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Posted on June 27th, 2007 in by Martin Lee

If you search the internet, you are sure to come across all types of “get rich quick” or “make money on the internet” promises. Some of them are certainly enticing when you think of the prospect of “making money in your pyjamas” but are they actually for real? I will be explaining in this article what a real internet business really is.

First of all, let us look at what a traditional business is. The sole purpose of a business is to provide something of value, either in the form of goods or services, to another person or entity. If this value is something that people are willing to pay for, then that business is viable.

But this provision of value is only one small part of the whole equation. For the business to grow and be profitable, people need to know about it. And continuously getting new clients is the lifeblood of any business.

People can be reached through a wide variety of medium such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, word of mouth, internet, etc.

There you have it. The internet is no more than a medium for a business to reach new customers. No difference from what the other mediums are.

One important distinction is that using the internet as a medium can be cheap compared to the other mediums. Not everyone can afford to advertise on the television but practically anyone can start their own website. Advertising on the internet can also be very effective if done correctly.

If someone says internet business, we can assume that he is refering to a business that relies primarily on the internet to find their clients. However, we must not forget that the internet can also be used by a traditional business to reach out to more clients. Any business that relies on only one or a few ways to reach out to new clients is probably missing out on tremendous growth potential.

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  1. Donna bELL says:

    7 YEARS AGO i PURCHASED EVERYTHING STORES ON LINE OFFERED, including extras later such as Legal Package (so elementry), disks, and so much more.
    It took until 2010 after a certified letter to the ten Pres. to get help. We were ready from the get-go (Jan. 2 or 3 of 2006). But could get no help. Finally a Programmer was appointed and I had an advocate new to the co., but what a great person. He got the ball rolling and was full of empathy. Then he got transferred to another dept. but not before putting the guarantees in writing. After he left the Programmer stopped working, would not accept my emails or ans. my ph. calls. So, I contacted the advocate and asked him for help. He got a woman to take over. Again the Programmer promised to work on my website. But the woman was leaving for an extended bus. trip to Europe, and at that time, he stopped working. No emails or ph. calls were answered. She was gone quite some time and when she returned, he lied and said I was published and online. She congratuated me, until I explained what took place. Also, I sent all the artwork and how I wanted the first page set up. The programmer used at least a dozen “icons” and did not know where they come from or if copywrited. I told him to get them off as I did not need any lawsuits and to put my logo and backgr. on the site. He refused and refused until he again (many agains) told this woman that I was now published. NEVER WAS TRUE. I told her about the front page, and she stood over him until he changed it. FINALLY, after 1 full year June of 2010 to June of 2011 It was ready to be published, but I asked for 3 days to upload all our merchandise. It was agreed as were the terms of my agreement with the first advocate. Mind you I spent 3 months myself writing articles with THE RIGHT NO. OF KEYWORDS AND CORRECT SEO’s. G u e s s W h a t????? The website was missing. I called and called … you can never speak to the rt. person and Patti Page, my 2nd advocate would no longer take my emails nor phone calls. (WHAT GIVES?) Finally, someone was appointed to work on finding it. She found the original with the icons. I said NO WAY! Then she found a later one, but still with the icons, and finally after sever trys found the website just before the finished product.
    The puzzling thing is that the Programmer had left the company at the time my website disappeared. They said it was not possible for him to remove the site from the server. OH WELL IT DID. So, now they insisted on adding information to my front page that would be better than mine. I told them specifically that I did not want one area as part of the discussion since it was only part of what my site was about. The was to take 2 to 3 weeks. I believe it took 3 months, and guess what, the one item that I told them not to harp on was the MAIN ITEM they had written. (Just know that I kept telling them no to this request and that I would prefer my own language as I knew where I was going. They would not take no for an answer. Well, From June 2011 to now … today is Feb. 5, 2013, I do not have a website and they are charging me each month. Part of my agreement was that there was not to be any charges.
    The WORST PART is that I now have to redo the website myself because they claim it was built twice. It was built once, but the programmer who started and stopped showed it as published several times when it never was. In November I talked to a woman who was no help and she finally got another guy on line who asked me to send everything I had. I have 2 file cabinets and 4 legal boxes of correspondence … too much to send … and then I got ill, the holidays happened in bits and pieces because family is scattered, and I could not see as my eyes swelled shut for 4 weeks. Yes, I have a specialist that I am working with due to Glacoma and we are trying everything. In the midst of my misery, this woman called me 3 days in a row and gave me a day to get everything to her … and I said it was impossible until after the first of the year as I did not want my diseased eyes to sound like I was whinning. The 3rd day she called and said they would NEVER HELP ME AND WOULD DO NOTHING ABOUT THE CHARGES because they had not received my paperwork. So today this is where I am at. What a nightmare.
    The company seemed to have a great shopping on line website, but I could have done this for far less than the $23,000 (with extras) that I paid …. They don’t care about anyone … just your money.
    So “B U Y E R B E W A R E”

  2. Dana says:

    I feel and understand your plite, I do not have any advice for you other then see professional help to get the money back and do your damnest to ruin SOL with blog complains to save others from our demise. I to have had the same experience with SOL and I am told to see AAA to work this matter out well nothing is happening because AAA has so many complaints that I have to spend more of my money to even see or talk with the person working my case. SOL thinks that they have heard the last of me well, We should give them a piece of our mind via the internet to prevent others from falling into their trap.

  3. Dana says:

    Here is some help for anyone who would like to start a complain in their state and federaly.
    step one: contact an attorney and ask any and all question most will not charge you for first contact
    step two: contact the state attorney’s office and ask them a load of questions
    step three: contact the Better Business Bureau in your state and the state of Utah.
    with enough complains the BBB will take the matter to the Federal Level and the request written affidavits from all the complains then and only then can we put SOL out of business

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