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Posted on August 8th, 2008 in by Martin Lee

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  1. Shanna Mack says:

    good luck

  2. Keith says:

    Today (01/14/09) I was given a box and a book by my mother entitled COMPLETE STORE BUILDING PACKET & INTERNET CASH FLOW WORKSHOP published by STORESONLINE. I thought to myself great some good reading maybe I’ll learn something. All I learned is that middle-aged women will purchase just about anything from a glorified shoe salesman if it means they have a small hope of getting out of that dead-end job they use as a tool to keep food on the table. So this aside I find out that she has had this since 2003 on the back burner. YES HER MISTAKE but still I saw the receipt $4799.00 and that was with a discount. So I try to go to their site and log on with the Licenses and passwords provided inside their material because the one CD that was purchased led you right to the site. (It costs less money to create and mass produce their marketing material than they paid for one copy) So I try to log on but I get redirected to a 801 number and the person tells me “I’m sorry sir you’re not on the account”. Ok this is completely understandable. So I make a phone call and my mother calls and has me put on the account. Great we’re on our way. Not at all, I get home from work and sit down to try to log in again but still directed to the 801 number after hours. Hmmm’ I notice a little hyperlink under the login that is not at all large enough for this “companies” target market to read. So I click on it and I’m directed to a live chat. Ok finally. No not quite I get to talk to someone but they direct me to Storesonlinerenewal because the licenses have never been activated. Ok but when I get there the page tells me it will be another $400+ and that is at a discount. By this time I’m laughing so hard I almost wet myself. Ok I go back to the chat and tell them I don’t need their offer for renewal because all of these licenses have never been used. They tell me that I’ll have to renew for hosting reasons and it will be 24.95 per month. So I tell their person that I have my Domains and that they are published and hosted, they charge for this on top of the $4799, in-fact I read further into it and they are charging $2500 per license a year for keeping you published and $24.95 per month for and hosting. So I tell their agent this is a scam and I googled their name to find out the dirt. Sorry for the long drawn out story but all of you who are seeking to know more about Internet stores or online marketing PLEASE ask your kids or grandkids I’m sure they would love to help you and it will probably cost you 1/100 of the price.

    I would like to know if there is a class action lawsuit going against this company in Florida.


    • Tami says:

      Keith, I am also in Florida & wanted to know if you have gotten anywhere with a refund. I’ve just started this venture & wondered if you could let me know what to expect.

      Thanks for your time,

  3. Marty says:

    Couldn’t agree more. We went to one of their seminars Friday night, didn’t buy anything because it was obviously a scam. I’ve never seen such high pressure selling in my life. I was two seconds away from punching out their sales guy-couldn’t believe how he was berating my wife for not buying. They definately prey on the weak. Unfortunately with our current economy many desperate people will believe their sales pitch and throw away money they can ill afford to lose.

  4. today the man fromDHL. did not live my pake. from you i would live you to seed it back to me.ybwbppwr662and200909061120358951 that the number you give me 2579 e windor castle ln tucson az 85706 call me at 520-807-1496

  5. Debra Martin says:

    I bought 6 sites from them and then they did the same ting on wanting me to renew. I just wanted my money back. They could sell mine to someone else but they wont do that. mine was almost $8000 and I feel like the took my money. If anyone knows how to recover the money please email me [email protected] Thanks Deb

  6. Valerie says:

    On Nov.27,2009

    I am so glad my boyfriend pushed me to research the STORESONLINE SITE. I was really looking forward to this workshop on Dec. 2, 2009, here in Boca Raton Florida. Really is there anything out there today that isn’t a SCAM. I am really getting discouraged about doing business on my own anymore. I have always considered myself very savey when it comes to business and now I will for certain, check everything out, before I go into my wallet! If you have to sign or pay anything, before yo walk out the door RUN…………… Thank you all for your comments and good luck.


  7. Lyndia says:

    Storeonline is full of bull. I attended a workshop in Omaha,NE..Run for the hills Promise a MP3 Player for attending…Completed the online and entered the redemption code on October 14, 2009 here it is December 9, 2009 and still no MP3 Player…What a surprise? Don’t attend any of their work shops all they want to do is take your money…I was smart not to pay anything…Why pay for something you can do on your own…Run for the hills…Thank you for letting me leave my comments about Storeonline…

  8. B says:

    I am currently in the process of getting my refund taken care of by Mari. I was told on 1/14 that I would get a form by 1/18 to get my refund. Her assistant did not send it, which I understand. I think they were out of the office on 1/18 for MLK Jr. day. I am hoping to handle this soon as I have the state attorney general processing a complaint and if I can end it before they assign an agent to it, it will be much less of a headache, ugh.

  9. charley says:

    been to several of their workshops. info is always behind the times but useful for learning a few things. Way overpriced and overstated when you get down to the real earning potential. like most things only a few are successful. Don’t let the hype drive you, use what you can and don’t spend more than $100. What they really offer you at the end can be done at a fraction of the price – take what you learn and due your research from there. Chances are in the high 90’s you will not recover the investment you have to make at their workshop but the info can be useful for your research.

    • Sunnee says:

      Thank you for your information. Attended free seminar and
      paid my $58.00 fee for workshop on Feb.27th. I intended to be a sponge, learn and research on my own. I had no intention on spending the money. It bothers me to see this website because I thought they seemed sincere. They did let us know for those needing additional help it will cost more and classes will be offered at workshop. Cost was given after indepth guestioning. He also advised us that at the workshop they will try to sell us additional package…we can choose to go for information and knowledge. Which I feel we planned to and will do it on Saturday Feb. 27th. I will close my ears to the pressured sales tactics. Thank you for sharing….Attendee’s Beware!! Free Lunch!!

  10. Jeremy says:

    I am posting here in order to avoid the million-long list on the main page. I hope that’s okay.

    I got the tickets to the lunch conference in the mail, and got so excited to go. I signed up myself and my girlfriend, and when the date came we got dressed and went to the event. (We live in Michigan) She bought the express package for $58 and we got the packet. So excited about starting our new business, we went right to researching products to sell and setting up the layout for our website. It’s past the three days for refund, which is concerning. After reviewing this website, we proceeded to contact StoresOnline through their live chat service. We actually -did- get through to someone, whom we asked for the information on our account, [because even after a week there had not been a transaction statement from them on her credit account] and he told us that the only information that he had on the account was the name and address (the address didn’t even state the number or street name, only the city, state, and zip). I am concerned with the lack of information, and I’m wondering if anyone here my have had a similar experience, or would know possibly why this is occuring? I have the chat recorded, which I will possibly post if there is a sufficient reply to this one. Thanks…

    • Alan says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      The concept of SOL is good, the problem is they do not follow thorough to help get your site up and running. It drags on and on and before you know it an entire year has gone by and they shut you out of the back door of your site and not longer provide any assistance, on line or phone unless you pay $29.95 per month. Period!

      Do more research and find a reputable company to publish your site. It is doable and for much less than SOL. What ever you do, do not purchase anything else. The next thing is for you to go to another seminar where they will hit you up for $7000 for the Pro Program for an unlimited number of websites. All baloney.

      There are numerous lawsuits and class action lawsuits in numerous states and other countries. Be glad you blew $58.00. Most of us would be happy if that’s all we lost!

      Do your homework before you spend one more cent!
      Good Luck.

      • Jeremy says:

        Alan, thank you very much for your time in response to my distress. We weren’t planning on persuing [Shit Outta Luck] SOL, but thank you for your concern. However, if we do not pay them the monthly fee, can that affect our credit? Mine’s blown, but hers is still good. I mean, technically she signed a contract, right? so can they persue her in claims or court? -.-

        • Monte Andeess says:

          Jeremy.there is an opportunity that you could collect a full refund from your investment with S.O.L.Contact me.Monte at 4806494251 for facts or asst.

  11. Alan says:

    Hi Jeremy, I know it will be difficult but she should keep up her payments, in your case it’s up to you, however, you both should file separate claims with the info on this site with Utah and in your state. You are filing a claim for a refund. If you get it, you eventually will get your money back (God Willing) and the contract will be null and void.
    Hope this helps. The more people file the claims and get their state attorney’s involved and aware of this fraud the better we all will be. Good Luck!

  12. Alan says:

    Jeremy, another thought, if you are talking about the $29.95 for the hosting fee, you can stop that and they will pull your site from publishing. You would then have to go somewhere else to publish your site or do it yourself.

    If you are talking about monthly loan payments, then she should continue to make them to protect her credit until she is successful with her claim. On yours, if your credit is already bad, it won’t matter much to default and pursue your claim. That is a personal decision. Good Luck.

  13. trevor says:

    attended a seminar in toronto a few months ago. i couldn’t afford at the time but was expecting some money soon. i have received upteen number of phone calls since then. i am glad i found this website before i actually put out the $6000 for their services. i was uneligible for their financing because i didn’t make enough money. thank god for small mercies. anyone else from toronto or canada who has had experience with SOL? please write.

  14. gail says:

    Hi – just attended marketing workshop in Burlington VT have 3 days to rescind and it sounds like I should. I wish I had researched this sooner. Definitely was pulled in by the promise of independent wealth after several layoffs and no luck finding work. Hope I can get it all back without much fallout later.

  15. Sharron Bellamy says:

    Does anyone know how to get the monies back from SOL I paid out $6000 and even though they are comunicating with me I am not getting anywhere? Happy to give my email

  16. Sharron Bellamy says:

    Forgot to say I am in Australia

  17. Sharron Bellamy says:

    Sorry my email was wrong

  18. Sherry Racutt says:

    Everyone needs to check this out before getting into this program.

  19. Bob Lefever says:

    Going through the same SOL stuff as thousands of others.Not a nice feeling to feel suckered. One thing that I have not seen mentioned and a lawyer could probably address is in regards to everyone who is making payments to companies like Travellers. Since I have been dealing with this it occured to me that the finance companies are well aware of the (fraudulant ?) actions of SOL and the numerous complaints and charges against them, would what the finance companies are doing constitute money laundering or something similar? I am not sure what constitutes money laundering but it should be looked into.

  20. sharon abbott says:

    do not attend any meeting.rip off why would a company charge 12,000.00 doolars to start a web site??? called the att.general they have numerous complaints against this company already.State of Va.)

  21. mary says:

    I attended one of these workshops recently and paid for the six websites. I now have second thoughts after reading all he negative comments. I live in England but there is no mention of who to contact here regarding refunds, does any one have any idea who i contact in this country regarding this problem.

  22. KIRK says:

    Kirk Burleson here,
    I too purchased a similar product called “INTOSTORES.COM” (SAME OUTFIT) diffrent name. The price to start this program was offered at $175.00 plus $29.00 per month. They claimed that they had stores interested in my SMC products and I would increase my sales. Was with them for four months — never ever seen one sale. No stores, just out all my money. They did not ever provice me with a contact list of the stores (this was because there weren’t any in the first place. I called the companies support number and got a recording. I sent emails and got no answers. I finally had my attorney send them a letter with threats of a law suit and got a response that my refund of four months of $29.00 plus the original $175.00 will be refunded to my credit card. The problem with this is i used a debt card and had to have my account number changed in order to keep this company from charging me an additional $29.00 each month even though I had ask them to stop. I told the person in the email that I wanted my refund in the form of a check mailed to my address. A few months went by and no check. I had my attorney send this company a email this time. I also put up my own blog on this company. Not one blog but four or five blogs. A big warnning on my blogs about this program. Intostores.com did not like this and sent me a refund for the amount of $291.00 within one week. I also made a complaint with the BBB who told me that they have had numourus complaints about this product and are conducting an investigation. This company has changed thier names at least three times. Do fall for this scam. I was lucky to keep a attorney on hand at all times from pre paid legal and all it cost me is $16.00 per month other wise I never would have got my refund. Not all people can afford an attorney.
    Kirk Burleson
    Ridgecrest, Cal.

  23. bobby says:

    i accepted the mail and called. me and the wife went to somewhere in pensacola last nite.after listening to this fuller brush salesman type person me and wife were contemplating on whether agree to the additional class fer small $58.00 fee. well an associate came to us tried to rush us. i said we are thinking. he grabbed our paperwork and threw to side and went to next person. so as fer as i am concerned this penny anny bunch of misfits can keep their cracker and cheese dinner and shove it where the sun dont shine. better yet i’d like to shove it there myself.

  24. Sean says:

    Help! I am trying to cancel my $58 scam…I just attended the dinner event tonight and signed up, but realized I want to get out of this. Does anyone know who I can contact directly to cancel my membership because I know I need to cancel within the “3” day period and I can’t get ahold of anyone, thanks!

  25. Leon Lee says:

    My friend and I attended two of their events here in LA. Basically, they’re good for a free lunch, and that’s it. Most of the people there looked like they were old maids and hungry middle-aged Mexicans. Really sad. Then the high-pressure salesmen pitch this service of theirs and try to make you believe that you are stupid if you don’t buy it. They charge you a fortune and guarantee nothing. Once they have your money, you will never get it back. The money you pay goes towards the trainers’ and CEO’s salaries and the cost of doing more seminars so they can scam more people and take their money too. They don’t give a ***k if you succeed at “your own personal onilne business” or not. If you don’t have a sellable product or service you can offer, it’s 100% pointless. The StoresOnline staff who attend are rude as hell and will come around and see if you’ve finished filling out the purchase form while you’re chowing down on the free grub, and if you’re not done filling it out, they’ll hover over you and make sure you do. They have 2 guys at the table near the exit door so if you try to get out without signing up, they’ll try to nab you before you get away. Oh yeah, forget about the free MP3 player, you’ll never get it. IF YOU GET AN INVITATION TO STORESONLINE IN THE MAIL, THROW IT AWAY!

  26. Jack says:

    I bought the $6000 package, thinking they had resolved some of the issues that have plagued me in years past. I was, however, a bit concerned when I discovered none of the DVDs they provided for “extra training” were created after 2006, some older. Which made the eBay “training” completely worthless.

    My next discovery – they wanted another $1400 for legal assistance, $3000 for marketing support, $35/m for Avail (which, so far as I can tell, really doesn’t do anything), $30/m for hosting one site (nearly twice what I pay DreamHost for a year of unlimited hosting), $200 non-refundable plus $150/hr for “custom” programming (the “free” programming you get for $6000 is nothing more than a guy who fills out their horribly cumbersome site builder template for you – something any 12-year-old can do alone). TOTAL: $11,180 for the first year, just to SOL.

    Then today I discovered there is a $1000 annual support renewal fee, which, added to the monthly charges, brings every subsequent year to at least $1780 (unless PMI is an annual fee). And if you want to set up those extra five or more sites they pushed for the full package, $250 each for their “programmers”, who don’t/can’t do any actual programming.

    But all of that is no biggie compared to what I learned while asking my “programmer” to incorporate some simple, common features.

    For example, there is no way, in SOL, to have all sales involving a given dropshipper aggregated or automatically sent to them. The SOL owner has to go through every order by hand, pull out and send individual orders for every item to every dropshipper, then handle any calls for help, complaints or refund demands, get the item back, contact the dropshipper for an RMA, pay to ship it to them, pay a restocking fee and hope – after already refunding the customer’s money – the dropshipper will refund some fraction of the original cost to you in three to six months.

    If your plan is to actually be successful – which, in my book, would mean a minimum of 2000 sales a year, probably more (depending on profit margin) – SOL becomes a full-time job for the owner and probably a staff, which at least doubles that minimum sales figure.

    But wait – there’s more! The dropshippers on their list are second or even third tier, so you are not paying manufacturer wholesale prices. And most demand an annual or monthly fee, plus a per item fee, plus exorbitant S/H. In at least one case, by the time all those were factored in, you would have to charge your customer more than he or she could buy the same item for at any retail store.

    It’s been six months since I made that first mistake – and I have not bought any of the thousands of dollars in extras, nor have I published the site, so no monthly hosting fees. But I’m going to spend an awful lot of time trying to figure out how to recoup what I’ve already invested in this boondoggle – and with little or no help from SOL (their customer support reps, to date, have been somewhat iffy).

    I am going to attend a “free refresher” seminar next month, just to see if there is anything at all they might actually offer up – without requiring another big check – I can use to try to make a polyester purse out of this skunk’s ear.

    But even if I succeed, I’ll still feel like seven kinds of dumb.

  27. Jamie Pimentel says:

    I bought six sites several years ago and have had no success whats so ever. I attended a refresher course a few weeks ago and its the same scam they were running five years ago. I want my money back but it has been years! Does anyone know how to go about it after several years or has anyone had success getting a refund? Man do I feel like a complete idiot!

  28. Gman says:

    1st-The BBB is a private company. They just rate companies. They have no authority to do anything about any company.
    2ndly- SOL just settled out of court in Tenn on a Class Action suit for 7.6 MILLION DOLLARS. http://www.chrismalta.com/blog/?p=151
    Do some research. I think you all can still get in on the suit.
    SOL has been flooding You Tube with paid actors posing as clients that are happy with SOL and all the money they are making and what a wonderful company they are, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    They have also been posting on numberous review sites, such as this one, as to which, we joined and what a great company they are and you guys didn’t work their program properly, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    People, do your research, Google, call your Att. Generals Office, BBB, ect.
    Read the complaints. HUNDREDS OF THEM.
    Find out for yourself that this company has been around before (SkyMall.com, ect.) and will be back as another company once this one (SOL) is shut down.

    • Mr Mckay says:

      I believe you mean galaxymall.com rather than skymall.com.


    • Nicole Hughes says:

      You are so right as I was looking at some of the information on their reviews and law suites they have already changed their name a number of times I guess in order to continue scamming and not have to pay people back.I’m sure a little research will find that the names they have operated under before have most likely filled a bankruptcy to keep from having to comply with any settlements from those names they used.

  29. cindy says:

    Sign me up in that lawsuit! I’ve just canceled a $139.00 check which will cost me $27.00 fee. Im on disability & can’t afford to lose ANY money….much less be scammed!

    • Nicole Hughes says:

      Be sure that Your bank has a list of all the names that sol uses to extract money or contact people through to scam them some more and make sure the bank knows they may or will try to e-transact the money using a different check number if they think you have put a stop payment on that check number, also tell your bank not to pay any transactions with any of the sol companies

  30. cindy says:

    S.OL should stand for exactly what they put u through! (“S” outta Luck!).

  31. Recently I heard about storesonline.com. The first thing I did was check them out through this and other independant sites and found some very unhappy people that were just trying to make their lives better using the internet. I checked out the Storesonline success stories and found something quite interesting. My site, WoodworkingSiteOnline.com is ranked higher than the success stories sites. ( To check out a site go to http://www.alexa.com or my favorite http://www.411sites.com. ) The funny thing is that my site is in the beginning stages and nowhere close to being done. I’m building this site using Site Build It and I highly recommend checking them out. My cost? It started at $29.99 per month and now it costs nothing. (I’m making more from the site than it costs.) To check it out you can see what my site looks like (www.woodworkingsiteonline.com) and then check out Site Build It or Site Sell (same) by clicking on one of their ads at my site. Their system is taught in major colleges, and their support is second to none. Also, their followers, (called SBIers), are willing to help you from day one through the private forums. The actual success rate is better than nine out of ten!

  32. I was naive and attended the first meeting and the workshop. For my 139.00 I got a couple of Croissant Sandwiches and learned a few more terms used in internet marketing. Once I made my decision not to upgrade my package to the one they were promoting for $6,000.00 I was shunned and treated poorly. I am mainly disgruntled because Storesonline lied to me. The said repeatedly that they were only interested in helping us become successful and they sustained themselves on the $29.95 monthly fees they received from their customers. That was not true. If, you do not opt for the package you will not be valued and they will make that clear. I feel scammed.

  33. We figured they made about $90,000.00 off of the folks who attended the Spokane class. The $29.95 a month is a drop in the bucket.

  34. burberry uk says:

    Their system is taught in major colleges, and their support is second to none. Also, their followers, (called SBIers), are willing to help you from day one through the private forums. The actual success rate is better than nine out of ten!

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  36. Nicholle Mottern says:

    I’m in the nascent stage of considering marketing my product. This is pretty new territory to me, but I would love to join this group and make a real and profitable business for myself. Thanks for the post. I look forward to hearing and reading more…and putting the info to use!Cecelia Futch recently posted..But it’s Just a Small Business

  37. John says:

    I bought into this disaster back in 2004. I still haven’t given up all hope of getting some money back. Anyone from Nebraska willing to join me in approaching our Attorney General about a lawsuit??

  38. Jimethomason says:

    I am here to tell you that SOL throught a company called Professional Marketing International. To start I have a mental dissability which precludes me from being able to make decisions. I have never had the proper support from the company. I said no at the seminar and they tracked me downw to strong arm me over the phone. I finally agreed to let them “finance” the venture for somewhere around $2500 but I would only get 1 site and all the assistance I would need. I Got my site up but they kept wanting more much money for advertising the site it was a was a flop. Now the have a firm calling me 5-6 times a day and they have ruined my credit report. T now say I owe something like $5000 and the are very rude. The last person said “Enjoy your credit report” I need help to sue them. Can someone help me?

  39. Jimethomason says:

    Contact me at [email protected] if you can help I live in Michigan.

  40. מוביל says:

    david guetta? love.

  41. Steven says:

    People are right. not you people on this blog. Ive never heard so much whining in my life. there is not a magic trick. no poof and your an online business owner making a living. yeah right. this is the problem with society today. Have you ever seen sporting events for jr high and middle school kids? everybody gets a trophy for participating. thats whats wrong with society these days. I like to call you sheeple. You will do anything or be anything if somebody tells you. Be daring, be a loner. just stop whining. sounds like some people need to put some time and effort into learning about being online, building websites, and running a business online. by no means was it easy when i first started. I pushed forward, learned what i needed to learn to build these websites that cost me so much money. Looking back 10 years ago, it was the best money my wife and I ever spent. without stores online and there opportunity, i still be a working stiff for someone else 8 to 5. It took me 18 months to get my first site published and 2 years to become an internationally known business. the strong survive and the weak die off. shocked that so many people would spend the amount of money for the website platform that they do and then give up so easily. Ive never had many issues with stores online. if they didnt have an answer for me(which has only happened twice) i did what i had to do and figured it out. it really is sad people, with all the resources available online these days, its beyond me. in fact they have been so good to me that ill tell a little background story for you. in 2008 my son had life saving surgery and shortly there after the economy took its down turn. the market and the economy could not support us. stores online didnt charge me a dime until i started back up in 2010. after losing everything, losing two homes and our newer vehicles. we are now some what stable and building new websites to publish to get back to the middle class life style we worked so hard for. the stores online opportunity gave me the opportunity be something more than just a working stiff on someone elses clock. now im a stay at home dad, raising our wonderful baby daughter. the stores online opportunity allow me to improve and gain new knowledge. it gave me the opportunity to be that star football player, baseball player or rock star that we all want to be. im in the import / export business and im a rock star in my niche markets. not because someone handed it to me, but because we did what we had to do. when i first started i didnt know alot about computers besides selling on ebay a little. this country wasnt founded, it was built by strong men that did what they had to do. stop whining, learn new things, do research, dont sell what everybody else is selling and put forth some effort. yes it was gruelling and difficult most of the time when we first started, but it was worth it. wouldnt have most of the things and accomplished as much as we did without it. how you people can spend thousands of dollars, whine and not do what you have to do to succeed is beyond me. the platform is great for beginners but also a great platform for the advanced user as well. we get so many compliments on our websites. people always ask who built it. feels good to tell them i did. i do it all. page building, SEO, marketing, customer service, you name it i do it. anything is possible if you want it. it appears to me that you need to re-enter the realm of reality. unless your born with that silver spoon in your mouth, your going to have to work alot “harder” and be “smarter”. if your not willing to go the extra mile and work hard, quit now because your going to fail anyway. just be a big boy or a big girl about it and admit your lazy. its not stores online that made you spend the money, nor are they the reason for your failure and whining. you are to blame, nobody else. above all, stop whining. i would love to help someone that actually wants to give it all theyve got. love to hear some comments from you whiners as well, so here is my email address: [email protected]
    yours in success, steven

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