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Just read from an article from that Storesonline are operating using another name, eComTrainers and “Internet Marketing Conference” in New Zealand. Different names but same mode of operation. warns:

Because of the close association with StoresOnline, a company that has disappointed many New Zealand consumers in the past, we strongly recommend you have nothing to do with eComTrainers and Internet Marketing Conference.

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  1. Stephanie says:


    I need all people from Pennsylvania to contact me immediately.

    I spoke with the Consumer Protection (Attorney General’s Office) about getting StoresOnLine banned from PA and was informed if there is a reoccurring problem, they can get them banned.

    Any PA residents who have been lied to by StoresOnLine, contact me at 610-495-0176 or 610-213-9011 or
    [email protected]

    We need to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. Don’t worry about how long it has been. I filed 11 months after I was scammed.

    We need to show a pattern of deceit. This should be pretty easy considering the fact these people do not tell the truth about anything.

    • Lai says:

      i bought the package like 2 years ago and nothing happened. i feel scammed and want a refund.

    • Kim Fackler says:

      can you give the information here or do you think this is being looked at?

    • Ron Boyer says:

      Is there any help for those of us here in Missouri??? I purchased in April 2008 & still can’t get much going on my site. A big, big rip-off. Please contact me @ [email protected]. Thanks…

      • Traci says:

        The scam is in Virginia to. I lost $6,000 in 2006. And the blood thirsy vampires are still calling me for more money. I guess to pay off some of these other cases and lucky individuals. Are there any other Virginians that would like to join me in pursuing Stores Online for refunds? Contact me at [email protected].
        All the best of luck with you and keep us posted on your progression.

    • We bought the six sites from Stores Online……took us forever to get our first site up and running…..never got any help……never got any customers and when we stopped paying all of the monthly fees we couldn’t even access our information! Total rip off! We are sooo mad.

    • lynn says:

      Thank you all for the info. I received free tickets in the mail with a flier describing the free dinner and MP# player. Was going to go but after finding this site I will not attend. I am glad I did my research. Grateful that folks will share their story even if it is bad so the rest of us will not get burned. A BIG THANKS FOR THIS WEBSITE! GOD BLESS LEE

  2. Kim Fackler says:

    I purchased 6 sites for 6000.00 and have one up but never made any thing on it I also purchased the pmi package for 8000.00 because they were going to get 3 sites upand running for me but the never did anything to help me get them up and running so I am still making no money and have to pay back my credit card 14000.00 I recieved nothing from them when I asked for a refund.

    I don’t know where to go from here??

    • nancy says:

      Did you request a refund from PMI? If there was a guarantee maybe you could look into that. They aren’t going to refund anything unless you ask.

  3. computerman says:

    This is a chat i had with customers support today see what you all make of this

    Welcome To Storesonline Storefront Support! Good to have you on chat, how may I help you today?
    are you interested in buying over my License
    I apologize robert, but storesonline do not but sites back
    you can sell them on reseller sites link ebay
    i am talking about storesonline i am asking you.
    dont you work with storesonline
    dont you have websites which is being hosted by storesonline
    guess the sites you have are all up and running and making money
    yes I do work for storesonline , but on buying the sites back , we do not have this policy implemented
    what i am asking you has nothing to do with storesonline
    if you have sites up and running why cant you buy another one
    I apologize truly Robert, I really want to help as much as I can , but I dont have money to buy another one
    why not
    that means that the sites you have are not making any money or you dont have any site at all?.
    it’s only one i will sell you for $500.00 i’ve already paid $700.00
    Once again, I wish I have the money so that I can help you out. But I do have other responsibilities also and I need to prioritize those first.
    I suggest that you sell the licenses on reseller sites like Ebay
    ok. what if i gave it to you free
    no one else wants to buy a licenses from storesonline
    so i figure i would get someone who works with storesonline to buy it.
    Okay , we will check on the management if we can do buy it back
    when will that be
    I will send an email today and we will check that first thing on tuesday
    so who will respond to my request.
    you will
    I can tell you what they will say..they cannot buy it back jus as you told me.
    I will contact them and as soon as they have responded to the request , we will get back to you
    are you sending the email now?. when you do please let me have the ticket number.
    you already know what they will say.
    Okay please hold on as I create a ticket for that
    thank you for waiting
    the tracking number is Ticket 23077110
    what is the name of your site if you dont mind telling me.
    it is under site construction but I do plan in selling refurbished turntables , im working on it now
    ok. i thought is was that easy to build the site, so how come u r working there and urs in under construction, u have all the programmers close to u.
    Okay here is the site I am did previously
    I did*
    I removed the underconstruction site
    looks intersting
    okay thanks
    you still have lots of work to do.
    but it should’nt take u that long.
    I understand robert but im full time here as a customer service representative
    sounds like u work 24/7
    :O) sometimes we do double shifts
    which means that u do have time cause u wk double sometimes.
    but we do assist more that 3 merchant most of the times so I prioritize merchants first
    any way got to go look after my baby. nice talking to you and looking forward for a reply.
    Okay thank you robert for your time
    please do Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.
    We’d love for you to fill out the survey after you click on the “Done” Button. We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding your recent experience. I hope I have given you excellent service. Thank you and have a lovely day!
    u too.
    thanks bye!

    • Traci says:

      Yeah if their products are so GREAT why woulndn’t they buy them back. Surely they can find another poor victim to sell it to. Or is that just it the victims are getting smart to their game and word is getting around?

    • Purity Rings says:

      Interesting approach to get out of a decision you made. I used to work for StoresOnline and believe in their product. I have tried other ways to build sites, StoresOnline is the easiest for people that aren’t really technical.

  4. Joyce says:

    My daughter and I purchased this in Aug 08. We have had some contact from, but still feel that we are wasting our time and money. We just want out of this, all the work we are being told to do is what we thought we were paying the 6000 + for and a monthly fee.
    Thank you.

  5. Eulalia Colson says:

    I don’t have my site up yet, because, like several other people, I haven’t found anything that will sell on ebay, so why would it work on a web site. The wholesalers, drop shippers, all want more money or to sell you their web site.
    I haven’t found anything that seems like wholesale products at all. My daughter and I invested in this together, $6,000 and 40.00 a month. I haven’t give up, but we never got one on one help, there is no toll free phone number, and the 2nd work shop was to sell more products, or legal services. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

    • Traci says:

      Isn’t that amazing that these wholesellers really think that you will pay THEM $80.00 a month to sell their product that is way overpriced to begin with. I wonder if these whole sellers are not run by Stores Online? They sure do operate in the same manner- offering something that they know you can not sell or work with. I had some very special words for some of those whole sellers when I spoke with them on the phone.

      • nancy says:

        I really doubt these wholesalers are run by Stores Online. There are hundreds of these types of “businesses” out there like that. They make their money from your monthly fees. They couldn’t care less if you make sales. Never use a so called wholesaler or dropshipper that charges a monthly fee. There are plenty of legitimate ones out there.

        All scams on the internet are not related to Stores On Line.

    • nancy says:

      what type of products are you wanting to sell online? Just because something doesn’t sell on ebay doesn’t mean it won’t sell on a website. Ebay is for bargain hunters. I have many customers that just won’t shop on ebay because they are afraid to.

      Yes it is hard to find a legitimate wholesalers and dropshippers. For every real dropshipper there are probably 100 or more fake ones that actually use the real dropshippers. Depending on where you live, you could attend trade shows, this is an excellent way to find wholesalers and dropshippers. this is how I found several of mine. As long as you are a legitimate business you can get entry into these shows.

  6. Warren says:

    This company promises the world & after receiving Your money can only offer you an empty promise. I have been contacted by so many companies introducing themselves as stores online & wanting to help me further my web sites for another fee. When I call them back I find out they are Not stores online but a company that has been sold MY/Your information so they can further milk more money out of you with no promise of any return.
    *Anyone from New Jersey with any information on a class action suite against Stores Online or Refunds please contact Me at [email protected].

    • Jessica says:

      I purchased my 6 websites on 01/31/2008. I now have the strength and means to fight this scam and am doing so. I have officially requested a full refund both verbally and in a written letter. I then sent the letter to the StoresOnline, Inc. physical address and cc’d it to the attorney general in CA and GA, state senators in CA and GA, and the BBB of Utah. I also included supporting documents with the letter requesting a refund and why.

      I did recieve a response from SOL but it is a pressured attempt to get me to sign a quick fix to the initial and larger problem. (They offered free programming for 1 year and hosting for 3 months). The issue is the company is not trust worthy, the product is faulty, their business practices deceptive, and I am completely unsatisfied with the product after making reasonable attemps to work with the software. Normally this would work with any company that respects it’s product and customer.

      Does anyone know what more I can do? Where can I send more complaint letters to in CA or GA?

  7. carol howze says:

    I’m very wary of this business after reading the filed complaints. I am a Pa. resident and would like to file for a refund asap. Thanks for the 411, I should have inverstigated sooner,however I feel I’m still entitled to be refunded.

    • carol howze says:

      …the above statement of complaint refers to my interaction with Storesonline express.

      • Jessica says:

        If you are not satisfied then YES ask for a refund. Be professional and give specific examples of your complaint. Put it in writing and verbally ask for the solution to the situation. Send copies of letters to your Attorney General and the BBB. If you put a little effort into it with a little postage all the complaints CAN make a difference. The reason companies like this are not forced to improve is that people don’t complain (appropriately) enough. You’ll be helping yourself and future consumers.

        • Evelyn says:

          I have been scammed by Stores Online and I want refund. I posted my complain on Rip Off Reports, but the only response I have back is an email saying the they have been working to resolve complaints and are a reputable company. They promised me a call back from Stores on line, but no call and no response to my reply by email. I feel so stupid for falling for this. I am a smart successful business women with internet, website and computer skills. Still I DONATED my hard earned money to them.

          • Linda Richter says:

            I, too was ripped off by Stores On Line. I did the dance, paid for the extras and STILL no hits on the website. I personally listed over 700 items on it and never once got a sale or even any evidence that any one even FOUND my website. I did the same thing others did. I pulled the plug on the auto payments. Stopped paying the hosting fees after almost a year because it was like throwing money in the fire. NOW they have launched a collection agent after me….Universal something. They are the next on my list for harassment. They called yesterday, again today and after I hung up on them when they said even if I make lower payments, my credit score will suffer…I got a recorded message on my answering machine.
            I am permanently partially handicapped. I needed to work from home and did what was required of me as well as purchasing this backloading to put me on other websites. Personally, I don’t believe this was ever done. I would like a full refund from stores online. I would like an advocate to go after them on my behalf. How can I pay for something that is not making me any money??? They did a high pressure aim at my friend who attended the Scamininar with me to the tune of saying she could sell things to get the money up or borrow it from me. This would say that the deposit and monthly payments were all that was needed to get started…WRONG!!!! So, had my friend signed on…what would she have done about the other money you have to come up with in order to publish and be seen? They leave that off on the Scaminars when you attend. At this point, I would like it to just be a wash…drop the balance. I guess it is shame on me for trying to better myself. I dont know about one writer who said we waste time going after stores on line instead of devoting ourselves to it…I have two things to say. one…I devoted myself and my funds…believe me I did. two…If its so great for you, why dont you advise us here just what it was you did? I have an open mind. I would love to hear it. I have no problem paying stores online. I would have paid the whole chunk if I started making money like they promised. They are no better than the mortgage companies with preditory lending. Tell me…how are they ANY DIFFERENT????? Linda Richter

        • Traci says:

          You got that right Jessica, they think you will just walk away. And alot of people do, my husband is one of them that just walks away. He does not like confrontion and if any really work goes into confronting someone he just will not do it at any cost. And alot of people are like that. Also getting caught up in something like this makes one feel stupid or ingnorant. Therefore, people will just walk away rather than face it for what it is- a scam! People tend to just try to forget it.

          STAND UP AND FIGHT make it hard for these crooks and they will go away. They are not going to work hard. They are in it for the easy money.

  8. Evelyn says:

    I am in OHIO and have not yet found a class action suit. if there is one out there, please let us know. We will join.

    • Jessica says:

      You need to write a letter to your Attorney General clearly outlining exactly what happened and what you think could be done to fix it. Then you need to send the letter to Stores Online as well requesting action. If you follow the proper channels then you will get a responce/action/resolve. Yes, it’s a little more work but you’ve already lost so much, take the time to do this and it will be worth it. Also post your complaint on the BBB of Utah, they also will respond.

  9. Jill says:

    We are all in trouble and my fear is it will take years to get out of this. I am in Canada and looks like they have taken us all world wide and I do not understand how come they are still in business? All the best to everybody as we will all pull through this.

    • nancy says:

      The only reason they are still in business is because they did not do anything illegal. Unethical – maybe, but not illegal.

      • Linda Richter says:

        LOL….I have to wonder why Unethical is NOT ILLEGAL??? If someone gets your money with false promises and does not deliver the goods….ISN’T THAT THEFT??? Geesh, if I put a snicker bar in my pocket at Walmart and told them I was debating about paying for it, I would be handcuffed to a chair in the office waiting for the PA Police to come and get me. THESE THEIVES TAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM US and they get away with it. I stopped paying them and stopped paying the web hosting when I was not making anything after a year. I decided what to sell immediately, I did not have to hold off and think about it. I then designed my website with my own artwork, they just had to put it in place for me and loaded over 700 items onto the site. when I did not get any hits, I contacted them and got an “oh, by the way, you need to promote it better…let us backload your website for around 300+ dollars…so I did that…still no extra business. Heck still no business whatsoever :/ Now they put a collection agent on my back. What joy the only thing they kept up with is trying to extract more of my money for less of their services. …..SNICKER BAR ANYONE?

  10. John says:

    My wife and I have attended two sessions and were invited to the “boot camp” session but have decided not to go. However; after a 15 minute consultation out in the lobby of the hotel…we were so “hyped” up and felt that Stores online was our answer to prayer for our low income. Why they would approve us for their pro package with our low income — is beyond me. Well…
    After we began our drive back home we both felt strange in our decision. I think we drank too much coffee that they offered us for free or something. Why were we so convinced that this company was the answer to our prayers — even dreams? We did sign the agreement for the installment payments to come out of our debit card but could not afford the down payment of $600. they wanted…

    The lady told us they will contact us on monday to see if we can come up with the money or make some kind of arrangement. That didn’t happen so we wrote to them and asked to just cancel. Now we are worried and not sure what to do. I am on unemployment and my wife is disabled. We thought maybe we could afford this if we were to get our web site up quickly (what a laugh) My son told us not to do it but we were desperate to at least try. We can not do that! Too hard and the work load is unbearable against our valuable time on the homefront. My question to you is..
    Can we legally cancel as it’s still in the beginning? We contacted them on the sixth day because we were waiting for them to call us on Monday. As I mentioned…they didn’t call.

    What can we do for you for the Consumer Protection?


    • John says:


      I wrote two e-mails to Stores online and asked them to cancel as we could not afford the down payment of $600. they wanted for the pro…etc.

      Yesterday they told us we can not cancel as it was beyond three days. I questioned her as we did NOT know about the three day deal and that they told us they would get back to us which made six days later. Hmmm…well I quickly got to work on it and sent e-mails to them requesting cancellation and today they called back again.

      They did call us on the phone and apologized due to an error on our application that they were able to cancel our installment plan. The representative was seemingly “cool” about it. I then repeated her about the cancellation and she again said yes…your commitment to Stores online is done. I thanked her and then sent another e-mail to the company and asked them to send us the cancellation on paper so we can have it for our records. They told us we would not be refunded the $49. we paid for the second session. I said no problem…keep it the lunch was good. I’m now waiting for the paper work as proof that we are no longer with stores online. I sent copies of all e-mails to family members and church. We also decided to cancel out our debit card and did so immediately…just to be on the safe side. Somehow we still felt unsure in it all. So we’ll see where this all goes.

    • Donna says:

      My sister and I went last evening to their seminar and like you we thought it would help us with our income as I am unemployed andher and her husband have a low income. I wished I had seen this site before. I just put down $48.00 to start and am going to cancel Monday morning. This is the 2nd business day for me. he paper said that we had ill midnight of the 3rd business day and if you are 65 or over you had 15 days to cancel. Good Luck and I hope you get your money back.

      • heartbroken says:

        cancel immediately, even when buying the 48 “express” website, not just for training, which aka is a high power sales presentation to demean you into buying the pro upgrade or you will be a fool bit. You will be charged a hosting fee’ in 45 days if you don’t cancel…

  11. We like you others are out the $6,000 plus all the “extras” they say we “needed” plus the time, paper, ink, trips to boot camp, I think ALL home business “opportunities” need to be banned. We still don’t have any sites up and running and it has been 10/24/07. They get us so far and then something gets left out because there are so many firsts that have to be done first that you can’t get ahead. I too asked many times how to get my money back and get out of this, but no success. They sure got a lot of money from the seminar that I went to, there were a lot of people that grabbed this “opportunity of a lifetime”

  12. Jimmy Mann says:

    I’ve attended the introduction and it dounded like a great idea. I psent the $48.00 (regularly $199.00) to go to the next level all day training. All that I’ve read has me concerned. I plan to open an on-line US rare coin store. Ihave been a collector for many years and have a substantial inventory. I am retiring soon and this sounded like the ideal situation. They would assist with site set up and help get us close to the top of the page on google search & others. Is this all BS?

    • heartbroken says:

      If you have your own product then youre ahead of the game, Problem 1-they don’t tell you if you want to utilize the programmer…you have only 90 days and well actually 60 because you have to have all your “stuff” in their hands via snail mail / cd –product pictures, text descriptions, etc We were told different and on day 95 we got an email stating we could continue if we gave another 300 that was the first indication of money upon package purchase. However all i’ve ever been contacted by is the “credit dept’ to be sure i’ve sent a payment… I’ve had numerous calls from “unknown” but no voicemail. I was told some things at the seminar that if i’ hadn’t had a migraine would not have made sence to me I am 100% disabled. They shouldn’t have taken advantage or qualified me for any credit regardless. I had questions that they implied I didn’t need a business licence or such because the drop shipper would “take care of customer’s products and questions. Like I said I had a migraine, and realized later that was a lie.

  13. Jimmy Mann says:

    I’ve attended the introduction and it sounded like a great idea. I spent the $48.00 (regularly $199.00) to go to the next level, all day training. All that I’ve read has me concerned. I plan to open an on-line US rare coin store. I have been a collector for many years and have a substantial inventory. I am retiring soon and this sounded like the ideal situation. They would assist with site set up and help get me get close to the top of the page on google search & others. Is this all BS?

    • Ian says:

      Hey, Jimmy…

      It’s not ALL bs. You do get what they promise you, it just doesn’t look or work like you pictured it. The only thing that Stores Online has that no one else does is their reverse search tool. Granted, that is a very useful tool, but there are other ones that work pretty well too, and they are a lot less expensive. Given my experience, and the stories of hundreds of other people, I would say that to go with Stores Online is a big risk, and you don’t need to sink that much money into your idea. Find another hosting company with a site builder, a price likely 1/10th of Stores Online per year, and a return policy greater than 3 days. I think you’ll be much happier that way…


    • Linda Richter says:

      Jimmy….run for your life! You want to sell coins, do it on ebay. You will be better off. Getting close to the top of the page on google….lets try I spent extra cash to get my sit backloaded and still you have to hunt. Top of the page…the only way to do that is pay per click advertising. If you have the budget for it…by all means that is the ONLY way you will get there and you dont need storesonline to get there. You are better off building your own website with one of the kits they advertise on TV and then do the pay per click ads. Wish I had. believe me. Linda R.

  14. Jean from PA says:

    We thought we would be finally done paying off SOL,
    (without being able to make a website) then behold they tell us we still have three months to pay, a 3200 site turned out to be 4760.00, I have spoken to CPA’s and as far as they can tell it is illegal to add a interest charge on interest, does anyone know if this is true.. we also noticed that they never did give us a copy of the installment plan until the end of our contract because we call yelling about how 3200.00 turned into 4760.00 and on our installment contract it says total sale price is 4034.00 how do they justify this.. please let me know if I can do anything about this, we bought this in March 2008, is it to late for us:( [email protected]

  15. Jenny says:

    I have been having the same problem in Ontario, Canada without any recourse. Is there anyone else from Ontario that has been having problems with SOL? I would love to talk to someone else from my area. Thanks!

  16. Jackie Long says:

    My husband a I attended the worksop and thought that this would be a great way to design a website and promote our current small business. When we spoke with the counselors and asked them if this would work for what we needed, they assured us it would be perfect for our needs and convinced us that we needed all six websites so we could link other products and that it would be very simple to link them together, as well as E-bay, so we purchased the whole package. We made multiple calls to try to set up our website, but all they ever wanted to do was sell us other services, such as website designers, or accountant services. Unfortunately, we did not document the multiple calls that took place. Then, after a year, when we tried again to go online, they wanted to charge us another $100 to consult with a designer, and they would not even guarantee that we would be able to go online then. I guess we just learned a $7000 lesson, but it sure seems like there should be some recourse without having to pay attorney fees for an uncertain, possibly negative outcome..Thanks

  17. Pauline Barrett says:

    I purchased the storesobnline package October 2007 and to date am still not up and running. I have been trying until my husband took sick and had to be hospitalized almost the entire year of 2008. I am now able to try to get back on the program only to find out today that I have to spend another $300 or $500 or $1000 to renew what I already have but cannot access my sites until I purchase a renewal program from storesonline. WOW $6,000 now more??? I have tried several times to get my money back, but to no avail. I just keep getting turned in circles trying to get help from storesonline. I have followed each step that they give us and still cannot get going, I asked for the “chat” help, try what they say and it still doesn’t work only to find out they want MORE money. Sure would appreciate some sort of refund for something I cannot get to work. I know three people that bought the program at the same time and their sites are not up and running yet. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Linda Richter says:

      Yep, they toss you to the curb when you stop paying on the site. DONT GIVE THEM ANOTHER DIME. I would consider giving them anything not much more than a donation. I would rather give it to the ASPCA or the Wildlife fund.
      I stopped making payments when I saw this was a lose lose situation. Never got seen, never sold a thing and I put my heart and soul into getting that site loaded up and published. Even did my own artwork. All they had to do was place it on the website. After a year, I stopped paying. Stopped spending hosting fees. Now I am getting harassment calls from their collection company Universal. My next stop is them too. I considered picking up on the payments if they would lower them. They said my credit score would still be effected…so why bother? I was looking to protect my score, not to do the website any longer. I just threw good money after bad.
      AND YES, THEY ALWAYS WANT MORE MONEY!!!! They remind me of a contractor I had in my old house in NY. I had a window that needed to be replaced in the bedroom. So I replaced both. My head was under one of the windows the way the room was set up. I kept the draft out with my own mickey mouse do it yourself quick fix.(but it did work). After they replaced the window, it was drafty. So I called them back and said the window was leaking. I asked them if they insulated around it…etc. The jerk said to me….well, if you wanted the top of the line window, you should have said so.
      HELLO STUPID MY HEAD IS UNDER ONE OF THEM AND MY FEET ARE NEAR THE OTHER was he looking to be paid not once but twice for the same thing? How is Stores On Line ANY DIFFERENT? Oh, you actually wanted to make money when you bought the website…..oh, that’s different…now it will cost you more and more over and over. Yeah, like I bought the website and put all that effort into it to wear it around my neck on Halloween.

      • Peter says:

        My wife and I got to the meeting late and got the information book without the deal sheet in it, so when they called us to make a deal, we had no idea what offers they had. We were told the old story that we needed their big program, that they would re-build our sites – we already had two product sites of our own – and we would be making money within 1 month.

        Then after getting home, we could not get on their site for days until we finally found out that we needed an Explorer update. Crazy us – we use Firefox and it took days to find out. Then finally the consultant we talked to asked why did we get the Platinum program since we already had our own products and were not going to sell theirs so it was senseless to buy the platinum because that is for selling Stores Online products.

        So we called the fellow we signed the deal with who told us we would be making thousands within a month and asked him why he sold us the Platinum system because we had told him that we needed the service for our own sites. He really didn’t have an answer for that. I told him we wanted to cancel the deal. He said that you could only cancel within 3 days of signing. WE couldn’t even get access to their site for over 4 days.But the fact is their own consultant said we didn’t need the plan should have been enough. The salesmanwho sold us the plan said too bad, you signed, you have to do it. This is called theft by deception and Under Pa.C.S. SS3123 is a criminal act. WE had sent all this material to Stores Online in December and we hadn’t heard anything more from them. We even let them keep the down money of $500 for the netbook computer which is the worst computer I have ever used – slower than a turtle. Now, Stores Online has a collection company hounding us. So off to State Consumer Protection at the Attorney General’s office. Googleing Stores Online certainly brings up a lot of complaints and states where they are not even allowed to sell. Watch out. If you are a Pa resident, give a call – 215-862-6777

  18. George says:

    To all those who tried to get their money back, please do not try to respond to any calls from recovery services, otherwise, you will lose more. Federal Trade Commission advised that ” it is illegal for recovery room operators to request or receive payment until seven business days after they deliver the recovered money or other item to you. If a recovery operation asks you to pay up front, don’t do business with them!”

    One of the business recovery services call provided also a sucker list of testimonials of refund they get. Do not be fooled by such references.

  19. Martha says:

    I just got into the StoresOnline business and I am freaking out as I read all the negative comments. I don’t know if I can passed the fact that many of you have a bad experience and it seems that nobody has a good results to share :( I am really worried, since I got into more debt by investing on this business. I don’t know what to do now! For one thing…the comments are dated old. Today is 5/4/10 and I don’t see any fresh reviews on the subject. Maybe they got better? How can BBB doesn’t do nothing about it? Maybe it really works! I need to pray about it a lot!!

    • Donna says:


      RIPOFF HAS had numerous complaints and UTAH, CA, and some other states have banned them, and did a class action against them and won.
      I am from WI. and will be following up with our Attorney General, but in Nov. 2009, there was a nationwide class action in which they agreed to refund $1200 of whatever you spent. I only found out 2 days before the deadline and did not get to join the lawsuit.
      BUT, then they wrote to RIPOFF, which was published, and RIPOFF gave them a good rating based on their concerns and attempts to resolve these matters.
      I have a very lengthy war story, and had a difficult time getting my web site built, so I contacted the President, and I thought we were on track to getting our web site up. But 6 months and many conversations, all of which are recorded, except for the guy who was appointed by the Pres. to help me. When I call in, no one knows what I am talking about and try to charge me more money. Then when I insist they talk to the head of Customer Service, and he says, yes, I am right, and I should be set up with my web designer. WHAT A MICKEY MOUSE RUN-A- ROUND.
      I finally decided to build my own web site. Never did before; however, it was easy … I am computer literate and am even able to repair many of our computer problems.
      I am a college graduate with 2 degrees, graduating with honors.
      I have run my own full C corporation for 37 years with not one problem which I am very proud of.
      I want to retire and I knew this would take time for people to find us and that I would have lots of work to do, but did not anticipate that it would take 2 years and my building my own site.
      After I built it and sent it by PDF, the only way to handle large documents, They could not copy and paste. So, I spent almost 2-1/2 to 3 weeks emailing sentence by sentence, picture by picture, icon by icon one at a time.
      When the site was finally built, there were problems, it looked horrible and did not even fill the page. I only had ONE (1) time to make corrections. That is ridiculous.
      The programmer (I do not believe a true programmer, as they use templates) got some of my changes made, but left out others. I then spent 2 months calling, and using the chat line to find out how to get into the backend of my web site so I could make corrections and upload our merchandise. No one in customer service nor on the chat site were on the same wave length, and the programmer did not send me the information I needed. YES, thru sheer determination, I have gotten the info. needed to work on my site and set it up right.
      I haven’t had time, as my husband was close to death and spent 3 weeks in the hospital and I, of course, spent every day there, only to return to my office to find over 2000 emails and details to handle with my other business.
      I was ready to hang up my shingle and devote my time to this web site, but will not do so until I see how it goes.
      ALSO be careful and check out the wholesalers and drop shippers. I did not realize until I read all these articles that many of them are ripping people off right and left.

  20. Trent says:

    I’m bailing. I just signed up yesterday on the 36-mo plan in San Diego. I don’t want to be another party in a class action suit. I can’t blame SOL and you should not either. All the warnings and negative comments were right on line. I did not take time to look. I prayed about this last night, and asked God to give me a sign one way or the other. But, I kept hearing in my head, “you don’t need a sign, you know this doesn’t add up.” Any how, they say God protects children and fools. I’m not a child, so I guess that makes me a fool. I am grateful for this blog.

  21. Liz says:

    I got suck in myself and my partner, and it been nothing but a nightmare, this company-Storesonline rip off poeple left and right, in they need to be stopped, somebody need to help us, some state banded them from their states, some got their refund back, but some did’t and what do they do, just loose out all together, I don’t think so. Think we should all band together and get this company shut down!!!!
    I know I don’t have 6000 to just give away, I am on fix income like most us are, something got to be done to stop this company from taking, any more money from decent poeple. Is their anyone that can help with this matter, and don’t charge us a fee neither. Let them paid for our legal Fee’s ( STOREONLINE.COM)

  22. Liz says:

    We need to call our State General’s Office, our Comsumer Protection Abgency, The Better Business Bureau, and Our Federal Trade Commission, The Governer of our States.
    Do not Take NO FOR ANSWER, somebody got to help us!!!!!!

  23. kathleen says:

    I read they were to be band in CA…why are they here….is there any class action suit at this time?

  24. kathleen says:

    for california? any class action suit

  25. Barto says:

    I attended their 1st workshop in New Haven, CT, in which they promised to give us meal and IPOD in the invitation. The meal was poor, cold food, small….. not appropriate for dinner. Then no IPOD. Instead they distributed mail in voucher. In the seminar they said if we paid that day $99.95 plus sales tax and attend another full day workshop in Holiday Inn in North Haven, CT, whether we sign up for the contract or not, we get a notebook (computer). About 100 of us attended. The whole day the sales people were taking attendees one by one to the back desk and trying to convince them to sign up for the contract by paying the $6000. I refused. At the end they said due to technical error, UPS didn’t bring the computers. They said either take a $150 Best Buys coupon or write down your name and address and the computer will be shipped directly to you. Almost everybody signed up for the computer. Out of the 100 attendees, may be 5 must have signed up for the contract. It is about a month now and there is no IPOD and also no computer. I better call my state attorney’s office before November 2 (it is election year and they can act fast).
    I am glad I didn’t sign by paying $6k, but the fact that I paid $99.95 + tax and the fact that I am cheated angers me a lot. I am even sad people have been cheated for so long… some of the complaints are posted as far back as 2007. OMG

  26. kim says:

    ok people, i’m going to try to do something about this but i want to know how many are with me. right now i’m trying to re-activate a yahoo e-mail i haven’t used in years. i live in california and am one of those who recently got scammed, in fact less than 1 month ago. i want my money back and i’m ready to act like it. so…for all those that want to ban together and force sol to pay back the money they conned us out of, here’s my email [email protected]. don’t send me your story, i’ve already spent 3 days reading them. just sent an email saying “i’m in”. ok, that will get a list going for the Attorney General for a class act. there will be other things we can do, too. i will let you know what they are every step of the way, when i figure them out. it’s not the first time i’ve done something like this and i can either do it for myself or try to help the ones who are serious. i was going to call them today and just try to get my own money back, but i will give it a few more days to see what kind of response i get. i’m gonna get my money back with or without you, but i’m willing to start building an army so long as i know your willing to fight. sorry about my punctuations, i’m just being lazy not lame.

  27. Holly says:

    we attend the intial seminars and the dangled the money carrot in front of us and we went back for the next seminar and spent the $6000 for my husband is a very good saleman and i consider myself very computer savy and was unemployed for the first time in 25 years so this was the answer to our prayers we both could work from home and make money well left me tell I dove in and worked alot of hours at the computer looking for products and drop shippers many phone calls then after a year and no sites up we got a phone call from a storeonline marketer who asked for a additional $17,000 to get our 6 sites up and running within a week and they offered for us to come the Utah at our expense for a week long training seminar and to promote storesonline to potinal buyers. My husband was furious he told the guy if you want us to promote your product then you pay for us to come to Utah for a week. The guy called back off and on for 2-3 weeks pressuring to spend the additional $17,000 to get our sites up and running we told him we didn’t have the money he told us to take out a 2 morgage on our home to pay for it. I would just like my money back. I am ready to sell my program on e-bay to recoope some of the money we have spent

  28. Gman says:

    1st-The BBB is a private company. They just rate companies. They have no authority to do anything about any company.
    2ndly- SOL just settled out of court in Tenn on a Class Action suit for 7.6 MILLION DOLLARS.
    Do some research. I think you all can still get in on the suit.
    SOL has been flooding You Tube with paid actors posing as clients that are happy with SOL and all the money they are making and what a wonderful company they are, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    They have also been posting on numberous review sites, such as this one, as to which SOL is such we joined and what a great company they are and you guys didn’t work their program properly, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    People, do your research, Google, call your Att. Generals Office, BBB, ect.
    Read the complaints. HUNDREDS OF THEM.
    Find out for yourself that this company has been around before (, ect.) and will be back as another company once this one (SOL) is shut down.

  29. Gman says:

    1st-The BBB is a private company. They just rate companies. They have no authority to do anything about any company.
    2ndly- SOL just settled out of court in Tenn on a Class Action suit for 7.6 MILLION DOLLARS.
    Do some research. I think you all can still get in on the suit.
    SOL has been flooding You Tube with paid actors posing as clients that are happy with SOL and all the money they are making and what a wonderful company they are, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    They have also been posting on numberous review sites, such as this one, as to which, we joined and what a great company they are and you guys didn’t work their program properly, BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    People, do your research, Google, call your Att. Generals Office, BBB, ect.
    Read the complaints. HUNDREDS OF THEM.
    Find out for yourself that this company has been around before (, ect.) and will be back as another company once this one (SOL) is shut down.

  30. Gina from Chattanooga,TN says:

    This site is a blessing to all of those who were smart enough to research SOL before attending the first meeting with the tickets. I didn’t research either. My husband told me to and I still didn’t…They are having a meeting here in Chattanooga Saturday at the Marriott on March 18th I believe it is. I paid the $99 for the all day training but do not think I will attend either. I am unemployed, and now that has even stopped! Thinking I had something legit, I used my mom’s credit card to pay with and am now afraid that they may try to take out more than they said. My advice to EVERYONE thinking on attending. If you go, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITH OUT READING IT THOROUGHLY FIRST!!!! This is where a lot of us messed up at. They do rush you to hurry up and sign. They also act as if everyone in the room will not get picked to go to the training. So it makes you feel bad if everyone around you name is being called and yours hasn’t. The guy walks to the front and hands her a stack of papers which are suppose to be the “unlucky” people not chosen to attend their training. I bet they were ALL blank! The lady next to me actually commented on how it looked like everybody in the room was chosen! Hmmm again…It is the 11th day for me. I am not 65 years of age or older, but I still do not want anything they have to offer. Reading this site is what made me find my yellow receipt and look it over. That is when I seen the 3 day limit and etc..myself. They can have the $99. Reading the comments here, I know it will not help to ask for it back no way. What I do wonder though is, by filling out their order form, have I agreed some kind of way to pay for their $4,000 to $6000 packages? I think the subscription to e-commerce software is free for 60 days, then they start charging the $29.95 monthly if you don’t cancel. I hope to God they will answer my calls at this 801-431-4675 number. So far I am only thinking that they have stuck me for just the $99. I am totally afraid to go to the training now. God bless all of you for your comments and warnings. It hurts me too, to see how much money they are actually scamming people for! I am not going to tell my mom or husband what I have done, but I am praying that that is the only money they will get from me.

    • lynda says:

      gina..there is also a statement on the yellow says all sales are final after 15 days not including weekends..15Business you should be able to get your 99 back…..thats what it says on a blank one i walked off with… ” ALL SALES ARE FINAL AFTER (15) business days from the date of the transaction”

  31. Judy in Pennsylvania says:

    I too was scammed!! What can I say? I do wonder if I could join any class action suit. I live in Pennsylvania. At the very least we could give them a bad name; the best wish is that we would get some of our money back.I was going to try to sell my 5 sites; but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I guess I’m just stuck with the loss!!!

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