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Posted on June 27th, 2007 in by Martin Lee

First of all, in case you are worried about the technical challenges of building your own website, I want to assure you that nobody is born knowing how to build a website! Everyone started from zero and that includes me as well.

I will be sharing with you one method for you to consider:


WordPress is the most popular tool used by on the interenet right now. It allows you to add “pages” to your site. This allows you to setup a blog to look just like a normal website. This particular site took me less than an hour to setup using wordpress.

An important thing to take note is that you should NOT be using the version of WordPress that is hosted on their servers. Instead, you need to get your own hosting to install the wordpress software. The actual steps for you to do are:

(a) Register your domain name at Godaddy.

(b) Get a webhosting account to host your blog. Generally, it is not a good idea to get your domain name and hosting needs from the same provider.

If you want a low-cost option, you can start with Hostgator for your webhosting. Look at the shared hosting plans. You can get the baby plan if you have future intentions to host more than one domain.

(c) Change the nameservers settings at Godaddy to the ones provided by Hostgator (or your webhosting if you are not using Hostgator).

(d) Install your wordpress blog by following these step by step instructions. If your hosting comes with fantastico (most of them do), you can do a one-click installation of wordpress.

(e) Browse and select a free wordpress theme that you want to use for your site. If you want more professional looking themes, I recommend the studiopress themes.

(f) Read the wordpress documentation and play around with your admin control to get familiar with the interface. In the future, you can install plugins to enhance the functionality of your site. There are many posts on the internet on recommended WordPress plugins to install.

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  1. Shirley F. Foxworthy says:

    To put it in a nutshell, if I’d known a year ago this June what I know now I would have eaten the croisant lunch and run. The whole concept is a good idea, just presented under misrepresentation (such as the so-called 2 follow-up training sessions which turned out to be one ‘bootcamp’ consisting primarily of the same testimonials used to get us to purchse the websites and pushing selling on eBay) by what I feel are a group of greedy people trying to establish a monopoly with inhouse ‘associates’. My partner and I are gathering anyone else who wants to participate in a class-action suit against SOL no matter where you are located. If you are interested, contact us @ [email protected] or Mary @ [email protected].

  2. John says:

    Well I did my research before going to the “Workshop” and I didn’t bring any credit cards, cheques or cash at all… I knew I wasn’t going to buy in to that. I just wanted to see if there was any information worthwhile. Turns out that all the demos they give you use their proprietary software so not much good to me. I left after lunch.
    Now the only thing that they seemed to “get” me with is that the amount of spam in my inbox has gone up significantly. They must sell email addresses too. :(

  3. Helpline says:

    If you feel you have been treated unfairly with your online store please give me a call, I can help. (206) 339-7988 Leave a message and I can give you an immediate response.

  4. Melanie H says:

    Just a note to let you know my husband and I just left a workshop in Southaven, MS located next to Memphis, TN. I saw right through the seminar from the beginning. I cracked up when instead of paying 199.00 today only, you can purchase a book ( that was half empty) and for that you get … another day off without pay ( fortunately I was off work today) schedule another day off without pay ( remember folks, there is just no way those 11 professionals can reschedule their lives, but they expect all of us to) and lets not forget your getting a software license..i still can’t figure that one out of why you have to purchase something your paying 25.00 a month for. Well i found it absolutely hilarious when lunch arrived aka.. snack of 1/2 sandwich ( do you get the other half at the ” NEXT ” seminar ? along with that lunch you got to keep drinking the same water they served 2 hours prior. It sickened me to see some folks actually giving up 50.00 today especially after they took a day off. I caught the parts about having to pay extra for ” promotional tools” and I also caught the part about 24/7 tech support and I asked about it. I asked for the 24/7 phone number ..i was corrected that its all online tech support 24/7. Now if you’re needing tech support for an online product, how are you able to talk to them online ? It was then they told me they actually have a phone number you can call but its only operable 13 hours a day. Then i was told any add’l questions I had, could be answered at the ” next seminar” yeah.. the seminar that you have to go to on THAT day at THAT time and plan to spend ALL day brainstorming. Well i wonder if you get the other half of your sandwich then. Sorry to see you all went through so much hassle. I am just glad i put my foot down when my husband started to tell me how it could all work for us, we would just need to learn all about it. The next seminar is in Tupelo sometime this month guys.. so if you’re able.. you might want to get some materials together and present them to the next suckers that arrive that day. Run a warning statement in the tupelo paper. Contact the Mayor of Tupelo and let him know about this company and how they are about to hit his town and rip off his constituents. Best of luck !

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