ever even trying based on the excuses and outright lies about the SOL service.”

    Well, my friend, where do you see my contact information advertising myself? What an idiot. You, that is.

  223. William says:

    John, I’m the Idiot??? you are the one who was all worked up on phony information you either concocted or just never bothered to educate yourself on the facts. where did you get $6000.00 for one site?

    ” I am a web developer and I can tell you that charging people $6000 for an ecommerce website that they don’t create for you is absolutely INSANE!”

  224. William says:

    Martin, I agree this site is useful. never said otherwise. I was just stating my thoughts and observations. I have no interest in promoting SOL but I find it a shame that many will find this site and be deterred based on only the few who never give it a chance or ones that want success for free.

    I truly don’t see the importance of debating how I found this blog so enlighten me please.

  225. Martin Lee says:


    It’s not important how you found this site as there are many ways. I was just wondering what sol was up to putting my site inside their back office. Thanks for the clarification.

  226. Hector says:

    William there is no reason to degrade or downtalk the people who post here. I am glad I read these posts. I agree some of the info here has been a little off, but I chock that up to emotion. It’s no fun to realize that you were taken for $6000 more or less. If you read my posts I was very truthful and stated exact facts and numbers. I will say it again SOL is only a software company but they make the presentation in a way that makes it seem so easy, but in reality it is far from it, read my post, and so what if other companies do it. It is not ethical to present something very quickly and then presure people in buying a dream a “Life changing choice”. Please as I said the info they gave was very informative and anyone without spending $6000 can go out do the research and start a business. I think they are running a bit of a scam and also they were very unprofessional when I called to cancel service. My point is this just because people post here doesn’t make them ignorant or lazy or some dumb dream chasers…They are people that were sold on borderline false examples of success and then pressured to buy. Look they are who they are and they know what they are doing we are all adults here so you need to understand that some people will fall for anything and then find out to late what it is, and everyone should know that nothing comes easy and nothing is free.

  227. Laura Hunt says:

    24 hours ago I signed up with StoresOnline. After reading these postings, I cancelled my order by fax, certified mail and email, stopped payment on my $50 check, and pray they don’t figure out some other way to get my money.

  228. Joanne says:

    “William said: “It seems you posted with more of an intent to advertise yourself to the helpless in here rather than actually reading all these posts. some in here wer’e definitely detered from ever even trying based on the excuses and outright lies about the SOL service.”

    Well, my friend, where do you see my contact information advertising myself? What an idiot. You, that is.”

    From his comments-did not read his entire rant,too long no paragraphs, he sounds like an SOL employee.

  229. Marty says:


    Are you kidding? You are making comment on a so called “rant” you did NOT entirely read? Do you comment on how a piece of pie tastes when only eating the crust? Don’t embarrass yourself.

  230. Joanne says:

    Your rant was too obvious to be taken seriously-don’t YOU embarrass yourself.

  231. Texas Business says:

    You all are a bunch of lazy people who don’t know the meaning of persistence. It works. Obviously you never gave it a try and expect to just pay and have money magically flow into your wallet. Try it, apply the techniques and it will make you successful.

  232. William says:

    martin Lee,

    Can we talk for a bit or will you just keep banning my posts if they don’t fit your agenda?

  233. Martin Lee says:


    I have not banned any of your posts.

  234. CEAC says:

    OK, let’s stop all this pointing fingers, facts, can you get SOL to work? Yes you can, if you know computers and have a lot of time to work on it. From a technology stand point SOL is off the mark by four to six years. Is SOL for a full blown business, no it’s for Mom and Pop operations. Last, $6k for SOL, that is crazy, you can have a good complete custom e-commerce site designed, built and ready to do business for $5K, maybe less. These are the facts because I have just gone throw it where I work because they have SOL. Bottom line it will work, it will take a lot of time to set up, it’s out of date, not expandable cost effectively, and from a price stand point it’s a big rip off!!!!

  235. Eric says:

    I attended a seminar held by SOL at Barkers Island in Superior, WI on 8-28-2008. Very slick presentation, well dressed presenter with hot model type assistant. No questions answered during the 90 min. pitch: these would be addressed at the follow-up workshop which is to be held on September 9th, 2008 at the Holiday Inn in Duluth, MN beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 6:00PM. I was interested by the discussion but had concerns regarding the website as shown on the graphics before us. Anybody who has done any computer work at all knows that things just don’t get done by a few clicks and “poof” magically the website is complete and accurate. If people go to these seminars and gain info. instead of giving SOL the little money they have for some flowery spoken words and dreams that will be difficult to materialize then they would be better off. I added the location of the meeting for those of you that have been taken advantage of, perhaps this info. will assist you in tracking these folks and detering them from continuing on this path of distruction. Sadly, I informed them that the dates of the workshop would not work for me and I am thankful for this site as it has truely opened my eyes. During the month of September a group from SOL will be throughout the Twin Cities area…..beware.

  236. Hector says:

    Ceac I have to agree with you thats kind of what I have been posting myself, they are a software company but it is how they present themselves as if things were so easy. They are a big rip off. My wife does web design and she kept saying “It seems nice but what are we paying 6K for..?” This is why I decided to cancel service and also decided to post here so that NO ONE FALLS for this company.

  237. William says:

    Bottom line is….Every one of you who keep saying SOL wants $6000.00 for a web site are proven to be purposely lying by your own words. $6000.00 is for 6 (SIX) web sites and the ECI credit card processing for all of them. There are enough items to debate without flat out lying about it.

  238. CEAC says:

    6 or 16, how many people can use even two or three? Who would have the time to configure them? Once a template is made by a web designer for a site how much is the cost of a new URL, $15.00? OK, so my estimate for 6 custom websites would go from $5K to lets get really crazy with the cushion and say $6K with cosmetic changes and additional licenses for more seats!!! William, what is your take from SOL? To fight a losing battle you must be getting some compensation. A lot of the people posting here have no experience with e-commence, I have done millions of dollars in business do to customer leads coming in from my websites. SOL is banking on the old saying, “there is a sucker born every minute and two to take him” it’s sad but true. People tend to trust the wrong people, especially the elderly which I am told is a prime target for SOL!

  239. Gigi says:

    Does anyone know how I can get my money back $50? Just call them and hope they will answer/do it?

  240. Shelley McLaughlin says:

    My daughter-in-law and I went to the free seminar today and almost bought into this glad I didn’t by the looks of these posts. We got a free MP3 player a piece and A nice meal though. thanks for the heads up. BUYER BEWARE!!

  241. William says:


    Don’t base your opinion for the possibility of success based on the few posters on this site.

    There are currently 240 posts in here if you minus Martin Lee’s posts and responses and the ones like you who just happen across this site, who have no evidence but this site to base their opinions on, you are left with just a few lazy people who believe they are scammed in every area of their life and their own bank accounts will surely reflect the level of action they take in life.

    This site is a waste of my time but I see it daily logging in to work on my web site and I am on support sites every day with many many successful web site owners from Stores online.

    As I said before…as a last resort the do-nothings will always accuse me of being a SOL employee or whatever. Blah Blah Blah. Don’t fall in line with people who have no aspirations in life and who will only try something if it is easy (a scam ).

    Everything worthwhile in life takes a lot of time and work, always has and always will. There are only a small few in here if you really count them and If it will make a difference to anyone I will post a list of happy and successful cutomers of Stores web sites.

    I calculated the number of happy to unhappy at about the same rate as any other endeaver or business. but their are always the lowly ones at the bottom who will do nothing in life and expect results from it.

    They are the ones that would truly scam someone to profit from it if they get the chance. Those are the ones who get mad if it is’nt true that riches will come over night. They always look for the easy road and always fail!


  242. Angela Cockburn says:

    The point is not whether a website purchased through SOL can be made profitable; of course it can, with dedication and hard work, like any other website.

    Rather, the issues are:

    1. Are the websites offered by SOL good value for money? (The consensus is no, they are not.)
    2. Is the support offered as promised? (Again, most people seem to feel that it is not.)
    3. Is the marketing of the product appropriate for the target purchaser? Is the marketing misleading? Is there unnecessary pressure to buy?

  243. William says:


    you said:…

    The point is not whether a website purchased through SOL can be made profitable; of course it can, with dedication and hard work, like any other website.

    I agree

    you said:…

    Are the websites offered by SOL good value for money? (The consensus is no, they are not.)

    I strongly disagree because of the research I’ve done in this area. I have ask many where they can get comparable product and I ask you the same ..
    keep in mind it needs to be a product that gives you the same support and the ability to learn the programming end so you dont pay someone forever to adjust your site. the tweaking goes on for the life of the site.

    I can’t wait for someone to bring me one of those package deals like SBI because that type of site will never be marketable on google at all

    I had my doubts at times with Stores online but they never let me down on the support end and now I am a believer that has seen my site start to take on a life of its own.

    Did I spend a lot of time, energy and money?…you bet I did. That is what it takes.

    Please show me what the price would be for a site comparable to mine and remember everytime I want to change that site I better know how to do the programming end which takes time and money….hmmmm

    you said:…

    Is the support offered as promised? (Again, most people seem to feel that it is not.)

    Most people???? the one area that makes me hostile is the support issue. I have yet to fail to get help that walks me through every process 7 days a week 24 hours a day!!!

    just today I learned how to set up sibling category list that I am building in my back end. they chatted with me for 1hour and 50 minutes.

    Angela It’s a big copout of the ones who claim I get something for stating this or somehow I am affiliated with SOL, They can’t bare hearing it might work because then they’d have to admit where the real problem is….themselves!

    you said:..

    Is the marketing of the product appropriate for the target purchaser? Is the marketing misleading? Is there unnecessary pressure to buy?

    Lets not forget I went to the seminar a complete moron about internet marketing and I also got caught up in the hype.

    It infuriates me everytime I hear another radio commercial about how you can purchase an website package that virtually runs itself and you pay thousands of dollars for it too using their products that they mark up and profit from and their web sites are UNMARKETABLE ON THE INTERNET.

    Now I use them as just an example of the nature of marketing these days…everyone is using those tactics but the one whos fall for it and then do nothing claim they were scammed, that they couldn’t help their selves , they were forced, hypnotised or just was vulnerable and the evil marketers took advantage of them, Gimme a break ..the bottom line is they don’t even try and then they tell outright lies about the product they purchased,

    Once again for the ones looking for excuses….I AM JUST AN ORDINARY BLUE COLLAR GUY….I do not get paid in any way from SOL.


  244. CEAC says:


    Lets you and me talk about SOL! I have been working on e-commence for many years and I would love to answer some of your direct statements. If you would like proof about dollars and cents of the web design business please let me know, I have quotes in hand from experienced, reputable website designers. I did not see a response from my post to you? I see you like to talk to people that do not have experience with the Internet. Maybe you should answer my post? Let see if I turn out to be a moron! You like to rattle of stuff but I see nothing you have said that disputes the points I made in my post. Lets chat!

  245. William says:


    you said:…

    “6 or 16, how many people can use even two or three? ”

    This line is hillarious considering most succesful retail web owners use more than one site.

    I sure hope your at least familiar with SOL and what they offer because by some of your points you show you know nothing about them, but I’ll still oblige you because I am sure at the end smart folks will see you are mostly just promoting what you offer as an alternative but will fail to tell folks they will rely on you (or someone else) and pay forever for services that are always needed in online retailing.

    You said:…

    “Who would have the time to configure them?”

    This is the nuts and bolts of what makes SOL different than what you offer. successful marketers will either spend time or money or both building and marketing their site. What you offer but fail to disclose to your victims is they will pay for yours or someone elses services forever (if they need progarmming changes or updates to their site) and never learn zilch about programming and marketing their own sites

    In fact Ill bet you charge extra for the marketing end (if you even offer it) and never disclose to your victims that driving traffic is a very time consuming and costly event and is the most important part.

    I ask you now to please provide prices and what your clients get as far as training and information about marketing and driving traffic to their site. You are a con man if you build a site for someone and fail to inform them Its absolutely useless without traffic.

    I will absolutely guarantee traffic to anyones site based on what I have learned and researched in the massive amount of info offered in SOL. IT TAKES WORK FOLKS, YES IT DOES

    You said:…

    Once a template is made by a web designer for a site how much is the cost of a new URL, $15.00?

    This is one of your points that make no sense and caused me to ignore you in the first place. I do agree on your price for a URL. As far as prices go…. Value is a perception based on knowledge of the Item in question.

    Once again I challenge you to provide to me what services you provide for driving traffic and ranking with google and inbound links. etc etc etc Folks he is a con man if he offers you a site for thousands but fails to inform you it is as useless as spit till traffic starts converting into sales.

    You said:..

    OK, so my estimate for 6 custom websites would go from $5K to lets get really crazy with the cushion and say $6K with cosmetic changes and additional licenses for more seats!!!

    Once again do you provide any material and services for driving traffic to these sites for that amount of money?????If not, you are the con here, not SOL. The only con I see with SOL is the promotion of the idea that it is easy. It is not …So after they purchase your site they better be prepared for the hard part of this endeavor …will you be there and what are your credentials in internet marketing (driving traffic)

    You said:…William, what is your take from SOL?

    first of all this line is used as a typical copout …I am a blue collar guy that got interested in this type venture one and a half years ago. didn’t know squat and I am of average intelligence. persistence is what it takes….drive and ambition and taking responsibility for your own actions.

    It’s hillarious that between you and I…It is you who stands to gain from your self promotion in here…IT IS YOU MY FRIEND. so what do I get?…nothing…absolutely nothing…but you sure hope to.

    You said:….

    To fight a losing battle you must be getting some compensation.

    I can prove to anyone in here it is not fighting a losing battle. Most times I am in another forum of successful STORESONLINE web owners,, most with 2 to 4 sites and it is a great learning site. it is free for the ones who take action. Folks just because there are a few dozen whiners gathered in one site doe not mean others are not making a success of this venture. CEAC and his type ILK are the ones conning you.

    You said:…

    A lot of the people posting here have no experience with e-commence,

    At one time neither did all the others who are either successful or on there way

    You said:….

    I have done millions of dollars in business do to customer leads coming in from my websites.

    Again, selling folks a prepared web site is great and you might have sold millions of dollars worth. Those are numbers…you made the challenge now back up these numbers with some proof….I will provide any proof you want about my claims. Then you still need to answer how these folks will learn about driving traffic…LOL or do you sell the package only to have it sit in nowhere land on the net. Its not free and you know it but fail to disclose it.

    You said;..

    SOL is banking on the old saying, “there is a sucker born every minute and two to take him”

    We finally agree on an issue. Sol uses the same tactics as most to sell and the ones you call suckers in here are truly that if that actually believed the sites would do the work for them.

    You said:..

    People tend to trust the wrong people, especially the elderly which I am told is a prime target for SOL!

    How come you keep saying “which I am told” do you have any facts or figures or do you just troll around sites full of unhappy people looking to promote your services?

    Heres my challenge to you…Please provide info about your services, A web site with prices for your services and most importantly, since you agreed most do not have e-commerce experience, what training and support do you provide for the most important aspect DRIVING TRAFFIC AND SEO OPTIMIZATION AND INBOUND LINKS etc etc there is a mountain of it and little ole me can tell anyone how to do it based on the info on SOL.


  246. William says:


    You said:…

    Lets you and me talk about SOL! I have been working on e-commence for many years and I would love to answer some of your direct statements.

    So tell me what do you know about SOL other than what you’ve read here?.. you said “lets you and me talk about SOL” well I’ll bet money you know nothing about what is offered in the back end. So you aren’t qualified to talk about SOL…I am!

    You said:…

    If you would like proof about dollars and cents of the web design business please let me know, I have quotes in hand from experienced, reputable website designers.

    Since you are looking for the opportunity to promote to these, (suckers), as you called them, I absolutely am very interested in what you offer and I will be very impartial while reviewing it…

    In fact if you provide some great ways to promote and drive traffic I will purchase your services. You see CEAC you keep talking about the design and program aspect of web sites and conning these folks into believing that is all there is to it. I am so confident with the information provided in the Stores merchants services included in my purchase, I will use what I have learned to debate you all day long on the internet marketing and promotion end of driving traffic. I hope I am wrong but I get this laughable feeling you are not even involved in that end of it and yet that is the most important part.

    You said:…

    I did not see a response from my post to you?

    Unbelievable you are so arrogant to believe we all should just roll over and talk with you based on a few unsubstantiated claims of which half of made no sense

    You said:…

    I see you like to talk to people that do not have experience with the Internet.

    I see you do too!!! lmao…I spend most times talking to people who are extrenmely successful and do know a bit about e-commerce, Just because I spend a short time answering conmen who are trying to exploit folks who have already proven they are not wanting to spend much time and energy in their endeavors doesn’t make me bad.

    You said:..

    Maybe you should answer my post?

    I am right here, since you so eloquently begged for my attention

    You said:..

    Let see if I turn out to be a moron! You like to rattle of stuff but I see nothing you have said that disputes the points I made in my post. Lets chat!

    You have made no legitimate or substantiated points as of yet…Please provide more than idle chatter about your claims…I am waiting!


  247. CEAC says:


    I’m not sure how you read my posts, in fact I’m not sure you really read them completely. I am not a seller, or a designer, or a consultant, I’m a customer like all of the other people here and not owned by any one like you are! So I have no product or service to offer like you do, I have nothing to justify, or sell.

    I have a job as a sales and marketing manager that is getting ready to replace an SOL site so I have shopped around for the most experience in SEO, flexible and expandable design and yes, best deal for my company. SOL is not even close to being in the mix. We’ll chat more over the next few days and you can tell us how most all of the people that have posted on this forum, the BBB’s around the country, Attorney Generals offices in a host of states and foreign governments all have issues with SOL fraudulent business practices. Can you say fraudulent? I would also like to go over the definition of the word with you so we can all understand the meaning.

    William the wise one will explain it to us how misunderstood SOL is and that all of the consumer protection agencies are wrong. Won’t you William? Stay tuned!

  248. William says:

    You said:..

    I’m not sure how you read my posts, in fact I’m not sure you really read them completely. I am not a seller, or a designer, or a consultant, I’m a customer like all of the other people here and not owned by any one like you are! So I have no product or service to offer like you do, I have nothing to justify, or sell.

    So your trying to make the case I am owned by someone because I built and marketed a web site selling Birding accessories? You are getting pathetic and wasting my time with your ducking and weaving from my original challenge to you.

    You said:…

    I have a job as a sales and marketing manager that is getting ready to replace an SOL site so I have shopped around for the most experience in SEO, flexible and expandable design and yes, best deal for my company.

    there is nothing wrong with finding the best value that works for you but I know several people that moved there model to a SOL site. You see just because you don’t like SOL what makes you think so highly of yourself that your bad experience, or lack of any experience, is cause for everyone to roll over and listen to you whine about it. Whats good for you might not be good for another. and vise versa.

    You said:..

    We’ll chat more over the next few days and you can tell us how most all of the people that have posted on this forum, the BBB’s around the country, Attorney Generals offices in a host of states and foreign governments all have issues with SOL fraudulent business practices.

    Instead of your usual posturing, why don’t you post the links to the actual sttled cases (not complaints ) but actual verified genuine cases settled. I have friend!!! and you will find less than average geuine complaints. I’m sorry friend but you are shamelessly showing me your lack of knowledge on this issue by posting this.

    Most of the cases I read are about shady sales practices. That has nothing to do with the lies your kind spread about their Support or lack of it. Most try for a short time and then join forces with someone like you who whine and lie instead of actually attempting to build it.

    Apparently it is you who doesn’t bother to read my post if you still feel a need to insist that somehow someone owns me. Why don’t you go and read every post in here and maybe you will qualify to jump in this debate as you did.

    When you use the word “Fraudulent” I assume you will be genuine and bring me evidence of where SOL has used FRAUDULENT Tactics. You brought the word up friend so you better produce cases involving that word because you are not getting any more free rides from me.

    You said:…

    William the wise one will explain it to us how misunderstood SOL is and that all of the consumer protection agencies are wrong. Won’t you William? Stay tuned!

    You are too easy friend…My whole argument is based on actual experience…something you don’t have! You will never win by claiming my experience with SOL is a fraud and your too dim to understand that.

    I will be going out of town for a bit but I will always look for e-mails showing you have posted. We had the perfect opportunity for you to do more than just talk but if you read your posts, you still have not produced more than idle chatter about what you can do. You still have not produced more than a few empty words. I just published my first site in February and It has been a long road to get it done so surely you understand I would rather side with the successful ones and do most of my future posting with positive minded and successful people instead of whiners and blamers as you seem to be.


    • Gina says:


      I’m sorry……but honestly I don’t think that you get this situation…………..
      you said: “the only thing that it’s a con with SOL is that they make you believe that it’s easy…..and it’s not””…..”
      My god!!!…William please…….that’s a mayor lie honey!!! so don’t tell us that they are not a rip off because they are………….they told us pure lies…….lest’s be real you think if they tell me that this is going to be a heck of a work…not easy..mmm….that I will have to make a sacrifice for time(extra time that one doesn’t have) you honestly think that I would have purchased their websites??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!….let’s be real here….
      you said: “IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME, EFFORT AND WORK…IT IS NOT EASY….AND IT TAKES EXTRA TIME TO PUBLISH A WEBSITE (and obviously earned money)”………..well maybe you got ALL THE TIME OF THE WORLD…… that is why you made it!!! BRAVO!!! but let’s still keep this real……what about being honest, tell truth, a little integrity here!!! I obviously don’t have the extra time or time to do all this………so I am furious for this MAYOR UNTRUTH…for the lie that you said that is not a BIG DEAL!!! well not for you my friend……but for me…that I kept asking again, and again to these people all my doubts(at the workshop) and the 1st question that I asked was….IS THIS DIFFICULT??? they said…”NO”….How many months will I take to publish my first website ?? they said, as long as you follow the simple instructions on the booklet, kit and if you have a question there will be some1 on chat live to help u anytime, anyday……it should take less than 2 months……..I replied: well I don’t have the time to do this my schedule is hectic!!, and I don’t have experience in designing a web……..He answer: This are easy instructions….follow ups…is easy like plugging a phone/making dinner.haha…….even my grandma knows how to do it……all my family is in this….my kids are learning because this is their heritage…………..
      SO as you see dear William….it was a bunch of lies…I tried to set the 1st website in a month(back in march)…and couldn’t…..between my job and my 3 year old daughter…..I bearly had was exhausting and In my case I didn’t accomplish anything and let me tell you something about the chat live….well sometimes/(more times than less…o.k) got disconnected….and then everytime will help me a different person…you will have to tell him/her problems from scratch and will take lots of time(that remember!! that I bearly have)… you see I’m one of those people that actually tried and well got very dissapointed……..then because for 1 month I was almost everyday in chat Live at midnight(imagine I only slep 4-6 hrs daily that month it was horrible)….the SOL people called me to offer me help…..BUT GUESS WHAT??? paying 2,500dlls more to publish my 1st website and get it ready and done!!….money of course I didn’t/don’t have …because I purchased 6 websites for $6000…..and guess what else they offered me??? they offered me to do this for 1,500 dlls(if I payed w/check right away of course) and they will record my success story in video(just like the ones they show ous in their workshop)…and then I said::: “Well I don’t get it… all the success stories/people have payed their spot on air/video for you to show it in your wrkshops???”” what a dissapointment…and he told me: No… only the people we see the potential of making it BIG……..I asked:: SO how do you see my potential?? because of how much money I can pay??? then he HANGED UP the phone!!……so What do you want me to say?? what do you want me to think about SOL??? and they are partner with THE TAX CLUB!! which is a pain in the they keep calling everyday until they get you….and want to take more money….so what do you want me to think now William??

      • patricia lazar says:

        Bravo Gina! right on

        • Peggy says:

          Gina and all on site!!!
          I am 65 years old, and have worked steady for 45 of thes 65 years. I have learned!!!
          If you want easy, quick, fast, or any other verb……then go hide under the blankets on your bed.
          My best efforts in time, frustration, do-overs were the most successful and the best “learning lessons” I have ever had. A classroom would not have taught ads much!
          Stop whining!!!!!! and drop the subject. Common sense wouled tell you after a presentation…that this would not be easy. It will be profitable when conpleted and that should be your main intent!!!


  249. kim says:

    I have a site with SOL and just today chatted live with someone in customer support and got the problem resolved. I will say that getting the site up and running took and continues to take alot of time. So far I have been satisfied, although it is very expensive!

  250. SARAH says:

    thanks for all the info. I just got invitation to a free workshop these days. I will definitely attend their workshop to eat their free lunch, but will NOT buy anything from them.

  251. I regret that I got caught up in this company without doing the research. I trusted these people to give all…I say “all” of the details up front. Well, that did not happened. I only found out about the cancellation clause in the contract many days after I had signed it. I am on a fixed income and wanted this online business to be somewhat of a hobby for me since I am a photographer (amateur). Since I have gone to the initial seminar and the full day workshop, I have not been able to afford another cent towards building this business. In fact, I received a telephone call from a man in New York city asking me for another $6,000.00 to set up my tax information. He told me that he was assigned my account by StoresOnline due to the fact that I am a Canadian. I flat out told him “no” due to his rudeness and pressure type of talking. In fact, I had to hang up the telephone in the middle of one of his high pressure sentences.
    I would advise anyone to be careful. I am classing myself as an innocent victim who wanted to help my wife before she retires from her formal job. Yes, I regret that I did not have full understanding of what I was getting into. I talked to a very nice man today, Steve, from StoresOnline. I told him that everyone with whom I have talked to from Utah have been very gracious and kind. However, I cannot afford to pay a monthly fee of $29.00 Canadian to keep up my websites should I get their programmers to set them up and get them out on the Internet.
    Yes, I am ashamed of my being so much like putty in their hands. I wil simply have to pay the Line of Credit which I have had to set up with my bank in order to prevent paying the high interest rate of 19% with Traverler’s Financial Loan Company. This is the company which was at the workshop in March of 2008.
    Yes, I will get through this with God’s help and wisdom. My last direct words to anyone reading this is : CAUTION WITH WISDOM !! (Proverbs 3:5,6)

  252. Thandi Zulu says:

    This is to let any body know that storesonline is a good company. I think the problem I found in people in USA they do not what to read, they expect storesonline to do everything for the them, I tried other companies I think they have the best live customer service. I have have not found anybody treating me bad, they stay with you on the phone for hrs which other company will not do that.If you need to email me here is my email: [email protected].
    Here is my site storesonline helped me:
    Good luck
    Thandi Zulu

  253. Thandi Zulu says:

    Good job stores on line

  254. Dee says:

    Hello, I bought into SOL, but it wasn’t what I was looking for and I did get my refund. I found the perfect Home Based Business for me. I have my own online travel agency, and it is up to me to promote it. Total cost to join and become a referring travel agent was only $459. I can make as much or as little as I want, it all depends on how much or how little I want to work at it. This is perfect for a grandma like me. Check it out:, listen to the video and if this is something that would work for you, then contact me. I hope all of you with SOL are able to get your web sites working, and for all of you that didn’t. Please check out this other opportunity. It worked for me and my family. Good Luck to all

  255. David Schwartz says:

    StoresOnline is nothing but another scam. I attended one of their 90 minute seminars. They make everything SOUND so simple. They claim that you don’t have to know anything about building a website. Well, if we don’t have to know anything about building a website, who is going to help us out? SOL never helped me out. I don’t even know the first thing about a computer. But, SOL said that they would take care of that. Yeah, Right. After purchasing 6 websites from them for $6000, I never received a call from SOL until it was too late to cancel. The person who contacted me from SOL asked me if I had decided what product I wanted to sell online. When I entered my password, I was able to pick out the names for my websites. But after that, I don’t know the first thing about pasting the picture of a product onto my website. Let alone how to put in a products description and the price of the product. Why didn’t SOL tell us the truth? Why didn’t they tell us that we have to know how to build our own website? The person who did the talking at the seminar didn’t tell us that if we don’t know how to build a website, call this 1-800 number. He just told us that we didn’t have to know anything about building a website. We didn’t even have to know anything about computers. What a liar!

  256. Jon E says:

    I attended the initial seminar two days ago. I have been in the computer field for many years and am leary of potential scams having had dealing with the AmWay people over the years. There is information I would like to get from the second session, but have decided to try and cancel the agreement. Since it is late on friday I will see what happens. I design websites and have a good knowledge of the computer industry and currently run some websites. Most people that try to start abusiness will fail. That’s just the truth. So I have no problem with potential failure. I reviewed the binder they provided that evening and think I know why they held them until purchased. Section six has a lot of added charges after the fact. They did not seem to mention any of this during the evening. Curious. So I began to wonder exactly how many hidden charges there could be. I am happy for anyone that uses this service and is successful and pleased with the company. Personally, however, I will always have issues with anyone who gives me any reason to make me think I may not be getting the entire story. I have no problem risking money on an opportunity, but I also require being confidient that I know exactly what I am trying. I would actually like to attend the second session, but I just have too many questions right now.

  257. mark says:

    I (like many) reached into my pockets eagerly waiting for my turn to pay my $50.00 fee to receive my binder and was told the next seminar was in 2 weeks and to be there early to request my one on one consultation. Since then I have stumbled upon this site (thank goodness) and was wondering if I bought my binder containing my official liscence to build my website but I haven’t even logged onto it, can they still charge me the $25.00 fee each month (for a site that is not even created )? We were told that our free 45 day trial began that night so do I need to contact customer service to ensure they do not activate a site that I have never actually attempted to create and activate? We were told that we only pay the monthly fee once we send our site live. Another thing we were told was that not only were we receiving our free (no name) mp3 player (was expecting an Ipod shuffle), but due to the high cost of fuel that all people who paid their $50.00 fee would receive a $50.00 gas voucher (but to qualify you must register first thing in the morning and stay for the ENTIRE seminar). So my logic is to attend this all day seminar, drink as much free coffee (and enjoy a deliscious “hot lunch”) and give as many excuses as to why I can’t afford to cough up the money to invest in the marketing tools they are offering. Then when the time has expired (and I STILL can’t afford to sign on the dotted line), extend my apologies to them and politely leave with my $50.00 gas voucher (hopefully it’s not a gas card with no money loaded onto it). Is there anyone reading this who is suppose to attend the Sept 20th seminar in Moncton, New Brunswick? If so, then be one of the lucky ones to “forget” to bring their cheque book with you.

    Sincerely yours, Tweety from Moncton

    • Larry says:

      Dear Tweety from Moncton:
      Did you attend the seminar? More importantly did you get the answer to your own questions about the $25.00 fee each month? I like you have NOT logged onto to the SOL site to build my website. After reading all of these review I have decide not to attend the seminar! Any information that you can give me is greatly appreciated.


  258. David Schwartz says:

    They didn’t mention anything at the meeting about the hidden charges listed in Section 6. They also didn’t mention anything about PMI. PMI are the people who are supposed to help us when it comes to advertising and marketing our website. PMI told me that if I had one website, they would help me out with the advertising and marketing. The cost? Only another $6,400! If we have 2 websites, PMI told me that they would charge me $9175 to help me out when it came to advertising and marketing my websites. If I have 6 websites, PMI will charge me $20,000! I understand that it costs something when it comes to pay-per-click. But, Sales Online never mentioned how much it would cost us at the meeting? So, Sales Online got $6000 from me. Now, PMI wants another $20,000 from me. If Sales Online would have told me this at the 90 minute meeting, I would not have signed up with them. I can afford $6000. I can’t afford $26,000. I am unemployed. I am disabled. These guys don’t care. PMI asked me on the phone how many credit cards I have. And, they asked me how many credit cards do I have with no balance on them. PMI wants me to max out all of my credit cards to the limit! I asked PMI who is going to pay for the 21.99% interest charged by the credit card companies? The guy told me: “Don’t worry about the balance on the credit cards. Haven’t you ever heard of balance transfers?” How can a person do a balance transfer if their credit cards are all maxed out?

  259. Ripe Tomata says:

    I just attended storesonline workshop yesterday, my father in law ask me to go as a guest. First of all I’ll give you a run down of who my father in law and I am. Martin is a hard working smart man who has owned his business for over thirty years, he’s no Bill Gates by he does well for himself. Me, I’m a mover and a shaker show me where and how I can make a buck and I’m there. I’ve lived in several different states and have seen a lot, done a lot and always make money. Before I continue let me emphasize I don’t steal, I don’t scam (thought about it but I’m better than that) people out of their money and I do not lie (I have avoided the truth here and there once or twice), but I don’t lie. Anyway I recently started to dabble in the internet, I have two websites and Martin asked me to come along to check out this deal he found online. I figured what the hell I can help him out and I might learn something. We also went knowing full well this is an entire day long sales pitch.

    Ok so here we are 8:30AM fill out the registration form and waiting to be seated. A nice guy named Jim is standing at the door greeting everyone and then Dave comes over introduces himself and shows us where to sit. After a bit Jim is at the front of the room with about 160 people waiting to hear what we’re in for. He says a few funny things, shows us how easy using the software is and then introduces everyone to the consultants. After all the intro’s Jim tells us he’s going to go over all the numbers first. I’ve sold everything from bubble gum marked up 500% when I was in junior high to $80k cars and everything between legal and illegal (I said I don’t lie I never said anything about breaking the law, those days are long gone though). Well I thought telling us the price first and then building the value as the day goes by was a pretty good approach.

    Now the price is uttered and I said to myself wow I can’t believe how cheap this is and started waiving my credit card in the air. Just kidding I told you I know how to make a buck, believe it or not I’m also an undumb person. Although I have to say $6k + $29.95 per month for each of your unlimited websites isn’t really that bad of a deal. Oh I forgot to tell you that I don’t buy anything until I know as much or more than the person selling it. Then Jim says (the kiss of death) “our merchants’ results are not typical and your results may vary”. Can you say class action law suit? Nobody says something like that unless you’re forced to.

    Then we get going with what I came for, Bob. Jim lets us know that Bob doesn’t work for Storesonline (yeah right) but he’s going to teach us how master the SEO (search engine optimization). “Hey folks I’m Bob” he says and Bob goes into how Google and the rest of the SE’s work. Oh he also said that he signed a contract with storesonline that when ever he mentioned their merchants he had to say that results vary deal (red flag #2).

    Wow I’m long winded. To wrap this up Storesonline isn’t scamming anyone. They are selling an effective tool that can make anyone a lot of money. The thing is, like I said, I have been dabbling with the internet for a little while and everything they have to offer for $6k is in one form or another available online for free. Also when they tell you how easy it is to be on the first page of Google they are leaving out a whole lot of info. Relevance is not as easy as they claim it is at the work shop. What I’m saying is they’re not ripping anyone off, they’re just selling you the tools to succeed on the internet for a very high price. If you have already purchased the “upgrade” don’t feel stupid, use it. You have a lot of work ahead of you but your halfway there. If you buy a hammer you don’t expected it to build a house for you right, but its easier to bang nails with a hammer than with your forehead.

    One more thing my consultant Alex didn’t seem impressed when I complemented his company. I didn’t mention at some point through the day you have a personal consultation with a consultant. I told Alex I didn’t see the value in the $6k investment when I haven’t learned anything I didn’t already know or where to look it up online for free. Although what they have going is brilliant. Oh yeah the drop ship deal is stressed quiet a bit and they have 14 imbedded drop shippers included with your upgrade. So I told Alex how I could appreciate that his employer was charging $50 to get you started in the workshop and bring a guest. Then get people to see the value of a $3400 to $6000 investment and you guys own those drop ship companies and the merchant account TVI I’ll bet. What a brilliant idea offer people a chance to legitimately make money and in the process get people to pay you a lump of money and then additional money monthly while their selling your merchandise.

    Storesonline and anyone who has purchased the upgrade have nothing to be ashamed of. The only negative thing I can say is they are a bit misleading to how easy success is online. To be honest they do a great job selling the product I even thought about signing up knowing full well it’s not this easy. Some of the tools they include in their upgrade are very good tools.

    In closing I will say if you have the $6k to toss out and you’re motivated to make money and work hard this is not a scam. Just remember the money machine that you just plug-in and start spitting out cash doesn’t exist. There are four ways to wealth 1) your born into it 2) you inherit it 3) you win it and 4) you work hard and work smart like most of us.

    Thanks for reading,

    The Big [email protected]

    • patricia lazar says:

      “Then Jim says (the kiss of death) “our merchants’ results are not typical and your results may vary”. Can you say class action law suit? Nobody says something like that unless you’re forced to. ”
      Our presenter, Cori, never said that or anything else that wasn’t 100% positive – no caveats at all!

  260. Kevin says:

    Big Tomata,
    I am planning to attend the day long seminar with a friend who has a web site selling homes. My goal in attending is for him to gain some knowlege on better marketing his site. Are we wasting our time? Also, is it possible to do a part time thing with the $50 intro site and the info they give at the day long meeting?
    I am not looking for fast cash or a “get out of jail” card, just something i can dabble in and make a little extra on the side…kevin

  261. The Big Tomata says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I would say if you can afford to spend a day away from work it’s not a waste of time. I will let you know later if the $50 entry web hosting is any good I plan to work on it with my Father in law in the next couple of days.

    At the workshop they go over all the basics to internet marketing so if you know nothing you will leave with a lot more than I got out of it and I’m far from an expert. If you happen to go to my site with the link on my last post you will see I have a long way to go, setting up a website is easy getting traffic to it is not. Storesonline make it sound like it’s a snap. My advise to you would be go to the workshop (if you can spare the time) pay attention learn what you can and also setup a Google account (it’s free) they have a lot of the same tools that SO offers for $6k. When you go to Google search “keyword tools” it’s pretty similar to their keyword analysis or reverse search, you’ll know what I mean after the workshop.

    As for your friend selling homes on his website, if he only wants to keep selling homes and not jewelry boxes, shoes or wheat grass. The upgrade probably isn’t the thing for him. Go learn something but just remember it’s a lot harder than they make it out to be.

  262. Tess says:

    I attended their conference today in Princeton, NJ. I thought it was too good to be true that for $25 I can purchase a software license and get a web site up and running with a monthly payment of $24.95. After reading these comments I will cancel my agreement before they charge my card. I will also get a new credit card number so that they won’t be able to charge to that number in the future. What a bummer that I didn’t read this before I attended the seminar. Luckily I still have time to get out of the contract. Thanks to everyone for their comments.


  263. Chucky says:

    I attended the first seminar and recieved my free chicken sandwich and was convinced to buy the so called $50 easy 3 step set up website that was $199 lowered to $50 if you purchase NOW.This was to get me an easy set up website and a 10 course on how to do that!Ya right!!I attended the so called 10 course with some friends who also went to the first seminar.Before we went we checked with the B.B.B and we found this site.Many lawsuits and complaints!For several hours we listened to them try to sell us the $5998 plan + the extras they say not to worry about because you will not need them ($50 an ) and other services that we looked up and are actually free!!They passed out a form asking for your credit info.Name,social,address,phone,b-date,residense (own or rent),annual income,have you filed bankruptcy,employer.
    They then check to see if you have the credit to purchase their scam.
    They then work very hard at selling this to you $5998 Plan).They asked why we didn’t want to purchase this and we told them what we read.Because we read the comments on this website and had info from the BBB they very quickly pulled us from the room during the speech.We were brought into a hall and around the corner away from everyone.They asked why we still came if we know about the lawsuits and complaints?We explained that we were told we would get training for the website that we already purchased and that we were not here for any other reason.He said that they do not train you!The only purpose of this conferance is to get you to buy either the $3400 plan or the $5998 plan and if we were not going to buy either of them then we should just leave now instead of spending the next 4-5 WERE THEN TOLD THAT IF WE TELL ANYONE IN THE CONFERANCE THEY WILL FILE A LAW SUIT AGAINST US!!!!!THEY EVEN HAD OUR MEALS IN THE HALL SO THEY COULD QUICKLY GET US OUT OF THERE.As you can tell it is just a scam!!!They just want to rip people off.They say in the meeting they do not do anything except send you to the people that do and those people charge you too.It broke my heart to watch this elderly women give her credit card to these people and get charged $5998!!!!I spoke to a lawyer today and was told there is nothing they could have sued us for.It was all truth!!PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  264. Vancouver604 says:

    I had received the so-called complimentary Conference invitation in the mail at work.

    My first impression of the envelope was “fishy”. Opened it up, smelled even more fishy.

    Did a research on the Internet, it’s an out right scam.

    Why would I pay someone $5000 to $10,000 to build me a business on the web when I can do it by myself at under $300?

    Domain registration = $10.00 per year.
    Business license and business registration (for tax purposes) = $200.

    A credit card for PayPal account.

    Your own computer on Ubuntu (free OS) and OpenOffice for productivity software and some other open source accounting software…

    Shoe string budget all for under $500…

    Anyways, I’m shredding the spam mail… it was annoying to receive them at work.

  265. Gina says:

    Is there anyone from Texas(McAllen, Harlingen,Brownsville) that were scamed like me…..we need to get in touch…cause this is not right!! I purchased 6 websites for $6000 and it is unfair…..for the people that say that we don’t try and want magic to happend, I’m one of the persons that really tried and didn’t accomplish anything….What really bothers me the most, is the dishonesty, untruth, not a bit of integrity…to tell you that this actually takes a heck of work,effort and time……….see I asked again and again at the workshop if this was difficult?? they told me,” NO”…….I asked if it would take a lot of time to publish or design the website?? and they laugh and told me that it was easy following instructions(booklet)like connecting a phone or even cooking…haha!! bozos!! they told me that even grandmas of 65 yr/old were doing this…and even family teaching their children about it as a future heritage!!!…so as you see bunch of LIES!!!………like I said….with all my hectic daily schedule and even taking care of my 3yr old daughter in the afternoons …I started trying and trying to do this around midnight(cause that was the only extra time that I had) even sleeping only 4-6 hrs for the entire month…It was stressful and horrible I even got sick because of my poor rest)……and didn’t accomplish anything…..tried to get manufacturers as a drop-shipper…(thomasnet, doba, alibaba….you name it!!)all for nothing…sending letters, everyday for a dropshipper….so as you see I tried…..finally give up…when Storesonline called me to offer me help. cause they were seeing that I enter everyday/midnight to chat live……but they wanted more money !!!unbelievable!! they wanted me to pay them $2,500dlls to get the 1st website done and ready /publish and start earning money…but I told them after I payed them $6000dlls for purchasing them…I did not have anymore mone!! silly of me(makes me wanto to throw up…I’m mad as hell)…..then something rang like a bell in my ear……something fishy..when this person asked me for $1,500 dlls instead of 2,500 payed in check right away and they will do everything and even record my success story!!!….so I said…wowowo hold it there…you mean that all the record success stories that you show inyour workshops…have to pay extra money(after paying for the kit plan) for their appearence??? and he said:: NO, only the ones that have a high potential! really …..How do you see my potential?? because of the money that I could pay you or how?…….HE HANGED UP…people……then I started recieving this TAX CLUB phonecalls…asking me for more money to help me understand finances and how to pay my taxes….so this it’s just unbelievable is just another RIP OFF company!!! and for the people…that is saying that this SOL real works……How do you know??…you just talk and talk and talk……cut the bla, bla ,bla and give me examples statistics….how much time/how many years did you take to publish your websites????….so please understand that if SOL would start their workshops by saying the truth..meaning….that this actually takes a lot of time/years, effort, more computer learning(not just basic skills) since we have to design it and even know about technical problems and on, follow ups,and most of all LOTS OF OUR MONEY !!!! How many people would SOL have?? how many websites or plans would they sell??? NONE!!!!!!……. N O N E
    wake up people please smell the coffee because honestly I didn’t…………….so beware of them!!!please any people from Texas…..reply to me ….it is time to do something about it!….. it’s our savings/credit out there for God sake!! this DRACULAS are sucking it all!!! and leaving us with nothing………

    • William says:

      I read these posts and I feel sorry for some of you. First of all, some in here are not being honest with others as well as theirselves. Is earning money on the net easy? NO!! Is it possible? Absolutely!! I post and read on a site filled with SOL owners every day who are having success with their sites and some earn a substantial amount of money.

      We all agree you can find some of the same info for free that SOL offers in their back end but they SOL has done the leg work already. Most of the SOL owners I communicate with daily are people just like you trying to create a future except they don’t make excuses, lie to theirselves as well as others, and they take resposibility for their actions.

      I wish all of you good luck but I am sorry to say that if your whole life is dictated by the few who look for sites like this just to have an excuse for not trying, you will remain mentally and financially broke forever.

      Success is a journey, not a destination, and only a few will attempt the journey while others look for ones to reinforce their excuses.

      Sorry if I offended anyone, That is not my intention. It is just sad to see this.


    • Nancy says:

      Sorry if I offended you by offering to help you set up your site. I am not a big fan of SOL either. However, I have been looking at several alternatives and overall SOL is an average value. They just charge most of ther money up front. Sure you can get web hosting for less and a free cart. But there are many problems with that. First of all the security is taken care of by SOL, if you just get hosting you will be responsible for a lot more. SOL takes care of a lot of behind the scenes, security issues. For the same features as SOL you would pay about $99 a month for a Yahoo store, plus a percentage of your sales.
      The bigger rip off is all the companies that come after SOL like PMI and ECI payment processor which they charged $999 for is a huge ripoff.
      SOL isn’t really any different than all those other late night TV ads for work at home, real estate courses, websites, weight loss etc. Anytime you see results not typical, beware.
      There are many reasons why some people are successful and some not. Some just get lucky with their product selection and some already have business experience. It takes more than just hard work to make a good living online.
      I just think if some of the people that do all the complaining would focus their energy on their business and building a website, they could be successful.


      • Gina says:


        I’m not offended in any way,(I’m just out of trust…but I had my plans and idea in healthcare…which SOL people told me by then…that it was a great idea….and then came to see the reality later…..)like I said before, I really tried to set my first website! really! and it’s being/was a heck of a work, and I got all confused, pissed….doors were/are still closing and most of all I feel desperate, because of the money we payed…..I’m not a computer expert!! I only have an average skill/computer, I was very honest with them…I had my doubts at the time of the workshop and explained everything to them(SOL people) but they lied in front of my face……I believed them!! how..silly how stupid was I!!…I told them my situation, I honestly told them if it was not easy follow up instructions and fast! I couldn’t make it…not because of lack of effort, or lazy….just because I didn’t have TIME!! they told me: “On the contrary…this is too easy, and you will begin to earn money in two months…that’s why it’s worth paying this kind of money”…..Now you judge!! didn’t they lied about it!!??? gosh I wish I could rewind/turn back time ….so I could tell them NO!!…… you see I had a hunch!! but what bothers me the most….is that they kept brainwashing me……until I falled!!!! … like I told you before there’s nothing personal…..just these kind of situations makes you learn the hard way, and probably almost all the people here…including myself are on shock about it!! that’s why we don’t have any trust left………

  266. Chucky says:

    Hey William,
    From what I can see you started complaining about people with bad experiences with SOL way back on Aug.23rd.!So glad to see you are so busy and doing so well with your new website! Your so successful that you still have time to talk down to people who have been skrewed by SOL!You have an answer for everything and it’s usually by trying to make people out to be stupid,lazy,fools!You sound like a salesman.Sure your not with SOL???I’m sure you will be wining because you were asked that question again!You wouldn’t admit it if you were.SOL TRICKS THE AVERAGE PERSON INTO BELIEVING THAT ANYONE CAN DO THIS WITH JUST A COUPLE CLICKS ON THEIR KEYBOARD!!!THAT IS WRONG!THEY SHOULD TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH ON WHAT IT TAKES TO SET UP A WEBSITE!SOME PEOPLE ARE NEW AT THIS AND ARE RELYING ON THEM TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH!THEY TELL YOU ANYONE CAN DO THIS IN 2 MONTHS!BULL!I guess some people aren’t as smart as you William.

    • Gina says:

      See….. dear “SMART” haha! William,…..Dear Chuck said it all!! without giving a bla….bla bla…. if you know what I mean!!….and I’m not so convinced that you are “smart” because you act “Silly”…… first of all not being clear about what I meant!! (that..thanks to chuck …he got it….and guess the rest of the normal smart/average people too) and secondly cause……..if someone tells you (let me give an example….mmm..apples? no, beans? no that;s too basic…so you can understand it!!) let’s say that they want to hire you (imagine an “x” company)paying you more money that the $$$ you are earning right now….(a very promising job….bla…bla …bla they tell you that is a GREAT JOB opportunity…promise you the world if you want to….) then cause this interesting offer… you decide to quit your current job and then …let’s say that you go with this new company that promise you the world of money and bla…bla..other things let’s say a great health insurance for you and your family too…….then at the 1st month or so…of working with them…you come to see and confirm that they are not what they told you they were and aren’t even paying you what they promised you in the first place….and the health insurance sucks!!……..and you come to realize that you were better before this….I GUESS YOU WOULD BE PRETTY PISSED!!! don’t you think…….this thread somehow against this SOL company it’s not about………if you don’t want to do bla bla, bla, if u want magic haha!! some smart (talking like a little baby boy) (don’t make me cry buhuhu!!!!! )this is about TELLING THE TRUTH! BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO SCAM NORMAL/SMART/AVERAGE PEOPLE….PROMISING THINGS AT A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!! TELLING THAT IT’S SO EASY……SO FAST……SO GOOD!!THAT YOU ONLY NEED TO PAY…FOLLOW”EASY INSTRUCTIONS”(which are not so easy)AND BANG….. IN LESS THEN 2-3 MONTHS YOU CAN EARN MONEY!!! …..THAT’S A BIG LIE!!!!! and also you/we have heard the REAL THING from THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE MADE IT!!…….!!! THEY ARE TELLING US!! THAT IT’S NOT EASY! IT TAKES YEARS, TIME AND LOTS OF EFFORT!!! AND OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE WE GAVE OUR SAVINGS/CREDITS/$$$(IN THIS) WITH SO MUCH SACRIFICE THAT WE ARE NOW IN DEBT…. AND MAKES US EVEN MORE PISSED WHEN WE HAVE TO KEEP WORKING(IN THE PLACE WE WERE DREAMING OF LEAVING BECAUSE THIS “SOMEHOW” WONDER OPPORTUNITY HAA) TO PAY THIS CREDIT……AND ALSO FIND EXTRA…EXTRA TIME TO GET THIS WEBSITES PUBLISH….SO IN 2 OR MORE YEARS YOU CAN FINALLY START EARNING SOME MONEY!!!….hahaha…….THEN WHY DOES “SOL” STARTS THEIR WORKSHOP BY SAYING??? : “if you want to be your own boss, be finally an entrepeneur…this is the moment and the right choice that in 2 months can change your life forever” SO CUT THE CRAP WILLIAM …..IN CHINA AND IN USA THIS IS CALLED : L I E….SCAM!! RIP OFF!!………GUESS YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU IN OTHER LANGUAGE!! WELL HERE IT GOES (some spanish) ESTO SE LLAMA TRANZA, ESTAFA, AQUI Y EN CHINA……NOS TUZARON,NOS TRANCEARON, NOS MINTIERON..NOS VIERON LA CARA.. NOS ROBARON Y ESO NO ESTA BIEN…PORQUE SI HUBO MENTIRAS DE POR MEDIO, DE HABER DICHO LA VERDAD, TU REALMENTE CREES QUE ESTARIA MUCHA GENTE DESCONTENTA/INFELIZ/INSATISFECHA CON ESTA SITUACION???.jeje can you transalate that??….SO ZIP IT WILLIAM……IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH OR SAY SOMETHING HELPFUL….GO TO YOUR PLACE AND CONTINUE SCAMMING POOR PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AND WITH LOTS OF MONEY!! RIGHT!! BUT JUST REMEMBER THAT:

  267. Gina says:

    other thing…….then Why are you one of the few(haha) “WHO”…… that keeps getting/posting in this thread???? I really feel sorry for you!!! If you think that Success it’s just a journey and not a destination….Every Journey has their own destination…..but I guess people like you wouldn’t know the difference, cause your Success is this Journey of entering to these sites that you don’t like haha! and your destination doesn’t end because you are so miserable and want to make people miserable!! in other words: Dear, William:” GET A LIFE”, you are so bored and unhappy with the life you have…… that you need to come here to feel better! to FEEL ALIVE (what a con….. and arrogance will be your failure)haha, I’m sorry for you + your so complicated life…….good luck to you too!! good to have people like you that makes this site more truthful, realistic and great in so many ways….because if it wasn’t IMPORTANT you weren’t be here….you wouldn’t pay that much of attention …would you?? hahaha……………guess then…you are in the wrong place…. “Dear William”……………A little advice::: Please go on and live your life, your dreams, free your soul, your mentality haha, your arrogance, be happy …preach/scam in other sites…In other words: “HIT THE ROAD WILLIAM”……..

  268. Chucky says:

    Hi Gina,
    I’m glad you agreed with my post.I also do not think William is very smart.I think he thinks he is smart!!!Smarter than the rest of us!I also think he is here to answer all the bad comments against SOL.If he was an honest man he would tell the truth about how SOL gets into your pocket with false promises!They take advantage of people who are looking for something better or are no longer able to do the type of work they are doing.They prey on desperate people ,people who need an income and they tell them this is easy.Even their grandma or grandson can do this in 2 months they say!Then when people cannot do it because it is not easy like they say, then you pay more to someone who does.It’s a scam to get more and more money out of you and they do nothing!I am very lucky that I came across this site and had contacted the BBB before I paid more than my $50.(william,guess I am not that stupid,I investigated SOL before I purchased)!Please to anyone out there,check with the BBB.SOL has been sued in many.many states!If they are honest and have nothing to hide then why did they pull me and my friends from the second so called course and into a hall away from everone when we asked them questions about these posts and complaints to the BBB????Why did they threaten to sue us if we told anyone in there???

    • Gina says:

      So you were the one with this shocking testimonial from this MAFIA SOL group!! ha, what a bunch of unethical people!! to threaten you and your friends, about it!! ha!!but in the other hand, I wish that I was that smart…like you and your friends!!.(congrats for not falling)….. In reality I was “weak” to fall in to their ugly plans/Trap……I hate to admit that “they GOT ME” yeah they did!!)somehow they were smarter than me) they are/were like this little” invasion” taking(braiwashing) our brain cells out of our system……and well, yeah that’s what happens when we get “weak”… now I have to pay and deal with the consequences…………Nancy( which lives near to my place/city) can probably help me to finally get 1 website ready……so as I do not have anything more to loose, I’m going to give it a try…….I ‘m stuburn ….so… this case probably will be a “+”….hopefully I make it through and well….. yes! definetely I think learned my lesson……..for some reason I sadly thought that this SOL company was the greatest deal!! that fianlly I had a chance to be an entrepeneur…working from home and earning “good money” (of course without working for someone else)…..needless to say, I was wrong, I was fooled!! but I think that if we are not having our money back, if we are not going to SUE….we need to somehow at least (try)get them working(our websites)………I hope I can!! I know now it will take lots of time + lots of effort…..but I’m willing to do it!! I’m not a quitter….so it has to be some good result of this…….(being positive, I hate to be neagative)……may take years which I…grrrr kinda hate…..but the only way to really find if this truly works(like I said without the bulls..lies,without the somehow magical formula”fast, easy,rewarding” haha that SOL promised)… what else can I do…..???…….It’s sad, stressful but it’s the Bare, rough/hard reality…………
      like: “Do it yourself the hard way….even paying large amount of money” I mean what was the purpose!!! haha…well get them rich$$$ of course!!!………SOL…should stand for: SYSTEM OF LIES!! or SCAM OF LIES!! SOL………….

  269. Chucky says:

    Stop it!!!Stop beating yourself up!You are not weak and they are not smarter than you.They just have all the right words to say and they know how to get your money!Believe me,when I left the first seminar I was prepared to pull out my credit card at the next session.I am just very thankful that I read these comments first!You are not a weak person!!I can’t tell you that enough.They prey on people like us.I’ve had surgery and no longer able to do the work I was doing.I to have a dream of starting an online business.They almost had me too.The comments I have read scare me.PLEASE be very careful!Try to find someone that will help you with your website.I hope they don’t charge you more and more on top of what you have already paid.Sounds like they make it so you need to pay the $50 an order to set it up.There are also hidden charges.Check with the BBB.Try to find out if there is or has been a lawsuit where you live.Try to get in on it.Also,the lawyer I spoke with the other day said to call the attorney generals office.See if they can help you get your money back.I’m not sure if you have help me hank on your news stations.If you do,try that!Please do not give up.

    • Gina says:

      Dear Chucky,
      Thanks for all your support, it’s so nice to see that there still nice people in the world like most of you/the people from this site….you are so right!!!……Honestly,I too want to have my money back…….and I’m so dissapointed from this situation, that to only even see the SOL package and re-/review everything/trying to re-itiniate this job/websites…made me want to throw up……for some reason I’m not interested anymore…I don’t even want to see the DARN SOL KIT AGAIN!!!(I hate to admit it…but I’m still Pissed about all this injustice) so today…..(all afternoon) I had to go out and take stress out!!……… I really wanted to give it a try…..but it kinda of freaks me out to have to deal with this whole situation, and like Nancy said…… that they (SOL) pretty much have the control….they have the security codes…etc…etc….so……actually this means making bussiness with them(even If I do not want or agree on it….make these darn websites work with another company it’s not an option, and that hits me very bad) also accepting their scam/plan/lies/trap……and well I refuse to do that(that would be a suicide/nightmare) I’m going to figure it out….. like you said…my own way to recover from this…………….need to think straight!!……….so thank you for all tips and advice…I’ll talk to you later……..fingers are cross for the best!!……

      • patricia lazar says:

        Gina, I know exactly how you feel! I am not in the position to write off the $6000 + as a tax refund. I am now living on disability and whatever art I can sell on my website (which is NOT with SoL). I am so furious about this – it just eats me up alive! I feel for you.

  270. Steve says:

    Do not attend nor purchase from Stores Online. They are a slick outfit that know what buttons to push to get your money. They never discuss thier cancellation policy, and cancellation is virtually impossible. Very unethical company!

  271. Mary says:

    We recieved the SOL invitation in mail a few weeks ago, right at the time we were talking about updating our old wedsite, so we decided to go in case they might be our website solution. We didn’t find anything suspicious, since we thought the reason we recieved the invitation was because we are listed business owners. We expected they would try to sell something at the conference, business is about making money, who would give out free training, food and gift if they don’t want something from you? My husband and I went to the conference this morning, and was surprised at the arrival to see that half of the audience are seniors, and many looked low-income people(sorry to judge people by their look…), we thought it was a business conference… and were definitely overdressed for the occasion! Anyway, to keep it short… The presentation was very impressive, and indeed they didn’t mention anything about the $6000 package they would sell at the training session, and indeed they made it look very easy to creat a wedsite with just a few clicks. We didn’t buy or sign up with anything since it was not what we want. A saleman came to ask us why, we explained to him that they don’t have what we need, he tried to sell us another expensive packge, we declined, he then made an impolite remark and left us alone. Until then we didn’t realize it was scam since what they sell at the conference was just $25 and a $20+(don’t remember exactly how much) monthly charge.) About half of the people signed up at today’s conference for the training workshop. Now I have just read the posting on this website and realized it is a scam. I feel sorry for those senior and low income people who signed up today, especially the two who are disabled, I hope they will not fall for the bigger scam at the workshop.

  272. Joanne says:

    I too attended the SOL invitation semminar and to make a long story short bought the 50.00 website and attended the workshop and even with the hard sell sales pitch did not purchase anything else-unlike the other two people at my table.
    I did recently attend a seminar for a company called AT HOME PROFESSIONS what a totally different atmosphere!

    Questions where welcomed and answered during the seminar and discussions encouraged. All costs where give up front and afforable monthly payments 55.00 a month plus the course was eligable for goverment student loans.

    This company had nothing to hide and it showed.

    I only post this message to point out there is a better way to run a seminar then the SOL way!

    • Lorie says:

      SCAMMER Well yes there are a lot of them out there. I’ve just read a bunch of these letters and I have to agree with you all, it is all crap, the real meaning of SOL is S&%T Out of Luck

  273. Chucky says:

    I recieved an email from a friend who also went to both the seminars with her mom.They had to leave early.A salesman followed them to the door and asked why they were leaving?He tried to get them to stay.They explained that they had a family emergency and had to go.Very sarcastically he told them “well ,I hope that what ever your so- called emergency is it’s a good enough reason for leaving early”!HER DAD DIED!They were very rude to her and her mom because she had to leave.Stay away from this company!

  274. Thandi Zulu says:

    Sorry for those who did not make this is the Website I got from them, they have great customer service I have no complains about, if you want you contact me go to my website and I will show you the secret they gave my business is doing well most on the things they said are real. My be you do not have patience.

  275. Amicus says:

    Well, I knew this was a scam, even when I agreed to go. We’re headed out in a few minutes for our seminar and “dinner and mp3 player”. Hope the player holds a bunch of songs, I need a new one….. LOL. Gee, thandi, you seem to be here a A LOT talking these people up. So, tell me, how much is StoresOnline paying you?

    Anyway, thanks everyone for letting me know what questions to stump these idiots with. I’ll do my best to enlighten the others attending all about meta tags and what-not to get their OWN sites in the search engines, etc. I have a really good web server that charges me just $55 a year, and there are some really good software programs out there to help with making web sites, etc. With a little leg work to get your drop-shipping in place, ANYONE can do this for next to nothing.

    Anyway, off for a night of fun! LOL

  276. William says:

    Martin Lee,

    There are only a few legit whiners in here. You are a con who is shorting Stores online stocks. The few actual poor souls in here believing they were scammed and choose to not even try are being conned by you and the rest of these posts are from you or associates of yours Martin.

    Folks, give online selling a try and stop wasting your breath in here.

    Good luck to all of you.

    • patricia lazar says:

      William, how do you know who tried and who didn’t bother to try? You are making a stupid assumption and it is very offensive to many people. How about YOU stop wasting your breath and our time here?

      • William says:


        I do understand you belive you were scammed and that you are letting it eat you alive. (your own words) with that said, How the heck do you propose to generate income, when, instead of marketing and promoting your existing web site, you shoose to rant, rave, and tell falsehoods to the point where you believe it yourself. Noone denies you believe you tried, but you temporarily failed, and need to move on and stop blaming others.

        95 percent of most businesses will fail within 5 years and some give up while others continue to move forward while not seeing a set back as a failure.

        I also went to the same seminars as you and I can tell you I read everything and the only area I agree with you, and others, is that the builder interface was indeed hard for me, but persistance and determination will over come all for those who are determined to succeed.

        Trust me, the 5 percent who succeed are the ones who take their lumps and move forward.

        You are angry at SOL and anyone who won’t get on your band wagon. Well why would we get on your bandwagon just to go down in flames as you seem to want to do.

        Patricia, SOL uses heavy marketing tactics just like most every other businesses, I’ve read all their fine print and didn’t sign until I did. You need to move on because you have a nice web site that needs your attention.

        just my opinion,


  277. Gord says:

    You let me know how I am going to pay for this entire package in view of the fact that I am on a fixed income with not resource to continue paying for another part of this program? Please, answer that questions!
    You may be one of the very fortunate people who have other income to support this business until it gets off the ground as it were.

  278. Chanmell says:

    Well, me and my guest when to the dinner thing on July 23,2008 and I do not have my mp3 player yet, but my guest has her’s. I been waitting for 2 or 3 mouths and no mp3 player for me. That’s stupid, She lives with we and we have the same address and they could not seen both of them at the same time.

    • Chanmell says:

      I even called them on aug.26,08 and Sept,30, 08 and I am tired of waitting on them, If I don’t get my mp3 player, I will proble will sue them.

  279. Chris says:


    The MP3 player is worth like 10 bucks on eBay. Are you seriously going to sue because someone did not send you a handout MP3 player? Wow. Grow up.

  280. Roxy says:

    To Martin Lee of Oct 7,2008

    I can understand where you are coming from Martin. I thought the same thing. But let me ask. I we are wasting our time then somewhere in yourself there has to be question otherwise, why would you have been reading all of these ? Let me ask some questions. How long have you been involved with SOL ? How far have you succeed ? Are you satisfied with the Customer Support Help Line ? Are you making head way to all the claims they have made ? Were you told of the 3 day dead line before you signed up if you signed up ? Did you sign up ? How long ago ? I am not a gready peson and I only ask that my package be cancelled along with my returning the entire product and I get every bit that I invested and walk away. I do hope you don’t skip over some of the complaints that you read. You will see a pattern for those who have paid their amounts. They are no longer receiving admittance into their accounts. They are considered spam. When the contract is up and they got all their money, you are no longer needed. Maybe not everyone goes through this but a few do. I can see why also. It’s all their in black and white. If you just open your mind to both sides and take note but have the invisable sheild of protection for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. I’m not using a rude tone or manner here. I’m calm of the entire thing. It’s dog eat dog, and for us folks who are just trying to be kind hearted and be heard, I think you need to be listening seriously

  281. Roxy says:

    Hi Gord !!
    This is in reply to your letter of Oct 7,2008. It was a kind letter and that kindness is something I appreciate. Especially since hope is looking cloudy and the happenings lately that I have been enduring. I won’t go into detail but it sure feels close to one of the ultimate sins of which no one would have to bother with using me anymore. I know that emotions can take you beyond norm or the true reality and we can’t let them be the controlling factor. I have equal to if not worse things on my back, than SOL. Prayer is always a plus and graceously appreciated. I do have , I hope good news. I did get a response from the Mari Silva that was mentioned I believe from Jack. She stopped any further withdraws from my account for my monthly fees for SOL. She is going to investigate my case and get back with me in a about a week. It would be worth a try yourself. It’s the best I can give to anyone at this point. She seems like a nice and helpful person.She didn’t get rude or controlling or abusive in her letter. Give it a try .

  282. Gord says:

    Hello, Roxy,
    Thank you for your kind advice. I will phone Ms. Silva on Thursday.
    I believe that God is teaching us through this experience. We must remain teachable and kind. I believe that Williams is in the learning process, too.
    I have already taken out a Line of Credit to pay the credit office, TRAVELERS ACCEPTANCE, to prevent high interest payments. It has put a strain our budget for sure.
    I will continue trusting my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to help me through this. I did this in such innocence because I trusted the person and people at the day long workshop. I did not believe that they would have hid the “three day” information from me.
    Thank you so much once again for your encouragement.

  283. Roxy says:

    This is to everyone. The fact that these people have made a quick buck and hid some facts and mixed around extra expenses into the material reminds me of a phone company story. There is a phone company that originated out of called Sage. This company is very awesome ! They are all employees that had came together from other phone companies like At&T, Sprint and other popular names. Because they saw the light on what the company was doing to rip off the consumer, they didn’t want to be a part of it at all!!. I was told about this from a Christian friend of mine that I had known since he was 6 years old. When he told me about this company, I called and I had their service for a while. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I SAVED !! And you never had to deal with an automated service device. You always had a rep to attend to you. They were very curteous too. They only have availability in certain territories in certain states and were slowly growing. But I kept their number because I do check back with them once in a while to see if I can get their service again. I ended up moving and they didn’t service my iddy-biddy town. Infact we only have one phone company and they are very expensive. If anyone is interested, I’d be glad to help. YOU REALLY SAVE A LOT ! WHICH SAVES A LOT.

    But the reason of the story is : one of the last things Jesus said before he died was the famous words which no one practices. ” Forgive them Father ; for they not what they have done .” The heart can turn to greed in a matter of minutes or a matter of days. Some of these guys at SOL may have been deceived too just like the phone workers until they really see the light. It doesn’t hurt to pray for them and the miracle of a changed heart could spark the help we actually need to end our own misery. I know it helps releave some of my own stress. Trust is the boss in the sky if your heart is pure and not full of what they have, you just might be surprised at yourself and find enlightedment. To much anger causes Bitterness which is like a poison to whole being.
    Anyways. I’m signing off for now. See ya all later & have a great night ! Roxy

  284. Gina says:

    Roxy, what you said it’s very true!!! but the only thing that kind of bothers me, is some people like “William” trying to defend SOL behavior……..and keeps coming into this site to prove them wrong!! and that it’s unaceptable………..Can someone tell me just one thing!!! Why isn’t any good SOL testimonial in the computer??? why in the world, we do not have any positive reviews here and in all the Cyberworld (Internet…such google etc)from SOL posted??? Why even in YOU TUBE, we can actually find lots of video Tapes from reporters(from lots of chanels in different cities) recorded their SCAM????…….why can’t I find those “TESTIMONIALS”(video tapes) that they show in their workshops from people that suposely made money (good income ) with this websites????………So…..I raise my case!!! No more questions your honor………How can I contact Mari Silva??? need to talk to her……en see if I can have my money back!!!

  285. mary says:

    The number of storesonline web packages for resale on eBay should be a tip off that many people don’t /can’t use their “opportunity.” Of course most won’t say anything bad..because they need to unload a purchase they aren’t/can’t make use of. I attended the initial meeting, pd. the $$ and even thought about buying their product but when they checked my credit (good in the 700’s) and tried to finance me at an outrageous interest rate, I was worried about being pressured to buy and left w/o purchasing. Just as a footnote – I never did get the 6 mo. of “O” magazine that they had promised as a gift for attending. After reading this site I’m glad I didn’t plunk down anything!

  286. mary says:

    Hi Adela – I did not buy a storesonline package from the seminar. I was intrigued enough that I followed resale units of SOL on eBay – even bid on a couple (I’m watching one now that has had no bids and is $99 US and has had no bids in at least 4 days of watching.) At this point, after reading a lot of posts, I’m so glad that I didn’t buy as it sounds like a lot more work for questionable success than I’m willing to put forth. If I had a burning hot idea of something I wanted to sell I might try….but then again, after reading a lot of posts about the lack of results I might try another way to buy/build without so much up front cost and so many fees to maintain. Also, there was a unit on eBay for .99 cents and I actually visited the link and wasn’t impressed at all with the site and with how it was built – the owner said they had put over a thousand dollars over and above SOL to build it – I felt “WOW is that what you get for your money?!?!?” That auction ended when the person pulled their .99 cent SOL site off the auction with only one bid in days. In your case – I don’t think I would put out another 7K for a mentoring package. As they say, learn from history – if many haven’t made any money in a year what are the odds that most would in the next year(s.) I don’t mean to be cruel, but that is my opinion.

  287. Dan says:

    Happy!! For the most part,

    I am not happy with the money we spent $6000, but we do have a site up and running and are generating sales. We did get help from the merchant services and are some what happy with the opportunity that stores online provide.

    It is not easy work and does not put it self together but with some time and effort a site can be put together and successful. Our site is #1 ranked in google and yahoo with certain keywords, One of them being diecast corvettes.

    PMI – this is a whole different topic, they gauged us for about $6000, Do not sign with these guys. PMI gives you nothing you can’t find out on your own. There has also been other companies that call to offer marketing packages, stay away. They don’t do there homework, they are quite surprised when I tell them I am ranking #1 in google. Do not sign with any of these guys, they are out to get as much as they can from you for very little in return.

    If you plan to go to the Seminar, yes there is valuable information even if you choose not to purchase the web packages.

    If you need any advice or help with your website let me know maybe I can help you.


    • Irvina says:

      Hello Dan,

      I went to a Seminar a few days ago and spent $25.00 to purchase a website. They did say that they give 24/7 customer service and I am suppose to go to an all day Seminar on November 21st. I do not plan on purchasing any more from them. I do not have the money. Can you tell me if it is possible to learn anything from them to start a website to earn money. I am not looking to become a millionaire, I just want to earn a living without worrying about loosing a job. I thought working for myself would be a good step in the right direction and I have been wanting to start my own website for the past two years. Your input would be very much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Dan says:


        and yes they do have useful information, at least at the one we went to, the speaker was very good. My wife and I though the investment would be wise.?!$

        We went to the seminar and had already research and done many of the marketing ideas that they had, like google ad words. If you have not delved into any research on your own yet then by all means go and see what the have to teach you, like link exchange, directory listing etc. They will pull you aside and try to tell you that “well it’s only $ much per month” just tell them it is not in your budget, they won’t kick you out.

        If you can find another way to build a website, and I’m sure there is many, you might as well take the info you get from these guys and run with it.

        They make it sound like everyones a winner, but no matter where you build your site it will take some time and work. I hope this has helped you and feel free to contact me again,

        thanks, Dan

    • roy says:


      I just spent $6K on the platinum package.
      Today is my 3rd day refusal, Feb.13,2009.
      Do you still feel that you got your $$’s worth and continue to do so?
      I know nothing really about this Internet sales and don’t really have a product….are the imbedded shippers good ones, etc..
      Should I begin the process or jump out now before deadline.

      Thanks your insight,


    • Mark Smith says:

      I want to have a home based business, but there are so many scams out there I don’t know where to start. Can you give me some ideas? I heard from the seminar there are free tools out there that you can use.

  288. Will Imanse says:

    I have found that stores on line is quite helpful. We had a few problems with our website, and they worked on it till it was fixed. Although it did take a month. PMI on the other hand is a rip off. We paid about $13,000. for their so called mentoring. This consisted of about 5 pre recorded calls, and access to a number of other recorded calls. We are also involved in an other mentoring group. This group gives you 3 calls a week, that are live, you can actually ask questions and get answers. The cost for the year, 150 calls is $6,000. And that is with Bob Proctors life Success Consultants. A lot of their mentors are world renowned speakers and teachers.
    All in all Stores on Line is not a magic pill. You still have to do the work. But if you are not lazy, things will come together.

  289. Mike says:

    I just came out of their seminar. I was there as a guest with my colleague Joe who had registered for $25.

    1. I am wounded how they expect someone to purchase their product when during 7 hours seminar they even did not show pages or functions of their $6000 product. Such a waste of time.
    2. Speakers have no knowledge of computer or web site what so ever. They are simply tapes like those after hours TV FOOD MIXER shows. For this reason they keep just talking and no question is allowed. If you dare to interrupt and ask something they simply humiliate you and make fun of you to get control of their speech back.
    3. Lunch was very late 13:35 and just for 15 minutes, I should have my lunch on time right at 12 other wise I get headaches.

    1. If you are in a business of marketing and delivering speeches, such a remarkable arrangement and consistency. They keep people’s ass stick to the chairs for hours and hours with bunch of none scenes crap, and times flies without even you notice.
    2. Good for teachers and instructors and marketing guys to learn from these guys how persistent they are in their daily scam.
    3. No doubt, nice place and good food in Hilton hotel

    Cross Examinations:
    1. If they have such a wonderful tools. Why they are not appearing on top of Google and other search engines? Try it yourself with type of business that they have.
    2. Why they find people and contacted them in a old fashion ways, (mail, newspaper, e-mail) instead of same way that they expect you to promote your bossiness?
    3. Search internet and see if you can find any of those testimonial from other sources?
    4. Why there is n