Internet Marketing Workshop – Part 2

Posted on June 4th, 2006 in by Martin Lee

A week ago, I mentioned about an internet marketing workshop that I would be attending. The marketing system used by this company, storesonline, was very, very effective. First, back to some basics.

No matter what industry you are in, any business is ultimately about marketing. And marketing involves getting the right message to the right person (through the right media) to invoke a desired response.

A marketing system is then a series of messages to move and advance your client towards your endpoint. It is all about positioning and building the correct kind of relationship with your clients.

I will now talk about my experiences with storesonline from my perspective so that you can understand their strategy better.

About a month or so ago, I saw an advertisement of a ‘free’ 1.5 hours internet marketing conference. This advertisement was repeated a few times on my local newspaper. There were many dates/sessions available and you could sign up by phone or on the internet.

There would also be free lunch/dinner provided (depending on the time of the conference). On top of them, all participants would also get a free business organiser.

With such an offer, you can be sure that the response rate would be very high. No wonder they had so many sessions catered for.

At the conference itself, a speaker taught that in order to make money on the internet, we needed to have:

1) The right knowledge
2) The correct tools
3) Take action

A bit of content was provided but we were told that if we wanted to find out more, we could attend their one day workshop.

The workshop was priced at an amazing $100 and you could even bring a guest along. The relevant handouts and lunch would also be provided.

At an effective cost of $50/person, what then was the catch? The company was completely upfront about this and mentioned that they would be promoting their software (costing a few thousand dollars) at the workshop.

However, there would be completely no obligation to use their software and we would still be able to benefit from their workshop. With this soft selling approach, many people signed up for the workshop. And everyone got their free lunch and business organiser as promised.

In the midst of this process, storesonline was certainly enhancing their relationship with us in a positive way.

It was also clear to me that the fees collected for the workshop would probably cover the costs of the conference and workshop. Anything else sold during the workshop would be pure profits.

80% of the workshop ended up to be a subtle sales pitch (beautifully engineered) for their software and tools. There was also a ‘workshop only’ special to entice people to sign up on the spot. Quite a handful of people did so.

For a product with an upfront cost of more then five thousand dollars and yearly recurring costs, I must say that the marketing strategy employed worked excellently.

Free gift to generate prospects -> Low priced item to convert them to clients -> High end item sold to clients

Do you have a similar marketing strategy in place?

The story might have ended here had I not done more research on storesonline. I will do a review of the workshop and share some of my findings in my next post.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So…..what should the people do that have bought the package?

  2. Martin Lee says:

    If I’m not wrong, there is a 3 day cooling period where you can get a refund. Read the terms carefully.

    You can also try reselling the license if you really do not want to use it.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Martin Lee,

      How do you resell the licence if I really do not want to use it?
      Please reply to my email.


  3. A Luz says:

    I also attended a Stores Online seminar in Melbourne Victoria and found the comments you made to be accurate and I was surprised about the hard sell. We did not purchase the package. I explained I was in a joint business relationship with my partner who was not with me and explained that I could not authorise the fees until he had been to a seminar as well, I was told that he could not attend another seminar and that once you had attended, you were not welcome back and that you could not put in a request to attend another one in the future. I was further advised that if I did not purchase today, then bad luck – I walked away happily – but feel sorry for other people in a similar situation like me who may be pushed into purchasing in fear of missing a good deal. I have since sourced several tools to help me find out similar information to the tools they informed us about. I believe it takes determination and effort each step of the way to make your website list well. I’ll keep trying…

  4. Saya says:

    First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments – what eyeopeners! Unfortunately, I read them AFTER attending the last workshop on 7/30/07, and so I got sucked in. Luckily, I only put $300 down but took all materials home. There, I read the fine prints & acted very fast: I had exactly 3 days to cancel everything, which I did via fax & certified mail. I also changed my checking account today, because I signed the infamous ‘Addendum to Finance Agreement’, which would enable StoresOnline to debit my account!!! I would have never signed such a paper had I read it first! Everything happened so fast & slick at that workshop…and there you are signing papers in a long line and pressed for time…so you don’t read what you actually sign. Today, I already got bombarded with phone messages from StoresOnline – but I ignore them and let my answering machine take care of them. I sure hope to have done the right thing fast & efficient enough & will get my money back.
    My heart goes out for everyone who got scammed. I hope you seek legal advise to retrieve some of your money.

  5. Mike Crane says:

    A couple of years ago i attended a storesonline workshop in London. Most of the participants were internet novices like myself so we were seen as an easy target for a well trined sales force. much of what the so called consultants told us was largely untrue as I have since found out and as a result I parted with several thousand pounds and further payment for a merchant service which was expensive and less than professional. The upshot is that I finally got some of my money back but not after a hell of a fight. Frankly, storesonline are a disgrace to the business community and should be closed down. I now have a successful business, professionall built website, merchant service and a management service for a fraction of what Storesonline charge. if anyone is thinking of starting a small business do not fall into their trap. if anyone wants to know how I did it drop me a line and I will show you how for free.

    • clay towns says:

      i am a student of sol – please show me how to do this for free !

    • Anthony King says:

      I would like to thank You For Giving a heads-up My sister and I attended a workshopYesterday Wednesday November 19th 2008 Don’t know if you’ll reply but we would like to know how to accomplish what we witnessed at the storesonline workshop “tools” and cancel immediately we were charged almost $8,000 because of poor credit and instant financingat intrest rate of 21%please let us know how to do this for free or near free or at a fraction of the cost .

    • Robert says:

      email me back about what alternatives to storesonline are?
      email:[email protected]………GOOD 2-LUNCHS AND FREE INFO AND A I-POD SHUFFLE.

      • Harold Minor says:

        I too attended a few of the Stores Online workshops but did not buy the “fantastic deal” that they offered. I found a very good online training site that has much better training, support and shows you how to do 95% of what Stores Online was charging $5000 for free.

        The site is and it’s very accurately named. If you really want to learn how to market online I think what they charge is a heck of a lot better than SOL (just realized that – should be called Sh*t Out of Luck if you bought!)

        • Robert says:

          So What’s the catch!…..any fees?……who do you know that’s making any money! with this site?….how long before your up and going!…is the website tools and grafics modern or oldschool!!

    • Kuda says:

      Hi Mike Crane,
      How can I start a bussiness online at lower a cost? I too was taken for a ride by storesonline, but got most of my money back after a huge fight

      • Rhonda says:

        what did you have to do to get your money back? we do not have web-site up as of yet and after reading what I have read.. I ‘m more positive I want nothing to do with this company! but would like outof the 6,000 contract that we are now on a pmt ‘s with. and I have learned as well that to get your site up they want 200.00 more dollars… and I have also been told I only had so much time to get it up and running for them to do it for (fee) where’s the fee come in at? and you pay for your dropshipper… this is more money and more money… we can’y afford this. they have set up a nice scam that my husband and I fell for how do we get out of it.. we did this back like 3-4 mos ago. HELP,
        thank you, RhOnda.

    • Wilma Oglesby says:

      I am scheduled to attend the all day (2nd) seminar tomorrow, however; after researching all info on the NET, I will not go, please advise what you did and who you contracted with ?

      • Robert says:

        tell me what city your In and what are the issues?
        What have you found out and waht you paid into??
        then give the name of the rounder who approached at the consultation!…….i ‘ll give you a better site for 90% off

    • DENNIS KASTNER says:

      I am interested in getting an online store for items such as sports jerseys, sports cards ( baseball, football, basketball and hockey ), maybe even collectible model cars like Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Would like advise on getting statred. Have attended 3 different storesonline seminars but never attended the next day’s class. Sounds like I made the right choice. Looking to get an online income going so as to spend more time with my wife who has multiplesclerosis. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Robert says:

        My advice get a real job!!!……lost of scams and unworthy
        situations i here from almost everyone,everywhere,… too many websites local & International, and many ideas are already used up!…..So not sure what’s left on this planet!!

    • Alice says:

      Please provide your insight into starting an online business without the high fees charged by Storesonline.


      • ROBERT says:

        get a real job!!……that’s my insight!

      • Buddy Dixon says:

        First understand that starting an online business that can actually make you enough income to live on is very possible, but like anything else takes some hard work and “elbow grease”. My partner and I own a business that helps others do exactly that…start and manage their own online business, but do so for FAR less than storesonline and more importantly do so honestly. We not only help you get started but “hold your hand” while we help you build your web site, get ranked in major search engines, etc. If you would like to speak to me (no pressure or hard sale, I promise!) feel free to call me at 936-897-3168 or email me at [email protected]
        God Bless & Good Luck!

      • Robert says:

        get a real job!…….hello it’s all a 95% fraud out their.


    • susan says:

      I happened to attend with a friend, who actually signed up. He was going to let me have one of his websites, once he “activated.” I initially spent the $38 at the first seminar to get the licensing. At the second “workshop” was where they laid it all out and showed the difference between “express” and “pro” and how if you don’t upgrade to “pro” you’ll not get the tools necessary to be successful…naturally, we all want to be successful, right. Well, my friend plunked down $500 deposit, with $208 a month payments for 3 years. I was going to take him up on his offer to let me have a website, which he would still own,but not after reading this. They kept us captive for 6 hours at this workshop. We had to bring our own food. The following day, customer support called to see if we had any questions, yet when I asked them, she became slightly defensive…then I read your comment and am now reading other sites about them. Thank you for posting.

    • Tania says:

      Hi Mike,

      My partner and i both attended an stores on line work shop in 2007 and yes we parted with a little over $6000, we were all fired up spending hours and hours every week searching for the perfect product to sell. As time went by our fire fizzled until one day we got a call for SOL asking if we would like one on one help to get up & running, we said yes, he asked if we had a credit card with at least $10,000 available credit & if we didn’t he offered us an alternative to get one. Anyway we did have available credit so my partner decided to sign up for 1 on 1 training, they debited our credit card nearly $8000 for nothing definitly another waste of money. I recently decided that it it’s time to use what we paid for, i tried to sign in to our account but could not, because nothing was published within the first 12 months we now have to pay $10 per month, once it is published we have to pay $25 per month & that is per site. I wish we new then what we Know now, so if theres any advise you or anyone else can offer that would be fantastic.

      Thanks Tania

    • Diane says:

      How did you start your internet business? You said that you would tell me how for free. I’d like to know your approach.Thanks. Diane

    • David says:

      My sister and I are going to the conference but will not be buying any thing I would like any valuable infomation you can give me to get my own internet business going

    • Karen says:

      I would love information on how you did it for free

    • Terri says:

      I would like to know how:)

    • N. Czer says:

      Hi there:

      Please let me know how you went about dealing with these people and getting your money back I really would like some pointers.

    • Chris says:

      Please i will like to receive any information you have that will help me build up a website for an online business rather than get screwed by Storesonline. I am slated to attend their one day workshop on 8/16/10 and have paid $58 which am going to cancel. Am glad i made some due diligence to find out the scam involved in this whole process.
      thanks for your assistance with the information. Wow it is 3 years replying to this comment.

    • Jake Kleber says:

      I will be attending the full day seminar in a couple of days, I would be most interested in what you have to say. I am very intersted in your information on starting web sites. Thanks again

      • Voice of experience says:

        Please leave your credit cards and cheque book at home. Save yourself the major problem of trying to start a website with SOL. If you do try to develop one with SOL and there are problems, in the final analysis, SOL will not refund any money. Voice of experience.

    • Ann says:

      Mike thank you for your excellent comments about storesonline. I am glad that you now have a successful business from another source. Your comments and those of others have probably saved me from losing big money, as I was about to try to set-up and utilize my website that I purchased from SOL several years ago. Now I wont go ahead with it.

      Mike would you please show me how you have created a successful business for a reasonable amount of money, and show me how I can create a successful business. I believe you’re referring to an internet business. You stated that you will show anyone how for free; I would greatly appreciate you showing me how.

  6. William Kotelko says:

    I just attended a one and a half hour conference hosted by
    Stores On Line and have now signed up for an all day conference on Sept 20th.Charge for this is $20.00. I am interested in your comments about this co. and would like to hear how you went about in your network marketing procedures. I await to hear from you. Bill K

  7. William Kotelko says:

    Thanks Martin. I read you,loud and clear.The $20 I invested
    is cheap payment for the lesson you gave me.I will do something more constructive on the day of the seminar.I wonder if they will miss me?

  8. Terri McNamee says:

    I attended the 90 minute presentation on Sept 27th (Long Island, NY). If you go, run up there and take the $10 offered – I did. It just so happened that another man was casually walking up there too and beat me. I got the $10 anyway because I was a “good sport”. Then I realized when we were leaving that a bunch of single participants (you get to bring a friend for free) had the same leather binder. THERE ARE PLANTS IN THE AUDIENCE AND THE MAN THAT BEAT ME WAS ONE OF THEM.
    I did sign up for the $20 all day seminar for October 11th (since I won the $10 and my guest put in the other $10 to attend with me). I am so glad that I found your comments before I spent 10 hours at another one of these seminar. I decided to attend the “free lunch meeting” to learn how to sell my existing merchandise on ebay and wouldn’t end up purchasing their web services anyway. Oh yeah, lunch was a turkey sandwick, pasta salad and a cookie. You are better off spending the 90 minutes with a good friend at a diner. I don’t think they will miss me either! Thanks Martin.

  9. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Terri,

    You are welcome.

  10. Diana says:

    I was suckered in, I spent over $5000 and was told it was “easy to do”. I am a 50 year old woman who can barely use email. But I do have a travel agency and they assured me that I could promote my business using their storesonline process. Now it has been 3 months, and I still don’t have a storefront, I can’t figure this mumbo jumbo out. Does anyone know how I can sell, return or get back any of my money? I bought 6 web sites. Help please

  11. Gurp D says:

    I have also got duped from buyin 6 sites from storesonline, what an expensive lesson to learn, Mike Crane, can you help a friend out?, I have ideas for the websites but I dont trust Stores Online at all, Please help, thank you.

  12. Gurp D says:

    I live in B.C, Canada, is there anyone you recommend contacting here? Thank you

    • Eroca says:

      I am checking this out now. A friend of mine suggested contacting better business bureau in the city this company says they are from. They said they were from Kansas. But in the workbook the mailing address is Stores Online, 754 E. Technology Ave. Orem UT 84097 U.S.A. and the Customer Service 1-801-434-8582 and the main fax:

      I am over 65 and in the documents it says there is a grace period of I think it is 15 days for people over 65.

  13. Cheryl says:

    Hi – i am due to attend a workshop in London on November 3rd and now i am wondering if i should give it a miss. i will get a free power sellers guide to ebay which would be useful as i have just launched an ebay shop but will i get anything else out of the day other than a hard sell. i am a website novice so i would need all the help i can get and i have spent all evening ready complaints after complaints on Storesonline. will i get some useful knowledge from the website. i promise to leave my chequebook and credit card at home!!!

    i am bringing a friend who hopes to launch a shop on ebay shortly so we both need extra tips and advice as we both have limited knowledge. we have no money to give them so we definitely won’t be buying but now i am wondering if the workshop will be a waste of time.

    thanks for any response before next Saturday.


    • Eroca says:

      Not sure about Ebay accept something I heard on the new this week about the economy affecting ebay. Have you considered contacting better business bureau or fraud sites? A friend mentioned that the www is just too huge for any agency to oversee on behalf of consumers, so we are pretty well taking risk I guess. I know … it is very enticing. I have to make up my mind about this before Dec 7. After seeing this site, WOW, I am thinking twice about this. I have no savings nor can I be in the position of not having this bring money in before my first Visa bill. I really appreciate this 3rd party research

      • Martin Lee says:

        Hi Eroca,

        It does take time for any online business to be profitable. If you need to depend on the “future” earnings to pay off even the first visa bill, then you need to seriously think it through.

  14. William Kotelko says:

    I spoke with a friend who attended the one day session in Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada. He said it was an extremely high pitch selling effort.The software they were promoting had a $5000 price tag.He said he didn’t see anyone get suck ered into a purchase and most of those who attended left after the lunch. The cost of the conference was $20 for two people.He certainly didn’t buy and I’m so thankful that I took your advice,stayed home and let them keep the $20 I had paid I had paid a week or so before
    Bill K

  15. Diana says:

    Go ahead and go, just don’t bring your checkbook, or credit card. You will definately get some inspiration from them, and if you learn a little that’s ok too. just don’t spend the money to purchase a storefront.

  16. Martin Lee says:

    Hi William, you are welcome.
    Hi Cheryl, should you go, be sure to warn the people who are there and none the wiser.

  17. melissa says:

    Hi Everyone, Been reading some comments Thank You VERY MUCH due to go to a all day seminar on Monday. Will be going for information on ebay droppshipping and how to get my sight on search engines that i believed to gotten suckered on that one. Thanks again for all your input.

  18. Kay TNSTAAFL says:

    Message for anyone in Australia who is thinking about going to the workshops …

    I attended the full workshop yesterday at the Sydney Town Hall. I had no idea of what it was about when I attended as a last minute Guest. I consider myself extremely lucky as I was not from their Target Market (mostly retirees and unsophisticated from a business and IT perspective I thought) and I had not been “leveraged” at the previous Information Session. I was able to sit through the entire presentation from the “Nobody is Perfect” icebreaker routine, take general notes for my future reference, enjoy the lunch (provided by the lovely catering staff at the Sydney Town Hall) and still keep my money firmly where it belongs.

    This was the usual American Sales and Marketing hard sell with lots of “leveraging” where they keep letting you know that you are going to make the decision today and how they are only there to help you make that decision and get started. Are you excited yet? We didn’t see any of their products or tools properly demonstrated on how easy it would be to create a website from scratch just a lot of talk, changing a couple of colours here and there and moving things around on the page and some arguing with audience members who had a different opinion. Incidentally their logistics co-ordinator or manager failed to ascertain that the Sydney Town Hall did not have an internet connection for their use funny that considering it was an Internet Conference. I was not the only one who thought their presentation and graphics etc left a lot to be desired. I’ve seen better from school students.

    The first lot of serious leveraging goes on at the first break which they push back to 11.30am so you are really getting hungry and thirsty and your sugar levels are low – they want you to sign up for a business consultation at that point – we left the building for a quick coffee hit and so missed out on that! If you stay on after the first break more leveraging goes on after lunch and again in the afternoon and from about 3pm on attendees who had signed up for the business consultations were being tapped on the shoulder and taken away to sign up with StoresonLine “Consultants” under pressure of (their) time constraints. It appeared to me that no one was permitted to take contracts away to be overseen by legal or financial advisers and I imagine about 40 or 50 pairs of the people attending walked out of there having parted with good money for websites that they can probably do very little with. Always remember legitimate businesses who care about the customer and customer service will always allow you time to consider the legal implications or get independent advice if necessary before signing a contract. Do not under any circumstances say you don’t have available finance for a purchase as their immediate response to that will be that they can help you out with financing at 18% so be aware.

    Watch out for the 3 day cooling off period which is advised at the very end of the day when they are about to wrap up (and fly by night to London) and you have already paid your money. You have handed over the A$5,698.00 and signed the papers here in Australia on a Saturday, which in reality is Friday in UTAH (!) USA. By the time you are able to contact their offices at the first opportunity on Monday morning their time, it is in reality Tuesday here in Sydney, so technically your three days have already expired if the cooling off period was legal in the first place. My guess is that it does not apply in Australia anyway.

    The upside for me is that I have realised that I have a number of businesses in mind which could use an e-commerce web presence. I have spent most of today researching a lot of cheaper options and free tools online including overture and webmaster toolkits at a cost of certainly a lot less that $5,500+ … and I found this site with even more really useful information.

    If you want a day out to learn something new go along and take notes but leave your money and credit cards at home. If they insist you buy sites … DON’T DO IT!

  19. Cheryl says:

    Big thanks to all of you that responded. i definitely won’t be going now as i can think of many better things to do on a Saturday. i actually thought hard about people i have worked with in the past and just got in touch with a web designer who works in my field and he knows web developers who also work in my field. not sure of the costs but at least i have worked with him before so i feel safer!!

    best of luck to anyone that does get suckered in and thank you for you advice. i feel thousands of pounds richer right now.


  20. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Kay, thanks for sharing.

  21. Dan says:

    Thank you all for your information. I really respect your comments.

  22. Dick Wase says:

    I was at the second day seminar here in STockholm, Sweden today (5/11). I mean, you can feel it in the air, that this is just for fooling you, and get your money. It felt like some kind of religious meeting, and someone ironically also said “hallelujah” after one of tha guys had told us how fantastic everything was. I left before the meal, with my son, and regret I got so curious I went to the second seminar (cost, about 20 $), but I’m glad I saved a lot more. I continue with the websites I’ve got already (you don’t need to see them, they’re in Swedish) and agree with former comments; I should have checked this site before I even went to the second seminar.

    Thanks for doing this important information-work

  23. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Dick,
    Thanks for sharing. Now we know they operate in Sweden too…

  24. I went in Kamloops BC to the intro and the $25 luncheon. The presentation was very smooth and the information helpful. many people signed up i did not

  25. Martin Lee says:

    One of the website building solutions that I have always recommended as an alternative to Storesonline, “Site Build It” is having a 50% offer until Christmas.

    You can watch this SBI video tour to see what’s it all about.

  26. Jackie ross says:

    For your information that are hitting Nth QLD now.I like many of you nearly got sucked in too, I went to the lead up and was the lucky one to get the $10 so with my friend paying her share of 12.50 I was only coffing up 4.50 for the day. At least the meal was top notch but the high pressure sales pitch is really bad. I saw so many elderly people signing up I felt disgusted. From the moment he asked to take my credit card off somewhere that was it for me. No one takes my c/c away from my eyesight! I was impressed with our consultant tho because after some pretty hard questions he quite freely admitted that storesonline probably wasnt for us – I appreciated his honesty but when his big boss came up and tried to change our minds we couldnt leave fast enough. Thank you for spreading the word.

  27. Alex D says:

    I went to the storesonline dinner last night, too. When the speaker held up the $10, I remembered how on mission trips we share gum as an illustration that the gospel is free for the taking, but you have to take it, and I knew that was his point, too. So I ran up and snatched it out of his hands. Seeing Terri McNamee’s post of Oct 5, 2007, I realize now that I beat the plant, which is why the speaker was so surprised. I refused to sign up for something that I had not prayed about, researched and talked to my wife about. I am so glad I did not, because of your blog and others that I have read. Thank you for putting this information online.

  28. Stephanie says:


    I need all people from Pennsylvania to contact me immediately.

    I spoke with the Consumer Protection (Attorney General’s Office) about getting StoresOnLine banned from PA and was informed if there is a reoccurring problem, they can get them banned.

    Any PA residents who have been lied to by StoresOnLine, contact me at 610-495-0176 or 610-213-9011 or
    [email protected]

    We need to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. Don’t worry about how long it has been. I filed 11 months after I was scammed.

    We need to show a pattern of deceit. This should be pretty easy considering the fact these people do not tell the truth about anything.

  29. Kam says:

    Hello people, thanks for the comments.

    I have attended the workshops and I put a 250 as a down payment. yea the they have a hard sale process…
    through all these comment i didnt read much complain about the product(except the one by the elderly lady) itself. Has anyone work with it? Does it work according to what they promote?
    I appriciate if someone could gime me some tips and explanation, my 3 days period ends today,
    [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  30. Yvonne says:

    I was invited to a marketing presentation and meal and frre gift of a presenter for myself and guest.I was immediately suspicious and my partner and I can onky thank this site for all the comments given.We are based in the UK so it seems the rogues have spread their wings, Sdaly too many people will fall easy prey to these fraudsters and we have enough of those in the uk as it is.Thank you again and good luck to all who are fighting these scoundrels.

  31. computerman says:

    This is a chat I had with customer support today what you all make of this
    Welcome To Storesonline Storefront Support! Good to have you on chat, how may I help you today?
    are you interested in buying over my License
    I apologize robert, but storesonline do not but sites back
    you can sell them on reseller sites link ebay
    i am talking about storesonline i am asking you.
    dont you work with storesonline
    dont you have websites which is being hosted by storesonline
    guess the sites you have are all up and running and making money
    yes I do work for storesonline , but on buying the sites back , we do not have this policy implemented
    what i am asking you has nothing to do with storesonline
    if you have sites up and running why cant you buy another one
    I apologize truly Robert, I really want to help as much as I can , but I dont have money to buy another one
    why not
    that means that the sites you have are not making any money or you dont have any site at all?.
    it’s only one i will sell you for $500.00 i’ve already paid $700.00
    Once again, I wish I have the money so that I can help you out. But I do have other responsibilities also and I need to prioritize those first.
    I suggest that you sell the licenses on reseller sites like Ebay
    ok. what if i gave it to you free
    no one else wants to buy a licenses from storesonline
    so i figure i would get someone who works with storesonline to buy it.
    Okay , we will check on the management if we can do buy it back
    when will that be
    I will send an email today and we will check that first thing on tuesday
    so who will respond to my request.
    you will
    I can tell you what they will say..they cannot buy it back jus as you told me.
    I will contact them and as soon as they have responded to the request , we will get back to you
    are you sending the email now?. when you do please let me have the ticket number.
    you already know what they will say.
    Okay please hold on as I create a ticket for that
    thank you for waiting
    the tracking number is Ticket 23077110
    what is the name of your site if you dont mind telling me.
    it is under site construction but I do plan in selling refurbished turntables , im working on it now
    ok. i thought is was that easy to build the site, so how come u r working there and urs in under construction, u have all the programmers close to u.
    Okay here is the site I am did previously
    I did*
    I removed the underconstruction site
    looks intersting
    okay thanks
    you still have lots of work to do.
    but it should’nt take u that long.
    I understand robert but im full time here as a customer service representative
    sounds like u work 24/7
    :O) sometimes we do double shifts
    which means that u do have time cause u wk double sometimes.
    but we do assist more that 3 merchant most of the times so I prioritize merchants first
    any way got to go look after my baby. nice talking to you and looking forward for a reply.
    Okay thank you robert for your time
    please do Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.
    We’d love for you to fill out the survey after you click on the “Done” Button. We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding your recent experience. I hope I have given you excellent service. Thank you and have a lovely day!
    u too.
    thanks bye!

  32. Gloria says:

    What happens if I’ve paid $50 deposit, and 3 day cooling period has past and I no longer want to proceed any further?

  33. RP says:

    I’m from Essex, UK.

    OK, so the workshop is a subtle sales ploy as well – hey – that does not suprise me. (just been to one of storesonline seminars)

    If they are so good then why:

    Use high pressure sales?
    Have such high prices?
    Force you to make on the spot decisions?

    This is not good business practice IMO.

    Want to sell or start selling online?

    Use the overture keyword site to find what people are looking for and then invest in some products, does not have to be many, and then put them on ebay.

    Also use ebay pulse on the ebay site to see what items ebayers are looking for and buying in all catergories.

    Low cost, easy to do and gives you a good idea of whether you want to do it full time and are capable of doing it full time.

    Avoid dropshipping as you will not be in control of customer service should things go wrong.

    Like anything, selling online and running your own business, is hard work if you want to do it professionally and honestly.

    Thanks to all posters, I found this site very informative and I hope my post has helped or will help others at some time.

  34. Kuda says:

    I have just paid a deposit of £145.00 (25/06/08) to storesonline on one of their seminars and am owing a further £2200 paid in monthly installments. I have just realised this could be a scam. I asked to them cancel my account and they said the 3 days cooling off period is past and I should pay the remaining £2200 as I signed a legally binding contract. What should I do? Please help

  35. Dave Hayward says:

    There have been questions on the blog about getting in touch with Mari Silva. In order to contact her directly, you need to call 801-234-5976 or email her at [email protected]. Mari is working with merchants and others who have questions about StoresOnline and seems to be very passionate about her work. She is someone you can talk to and get help from, so I recommend that you get in touch with her.

  36. We just attended our first invitation last Thurs. with lunch
    and a free iPod style shuffle for
    attending. The man asked if I could do e-mail and when I replied “yes” he said we could do this and wondered why we
    didn’t sign up. We just felt the loopholes of a former “got burned” marketing scheme with
    a phone service. So we walked away. Felt like my sister is very business and computer savvy and may be I should have signed up for the workshop and taken her with me. But let it all go. Then tody not even a full week after the 90 minutes sales intro I found a message on my phone machine. I should go to and still time to get into a work shop. I thought it was an omen that I take my sister and grab onto the website chance to make money in retirement. Well somehow I got to this site with all these “don’t do it” comments and I want to thank all of you for posting this information because in a weak
    moment I was going to pay the $50. for the license and take
    my sister with me to the all day training. Thank you, thank you!

  37. Helene Scotti says:

    I attended the 90-minute presentation last night and did have some reservations about the company. But, I thought for $50.00 my husband and I would enjoy some of the information at the workshop.
    I have decided to cancel since I don’t want to waste a Saturday being hasselled to buy software.
    Thank you for all the comments.
    Boston, MA

  38. Caryl M. says:

    Comments to Mr. King who signed up on 11/19 and
    spent $8,000 – better hurry up and cancel within the
    3 days allowed to cancel the contract and hopefully
    you can get your money back.

  39. Cher says:

    Thank you all so much for opening my eyes once again to yet another scam. My God, they’re everywhere! Who can you trust nowadays. I also attended the initial 90 minute seminar, and paid to $50 license fee (with some gut reservations, but proceeded anyway). I’m scheduled for the full day workshop, but will most likely cancel. I’ve already wasted what little money I have. I don’t want to waste what little time I have as well.

  40. Robert says:



  41. Robert says:

    hey’ Andrew what’s the story with joe’……tell me the truth
    don’t tell me your is friend i want actual proof’……show me!!

  42. Buddy Dixon says:

    Don’t let a company like StoresOnline destroy your dreams. Starting an online business that can actually make you enough income to live on is very possible, but like anything else takes some hard work and “elbow grease”. My partner and I own a business that helps others do exactly that…start and manage their own online business, but do so for FAR less than storesonline and more importantly do so honestly. We not only help you get started but “hold your hand” while we help you build your web site, get ranked in major search engines, etc. If you would like to speak to me (no pressure or hard sale, I promise!) feel free to call me at 936-897-3168 or email me at [email protected]
    God Bless & Good Luck!

  43. Jessica says:

    I purchased my 6 websites on 01/31/2008 Athens, GA. I now have the strength and means to fight this untrustworthy company with bad product and am doing so. I have officially requested a full refund both verbally and in a written letter. I then sent the letter to the StoresOnline, Inc. physical address and cc’d it to the attorney general in CA (because I recently moved to CA and didn’t know which state would handle it), UT, and GA, state senators in CA, UT, and GA, and the BBB of Utah. I also included supporting documents with the letter requesting a refund and why.

    I did receive a response from SOL but it is a pressured attempt to get me to sign a quick fix to the initial and larger problem. (They offered free programming for 1 year and hosting for 3 months). The issue is the company is not trust worthy, the product is faulty, their business practices deceptive, and I am completely unsatisfied with the product after making reasonable attempts to work with the software. Normally this would work with any company that respects it’s product and customer.

    Does anyone know what more I can do? Where can I send more complaint letters to? Has anyone had any luck with getting a full refund?

    Update: They are now offering half a refund but I would only have access to one of my websites… if I only keep 1 out of 6 websites then I should receive 5/6 of a refund. They are also making me decide by the 29th… so for as slow as they move I’m being forced to decide in one week. The point is that the product is faulty… so I still think a FULL refund is warranted.

    • Evelyn says:

      I am trying to get a refund too. I have lost any confidence that I had in Stores Online. PMI is most defiantly part of their scam. Everything complaint I have read in these many posts on many sites all tell my story in exact detail. It is ugly. There are no short cuts to success. It requires hard work. Stores online wants you to believe that they make it easy. They don’t, if fact they have slowed me down. I have been promised a call from the “executives” of Stores Online with in 3-5 days. no call yet. it is 5 days today since the promise. Rip Off Report says they are helping me. I would recommend looking at that site. PLEASE COMPLAIN THERE, THEY SEEM TO HAVE A CONNECTION TO THE COMPANY AND HAVE FAITH IN THEM THAT THEY WILL DO THE RIGHT THING. time will tell.

      • Jessica says:

        You need to complain to more than just Rip Off Report if you really want to be heard. StoresOnline is a TOUGH company that has an entire legal department so you need to be tough right back with them… what have you got to lose? you only have to gain something by your efforts and perhaps help others so that StoresOnline will mend their ways. Write the necessary letters, call the appropriate people and you will get somewhere.

  44. Ian says:

    Hey… if you want to fight back at Stores Online, join us and together we will take down the giant. Email your story to [email protected], then tweet everyone you can reach and tell them not to use Stores Online! Tell them to tell everyone they know how crooked this company is! If we join together we can tweet the entire world…


    • Kaitlyn G. says:

      If they don’t delete this, I would like to warn residents of Nebraska that you DO NOT want to go to seminars in September for which you may have received free tickets. Their list of transgressions is appalling and were it not for their board of lawyers they would be in prison. You will get not much than snakeoil for your thousands, instead of the entire refund you deserve. They have been blocked from the state of Maine and denounced by Money, as they should be EVERYWHERE.

  45. JBrooks says:

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents… having worked in the internet industry for years, I can tell you that the only people that are making money are the big search providers, ebay, and porn. And of course, all these scammers that make money of off people who think they are going to make money off of the internet, such as storesonline.

    • Kaitlyn G. says:

      If they don’t delete this, I would like to warn residents of Nebraska that you DO NOT want to go to seminars in September for which you may have received free tickets. They have dealt with D.A.s, hundreds of lawsuits for not refunding and all kinds of shady practices. You will get not much than snakeoil for your thousands. They have been blocked from the state of Maine and denounced by CNN Money, as they should be EVERYWHERE.

  46. lee smith says:

    I am trying to start up a website to sell a book. can you suggest any books or stie to read to develop a web page to sell the books thanks lee

  47. Jim1999 says:

    Everything about initial conference is correct. I attended in Smithtown NY today 11/13/10. I didnt bring my wallet with me, as I was skeptical form square one. What a pitch. Instantly smelled a ‘RAT’. I couldnt believe how many people had their checkbooks out. I got up and left at the end without waiting for a “free lunch” or a non existant MP3 player. As PT Barnum said “there is a sucker born every minute”

  48. kim says:

    ok people, i’m going to try to do something about this but i want to know how many are with me. right now i’m trying to re-activate a yahoo e-mail i haven’t used in years. i live in california and am one of those who recently got scammed, in fact less than 1 month ago. i want my money back and i’m ready to act like it. so…for all those that want to ban together and force sol to pay back the money they conned us out of, here’s my email [email protected]. don’t send me your story, i’ve already spent 3 days reading them. just sent an email saying “i’m in”. ok, that will get a list going for the Attorney General for a class act. there will be other things we can do, too. i will let you know what they are every step of the way, when i figure them out. it’s not the first time i’ve done something like this and i can either do it for myself or try to help the ones who are serious. i was going to call them today and just try to get my own money back, but i will give it a few more days to see what kind of response i get. i’m gonna get my money back with or without you, but i’m willing to start building an army so long as i know your willing to fight. sorry about my punctuations, i’m just being lazy not lame.

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  50. jackie says:

    I just when to store online just the Jan 31st 2011,because I paid the $99 for the 1 day class and I still have free 40 days left for my hosting

  51. Mike Shenkel says:

    A very curious and interesting blog.

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  53. StoresOnline Pro has the ability to illustrate which marketing measures are effective for your site. For instance, by analyzing your website statistics, you may see which keywords are bringing in the most traffic or which search engine is referring the most customers to your site. You can also track how sales respond to changes in season and changes you make to your website and marketing. In addition, perform an automated analysis to calculate your website’s conversion rate, sales per visitor, average sale size, and maximum per-click budget.

  54. KeiTh Gadd says:

    I be

  55. KeiTh Gadd says:

    I would not agree, SOL is of no service and a total ripoff. I know as they took 6k from me with no access. So the assumption is you work for SOL or should I say Shit Out-of Luck

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