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Posted on June 28th, 2007 in by Martin Lee

If you are unhappy with you bought Storesonline and would like a refund, you can contact Storesonline directly if it has been less than three working days since your purchase.

For periods longer than that, you might want to considering contacting the following for help with your Storesonline purchase.


Please contact your State Attorneys General for advice and help.

New! Class Action Suit Settlement (Deadline for filing claim 30th Nov 2009)

Washington – Please file your claim for full refund by 21st September 2009

Full refunds for North Carolina residents.

Sued by AG of Illinois and Texas.

Cease and desist by Utah.

Violated Business Opportunity Fraud Act of Washington.

Banned by State of Maine.

Connecticut $130,000 settlement with Storesonline and Imergent.

Sued by AG and refund for California victims.

If you are from Pennsylvania, please contact Stephanie.

New Zealand

If your refund request is refused, then take your case to a Disputes Tribunal. Use the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act as the basis of your claim.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [ACCC]. They have previously conducted a class action suit against Storesonline on behalf of many consumers.

5 October 2007: ACCC commences proceedings against StoresOnline for alleged breaches of s. 87B undertakings

22 October 2007: StoresOnline found to have breached previous undertakings: Workshops to go ahead under new orders

30 October 2007: Federal Court orders StoresOnline to amend workshop presentations


Write to 18003485358 and (which is the federal trade commision in the US)

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  1. medussa says:

    thank you Maritn for this site as a source of feedback for SOL experiences. For Canada citizens contact Dept of consumer and corporate affairs if you need to file a complaint, claim, etc.

    • Gord says:

      Yes, Medussa,, I am also grateful to Martin for setting up this site of exposure of StoresOnline. I so innnocently bought into the so called, “business”. However, I do not have anymore money to feed into this “business” I am going to contact Canadian Consumer and Corporate affairs. I paid off the Traverlers Financial in Vancouver, B.C. by getting a Line of Credit from my bank; that way the interest is lower. I went to the initial seminar as well as the workshop. I am attributing this to my not knowing what “right” questions to ask before I signed on “the dotted line”. I believe my Lord Jesus is going to help me get through this time of learning.

      • Roxy says:

        Hey ! I am stuck in the situation of having to pay for SOL and I lost my job on Sept. 8, 2008. Even though I didn’t see the deadline of 3 days on the face of the contract where you are shown how much you would be paying a month, I asked the guy before signing it if the monthly cost is negotiable. He said no. He kept his hand over the inportant info so I wouldn’t see it and kept pointing to the signature line. It all is so well performed. They talk long enough to keep in their time line for renting the hall or where ever the workshop is and then move you right along. I have been in it since June of 2008. I can tell you that I have not seen so much stuff to read in all my life before getting through even the touring part. I would never do something this stupid if I had just took the time to find a business on line by researching or better yet take my boyfriend who is a web master. He was very upset when I showed him the bottom line of the price and then told me of lots that would only have costed $300.00. As a matter a fact I was scoutted by one the other day. I think I will check the Better Business Bureau out on them and give them a try. Anyways, Yes! Storesonline is a bunch of BS unless you can spend 8 to 10 hours for the next 3 months to read every thing. You might as well be reading an encyclopedia set.

        • Said says:

          ok, so we all agree, SOL is not created for Canadians, now, let’s work together to ensure we can get our money back, or some part of if.

          First we all contact the Canadian Office of Customers Affaires and then we help each other untill we get our money back.

          are you in?

        • The BBB in Yew York has The Tax Club listed as a red flag with several people out of pocket and fighting. The Tax Club is also known as The Manhattan Professional Group. Same company. PMI, Storesonline just different office telephone number of which most are totally inaccessable from Canada

        • Krystal says:

          I am now on Maternity Leave, I have been paying for this storesonline bs since 2007 and never used it! I called them and spoke to them about getting out of it since I have never used it. They told me to send proof that I am on Mat Leave and my child’s birth certificate. I did. They said they will lower the payment for 3 months. I want out of it, this is crap that I am paying every month for no reason. Now Traveler’s Acceptance won’t stop calling me telling me that I must pay them or they will send me to the Credit Bureau…
          I suppose I will try to contact these Better Business Bureau or the Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs because they are trying to wreck my credit for some service that I have never used.

        • Darlene says:

          Has anyone else in Vancouver, BC, Canada been sucked in by StoresOnline – whose initials coincidently are SOL which stands for s**t out of luck – how appropo.

          Please contact me and let me know if you were successful in getting your money refunded (after the 3 day limit which by law should be 14 days)? Or has anyone started a class-action suit against these con-artists? I would like to join.


          [email protected]

        • Victoria says:

          I was bilked by these imposters also, from Calgary.

          I always wanted to know of other people in Calgary who are in the same situation. I would hope that if there is a group that gets together to get our money back I would be in.
          Please contact me if anyone has had any success at all in getting in contact with these people.
          How do we, or what do we do to get out of this mess and get our money back


        • Karen says:

          I am in Calgary and was would also like to retreive my money back from this scam. Has anyone had any success in obtaining a refund ? I bought in 2006 and found them very frustrating to deal with. Please let me know if there has been a group in Canada formed yet.


        • David says:

          I am interested in knowing how far Canadians have gone in getting a refund from Stores Online. The 3 days they give is not enough time for “buyers remorse” because it takes more than 3 days of intensive research to find out that financial commitment is much greater than the initial investment required by Stores Online.

          After the initial seminar, where the pressure is put on to buy into the programme, I was told that there would be no more sales pitches. But everything at the full day Boot Camp was about the great information that could be found by buying into this service or that service. And there would be plenty of “mentoring” to build an excellent and successful store front – for an additional investment of a couple thousand more dollars.

          Nothing lives up to what was promised in the introductory seminar. I am ashamed of myself for falling for this scam – especially since I spent so much time in Nigeria and know all about the 419 scams that originate there.

        • Cleo says:

          I recently received a free coupon for one of there events and wondered if i went would they force me to buy anything? And how good is their lunch. Personally, if they are going to con, I’d like to at least eat a free lunch for the time it took me to research their idiocy. Also will they kick you out if you don’t wear there requested business attire? Also, how much is the S+H for the “video mp3 player.” I have done lots of research on scams similar but nothing this extensive. More of the congratulations you’ve won an ipod pop up adds. Also, does anyone know of other free lunch cons?

        • Brandon says:

          I feel for your guys pain! I used to work for storesonline as one of their lead developers/designers. I recently changed jobs because I couldn’t take the way they ran their company. That being said their product is actually a good product, IF you know how to use it. Check out a new project I just released called This is a free service I’m offering and it is NOT associated with Storesonline or any of its affiliates in any way. Also, feel free to contact me if you are stuck with you license and would like to try and get something out of your investment. I can help set up, manage, and market your site effectively. Sometimes you just gotta make due with what you got.

      • George Li says:

        If you want to bring your complaint to the federal level and follow what the Australian government had done to refund to StoresOnline buyers, bring this case to your nearest MP (Member of Parliament) office.

        • Mike Smith says:

          If there is some way to get a refund from S O L, I would like to hear from you.


        • nom cazer says:

          Hi there:

          Can you fill me in on any luck with getting the money back from this situation? Has anyone from Canada been able to get help from our government and maybe if we all lean on them from Canada we can get somewhere. Need help.

      • Cliff - New Zealand says:

        Hi, Stores Online Utah are the biggest ripoff merchants I have ever found. I have 6 site with them, non of which are operating now! The site could not be opened by many search engines, they gave no protection against fraud. Most of all they would never answer question with a straight answer. It was impossible to talk with those people who sold us the sites. My advise run do not get remotly involved with this company!!!

        • Venod says:

          Hey Cliff, good in a bad kinda way to see that im not the only NZer who got scammed like this. I paid $7500 for this, which im sure you did also. Are u doing ne thing to try and get a refund of some sort?…god knows we have exceeded the three day period but what of the “disputes tribunal”…any thoughts or attempts so far on your part?…id sure love to get my $7500 back!

        • Mate says:

          Hey there Cliff, Vernod, I feel like a real dork2, u know I attended the seminar & remember an elderly lady sitting beside me shaking her head saying that it seemed far to good to be true.She shook her head & walked out…. SHE was right $7500 out of pocket & way out of time…what have I got to show. nufing…I am willing to try & address this as a collective as it will take me a while to pay this debt off, the principle of the matter is that they did not disclose the truth. What have we got to loose-except spread the word about SOL

      • Jill says:

        Hello to everybody reading this I to got sucked in and I am glad to find this page. I am out of work and still owe Travelers and I can not get any credit to pay them off. My best to everybody and may we all look out for each other

        • Shayne Nichole says:

          We get all scammed with this kind of bullshit from storesonline,PMI, Tax Club.. I hope that “karma” will go back to them..we spent a lot of money already and nothing coming back……..HELP!!!

        • Carrol says:

          Jill travelers, would that be in BC Canada? I’m looking for Canadians and a Canadian class action suit in particular. StoresOnline took me for $7,000 and being a pensioner with two special children I couldn’t afford the loss. The debt snowballed and I’m on the brink. I want some of mine back. Calling all Canuks, especially one’s in Ontario. Lets’ join forces and get a little payback.

      • Jill says:

        Hello Gord
        Thank you for that information I will contact these people also and the best of luck to you.

        • pat kerr says:

          i am paying 380 plus dollars a month to a loan company and can not afford this.after signing up they said i needed a credit card to continue. i cant get one and this has been over 16 months in kamloops bc .

        • Hunter says:

          Hey Pat..
          I’m in Calgary are you paying $380 CAN.?

    • Terry says:

      March 17, 2009

      Firms that preyed on seniors settle suit for $850,000: At least 100 victimized in Ventura County

      (Ventura County Star (CA) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Mar. 17–California Attorney General Jerry Brown and Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten have settled a case brought against two Orem, Utah-based companies accused of violating consumer protection laws that have taken advantage of at least 100 people in Ventura County.

      The settlement required the companies, iMergent Inc. and its subsidiary, StoresOnline Inc., to write an $850,000 check to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, with $350,000 in restitution going to victims statewide, $250,000 in civil penalties to the DA, and $250,000 in civil penalties and legal fees to the attorney general.

      iMergent and StoresOnline have been sued twice by Brown and Totten, and they have been banned from doing business in California since 2007.

      According to prosecutors, the companies preyed on senior citizens by offering free lunches and a gift to attend a seminar where sales people sold them home-based Internet businesses for between $2,700 and $6,000. The sales people at the seminars made claims that the sites would bring massive profits selling just about anything.

      “There was one example of a merchant who sold wheat grass kits that included a little patch of dirt and some seeds, and that was sort of spun into the statement that if this person can sell dirt and some seeds, what can you sell on the Internet?” Senior Deputy District Attorney Mitchell Disney said, “Then the audience responds in unison: ‘Anything!’ ” The presentations generate a lot of enthusiasm, Disney said, and are coupled with the push that the companies are “in town only today.” Two seminars conducted in Ventura in 2003 attracted 61 consumers who purchased Web sites at a cost of $4,700 to $4,900, court records show. But 24 of the 27 interviewed by the DA’s office were unable to activate any Web sites and the remaining three generated less than $1,000 in sales.

      Disney said seminars conducted in Ventura County were attended by between 60 and 150 people, with 20 to 25 percent of the attendees buying services.

      It’s highly likely that there are people who’ve lost money that haven’t complained yet, according to Disney.

      “There are people we don’t know about,” he said. “That’s a given.” The case that settled last week was the second one prosecutors brought against the companies that involved violations of the California Seller Assisted Marketing Plan Act, or SAMP. The law, enacted in 1978, protects inexperienced and unsophisticated buyers by requiring sellers of small business opportunities to register with the Attorney General’s Office and following the attorney general’s procedures.

      In 2006, prosecutors settled the first suit for $1.2 million in restitution and costs, and the companies were banned from selling until they complied with the SAMP law and made necessary disclosures to the attorney general.

      But 10 months after the settlement was entered in court, the companies were back doing the same thing, so prosecutors went to court again.

      The companies, Disney said, are “well-counseled.” In violating the terms of the first judgment. iMergent’s attorney, Jeff Korn, argued that the SAMP law was unconstitutionally vague. The trial court ruled in the prosecutors’ favor and the case went up to the Second Appellate District, which ruled in favor of the prosecutors in January.

      “Obviously, we think a settlement is in the best interest of all the parties,” Korn said Monday. “We’re glad to get these issues behind us. We obviously dispute the allegations raised by the attorney general and district attorney and believe we’ve acted properly and complied with the laws regarding registration as a SAMP, nonetheless in an effort to put all the issues behind us and for us to recommence doing business in California, we’ve agreed to the settlement and agreed to register as a SAMP.” The loss of California sales was a considerable blow to iMergent from 2007 to 2008. For the year ended June 30, 2007, California sales represented about 12 percent of its total revenue. Its public filings state that “for the year ended June 30, 2008, we had an insignificant amount of sales in California.” iMergent’s revenue in 2007 was $151.6 million, but fell to $128 million in 2008.

      The settlement entered last week requires the companies to refund $147,600 to California consumers who’ve already complained to the Attorney General’s Office, and another $202,400 to any consumers who complain within 90 days.

      Complaints may be submitted online with the Attorney General’s Office at or by calling 800-952-5225.

      To see more of the Ventura County Star, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to

      Copyright (c) 2009, Ventura County Star, Calif.

      Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

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      iMergent Announces Settlement in California

      (GlobeNewswire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) OREM, Utah, March 12, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iMergent, Inc. (AMEX:IIG) reported today that a Consent Order and permanent injunction agreed to with the Office of the District Attorney of Ventura County, California and the Attorney General of the State of California was entered on March 10, 2009.

      The Consent Order dissolves the temporary injunction entered on August 30, 2007. The temporary injunction was based on a complaint which contended that the Company violated Consumer Protection Laws and mailed solicitations in violation of California statutes. The complaint also claimed that the Company violated the California Seller Assisted Marketing Plans Act (“SAMP Act”). The temporary injunction prohibited the Company from engaging in any sales with an initial required consideration exceeding $500.00 without first registering under the SAMP Act.

      The agreed permanent injunction includes the following: iMergent agrees to register as a SAMP seller. The Company agrees that it will not sell any product with which income representations are made that has an initial required consideration in excess of $500.00 without complying with the SAMP requirements.

      There is no finding of wrongdoing.

      iMergent is not limited in its ability to conduct business, which does not include income representations, in the State of California.

      The Company may immediately conduct preview seminars, and hold upgrade seminars once it has filed an accepted SAMP registration.

      iMergent agreed to pay fees and refunds totaling $850,000. Any refunds in excess of the agreed amount will be paid on a pro-rata basis. The Company has previously reserved for the settlement amount in its financial statements for prior periods.

      iMergent agreed to certain actions intended to clarify its business practices as well as provide certain notices and information to the State of California.

      Jeff Korn, iMergent chief legal officer, said, “Once the Court of Appeal of the State of California entered an order affirming the preliminary injunction, and found that the SAMP Act would include any representation, no matter how vague, that the purchaser possibly could make a profit, we determined it was in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders to register as a SAMP. While we believe our position in the litigation was correct, and that we could have ultimately prevailed, if we continued the litigation we would have been unable to transact business in California for a substantial number of years. This settlement puts finality to all the issues raised by the State of California and is a global settlement. The settlement also allows us to sell into the small to medium enterprise market (SME) without the limitations of the SAMP Act so long as there are no earning representations made by the Company.” Steven G. Mihaylo, iMergent’s chief executive officer, said, “We are pleased that we have been able to find a resolution to all of the issues in California. The changes we have made and are continuing to implement in our business model made this resolution possible. We are continuing to review all aspects of our business and we will strive to make improvements in our presentations and practices. It is my desire to move away from the legacy complaints and issues the Company had been engaged in. This resolution is one substantial step in that direction. We expect to resume sales in the California market in the very near future. We will continue to make improvements to our business and we will continue to work to improve shareholder value.” About iMergent iMergent provides eCommerce solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses, enabling them to market and sell their business products or ideas via the Internet. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, the Company sells its proprietary StoresOnline software and training services, which help users build successful Internet strategies to market products, accept online orders, analyze marketing performance, and manage pricing and customers. In addition to software, iMergent offers website development, web hosting and marketing products. iMergent typically reaches its target audience through a concentrated direct marketing effort to fill Preview Sessions, in which a StoresOnline expert reviews the product opportunities and costs as well as offers StoresOnline Express for sale. These sessions lead to a follow-up Workshop Conference, where product and technology experts train potential users on the software and sell upgrades to StoresOnline Pro and StoresOnline Platinum. iMergent, Inc. and StoresOnline are trademarks of iMergent, Inc.

      Safe Harbor Statement This press release contains forward-looking statements. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a “safe harbor” for such forward-looking statements. The words, “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “will” and other similar statements of expectation identify forward-looking statements. Specific forward-looking statements in this press release include information relating to: the terms of the settlement with the State of California, iMergent’s position in the California litigation being correct, that the Company may sell into the small to medium enterprise market (SME) without the limitations of the SAMP Act, that the changes it has made and is continuing to implement in the business model made this resolution possible, that the Company is continuing to review all aspects of its business and will always strive to make improvements in its presentations and practices, the Company resolving legacy issues, the expectation that the Company expects to resume sales in the California market in the near future, that the Company will continue to make improvements to its business and continue to work to improve shareholder value. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements. We do not undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements to reflect events, circumstances or new information after the release of this press release, or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

      CONTACT: iMergent, Inc.

      Steven G. Mihaylo, CEO 801-431-4695 775-530-3955 [email protected] Copyright ? 2009 GlobeNewswire, Inc.

  2. mary says:

    I recently sat in a conference in rich va. I thought the information that I recieved was great. Then after seeing the organizer that they said are valued at $149.00 I got leary. Then the mp3 player for signing up for money resources online was a deal. It was all to good to be true. At the end he said as we were all registering for money resources online that they ran out of cd-roms to and they would email us with our passwords. I waited until 12pm and i called myself she immediately gave me a password. i thought that was strange because she did it without asking me information which mean everybody has the same password. why take money from people For you little people in the back on the phone you will be the ones who one day go to jail. have a merry xmas

    • Joseph says:

      This samething happened to me,i went to go on my site and when i put the password in nothing occurred and after numerous times i called the company and still no access i want a full refund asap how do i get it ?

      • Ian says:

        We have been taken for a ride the same as all of you, and we want restitution. I think we all need to join together and go after them as a group, instead of as individuals. If you have any suggestions as to how to do that, please post them. Mine is for each of us to document in detail exactly what they experienced with Stores Online, put them all together, and take them to the newspapers and the government. I suspect we’d have to separate US and Canadian… Let me know what you think.

        • laura says:

          Hi Ian,
          I too was taken for a big ride. It has been eating at my for a couple of years now. Please help if you can. I think banning together is a great idea. If there is any way I can recoup anything, I would feel better about my expensive lesson learned. This company has facilitated a great financial debt that has kept me up many nights thinking what can I do to get my money back. Someone called me and told me about the class acts against stores on line. Of course I thought it was just another rip-off scam.( now I do not trust anyone who solicits me and wants money up front). The good news is it got me thinking in the right direction and I started researching. Happy to have found this site.

        • Ian says:

          Hey, Laura…

          If I can help anyone to gain some restitution from Stores Online, or to keep from being taken in the first place, I am happy to do it. For you to note, and anyone else in the same position, they are claiming they want to settle with me, but they want me to sign a contract saying I will never say anything bad about them to anyone else ever again, and I will never take them to court. Interestingly enough, they would get this form before I see any refund. Take that how you will, but don’t sign anything until you know for sure what’s coming. Send your story to [email protected], and we’ll see if we can’t gather enough people together to make a nice, big stink…


        • Jayne E. says:

          Hi Ian and Laura,

          My name is Jayne; I too feel I have been taken for a ride-my friend and I “embarked” on this journey last April. We didn’t get a MP3 player-all we got was this planner-I used the planner for the “business” I was going to build. The passwords had to change constantly because everytime I went there, it wasn’t accepted. On Oct. 17, 2009, I received a Hill vs. Storesline class-action lawsuit forms. I am currently going thru them now and plan to submit them. I don’t know how much I would get-I just want to get this sh– off my credit report. And I hope nobody goes through what I did; credit is trashed, lost my residence-my friend lost a lot of $$$$… we don’t trust anyone with a sales pitch anymore. I am glad I found this site…I’m sorry there are many of us going through this-but I have to say I’m glad I’m not alone…

        • Liz P says:

          Hi Jayne,
          I’m so glad to see that you too received the Hill vs. Storesonline class action lawsuit. We received ours via email which we thought was odd. Shouldn’t it have come thru the regular mail system? We went thru the paperwork and we won’t actually be getting our $$ back but it seems the $$ will be credited to build a couple of sites. It’s confusing. We bought into SOL in 2006 and never could get a site up and running. We’re trying to verify the authenticity of the Hill vs Storesonline. We don’t live in Tennessee so can this really be legit?

  3. Charlotte says:

    I got sucked in by the sweet talk too. Just sign here, here and here. Never got to read the documents for 5 days and then 3 day cancellation policy was over. Now they won’t budge…even though I have health, family and personal problems. Thanks for the info here on this sight. Wish me luck!!!!

    • Yolanda says:

      Hello Charlotte,

      Were you able to get your money back? I don’t know how I made this big mistake.

      If you have any helpful information I would greatly appreciate it.


  4. Judy McFarland says:

    My dear friend and I also got caught up in the StoresOnLine whirlwind. She is on a disability pension and I, a widow’s pension. Needless to say, we do not have a lot of resources. We both tried and tried and tried to make this work and to add insult to injury, they wanted even more money for mentoring etc. We’re talking about thousands of dollars. My friend is now in the hospital and is terminal. I tried to explain our dilemma to StoresOnLine, but they aren’t budging in regards to payments. I am seriously thinking of filing a Class Action Suit and would like to hear from anyone interested in joining me. My email is [email protected]

    • Wanda Russell/Millie dunston says:

      Judy , my son,my freind,and I all got duped by Storesonline. We had been paying and paying, without any results, except less money per month to use on useful items. When we called for help it was going to cost even more. We never were able to post our six(6) sites, becauses we could not afford to continue to pay for all the extras.The total bill for the websites has been paid,but all we have are a bunch of useless papers and cds that offered us the opportunity to spend more money buying sites on ebay. If there is help out there for us, please email me, and direct us in the right direction. We would like to get our money back.

      Wanda, and unsatisfied, duped customer and freinds

      • GB says:

        My daughter and I were scammed too!! I’ve been kicking myself ever since…..still paying for it!!!

        Have you been ablt to find any help with this?

    • ed and bonita pope says:

      would love to join in a lawsuit.
      We spent over 15,000.
      and are sickened that we were so conned.
      Class Action Suit: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I would love to join you in a class action suit. I am retired with health problems and I am so in credit card debt over this!! If you ever get a call from the Tax Club run the other way. Also Ikongo, PMI, MyEbiz. Quick to take your money but they really don’t care if you make any money. I called PMI and complained that my site has been oublished almost a year and I have not had a single sale. They told me that I might not be selling the right porduct. Why didn’t they tell me that months ago?

        • nancy baker says:

          We are so upset, especially over the Tax Club. What a rip off. We did the things they sugessted and our accountant said we got so taken. All the info was wrong for just starting out. Pmi, also rushed us and gave us no support.
          I am going to try to get my money back from PMI. They all mislead you into thinking this is so easy,

        • nancy baker says:

          Yes, i will join a class action suit.

      • laura says:

        me too. Sickened!! and embarrassed and frustrated and so mad at myself. My husband didn’t want me to do it and I convinced him we should. We started with 1 site and they convinced us to buy 6. And it was “Now or Never”. Yes I want to join a class action suit now!! What state are you in?? I am in Illinois. Anyone out there from Illinois. [email protected]

    • Karl says:

      Hey Judy Im sorry to hear that. I too am on SSI and I felt pressured to buy into stores on line. There pretty shifty arnt they I purchased mine back in 2006 I beleive it was. I sent them a fax on cancelling my purchase. I did not hear bacak from them. I then received a bill from their lender and that months payment had been paid by my credit card company. I called the credit card company put it into dispute the charge was reversed. Stores online told the lending company that they did not recognize the cancellation. I sent a copy of the cancelation and a copy of the confirmation it was sent and received by their fax. but unfortunatly the lending company had to go with stores online and I am in collection for the fee. I never activated my shares or what ever they call it nor have I had contact with them since I talked to them and they said that they would not honor the cancelation.
      so yes I would join the class action suit.

      • Terry says:

        I went to a workshop in 2000, I’m amazed they’re still ripping people off. I checked into a class action lawsuit back in 2000, lawyers won’t file something like this unless they company they’re filing against have enough assets (money) to pay off a suit. Apparently they don’t see SOL as being financially able to do that. However several years ago SOL’s own stockholders filed a class action lawsuit, based on SOL selling a worthless program.

        SOL only got me for just over $750 – the first $500 they require before you leave the workshop and one payment. In my case I wasn’t able to access the member’s area for 2 weeks due to them not activating my numbers so I wasn’t able to see that this was a scam for 2 weeks. In my state we have a buyers remorse law that gives us 3 days to change our minds. But for 2 weeks I couldn’t access SOL’s member area. When I could and called to cancel I was told they don’t allow cancellations.

        Remember I said they only got me for $750 – which I would really like to have back. But what they have on my credit report is that I owe them over $12,000.
        When their collection agent in Carlsbad, CA called me – back in 2000 – he started yelling at me, he said I was a stupid consumer who didn’t research before I bought. When do you get time to do that? They pressure you at the workshop to buy now to save all of this money and get all of this extra stuff for that price. Anyway, he was quite rude. Today I got a message on my phone from a man who said to call him, he had some information on StoresOnline. I looked up the phone number and it was from Carlsbad. I won’t be returning that call. This is the man who put $12,000 on my credit report, when in reality it’s SOL who owes ME money. Unless I hear the word “refund” I’m not talking to anyone associated with SOL.

        Another thing, I noticed an awful lot of scams come out of Utah. Now any time I see a company contact that’s based in Utah I consider it’s likely a scam. Beware of companies with Utah addresses.

        • Jenny says:

          I urge you to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at their on-line site, as well as with the FTC and especially your State’s Attorney General’s office or equivalent. Many states have been filing legal action against SOL, and many of these suits have resulted in agreements to refund money to dissatisfied customers. Your state may have already done this and you may be able to obtain a refund for the asking!

    • Betty says:

      Yes, I would like to get in on a class action law suit. I paid over $7000.00 for this. It was a thorn in my side for 2 years. I am so thankful I have it paid off now but I have never figured out how to use it and get it going. It was a rip off from the get go.

  5. Donna says:

    I made this error in judgement in May of 2006. I stressed and stressed over it, but that changed nothing. I have had to put more money into building my site, but it is not with Stores On Line! Is anyone out there proceeding with legal suit? Take care everyone!

  6. mel says:

    I am in Australia and I know that a class action was filed against Storesonline last year resulting in a $700 000 settlement to be distributed amongst those involved in the class action. I rang our Consumer Protection Association yesterday to see what I could do to get a refund on the six sites purchased and can lodge a grievance through the small claims tribunal. Is there anyone else in Australia who has done this already and what was the verdict?

    • Ted Bain says:

      Hi Mel,
      how did you go with getting a refund from Stores Online?
      I also bought 6 websites and paid over $13,000.+ for a marketing course through PMI.
      I never received the help promised and haven’t published anything due to the lack of help from Stores Online. I wasted around $19,000. and would like to try to get something back. Can U advise me please? I’m a frustrated ex-believer in SOL.

      • Robert H. says:

        Hi Mel,
        I invested about the same amount of money as you did. My wife and I invested about $10,000 including getting suckered into the PMI training. I was under the assumption they were going to help us build our Stores Online website and then show us how they did it. Instead PMI expects us to do all the work and then they are there to help if we need it. They want us to pick a Product Niche and then find a Dropshipper on our own also. My wife and I have no experience at doing this. What kind of mentoring is that? Anyway, I hope we can get something back out of this Class-action Lawsuit I have been hearing so much about.

        • Dave & Paula says:

          We’re in the same boat as you. We have had our site published since Feb 2008 and two sales. Help from PMI is slow — since we haven’t received any answers on what the problem is. Have you discovered any way of getting money back?

        • You got that right. I too became so frustrated with the Storesonline site building and also purchase PMI training. Canned video when live assistance was the topic. $8150 later and no invoice. I enquire of the invoice and low and behold i find two packages of MYeBiz listed as having been purchased. (Never did) but I’m making sure i use them. Probably too late to save my 2 web sites from Google thrashing for poorly implemented SEO and keyword stuffing antics but i hope not. Though according to other SEO companies i might just as well sink them in the nearest garbage tip.

        • I had also arranged to get two logo’s designed at a cost of 185$. I heard noting for over a week. I tried emailing them the emails bounced. I found an email address with a name and emailled all the bounced messages to that person as well as telling them i am contacting my credit card.

          Within one hour i received something perportedly to be logo’s but are not copyable.

          My next course of action is the credit card and then the FBI. Noting so far as i can see is worth the problems or the money.

        • James Lim says:

          I also got sucked into the sol scam, but instead of trying to get my money I took the last several months researching SEO and scam companies, and I found out that you can do it all yourself and for free. I wrote an E-Book all about SEO scams and what to do and what not to do and how to get your SOL website to the top of search engines for free… All I ask is $10 to cover the cost of researching and developing it over the past several months.. I want to help others who are just like me and this is the only way we will get back at them is by beating them at their own game…

          if you have any questions you can contact me at anytime

          and check out one of my websites that I just started optimizing…its not the best but its getting there!

    • Jo says:

      Hi, I have just found this website and would be interested in speaking/contacting anyone who has been scammed by this utah mob. If the meeting I attended is anything to go by there should be a couple of hundred people in NSW HUNTER & CENTRAL COAST AREAS who fit this profile. A couple of months ago I was so angry with this mob that I finally did some research and was absolutely flabagasted at what I saw. More importantly I was so angry with myself for not doing the reseach before attending this scam. My contact with Storesonline was so brief that you could say it didn’t seem much point in even trying they are typically unhelpful as there job is only to take your money and then leave you to your own devices. I also had a call from PMI with the most incredible hard sell I have ever encountered, yes I was one of the chosen few to be selected for their training programme, which was horrifically expensive.

      Let me know if I can help.

      • Jill says:

        Hello Jo
        I think we are all mad at ourselves I am kicking myself every day for doing this. There does not seem to be a way out except to pay this huge bill off. I am crying inside and out but life goes on and all the best to you

      • Angela says:

        Hi Jo, I bought 3 websites and the PMI training…and apart from 3 online classes haven’t used any of it. I was going to market my own invention which took until now to be ready..and therefore i had to pull out . I tried to get onto the SOL website recently and was locked out….i was told by chat that i ha
        d to pay MORE money to gain access. I have already spent $14000. I am about to write both companies a leter of demand but just saw your post. Am i too late….have you taken action? HELP! If you can.

      • Jerry says:

        I was just contacted by sol regarding their mentoring and of course they asked for more money and would like to hear about your experiences at that point.

  7. Dennis Mundy says:

    On Jan.24,2008 I attended a ‘Storesonline workshop’ held at the Marriot Hotel in Panama City Beach, Fl. The second workshop was held on the 26th of Jan. I only signed up for the “Basic” program. I was told & in writing (contract) that ANY senior over the age of 65 (of which I am) was allowed ’15” days to change their minds. On Feb. 2nd, I contacted them & asked them to credit back my card the $50. down payment First she told me NO ,then after a “few words” she said I would have to contact another email address & send proof of my age …by sending them a copy of my birth certificate . I did try to contact the other email address ,of which was BOGUS & NO way will I send them my birth certificate. I have notified Master Card to ‘STOP PAYMENT on this account. I will also be following this up with a letter to the Fl. State Attorneys General office. I have a feeling I won’t be the only one.

  8. brian wisdom says:

    Please Help

    Can anyone tell me if they are trying to get there money back from this firm from the UK England ?? Please contact me at [email protected]

    • Philip says:

      Hi Brian,

      I have just seen your post about Storesonline Scam. It goes back a bit, Feb 2008.

      But I would advise that I lost nearly 8k tp SOL & PMI.

      Have you had any joy with refund in UK?


  9. John Trude says:

    I requested cancellation of my purchase from StoresOnline (from Workshop on 2/15/08), on page 1 of this website. Not sure if that was the correct page, so I am sending a duplicate request on this page. Thank you.

  10. Janice says:


    Does anyone know where to go for refunds in Canada?


  11. Chris says:

    I contacted my card issuer and had the charges reversed on the grounds that the product promised and the product delivered were very different. It was about 15 days after the purchase and I’m not over 65. Does any one know of the tactics and pursuit of Stores Online to have their contracts honored. They of course threatened Collection Agencies but I can live with that. I would certainly be interested in joining any Class action lawsuits that my be being put together here in the US.

  12. stephanie says:

    I attended one of their seminars. glad I sensed that they were scam artists right from the time the doors shut and their “team” stood at attention all around the room.
    What a way to make a buck.
    I wish you well with the refund, hopefully a class action will begin soon.

  13. ishadee says:

    i purchased the product in Nov 07 and i,ve been trying eversince to no avail. unfortunately i did not do my research and regreting at leisure. any ideas on refund? i haven’t contacted them yet. Please help as the payments on financing is killing me for a service i cannot utilise

  14. Lance says:

    SOL Is Now The World’s Biggest Scam :Hello to everyone,I am so very sorry to hear that this Saga continues ,now my Niece has become another Statistic ,who just recently this past Sept 2007. invested her savings into buying a 6 site ripoff extravaganza deal .Whereas she received 6 perfect Inoperable sites for only $5700 Total, not including all her Credit Card Interest Fees all this with an Added BONUS COMPANY’S SPECIAL 3 DAY NO RETURN HIDDEN POLICY CLAUSE !!! .
    She now is trying to recoup her losses though , per my help, suggestion ,is now contacting the AG’s Office UT.,The Consumer Protection Service now serving Orem UT. As you really must attack Vermin where they live to get any positive results .Also if you did not know already I also found out recently that SOL does not operate or cannot make any sales to consumers even in their own home state of UT.Now hopefully this info should help some new prospect think fully before making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives.Sol is now dangling from a thin thread and maybe very close to having chains placed on their front doors in UT. It is also so very true that they are affiliated with the larger, more Fraudulent Famous Company aka PMI,could possibly even be a Div. thereof.So now If you do happen to ever hear the two names mentioned in the same sentence please hold onto your wallets and purses and run fast for the hills!!!

    Good luck!

  15. Erin says:

    Stores Online
    I am willing to pursue a class action lawsuit in the State of California and present a Petition to Investigate Stores Online with the State Attorney General. I would like anyone else interested in pursuing this to please email me.

    [email protected]

    • barbara says:

      Yes I am from the state of Calf, i am interested in pursuing this. It’s 2 years after your request, i just read your statement. Has anything been done. please contact me. my story reads like everyone else.

      • kathleen says:

        I am willing to pursue ANOTHER class action suit against storesonline if needed. I am from california also went to their seminar in July. Tried to cancel but did it 9 days…thinking I had 15 but that is if you are only 65 and older. I am not going to pay for this junk.

        • kim says:

          I am prepared to join in this action. I am one day past the 15 day mark, it is Veteran’s Day today and I just got a call back from a PMI rep to which I said, “I’m not going to do this with you and I don’t want you to call this number again.” and hung up. I also, will be contacting all other appropriate agencies that will listen and be interested in what is happening here. Clearly, there are enough angry voices here that can not be mistaken as being anything other than LOUD. So, California, how do we do this? There is something, with regards to California, about waiving rights to any Claims to be arbitrated as a class action. It’s on the back side of the Customer Purchase Agreement, first paragraph. Is there such thing as a National Suit…that’s what they need, to be kick off the Continent…US and Canada, too!
          I’m ready, just tell me what to do…

  16. Erin says:

    Update – State of California Attorney General, North Carolina, Illinois and Florida have all filed class action suits against Stores Online.

    • Linda Hill says:

      Hi Erin. I checked with the CA Attorney General website and searched for a class action suit and nothing came up under StoresOnline Inc. Do I need to call to become part of the class action suit?

  17. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Erin, thanks for the update. I have added some additional links.

  18. Tom Stabler says:

    A year ago my wife and I attended a seminar given by At the time I had been out of work for several months and a bit desperate. By the end of the day we had signed papers to purchase 5 websites and gave them a down payment check for $320.00. We told them we did not have the $320.00 in the bank, their representative gave us a “system” for getting the money in the three days before they wouild cash the check. It didn’t work and I became concerned. We were to make monthly payments for 3 years for the balance. When we arrived home we looked over the package and things didn’t seem as easy as they had touted. I started doing some research and didn’t like what I saw. Early on the fifth day I discovered that they still had not cashed the deposit check so I put a stop payment on it and called to cancel the agreement. The VP who I spoke too said it was more than 72 hours and he would do anything he could to help but would not cancel the agreement. He said there was nothing he could do and I told him that he could simply tear up the agreement, which he refused to do. They continued to send bills, but I never had the websites and even sent back the kit they had given me at the seminar. On 3/28/08 I found that it was showing as a collection on all three of the major credit reporting agencies. I found this out only after I had been turned down for a refinancing of my mortgage and the reason given was the collection. The mortgage company said they could pay off the collection and include it in the loan. My point is that I never received any product, service, counseling or advice for the $7,200 they now say I owe. The original agreement was for about $5,300. What are my options, if any? I’d appreciate any advice you can provide.

  19. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Tom,

    Which state are you in? Perhaps you want to contact your AG for help?

  20. Tom Stabler says:

    I’m in SC. Someone told me to file in samll claims but I haven’t actually paid them any money. I am writing to the AG and Consumer Affairs Division. Thanks!!

    • Jettie says:

      I am in SC also. I purchased 3 sites a couple of years ago. It took me a year to build a site and its still not ready. I still have two payments left. I tried to get SOL to buy them back but they wouldn’t. And all of this help that they promise is bull. I think the idea is to get you to pay them more money to do it for you. Do you know if any action is being taken here in SC. I would love to be a part of it.

  21. Kathryn Schubert says:

    I am trying to get my storesonline business up & running, what website do I go to to contact them & can I get a refund if they don’t contact me if after 3 days?

  22. B and B says:

    We are two sisters who very desperately needed to make some money. We attended a Stores on Line seminar in June 2007. We believed them when they said this was so very easy, even for computer illiterates like we are. We requested a refund. They refused and told us that we could get personal phone instructions, which did help us get the site up. Now we are paying monthly hosting fees to them in addition to dropshipper fees. We have yet to make a sale. We are at a loss. We keep spending more money and making none. We can’t even get recognized by the search engines.
    Has anyone been successful in getting a refund? Is there a class action suit we can join. We are in the state of Kentucky and in a state of deep stress and anxiety.
    Please help with any suggestions you may have.

  23. M.Mercer says:

    Having read the above reviews, are there any UK people who find themselves with similar problems with Storesonline?
    If so, please communicate by email initially.

  24. Tom Stabler says:

    The saga continues. After finding out that I had been turned down for a mortgage refinance because of a collection on my credit report, I called the company “Duvera”. During my converstaion with one of their reps it became clear that Stores Online, Duvera (collections) and Palomar (collections) are part of the same company. I have nothing of theirs and they have no money of mine but they refuse to remove the collection from my credit report.

  25. Martin Lee says:

    Hi B and B,

    You can try contacting your state AG.

  26. Vincent McCauley says:

    I’m paying £85 per month for a cash elephant I will never use. The’ve had £895 so far, I want it to stop.
    Any suggestions please
    Vincent, Ramsgate UK

    • carlene antoine says:

      i am in the same boat as you vincent, i realised i have been duped but i have just been told that i have passed my 3 day cooling off period,which i wasnt even told about or made aware foo when purchasing the package and that i cannot get a refund, i was also told i cancel at anytime if i felt like it. but now i cannot,something needs tobe done.

  27. M Mercer says:

    Vincent of Ramsgate, may I suggest that you visit website and see Returning or Cancelling Orders and 2nd. Para. of Refunds after cancelling.
    If SOL provided finance, you may need legal advice.

  28. Roger says:

    It appears that storesonline no longer exhist. There is no connection to the website avaiable no online support. nothing. Does anyone have any news?

  29. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Roger,

    I have no problems with their website. Seems to be still working.

  30. Peter Jansen says:

    Yesterday I just signed up for the first $25 license seminar and have not attend the marketing seminar yet, can anybody email me what kind of problems I am going to see?

    I read alot of comments about how StoresOnline still charges monthly hosting fees, they told us that you can turn on and off the hosting at any time, is that a lie?

    I am in Canada.

    Please let me know by email: [email protected]

  31. SJ says:

    Anyone know how to get a refund in Singapore for

  32. jack and tim says:

    my and i also were high pressured to buy storesonline websites. is any in indiana filing a class action for we will sign. contact us at [email protected]

  33. Judy McFarland says:

    Please contact me with your stories if you received a follow up call from someone claiming to be assigned to you as your “personal coach” and then wanting more money. Please take a moment a email me your story.
    Judy McFarland
    [email protected]

  34. Jon says:

    I was sucked into a purchase at a seminar in England, UK, in November 2007, and having unearthed “craters” in their claims, integrity, and competence, have ever since been trying for a refund. Phone conversations, numerous emails, and even letters, have all proved a complete waste of time. I have noted Brian Wisdom and M.Mercer’s contributions and also wonder how many other UK based victims are out there? Perhaps the OFT, BBC watchdogs, or even a class-action might be the next step?
    Martin, may I take this opportunity to thank you for a great resource, and wonder if you know of any sources of redress for us UK victims?
    Judy McFarland, I don’t know if this helps, but I was contacted by phone back in circa. February 2007, by a PMI employee called Clare, desperately trying to sell coaching services to me for twice my original outlay…needless to say the notion was laughed off.
    [email protected]

  35. FO says:

    I purchased 6 websites back in March 2007. I brought them initially on finance, and the interest was very high, as well as the price of the websites, it was supposed to be the cheaper option buying 6. I was having to pay £190 per month. It was killing me. I took out a loan with lower interest rate to clear it. I now am paying £120 per month.

    After reading the reviews, I am feeling a little foolish. Prices quoted (especially in the USA) seem to be so much cheaper. I paid £4100 for 6 websites, I haven’t made any money, and I am now thinking I may not make any. I have many ideas that I would like to use the websites for. Could anyone tell me is this the going price in the UK?

    I have been waiting for over a year for the one day training workshop. I have called several times and I was told that I would be contacted. I was not. January 2008 I called again and found out there were no other dates. I was told they would not be visiting the UK until the end of the year. I was upset, that I was stringed along that way. Is there anything I could do? Money back, etc

    I am not happy overal

    • carlene antoine says:

      that is a lie they had one in july 2008 that i attended and have purchased but now i relaise it was a scam and now i want to cancel it and they would not let me do so.

  36. Robert says:

    Hello I my self got sucked into the trap, I attented their work shop in Jacksonville, Fl, I had my doubts about these people any way I went ahead and bought I site, no help was coming from them. Now I’ve got some personal issues where my home is down to one income with a new baby, want to cancel my account but I’am having a hard time. If anyone know about the law suit for florida state pls email me. [email protected]

    • Mercedes Mendiola says:

      Robert I noticed you signed up last year. Well, I signed up in May this year, I am dissatisfied, I am from Orlando Florida and I was wondering if you got some of help to get a refund.

  37. Stephen P says:

    I am a college student in the St. Louis Missouri area and my wife was lured in with StoresOnline.

    I have now found that lawsuits have been filed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan in the State of Illinois and recently Florida Attorney Bill McCollum. (Along with the many other lawsuits in several different states including Connecticut where a $130,000 settlement was reached.)

    My wife was led to believe that she could cancel at any time in case the online business did not take off. This was made very clear to her, as she had asked several times just to be sure. However, when she tried to cancel less than a month later, she was told that the 3 day period whereby she COULD HAVE canceled had long passed. Apparently, what she was told did not coincide with the fine print of the documents she had been given.

    The explanation of the 3 day limit is inconspicuously hidden ON THE BACK of one of the many forms you fill out with the company, and they don’t bother to explain it to you or tell you where that information is or that it even exists. Furthermore it is a half page carbon copy form where you would not expect something to be on the back of it.

    I am a full time graduate student with 3 more years to go in school and $55,000 in debt, and now I have an almost $6,000 commitment on my wife’s credit card with this company that charges 18% interest on the loan with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    After my wife explained to me the way the papers were signed, I became very suspicious … but it was too late. Those signing line up in single file when they are ready for you to fill out the papers. My wife didn’t have an opportunity to read over what she was signing because she felt pressured by the line of people behind her. Even then, the 3 day right information is hidden when you revise the documents.

    From the very beginning it was explained that companies would be happy to do “drop shipping” for you. While she had an idea for a product and a site, she knew that she would have to rely on drop shipping in order to pay for the extremely high costs for StoresOnline services. The problem is that these supposed companies who are willing and ready to do drop shipping don’t exist. Not one of the many companies that my wife has contacted is willing to drop ship.

    Furthermore, we are constantly being bombarded fees that were not disclosed by the sales representatives, and we are constantly being bombarded by companies connected with StoresOnline that charge more and more money in order to actually make the internet marketing work.

    • Candy says:

      I know what you mean I was in the same situation, I told them I didnt’ have the money in my bank, but they said will run it and see. It went thru, not knowing I had an over traf protection on my account and now I’m $540 in the hole plus $32 fee. I tried to call StoresOnLine for days finally I got someone after the 5th day. I asked for a refund they told me NO I had 3 days to do it. I explained but they felt I dailed the wrong number. I don’t know what to do. I had to close out my account. Every since I get this I’ve been in debit and haven’t made one cent. My husband was upset with me. It’s been causing alot of issues in the relationship. Please let me know how to resolved this. Candy

      • Jaclyn Morgan says:

        I am in a conflicting situation with StoresOnline as well, the seminar held promising results, even after sitting and talking with everyone most of the day. As with everyone here, we did not have the money to pay for the down payment of $250, the guys there told me that I qualified for under their program for monthly payments beginning this month. And to call on a Monday, after the 3 day cancellation date to do anything, including cancelling. Now I am caught up in this whole “You cant cancel” deal, I have a company Universal calling me threatening me because I put a hold on my account from StoresOnline. I got my bank to credit me the $250 due to a fraudulant claim. I need to find out who and where I can go to in New Mexico to get this canceled due to misrepresentation and false information. I feel like I am the victim! email me [email protected] for information

  38. Tom S says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just been notified that Stores Online is going to close my account and remove all negative credit entries both for them and Duvera, the collection agency. I wrote to the Utah BBB and fully outlined what had happened including my reason for signing in the first place (desperation). As a side note I disputed all the entries on my credit reports, wrote the Attorney General for SC as well as Consumer Protection and AARP. I don’t know if Stores Online got tired of hearing from me or really wanted to do the right thing. The point is that you have to be persistent and go into great detail. The initial “I got cheated ” letters didn’t seem to work. Use names and dates and feelings as much as possible.
    I’ll let you know if they don’t follow through. Good Luck! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

  39. B and B says:

    Has anyone in KY had this trouble? We would like to start a class-action suit or whatever might get the job done. We have written the AG, and we have contacted waveTV troubleshooter. If we are defeated, at least we will go down fighting.

  40. Misty says:

    Hi all. I stupidly signed up for the 6 site deal. Tried unsuccessfully many attempts to get them up and running. Many pitiful attempts at getting online help lead to frustration, that lead to delays….. I requested help many times to no avail….then refund demands also to no avail. I did not know about the cooling off period. I wish now I did.
    Anyway, I gave up on the idea, and after so many attempts to get help or a refund realised it was a futile effort. So a year went past. Then I thought I would try again to get them up and running. Only to find as a year had past, it would then cost me $400 AUD PER SITE JUST FOR “ADMIN COSTS” to get each one re-activated! And thats not including any other cost!! When I asked (online “help” as there was no ph contact) how the hell can they justify this for doing absolutely NOTHING, the “help” was cut off. So as angry as I was/am I figure without a big fight, there’s nothing I could do. Funny thing is, I just received junk mail in the post about one of their seminars on up the road t’moro. I am thinking about making an appearance……..take the “freebies” then make an announcement at the end to warn everyone! Well, revenge is sweet isnt it? Good luck and pls, if anyone in Australia has been able to get a refund please contact me.

  41. Computerman says:

    Florida Sues Two Website Marketers
    ‘Business opportunities’ deceptive, suit charges

    January 22, 2008
    Stores Online
    • Florida Sues Stores Online
    • Consumer Complaints

    • More Scam Alerts …

    Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has filed a lawsuit against two Utah companies for allegedly using deceptive practices to get consumers to buy expensive website-creation products and services.

    Imergent, Inc., and StoresOnline, Inc., run seminars in Florida and other states at which they tell consumers they can make a fortune doing business on the internet with the companies’ software and related services.

    According to the lawsuit, the companies mislead consumers into thinking their products are easy to use and that they will provide technical support and business partners.

    “Many Florida consumers have been victimized by these types of get-rich-quick schemes and this type of behavior will not be permitted to continue,” McCollum said.

    Imergent and StoresOnline lure consumers to seminars at local hotels and other venues with offers of “free training,” free meals and free gifts, the complaint alleges. Teams from the companies were in Central Florida late last year and are expected to be in North Florida in the near future.

    More than 80 Florida consumers have complained to the Attorney General about the companies, which frequently make sales presentations in Florida. The complaints state that after paying thousands of dollars, consumers found the software and services were impossible to use and they couldn’t get the technical assistance that was promised.

    Instead of providing help, Imergent and StoresOnline referred buyers to other companies with which they have contracts and, according to the lawsuit, these companies wanted consumers to pay thousands more. The lawsuit further alleges the companies failed to deliver on helping consumers find business partners whose products could also be sold.

    The companies also have lawsuits pending against them by Attorneys General in North Carolina, Illinois and California. Other complaints have led to consumer protection agreements in Indiana, Louisiana, Texas and Utah, as well as Australia.

    McCollum’s lawsuit is seeking compensation for buyers and penalties under the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The lawsuit also calls for changes in the companies’ practices including full disclosure of the limited scope of technical assistance.

  42. Computerman says:

    The purpose of this wiki is to allow reporters, law enforcement agencies, investors and customers and prospective customers to learn about the history of iMergent aka StoresOnline, aka Galaxy Malls. This is a company with many, many unhappy customers, and is the subject of legal actions in at least six states.

    The StoresOnline Website is full of testimonials that make it appear easy for anyone to make money on the internet. But the fine print says “Testimonial results are not typical and your individual results will vary”. The links below reflect what typical results really are. Testimonials are broken up in the following:

    Not Satisfied: 600
    Neutral: 89
    Satisfied: 95
    Leave Your Testimonial

    Getting A Refund
    If you’re having second thoughts about having just signed up for a very expensive internet storefront, you may be entitled to a refund, and you most certainly are if it’s been less than 3 days since you signed a contract or gave them money. Click on the appropriate link below to get more information.

    If you signed up in the last 3 days
    It’s been more than 3 days, but you still want your money back
    Additionally, there are a variety of actions against the company, some of these have provisions for getting a refund even long after the 3 days.

    Current Customers
    Based on their annual report, I estimate that StoresOnline has sold about 200,000 website licenses in the past 2 years at their seminars. However, there appears to be only about 20,000 StoresOnline-powered websites now, and about 1/3 of those don’t work.

    Legal Issues
    StoresOnline does its business by offering high-pressure seminars with well-presented stories about how easy it is to make money on the internet. Their sales people then convince people to spend thousands of dollars on their software package. Many states would describe this activity as a Business Opportunity, which has different disclosure requirements than simple software sales.

    North Carolina, Florida, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, California and others have lawsuits against iMergent right now. North Carolina residents can get their money back by requesting it through the AG’s office. The company has been forced to refund money in several places, even after the 3-day “cooling off” period.

    State Listings (Stories and Attorney General)
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

    • Walter Misialek says:

      I also attended a seminar in Massachusetts in October 2008. I also fell for the scam that I could build my own website without any experience. I spent $6000.00 for the sites that I could not get up and running after countless hours and months of trying. It has been a year and they still call me to renew and try again. They want more monry. They would not even answer my request for a refund. All I get is someone who is my personal coach to help[ me spend more money for training over the phone. They must think I’m really stupid. I am a senior and would love to hear from people in Massachusetts so we could all let the Attorney General know what is happening. A class action suit is needed to recover our money like Connecticut did this past year. Storesonline is a ripoff from every angle you look at.

    • Marilyn says:

      I too fell for the sweet sounding deal of purchasing 6 websites along with the mentoring package and web optimazation of 3 sites. I have worked deligiently for 17 months with very little success. Storesonline help is very minimal and vague. I too would like to get my money back. I have spent quite a some of money besides the purchase of 6 websites and the mentoring with web optimization, over 10,000 dollars. I am all for trying to get my money back, I feel that I have been deceived.

    • Paul says:

      My wife and I live in IL and would like to find someone with info where we can go or write to get a refund from storesonline, we also have fallen by storesonline BS.

  43. Computerman says:

    I am here with some more update

    • Roxy says:

      Hi Computerman,

      I find your previous e-mail very interesting. But I had no idea that Michigan was on a list which is in your letter dated May 19, 2008. I have lost my job on Sept.8th and my boyfriend doesn’t make enough to cover all the needed bills and storesonline is not an option. I really have to do something I don’t want to. My payments are taken directly form my checking account. I have to sign a statement and give $10.00 to make sure they don’t take it . I only have the amount of what it takes to keep my account open. It is Ole Mother Hubbard bare. What do I do ? I only have til the 13th of this month to . My credit union will pay the 300.00 but then I have a NSF fee of 20.00. But that is still a small price to pay as opposed to having my credit ruined which I’ve worked for 4 years to get repaired without loans or debt helpers. I did it all on my own and using my own paychecks. It’s been a boaring life for a while of having any extra spend money. I have the Attorney General number and address but they said that it could be several weeks before hearing anything. You mention there are several provisions for getting a refund after that 3 day dead cool off . Can you give me that info.?

  44. B and B says:

    Hi again

    We are still searching for StoresOnline cusstomers who live in Kentucky. Please contact us and let us know if you want to file a class action suit.

  45. B and B says:

    Computer man,
    Will you please contact us and tell us what the other ways of getting a refund are. We purchased in June ’07.

    [email protected]

  46. Rose says:

    I would like to know if anyone in Maryland has had any success in getting a refund. I purchased in Feb 07 and have yet to get a site up and running.

  47. Shellie says:

    I would like to start a class action suit against StoresOnline for anyone in the state of Georgia. If interested, please email me @ [email protected]

  48. Janice says:

    Hi everyone…this is the response I received from Storesonline regarding my request for a refund…any ideas on how I should reply?

    This letter is in response to a Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) complaint filed by Ms. Cardinal against StoresOnline, Inc (“StoresOnline”).

    We have indeed read the complaint Ms. Cardinal sent to your office and have read all the responses she sent. We have also responded to the claims she made.

    We do want to assist Ms. Cardinal and resolve this concern but we need to be able to move past the same complaints that have already been addressed. I would be happy to consider an amicable resolution if she would present one. A full refund is not a middle ground and not warranted and therefore not acceptable.

    I encourage Ms. Cardinal to present an amicable resolution after which time we will meet as a committee and reach our conclusion.

    Mari Silva
    Director of Customer Relations
    StoresOnline Inc.

  49. Rose says:

    If there ever is a class action suit I would love to be a part of it. But for your response, if they are willing to cancel with no further payment due, that would seem fair. After all, we have paid something for nothing. I am willing to cut my losses and stop the payments altogether if they will negotiate that. What do you think?

  50. Computerman says:

    Hi Janice I’ve tried that already, to have them cancel my contract and keep the money that I’ve paid so far. I wanted them to cancel my contract because of financial hardship and some medical problems, guess what my request was dturn down. I was asked to send supporting documents to prove my story which I did, and I was told my contract cannot be canellled, i have to keep the website or try selling it to someone else, which no one wants to buy nothing from storesonline even the people who works with them, they find all sorts of excuse not to buy it back. With that said I have to find another way out. I went ahead and close my bank account from which the company who collects money for SOL.
    Since I’ve done that they keep calling.
    There is lots of features that these scum bags talk about at the seminar that they dont support.

    • MSW says:

      I am from Texas and am flat broke from SO and their dropshippers (the ones that SO said were free) turns out they are not, I have not had any success. I was told by one of their friendly reps that I couldn’t cancel my contract and that I wasn’t getting a refund. I signed up in February 08.

      • ed and bonita pope says:

        As i am reading all these accounts, I note that you are from TX.
        Have you considered contacting the AG office or pursuing a class action suit?
        We have lost 15,000.
        What a SCAM.

  51. Computerman says:

    Hello everyone I’ve had my sister husband who build website and from what he told me that SOL is full of crap lots of fearutes that they claim to support dosent work and its not that easy for some like my self to build that web site. This is his web site, he is located in Guyana, South America he is really pissed with me for falling prey to SOL.

  52. Computerman says:

    Started: Sun 01/Jun/2008 07:56 A.M.
    Ended: Sun 01/Jun/2008 08:57 A.M.

    Thank you for contacting StoresOnline Support. This is Mike. How may I help you today?
    Hi Robert.
    How are you?
    hello how ru?
    I am fine.
    I have a web site for sale will u buy it from me?.
    You can sell your storefront but we do not recommend it.
    why not
    We do not have any reseller programs in place and do not give suggestions on price and so forth.
    We would like to see you utilize your site because that is how you can obtain the best success with the service.
    Our customer service department is willing to help you with any aspect of achieving your goals.
    i am not asking about any reseller prog. what I am asking is if you would buy from me.
    i would gave it to you without taking any money from you.
    all you have to do is pay off the balance and its yours.
    You do have the option of transfer of ownership.
    so will u take over the ownership
    I am sorry, I cannot buy your website.
    why not?
    dont u have web sites that is making lots of money.
    if u are working with storesonline that should’nt be a problem for u.
    Sorry for the delay.
    Due to the company policy that I cannot share the information regarding this.
    yeh right.. due to company policy…isnt is a requirment that the employees of storesonline must have website.
    from what you r saying to me i guess you dont have any website.
    I am sorry, due to company policy I cannot share any information regarding this case.
    what case you r talking about.
    Is there a case we r talking about.
    I am talking about selling the website.
    that has nothing to do with storesonline & comapny policy.
    this is between U & I
    if I was working there and there is someone who wants to sell me their website, once I have other site up and running I would buy it from that person, because I want to make more money.
    Do you have any website at all?.
    I am sorry. It’s company policy that I do not need to share it.
    is it company policy that you cannot say weather or not you have a web site/s?.
    you told me that I can transfer owership, but if the employees of storesonilne does’nt want to take over ownership, do yoy think anyone else will.
    what is taking you so long to reply to my message?.
    I am sorry. Due to some reasons my computer is very slow.
    You can explain the advantage of the site and market this site to your friends
    and you can ask them to buy iy
    Once if you list the advantage, many people will buy this product
    Since it is very usefull
    i’ve try that option and no one wants to buy this product from storesonline
    they are doing reasearch before they buy.
    Ok, I understand.
    We would be more than happy to help you to become a successful merchant. After all, that’s what we’re here for!
    We want you to always feel the highest level of confidence and trust with StoresOnline.
    and most of the reports I get back no one wants to do business with storesonline.
    We have a wonderful product and a wonderful company backing it, but most of all, we have incredible teaching tools and information to help you understand how you can be successful on the Web.
    That is what we are here for. We would love to help you!
    yeh right, you sound like one of the presenters at the seminar
    you guys make sound so easy, but yet you dont want to take over ownership
    I understand your situation.
    thats is all you are saying, so why not help me by taking over the ownership.
    its gonna be much easier for you, since you are working there.
    guess you are very successful on the web.
    I apologize truly Robert, I really want to help as much as I can , but I dont have money to buy another one.
    then that tells me that you are not successful at what you are doing, that is the web.
    I have not yet finished building my website.
    yeh right…every time i talk to one one you that is always the answer, my site is not finish, I just dont get it.
    which means it is not that easy to build as was told at the seminar
    I am working steady and hard to build my website so that I will get success.
    so you think that no one else is working hard as you to get their site up and running?.
    I am also one among them.
    yeh right.
    you guys are good.
    Thank you for your appreciation.
    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    can you find some who will be willing to take over ownership.
    I am ready to help you in giving the advise to build your website. But I am unable to find a person.
    i have no knowledge of computers so how can u advise me when yours is not finish building as yet. think of that.
    you can really help me if your was done and up and running and on the front page of google
    and all the other search engines.
    I can give you those ideas what I am trying to do on my storebuilder.
    yeh right.
    thanks but you cannot help.
    You’re most welcome! I have the confidence that I can help you :)
    -Robert dey has left the chat.

    • Jenny says:

      Reading this is about the first time I have smiled since signing up for 6 sites in Dec 07. I have just finished paying for these. However, I still have to pay back over $6 000 (AUS) for all I spent on setting up my website. It is beautiful. But I found it impossible to do it myself because everything went wrong and nobody at SOL seemed able to help (similar banal responses to your communication), so I had to pay professionals to set it up. It took them months to do as they struggled with the programme and “helpful” staff at SOL. That was completed one year ago and since then I have reaped zip. Not one cent. I still have 5 unused sites. Well, four actually one as I gave one away as a wedding present before I found this site. How embarrasing. I won’t be throwing good money after bad. Can anyone suggest how I might get rid of the other 4? (I’m not expecting much). I am on a disability pension and thought this was an answer. hahahahahahahahahaha

  53. VES says:

    I was suckered into this sorry escuse for an investment in Canada is there anyone in Canada who has sucessfully recieved a full refund? I am over 30 days anything I can do?


    • Said says:

      So VES, any news on the refund? have you contacted the Canada’s office of consumers? is it worth going through them? any hope ??

      I am over 8 months on this :( :( :(

      • Jenny says:

        do either of you live in Ontario? I do and I was hoping to speak to someone from my province to discuss horror stories and try to get some money back.

  54. Computerman says:

    Ves I don’t know how the law works in your country, but you can make a compliant to your attorney general, then write to the BBB of Utah and see what happens.

  55. Jon B. says:

    Hello to all,
    I guess I could repeat all of what you have written, but I, too have been taken…I, to would care to sue these thieves…if any one bought in New Mexico and cares to files a class action…I’ll keep checking this site and go from there…as for me, I just quit paying them and told them, as the comment from computerman, they were of no help and they mislead me…as far as my credit…well, it’s not excellent anyway and I am working on fixing it up. FYI, I did write the BBB in Utah and they told me to write the BBB in New Mexico and just have it on file to this day. Have a nice day.

  56. Joy Hillhouse says:

    I am in Winnipeg Canada. Why oh why did I fall for this great deal. Because I am living on disability and desperate to find a better living. I asked if I could count on my store to make the money to meet the payments, And was lead to believe that it was a good deal.
    I missed the 3 day refund and spent 4 months fighting with the software to get my site up and in a profit situation. However the only people that appear to find my site are the ones that want me to pay them some more money to get it working. Well am not prepared to throw good money after bad so I canceled my site and stopped making any further payments. So now I am being threatened with pay or else demands, and I have NO MORE funds to call on. I don’t know what to do about it.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Joy
      I am in Abbotsford BC and have been trying to get a business going for almost a year. These people should be sued. All I get is phone calls from more depts, wanting more money….but this time for sure it will work. Yeah right.
      If you hear of a class action law suit count me in

    • Dawn says:

      My special guest and I went to the 90 min. meeting last Friday Sept.25/09 Pd. $48. I don’t recall even hearing anything about having 3 days to refund! My guest & I will be going to the all day workshop this Wednesday. Thanx to reading all these letters we will be one step up on them when they suggest paying out anything more!!! We’ll be able to go and listen with a better idea of where they are going from! We are from B.C. as well!

  57. Diana Greenberg says:

    I too was a fool and bought into storesonline. I then gave it my best shot, and paid 3 payments, totalling over $1700. I tried to get them to buy back 3 of my sites, of course they said no, then I told them they would get no more money out of me, they could either take everything back or they would not get paid. To date, we have been sent to collections and we just ignore them. We were terribly misrepresented when we purchased and they promised us so many things, that didn’t materialize without added costs. Has anyone ever gotten them to give a refund, or even just accept their product back? we offered them to keep the $1700 we have already paid, we would give everything back to them, and walk away. They didn’t like it and refused. So here we sit, we just don’t answer the phone. If anyone is pursuing a class action, we would love to join. contact me at [email protected]

  58. Walter Misialek says:

    I am looking for anyone in Massachusetts who was scamed like I was last year. I would like more people to join me in a class action lawsuit . [email protected]

  59. Becky Payne says:

    I too was mislead repeatedly by this company. I’ve asked for, and been denied, any amount of refund. I had invested over $12,000 in this business before calling it quits. If nothing else maybe our complaints can keep anyone else from falling for these lies.

  60. Brian Wisdom says:

    Looking at all these coments posted as well as all the new ones on this subject can anybody please tell me why we have spent so much money with no return i am no expert ( i was lead to believe you did not have to be )
    I have spent so much money on this all that i need most is some help on this to make it work this comes at a great extra cost as i have been aproached a few times what do you all think ????

    Brian Wisdom

    • Nessa Lewis says:

      This message is for all consumers globally who are hurting because of the unscrupulous activities of SOL. I completed their seminar and had a contract with them in Oct 2007. I was to have 6 websites built and have an online business established. A single site has not yet been built. I have read dozens of testimonials and they all sound the same – fraud, not honoring their side of contracts, overcharging for goods and services, and I could go on and on. Of 6 merchant certificates, the first one I tried to use, its serial number and password was given to another party without my knowledge. Upon contacting SOL to find out why nothing worked, I learned the truth. My bank account was being debited each month and I had already paid thousands of dollars. Upon realizing the contract was dishonored I told them I would not pay them another dollar and I did not. I closed the bank accout and cut them off. My credit suffered and they are still sending collection letters. I just discovered this website today and I shall contact the State’s AG and others for legal guidance. If anyone wishes to contact me I am willing to share information on a honest, professional company that provides excellent service and is the watch dog of the internet marketing industry. Blessings to you all and good luck in getting refunds. I shall seek mine.

      • Beatrice says:

        I too have been scammed! I live in Michigan where the unemployment is about 17% and people are lossing there homes to forclosure daily. SOL seemed to be a way out for alot of people here, when in all actuallity they are making a bad situation worse. I’ve been getting nowhere with them so a friend told me to google “Storesonline Scam” Boy, what a surprize! Now, What to do?

        • Marg says:

          Hey Beatrice did you attend Jan 28, 2011 in Saginaw. I could not believe they actually told me that I had credit. They did not want my visa check card they actually wanted a check with my routing number. They never got that. I did cancel the card that I gave them. I am out so far 500.00 and what ever else comes along. They leid about everything that they would do for you. Any lawsuits that are going to get started? let me know! I see that the other letters are mainly from 2008 and 2009. Nothing now! Let me know if anyone is going to do anything! I’m sorry to say SATAN has sent his helpers out into the world to steal from the less fortunate! Karma will come back and nip them all in their hineys! Especially Shon and R. Judd and all his little demon helpers. I can they sleep at night knowing that they are selling lies? and stealing

        • kim says:

          Hey Marg, I see you just posted this and hopefully you will get back to me. But, it appears that alot of these post may not be ligitamit, and that the whole reason this sight exist is actually for the benifit of StoresOnline’s page ratings. I’ve post many times not realizing this till I looked into their devious ways extensively. At least 4 of my post I have asked people to join me in taking action. Not one reply. I even went as far as to leave an email address for prople to contact me if interested in a class action…not one reply. I now wonder if that particular post can’t be seen on any other computer except mine, because just above it is in blue letters a statement that says my coment is ‘awaiting aproval’ and has been for several months now. So, that to me is something to be suspicious about, where this site is concerned. But, Sol does not care about the comments this site put out, only the number of hits it gets…which is alot…in order to raise the bar on page hit ratings with Google to get to the top of the search engine listing. All they want is peoples money and DO NOT CARE what they have to do to get it. And once they do, it’s gone from you, cause your not likely to be getting it back. That’s not to say you won’t, but I guarranty you will have to work at it, dillentligy! Never stop making complaints to the people who are in place that are there to protect you…Attorney General, Comsumer protection services, etc.
          So, I have a few questions for you. Why did you say in your post, “Let me know if anyone is going to do anything!”??? What difference does it make to you? Do you want to make a difference? And, why doesn’t your post have a little blue REPLY at the end? See if you can find my post with an email address in it and then send me one telling me why you mentioned Shon in your post. Did he lie to you? Because he lied to me too. Better yet, send me an email if you want to nail these guys, and DON’T tell me what it was that he lied about (if he in fact lied about something), just if he did or not. Because if he did and you want to tell a lawyer what that lie was…and it is the same as the lie he told me…well do you see where I am going with this. If, you don’t reply…I rest my case, with regards to what I think is really going on here.

  61. M Mercer says:

    If any UK customers of StoresOnline who are totally dissatisfied with their situation, for whatever reason, breach of contract, or other, who would consider joining a class action against them in Utah, please contact me.

    • Harry says:

      Hello M Mercer,

      I am from UK and I am really dissatisfied. Can you please help to get the refund?

      I have a finance scheme with them for unlimited hosting account (for 3500 GBP + 22% interest for 2 years).

      Please please please please please please please heelllpppppppppppppppp so that I can get out of this mess. My four monthly payments (146 GBP) have been out from the bank already and I would like to have a refund of the down payment I made (800 GBP). This was required for the finace options and the decision was to be made there and there – as you all know how easy is to fall in the trap…

      Is it OK if I instruct my bank to cancel the payment? Will there be any legal implications?

      Please please please please help…

      I would be really really greatful.


  62. Andre says:

    Dear all,
    Thanks for this info.
    Do you know who to contact if you subscribed to their stores express services only, and you like in the UK, England?
    Please assist with thanks, since they do not reply, if you want to unsubscribe from them, even if you do not have used their site!



    • carlene antoine says:

      I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I AM TRYING, i contact the attorney general in the Uk and this was his reply,week need someone in the UK to act for victims in the UK as those inthe states and australia are getting thier full refunds.
      Thank you for your email, i have been asked to reply. I am sorry to hear of your story, unfortunately this office has no role in following up scams, the Attorney Generals is principal legal advisor to government and as such is unable to offer legal advice or assistance to individuals, i can only suggest that you seek your own independent legal advice. You say you have been a victim of this company and i would also suggest that you contact your local police authority and inform them of this, the attached link regarding internet crime may be of some use to you. Regards James Ross

  63. Andre ILczyszyn says:

    Dear all,
    Thanks for this info.
    Do you know who to contact if you subscribed to their stores express services only, and you like in the UK, England?
    Please assist with thanks, since they do not reply, if you want to unsubscribe from them, even if you do not have used their site!



  64. Bob says:

    Brian Wisdom said, on June 28th, 2008 at 5:10 pm – I have spent so much money on this all that i need most is some help on this to make it work

    If you get in contact with Sonia who has an existing SOL site that operates that she set up herself and operates fine, then she may be willing to help you. There are a few others on this massive forum who have also offered to help anyone stuck. Sonia says go to the 24/7 chat site and SOL will in fact help get it up and running. Find Sonia at and down the bottom of the page is the contact details. I am sure if you offer her a reasonable hourly rate she would assist now and then. But if you want it all for free, I doubt the world works that way.

  65. Octavia (UK) says:

    Dear UKs

    I have just stumbled on this site and am horrified, to put it mildly.

    My husband and I attended the workshop on Wednesday last week (25th June) and spent the best part of the weekend trying to make sense of it. TODAY (30th) is our final (third) day to cancel. As I write I have decided to cancel per the fine print. It is now 12:07pm or 5:05am their time (mountain us) and I will back up my fax and email with a call at their opening hour of 7am or 2pm my time.

    Any other UKers willing to offer me advice at this stage?

  66. Becky Payne says:

    I wish I had stumbled onto this site 2 years ago when I first signed up with Storesonline. I guess it’s too late for me now but maybe our comments can still warn others not to get involved with this company. Did anyone else from Mississippi fall for this scam or was I the only one?

  67. Bob says:

    Becky – Did you get a site up and running in the end, or just give up?

  68. Becky Payne says:

    Yes, Bob
    My husband and I had a wind chime site. We paid extra bucks to SOL just to have them help us fine tune it because they guaranteed us that would increase our sales. I think we sold a total of 12 windchimes over the course of a year. Not my idea of a booming business. We kept following their suggestions all the while sinking more hard earned cash into a sinking ship. We both feel we did our part to make this thing go but we feel we were cheated and lied to by this company, repeatedly.

  69. Stephanie says:

    Hi. I also fell for this back in Dec 2006. After 4 long months working on it day and night (literally), I finally published my site.

    I ended up having to use SOL for hosting and their partners for my merchant account. To top it off, I found a dropshipper who would only charge me $20 if I didn’t buy at least $100 per month (didn’t think this would ever be a problem). Well, it’s been over 1 1/2 years and I only sold a handful of products. On a given month, I am spending $24.99 for hosting fees, $30 for merchant account (they charge $10 for statements even if you don’t want them!!), plus $20 for my dropshipping fees. Without adding the advertising expenses, I am out $65 each month. On top of it all, if I do want to drive any traffic to my site, I have to pay for it!!! I was shelling out at least another $500 per month to bring in traffic through Yahoo, MSN and Google pay-per-clicks!…

    Well, for the longest time I didn’t want to give up on it. I didn’t want to face the fact that I had gotten scammed. I felt embarrassed to think that I had easily shelled out over $6K for absolutely nothing worth that much.

    Today I decided to finally close my account. I called SOL and requested to stop the hosting. The rep wanted to know why and I was very clear with them on my reasons. He said that they were there to help me with my business, but again, it would come with added service fees. I told him that I would just take a break from it and then come back at another time when I have the funds to continue investing in my site. At that point he told me that once they stop hosting my site, I would not have access to it, unless I pay them a $10 monthly fee to work on it. I absolutely went crazy! Somehow, they will always continue to get $$ from you for as long as you keep your sites!

    I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like it is too hard to manage and maintain only 1 site, let alone 6! I know it may be too hard for me to get anything back from them, but I do want them to stop with this business. I don’t want others to fall prey to them.

    Anyone out there contemplating investing in SOL, please don’t, unless you are willing to pay for life.

    I live in NJ and would also like to hear from anyone here who has had similar issues with SOL. Please email me at [email protected] if anyone is contemplating a class action suit against them.

    Does anyone know if something can be done on a national level?

  70. B and B says:


    We didn’t last as long as you did with our site. I also didn’t want to give up. What a fool I feel like I am!

    We are sending complaints to our state (KY) attorney general, Utah’s attorney general, and the federal trade commission. We have asked SOL for a refund time after time. They offer help with our site for additional fees, which we don’t have. I scraped the bottom of the barrel to get the $6,981 for the six sites.

    We also would like to do something on a national level. If anyone knows how to go about this, please let us know.


    B and B

  71. Becky Payne says:

    It still amazes me how many of us have been taken in by this company’s lies and deceit. Please, if you know of a class action suit, sign me up. We have to stop them somehow.

  72. Bob says:

    It continually amazes me to see people call for a class action to sign up to yet they refuse to fund it….even in part…no wonder they lost their money to the SOL scam! If we set up a website for all to join a class action (not with lawyers driving it, who rip you off even more with their fees), but on a commercial basis, then who will join?

  73. Stephanie says:

    This is ridiculous! The more I think about all this, the more frustrated I get. I have realized that after spending over $6k and over 1 year, I have nothing. I don’t even have access to work on my site, even to build a new one in the future (not that I probably would).

    Was this ever discussed with any of you? Were you ever told that after 1 year, you would not have access to work on your site, unless it was hosted by them? Or unless you paid an “extension” fee to access your storefront?

    Does anyone know if this alone would be a good enough reason to ask for a refund? Even after 1 year? Should I contact an attorney? How much do you think it would cost to start a class action suit? I am sure I would have more than enough of names.

    How about this? How do you think SOL might respond if I use one of my sites to promote a class-action suit against them? Do you think they would host it????


    • There is a mention to something like this but not exactly the way you put it.

      They say that to get assistance from their support that you need to pay them $100.00 after the first year. Thats it as far as i can tell.

      Of course there is still the hosting fee to pay if you have a web site up. I think that’s about $320 bucks Canadian a year.

      Having seen and read a lot of this comment on here, I really wish i had found it before i sunk so much cash into this stupidy.

      It companies like this Storesonline, The Tax Club Manhattan Professional Group, PMI. P4Production, The Document Center, My Credit Solutions, The Drop Ship University, Doba drop ship, ECI payment imerchant accounts and all the rest of them all under one roof in New York that contribute to the Internet as being a scam hotel for scammers

    • Lisa says:

      Unfortunately, I am part of this as well. I didn’t realize there was an amount of time to access the site and now I can’t “work” on it until I pay. Well now that I’ve read all these stories, I won’t fall for the renewal or programming sites either. I believe (but not entirely sure) in Canada we can submit our receipts in our taxes as a loss. Lesson learned the hard way!

  74. Becky says:

    I’m with you Stephanie! I wonder how much it would cost. How do we start? Where do you begin with something like this. Any suggestions, Bob? It’s not that I mind starting a class action suit. I just don’t know how to go about it. I’ve never had a problem like this before.

  75. Helpline says:

    If you feel you have been treated unfairly with your online store please give me a call, I can help. (206) 339-7988 Leave a message and I can give you an immediate response.

  76. Helpline says:

    If you feel you have been treated unfairly with your online store please give me a call, I can help. (206) 339-7988 Leave a message and I can give you an immediate response.

    • John Taberner says:

      I’d be more than happy to meet your acquaintance.

      Some thing really needs to be done to this company so that they learn a big lesson in customer relations.

  77. Octavia (UK) says:

    Helpline . . . your offer of assistance would be very much welcomed but, as you can appreciate, I am a little vary after this experience. Please identify yourself or provide me with a little more information on the nature/method of assistance at your disposal.

  78. Jim says:

    Helpline gave me some great advice on what to do next with my useless storesonline site.
    Thank you Helpline

  79. margo says:

    Is there a class action suit in Canada for Stores on Line.

    It is the biggest waste of money that I did not need to spend and really could use a full refund.

    • patricia lazar says:

      Please contact me – I want to start a class action suit in Canada.

      • Janice says:

        I am very interested in the class action suit. I can tell my story if required. Please count me in.

        • patricia lazar says:

          Hi Janice and any other Canadians who want to start a class action suit against StoresOnline. I am gathering names and getting a file ready for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Please send your info and complete stores to me at: [email protected]

          Thanks very much. We’re gonna get those bastards – I will not quit till I got my money back and hopefully put them all behind bars once and for all.

      • Stefan Beganovic says:

        Hi Patricia,

        My name is Stefan Beganovic from Ontario Richmond Hill and also fooled by StoresOnlinePro. I have bought 6 sites from them. Please if you start for any action please add my name too. More info on your request.
        Stefan Beganovic e-mail [email protected]

  80. Beverly Nagy says:

    We are from Texas and we purchased 6 sebsites from StoresOline on 2-5-2007 for $6,398.00 and on 2-16-2007 another $249.00. and on 3-22-2007 we purchased another phase of StoresOline called PMI (Professional Marketing Institute) to help you get on the front page of Google for an additional $6,670.00 with no help whatsoever. We would call StoresOline 24/7 with still no help. We live in Texas and is anyone filing a class action suite against StoresOline in this state.
    [email protected]

    • ed and bonita pope says:

      We are very much interested in joining a class action suit against this sham.
      We lost >15,000.
      let’s get started.

  81. Carla B says:

    We fell victim to Storesonline in March of ’08 in Richmond, Va. It didn’t take me long to realize that we had made a huge mistake but unfortunately, it took us longer than the 3 days. What a rip off! There is not enough space here for me to list all of my complaints with this company!
    Are there any other victims in Virginia? I would love to talk with you. Please contact me at [email protected].

    • Debra Martin says:

      I bought in Oct. 2007 and tried to get my money back and they said no. I would like to get my money back. I paid $7500 for 6 sites. I paid it off. I even tried to sell them and I can’t. Plus I called SOL and asked them to sell mine to someone else and they said no. So if anybody has a way to get my money back e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks Deb in Virginia.

  82. Mary says:

    Looking for anyone that went to one of their conferences in LI NY 2006. My husband and I also lost 6000. to SOL, but when I spoke to them I mentioned to them that they offered extra help by another company to help with the websites, that company charged about 9000. They mentioned that they do not offer those things at their conferences. But they did. I am sure someone else out there also heard of this.

  83. Octavia (UK) says:

    Update to my post of June 30th, 2008 at 5:08 am.

    Received full refund of £1,000 deposit 10 days ago. Was not easy. Found this site the morning of June 30th, our 3rd day after purchase. Horrified, waited until 5pm our time – 10am mountain time – to make first phone call to Utah to invoke our right to a full refund according to their fine print. Someone in their cancellation dept acknowledged we were eligible and it was be refunded to credit card in 3-5 working days. Immediately phone credit card company of position who requested we keep detailed notes. Several phone calls, lots of procrastination and just over two weeks later, the refund appeared my Barclaycard. But during this time SOL had the nerve to charge a hosting fee of £25 – all we did was complete our name and address in the software – and requested we produce a bank statement to get this refunded. What concerns me now is, despite my preparing a case file of documentation for Barclaycard and despite Barclaycard assuring me there is no need to cancel my credit card now, I believe there is nothing to stop SOL trying to adhere to the financial agreement we signed which carried a monthly instalment of £130 effective from 1 August. Today. Let’s see if Barclaycard are awake.

    • John Taberner says:

      Cancel your card! re-apply for a different card and put a lock on who has access to it.

      Phone your card company and tell them to stop all access from the USA or a particular company name

      If you do that the card company should refund you

  84. Beverly Nagy says:

    I am from Texas and went to the Storesonline conference and purchased 6 websites for over $6000 and went to another StoresOnline conference whice was about how to make more money and get on the front page of Google with a company called PMI. This was another way Storesonline scammed me buy purchasing the PMI package for an additional $6670. Has anyone out there been able to get a refund from Storesonline or PMI? Please contact me at: [email protected]

  85. Beverly Nagy says:

    ‘Business opportunities’ deceptive, suit charges

    January 22, 2008
    Stores Online
    • Florida Sues Stores Online
    • Consumer Complaints

    • More Scam Alerts …

    Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has filed a lawsuit against two Utah companies for allegedly using deceptive practices to get consumers to buy expensive website-creation products and services.

    Imergent, Inc., and StoresOnline, Inc., run seminars in Florida and other states at which they tell consumers they can make a fortune doing business on the internet with the companies’ software and related services.

    According to the lawsuit, the companies mislead consumers into thinking their products are easy to use and that they will provide technical support and business partners.

    “Many Florida consumers have been victimized by these types of get-rich-quick schemes and this type of behavior will not be permitted to continue,” McCollum said.

    Imergent and StoresOnline lure consumers to seminars at local hotels and other venues with offers of “free training,” free meals and free gifts, the complaint alleges. Teams from the companies were in Central Florida late last year and are expected to be in North Florida in the near future.

    More than 80 Florida consumers have complained to the Attorney General about the companies, which frequently make sales presentations in Florida. The complaints state that after paying thousands of dollars, consumers found the software and services were impossible to use and they couldn’t get the technical assistance that was promised.

    Instead of providing help, Imergent and StoresOnline referred buyers to other companies with which they have contracts and, according to the lawsuit, these companies wanted consumers to pay thousands more. The lawsuit further alleges the companies failed to deliver on helping consumers find business partners whose products could also be sold.

    The companies also have lawsuits pending against them by Attorneys General in North Carolina, Illinois and California. Other complaints have led to consumer protection agreements in Indiana, Louisiana, Texas and Utah, as well as Australia.

    McCollum’s lawsuit is seeking compensation for buyers and penalties under the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The lawsuit also calls for changes in the companies’ practices including full disclosure of the limited scope of technical assistance.
    Does anyone know of the Lawyers (AG), after reading some comments of (AG). If someone knows how I can reach them it would greatly be appreciated?
    [email protected]

  86. I too was scammed by Storesonline back in 2006. After about a year and half and over $10,000, I decided to abandon my worthless purchase and rebuild my site with Yahoo. I am much happier now. My site still needs alot of work, but I have accomplished more in less time and with MUCH less money invested. I too would love to join a class action suit in Virginia. Is there one already?

    StoresOnline is having another seminar in my town this week. I am seriously thinking about printing some anti-StoresOnline literature to hand out to their guests!

    • Cornelia says:

      Good afternoon,

      Yes, I would love to join you in a class action lawsuit against Storesonline. Please contact me at my email account.

  87. carolyn rodriquez says:

    I also bought 6 websites last year. But just recently I found out that June’s pmt was received late (cleared 7/8)so Storesonline turned off my site. They are now refusing to turn back on unless I pay half of the remaining bal. of $3,173. Since I don’t have this kind of $, I told them where to go. Now of course I will get bad credit rating. I was never notified of any problem with pmt. either. I found out when I called to ask a question. Been 2 weeks and I still waiting on domain name to be released.

  88. Camille Giacinto UK says:

    I live in the UK and have been trying unsuccessfully to get a refund from Stores Online for the last 2 years.

    I would like to join Mercer in a class action suit against Stores Online.

    Please contact me: [email protected]

  89. lou says:

    any singapore victim here?
    where do you complaint to get refund?

  90. Mari Silva says:

    Due to the great response we’ve had in resolving customer service issues with past and present StoresOnline merchants on these blogs, we wanted to publish the official StoresOnline contact information for those who will visit this blog:
    Mari Silva
    Director of Customer Relations
    Stores Online Inc.
    Phone: (801) 227-0004
    Fax: 801-426-6712
    Toll Free Fax: (888) 416-7370
    Email: [email protected]
    We look forward to hearing from you.

  91. Dave Hayward says:

    There have been questions on the blog about getting in touch with Mari Silva. In order to contact her directly, you need to call 801-234-5976 or email her at [email protected]. Mari is working with merchants and others who have questions about StoresOnline and seems to be very passionate about her work. She is someone you can talk to and get help from, so I recommend that you get in touch with her.

  92. w riley says:

    not many tn
    complaints why?

  93. Beverly Nagy says:

    Very dissatisfied with StoresOline and PMI and would like a full refund of $13,367.00.

  94. Beverly Nagy says:

    Is there a class action suit in Texas for StoresOline (iMergent, Inc.) and PMI. This is the biggest waste of money and would like a full refund of $13,367.00

  95. Carolyn Rodriquez says:

    I have not seen a recent class action suit in Texas. There was one in 2005. I did however sent an email today to the Attorney General that handled that case. See if I get a response.

  96. Nel says:

    I to fell into the SOL scam , after working on my site for a year I finally gave up only to receive a call from them telling me that my free year of support had expired and I would need to fill out a form with my credit card # to be able to access my site. I’m from Ma. Is there anyone out there from my state doing anything. Please let me know. my e-mail is [email protected].

    • Walter Misialek says:

      My sites also have just expired this October.. They also have contacted me to renew and try again to get them up and running. We need more people to get together to and contact the Attorney General to help us get a refund from this scam they use to lie about how easy it is to start this web business in Massachusetts. There must be many people in Massachusetts that also have beeen taken advantage of like us. [email protected]

  97. Beverly Nagy says:

    Nell what you need to do is contact the Attornery General in Ma. and they will send you paperwork to fill out or you can go online and fill out your SOL scam complaint information this is what everyone else is doing and get your money back.
    Good Luck

  98. Stephanie says:

    You would think we could bring something against them on a national basis. Seems like only a few are complaining from each state. We need to be loud and clear that we are all being affected nation-wide, not just on a state-by-state basis.

  99. Stephanie says:

    Has anyone here contacted Mari Silva yet? What was your outcome. I am reluctant to contact her because I know it will just be a ploy for SOL to try to maintain my business so that they can continue to charge me for their customer support service. I already cancelled my hosting account and have been contacted by an SOL rep. telling me that they are willing to waive 6 months of their customer service fee… in order for me to have a chance to continue working on my site and republish it. Do they not realize that I am through with them? I don’t want to give them one extra penny.

    • John Taberner says:

      Ploy or otherwise, it is a step to resolve your problem with the company concerned.

      If there is to be a class action suite any and all correspondance will or can be used against the perpertraitor/s.

      Every attempt should be made to rectify your concern, otherwise no one is going to believe you are interested in a conclusion to satisfy you.

      I have just emailed Ms M Silva. I doubt anything will happen but i have a copy of the letter should I join a Class Action Suite here in Canada.

      • Samantha says:

        Hi John
        I have just stumbled on this site, I purchased from SOL in December and I haven’t published a site yet. So far it’s been nothing but hard work and going nowhere. But now I was getting to finishing some details before publishing, should I not even bother? I’d love to get more detail of everyone’s trouble with SOL since I don’t know much of it yet. Any info would help. Thanks, Samantha in Canada

  100. Stephanie says:

    I would like to publicly ask Ms. Silva from StoresOnline, what can all of us dissatisfied customers do, as a group to get our money back. We ALL share the same problem here, we feel we were conned at the presentations by SOL telling us how easy it would be, when in fact it has been anything but. I know you will state that we could have used SOL customer support, which I know most of us did, but it still wasn’t easy. In addition, there were so many more hidden charges and almost forced contracts with other companies (linked to SOL), like PMI, ECI, etc… which were never disclosed to us. We weren’t free to have other corps. host our site, without incurring additional fees from SOL… Or even use other merchant processors, other than ECI (which I know is a linked company to SOL). There were so many things undisclosed at your seminar, that if they had been, we would have been better prepared to sign a contract with you. How is it that if you guys are a reputable business, why can’t you have a better return policy? Is it because if you were to offer a longer than 3 day return policy, it would give the customer time to realize that what they were being told at the seminar, was a complete sham?

    You seem so eager to want to help us out here, that’s why you posted your comment and contact info. I know I can ask you all this if I contacted you directly… but I think it’s only fair for you to publicly answer these questions for all of us here, since we all share the same frustrations, I am saving you some time in just issuing one answer.

    If you don’t see it fit to reply to this post, I can only take it as a reassurance that SOL is really not willing to help us out, as you have stated.

    Thanks for your time.

  101. Becky says:

    Stephanie and others with questions,
    I too feel quite taken in by StoresOnline but I wanted to let you know that I have contacted Ms Silva and she is looking into my refund request at this time. She is at least willing to listen to our complaints which is more than we’ve been able to get anyone at SO to do before now. I spent most of the day yesterday gathering all my information about my year and a half with SO and why I feel the way I do. Then I wrote a long email to Ms Silva telling her about my experience. I feel I have the proof for everything I said to her about the company. All she has to do is ask and I’ll be happy to send her copies of anything. I’ll keep you all informed as I hear more from her. I may be wrong but I think she really wants to help.

  102. Beverly Nagy says:

    Thank you Stephanie for your input it was a very strong opinion about how everyone feels about what SOL has done to everyone and yes I do feel this needs to be nation-wide, not just state-wide. We all need to figure out how this can be accomplished either by an Attorney that would work in behalf of all SOL, PMI, ECI, iMERGENT Companies and other costs and etc. and the Attornery file a Class Action suite against them. Hope to get input on these questions.

  103. Mari Silva says:

    Stephanie: here is my direct line 801-234-5976 – you may call me and we can go over your questions and issues. There is no blanket answer that will suffice the many different situations or needs of individuals – a blanket answer ends up being interpretted as too broad a solution and these concerns are of a personal nature to each person that I speak with. I offer the best solution that I can: a credible, live person who can be contacted directly, instead of a general statement and a generic customer service line. I look forward to your call.

  104. I would love to hear back from anyone in this forum who actually gets Mari Silva to issue a refund.

  105. Bob says:

    I advised Silva twice that I was considering buying a SOL service site and to provide me with any reasonable explanation as to why I should do so given the comments on this site – I have never received any response.

  106. Computerman says:

    I did make contact with Mrs. Silva at Storesonline, she is a great person to deal with, she will listen to your compliant, so please make contact with her.

    • kim says:

      Computerman, why are you saying this? Did you get a refund? Because all I got was a run around, being that I waited one day to long for a warranted refund.

  107. Marilyn says:

    A friend and I attended one of SOL’s seminars in Bloomington, Minnesota — we were both interested in getting into some sort of internet business because we had heard of many success stories — people who had built their own websites or had someone who could help them do it. So when we went to the seminar, they made it sound pretty much foolproof and very attractive to have so much help to build our websites. We both had a lot of reservations, because of the large investment required, and I didn’t have a computer. I only had access to Webtv. The advisor we talked to said that would work just fine, even though I told him that it was difficult to get into many things on the internet with Webtv. My friend had a computer, but wasn’t certain that it had enough power to be able to do it. So, the short story is we did get talked into buying six sites. We both tried to do it, but had no success. We didn’t realize that there would be no further help after a year was up without paying another large fee, which we couldn’t afford. After speaking to someone at SOL and explaining that we were unable to get any websites up and running and we couldn’t afford to pay extra for more help until I could actually get a real computer and she could get a better computer, I finally put a stop payment order through to my bank — all the payments were coming out of my bank account, so needless to say, it has been a big negative on my credit rating after I did that. They harrassed me with so many phone calls, but I couldn’t see the sense in paying any more to them when it was quite evident that we weren’t going to get any more help from them without paying a lot more money which neither of us have. I am widowed (since my children were very young), and she has been a single mother for many years with kids with special needs. We would both really appreciate a full refund from SOL because they were no help and we are having trouble making our house payments (when we both thought that by now we would be making so much money from our websites that we could easily pay all our bills.). .I haven’t contacted our Attorney General about this, but maybe that would be tne next step?? Is there anyone else in Minnesota who has a problem with SOL????

  108. EdB says:

    Does anybody has the ADDRESS for SOL or Mari Silva ?
    Are they REAL ?,or this company is a real scam?
    Mari Silva do you have an address,one of those that every company has,that is how companies get their mail !!!

  109. Jeff and Juanita Guernsey says:

    We went to a seminar in Wichita, Ks.
    They asked for $3,000 for a web page. I asked for links to the file manager so I could do my own up dates. They said they do it for you, as a service. Someone else asked why it took them 6 weeks to change 2 lines in a web page. They side steped the answer.
    We are still being charged by Money Resources on line. We never signed up for ANYTHING!! We are now going to the Kansas Better Business Bureau and will follow up with the Kansas A G.

  110. Marion S. says:

    Hello, A friend and I fell pray to SOL last year around this time. They had many great things to say and offer at their conferences that all sounded good. We agreed and went to the second conference not intending to buy anything just looking for more info. As you all know they give you just enough info to make you want more. Who wouldn’t pass up a great opportunity to get a huge discount on 6 sites when this is what you plan on doing for the rest of your life to make lots of money easily without much effort. Like most of you we went ahead and paid for the 6 sites at a cost of $6398. After recieving our kits we went home and started right away with all the online training and as most of you we spent countless hours day and night with the online and over phone consultations. They all give you a little info but never really what you need. While we were going through all the online and phone conferences PMI contacted us and said hey we can help you here, but this offer is only limited to a few people so we need to know now whether you want to join our program we can help you build your sites and come out to UTAH for a conference to help expand your website. As desperate as we were to get these sites up and making money quickly who would pass up this oppertunity. Well as you can imagine we got suckered for much more than $6300. We have two sites up and running one is a construction business site which we could have set up anywhere and the other a jewelry site which everyone said was a great first site. Bull donkey anyone else i have spoken with said jewelry is so saturated it will take forever to make any money. So here we are what do we do now? We never made it for the other conference with PMI as we are not making any money so I surely can’t afford to take time off work to go to UTAH and hope that that is the conference to make our dreams come true. We too are paying monthly fees that are astromical compared to Yahoo. We also got suckered into the TAX Club. Boy oh boy are they full of themselves, my 4 year old could make better sense of our tax situation than this company. We are wiling to join a class action lawsuit regarding all three companies, SOL, PMI and the Tax club. However we have no money and knowledge to be the ones to start this in NJ. Does anyone know if we should move our sites to yahoo or another host before asking for a refund?
    please contact us with any helpful info thanks
    [email protected]

  111. Becky says:

    Does anyone have a phone # or contact person info having to do with Training Solutions in Utah? I’ve been told they aren’t connected with StoresOnline so I need to find another way to contact them for help with my site. I paid them lots of money for their services and now I can’t locate them.

  112. EdB says:

    Hi Becky, I’m sorry for you,the best you can do is to reverse the charge on your card,if you can! Take the loss and find some kid to build your web site for a few hundred dollars.Do not wast any more time with this thieves!
    Move on and cut your loss.Our governament help this kind of thieves,they have more rights than us who work hard for a living!!!!
    Good luck

  113. Dennis Whelan says:

    Well I paid A$3500 and in about 10 mins some one from Storesonline is going to call me in Australia to get me started. I went to one of the seminars in Melb last March08 and got sucked in.Just had a look on the Internet Thank God i haven’t activated anything yet but after reading all your comments I’ll just do my dough and thankfully the first time I’ve fallen for a scam in my 72 years so I guess we’re all allowed on mistake. Anyone know what can be done in Australia to get a refund, I rang our ACCC but they are no help
    As old Ned would have said” Such is life” Dennis

  114. Camille Wordsworth UK says:

    Anyone interested in telling their story to the BBC please contact me.

    I have written to them explaining my problem in the UK. Does not matter where you are from – Worldwide.

    Maybe if enough of us write we can have SOL exposed for the con artist it is.

    [email protected]

  115. Beverly Nagy says:

    Camille you will have to get in touch with the Attorney General in UK and they will send you paperwork to fill out to get a refund. I have already contact the Attorney General in Texas and have not heard anything back so far. I will let you know what the response is.

    • Harry says:

      Hello Beverly Nagy,

      Is it possible to give us the website link / contact numbers for the AG for the UK victims?

    • Harry says:

      Hello Beverly,
      Can you provide me with the link /contact numbers where I can download the forms from?

  116. Connie says:

    WOW!!!! I am sooo glad I found this site! My husband and I went to the first seminar and paid $50.00. I was supposed to go to the next one tomorrow and I stumbled upon this. So glad I did. Now I am worried that they will be taking out 24.99 each month for nothing. I stopped reading what Martin had written and immediately called my bank and SOL cancelling the seminar for tomorrow. I also made customer service e-mail me confirmation that the support has been cancelled and that I will not be billed for future services.
    Martin…thank you so much for you info and to everyone else that has shared their story. My heart goes out to all of you! Please know that you have saved me and many others. Losing $50.00 is nothing compared to your losses. Again, thank you for sharing.

  117. Lisa says:

    OMG! Thank you for all this info! I attended the free lunch, gift 1 1/2 hr seminar yesterday and pd $50.00 for the binder and was going to attend the all day conference next week. I read the comments and immediately went to my online banking and placed a stop payment on the check. The fee for that was $30.00 but I am so relieved I didn’t lose much more like so many people have. Thanks to your site I nipped it in the bud for myself. I wrote my the Attorney General in my state (CT). I will fax a copy of the cancellation tomorrow and I will call SOL on Mon to see if I get a live person to triple cancel. They should be ashamed of themselves preying on people who are looking to just survive and pay our bills. Thanks again

  118. Beverly Nagy says:

    Cornelia I have been looking for a Lawyer to take a Class Action Suit against with no luck. Do you know of a Lawyer where you live to take on Class Action against SOL?

    • Cornelia says:

      I am in the process of finding a lawyer now. Beverly, how long have you been trying to get your money back from SOL and how long have you been trying to cancel the contract?

  119. sis. aj says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I will keep all of you in Our Prayers that you will get back what the evil one has taken away from you. My Husband and I are a Word & Music Ministry and we already have a website with Vianet Coaching but since we got a letter from SOL we thought we would attend the seminar this past Saturday which we did. We made the comparisons and by far, Vianet Coaching is the better one! We were going to attend this upcoming Saturday’s all day training but after reading this, we only invested $25.00 cash. That’s OK
    We will get back. Please remember that God Is on your side and He will make a way out of no way! We are still working on our site and at least we have live support and REAL people to talk to. It does take time but we know in the long run it will be worth it. Don’t give up
    on your dreams, They are worth fighting for!

    • Gord says:

      Sis and AJ,
      Thank you for your encouragement. I got SCAMED in March of this year. I went to both the 90 min seminar and the workshop. However, I so innnocently “signed on the dotted line” with absolute trust in the fellow who “coached” me. However, I did not take time to read the fine print.
      As a follower of Jesus Christ, I do believe that I learned a great lesson of the “too good to be true” nature. I am recovering slowly. I do not believe that I will get any money returned.
      I will be very cautious from now about such matters. I am very skeptical about the telephone tele marketers…not even a minute of my time.

  120. Jon says:

    Calling all those who signed up to SOL with either a credit or Visa-debit card within the last 120 days!

    In follow up to my post on this forum earlier this year (dated May 6th, 2008 at 4:59 am), I can now report I have successfully “wrenched” back a full refund from SOL via the inter-bank ‘Chargeback’ facility operated by the credit card companies.

    To all those who purchased within the last 120 days (particularly UK victims – who I understand purchased late June ’08), please, please contact your card issuers immediately. Very best of luck!

    • Harry says:

      Hi Jon,
      Can you explain how did you manage to get the refund? What is the process? In addition to the advance payment that I made through the credit card, I am also on the finance scheme.
      Would I be eligible for the same?

      • Jon says:

        Apologies for the delay in response, though hope I can assist.

        It began with an attendance to a Stores Online (SOL) seminar at Heathrow, back in early November 2007, following which I soon-after noticed sizeable discrepancies between what had been marketed, and what I in fact had been sold.
        We had been sold SOL sister company ECI as our ‘Card Processors’, though were off-loaded onto evidently notorious, far-eastern unknown – MSI.
        I was sold that my then ‘own’ Card Processor could be easily configured to work with their software, then later informed this would cost a further 4 figure sum in additional costs.
        Emails of concern were directed to SOL’s customer service, though an “illogically dismissive” call from a Ms Mata Lolohea – identified as a supervisor – finally prompted escalation.

        I subsequently wrote a 2 letters of complaint to SOL president – Brandon Lewis requesting initially a partial, then later full, refund.

        My 1st letter of December 2007, highlighted what appeared to be an affront to “very basic consumer rights”, and simply sought a compensatory resolution. Again, it prompted phone contact this time from a supervisor named Holly, though her subsequent interest seemed to wain – and my concerns merely delegated.

        My 2nd letter of March 2008 then, not only highlighted dissatisfaction with resolution of issues from the 1st, but now – in light of either a continuing lack of “will or competence” to service me – a desire for a full refund and dis-association with the organisation.

        I contacted my local Trading Standards, who promptly referred me to the Office of Fair Trading. I then contacted the OFT who promptly referred to TS, through having explained the previous referral, just attempted to warn them of what appeared an impending abundance of Britons duped by this shady overseas outfit, due to their “high yield” in registrations per event.
        Having advised there was no mechanism for them to investigate ‘individual’ cases, I found myself insisting they at least record the organisation name, and circulate this to colleagues for case-continuity when the phone calls started coming in from future victims.

        In May 2008, my card-issuer finally managed to recover the full expenditure to my account, and with the following 120-days unchallenged by the vendor as stipulated, I was able to draw closure on the whole ordeal.

        Having made my payment as a lump sum, I’m afraid the ‘eligibility due to finance scheme’ question is beyond my knowledge, though would perhaps suggest the correlating ‘scheme’ card-issuer be first contacted in much the same way.

        Good luck.


  121. Beverly Nagy says:

    Cornelia I have been trying to cancel the contract and getting my money back from SOL for over 18 months. If you find a lawyer please let me know there are so many people that are in the same postion we are in and I am sure a lawyer would take on a class action suit.

  122. SB says:

    Ok, here’s the best tip you’ll ever get about StoresOnline issues. Write down this information:
    Mari Silva
    [email protected]

    She’s very high up in the customer relations dept and can work miracles.

  123. Jack says:

    This company is a crime. Truly- straight evil. I don’t want any money back- keep it. I just want the collection via Duvera and or Polmar to be removed from credit report.

    • B and B says:

      I hope you are right. I just contacted her by email. I am waiting and hoping for one of her miracles. We desperately need it.

      • Roxy says:

        Hi Jack,
        Did you receive anything yet ? I am about to have my credit bite the dust again for the 5th time in my life and I’m going to be 46 next month, unemployed as of 9-8-08, putting in 3-5 apps a day at the unemployment office and I have a disability of the spine. I could really use a huge mireacle myself. Please reply soon. Thank you Roxy

    • carlene antoine says:

      Any of you victims in the uk please advise me as to what actions you have taken to get this evil company to stop scamming! i will be most grateful.we have to stop them! i will join you.

  124. Beverly Nagy says:


    We are from Texas and we also flat broke from SOL and maybe you could locate an attorney who would be willing to take on a class action suite since their are so many of us that are dissatified with SOL. Everyday the list gets larger and I do believe we would have enough people for an attorney.

    • MSW says:

      I am sorry that I am just now replying to your response, I have had to cancel my credit card to keep SOL from charging anything else to my card, and now the delinquent phone calls begin. I’m not sure on how to go about getting an attorney who handles class action lawsuits, especially since there are so many states involved. Did you file with the attorney generals office? That is my next plan to file with them, the federal trade commission and the better business bureau, I just really don’t know what else to do.

  125. Jack says:

    SOL sent an e-mail with a general release agreement attached. Anybody ever receive one of these? Not sure what they asking or offering as the case may be. Need some legal advice.

    • Gord says:

      Yes, I could use some legal advice.

      Thank you,

    • Roxy says:

      Hi JACK,



    • Carla B says:

      Yes I received a release and I did not sign it. One of the things in there that gave me pause was when they stated that if I ever spoke negatively about Storesonline/IMergent in private or public that they could sue me for $10,000. Seriously. Another thing was they stated that if I signed the release, they would cancel any futher obligation to Duvera. When I called Duvera, I was told that Storesonline did not have the authority to do that because the contract with Duvera was seperate. Again, like I said, I did not sign and I advise that you don’t. If you would like to see a copy of this please send me your email and I’ll see if I can forward it to you minus my personal info.

  126. Thelma Samuels says:

    I could use some legal advice.I am paying for all these web sites with no return

    • Carla B says:

      Call your Attorney General’s office and tell them your situation. They will put you in touch with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs who will send you a packet of info to fill out. Make copies of all of your information and send it in. That’s what I did and they have investigators on my case right now as well as other cases against Storesonline. I wish you the best of luck with your case!

  127. Roxy says:

    I have posted some comments on this web but have received nothing in return. I would also like to hear back from some one. I purchased the SOL Platinum Packet from the workshop hosted in Grand Rapids back in June of 2008. I am diabled and have tried to reason with them as well and got denied. Even if I had sent them any verification of my medical circumstances and unemployment of recent, they said it was not a guarantee of either lowering and stretching out the payments or discontinuing them all together. Ya ! I was one who didn’t see the 3 day cancelation . I asked at the work shop if the price was negotiable and he said ” No “. It took one whole paycheck to pay the monthly fee. Now I am unemployed and I used my last paycheck to pay them. I have to face the credit damage if I cancel withdraws from my bank. I called the TransUnion Credit Bureau and there was nothing they could do to stop them . Not even flag my profile. They said to call the Civil Rights Office. I have had return calls but I’m looking for work and can’t take my phone with me every appointment I have.
    Someone spoke of a Mari Silva in the higher up customer service of Stores On Line. So I e-mailed her . Haven’t heard anything yet. Will post something on here when I do. I would love to help anyone who needs it. After all, I specialized in high customer service in the job I had for the last 6 years, before getting canned, which now there are a lot of angry customers.

    • Gord says:

      I am so sorry for you, too. You can read my comment about SOL above.
      Please, be encouraged. SOL will have to pay someday.
      Gord (Isaiah 40:31-Please, read this from The Bible. This word from God’s Word has helped me tremendously.)
      P.S. Now you have heard from someone who cares.

    • Alva says:

      Hello Roxy,

      Finally someone from Michigan. I, too, bought the package in May and have been disatisfied with the service. I did not see the 3-day clause either until I began to consider canceling the contract. Although I have a flash page, which is not the same as having a website because I already have one–Mary Kay. The man who designed my page was very nice and helpful and pursued me until we could arrange time on the phone to design the page. But he is not the one responsible for what is going on overall with this company. The service is terrible. This is what has disappointed me. Recently I sent 3 emails to a representative requesting help. Have not received a reply yet. I’m considering getting prepaid legal and securing a lawyer to pursue getting a refund for me. It seems that the other avenue is contacting the attorney general.

      Has anything happened with your case?


      • Shannon says:

        Hi Alva, this is Shannon from Ontario. I noticed that you mentioned Pre-Paid Legal in your note. This is what I did and I was able to get out of the rest of the payments. I hope this works for some others too.

      • Jocelyn says:

        I too was sucked into sol high sales pitch.Back in 109 I attended one of their seminars here in NJ, I subsequently went to two follow up sessions. They made in sound so easy, you could be making million of $ in no time. I tried to cancelled, but it was pass the 3 days. I tried to set up a web site, but the program was not friendly, customer service was not very helpful. I was about to speak with someone today who was going to help me build my website and I happen to come across your blog, If I had seen your blog before I would not be out $5000.00. I am going to contac the Attorney General in my state to see if I could get my money back.

  128. Ted Bain says:

    I’m in Sydney, Australia and got ‘suckered’ in to purchase 6 sites for A$5,500.+ on the understanding that SOL would provide technical support 24/7 for life! Not only that but I also paid a further A$13,500+ to do the PMI marketing course in order to make my sites successful and generate income. My original purchase was in Oct.’ 07 and the $$$ spent on the PMI marketing course was in Jan.’ 08
    Absolutely nothing has been done by SOL to assist me aside from sending me a collection of DVDs to study – which I did but still to no avail.
    Could anybody please advise me on what action I can take?
    Particularly any other Australian residents who are knowledgeable about SOL. There’s NO doubt that this co. has acted improperly and dishonestly. I will try contacting Mari Silver but what I really want is some kind of refund – even 50% would be OK by me. Please forward your advice to: [email protected] OR reply to this review blog.
    Thanks & Regards

  129. Chris says:

    Another Australian victim of SOL – I have e-mailed Mari Silva advising that I have changed my credit card details and will no longer be paying the finance payments on my one site – agreed at a seminar in December last year with payments to commence in January 2008, but Duvera letter received in Feb (and March) claiming payment(s) overdue! – but without giving me any useable contact details (the website address did not exist, and all other info was for USA – not much use when you live in regional Aus!!). I sent an e-mail to SOL stating that this was not reasonable and they may as well call it quits with the deposit they had received at the seminar, and I would write it off to training – I received only an automated reply saying they would get back to me within 24 hrs (maybe they meant months!). I now find that suddenly in June the eft debit is now working and they have charged my credit card with 4 payments!! – needless to say, I have now contacted my bank and changed my credit card number to forestall any further, have sent said e-mail to Mari advising that I wish to have no further dealings with SOL other than receiving a refund, and although the amount I have paid is small compared to others, would be interested in any class action within Australia ….. Would it be possible to divide this blog into countries – so that we could keep up with the status in our own region – even separating the American correspondence from the rest would help. I have only found 4 comments that I can directly relate to Aus ….. we need to get together if we have any chance of taking action.

    • Ted Bain says:

      Hi Chris,
      perhaps we should approach the ACCC or Dept. of Fair Trading? Feel free to contact me privately at my ‘esp’ e-mail address (above).

  130. Jim says:

    Well I can add to the States involved. I am in Alabama and have experienced the exact same thing as everyone else on here. I would be more than happy to get involved in ANY class action law suit!

  131. Carla B says:

    I contacted the Dept of Consumer Affairs in my state (Va.) and was told that there are other cases pending against Storesonline/IMergent. The DCA sent me a package of information to fill out, which I did, and I made copies of all of my paperwork to send in. Storesonline needs to be held accountable for what they are doing to so many people. Most of us who sat in the seminar weren’t rich and were looking for ways to make some extra income. We didn’t have money to toss to these people!
    Get in touch with your local Department of Consumer Affairs through your Attorney General’s office. Flood them with phone calls and whatever else is necessary to get them to look into this company. I know that I’m not the only one that has been taken and I REFUSE to just lay down and let Storesonline walk all over me! Make those calls!!!

    • Debra Martin says:

      I will do that because I am also a victim of SOL. Oct 2007 is when they took 7500 over a 2 year payments. I want my money back to. They keep calling for me to renew. I am tired of it. Thanks Deb Contact me at [email protected]

  132. Dennis Whelan says:

    I posted a note some time ago after seeing the various comments and later contacted Mari Sliva regarding a refund. My grounds being that when attending a workshop last March in Australia the atendees were not, to best of my knowledge, advised that in 2007 Consumer Affairs had prosecuted them and that the matter was resolved with Storesonline changing some aspects of the presentation. If I had known I would have left immediately. Our Govt would give no further details to me because of our Privacy Legislation. I also was not given a list of successful Australian users as promised. These being the main reasons I request a part refund of the $3400 I had paid and also that I had not yet activated the site. I suggested that as I was part of the problem myself clearly not having done enough research and being carried away with the atmosphere of immediate success the permeated the days events. I suggest a partial refund of $2400 would be satisfactory. I found Storesonline response was swift and courteous and thay agreed to this deal and the bank cheque for $2400 arrived today and has been banked. I know my amount was quite small in relation to many of you but I feel I have been treated fairly by them as clearly I should have been more vigilant and perhaps had little real understanding of the nature of online selling. I did try to sell a range of products that I manufacture through Ebay but found it a fairly unsatisfactory way of selling especially, and this would also be applicable to Drop Shipping , that all the easy to sell products already have hundreds of suppliers. Having said all that I would never , ever , be so stupid again as to think there is easy money to be made this way, but I feel I have been fairly treated by Storesonline. I suggest you contact them with your valid reasons for a refund and be prepared to discount the refund. Kind regards

    • Ted Bain says:

      Are you ‘fair dinkum’ Dennis? You honestly received a part refund? Please give me more advice as to how to emulate your actions & result. I’ve outlayed a total of $19,000. to SOL / PMI. I’d be happy to get $10,000. back if that were possible- I deserve it after being ripped off.
      Regards Ted

      • Jenny Fillier says:

        I bought this some years ago, had website up, but it cost a lots of money so I closed it again. Is there any hope getting anything back from my 7000.00 dollar?

  133. roger ferguson says:


  134. Jim says:

    I have tried numerous times to contact Silva at the number she posted on this forum. I have left urgent messages on each of my attempts and nothing! No responses, no returned calls, nothing! I don’t know this for sure, but suspect that who ever has been coming on here stating that she helped them must be associated with SOL. Can anyone say whether she ever contacted anyone back by email? I think it would be great to just speak with someone to try to salvage what has already been invested. Maybe they could actually buckle down and provide some real help. I would rather try that first, but that’s not even possible unless you could connect with someone. Still have not heard from anyone in Alabama in the same boat…

    • Rose says:

      I alos left a message for her and sent an e-mail. Not suprised that there has been no response. I have chosen not to respond to calls at all. They have $4500 out of $6800, they will not get another dime. Iff someone finds a lawfirm that wants to take on this case, include me in the class action!

  135. Debbie says:

    Any Malaysians out there who are frustrated with Storesonline? I’m about to yank my hair out having to deal with them. As the others have mentioned, they are a SCAM! I need advice as to how to get my money back. My husband and I made the full payment for 6 websites. I tried setting up just one site and it has turned out to be a horrible experience! Everything is not as mentioned in the seminar. I have contacted Storesonline so many times, I recognise the names of the customer support staff. Please can someone advise me how to get my money back?

  136. Kylee says:

    Hi, My partner and I attended a Internet Conference and Paid $50.00 for the workshop, so we shouldn’t pay for the extra stuff as these guys are scammers from America is this correct please let me know so my partner and I dont make a mistake and thanks for the advice.

  137. Kylee says:

    Thank you Ted , we will do

  138. L. Dunn says:

    Oh, how I wish I would have found this site on Sept. 2, 2008. The day before I went to the SOL bootcamp and was taken for $5000. But they are really great at what they do. Which is lie, mislead and take advantage of hardworking people looking to make some extra money. I would definitely be interested a class action suit against them. Please contact me. I am in NYC. After literally working day and night (since Sept. 4th) to put my site up, working thru the difficulties and all the unexpected costs along the way, the only thing that kept me going was thinking that when my site was published (and with all the knowledge and guidance of SOL) my site would definitely be on page 1 of all the major search engines. Only to find out once I registered with the major search engines that it could take months for them to review and approve of my site and still they could not guarantee me a top spot or any spot for that matter. My site does not even show up if I type in my URL directly!!! (I worked so hard on those META tags) SOL is such a fraud!! To anyone who is even considering signing up with SOL…don’t do it, save your money.

  139. Irvin says:

    I got suckered by these scumbags about a year ago, they guaranteed my website would be up and running if I did all necessary work. I paid about $500.00 into SOL and they will do anything in their power to collect their money. Hire attorneys call all hours of the night. They have ruined my credit. I say sue these clown for every last penny.

  140. Jim says:

    It just keeps getting worse! Here is the latest in the SOL saga; Wednesday night (day before Thanksgiving) my website crashed. All of my product pages were blacked out as though the site had been disabled. I attempted to contact SOL and ended up having to use “myquickresponse” chat service for help. during the chat, the rep stated that there was nothing that she could do since she was in the Philippines and that SOL was off for the Holiday. She would submit a work order request. Thursday was a joke… Same response from myquickresponse yet they did not show a work order request. On Friday (Black Friday) I was not able to get anyone to answer my calls, was placed on hold for 30+ minutes with customer support and decided to hang up and try again. The other attempts would not even connect to the customer service lines. The weekend came and went without any response from SOL. On Monday (Cyber Monday) I contacted PMI after numerous attempts to talk to a person, one finally answered, Thanks Chris, and seemed as determined as I was to get SOL to at least try to address the issue. We got a hold of a customer service tech and worked through the problem. I was told that it shouldn’t take long and that by the end of the day, the problem would be corrected. I sent Mari Silva three emails and called the number posted here three times all to no avail. Today, I received an email from Mari stating that the issue had been sent to the proper department and that I would be notified when the problem was corrected. I have yet to talk to the lady. I did get a hold of her secretary today. She asked if I had ever talked to Mari and when I said not yet, she snickered, put me on hold, and later came back stating that Mari was out of the office. I again (5 times) left a message for her to call me. She still hasn’t. This afternoon, I called and spoke to Mari’s secretary again who said that Mari was again out of her office, she then passed me along to customer service. They told me that they were working on the issue according to the work order. I told him I would not hang up until the problem was corrected. He asked if I would hold on which I figured that was the last of that, but after approx. 5 minutes he returned and said the the problem was fixed.
    My question is this: Of all the people that insist that Mari Silva is a concerned customer service director, that she assisted them with refunds, and seemed very determined to make things right, why is it that I never see anyone indicate specifics of how she helped. I am more convinced than ever that those people are working for SOL. I even gave her an out the last time before this to help. I didn’t want a refund so much as someone to review my site and make the da_n thing work for me.
    This week has passed. It was to be my first holiday with the website and now the two biggest days of the year have come and gone. No telling how many people the site has pissed off, I know I would have been.
    Again, if anyone in AL is ready for a suit, tell me and we’ll work at securing an attorney. I have all the ammo I need and a mission! My next letter will be to the attorney general’s office. Thanks for letting me vent!
    Happy Holidays

    • RICK HINKLIN says:


    • THEA says:


  141. Dennis Whelan says:

    Message to Ted . Yes I got the refund. Just have a look at my message on this Storesonline Review page as that’s how I went about it. If you’re in Australia you can call me on 03 98363409, I live in Melbourne Vic, and we can have a chat. I must mention I had never activated anything in spite of a lot of calls from them to do so. That might make a difference.
    Kind regards

    • Ted Bain says:

      Thanks for your reply Dennis – that’s appreciated. I haven’t activated a site in 12 mths, however, they did publish a 1 page “quick site” (as they describe it) for 2 mths before I ordered them to remove it ’cause I was charged the $30./mth hosting fee. That was merely 1 page with my contact details & business name – nothing else. You’ve given me some hope of a discounted refund. In fact, I outlined my situation in detail to Mari Silver today (via e-mail) and telephoned her direct line but only got the voice mail. I will call you soon to discuss this a little further Dennis – Thanks again.
      Regards Ted

  142. Jim Davis says:

    I was suckered also with a whole lot of promises. They refered me to Alibaba for dropshiper and I was taken for 1000.00 and suspended from ebay even though I refunded in full all purchasers. Then they had me go through Doba (high priced middleman) that products costed more than the suggested values and higher that purchacing from w*lm*rt. Then they did not update from doba and i was paying serch engines to sent people to my site over 700 per month and no sales. I found out they were not updating and my stock showed 0. So after complaining about it we aggreed to modify my contract to 3 sites which I was half paid off at this time. Then 9 months later I find out after paying for hosting fees for all that time my site was not even up. I could get into the store builder and all looked ok. But after asking for a refund for bank charges and hosting fees I was told the contract I signed that was wrong but when I called back in was told to write corrections and sign. was for 1 express site. So I paid for 3 sites and ended up with 1 p.o.s express site. After sending back the paperwork I was unable to get into any of the sites and they had to reset passwords and supposedly turn back on. After calling back in because customers was unable to get into my site they had to turn back on and reset passwords again. then they were to call me back with information about my refund. That is when I found out about the 1 express site. Also the person that instructed me to write the corrections on the new contract is no longer with the company. I would like to start a class action lawsuit in the state of MO also. And also find out when and were they are coming to so I can go and warn others not to get taken like so many of us [email protected]

  143. Harry says:

    I am from UK. I am sailing in a same boat as you are. I bought the unlimited license from SOL financed and I am still paying this on monthly basis. Its been since july 2008. I really wanted to cancel the finance and get rid of SOL. Do you know what would be the legal implication? Is there anybody from UK here?
    Your help would be much appreciated.


  144. Candy says:

    I got suckered into purchasing my website from Stores On Line. Is there anyway I can get my money back? I haven’t made one cent from this. They make it look like it’s easy believe me you got to buy this and that. I even had to close out my account and open up a new one. I want to send this crap back and get my money back. Please let me know if anyone knows how to get a refund from StoresonLine. Thanks!! Candy

    • Jacki says:

      I got ahold of Mari Silva through email, she stated that they could not offer me a refund since I had already tried using the product purchased, they would cancel my membership with no further obligation to them and I get to keep everything entitled to me from the Stores Online Express. I had really never put money into Stores Online since my bank had issued a fraudulant claim and I got the $250 back that was already invested and I also put a stop payment on my account from Universal, an associate of Stores Online, so I pretty much and in the clear but I do have to sign the general release form to get what was offered to me.

  145. dawn braley says:

    I have had mine for 2 years and did get a website up, but nothing else. We sold a couple of things, but nothing to pay back what we put into it, $6,000 plus. I filed a form with the North Carolina Attorney General, and called today, they said I wouldnt get anything because my form was not filled out correctly. No one called to say it was not filled out correctly and it is now past the deadline. Do you know of anything I can do?

  146. kelly says:

    I too was scammed by these scum bags in 2007. I was never able to get any of my 6 sites up after calling them for help many times. My next step was to contact Mari Silva and after many tries I gave up and decided to contact my state’s AG. They sent me a complaint form to fill out which I did and then someone from the AG’s office called me and told me that once SOL received my complaint from the AG’s office they sent them a letter stating that I was under contract and my claim that I was told at the workshop that “you don’t have to know anything about computers” was false that in order for you to purchase any kind of web design package you must know something about computers. (LIARS) SOL sent me a letter and offered to give me 6 months free help one on one to get my sites up. My response was can they guarantee that my site will be up and running and they told me there were no guarantees that it was up to me to work hard on it and make it successful. I told Ms Silva that I gave it my all for a year and a half and if they didn’t refund my money that I was going to contact 20/20 and Dateline and that I was going to go to as many of their workshops and seminars and hand out fliers to as many people as I could and tell them what was going on with this faudulent co. She asked me if I was trying to balckmail them and I told her that all I wanted was my refund. Well after alot of e-mails back and forth I was able to get a partial refund of a little more than 2/3 of my money. The other 1/3 was a very expensive lesson learned. I wish everyone out there lots of luck and contact your AG’s office and file a complaint against these people.

  147. Harry says:

    Is there anybody who can provide me with the email address for Mari Silva so that I can email her directly?
    I have a finance scheme with them for unlimited hosting account (for 3500 GBP + 22% interest for 2 years).

    Please please please please please please please heelllpppppppppppppppp so that I can get out of this mess. My four monthly payments (146 GBP) have been out from the bank already and I would like to have a refund of the down payment I made (800 GBP). This was required for the finace options and the decision was to be made there and there – as you all know how easy is to fall in the trap…

    Is it OK if I instruct my bank to cancel the payment? Will there be any legal implications?

    Please please please please help…

    I would be really really greatful.

    Thanks a ton


  148. Rachel says:

    Yes I fell victim to SOL also and am looking for people in Tennessee who would like to get together and do something about these people.We purchased in Aug of ’08 and have yet to get a site up every time we call for help we are instructed to call a tax attorney and get business protection I fell now that the only protection I need is from SOL.If anyone can help with any info as what to do please email [email protected] and for people in Tennessee they are going to be in Cookeville,Tn for another seminar in Jan. (don’t know dates but I will research) to see how many other people they can scam.Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kay Parrish says:

      Went to SOL seminar tonight. Signed up for $38.00 web site and scheduled to go to full day seminar in Murfreesboro, TN on 1/31/09. They did mention this evening that the pro tools cost $3600.00 but not obligated to buy it. They said that the web site will work just fine without them. Do they go over dropshippers, search engines, etc. at this workshop as they said they do? If not, need to cancel within the 3 days.

      • Rachel says:

        Yes they make everything sound good and yes they tell you that you don’t have to buy but!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What they don’t tell you is their 5200.00 pro package is very outdated and their customer assistance sucks and that list for dropshippers is a joke.It has surprised me at the difference in price of the pro package that everyone has listed does that not say something about this company and their business practice.Please continue to read reviews on this company and if you still want to invest in this scam as so many of us have well then good luck to you.If you do your homework you can find several companies that you can set up a web store with for alot less than this company but please beware there are alot of scams out there and SOL is just one of them.IF I were you I’d get my refund of 38.00 and run like Hell , wish I had,just read these reviews on this site alone(there are many more to read),and you can see just how much money we have all lost to SOL myself included.

      • RICK HINKLIN says:


  149. Candy says:

    Is anyone in here been to the seimanar on Sept 10,2008 in St Charles, Mo?

  150. RICK HINKLIN says:

    i wish i had done some homework before going to sol,s classes. they make it all sound so good and non confusing that anyone can do it , well maybe but after i read all the negative stuff about them and all the law suites they have against them, i call and was told yeah but we haven’t lost one yet!!! after that i decided to just stop right there. and was told by staff i was stupid. that just shows all about the way they treat people. i have only lost about 50.00 as of this post. we will see if they try any crazy stuff.

  151. Rachel says:

    Sorry to say that Storesonline gave presentations in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the past few days and will be having their training program at the IP Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi beginning early morning until nearly 7 pm Central Time on Feb. 2. Of course, this will include one “free” meal since you have already paid the $38.00 fee from accepting the rather unsavory business offer from the initial conference. Hopefully, you didn’t buy into the offer! Learn much more at . If you should decide to attend one of their “conferences”, do your research ahead of time. It ticks me off to see our fine people of this state and any others get conned into losing their money. It’s a sales pitch for people who don’t know they can create their own web site and be successful with sales for far less than the thousands they demand. As far as their “training session”, well, I would like to sit in on one. But only for a good laugh. Thanks fellows for your cheap sandwich though!
    Potential/Interested parties: Don’t bother with it, get your money back. Do some research online about making your own web site, marketing it, etc. You really can do it all yourself and spend about $40-50.00 in all.

    • States Attorneys from more than 21 jurisdictions are currently tracking lawsuits, civil actions and criminal complaints against this entity called SOI, and now it is gaining the attention of the Department of Justice…

      Several States now ban this type of business as a form of PONZI or PYRAMID scheme…

      When 90% of your money is made collecting fees; and recruiting new “entrepreneurs”, then you’re basically being conned out of your money…

      They produce nothing, they train you to use thier software which doesn’t prepare you for real work on the web, and most injurious of all, they don’t answer their phones when a person calls for support…

      Jim Hood, Mississippi’s State’s Attorney is keeping an eye on these carpetbaggers; and beleive me–they won’t be welcome in this state for long either!

  152. Rachel says:

    Here is the contact information for iMergent, Inc.(StoresOnline)
    Steven G. Mihaylo, CEO
    [email protected]

  153. Kay Parrish says:

    Wrote earlier that I attended a SOL seminar on January 15, 2009 and signed up for the all day one on January 31. Called SOL and requested a refund after discovering this site. Received the voided check back in the mail on the 23rd.
    Thank you all so much for your information.

    Anyone wanting to contact me my
    Email is: [email protected]

  154. Harry says:

    I have taken this up with the Trading Standards (UK) and they are looking at my case.

  155. Harry says:

    Has anybody got a copy of the agreement that say’s “you cancel within 3 days?” Can you send a copy of it please?

    • Sonja says:

      Do you mean this?

      Transaction Date: ———

      You may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, within three business days from the above date, after which the sale is final. If you cancel, any property traded in, any payments made by you under the contract or sale, and any negotiable instrument executed by you will be returned within 10 days following receipt by the seller of your cancelation notice, and any security interest arising out of the transaction will be cancelled. If you cancel, you must make available to the seller at your residence, in substantially as good condition as when received, any goods delived to you under this contract or sale, or may, if you wish, comply with the instructions of the seller regarding the return shipment of goods at the seller’s expense and risk. If you do make the goods available to the seller, or if you agree to return the goods without any further obligation. If you fail to make the goods available to the seller and the seller does not pick them up within 20 days of the date of your notice of cancellation, you may retain or dispose of the goods without further obligation. If you fail to make the goods available to the seller, or if you agree to return the goods to the seller, and fail to do so, then you remain liable for performance of all obligations under the contract. To cancel this transaction, either (1) fax a signed and dated copy of this cancelation notice to 801-812-8453, (2) mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this cancellation notice to StoresOnline, Inc. at 754 E Technology Ave Orem, UT 84097, or (3) email a request to [email protected]
      not later than midnight of _______________

      I hereby cancel this transaction.
      Purchasers’ Signature(required):________
      Clearly Print Your First and Last Name(Required)____
      Customer VIP#(optional)___

      Customer Support:
      Fax: 801-226-8848


      • Harry says:

        Thanks Sonja. for the information.
        I have spoken to the Trading standards in the UK. After assessing the documents and the credit agreement they advised me to speak to the Solicitor as the company is registered under the US law.
        Is there anybody in the UK sailing in the same boat like myself and would take this forward?
        I would much appreciate if anybody could help me OR start a campaign in the UK before others get in to this scam.

        Much appreciate your contribution.


        • John says:

          It’s still going on and it’ll never stop. SOL is a corporation registered in the USA under a number of business names. I think maybe the only way out of this situation is to picket outside these events. This is clearly a rip-off. New Zealand, Australia have won class actions against SOL and the result is a write off to SOL, if you can get your money back it isn’t a write off and it isn’t an expense, it’s a loss. The ideas are GREAT the management/help system SUCKS big time!

  156. Sonja says:

    OMG I wish I had read this website before I let a family member convice me to go to their seminar. The first meeting me and my brother signed for the website package that takes only paypal. Then we were told at the second seminar that they would show us ways to make money using it. Well we got to the second seminar and they did a switch on us and only started talking about the upgraded packages. They made the people who walked out the seminars feel bad. The host was rude and cocky. At the end of the seminar it was only a few people left. Like a dummy i signed for a upgrade package with my brother. My brother later told me he canceled his agreement which left me with a big bill to pay by myself. He told me when he got home he thought about everything that happened and think its a scam. He then told me to hurry up and write a cancelation letter to the company and send it where they would have to sign for it. You only have 3 days to cancel it. We both got our money back thank goodness. They offer loans if you dont have the money to buy it. The interest rate is 18%. Please dont do business with them if you are having financial problems cause it will just make things worse. There are other ways to make money online.

    I also notice that the information to cancel is only on the yellow receipt and not the pink. And you have to sign and send the yellow copy or a copy of it (or fax)along with cancelation request. Mail it to the following address

    StoresOnline, Inc
    754 E Technology Ave
    Orem, UT 84097

    Make sure you send it register mail. They will have to sign for the letter that way they cant say they didnt receive your request. also make a copy of the letter and a copy of the yellow receipt for your records. I gave them a copy and kept the original but made another copy of the copy and kept that as well.

    or email a request to [email protected]
    I suggest you do both letter and email.

    • John says:

      It’s rather amazing that they have a UTAH address yet they are not allowed to do business in that state.

      Ive written to several state agencies, including Canada. Canada’s industry minister wants nothing to do with this issue so they agree to the fraudulent actions of SOL.

      My best recourse so far has been to place a dispute on the credit card with the merchant account.

      That hurts SOL more than giving us our money back because it ups their insurance and claw back retainer accounts.

      SOL cannot get access to that money for many months. So the more people who discredit them through the credit card merchants the harder it is going to be for SOL to operate.

      In Canada go to this is a RCMP site and register a file claim. You will not get any sympathy but they do listen and create a file number. So the more that do… well can only be a wake up call to SOL.

  157. Terry Bevels says:


    I have read and read and read these posts. If anyone out there wants to coorespond with me concerning website marketing and wants to positively make moves toward marketing your products or simply keep in touch and exhange ideas, please contact me via [email protected]


    Terry Bevels
    MCP, A+, Security+, Networks+, i-NET+

  158. Shannon says:

    Hi there everyone! My husband and I were 2 of the many scammed by storesonline, or ripoffonline as my husband has taken to calling them. We are in Ontario, Canada. We were able to get most of our money back and have the contract cancelled. Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested in how we did it. Thanks so much, Shannon

  159. Judy says:

    I am soooo interested in how you did this. Please, please share. Thank you so, so much.

    I live in Canada also (BC)

  160. Patricia says:

    Hi Shannon, I’m in Ontario also. Toronto. Did you get a refund within the 3 day cancellation period or was it after? Please contact me: [email protected]
    or leave your email address so that I can contact you.
    Thanks very much and congrats!

  161. George Li says:

    Hi Shannon,

    I am in Vancouver. Please let me know how you get your money back. My email is [email protected]

    Best Rgds,

  162. Shannon says:

    Hey, can Judy from BC send me her e-mail please?? My e-mail is [email protected]
    Thanks so much, Shannon

  163. Jack Strom says:

    I’m trying to Palomar Collections off my back- I never even bought the SOL program. I have a release letter from SOL-but they still continue to be on my credit file with false information. How can stop them once and forever this has been going on for 3 years now

    • Sonja says:

      Im sorry to hear thats happening to you. Did you try sending the collections a copy of the release form?

    • Harry says:

      First thing is speak to your credit company and get the payment stopped immediately. Your credit company will send you the forms to declare if these are not genuine payments. Once have sent the paper work the bank will investigate and get back to you with the result. My wife and I were both been the victims of identity theft, luckily we both had a cover on my card. Speak to your card company and not SOL. SOL won’t care – trust me.

      • Myrna says:

        I think it is ironic that their intials ar SOL. Everytime I see that I think about the more familiar meaning to those letters which seems to fit our circumstances from this complany, we are SOL

  164. Angela says:

    I too was taken in by SOL. I kept one website up for two years. Only a few sales but I continued trying, continued losing money, and continued paying SOL a comparatively high monthly fee while receiving poor support, if any, from SOL and PMI.
    I asked if they would buy some websites back but they said “no”. I would like to get some of my money back. Does anyone know of a class action suit in New York?

    • John says:

      PMI is according to SOL not owned by them. It is owned by The Manhattan Professional Group otherwise also known as The Tax Club, Ikongo MYEBIZ, Extreme Web Maketing, amongst other names. Their address 350 Fifth Av Suite 6015.NY. NY 10118

  165. Oh how i wish i had found these comments of SOL, PMI, before today. Ive also been suckered into all the hype that was presented at the day seminar for unlimited (and my stomache told me DON’T) number of web sites for the $5990ca. Then to be hussled by PMI, The Tax Club or as they are also known The Manhattan Professional Group. who sell you a package one day at 1895 then when you refuse they re-offer the same package a fe days latter with an even slicker tongue for an elevated price of 3890. Or PMI who offer so-called live training and you get canned videos over the internet. Nothing live at all. Included with that so-called training though it wasn’t advertised is 2 packages of MYeBiz and Extreme Web Marketing, which incidently other SEO firms have cried when i told them about MYeBiz. PMI sells MYeBiz at 2990 and The Tax Club (Same people just different telephone#) sell the same for $4000. They also tell you that you should have a Logo and a video presence (everyone’s doing it video that is) and for 3897 you can too. But when you get the P4P stuff its pathetic at best, won’t run from the CD you have to copy it to the hard drive. Is not internet ready for youtube or any other video site. That you have to convert yourself. I’m now incorporated and they think i am going to pay 3890 for corporate taxes to be done and 99.99 every quarter. OH but wait that doesn’t include having your taxes submitted to the IRS. Thats another $895. You haven’t been nickle & dimed till you get involved with these people. They are better at it than the banks or the government. Did i say nickel&dimed heck these are bloody nickels. Ive spent more in this ridiculous venture than i did building a bakery and way more than my yearly pension can possibly pay back over the next ten years if i live that long. Please anyone thinking of SOL PLEASE look at the BBB before going this far or be prepared to loose every penny. Its even worse than the stock market.

  166. edward says:

    Hi Shannon,

    I also live in Ontario Canada. I am very interested in how you get your money back. please give me reply when you have time on how you did it. my email is: [email protected]


    • Leslie Baeta says:

      I also live in Ontario Canada. I have learned too late, after I have spent a huge amount of money that Storesonline has been banned in at least 10 States in the USA. I am ready to get involved to have them banned in Canada also. Most importantly, what about a class action?

      • Jill says:

        Hello Leslie

        I am in Vancouver and I have done the same stupid thing a class acuting would be good. If you have any information about how to go about this please share it with us and I will look into this and start gathering information as well. Take care

      • Victoria says:

        Hello Leslie
        I am in Calgary. How to get off this boat…..
        Power in numbers, lets get them

  167. Rose says:

    Has anyone paid after receiving the collection letters from Palomar? I just realized from previous posts that they are part of SOL also. I don’t even answer their calls. Now a group called Citi or something like that is calling. Has anyone heard of them?

    • John says:

      CITI is a credit card company owned by a bank in the US i believe. I get CITI flyers often in the mail normally i just dump them in the garbage but i have been known to tear up their crap and remail it back to their address in the paid reply envelope.

  168. B Sturgill says:

    Please reply to [email protected]. I desperately need the information on how to get your money back.

    • Leslie Baeta says:

      Shannon, like B Sturgill I desperately need the information on how to get your money back.
      Please! My e-mail: [email protected].

      • Ray Wilson says:

        Hi it looks like I’m part of the hundreds if not thousands that got into this scam, not knowing that this would happen. I’ve been trying for close to two years trying to get 6 web sites going and with no success. If you can help me recover my initial 6 grand I’d be grateful. Any advice at all. Thanks Ray in Edmonton, Alberta

  169. Leslie Baeta says:

    Has anyone started a class action against those companies, Tax Club, PMI, SOL in Canada? I would like to know.

  170. M McMains says:

    Anyone from California? Please let me know. I bought the Storesonline packet sept, 2006. I had no help from them, and all they want is more money. I spent over 6,000.

  171. Bruna says:

    How can I get my money back? Anyone from California?
    [email protected] Please email me.

  172. jmcole says:

    I too have fallen for SOL. I went to the 90 min., pd. 38.00, went to 6 hr. class in Laughlin, just went to 6 hr class in Vegas yesterday. I pd. almost 6,000.00 and all they wanted yesterday was 1200.00 more. I walked out and went home. BE WARE!!!!!! I was not the only one to walk out.

  173. gary says:

    We have been on the phone with them tonight and they now want 13K more to market a web site that we dont even have yet. Is there anyone from Ms. who is reading this? We need to ban them from here. I have heard there is another seminar coming soon, with enough people we can protest. Please respone

  174. Jo says:

    If you are serious about trying to get a refund check out the Utah Better Business Website – file a complaint and stay on top of it!!! This is very interesting reading – – seems as of March 16 2009 the state of Cailfornia is after them now. If it was truly about lazy people that just bitch and fuss and want something for nothing there would be so may Attorney Generals after Storesonline and WINNING cases against these scam artists!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

  175. Jo says:

    If you are serious about trying to get a refund check out the Utah Better Business Website – file a complaint and stay on top of it!!! This is very interesting reading – – seems as of March 16 2009 the state of Cailfornia is after them now. If it was truly about lazy people that just bitch and fuss and want something for nothing there would not be so may Attorney Generals after Storesonline and WINNING cases against these scam artists!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

  176. I have been aboe to pet a patrtial refund from Tax Club and Iknogo. I feel their phine sales tactics are horrible. Very high pressure. I called to cancel Iknogo a couple of hours after agreeing to it and they said they were already working on my logo and could not refund full amount. 3 months later they e-mailed me samples of a logo for my site for my approval. BIG TIME RIP Off!!.

  177. Jill says:

    Good Luck and keep on them I got a refund from My essential plan. It took a few phone calls but they hardly asked me anything when doing the plan and I got this horrible business plan.
    Good luck and let us all know what happens. I also called storesonline and told them to remove me from there call list.

  178. John says:

    I bought a SOL way back in 2004. Funny thing after 1 year of trying to do something with there websites with no help from them, I finally gave up. I called several times with no response on there part. They continued to take money from my account, I closed the account, within 45 days someone called and said I still owed them money. I explained to them after reading there contract that they had breached the contract, do to the fact that there was never any customer support as stipulated in the seminar and the contract. 3 months later, I receive a letter from some place called Duvera collections, They tell me they bought the contract from Stores online. After doing some research I find out that Duverra is mixed up with Stores online. Skip ahead 3 years now some group called Palomar Associates
    is now trying to collect on this account. The funny thing is if you go to you can see they have been doing this scam for quite awhile. I am going to go to the AG for California to see if the AG’s office is going after them, and if they are I will be there. Now I’m just mad and not going to take it anymore.

    • Tom says:

      My wife and I are in the same boat with you and these other folks. We attended one of their sessions in Knoxville, TN. They sure painted a pretty picture to us as well. The thing never got off the ground for us because of a lot of hidden extra fees never discussed. Palomar Associates is a pain to deal with. They will not send receipts for your payments nor respond to your written request. The collector informs me that they only will talk by telephone to the client. They have violated so many things it is not even funny. They will not respond to any letter sent to them, the claim was to me all business is by phone call. They get pretty agressive over the phone and forget finding out any balance left on your account unless you call them or they call you. We hope you have a lot of success in what you do, SOL and its various collection agencies must be stopped.

  179. B Sturgill says:

    Has anyone had any results in Kentucky? I have filed a complaint with the AG with no results. Please help.

  180. Jill says:

    Hello has anyone in Canada had any results in putting storesonline out of business. I made a complaint to the Competition Bureau Canada and got a letter back saying that they would forward the information to Utah Attorney General. I am going to send my own letter to this office and maybe if we all jump on board in Canada we might beable to stop the finacial pain that the rest of us are in.
    Good luck

  181. Ray Wilson says:

    Note To Jill,
    Could u email me with what action you took and where your at as far as getting any response. My wife and I have tried for nearly two years to get the we sites up and running with no luck. We are over 6 grand in the hole. If there is some way to get it back please let me know how. My email address is [email protected]
    Thanks Ray W.

  182. Ray Wilson says:

    Note to Jill again…We live in Edmonton, Alberta. Sorry I forgot to mention it. Ray W.
    [email protected]

  183. Suzan says:

    anyone from the seminars in hattiesburg/jackson mississippi had problems after seminars last summer 2008?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi! I probably met you at that so-called seminar in 2008, and they didn’t get a dime from me. As you know by now, it’s a losing situation. It’s so much easier to buy your own web site for very little money and with the help of Microsoft Front Page- create your own sales pages exactly the way you want them to look. Easy to do, saves LOTS of money and you’ll learn about the art of using html in the process. By the way, the dreaded STORESONLINE is coming back to Hattiesburg, MS July 10 for lunch and din-din at the Lake Terrace Convention Center. Wonder if we would get the cheap crusty sandwich and brownie or cookie for dinner again? Gosh, I almost want to sit through their pitch for it- NOT!!

  184. Lea (NSW AUSTRALIA) says:

    I previously purchased the SOL package, and have been for the last 5 months been trying to get answers and a refund. I have lodged a complaint with the ACCC and have been told to lodge a complaint elsewhere. Below is what I was told, and have done so. My complaint was addressed within 48hrs and currently awaiting SOL’s response. I strongly suggest everyone world wide to follow the same process. We may not get refunds but there is certainly more weight in numbers. Once the BBB in Utah are inundated with world wide complaints, about a business in their own city, they may do something more about it. For now, this is the best I have gotten, even emails and phone calls in the past have gotten no where except on deaf ears and ignorant supervisors.

    I just stopped making payments, informed them I would not pay anymore, and I also cancelled my credit card to avoid more debits occuring as well as sent their debt collection agency information along the same lines. Nothing has been done, and I have been told it would cost them much more to persue me for the money. I am almost 4mths behind in payments and all correspondance has stopped from both SOL and Duvera for money.

    “Given your attempts to negotiate a refund directly from StoresOnline have so far been unsuccessful, you may wish to lodge a complaint with the Utah Better Business Bureau (BBB). As you may be aware, StoresOnline’s head office is located in the state of Utah in the USA, and the Utah BBB is a state-level consumer advocacy and complaint resolution service.

    The Utah BBB provides a complaints resolution service that can be accessed via its website at – from the home page, click on the link which says “For Consumers” and then on the link that says “File a Complaint”. Follow the prompts from there to file your complaint. Generally speaking, the Utah BBB prefers that you have attempted to obtain a refund by direct negotiation with a trader first, so you should be prepared to provide documentation setting out your attempts to obtain a refund via direct negotiation (such as your chain of email and chat correspondence with StoresOnline’s customer service staff).”

    I hope we can unite and get something done about this company. If you wish to make contact you can email me
    [email protected]

    Good luck and keep persisting.

    • Lorraine says:

      I clicked the “link” for Utah BBB (in Lea’s message) and attempted to file a complaint. After some problems with BBB site, I got the following message “Based on the nature of your complaint please refer to one of the following agencies to better address your complaint. You may refer to our main complaint page to see the type of complaints the BBB can and cannot process.”

      I was suckered twice!! I had a similar experience with Dotless Domain. I complained to Nevada BBB. Finally they (BBB) wrote to say the complaint was out of their jurisdiction and referred me to Consumer Affairs Division. After three months, I received paperwork (yesterday) from CAD requesting a mountain of information. I’ll compile the information but I’m beginning to believe the agencies aren’t interested in shutting down these SCAM companies.

      I agree that we ought to flood the agencies with our complaints!! We may never get our money back but hopefully, eventually, the SCAM companies will be put out of business.

  185. Lea (NSW AUSTRALIA) says:

    Lorraine, I dont know where you are, or how its out out of their jurisdiction. I do recal when I logged on I did have some issues with the website, I thought it was just me!! I posted that quote directly from the email the Australian ACCC emailed me. I want these people closed down, and am willing to help you in any way I can to get that complaint in there!

    You most certainly will have to have documentation to back up your complaint. I did everything in emails, I got one ‘interesting’ phone call and refused to speak to them after that call, even to them emailing saying I hung up on them!! But every auto reply, every email, I have condensed into one big email, its around 23 pages long! But you do need to document it all.

    If you want help to work around the BBB website,email me, and I will go back and try and do a complete step by step and work it out again. I dont know if because I am out of the country and complaining, if that makes any difference, so if your in America, you may have to settle for those BBB in your own state. Keep pushing, I hear your frustration but dont give in. One Australian body here told me that I would have to travel to the respective state and deal with the state that they actually had the business registered in, yet speaking to a different person in that same body, told me that I didnt have to. Conflict and more frustration, but keep going. We are all here to band together and get something done. But its not, and wont be easy.

  186. Susan Bertelsen says:

    Damn….I can’t believe I was this stupid! Anyone in ElmiraOwego, NY area that got sucked into this and wants to do something? I went to the meeting at the Owego Treadway in February. Would love to hear from you.

  187. ellie says:

    my mother purchased this and cancelled the next day with a phone call now they have this on her credit report for 9,756.00 and they are in for a fight. I am a financial investigator and i dont give up!

  188. BarbG says:

    I too got caught up in this scam. They were taking payments out of my cc for 5 months, then tried to take a payment a week ahead of the set day of the month and the payment didn’t go through cuz I was on vacation and used the card. I talked to them on the phone and told them to just go ahead and re-submit the charge after my payment was posted on the 1st of the month but they’ve never attempted to take a payment anymore. So whose fault is that, not mine. Anyway, I am somewhat computer literate and knowing that domains cost money and hosting costs money felt that for 3 sites, it was a little high but I could deal with it. But when I tried to set up my first site and it wouldn’t let me change placements of images or text, I tried to get help from them. I was given an ‘appointment’ when the tech would help me. When he did call me, an hour late, all he wanted me to do was ‘get another credit card so I can charge $500 in additional services’. I was to call him back when I had the credit card to do so and he would help me set the site up. Of course I didn’t get another card, and I never could get in touch with anyone else to help me. Duvera has posted a delinquency against my credit and the amount owed keeps going up, which after 2 years and it’s a collection account they shouldn’t be able to continue to assess late charges. Besides, they are the ones who stopped the payments, not me. BTW, I live in Maryland.

    My question is : has anyone actually been taken to court for non-payment by these people?

  189. K & H Enterprises says:

    On October 24, 2006 we purchased six (6) websites during a seminar in Fargo, ND. We were lead to believe that we could have a working website up and running within just a short period of time. We also understood that Stores Online tech support would help us with anything and everything to get our websites active. Calls to them resulted in no assistance whatsoever. We were contacted by a web marketing training company affiliated with Stores Online and we paid a huge amount of money for them to guide us in setting up our websites that we purchased with Stores Online. We have had no success in launching even one website with their help. While dealing with the marketing company, we were able to setup some direct ship products with a website that was very much non-user-friendly. At times when we would log onto our site, there would be times we would find out that products and descriptions had been changed and moved around. (Products would have wrong descriptions, etc.) In 2009 we were informed that we had to renew our contracts for an addtional $429, or we were unable to log on to our sites without the renewal payment. BUYER BEWARE!!!! We don’t know what to do at this point to try to recover any of our losses. We even had a web designer look at the Stores Online website and tried to work with it and we were advised to just forget it and that the site is not feasible to work with. We would like to be included in any class action suits that might be ongoing and helpful.

  190. James Lim says:

    Hello I am from Washington State and I also got sucked into the sol scam, but because I paid ahead of time, there is no money to get back, So Instead of trying to get my money back I spent the last several months researching SEO and scam companies, and I found out that you can do it all yourself. I wrote an E-Book all about SEO scams and what to do and what not to do and how to get your SOL website on search engines and decent placement. Like I said I got scammed by them too, and so I want to help those who have the possibility to work with what they have. All I ask is $10 to cover the cost of researching and developing it over the past several months. I want to help others who are just like me and this is the only way we will get back at them is by beating them at their own game… And no there are no extra costs and every technique I discovered can be accomplished for free…

    If you have any questions you can contact me at anytime

    Check out one of my websites that I just started optimizing…its not the best but its getting there!

    • Donna says:

      Aug. 10, 2010 … Tues
      You probably can’t find my website, as they renewed a domain name that I did not have and will not pay to retrieve my website. Now it will be Oct. 20 before they retrieve it. It is $150 to retrieve … and I am not listing it as someone may want to buy it out from me. I am being a pest and asking for them to buy back only 5 of my site. Never got my site built in over 2 years, so I built it myself and had to send it piece by piece in multiple multiple emails … they don’t do PDFs. It is not totally rt., but only once chance to correct errors, I reported several .. Finally approved the site … then could not find it. The guy I am now working with found it and opened it for me. IT WAS NOT WHAT I SET UP AT ALL. A n d … this is not funny … but I use 2 monitors, and I kept pulling it over and over until it would have covered 5 screens to view it. My contact corrected page 1 … not entirely correct but better … and I asked if he corrected all the pages .. he did not, and said he would do so.
      I explained about paying extra for a programmer, but I do not believe anyone in that dept. is a real programmer. This was my first site. IT IS ALSO THE 2ND TIME I wrote to all the TOP BRASS … and that gets attention, so, I am keeping in touch.
      Plus I have 3 emails asking them to renew my domain name (gave the name) for 3 years instead of 1 year.) No response.
      I have avail and all messages, phone calls, emails, etc. were to be sent to my regular email address. NEVER HAPPENED and Now I am told there are 25 messages … which they charged me for, but agreed to reverse the charges and agreed, per my suggestion, to give me 4 months of free hosting to make up for the months that the site was down… now I will be asking for 5 months.
      I also have not gotten a response on my request for $5000 and will deal with that. I also bought PMI, THE TAX CLUB (to which they had to make concessions because their salesman agreed to handle all my businesses and personal taxes for one fee, and a lower fee at that) … so, yes, I have made some progress, and I am also going to go elsewhere to promote my web site, since I built it myself, it is mine. I also show on each page that it is copyrighted and my logo (which I did myself) is registered.
      TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR EBOOK FOR $10.00 … does it offer anything more that would be useful to me???

  191. Jessica says:

    I purchased my 6 websites on 01/31/2008. I now have the strength and means to fight this scam and am doing so. I have officially requested a full refund both verbally and in a written letter. I then sent the letter to the StoresOnline, Inc. physical address and cc’d it to the attorney general in CA and GA, state senators in CA and GA, and the BBB of Utah. I also included supporting documents with the letter requesting a refund and why.

    I did receive a response from SOL but it is a pressured attempt to get me to sign a quick fix to the initial and larger problem. (They offered free programming for 1 year and hosting for 3 months). The issue is the company is not trust worthy, the product is faulty, their business practices deceptive, and I am completely unsatisfied with the product after making reasonable attemps to work with the software. Normally this would work with any company that respects it’s product and customer.

    Does anyone know what more I can do? Where can I send more complaint letters to in CA or GA? Do I have any hope of getting my money back or should I take a compromise if they even offer one?

  192. B Sturgill says:

    I have again contacted Mari Silva. Does any know if StoresOnline will still offer help? I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  193. Myrna says:

    Today I am contimplating buying services from PMI. They had a rating of A on BBB, but SOL had an F. I already paid $5,000 for the pro kit with unlimited sites. I supppose I can just be SOL on that part and not use it or waste my time with it, or spend another 10,000 for training and marketing to try to recupe my money plus the addidional money. By reading these posts,, I get the feeling people are also not happy with PMI. I am teetering on taking a chance on PMI and making money or trying to get money back. I wonder if there is any chance of that, I bought it May 30th, 2009. Pmi said they guarntee you to have your sites making enough money to get your business in the black within 6 months if I am willing to put in a min time of 5 hours week. Anyone experience any success stories?

    • Evelyn says:

      They want $15,000 from us after quizzing us on what credit card room we have. When I started to ask questions, his response was,”Well, I think we may have made a mistake with you. I don’t believe you are committed to your business. Perhaps I need to look for someone else to dedicate this special opportunity too”. Initially they complimented us and buttered us up by telling us of all the people they interview, we by far were the best qualified for this limited opportunity and they were willing to help us because they needed more SUCCESS STORIES to tell in their recruiting meetings. They acted like we were getting a big favor to be counted in the group they had carefully selected. They promised to fly us out to work with them and put us put in great hotels. You need to research more before you invest with them. It is a sales pitch pure and simple and some of us, even savvy business people fall for it. I have not given them money, but I am now convinced that the $6000 I initially invested with Stores Online is a scam too and this is just a furtherance of that original scam. good luck.

    • Traci says:

      I hope you did not give them anymore of your money. Stores Online is a continual money pit. I gave them $6,000 in 2006 and when I brought my product and started looking into it I was so excited. But my excitement turned to dispair when it became apparent that everyway that I turned in trying to get my sites up and running was going to caost yet more money. I did not have a product to sell so I tried some of Stores Online refered whole sellers, well guess what the whole sellers actually want you to pay them to sell their products! It was at this point that I knew I had been totally scammed. My websites have been sitting on my office shelf collecting dust ever since. I am wondering what if anything I can do to get my money back? Please do not be a victim like all the rest of us.
      Still to this day Stores Online calls trying to convice me that they can help make money but quess what? It is going to cost me more money. I can not believe these people think that I am so ignorant.
      If anyone has any suggestions on how I may collect some of my money back please let me know at [email protected]

  194. Sue Kuramoto says:

    Evelyn, I’ve just been through exactly the same pitch with Mark of their Success team. Unfortunately, I fell for it and handed over $2000 (this time). Wish I’d checked this first!!
    I’m gonna call my credit cards and see if I can have it all canceled. Then I’ll work on my original SOL investment refund. Thanks for posting.

  195. Jill says:

    I would like to know if anybody has had any luck negotiating there loan with Travelers or do you have to go to storesonline.

    • Victoria says:

      Jill, Have you had any body answer back about getting money back from SOL or Travellers
      Pls let me know

      • Jill says:

        I was talking to a person from Travellers and he does not understand Why Travellers is even doing business with Storesonline. I went to and they gave me a letter to send to who I was in debt with telling them I can not pay them at this time and please no phone calls so far it has worked but when I get working I will be filing for Bankrupcy because that is the shape storesonline did to me.

  196. Shannon says:

    Hi everyone. I had posted a comment a little while back that I am still getting e-mails for. I can no longer comment on this, as I signed something saying that I can no longer talk about it. Sorry, I can’t be of more help. If I haven’t got back to you, that is why.

    • Traci says:

      I am really glad that you got your money back. And I am sure that you are probably over whelmed with all of the people interested in speaking with you about the process for getting a refund. But I must ask what in the world would make you want to sign anything that would let these crooks get away with doing this to even more people? I am not poking on you in a derogoratory manner in anyway I am just really curious?

      • kathleen says:

        exactly what i was thinking….why didn’t you just post what you did what they did and leave it at that. Very curious not want to help others.

    • kathleen says:

      can you help others investigate. please email me at

  197. SOL and all if its affiliates are a HUGE SCAM. I had a guy at the tax club tell me that keeping a hand ledgertoday is no longer acceptable. Ikongowanted to charge me big bucks to design a logo. I cancelled and got partial refund from. 3 months later they e-mailed logo. a 5 yeard old could have done a better job.I have called a gut for support and left many messages.No one calls me back. But they took my money.
    Anyone in Ohio want to start a class action suit. contact [email protected]

  198. Ricardo Cuello says:

    I was also scammed by SOL. Anyone with luck, contac me at [email protected]

  199. Jerry P. Mason says:

    I was scamed by SOL of $7117.86.
    Cont me in if acount action is taken.

    Washington State

  200. Becky Knotts says:

    Hello everyone,
    Embarasingly.. is that a word?….. andyway, I have to say I’m in with the rest of you. WINKIE- I too am from Ohio. I have to agree with the person above, forgive me for not recalling your name, that this , if possible should be a NATIONAL, if not WOLD class action! Later probably not possible… but then a gain, there’s ALWAYS a first time!! Hee! Anyway, I thought perhaps the reason I was having such a difficult time with this, was because I was new at this stuff. Since reading all these comments, Perhps this is not the case. I would like to comment on my ‘programer’. First allow me to say I consider myself a very understanding person, willing to excuse or forgive people for many things. I have to say my programer does not have a ‘personable’ personality. It also was apparent to me that this person must not actually be reading what he/she is typing.(do not want to embarrace person too much. I have spoken with the person, exchanged e-mails, and could reveal if person were male or female.) I took advantage of using the programer after having experiencing much difficulty trying to ‘build my own’. In my case, I was working with Windows 98 and an old computer at the time. At the seminar I had been told I should be able to use what I had; one of the SOL people telling me his father has an old computer and he is not having any problems. This did not prove to be true. I received a couple suggestions. Nothing seemd to help. I have to say the programer HAS been patient, and ‘flexable’, and I did like some of what the person did. However, as mentioned above, the person must have just typed and not actually read what I wanted on my front page. I had faxed the instructions, which were clearly TYPED out, not hand written, and sent actual graffics (which is what this person IS good at). Incorporated into the the words I wanted customers to see were INSTRUCTIONS to the programer, even being separated by parenthisies (appologies, can’t always spell correctly). When I was e-mailed that my site was up for review, and saw this, I was a bit set back, and even laughed! Fast forward- I know have a new computer, monitor, etc. As some of you have stated, you have spent MANY hours trying to ‘make this work’. I have deemed it necessary to be very explicit in my instructions as to what I wish to published! I is taking me a VERY long time to do this! I am trying to be as explicit as possible, even doing MY OWN graffic work, so it is understood ! The ‘instructions’ claim you can send ‘even a sketch’ of what you want, or an Idea, and these ‘proffessionals’ will produce a great site!…. I now do not believe this to be true.
    Concerning Hosting- I do have to say I got a ‘deal’ on this; $12.95, for the ‘upgrated’ version, and your ARE allowed to turn it off util your site is actually ‘up’.
    I am, however approacing that ‘year’ line, and after reading the comments, am now concerned about that!
    Doba- I also have had problems. I originally signed up with Product Sourcing, who said, for more money of course, they could include access to Doba… well… this is actually a very compicated situation, and too involved to comment more on here!
    I am not , at this time, able to contribute much if anything, financilly into a Group Classs Action, but if someone is willing to investigate the ‘how to’s’, and enough of us ‘chip in’ what we can, it seems we should be able to pull this off, seeing this is WORLD WIDE! If nothing else, if we put some of the suggestions made, in action, such as connectiong with proper officials and the chargeback, and continue to ‘get the word out’, something HAS to happen!
    My initial idea, after reading your comments, is to include these comments in my letter(s) to the officials, and perhaps to SOL themselves..I WILL NOT INCLUDE NAMES OR E-MAILS. I may need to include initials and state.
    F.Y.I.: I am not sure when I will be able to get back to this comment area. I also am not able to check my e-mails on a DAILY basis, but usually at least 3 times per week. If you would like to correspond, please e-mail [email protected].

  201. Fausto Reyes says:

    Hey I got sucked into the SOL like a vacuum here in New York City…Im still in the 3 day clause….Im just a few hours after buying the pro package and I saw all these stuff…well I already feel horrible..can someone tell me how to cancel? I don’t know here to go I got 3 papers but none say anything about canceling….someone please help me ASAP! my email is [email protected]

    • Marg says:

      Hey fausto I am in the same boat. Why hasn’t anyone contacted 60 minutes or 20/20 or have a group hire a private investigator to expose these DEMONS on t.v. I knew nothing about this web site. Anyone interested in doing any of the above I will be checking this post daily. I just don’t want to be the only one. I know this will open their eyes real big. Instead of complaining-Lets do something about it and take ACTION now! Let me know

  202. Duke Davis says:

    I’m having a problem with seeing so many people saying they were scammed or ripped off by SOL. I went to the same show&tell setup everyone else did and paid out the roughly $6000 everyone else did. Then I paid for the PMI like so many did. I did screw up and pay for the Tax Club. I do think that one is a scam and after I screamed at them long enough I did get a partial refund back.

    But the SOL works just like it was advertised. You have to put a little work into it. My web site is pulling in about a thousand a week. It’s not making ne rich but then it’s not leaving me out in the cold., either. As I learn more and more about marketing the income on it goes up and up. I’ve now opened a second website, (It’s not with SOL) and it’s starting to move up a little. I know know I could have done it a lot cheaper than I did with SOL, but you have to learn somewhere. I just wound up learning the expensive way. My second web site cost me $100 to set up and get running and it was easier to do than my $10,000 SOL(total cost) website. But I learned a lot of lessons and it’s paying for itself. So scammed, no I don’t think so. I could have said no. I just didn’t know any better. I willingly said yes. No one forced me or tricked me into buying their product. I just didn’t look around first.
    Duke Davis

    • Since I entered this last message saying I didn’t think I was scammed by SOL there have been some new developments. The first week in July I got an email from SOL saying my Domain Name would expire on the 27th of July but not to worry for they would automatically renew it for me two weeks before it expired.

      I took them at their word. On the 1st of August I got an email from one of my friends saying they couldn’t find my web site. I jumped on my builder the way I normally do any it was there and looking good so I got out of the builder and went to it over the network as a customer would. When I typed in instead of my web site I got the page saying that website was no longer in existence. Please check your spelling, etc. I hoped on the computer and went to the helpline chat as you can’t talk to anyone on a weekend anymore and got told that my domain name had expired. Well I exploded. I’m a retired Navy SEAL. I’m really good at exploding. After about an hour of extreme competition typing I got a supervisor to call me. Yes, he said my Domain name had expired and they had closed my website down. I read him word for word the message I had gotten and he even found a copy in my records and couldn’t understand why it had not been renewed. He promised me it would be taken care of immediately. About an hour later sure enough my web site was back up and running.

      On Wednesday it was gone again. I got on the phone again and eventually after a lot of yelling got to talk to another supervisor. I had to go through the whole story again and she listened and found the messages and then said but yes sir, I understand but the credit card you have on file expired on the 31 of July and it is now August. IT WASN’T EXPIRED WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO RENEW THE DOMAIN NAME! BUt it is now and we can’t renew it now.

      Even though I have paid you many thousands of dollars you cannot spend $14.95 to renew my Domain Name and keep me from loosing over a Thousand Dollars a week in business! The answer was of course, No.

      I had to go through the whole routing of them faxing me a form, me filling out the form with new credit card information and faxing it back to them, which I immediately did. This only took a day and a half as my part took about 15 minutes, the rest was waiting on the form to get to me. But they did put my site back on line immediately. Two days later my site was gone again.

      I jumped back on the phone, you can never talk to the same person. I believe that is a SOL Rule. Again I went through the whole story which by now takes twenty minutes to tell. They do not have an 800 number so it either costs me long distance or minutes on my cell phone. I’, in FL and they are way out there in UT. Again the fight to get another supervisor which involves another full explanation and lots of anger, then another new supervisor and another full explanation and then the wait while they search it all out. They say my credit cards are no good. Well they are debit cards for my business and personal checking account. I know they are good. I tell them to hold on while I check the account on the screen, Both accounts have well over a thousand dollars in them in available funds. I tell the person that. She reads me back the account numbers and they are correct so is the expiration dates. Try it again and GET MY SITE ON LINE! is what is say. She said it will be taken care of promptly and she is so sorry.

      Needless to say this goes on all through the month of August, with my website being up for a total of six days. By this time I have lost all of my major customers. All of my business accounts have gone elsewhere also. I can;t blame them, they have to have their product.

      Finally at the end of August my Domain Name goes into this Black Hole where it has to sit for thirty days. It’s some law that when there is a dispute that goes on they go in there and when they come out the first person that makes an offer gets it.

      SOL by that time had finally got my money out of my checking account and had it on deposit waiting to get my domain name back for me.

      I couldn’t renew it myself because of some rule between the host company and SOL that the renewals had to be done by SOL. Believe me I tried, begged and did everything in my power to get them to let me pay for the renewal as SOL didn’t seem to be competent enough to get it done.But that was not possible.

      My domain name would be released on the morning of the 5th of October. Sol went to buy it back for me on the 6th of October. Someone else had already bought my Domain Name by that time.

      I got an email name from SOL saying “We’re sorry someone beat us to it and your Domain name is gone. We will be happy to give you a new domain name free for a full year to make up for this.”

      How is starting over from scratch supposed to make up for all the thousands of dollars I have invested in that website in the form of marketing and advertising and just plain hard work? And the roughly a Thousand a week it was bringing in. A new domain name is worth exactly $14.95 unless you go to GoDady and get it for $9.95.

      Because of this and the fact that my wife had to quit her job due to medical reasons, she completely tore her right arm loose from her right shoulder, and we are lookin at a huge pile of medical bills that we can’t afford to pay. My income is from my Navy Retirement and Social Security and what I make from my other website http://www.TheGameNook.Com (This one is NOT from SOL) I am having to declare Bankruptcy because of those people.

      So you want to talk about a real screw job from SOL, well, I think this one tops the cake.

      Duke Davis

      • Marg says:

        Why hasn’t anyone taken action and got a hold of 60 minutes or 20/20 or a private investigator and have these DEMONS exposed on t.v. to let the world know that they are know better than Bernie Madoff. Please anyone this is the only way everyone is going to get satisifaction from them. Complaining on this website isn’t going to get our money back and clear our credit. Anyone for this? I will be checking the web page daily for answers Thanks for hearing me!

  203. Dallas Clounch says:

    I live in Arizona have filed a complaint with BBB and Attorney Generals Office. I am desperately trying to get my money back from Stores Online… has anyone received their money back from Az? Any other suggestions on what i can do to resolve this issue with Stores Online… what a scam

    • Pam W. says:

      My husband and I have not started an attempt to get our money back from SOL (interesting acronym, btw), but would be very interested in helping getting ppl their money back and these scam artists shut down.

  204. Dallas Clounch says:

    Please contact me if you have any information that could help get my money back from Stores Online… I really don’t want to have to live off rice because of this company.
    [email protected]

  205. Martin Lee says:

    Those who bought in Washington can claim for their refund. You have until 21st Sep 2009 to file your claim.

  206. Duke Davis says:

    I guess maybe I spoke too soon about not being scammed by SOL. When it came up to time to renew my domain name they sent me an eMail and said it was due to expire at the end of the month but for me not to worry. They would handle it automatically and it would be renewed within two weeks. So naturally I didn’t worry. At the end of the month suddenly my website went down. Of course this was on a Saturday when you can’t get hold of anyone there or at the bank. So I sat there through the weekend loosing business while this strange screen would come up saying my website had expired and in a few weeks you could buy it if you wanted it. I was furious!

    On Monday early I got on the phone and called SOL to find out what was going on and I got the answer, “We don’t have the right paperwork to renew your domain name.” When I asked why didn’t someone notify me so I could get it taken care of? The answer I got back was “I don’t know?” I got them to fax me the form I needed and I looked at it then checked my records and sure enough there was the form in my records where I had filled it out and faxed it to them to start with and it was filled out just like they wanted it filled out. So I made a copy of the one I already had and sent it to them and they said it was great, just what they needed. When I asked them to look in my file and see if it was already there they found it and couldn’t explain why they couldn’t use that one before. Anyway they put my website back on line with a lot of apologies, The first of the month rolled by the next day and then the next day they took my web site down again. No one called me or anything. I had to find out for myself when a customer called me again saying it was down.

    Needless to say I was back on the phone to SOL again. This time the excuse was the credit card had expired. It expired the day after they got a new copy of the form. Had they not screwed around with the form and had they went ahead and renewed the domain name when they got the new copy of the form the card would have still been good but no, they had to continue to mess around. So I got two more credit cards and sent them in on that silly form they use and gave them all the full list of instructions they have to have to be able to use them. They turned my site back on and things seemed to be going fine. A week later my web site is down again. As usual, it is a Saturday. On Monday I go through the phone bit again (This is the third time) and call them. They say that the new card is no good. Well, I’ve been using it myself all week and even that weekend so I knew it was good but I said I would check on it. I called the bank. They checked out the card. Nothing wrong. Over a thousand in the account. I was starting to get pretty upset. I called SOL again. I asked them if this was the card number they used…they said yes, I asked if they had this security number…they said yes. I told them the bank said the card was good that there was plenty of money in the account and that SOL had to be doing something wrong. They said they would try again.
    My account stayed down. The next day I called and asked what had happened. They said the card still didn’t work. By this time I am ready to kill someone, it’s a good thing I live on the other coast.
    I called the bank. There had been no attempt by SOL to use the card according to the bank records. Back on the phone to SOL. Of course this was denied. I said well use the other card. The account went up for two days and then went down on Friday evening of the Labor Day weekend. Tuesday when I called them I got the same story about how that card didn’t work either but of course no one called so I could do anything in a reasonable amount of time. Needless to say my next call was to the bank. Now just to show you that there are more people that are in business that shouldn’t be, my bank is Compass Bank. Pretty big here in the South East.

    The bank had decided that because SOL was having so many problems with my bank debit cards the bank decided to cancel my debit cards and now I have no debit cards to use. I can’t pay my vendors, I can’t order product, I can’t pay Authorize.Net or my Merchant Services or UPS or anyone. Orders are NOT piling up but bills are all because some lazy idiot at SOL would not go ahead and do their job and renew my Domain Name back in July. (I keep getting eMails from Network Solution’s telling me that my site was not being renewed and I must get that done or it would get closed. I offered to pay it myself at least four times, once after each incident, but I was not allowed to because it has to be paid by SOL (One of Network Solution’s Partners))

    I have lost my three largest regular customers because my site isn’t open. I have lost thousands in business for the same reason. I had just set up 107 good two way links with level 4-5-6 sites in the last two weeks. I’m down to about twenty of them left because I can’t provide a reciprocal link with them anymore. I usually do a thousand a week on my board and I did less than $240 in August and haven’t done a penny in September. All because some ding-dong didn’t pay a lousy $15.00 bill in my name.

    So, Yeah, I’m a bit pissed at SOL, too, and I think with good reason.
    http://www.SeashellsAndLamps.Com (used to be)
    http://www.TheGameNook.Com (NOT SOL)

    • Marg says:

      Hi Duke Davis I am sorry to here what they (SOL) has done to you. I would like to know why someone hasn’t contacted 60 minutes or 20/20 or a private investigator and had all these stories told on t.v. These DEMONS have to be stopped. They sound just like Bernie Madoff. Please people; instead of complaining let’s get together and contact 60 minutes or 20/20 and let the world see what is going on. This definetly sounds like a Bernie Madoff Scheme. I will be checking back daily for a response for other commitments. Need to tell the world about SOL.

      • Duke Davis says:

        I agree that they are a major problem here and now. However, getting anyone that can do anything to listen is like adding to your chicken lip collection. A bit on the slow side. If anyone ever gets someone like 60 Minutes or 20/20 to listen I will be happy to talk to them. I tried and got no where.

  207. KRISTA (MA) says:

    i also was high pressured to buy storesonline websites. is any in MAssachusetts filing a class action for I will sign.

    • hemilda says:

      Hey Krista,

      I live in MA and just received a class action claim to be send by nov 30, 2009.

      • Krista MA says:


        Could you please tell me more about that? I mean what exactly I should do. I do appreciate it a lot. Could you email me at [email protected]

        thank You very much.

        • Mikhail says:

          Hey Krista and Hemilda,

          I also live in MA and have a non delivery situation with storesonline. I sent an e-mail to Susan Wornick at channel 5 this morning and I cc’d it to the Attorney General department of consumer affairs. I went to the seminar in September and got pushed through the sale. We have a handicapped child and were trying to set up a self supporting source of income so we could take care of him better and after we’re gone as well. After they took so long to not deliver on their promises we asked them to cancel the contract. That’s when they told us about the three day clause as they were saying no canceling. I believe we need to tell the press so if you could send an email to Susan Wornick and Martha Coakley maybe we can get them out of Mass. and mybe even shut down. I also recieved the law suit notice in my email, but I thought it was dated 11/30/2008 so I didn’t sign it. Is it from Tennessee?

          Thank you

        • Krista MA says:

          Mikhail and Hemilda,

          I have just filed consumer complaint :
          How did channel 5 reacted to SOL scams?
          Also, I did do a despute to SOL charge.
          What else we could do?

  208. Avery McCraw says:

    Avery McCraw I am from Oregon. In 2007 I too bout 6 web sites. StoresOnline took me for $7,000 and I couldn’t afford the loss. It was the worst mstack in my life. At least I am not alone.
    My debt snowballed and now I’m on the brink. I want some of the money back for falls advertizeing. Alot cheaper is ebay stores and no hasals. Yes, I would love to join you in a class action lawsuit against Storesonline. Please contact me at my email account.

    Lets’ join forces and get a little payback.

    • Marg says:

      Anyone reading this Please I beg you to come together and take action and let the world know about SOL. The best way to do this is to contact 60 minutes or 20/20. The world will see these DEMONS and realize that this is another BERNIE MADOFF on the loose. I was scammed also and can’t believe I got credit from them and I have a poverty level income with kids. Bad Credit- you name it. Why would they give me credit when I can’t get a personal bank loan. I don’t have a job! They are smooth talkers and stealing from poverty stricken people and they claim you can make money. Shame on you R. Judd. I will be checking website daily to find anyone else who wants to get in contact with 60 minutes or 20/20 and let the world see SOL go after the poor–at least Bernie Madoff went after the Middle Class and Wealthy.

  209. Yvette says:

    I disputed the charges on my bank account and I got my money back. I just need them to close my account so I won’t owe the finance company (which I’m sure they are the same company)

    • Glenda says:

      Hi Yvette,
      Congratulations! Did you cancel within the three days or was it after that? Did you dispute on your bank account or credit card account? Thanks for sharing!

      • Yvette says:

        The dispute was with my bank account and I was with them for 3 months with NO website.

        • Glenda says:

          Thank you again Yvette! If you would be willing to share what exactly it was that you disputed I would be very grateful. How or with what information did you dispute the charges with your bank? I need to get a refund. It’s just been a little less than 2 weeks.
          My email is [email protected]. Sure hope you can help! :-)

  210. Jashae Slaughter says:

    thanx to SOL, my credit is ruined, My wife doesn’t trust me anymore and I nearly lost my Job the day of the seminar! They told me this program was easy but it took me nearly 2 months to even see a template. The customer service was terrible. I build websites all the time and i couldn’t get this thing to work properly. I was always prompted to “Let them do it for me”. It’s like you have to take a college coarse to even get it to work. I did this at the beginning of my marriage and now my wife will never trust me again with money.

    • Jashae Slaughter says:

      BTW i never DID get a real site going!

      • Marg says:

        Sorry to hear what happened Jashae. I am going through the similar problem. I feel your pains. I hope you read this letter and others. All I can say is we the people need to take action and let the world know about these DEMONS who prowl through the world with their smooth talk and they do not tell you the full truth about all the hidden fees. We need to band together and get a hold of 60 minutes or 20/20 and tell our stories to the world. SOL needs to be investigated–This is just like a Bernie Madoff scheme. The only difference is BERNIE MADOFF went after the middle class and wealthy. SOL goes after the poor and middle class. Read between the lines and start doing comparisons. Please let me know if you are interested in having your story told to the world? I will be checking the website daily. we need to stand together, We are Americans and we do have a voice and Freedom of Speech! Against AOL

  211. Katherine Henry says:

    I purchased Storesonline and after countless hours of trying to mount a website with the so called help of Storesonline tech support – I gave up!!!!!

  212. Saundrak says:

    Stores Online Settles in Class-Action Lawsuit!
    Stores Online has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit against them in Tennessee. The settlement figure is about $7.6 MILLION dollars.
    If more people will file complaints will the Attorney General in UTAH and in their state then maybe you will see your money back and maybe these companies will get shut down.
    People file the complaints because you are not the only ones getting scammed.
    People step up and do what is right and fight back to get your money back.
    Don’t let these companies in UTAH get by with stealing your money because they will keep doing it to others
    Anyone That Lives In Washington State That Has Been Scammed By Stores Online From Jan. 1, 2005 Till Now Still File A Claim With The Attorney General To Get Their Money Back
    Please pass on for others in Washingston State to get a refund

  213. June says:

    We are from Wisconsin and spent many hours working to make their templates work and refused to pay another thousand to get help. Never did get anything out of the thousands we paid; just phone calls from them to spend more money and go to more meetings.

  214. Juancarlos says:

    I bought the package in August 2006. did not get my website until October 2008, after I paid them to do it for me, because I was not easy. Then after one year NO sales. It was not that easy as they told us in the seminar. I have around $20,000 in products and equipment in my basement. I am unemployed since April 2009 and need to do something. Any ideas? Please advise what can I do. I live in San Francisco, California. I think SOL are in troubles in California.


  215. Joseph says:

    [email protected] if there’s any information of how to join the class action lawsuit in New York please email asap subject: CLASS ACTION NYC,It would be greatly appreciated

  216. Karen says:

    Edmonton Alberta’
    I Purchased 6 SOL sites in about 2007 . also purchased PMI coaching for 3 sites
    No success whatsoever, SOL rarely returns emails. PMI did not coach very much and I have spent around 12 thousand $ over the years. I have disabled the 3 sites I had up and running but still get charged hosting fees for one of them. They still do not return my emails… I will join in any attempt to stop these 2 companies and sure would like some money back
    You can contact me at [email protected] if you want.

  217. Doris says:

    We bought into SOL 2 years ago or it could of even been 3 years this month. We went with the 6 websites and they said they would help us get our first site up – etc. We put this on our credit card as their financing was outrageous and then transfered it to our line of credit. We were excited about getting something going. We did not have a product but we were driven to do something. We were then approached by PMI and of course for a fee of $6000 they would get us up and going … we got our kit as we were in a rut and we thought we had something that would work. Then the phone call came from Tax Club saying they can get us cash back and being from the States they have more write off’s than we do here in Ontario. I was not going to put one more cent into this venture but my partner wanted something back. I specifically said to them we do not even have a product to sell and that is the most difficult part of getting started by finding a dropshipper. Of course this company said they can get us started and we needed to regisiter with the government in Wyoming State Dept .. and they will help us over this hurrdle.
    After 6 months of paying fees I called and cancelled with Tax Club … which got about 3 grand … we are in debt about 16,000.00 and never got a website up and running. We are working to pay this off and I always keep trying to find a product that we can sell and give this a try … We were told no refunds. Anyone have luck getting there website up and running or a refund. Not sure if anything can be done at this stage of the game .. I would think if they can sell this crap that we have all been suckered into that they can sell the package that we own !!!
    I tell people to stay clear of this type of program. The only way people will make money is work steady for a paycheck and not just give it away like we stupidly did.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Late but better late than never.

    • Karen says:

      please contact me I live in Alberta and am looking for Canadians that need thier money back. There must be something we can do!
      [email protected]

      • Jenny says:

        Hi Doris,

        I also live in Ontario and would appreciate talking to someone else from this province who needs their money back. You can reach me at [email protected]


      • Marg says:

        Hello Neighbors (Canada) Sorry Sol from America is giving the U.S. a bad name and giving another country heartache. Please help us. we need to take a stand-no matter what country you come from. We need to have these DEMONS exposed to the world and shut them down. We need to have them investigated and everyones story told and how they scam and con the poor and middle class. The only difference between SOL and BERNIE MADOFF is he consulted the middle class and the wealthy. Please also GOOGLE I hate Storesonline. More unhappy people.

  218. Ian says:

    Hey… if you want to fight back at Stores Online, join us and together we will take down the giant. Email your story to [email protected], then tweet everyone you can reach and tell them not to use Stores Online! Tell them to tell everyone they know how crooked this company is! If we join together we can tweet the entire world…


  219. KAREN PECK says:

    My husband attended a storesonline conference, ya know the one where they promise to give every guest an MP3 player, well luckily we did not invest a dime into their gimmick but regardless we were still promised the MP3 player. well I came home and went to their website and gave them all the required info including our redemption codes, well that was like 2 months or so ago, gee still waiting on those MP3 players storesonline!!!!was I disqualified because I did not invest into your BS scam!!!!

    • karen says:

      Hey Karen i am glad i read your info cause i was going to invest . So this website is a scam!!!! thank for saving me and i am glad that u did not get sucked into anything…Karen any ideas on what website that i can trust?
      thanx again
      your name sake Karen:)

  220. Augustus Colson says:

    My wife and I frequently attend marketing scams. we do it because we get a thrill out of watching silver-tongued con artist hoodwink people out of their money. I must admit that SOL is about the smoothest and most organized flimflamers to date. After receiving their canned flyer, I signed up for the free seminar, meal and MP3 player. The presenter sure missed his “calling” as a revival preacher. The meal was a chicken leg short of a miracle. They fed 50 people with a head of lettuce and a chicken strip. The final piece of the puzzle was a 4″ X 8″ strip of index card with a bogus link to cyberspace. Of course I cancelled my $48. check before SOL could get to the bank, or the food could get to my heart.

  221. Dallas Clounch says:

    I live in Utah now and bought the service on Feb. 2 2008 do i fall under any category to get my money back… Please help Stores Online is going to make me live in a box under a bridge :(

  222. Kimberly says:

    We live in B.C Kelowna and we two are victims of storeonline they got all our savings $7000.oo worth and with 5 kids it takes us everything we got to make the $310.00 payments every month for over a year. I cant belive they did that, everything they sold us, we were able to get for free but not untill knowing a little more on the computer. thanks alot storesonline for taking all our money and leaving us to file for bankrupcy WHERE’S THE JUSTICE

    • Marg says:

      I am sorry to read about all these stories. It breaks my heart to know that there is companies out there that hire smooth talking DEMONS to do their durty work. All I can say is this-Weneed to let the world know about Store on line by getting them exposed with 60 minutes or 20/20, Many people watch these shows. By the way Is there any difference between BERNIE MADOFF and STORES ON LINE besides MADOFF went for the WEALTHY and MIDDLE CLASS and STORES ON LINE goes after the POOR and MIDDLE CLASS. Please read between the lines and take note of how much in common they are. I will be checking website daily for your input.

  223. Krista MA says:


  224. Al says:

    Hi, my wife and i join storesonline, and let me tell you it is a big scam, they not helping us with anythig , they just trying to get more money from us.I would like to know if i can go to my distric attorney officce and stop these people from scaming anyone else. Also I WOULD LIKE TO GET MY MONEY BACK

  225. mark says:

    Yes you can try and get your money back. First do a charge back with your Credit Card company. Sometime people get their money back sometime they don’t. File complaints with BBB
    that sometime helps. Mostly file complaints with Attorney General in Utah and in your state. The Attorney General’s can’t do anything if complaints are filed.
    Stores Online are Bad News they are banned from a lot of states.
    Make a blog to tell your story.
    It is free. Go to blogger and tell the world your story.

  226. Bob says:

    Hello All.

    Like everyone else, I got burned with Storesonline “licenses”. We experienced the worst of attempting to develop a web presence. If you want to experience the best in a web presence there is a Canadian company called Site Build It. Check them out. You won’t be dissappointed. Good luck!

  227. lois says:

    I didn’t do my homework on storesonline and I got hooked like so many others in early 2009. There’s so much they don’t tell you, if they did no one would have signed up with them.I did get 1 site up and running on my own. It took 5 months to do that with mistakes which storesonline was able to help sometimes.What I hated was storesonline could get into your site and change things and that’s not right. I had the site running for a while, and didn’t get much traffic at all, and no sells. And I tried everything that I could afford. Yes I could have paid for programs through storesonline, but they were getting enough out of me. I was paying through their financing. Big mistake all around. I decided I had enough of them, and I called and told them I had enough and wasn’t going to pay one more dime to them. And all the Rep. could say was, is there another way to pay the payment, and I told her what part of this don’t you undetstand. She told me that they would keep calling me back, I said bring it on. And I ending the call. I had to cancel my bank account, change my phone number the same day, but I don’t receive calls. I do get letters from them wanting money, I just trash them. I know that my credit has gone from good to bad, and in time I will have to file bankrupty and I blame myself for signing with them. But I couldn’t afford to continue this way.I would like to get some of my money back, but don’t think I will. Has anyone heard of a class action suit filed in Texas yet?

    • Marg says:

      Lois Sorry! Instead of complaining anymore on this site we need to get the WORLD to know about STORES ON LINE by contacting 20/20 or 60 minutes. I am tired of these SCAM companies. They get away with everything and go home to the lavish lifestyle and laugh and party while we the poor are crying and wondering how are we going to keep a roof over our heads and feed of kids. I was told I didn’t have to do anything but own a computer and they would do help me anddo everything for me. Nothing was ever mentioned about all the extras that I had to pay for and that I had to JACK my prices way up just to make a BUCK. When I mentioned this to people from STORES ON LINE there was silence for a few seconds. Then I was informed I had to do my own hunting down companies as to what I wanted to sell. They only gave me companies that I had to pay monthly fees too or they had a huge dropship charge that I would have to tack onto the order-which means it is cheaper to go by at the local store. I will be checking this site daily for any input of contacting 20/20 or 60 minutes to have this company exposed to the world.

  228. I attended the stores on line workshop, in Savannah, ga on November 3, 2009 and was scammed out of 48.00, I would like to join a class action suite, and I am so furious.

    • John says:

      You are suing for $48? Seriously if you think you are suing for this the AG of Georgia will laugh in your face. What you got for $48 was a website. You got what you paid for. Try and find it for less than that with everything that is on it.

  229. Robert Gray says:

    Has anyone in Canada been able to get money back through a class action settlement? How can I try?

  230. bridget says:

    I bought into sol a couple of years ago, reading all these complaints really makes me look like a fool. I didn’t do any research on them either.My husband and I tried several times to get things going with no success. We didn’t really have the money at that time and now we are further in debt. If anyone in Minnesota is thinking about filing a class suit count us in. Any help on recouping any of our loses would be helpful.

    • SueS says:

      Anyone want to join in on a Class Action suite in or around San Francisco? We’ve tried to cancel since day one and am not getting anywhere with them. Please call us at 650-871-6293. I’m seeing a lawyer on 12/7 regarding filing against SOL.

  231. Ellen says:

    Upon a trip to the Bahamas we were approached by both children and adults selling stuff. Kids were picking up rocks and seashells along the path and road and walking up to us asking if we would purchase a rock or shell.

    Suckers are born every day.

    The products Storesonline sells can be gotten either Free or for a lot less time and MONEY.

  232. Jill S says:

    I have wasted a lot of money and all I want is not to pay the balance. I have medical bills to think of

  233. robert collins says:

    Igot invauled with sol insept.of2009 but not near as much as most of the compleanants i guess i’m lucky but i need that 650.00 dollars very badly they have very good sales people at thee talks I’m from tn.Iwill try the distric attortneys office first any suggestions 615 677 6256 thanks a lot bob.

  234. Liz says:

    Has anyone had their SOL website transferred? I am in the process of getting my $$ back & need to have my site transferred so that it stays up & running and have so far been quoted $1000+ to do this, when I was told it should only cost a couple hundred. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Ian says:

      Hey, Liz…

      It should be simple for you to determine whether that is a fair quote or not. Just call a couple of web developers, and ask them how much they charge per hour and how long it would take to transfer your directories from one IP address to another. Our web says he can do it in 15 minutes, so it would cost us about $40 in shop time, as it were. If you pay $1000 to transfer your site, what is that money needed for? What could possibly require that much money to simply move you site directories from one place to another? At $50/hour, that would be 200 hours of work. Does that sound reasonable to you? Stores Online sells their website services for anywhere from 10x and up what ANYONE else on the market is charging. You can find that out with a little research at hostgator or fatcow or any other of a number of hosts. If they overcharge that much for one service, why would you believe their other services are any more reasonably priced?


  235. Ian says:

    Attention all Canadians!!!

    If you are living in Canada and you have been subjected to the Stores Online brand of customer service, I want to hear from you. As of the end of ’09 there has not been a class action suit brought against SOL in Canada, and it’s about time there was. We just need to get the word out and collect as many people as possible. I am in BC, just outside of Vancouver, and if I can’t join a class action suit I might just start one myself. We need to band together, or else we remain just a bunch of angry people on a website. Send me your stories, send me your contact information, and together we’ll see if we can’t stop the bleeding in Canada. Are you with me? Send your information to [email protected], and let’s join together!

  236. virginia says:

    is anyone filing a class action lawsuit in New Jersey, please let me know. i am out 6k from 2 years back, and the promises of their customer service helping to get your site up is a complete LIE! Phone calls after phone calls leads only to more marketing people calling you back to help–of course for more money. contact me at [email protected] if any info on a classaction lawsuit in New Jersey

  237. Lynndb says:

    My husband & I went end of Sept. 2009 to conference in Kern co. California. We were prime as canidates to be taken for as suckers i suppose as I was recently disabled & a small amount of money opened in budget. We made clear my limitations & the tight budget. They made it appealing that they would build the site and we’d have access to dropshipper for a product. This has been far from the case. Now just few days past 90days {we asked for extention to something we’ never saw as an expired deal} they gave us deadline on programmer. We have had flu / cold bugs for two months & kept them up on that as well as impending surgery my husband may need soon, I asked for extention. They sent me to site that would cost $300 for one month extention. Then also realizing the programmer had free reign to embellish at his/her own discretion & charge extra, requiring credit card #. All these extra fee’s would have given me over draft charges & probably had my bank closed. I luckily did one thing right, Although probably losing any chargeback rights…made payments via bank ck. The 1st pymt was via debit/credit which i closed the card on. I have had reservations since the 2nd “training” aka sales pitch but wanted to believe since they made disclosure that they were complying with the state’ changes…..which has come to realize is just their way of tippy toeing till the hit after 90 day charges… They are definitely smooth. I feel bad that I want to pay my contracts, i’ve never defaulted on a account before, nor wish to, but can’t shake this feeling i’m getting nothing for the price of a good used car. I have medical procedures that come 1st, they made it appealing that I would make enough to not worry about my medical bills. Looking for people in California with recent contracts in the past year to gather together & contact the St. Attorney Gen.

    • kathleen says:

      is another law suit starting in California?

    • Samuel says:

      I am from Oakland CA. I have paid around $2,000.00+. I can not stop them from taking my money. I could not get to talk with someone responsible from SOL. Let us try to come together and contact the St Attorney Gen. I am with you.

      • kim says:

        I am from kern county, also. I’ve got 5,000.00 invested that I tried to get a refund, but was one day too late and they would not do it. I’m ready for a class action but the most important thing to do if you’ve already tried to get a refund and been denied is to write to the attorney general. Send in your complaint, that is VERY important. The more complaints, the more likely we’ll get some money back. Be specific and don’t stop there. Put in a complaint with the BBB in the state of Utah, as well as California. The Ferderal Trade Commision, Consumer Affairs, Department of Corporations,,, and Those are all places you can file a report/complaint and thats what they are there for, so use them. The more people complain the more likely to get our money back and shut these mongers down. FOR GOOD! For all of us in California, I can’t exspress enough how important it is to send your complaints to the Attorney General Office and the BBB at least. Don’t be afraid to tell SOL what your doing either, since they are not doing what they led you to think they would! This will end for them…but only if we make it end.

  238. mike says:

    michigan- we also bought into the idea of selling online and felt the constant drain from sol every time we tried to develope a web page. I even did a product vedio . has any action been taken in michigan. We bought in 2007 and only used christmas of 2008 with there sales pitch to use some of our sites to sell over the holidays that was another scam. we could never reach the sites or set them up on other search engines.any new and inexpensive ideas that you may have please me at [email protected]. I still love the online marketing concept. I did produce a instructional vedio and still want to market it online. Mike

  239. Patrece says:

    I am disillusioned but still hopeful in Tennessee. My website has take several more months to get started than I was led to believe. The support is great and the technicians have been very friendly and knowledgable, but the software is so difficult to use that every time you finish a chat with support personnel you see a disclaimer asking you to rate the technician and not the software. At every bend in the road you are asked to spend more money–and the time and financial investment you have made to that point is worthless if you do not make the next purchase. (Example: you buy the SOL package and then have to pay monthly hosting; you work every spare moment to learn the software and then realize that it’s too late to get your money back, and about that time the PMI coaching company calls you, so you feel you have to hire them to help you learn how to do this business; you realize that even with coaching you may not be able to have the site ready for several months, so you pay extra for a programmer to do it for you; you find out after your pay for the programmer that he will only do one revision for you; the programmer finishes and you revise his work, then you find out that you cannot run your site without payment processors; you pay a monthly processing fee whether you ever make a sale or not………) And I could go on.

    My experience is teaching me that even as I continue to work for at least a while longer to make this website profitable, I am also documenting every call made to support and every chat conversation. I am collecting documentation in case it is needed. I would suggest every other customer do the same.

    • Ruth & Donald says:

      Yes, we know exactly what you are talking about and we can relate. Storesonline also told us at the seminar that for $5995.00 we’ll receive 2 free websites custom built, along with other things. The problem we are seriously have is that we already had our site built and were told they would mirror our site, meaning they would duplicate it as is into storesonline software. Well after we paid our money and waited a week for someone to contact us they came back and told us that they could only do 25 items not the 175 they promised at time of sell. I requested to speak to the president of the company and only got the runaround. People and names are continue to get promoted and new people filling in, so the promises keep getting dilluted. Since I brought the program 2 months ago I have changed programmars twice, and customer support keep giving me different names of people in charge, so I never know who i’m suppose to talk to. I’m in the process of finding out how to get my money back.

      • kim says:

        I’m right behind you, by one month. Let me know with a reply, if there is anyway we can start a collective of poeple all banned together for a fight for our money.
        I’ll keep checking this site for replies.

  240. Hard to trust now says: I have already contacted them about sol continued same practice to offer #1 to disabled with low income/bad credit/ &/or NO customer service {or bad} — read their former experience this legal firm has all the expertise already to deal with sol. “The Complaint alleges that the Company failed to disclose material defects with the operation of its software, ” “extorting thousands of dollars in additional “executive mentoring” fees from its customers in violation of state law.” and “selling software packages through installment contracts to customers with subprime credit.” This law firm has lawyers from one end of the USA to the Other…so everyone go there and file please.

  241. Howard Wright says:

    I was very much alarmed when I read what had happened to others. I called my credit card company and told them about this company scamming others and that there were law suits against them. They suggested that I immediately cancel my card before SOL had a chance to access the account. I did so and have a new account opened. I had also sent in via FAX and mail my notice of cancellation. Hope I have covered all bases.

  242. Alan says:

    Kayley, you are either in denial or part of SOL. Here’s a short list of lawsuits:

    Please contact your State Attorneys General for advice and help.

    New! Class Action Suit Settlement (Deadline for filing claim 30th Nov 2009)

    Washington – Please file your claim for full refund by 21st September 2009

    Full refunds for North Carolina residents.

    Sued by AG of Illinois and Texas.

    Cease and desist by Utah.

    Violated Business Opportunity Fraud Act of Washington.

    Banned by State of Maine.

    Connecticut $130,000 settlement with Storesonline and Imergent.

    Sued by AG and refund for California victims.

    If you are from Pennsylvania, please contact Stephanie.

    AG in State of Florida- Full Refunds

    New Zealand

    If your refund request is refused, then take your case to a Disputes Tribunal. Use the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act as the basis of your claim.


    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [ACCC]. They have previously conducted a class action suit against Storesonline on behalf of many consumers.

    5 October 2007: ACCC commences proceedings against StoresOnline for alleged breaches of s. 87B undertakings

    22 October 2007: StoresOnline found to have breached previous undertakings: Workshops to go ahead under new orders

    30 October 2007: Federal Court orders StoresOnline to amend workshop presentations

    If you got your site up and running and are earning big bucks, good for you, but you are in the minority. This blog is for independent 3rd parties to discuss what has happened to each of them between SOL and what was told or done to them, including myself. I am an educated person who has been blessed with business success and I retired after a 30 year career. SOL failed to do the things that they said they would do. I did my part. Are you aware that they only have one shipping vender calculation right now. They are always trying to fix their program. If their program isn’t working properly and you are unable to build your site in one click, two clicks, three clicks, then you should not be out there selling it!
    That’s what scamming is. Do you really think all these attorney generals in several states would win these cases if SOL was operating within the law?? No, they wouldn’t. They win the cases because it’s been proven they have broken laws. SOL in theory is good, operational is poor.

  243. Tanya says:

    I’m learning that several people were scammed by SOL. I believe I was too. I have wasted too much time trying to build a successful website and all they want from you is additional money. I’m looking for help here in Nevada so I can get my money back. Any suggestions please email me at [email protected]

  244. patsy brooks says:

    Hello, I filed a claim with the stores on line settlement.The clain was sent in before the end of november dead line.I have not received no payment from stores on line.Does anyone know what is going on with the settlement? Please e-mail me with any information that you might have…..THANK YOU !!!!! Patsy

    • kaylon says:

      hi i filed before the deadline to and have not heard anything on the law suite how can we get our money back .they have not call or e-mail about the settlement 6,000 plus is alot of money

    • Marg says:

      Hello Patsy and Tonya I am sorry also to hear. I have been scammed too! Please we need to let the world know about STORES ON LINE They are no different than what BERNIE MADOFF did to the WORLD. We need to contact 20/20 or 60 minutes and have the WORLD hear these stories and put them out of business. I will be checking this site daily for any input. We need to take our complaints and let the World know!

  245. Susan says:

    Is it too late to file? I lost $7,000 back in 2006 in california and have felt so stupid ever since. SOL continually wants more and more money to “help” you be successful. It is a worthless money pit. The staff at PMI are downright rude, nasty, and abusive. I refused their services and they were insulting. I am in a deparate situation financially also and any refund would be a blessing. Just found this site today.

  246. Ray Logan Jr says:

    I realy glade you have this up I was going to attend a marketing meting on feb 24 I think I will bring a copy of this with me and ask them about it .do you have eney more
    referents on this so i can confront them

  247. Kevin Doucet says:

    I am just starting my refund process with PMI and Stores on Line. I live in Alberta Canada and looking for advice on my first step.

    • Vicki says:

      I also live in Alberta, and am asking the same question. I received this:
      My name is Brad Mercier. I am an associate of Raymond Carpenter, Director Independent associate of Prepaid Legal Services Inc. Ray and I are based out of Surprise, Arizona. Ray has received numerous calls concerning storesonline and their unethical practices. He has helped numerous people since posting with a problem with storesonline. Storesonline is being sued for unethical practices. For a small investment we can help you resolve your problem. Please call me and together we can help you resolve your situation quickly. Please call me or reply to my email at your earliest convenience. My number is 623-866-2476 or Ray’s number is 623-202-4400. Thank you. We look forward to helping you!


      Mr. Brad Mercier

      At least this is a starting point….. still need to talk to this man. I found that Duvera cannot get VISA payments processed in Canada. Tried writing to the Storesonline CEO, no response, to only process through the Storesonline account. Not happening…. FYI

  248. Kevin Doucet says:

    I have also been approached by a company called the Business Recovery Services and for $500 US they will give you all of the papers needed to file against Stores On Line. They have had multiple people come to them and for an additional 25 % of the recovered amount they will do all the work for you. My question is, has anyone used these guys and can they deliver?

    • Brad says:

      Kevin, I am a fellow Albertan and am looking to resolve my dispute with SOL and was wondering how your progress was going. I have read other Canadians post’s on this site expressing an interest for a class action lawsuit. Although I think it is a good idea, I think a good point of attack is to cut off the hand that is feeding SOL by going after the financing company(s) that are keeping these guys going. I invite you and any other fellow Canadians who feel duped by SOL to contact me at [email protected] for continued conversations on this topic.

  249. gail says:

    Wondering about the $58 for express – after the 3 days can we get that back? Why are these people still in business? Also how can I be sure to get all my info back so it is not sold on to third parties?

  250. mariab says:

    Storesonline enticed us into purchasing 3 websites, than sent our way EMS to charge another $7500 for help in constructing and marketing the site. One month after purchase and not getting anywhere we asked for refund, buy back all 3 websites!!! We are seniors, they lied telling how easy one can make money. They still continue the same marketing techniques in Canada with the same pitch, and getting more suckers like us into their fraudulent scheme.

  251. Carol says:

    Glad all of you got your money back and Your Attorney General’s Office did something about it! Nevada has done Nothing to protect people like us. I became disabled and we just wanted to make some extra money with Jobs drying up in Nevada.

    • Marg says:

      Carol Please get in touch with 20/20 or 60 minutes and let the WORLD here your story and maybe others will chime in about how they can sMOOTH talk anyone into thinking they can make you money and they will HELP put your site up. They don’t tell you about all the extra hidden fees just to get into the warehouses. They are no better than BERNIE MADOFF, at least he took from the (targeted)the WEALTHY and MIDDLE CLASS. Where STORES ON LINE targets the poor, middle class and elderly. Let’s put our complaints be known out into the WORLD where it will open everyone’s eyes and ears. We all need to join forces and contact 20/20 or 60 minutes. I will be checking this site daily for inputs.

  252. Carol says:

    Glad all of you got your money back and Your Attorney General’s Office did something about it! Nevada has done Nothing to protect people like us. I became disabled and we just wanted to make some extra money with Jobs drying up in Nevada. Stores Online is a SCAM wanting more money for add ons, insurance to protect personnal assets and have the audacity to attempt to ruin Your Credit History. Report them to Federal Trade Commission and Make sure All of you tell them about this site, giving them as much information as you can.

  253. Cleo says:

    I recently received a free coupon for one of there events and wondered if i went would they force me to buy anything? And how good is their lunch. Personally, if they are going to con, I’d like to at least eat a free lunch for the time it took me to research their idiocy. Also will they kick you out if you don’t wear there requested business attire? Also, how much is the S+H for the “video mp3 player.” I have done lots of research on scams similar but nothing this extensive. More of the congratulations you’ve won an ipod pop up adds. Also, does anyone know of other free lunch cons?

  254. Katie Sanders says:

    I attended a workshop in Jan. 2010 with Stores on line in Vestavia, Al.they requested business attire of course there were a lot of people there that was not business attire. The lunch was ok nothing great, the buiding was cold. We was promised “video mp3 players and that the winner for the computer would be notified via e-mail, it has been seven weeks and I have not received my mp3 player nor have I received notification of the winner,

    • Cleo says:

      on their terms of service it says you had to send in a coupon i think, i might just go for fun, and possibly in the middle yell you guys are scammers or something after i get my coupon

  255. Michelle says:

    Is there any help for those of us in Canada that are seeking a refund. Between SOL and PMI, I have spent over $15,000 and have not sold one item off my site. I feel I was ripped off. Are there any other Canadians out there that feel the same way?

  256. Stuart Moyer says:

    We spent about $60,000 and have had one sale in the last three years.

  257. Vicky says:

    Could you please advise if anybody in the UK have been sucked into this as Im reasearching on behalf of a customer of mine who has parted with almost £4000.00 at Old Trafford earlier this month through stores online.
    Advised to contact credit card company any help in getting a refund would be greatly appreciated.

  258. Mark H says:

    Yes Vicky I was at that event and unfortunately got sucked into parting with the £3700 fee for the Pro progamme (they discouraged me not to take the inferior other option Express for £1900). I have contacted my credit card company who suggest I request a refund directly from them first but dont hold much hope as there hasn’t been any presidence set in the UK yet so same here, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  259. SOPHIA says:

    I live in Washington State My husband and I purchased Stores online the same year we got married (2007) it is so complicated to use, we still have so called six websites. I just found out that we were able to receive our money back but unfortunately we have moved several times after that and didn’t receive any notices. Does anyone know if we have any options to get our money back from Stores online?

  260. Mary says:

    I am sorry to tell all of you who thinks you can get your money back from Stioresonline. There is no chance in hell. Listen they sweet talk and swindled you out of your hard earned cash and that is it. They got away with it and still in business still spinning their web of lies and selling useless license to to so called websites

  261. Jay Carr says:

    I attended conference today ? who was speaker?

  262. Carol Magri says:

    I agree with all that has been already said. When they gave my info to Tax Club (which I was not told or approved)and affiliates I am in the hole of $19,000, with no website. Did we really think 3 days was enough time to cancel? Of course not. Tax Club, Ikongo, Success Planning, Access Books (they said I would have a Cdn, Bookeeper there for my books. I called no Cdn. I am using a US firm & cr. card fraud to help me get money back. PMI/SOL are based in Utah. I am a senior and can’t live on the $1500 we get from our wonderful Gvmt. so this was a way to earn $$ so I thought. I have a new hosting firm now and they have really been wonderful. I will put in another post to update, I wish us all luck.

  263. badabing says:

    I live in Toronot, Ontario, Canada, i got this invitation Free Lunch/Dinner if i sit through a presentation. I would get an MP3 player and would be also included for a free laptop draw. Its been sitting on my table and i thought why not, atleast its a free lunch, so i called and registered they insisted that i bring my spouse or a guest i said ok i don’t have one right now but will find someone to go along.
    Something about the person on the other end putting me on hold every few min to take another call made me uneasy. Then she sounded very Hispanic [English as second language] no offence i like Hispanics especially the girls :). Anyhoo she asks me to go over the website and be prepared if i need any questions answered. I was curious and i am a computer jock so i checked it out looked very promising i must say, wish i could setup a website thats so sell sell sell. Next i looked for reviews on the company SOL i find you chaps ! i feel sorry for you, at the same time i want to thank each and everyone of you for sharing the stories and saving me grief. I feel your pain and pray you all get togther and sue them to the last dime and put them out of business for good.
    Best wishes to all and be safe from scam and SOL’s and SOB’s

  264. Michael Myers says:

    Hi All,
    This evening a lady came to my door, who now lives in my old apartment in the same building. She hands me this invitation she got in her mailbox, addressed to me, to go to this free lunch with of course the draw for the laptop and the free mp3 player. So, I do the research as I do with every online ‘get rich quick’ offer and read this blog. I decide to call the number out of curiosity, with no intention of going to this joke of a seminar. I was put on hold 5 times!!! I asked about the shipping on the mp3 player and they had no information. (This is when I started to play stupid, just for fun.) Then I asked how they got my name and address, again with no information. I asked about the negative feedback on the internet and if they could explain how such a supposed great company could have such negative feedback and stories of people losing so much money. I was told that most of those comments were by people involved with their competition! I find it hilarious that my mailing info, just magically fell into their hands and they decided to invite me to this. Hopefully people in the future will read this blog and save their time and money and efforts. I feel bad for the people who were screwed by this company.

  265. Tee says:

    I am living in London, England and I cannot get through to Stores Online or PMI. I was warned that it might be a scam but they seemed so big with smooth convincing talk and lots of success testimonials. I handed over £38 for a website license and was invited to workshop at the Brit Oval, where I suffered from I.O. (information overload).

    I could not afford the 3grand they wanted but it still seemed like a good idea.

    A few days later I was contacted on my mobile by sweet talking American who talked me into paying by installments using credit card with 1st payment of £600 pounds almost assuring me that I should be able to pay it off from my website sales.
    Over a month later have not been able to build website. I have emailed, telephoned. no reply from email. have not been able to get through on any of the numbers supplied.received credit card bill for £694.36p for ITS training.PMI telephone number is on the bill.
    My website is closed asking for £17 monthly subscription.
    I just cannot contact anyone connected with StorerOnline or PMI. Lots of American toll free numbers but none of them work.installment plan.!
    Have I been scammed? and still being scammed as it is a 3 year

  266. Hansi says:

    StoreOnline are coming back to Ottawa Canada at the beginning of April 2010. They’re looking for more Canadian suckers. That could be you!

    Why does our government not protect us from these scammers?

    I got thrown out of one of their sessions because they figured out that I’d figured them out. They called the cops to remove me. What a farce!

    Watch out! There is no easy money only marks that are easily seaparated from their money.

    • Hansi says:

      I would fight fire with fire. If the have scammed you for thousands, stop paying, cancel your credit cards and let them fight you for it. They’ll never risk the publicity or the expense of taking you to small claims court. You’re being too nice to the lowest scum on earth. I’ve been to the sessions and looked these guys in the eye. They don’t care, they lie and take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. They don’t deserve to get our money. Stop paying.

  267. Miss Mac says:

    Hi everyone,
    I went, very critical and skeptical of such presentations, with my partner, who was interested. I was there for “reality check” and to keep this thing honest. We also brought another impartial witness.
    We did sign up for this Pro package. So far, everything has been as advertised, except for the phone calls coming FROM StoresOnline. We never expected to get rich quick, we knew we would probably spend months preparing the information to build our website, probably 6 months. Once the first site was built, we would use that experience and research to set up to 6 additional sites, within the storage/size limit. We were aware of the additional hosting fees/merchant services fees, and those are normal costs of doing business. We are business people already…we are not amateurs, we are technical people working in both the communications industry and for government. We have both experience and education in contracts and business.

    Some points I have to make here:
    1) I read the 3 day bail notice. I am ok with that.
    2) I took good notes, in their materials, and have an independent witness, and 4 others (got their business cards) who also attended the seminar we purchased at.
    3)I read the disclaimer that specifically cautioned about being a computer novice, not having business training/experience, being undercapitalized, or having unrealistic expectations about online business…ie. no guarantees of profitability…ever. I’m cool with that, and that information was in fine print…right above where I signed.
    4) It would have been better if the contract had more details…I swear that my car purchase contract had more specifics than this contract did. But, if the contract were any longer, any customer could probably exercise an affirmative defense of needing legal representation to be bound to it. Please note, I did not find ANYTHING in my contract indicating I had been afforded an opportunity to take my contract to a lawyer…since the deals happen on Saturdays.

    My concerns have come from this site and being contacted by a StoresOnline rep offering to “help us get started for a fee”…so we can become their poster child. In other words, if we pony up more money…they are gonna make sure our site succeeds so they can toot their horn and use us. We declined. Our success, or failure, will be in our hands and StoresOnline. Also, our first contact referred to an “expiration period/90 days” for setting up our first website. If THAT had been part of their presentation (it WASN’T), then we would have walked immediately. Changing the terms of our contract without written agreement is breach of contract. And this business about not getting websites renewed timely…that is simply another breach…failure to exercise reasonable business care on their part, and failure to properly disclose/communicate. They could be held liable for business losses for their direct failure to timely perform to prevent injury to a customer.

    Again, performance seems to be a major issue here in this forum. Failure to perform as contracted is breach of contract…and cause to dump your payments and force them to sue you to get their money. A contract cannot be enforced if it could not reasonably/had business practicality to be performed. But honestly, some who have commented here are angry because they bit off more than they could chew…and if StoresOnline did all they agreed to do, then maybe they should have to pay. But I wasn’t at THEIR seminar or dealing with their representative/contract.

    Yes, I do keep a contact record of every contact…and I promise that if they do not keep their promises… StoresOnline will have met their match. I’ll let them hit my credit and sue them when they do. I won’t sign any agreement to be quiet and I will go public in a very vocal way. I appreciate all of you who have taken your time to outline your issues with the company and their affiliates. If this goes badly, due to StoresOnline’s issues, you will get to tell me “I told you so”…

    For those who are still participating…remember…a phone call is not proof. Certified mail gets attention and provides a paper trail that backs the phone calls and emails. It makes it hard for a business to deny they were contacted or what information was provided or action requested. Keep copies of all letters to and from. If you are in collections, refer to Fair Credit and Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collections law. The Federal Trade Commission can take complaints regarding businees practices, unfair collections, unmet claims/services not provided when paid for, and ethical disclosure.

    Get ready StoresOnline…get it right on your end, or go down in flames!

    • Becky says:

      WOW!!! And I just bought the most expensive package. I WAS so excited. Until I tried to read through all of the steps that I thought would be relatively easy. I get sent to look here and there. I’m still no further than I was when left the workshop. They talked a good game and it all made sense. I want a internet business, someone to design my site. I was hoping that my site would be up and running before they get their first payment out of me. This might take longer than planned…But they will provide me with website.

      If anyone can help me through this mumble jumble….I can certainly use any advice. I should have done my research before buying into this thing.

      I appreciate all the comments. All can say is wow.

      • BP/Michigan says:

        wow, is right! I got rushed into my first website because after 60 days they told me I only had 30 more days to submit all my info to the programmer. I hadn’t even decided on a product yet, becuz their dropshippers all wanted $ to be a member. Then I was suppose to get 6/mon, free hosting, ha! They didn’t tell me that the 6/mon was also MY access to that website. So the whole time I was messing around trying to find a product and getting my info to the programmer it was burning up my FREE hosting/access.Now they want me to pay $30 a month to access my own site and it’s not even ready to publish! Trust and believe they will not see another cent from me!

    • Marg says:

      Miss Mac It was nice reading your letter. I wish you would have stated who was the spokes person and who you worked with on your contract? What I can’t unerstand is how they can give you credit when there is no job, bad credit and he had the nerve to ask me if I could be late on a bill just so I could come up with the down payment. He (Shon) told me I could (and the company would help me) have a site up right away-within acouple of weeks making money before my monthly payment was due. A fool I was listened and agreed to buy into their SCAM company. How many others are there like me? I know there is many!

  268. dianne says:

    Toronto, Ontario – Hi guys, I have been following this thread for a while now. I too was scammed by SOL of 6000 dollars. I never published a site due to additional costs of operation that they failed to advise you during the seminar. The dropshipping option was the one that grabbed my attention – only to find out that the supposedly affiliated/integrated dropshippers on the website are not free…there’s still a charge to use their service. They never tell you about monthly fees after you buy the website…who would ask about it when you pay 6000 right away?? I was wondering if there is anyone in Canada that has filed a claim and got refunded? I read about going to the MP but I am not sure how that would help if it is just me that will put a complaint… I am having a hard time financially because of this scam… If anyone in Canada has filed a claim or is thinking of filing one, please count me in… email me @ [email protected]
    Thank you and goodluck to all of us

  269. dianne says:

    “For people in Canada”
    I contacted the consumer affairs in Canada and was advised to file a complaint to RCMP (WWW.RCMP-GRC.GC.CA “scams”) and 18003485358 and (which is the federal trade commision in the US) I have emailed them about our complaints and will now be crossing my fingers for a positive response from them.
    I have sent them links of this thread and other articles about storesonline. I found out the the australian government gor over 600 thousand of refunds from SOL to give back to the people who got scammed. SO let’s all work together to get out money back. Please send email complaints to the RCMP, the federal trade commision in the US and the competition bureau of canada.
    The more complaints they get, the better our chances of getting our money back.
    Thank you and more power

    • Li says:

      Hi Dianne,

      Do you have any results on your complaint? I was ripped off by PMI and Storeonline as well. I was just contacted these days by Business recovery service LLC from US. I am hesitating whether I should use their “do it yourself’ kit service to complain about PMI and SOL. Could you please share your experience and provide any advise how to proceed this.

      Li from Toronto, ON

      • Donna says:

        I too have the exact complaint. However, I have heard of RIPOFF, but have not heard of Business Recovery Service LLC, and I will check it out with BBB & RIPOFF.
        Now we all know that we must be much

      • Donna says:

        Donna Reply:
        June 29th, 2010 at 2:25 pm

        I too have the exact complaint. However, I have heard of RIPOFF, but have not heard of Business Recovery Service LLC, and I will check it out with BBB & RIPOFF.
        Now we all know that we must be much more careful.

        In the US we are told to contact the attorney general.

        I am open to joining a class action lawsuit … in which all my sites, but the one that I created myself, would be reimbursed. I am trying MYSELF to set up a web site and it is tough.
        AND I AM NOT COMPUTER ILLERATE. I just have never designed a web site, and found it easy to do, but once it got to Stores On line, (after 2 full years of fighting with them), I sent them a PDF, WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE to open copy and paste, but spent 2 wks. sending them emails with each page covering a paragraph, a sentence, a picture, an icon, … well you get the pctr., and it looked horrible.
        I got one time only to have them correct the errors, got most corrected, but could not get in the backend, and customer service thru online chat just did not understand what I was asking. I finally after a couple of months of chatting, got the login address I needed.
        I also paid $250 for additional programming help, and was told to use it on the next web site I set up.
        Why do I need more than1 web site as one alone will handle my site.
        I have over $20,000 invested.
        So, what are my chances of getting it back? The last law suit that I found out about 2 days before the deadline for submitting all necessary documents was too close for me to parttake of; however people only got $1200 back.
        YES, it is true Utah, California and a couple of other states have banned them.

        • Marg says:

          People Please get in contact with 20/20 or 60 minutes and have the WORLD here your stories. It needs to get out there. This is America! We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the right to let the WORLD know about them and have them investigated.

  270. Karen says:

    looking to get a refund of $18 thousand plus owed to my from SOL and PMI… any suits going on in Canada??

    • Justin says:

      I too got scammed by SOL and PMI for about the same. I feel like an idiot. I made exactly zero from this promised investments. I too have contacted these groups and have my fingers crossed. Strength in numbers my Canadian friends.

      • Lou says:

        Hi Justin,

        I got sucked up in 2007. I wish someone would stop Stores Online from doing this to so many people. To this day I got nowhere with their product. I wish there was a way to get my money back.

        [email protected]

    • Becky says:

      Oh my Karen you gave them all of that….for what!!! I went to the “boot camp” seminar in Tampa, June 3rd. I figured there would be another scheme to get money out of us, I made myself the promise to buy nothing. True enough there were forms for the type of business one should get for protection. I took good notes. Home and used my trusted google….and googled all of those forms which was supposedly hard to get. I saw free sites of the forms along with “all” the forms mentioned in the seminar. Some o9f them costs $$, but no as nearly the amount that they they asked. I think $1,397. That’s too much.

      I gained a lot of informative information from StoresOnline, but not enough to pay $6,000 plus tax.

      I hope to be successful as they pushed. But there should be a refund from them.

      If you are in ther state of Florida, please email me at [email protected], to share what I got from the Attorney General’s Office. I can see another class action lawsuit for Florida victims of SOL.


    • Lou says:

      I’m in the same boat as you, dear. What can we do?

    • Nadine says:

      You guys are in Canada I’m also in Canada…let me know if any of you find anything out for the refund

  271. Marie says:

    Bing out of work for over a year at age 63 and alone it is hard to find work. I am an Artist, Craft Designer and Poet. When I attended the seminar I was looking for a way to show my craft pattern and sell it. I believed StoresOnLine could make it possible and I would be able to survive. I have no 401K, unemployment is about gone and no one to help me. I call to cancel the contract, but was talked into a less costly contract, only $3600 with only $300 down. I Have to find a way to make a living and I am not able to do heavy lifting or bending and have been burnt out on sales and retail work. I realy believed StoresOnLine was the answer to my prays. That was on March 16, 2010. I am still trying to get my website seen on Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.
    Last time I called the customer service the gal I spoke was rude and every other word said we don’t guarantee anything. That is not what we were told at the seninar. I want my money back! When my unemployment is gone this month I will be homeless and lose everything I have struggled my hole life to get, not that it is much. They new it when I spoke with them at the seminar, because I told them I need to get the website up as fast as possible, it wasn’t until June and that was only a domane name. I am so discuraged!
    There was over a hundred people who signed up at the seminar in Vancouver, WA and Porlland, OR.
    I would rather be dead than live in a shelter or on the street.

  272. Donna says:

    I just purchased this Friday the 16th of July, and they are holding my check until August 6th, How can I get out of this?

    • Becky says:

      Domma, you should be glad that you are getting your money back! Some of use didn’t get a chance to cancel because of lack of knowledge of this site. I will say, since my attending the whopping $6,000 class. I have gotten a website built and are waiting on the revisions. I mam very pleased of the website, and as time pass, I will maKe other changes to it myself. I’m waiting to see if my products will sell.

      So far, I have had nothing but positive from customer support and from my programmer. He speaks english.

      I have only me to blame if I don’t get many hits. I chose a product I believe in.

      If you bought the $6,000 site and paying SOL, I’ll say get a niche you beliebe in. I went to nichemonkey to get ideas on possibly to see, I kept thinking of another product, but I stayed with my initial products.

      It took me a little time gathering information that I needed, I didn’t want to lose anymore money before I got my site, therefore I didn’t sene all the pictures I wanted. Some business didn’t want to let me sell the items without having a published website, so I will certainly add products afterwards.

    • Ruth & Donald says:

      Please tell me how it turned out. I would like to make this work whether than spend a lot of time suing storesonline. But if I have a slight chance to get my money back I would like to do that.

      If anyone has profit or were able to get a site built to their satisfaction please let us know the site for viewing and if you are making money.

  273. Becky says:

    Ooops ignore the typos. Sorry!!!!!


  274. Alan says:

    I would like to visit your “built site” what is the web address?
    You aren’t getting any traffic to your site because you have not agreed to “buy” more training to learn how to be successful for another $10,000 to $20,000 – Stores On Line will be more helpful.
    So instead, you have a site, that you may be making some changes on, but you don’t have much traffic, so you aren’t generating any money. Except they have you paying probably $29.95 per month to host your non profitable site.

    That’s why they make so much money. We are idiots who purchase their product and then they don’t build the site or it doesn’t work and then they stop building it if you don’t pay the $29.95, so you are screwed or you have to pay the $29.95 and hope you finally get your site up and running. I refused to publish my site because they just could not get the shipping calculations to work with the weight of the products. I don’t know why, but they couldn’t after two years I refused to put out any more money. They already took $7744.00.

    Storesonline targets those people who are retired, out of work, elderly, people who want to start a little online business to make some extra money. Unfortunately, they have no ethics, morals and apparently border on the what is legal or illegal.

    I just say good luck to all of you who try to stick it out with that company, but watch your wallets.

    That is the problem with Stores On Line.

  275. Nina says:

    Well, I have certainly been ripped of. I spent the 6K on the pro package, which would have been fine for me with the limited amount of time I have actually spent building my website. However, their backhanded salesmen managed to talk me into spending ANOTHER 16K on marketing, then they want MORE money so their Tax Club people can make sure you have listed your company with all the proper LLC’s and related. I passed on that one thank god. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THESE PEOPLE. You can buy Macromedia and market yourself much cheaper, and if you are business savvy enough you don’t NEED Storesonline, PMI, The Tax Club or My eBiz. Does anyone know where I can find the information for any suits files against Stores Online in the state of Montana?

    • Ruth & Donald says:

      Please contact us on this information, we have semiliar problems. Attorney General’s office is where we started.

      • Nina says:

        What kind of problems have you had? Do you know if there are enough complaints to bring a class action suit against Storesonline? It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t spent the $16K on their marketing scam. You can email me directly at [email protected] with any info you have that might help me. Thank you

  276. Becky says:

    Nina you can contact your State Attorney General’s Office. Tell them what happened. Also, google Storesonline listing your state…you probably won’t be the first one to report the issue.

    I have a similar problem. They built my site, however, after I added some products, they asked about marketing my site with LinkBuilder. It was my understanding during their seminar that all of that was included, after all they said they can get your site at the top of google and other search engines.

    I can see how you invested more money to them to get a good site up and running, but I think $6,000 should have been more than enough.

    I hung in there with them until the end, but I refuse to pay more money. I will try to get myself at the top of google page, there are several free sites out there to tell you how to do that.

    Here is a link regarding SOL in your state.

    Good luck!!

  277. On May 7th I attended a StoresOnline training in Columbus Ohio with my wife Crystal Richards (who’s name the account is in). Everything I heard in the large group session sounded good for the business my wife and I where starting online. They at once provided us a private consulting time and when asked closer about their product everything from the consultant looked like it would work for our my online business he also verified with manager that I could use my standard shared hosting service that I currently have through my company.

    After getting the package home and digging into it I discovered the following lies about the service.

    StoresOnline’s website can only work with 2 different website domains unless I pay $29.95 a mont to host the sites with StoresOnline. This was by far the first and biggest lie. I asked my consultant if I would be able to use this product with my standard shared hosting server. He informed me it would work without a problem. The consult informed me that the software would be easy to download from the website and start working right away. I had to speak with a tech agent on the phone and request a CD that provided me the information to install to my website. After receiving the disc in the mail (a standard department store burned CD with no label or documentation). I loaded the disc into my laptop and discovered that the software would not work on a standard shared web hosting server. It requires a hosting server to provide root access which is only given to dedicated or VPS services.

    I asked very in depth questions at the session to receive green lights on everything until I got home and discovered nothing would work with my system and without purchasing additional services.

    I understood all the questions I asked at the session and I informed the StoresOnline consultant that I worked for a web hosting company and that I was unable to purchase web hosting from them because it was a conflict of intrest to my company. Yet they still are demanding that I purchase their web hosting to use the service in the manner they promised me would work with my current services.

  278. ND says:

    Hi all,

    After reading all these scam of work that this company did, I was suppose to attend a work shop in August. I just called and requested my $ 58.00 refund, hopefully they will give me back and will also tell everyone else about this.
    Thanks so much about the information

  279. shirley says:

    Hi Guy’s
    My story is pretty much the same as yours only I was scammed over the phone. Never went to a seminar. I only bought a book from Anthony Morrison and when they called me that is who I thought I was doing business with. They never told me they were a seperate company. They got me for $8555.00 charged over the phone. There was nothing in that call about storesonline, pmi, nmr, or myebiz. At the end of the call he did tell me that the credit card charge on the bill would be itstraining. I have never seen a letter of discloser or a time frame to opt out. These people are using very fraudulent practices and I am sending them a letter to try getting my money back. By the way is there anyone else in Iowa having trouble with them? I’d sure like to know as when they tell me no return I plan to make as much trouble for them as I can.
    Thanks everyone for your input.

  280. Brenda says:

    We purchased the storesonline product on 6-23-2010. We did not receive the promised product brainstorming session but had already signed the agreement so I went ahead and tried on my own to find a product using their tools (except some of the time their server was down so I could get no where). I enlisted the help of the Credit card company to try to get a refund to no avail. Called Customer Support and tried to talk to a supervisor about where I should mail the materials to return them and what method. Each time I was put on hold and then “disconnected”. I am not filing a complaint with my state’s AG and consulting an attorney. Very shady business tactics and wish I had seen this web site prior to going to the work shop.

  281. "Kelly Richards" says:

    WATCH OUT NEBRASKA – I’m from Lincoln and they’re hitting up the capitol next month. I received the BS tickets in the mail last week, did some research, and now plan to “help out” in advance of “the show” by contacting who I need to contact. My deepest sympathies to all who fell into this armpit of a business. – Claire

  282. Adriana says:

    Hello everyone,
    my dad and I just went to a conference and a workshop last week.
    Today is my 3rd business day to decide if I want to join
    them or not.
    They are charging us 6000 for the SEO and the multiple
    I have been reading and I’ve got pretty scared about it.
    I would like to know if this is only in Canada and NZ? or
    is it in USA too??

    • michael says:

      yes there in the us too. I am looking at this site because I was invited to a meeting with them next week I think I will just go for the free Ipod. O and the free dinner What do they feed u for dinner anyways O and they said they r giving away 50 free laptops to people that attend.
      good luck mike from michigan usa

      • Nina says:

        It won’t be a free ipod…i you want the ipod you will have to send in a card & pay to have it shipped. As far as the laptops will more than likely get some refurb’ed pile of garbage that won’t even keep a charge. The free dinner you get is some catered box lunch type deli sandwich with a pickle, potato salad and a cookie for dessert. Even the “free” ipod & meal aren’t worth the trouble of signing up for a conference.

        • Hollie Ann says:

          I went to both meetings with my mom and her friend. Moms friend invested on her own and mom & I went in on it together. It was a RUSH, RUSH, RUSH to get you to the back and have you sign the paperwork. They don’t allow the people “selling” you the stuff to answer any questions on how they are doing or what their experience has been. The IPOD is a little shuffle.. and the laptop is a flipping joke… it has an OLD operating system on it and locks up all the time. If you spend $ at the second meeting they upgrade you to a nice laptop, but if you cancel like our friend did, they charge you $300-$400 for the upgraded laptop. Mom and I are both trying to find a way to get out of this agreement because they don’t help as promised and what they do promise is all a bunch of crap… BUYER BEWARE!!! We are in Washington State – If anyone knows of how to cancel this agreement or if there is a class action going on here please let us know!

  283. Linda says:

    I found your comments, etc. re: storesonline on this storesonline review website. I have had a site for a
    close to a year and have not yet been able to use it due to ALOT of confusing
    info, etc. Now I am told that if I don’t show a profit on my next tax report
    that I am going to owe a lot of money..?? I have even been outsourced and
    currently cannot even access the site I paid for. X#)0#!!! I am not even sure
    what the heck is going on. I have friends who have done their own websites with
    extremely less trouble and are doing pretty good. I haven’t even got to sell
    anything and they keep trying to get me to buy more products to HELP me drive
    business to my site that i can’t even access. I have already paid them off AND PMI!! I am now feeling really stupid for believing this crap. I wanted to start my own business and bought into their sales pitch. I never thought it would be so confusing and demand such great amounts of money just to sell one simple product on a small website. Any advice or otherwise?

    Thanks, LH in California

    • Becky says:

      Linda, I feel your pain. I refuse to get into the PMI crap. I have been getting many calls regarding PMI. In fact, I received a bill from them yesterday, September 8, 2010. I will copy that bill and send a letter to the Attorney General’s Office. I refuse to pay all of that money with seeing a profit. I suggest you keep your receipts and contact your Attorney’s General Office as well.

      Google “class action law suits” against Storeonline in the state of California” you will probably see more people in your state with the same problem.

      Good Luck!!

      • Becky says:

        Correction: “without seeing a profit”

      • Erika says:

        Hey Becky I have contacted the Utah AG, Texas AG, Utah BBB and even ripoff report and not a single one has helped me in the least. The BBB sent my complaint to SOL and then sent me their response and this went on for a couple of times and then we both agreed to arbitrate and that was about a month ago and as of yet I have heard nothing from them. I even contacted the local TV station and nothing. It seems that there is not one single person willing to help us with this.

        • Becky says:

          Erika, I suggest emailing your Attorney General’s office. I did a search on Stores online, there have been lawsuits regarding SOL in Texas. Send your email to the fraud/scams from the website.

          They should provide you with informations. Besides this is election year, they should be more than willing to assist you.

          Good Luck!

  284. Julie Harris says:

    Hi, I was scammed over a year ago. I have recently been contacted by “business recovery” service offering to help me get back my money but of course for a fee. I havent used them yet, but i was wondering if anyone else has been contacted by them and if they got results

    • William says:

      If SOL is a scam then BRS (business recovery services) is the master at scamming. They will provide you a web site link with peoples phone numbers that did get refunds but they were paid from the money that they convince people like you to pay them. Only a small percentage get paid and the rest is their profit. Pretty good business plan! I could care less if you utilize them but you are going to get scammed. At least SOL provides a product, BRS on the other hand provides nothing but double talk. I have not used them personally but I have very good knowledge of them as they are one of the many companies I research.

  285. Marcella says:

    We invested $2700 with Stores On Line in Oregon and wonder if anyone or group has started a Class Action Suit or action with the state Attorney General. We’d like a refund. Marcella

  286. Connie Grove says:

    We went to a meeting yesterday in Sedona AZ, All they are are a bunch of salesmen, presenting false hopes, the cheap 7″ laptop they gave us, I actually paid 99.00 for it, quit working the next morning. Scam Scam Scam. A young man next to us put himself into debt for 5900. the two ladies on the other side of us, could not get their paper back with their ss # on it. That is just wrong.

  287. Nadine says:

    Just reading all this stuff is sickening my stomach. I guess its safe to say i’ve been scammed out of $6,000 purchasing 3 sites. I’m from Toronto Canada and i just wished i had done more research on this. Its been awhile since i’ve purchased the storefronts but have still have nothing to show for it. I should have known something was wrong when i noticed the was no actual # to contact anybody and the online support they said was suppose to be so amazing….WASNT. If anybody knows how to go about doing something for a refund i think we all should. I dont see how a company that was banned from certain areas in the US is able to come to Canada to market their product!!!!

    • William says:

      You are only scammed if you do nothing with your web sites and that would be your choice to be the “victim”

      • Nadine says:

        So i guess everyone above who has tried something with their sites and see nothing chose to be victims. We’ve invested alot of money so victims would be our very last choice

  288. William says:

    Nadine, read my post again very slowly to understand,

    “You are only scammed if you do nothing with your web sites and that would be your choice to be the “victim””

    Investing money is not what creates success with a business, Hard work and determination is. 99% in here have not even remotely put the time and effort it takes to be a success and quitting is a choice and so is playing the victim.

  289. Moses says:

    From Texas

    As a businessman, I partly agree with you. Hard work and determination are key to success in any business. However, I paid the +/- $6k over a year ago, but due to other more pressing commitments I did not publish my site at the time. Now that I am ready to complete this project; Surprise! I have been locked out of my site. Therefore, I can not exercise my “hard work and determination” until I pay a “renewal” fee in the range of $295.00 to $1095.00. Yes, I am a victim! (like thousands of others) and I will be glad to join in a lawsuit. I know there was one filed and settled in Texas a few years ago. Are there enough willing victims in Texas to get a new lawsuit started against Stores On Line?

  290. Jessica. A. Benefield--Smith says:

    I went to that first meeting and now, I feel like an idiot for not seeing Martin’s sight first. We were treated like sheep for the kill. I left myself wide open without thinking twice. I invested $99.00 and I’m not going to continue to invest in self torture. My body told me something was wrong. Rushing home for my children, I became very ill to my stomach and a migraine from ****. I suffered all night needlessly. Now, I have to make things right! I’ll let you know how I make it out. Thanks Martin!

  291. sherman says:

    how can I get out of this contract some how my bank would not accept storeonline payment i think they never submited it is the bank lying they can keep the money they goy already

  292. sherman says:

    how can I get out of this contract some how my bank would not accept storeonline payment i think they never submited it is the bank lying they can keep the money they got already

  293. maninblack-cria says:

    I went to a meeting with S O L but left unsure about the slim shady-ness of the program. Everything seemed to get more questionable as the meeting progressed. I left thinking o-well at least i’ll get an mp3 player for wasting 2-3 hours of my time, and that was a month ago and still no word. Guess Iam only out of a little time, alas from the sounds of things it would appear that i got lucky

  294. scammed in Alabama says:

    I took the stupid nose dive in Jan 2009- published site,”marketed” by PMI, I have tried everything possible to succeed with this stupid web site, now its Dec.2010, $18,000 in debt, still paying hosting fee of $29.95 mo. “NO SALES, tried early on to get some money back, I am sure they all had a great laugh at my expense, Feel like a “FOOL” for falling for their B.S., if there is a new lawsuit pending, count me in, I am desperate for help even thinking of suicide as a way out, they has destroyed my life and my marriage, Tired & Scared in Alabama

    • kim says:

      Wow…I wonder how many more are out there like us? My 75 year old mother paid 5,000.00 with her credit card, so I could have an online store. But, it wasn’t long before realizing, one of two things had happened…Either, I was misled by a company that didn’t disclose important and costly facts. Or, I wasn’t listening and paying attention to the loud mouth speaking, and, grossly misunderstood what my mother had payed 5,000.00 for. I tried to cancell the contract, but was one day to late. Now there’re playing mind games, wanting specifics to my reasons for wanting a refund because MY feeling like THEY DID ME WRONG is implausable! This is not some lesson my mother needs to learn, and it’s killing me! I’m serious…because I’m ok with being a 54 year old failure, but not at my mothers exspense. I don’t trust them and will never log back into my account, so Storesonline might as well BE KILLING ME! It’s gonna be at their huge exspense, paying my mother back…if I kill myself for them not doing it. That’s what’s gonna happen, because their not gonna rip my mother off…and I’m not living life knowing they did. Dieing ain’t nothing to me, but it’ll hurt my mom, probably like never before…SOL will pay for that, like never before. Maybe enough to not hurt ANYONE, anymore!

      • Samuel says:

        Hi Kim,

        Let us try to take the legal and organized path, so that we can not only save ourselves, but other people like us. I am very sad for what happened to all. Let us keep in touch.

  295. Alfredo says:

    so fortunelearningsystems and SOl is the same i’m guessing because FLS is the one who sold this crap but Sol is the one who was hosting my web site i was paying 39.95 a month but since my credit card company thought that they were doing fraud charges now i don’t have nothing if there is anyone from NY interested in A class law suit I’m in against FLS (FortuneLearningSystems)

  296. We got totally ripped off! We can’t even access our information because we stopped paying our monthly fees!

    • Julie says:

      Same thing for me, cant access my website because I wont pay the fee. VERY expensive lesson. I figure if nothing else, I wont get ripped off again! Just made my last long suckers ( guess I was the sucker)

  297. james says:

    i wish i had found this site while looking into storesonline all i saw was the many marketing sites for them now i have lost money and also recieved the joke netbook they offered that does not even work at all ill look into my attourney general for help as i dont think ill get them to refund my money i just returned from the workshop and checked this site because someone came up to me as i was leaving and told me about it and i had been scammed

  298. Julie says:

    I just went to a seminar tonight. I didn’t sign up though. It sounds like a good product. They sell you on a workshop for $99 now. If you go to that, they waive the usual $199.00 fee that it costs to buy your software package that helps create your website. Plus you supposedly get a laptop/notebook to surf the web, when you go to the “marketing seminar”. I swear out of 220 people, probably 200 signed up. They use a sense of urgency to sell you. It’s rush, rush…hurry up and go to the back and sign up…so we can eat and go home. Now, I know that when you go to the seminar, they sell you on more and more. I can’t believe they are still in business. I have been getting invitations for 1 year or so now. I researched their website, and it looked good. I didn’t research any comments till I got home though, that’s when I found this. So, they are still operating in Texas.

    • David says:

      I had the same experience recently only I bought in. My bills are piling up and now I may have to go back to work after retiring. If you have any good suggestions on how I can go about getting my money back I would sure appreciate it

  299. Rebecca Ottley says:

    Rest assured out of those 200 people 199 if not all will be faced with the same issue as many of us. SOL is misleading in their business. I’m not saying it is a SCAM, but they do pray on the poor people who want extra income. I will always stand by what I say and type regarding SOL.

    • David says:

      I heard there are businesses out there that can help people like me get my money back. I took a pretty big loss but if I have to pay someone to get my money back for me, I will.

      • kim says:

        be carefull david, because from what i hear, some of those places that say they can get your money back…are just ripping you off more.
        I’m still trying to find just one person who went to the workshop on oct 20th 2010 in kern county who is unhappy, and wants a refund. something happened on that day, that everyone knows about, but i need a witness to prove they lied to the attorney general. I won’t say what that is because stores online monitors this web site. plus, if anyone answers this post with a reply, i will be testing you just in case you are working for sol. i’ll know by how you answer my question. I’m out over $5,000.00 and all I wanted was my money back. But i don’t feel sorry one bit for whatever lieing to the Attorney General is going to get them!! Maybe this is the one that will make sol do some serious policy changes…like closing their doors down. who needs what they have anyways, when most of it is already free.

  300. Karlene says:

    I am wondering if there is any recourse currently for people in NY state that have been caught up in this. The presentation seemed so good & so thorough that I never thought I was being taken until it was too late. I have requested a cancellation of contract & a refund based on their not holding up to their promises and have been stonewalled. I did report (today) to the NY Attorney General’s office, but I don’t know what else I can do, what actions I can take to protect myself. Any info would be much appreciated!

    • Bobbie Fisher says:

      I to live in NY I did get a cancellation of their Platinum Contract but no refund I also contacted the Attorney General the FTC and BBB in both NY and Utah was thinking of going small claims court but was informed as they were based out of Utah would have to do it their. This is the answer on why storesonline can get away with this scam if you here of a class action law suit let me know its on like donkey kong. I also turned them into the NY state dept of taxation

      • Jake Taylor says:

        I wish I’d never heard of these scumbags. I already had a contract and a line of credit with a manufacturer before I went in; I just needed a way to build an online store. The sad thing is that, even though I was an IT Manager, I couldn’t make sense of their shitty software. Apparently no one can, and they fix it so you have to get their programmers to do it for you – only the programmers never call you back.

        If you guys are implementing class action, count me in.

        • Y Elston says:

          Yes, I’m in as well. I purchased in TN but now live in NY. Let me know what we can do because this crap is killing my credit score…

        • Keith says:

          This sucker from Canada agree’s with you all. I don’t know how to find out who else in Canada has been taken in with this scam artist SOL. If you know of or hear of other people like me in Canada or if I can help your cause, please get in touch with me [email protected]. Thanks, maybe we can get at SOL from both sides of the border.

          • Pam Hymel says:

            I totally understand. Same here and wish I could get my money back or even part of it. They made it sound like a sure shot. It’s been 2 yrs for me and sure wish I could find a group of people who would get together with me to fight this.. Louisiana

          • Carmen says:

            I purchased the package in 2007 and every time I tried to start I didn’t get the support I needed. Moreover, they would ask me more money because it was more than a year after purchase. And none of the licences I got with the purchase would ever work without calling their CSR’s and paying more to get started. I am also in Canada and I would like my money back for false advertising and poor to none support. It’s four years since and I did not stop regreting this purchase that returned nothing for so much money.

          • Sue says:

            I’m from Canada and was taken big time by Storesonline. My site took months to build and just recently I was told it wasn’t published yet! I have been paying the $25/month, so I don’t know what for! I also paid for the additional company that was to help me launch the site, but they did nothing but give me access to some web training! I’m out almost $10K!

    • Kurt Blaylock says:

      I got sucked into Stores online and PMI back in 2009 is there something we can do I tried many things on my own and now I am looking at lawyers.
      Can someone let me know of something that can be done to get our refunds back. Keep me posted. Thanks

    • Kurt Blaylock says:

      I got sucked into Stores online and PMI back in 2009 is there something we can do I tried many things on my own and now I am looking at lawyers.
      Can someone let me know of something that can be done to get our refunds back. Keep me posted. Thanks Kurt

    • Isabella says:

      I am also wondering if there is any recourse currently for people in Florida that have been caught up in this. The presentation seemed so good & so thorough that we never thought we were being taken until it was too late. we have requested a cancellation of contract & a refund based on their not holding up to their promises and have been stonewalled. We did report to the NY Attorney General’s office, but I don’t know what else I can do, we tried talking to them we sent them a letter no response tried talking to them do you know when they finally talked to us is when it was to late now just today Bill Cwhat actions I can take to protect myself. Any info would be much appreciated!

    • Isabella says:

      Here Here we got screwed to we my husband and i and your right the presentation seemed so good & so thorough that we never thought we were being taken until it was too late. This was last year we requested a cacellation of the contract we never even used the money we wrote a letter tried to call no reponse they answered when it was too late and they knew it. Now they have been having Bill Collectors call our home and bug us every day to pay for something we never used thats insane how do you dare have someone pay something that you did not touch they told me to PAY HALF are you freakin kidding me no no no i will not they want $600.00 a month where the heck do they think there getting that I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AM PISSED off They ruined my husbands credit GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR we did report to the NY Attorney General’s office, but I don’t know what else I can do, what actions I can take to protect myself. Any info would be much appreciated

  301. Laurie Krommendijk says:

    I signed up this SOL crap in November of 2008, and I’m sorry I ever did. My friend invited me to their seminar, she even went so far as to use her credit card to pay for the seminar so I could attend with her.
    I wasn’t feeling well that night and had to leave the auditorium to go to the washroom a lot. Well, every time I came out into the hallway of the hotel where it was held, their ‘sign-up’ girl came at me and accosted me, both going to and coming from, the bathroom. She just wouldn’t leave me alone! I told her repeatedly that I live on disability and could really afford anything ( I suffer from an extreme depressive illness), that I was there because my friend wanted someone to go there with her. Well, this sign up woman wouldn’t even let me go past her until I agreed to go over to the table just to ‘talk’ with her. I figured there was no harm in talking. Every time I tried to get up and leave the table, this guy came up behind me and blocked my way (table was in a corner next to some giant floor plants with only one way out from the seats and he stoood there so I couldn’t get past him.). She kept asking me what I thought I could afford to pay. I gave her an amount and she said she’s she what she could ‘work out’ for me. I still refused, telling her I really couldn’t afford anything,but she went running in and out of the auditorium to the guys at the tables at the back everytime I said no. Well, then she told me she had a specila deal for me that she could sign me up for the ‘monthly financing’ plan. The plan was for me to pay $165 a month, for a total of about $6400 for the one website. But when I got my paperwork I saw that they had tacked on an extra $600 and some dollars because I was on the financing plan. Then they wanted an extra $79 for that plastic thing with the DVDs in it. I didn’t want to do any of this but they made it all sound so good, like I could make a fortune, and I was desperate for an income, being disability and all. Now, I don’t have credit cards because I have no credit history of my own, being divorced with the credit card being my ex’s. So they were desperately scrambling around trying to find a way that I could pay. I suppose that should have clued me right there, huh? Anyway, they finally let me pay with a check, which I noticed after awhile that they never did cash. They said a stop payment was put on it, except I never did it.
    Once I finally had the website sort of running, I asked if I could sign up for their hosting service, and they told me to send them a voided check so they could debit my bank account each month. I waited 6 more months to hear from them and finally contacted their CSR’s via the live chat. At which time I was told that my voide check had been sitting on someone’s desk in accounting, because they did not know how to handle Canadian funding or Canadian checks, So they said I could not even sign up for their hosting service. I told them I wanted a refund and to quit this thing, and they said if I tried to stop the payments, they could drag me through court and make my life miserable for the next 2 years. So I called that Travellers company, now called Crelogix in Canada (wonder why?), and they threatened me in the same way. So it has been about 6 months now since I had to stop paying Crelogix. I could no longer the payments because I had to move since that seminar, and at my new place the utilities are not include in the rent. So having to pay those now, I cannot afford anything extra out of my pocket. But for all my troubles with this SOL crap, I wasted about $4400 or so. I would love get that money back. I have no heard anything from Crelogix, so I assume they aren’t pursuing anything. It is the first time I have ever had to default on any payment of any sort, but when I moved I could no longer pay. I just went to see if the site is still up since they still send me the merchant newsletter in my email. And they logged me into some kind of payment center place, which had an invoice for monthly hosting fees dating all the way back to January of 2008! It seems they’re keeping record on there of hosting fees that I supposedly own them (though they’ve never contacted ME about it!), and they wouldn’t even let me sign up for hosting! Plus, their CSR’s on chat have told me repeatedly that they are amazed I was even able to sign up at the seminar, because I have no credit cards! Anyway, that is my story. Doubt I’ll ever be able to get any of this money back, but I thought I should add my story to the masses here, and maybe other folks will be warned. Thanks.

  302. Dyonne Lewis says:

    I tried to sell all my six SOL stores for half price (I paid, $7,000) to a lawyer who I knew needed a website with a payment processor for her services. When I attempted to facilitate the sale by contacting SOL to see how I could go about transferring everything to the lawyer, I was told to have the lawyer call them. I had the lawyer go to the SOL website and contact their customer service herself. The rep told her that her current site was fine and said what she needed was ads. He suckered her into purchasing $2,700 of advertising which the lawyer says turned out to be a total waste of her money since she got not one job from it. Now I can’t even give my six stores away.

  303. Alfredo says:

    guys what we need is to regroup and complain in massive to the FTC and Attorney General
    here is my email if someone is interested
    [email protected]

    • Simone says:

      I am willing to complain about this company as well. They give you all this hype, then when you realize that it is not what they make it out to be, they want to be rude and tell you you signed a contract and are stuck with it. They have been sued in class action suits in other states, now we need to have one in NY state.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m interested also. Keep me posted.

      • Bobbie Fisher says:

        I am also interested as I live in NY to

        • Mrs. Kuhaulua says:

          Hi it even happened to me tooo yah I’m from Hawaii…they got us Hawaiians too…they got me in 2003…and thanks to them my credit is shot…I want them to be punished….and return all what is ours…

  304. David says:

    Well, at least all of those calls have stopped from marketers wanting to “help” me improve my web site. Now I just need to find the right way to get all of my money back.

    • Pam Hymel says:

      No joke. After giving them $5,000 I had probably 50 to 100 people always calling me to help get my store up for another fee of course. After a while I guess they got tired of me saying “If your trying to get more money out of me your wasting your wasting your time” They would kindly say thank you and hang up. I too would love to get my money back. If anyone knows a way to do it please contact me at [email protected] and ref. RE: SCAM SOL Tks

  305. Valentine mukobe says:

    anyone in New jersey planning to sue this criminals that have no mercy on common people.They made me sign the paper quickly because of time factor and they had other customers to attend to.The seminar I attended was in Nj secaucus,They are smart They normally target the poor people who have no money eve to sue them.remember they are monitoring this websites too.

    • Ella says:

      I am interested as well, I am also from NJ we really need to do something and try to get our money back.

    • Adeline says:

      I to went to a seminar in March, 2011. I also purchased the Platinum Package, all the help you are suppose to get is a lie. It’s a shame this is what they are doing getting rich by stealing from others. We must get our money back.

      • Pam Hymel says:

        Your right same here. I can’t believe it is still legal or them to be putting on these seminar’s. It’s been 2 yrs for me and never got anything going. I was hoping to at least get my money back. After leaving the seminar I was under the impression that I would do that and more.. Pam in Louisiana

  306. Cecilia says:

    I signed up for stores online. They financed my purchase. When I realized that they DID NOT DELIVER what they said at the seminar. I stopped payment and demanded that they send back the money I had already paid. Needless-to-say, they never answered my request. I was trying to buy a home but was denied mortgage because I had bad credit. Upon further inquiry from the credit bureau by the sales agent, he came to my house and showed me the paper work. To keep a long story short, stores online crooks had sent my name to the credit bureau. They refused to send me the money when I filed for the class action lawsuit.Please can you tell me what I can do to get my money back and get my name off of the credit bureau’s data base. Thank you at lot.

    • Anna says:

      Cecilia I’m in this same exact situation. I’ve been told I can get a release from my contract, but still would be out the money I’ve already paid. If you have found any way to resolve this or anything along those lines please email me at [email protected]. Also anyone else who has had this happen feel free to email me, I think we all need to get together and do something about it.

    • Simone says:

      when did you file the class action lawsuit? I am interested in doing the same — they are also messing up my credit and I too am attempting to purchase a home

      • Sherry says:

        I too would love to find out how to get this off my husbands credit report because that is stopping us from buying a home. If they have an F score with BBB why cant the FTC get involved and fix this? My banker told me to start with the credit report and ask demand to remove this fraudulant account and go from there. If I get anywhere with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion I will most definately post the info. So sad to realize how many people got scammed! SOL…. We all know the true words that abbreviates! [email protected]#$ outa luck! It really sux!

        • promised says:

          There’s hope but it will cost unfortunately. I defaulted after a few payments and tried to get out of this when i realized they were not fullfilling their part they spoke of. I have a recording of the seminar, they didnt’ know I took this…however on a voice recorder that’s been sitting for some time I can’t guarantee this right now. However, we also were in a predicument as the rental we were in was foreclosed. My husband is a Disabled VET. We had a great financing company that helped us with blotches on our credit, of which their company showed up several months after stop payments. I hated to pay them another penny but I got them to agree to half what was left around $1200 to send me a LETTER FIRST that they would take this off the credit bureau’s reports… before I would settle….NOT mark on my credit report that it was settled…but REMoVED completely as if never there. Then paid, it took a few weeks to show off their records, and of course had to remind them of their LETTER of promise… because NOW i had amonition to send to the bureau if they failed. GET a LETTER first upon agreed settled amount that they will remove all records off the reports ASAP. Not waiting for when it’s convenient for them. They will make you pay on their website, so capture everything by using the print screen, open bitmap, paste screen or print out with printer. Document everything. They are still sending me stupid invites…. and I’m sending blogs when they are in my neighborhood warning people. Don’t let them intimidate you. You do have rights.

          • promised says:

            oh to clairfy something, they will state that for them to comply, you must pay them within a few days… which doesn’t give you much choice but to use a debit/visa card. Western union or other means’ take to long & cost to much. I would use an acct you plan to close and has no more $$ than what is required. Wait the few weeks to be sure it’s cleared, notify your bank if you have to that you are clearing this up and closing the acct. But unfortunately you have to do this fast …make sure they send FAX letter that they are going to remove all records if you pay 1st. Then you pay. And also request that you receive a letter also stating that they have accepted your offer paid in full, clearing your records. Try to hold your feelings, as long as they are civil try to be nice. In my situation was like above, i wasn’t suppose to be on the contract in the first place. But somehow my friends credit was worse and eventhou i didn’t make money they didn’t care. Its simply they make money from people settling… but at least a hard lesson was learned.

  307. Pat says:

    I wish so much I would have found this website before I spent over $45,000 on these various hoodlums. It was so crazy when it started. One company would suggest another that I would need to start an online business. I kept getting all these phone calls from various companies that would say that “so and so” referred me from the other company. No matter how strong I tried to be they talked me into paying them over the phone using my credit card. The Companies are: The Tax Club, Profit Sense Builders, Profit Sense Innovations, Business Development Division, Fortune Builders, InfoMastery, LLC, Freedom Soft, Duvera, Small Biz Credit,, My Business Credit Builder, etc. Is there any one that can help me know which of these are reliable and which aren’t and how can I get my money back? Please!!! Thank-you!!!

    • promised says:

      duvera is the credit hounds who represent stores online and all their other conglamorates. They are also the one’s you call to make a deal. Make sure you state that you have not received the items that were promised, or service. Also report to the state attorney general as soon as possible any tactics that you’ve encountered that you know is bad business practice. Document everything.

    • peggy says:

      we can help you possibly get every penny back please call for info 480-649-4251

  308. Karen says:

    Anyone wanting money back from SOL must try asap… reason is you have a chance if you dont wait past 6 months. I worked my butt off and then waited to long before I wrote every gov department I could. Now there is no chance I can get a cent because they say I waited top long I signed up in 2007 and tried for maye back on 2009
    For those of us in Canada. there is apparently no class action suit allowed in our system for this kind of problem.
    If anyone has a good lawyer,,, you can double check Canadian law.

  309. Marg says:

    Please check out or GOOGLE I hate Stores On Line also

    • kim says:

      You know what I think? I think you work for Sol. Why don’t you reply to my response to the post you made at 2:31 pm?
      Dateline did do a show on SOL already. And, I have written 20/20…no response. Not yet, anyways. Maybe I’m wrong about you, and you just haven’t read my post yet. I would love to be wrong in this case, but I guess I’ll know soon enough, huh?

      On your computer go to where your “find on this page” tool is and type in ‘2011 at 4:08’ you’ll see my reply to your post that is just above mine. And, if you are for real, then I want to apologize hear and now, for any comments I have made that struck a nerve. I suppose you can blame sol for that, too. They do leave some of us…well, I’ll just say, not like we used to be.
      Use that ‘find on this page’ tool to see all my post, if you want. Just type in kim

      • Lula says:

        I went to a seminar. Is this for real?

        • Dottie says:

          Hi Lula,
          I attended and signed up for the stores online program back in July 2010. I have spent countless hours trying to follow everything like they said, and after 2 months I get a web page online, but can’t sell anything because I am not in the search engines. To get in them I need to spend more money. I have not made a penny, but are still spending. I am even getting contacted by other companies that want money to get me in the search engiones. SOL did not tell me any of this at their seminar. I hope youdidn’t sign up and if you did I suggest you cancel immediatelly. I liven in Louisiana and would beinterested in hearing from anyone from louisiana about SOL good or bad. I may be too late but I just sent a letter to my attorney Jeneral.

          • tyren says:

            I too live in Louisiana and I would like to cancel their service without any future charges. This company is a ripoff

        • Rebecca Ottley says:

          Lulu it’s not too late…the state of Louisiana needs to hear about SOL. They will direct you on what they will do. There is a department in every state in the Attorney General’s office for FRAUDS such as SOL. I have the same issue, here’s the thing…I have the same problem too….but I refuse to give SOL another penny of my money. I would suspect that they have turned me over to the credit bureau but I am disabled and on a limited income.

          I got call also from someone saying they are getting ready to take me to the “next step”. I told them there is no “next step” for me, that $6,000 was more then enough for a website and marketing. The caller got nasty with me and hung up. Had I know that it would cost more money when I attended the seminar, than I would have made a choice then, but SOL do not disclose this information. I would imagine they hide behind the fact that we should have known, but that’s not acceptable when such a big price is involved. They should have been honest and up front. But scammers are not honest.

          As for SOL, they will continue to be exposed by me and I’m sure others who got suckered into their web of lies.

          • Pam Hymel says:

            I am also from Louisiana and wondering if any of you have found out what we can do to get a refund. I paid $5,000 cash in summer of 2009 and thought this was going to get me what I needed. I was very upset and alarmed when I began getting several calls a week wanting more money to help me get my on line store going. That is not the impression I came out of the seminar with. I was confident that paying $5,000 cash that I was going to get the BEST. HA HA It was Decemeber when my site finally got up and when I went on myself to buy something to see how it worked I realized I did not even have a shopping cart or anyway for anyone to purchase. I called and got nothing but the run around and them wanting more money to help me. Finally months down the road when we finally got on to try and delete the Christmas season items and add others we could not do it because everything had been completly changed and we were never notified. I could go on forever with this. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK AND HOPEING WE IN LA CAN GET TOGETHER AND GET THIS DONE. I can be contacted at [email protected]

    • kim says:

      This is for Marg…you are a fraud. You won’t answer a single post of mine. That tells me you are working for sol and helping to build their rankings. Everyone should know this site is here for sol’s benifit. They already know how many people they’ve screwd. It’s the hits that they aquire from all the people posting on this site that they care about. It goes in their favor, simply due to the title of this blog. Not one person has answered to my postings, asking anyone wanting to do something about sol to contact me. At least my Attorney General is looking into it. I won’t bother coming back to this whiny wimpy messed up place, where it’s all crying and no doing. Hope the ones that are for real get something back from the sol thieves. Me, well I hope to help bring the whole scamming crew to a standing halt. Cause I will never stop blowing the whistle on them…every day and everyway I can!! Just not here anymore.

      • Sherry says:

        I agree! If they have an F through BBB and the FTC knows about it something should be done about it! I filed with my credit bureaus and demanded that SOL (shit outa luck) be removed because they are scammers. I hope things work out for everyone screwed over bty these fast talking money stealing piece of shit heartless losers who pray on us and make us lose perfect credit scores so we cant buy a damn thing. This bogus company needs to be stopped and I sure as hell wont stop until those bastards are out of business!

  310. Debbie says:

    I bought 6 sites in 2005 and haven’t been able to get them up and going. They will help you for $$$$. I am not able to work on them off line and they want a monthly fee to be able to work on them online. It’s always $$$$. They are just liars! Are there any lawsuits in Oregon I can join?

  311. Wilda Webster says:

    March17, 2011
    My daughter and I attended an information session and signed up to go to a seminar. We had 3 days to cancel. The next day, she found that they had been banned in a number of states for illicit practices. She faxed all our information to withdraw from the seminar roster and they charged our cards anyway. We have the fax, date and time of the withdrawal. We will dispute the charges on our respective cards and I will contact the Attorney General for the State of Massachusetts as well as the Better Business Bureau. I expect that my money and my daughters money will be returned. I intend to campaign on Utube, Facebook and Twitter until your company is indicted for it’s fraudulent practices. Wilda Webster

  312. Derek says:

    I have a 6 website deal bought in Oct 2009 and have not been able to work with these people I am willing to do whatever I can to assist in a CA class action suit, or possible to go to small claims.

    • Kathy says:

      Derek, I am also in CA, and willing to do what is necessary to get my money back too. I bought the 6 websites, and because I was not able to proceed without forking out more money, nothing has been done. I think these people need to be stopped.

      • kim says:

        I’m in calif, too. The more people that will go to the California Attorney General’s Office, online, and fill in the consumer complaint form…the greater the chance becomes towards recieving the help we need to get our money back. That’s all it takes folks, there just needs to be enough complaints before our attorney general will step up and do something about it. I sent mine in the last day of Febuary, and a follow up three weeks ago. Come on people, you want to stop them, then act on it!

        • duuuuck says:

          i attended sol for the first time on 7/7/10, bakersfield, ca.i feel like an idiot. im glad i put a stop payment on the e.t. today.hopefully i dont get a lien on my home. i am also filing a report w/ the state general atty. thank-god i caught the fraud only 2k in! i dont expect my money back, but at least they arent getting another cent!

          • kim says:

            I went to one in bakersfield, also. It is not to late to complain…no matter when you attended one of their CON-ferences. Look, people are gathering here to complain, might as well go on over to the california attorney generals sight next.

          • Kathy says:

            Okay, so look at the numbers coming forward already! And this is just one site! We need someone to head up our efforts here. I think we will all be willing to follow up on this. I will look for the atty. general complaint site now. Anyone who wants to contact me and get us here in CA organized, my email is [email protected]. Let’s do this.

        • adelina says:

          I filed mine today. Have you heard anything from the Atty General’s office? Storesonline is definitely a scam and needs to be stopped ASAP. They got me for the initial $139.99 and then the Platinum Membership last May. I feel like a total moron.

        • bakersfield beware says:

          They won’t tell you but you have 90 days to complain to the Attorney genl’ office…sol will string you along promising someone will call, help you with what you need to get started and before you know it they are saying you have 30 days to get stuff to programmer, but after the 90 days you are screwed…cause the programmer will cost you another $300 right there. For one month…not ongoing. So all i can say is if your determined to stop paying, do it now. Write St. Attny genl’ -get documentation, receive letter from st. attryny and settle or contact a lawyer. But do it asap.

  313. Sue Matheis says:

    I signed on beginning of 2009. These people should be never be allowed to do anything like this again. I have lost a LOT of money and am now in Chapter 13. From a credit score of 800 to 300. How stupid was that. Is there anyone else from Ohio?

  314. I attended a workshop on wed.3-16-11.Financed the Silver Suite package of SOL for 3700.00$ with intrest of $775.36 with a down payment of $200.00 which leaves a total of $4275.36.Payments start on May 15 2011 in amount of $ 178.14 coming out of my debit card acount.What do you suggest i do? I have a smalltime welding & const.bussiness & i farm n ranch in TN.I want to get out of this.

    • heddy says:

      Since it is on your debit card…I am not a lawyer or anything…I would contact your bank tell them you are being scammed and cancel that debit card. Your bank will reissue one under a different number…contact your atty general and your BBB to file complaints….that’s what I would do…good luck!

  315. MARGIE says:

    I bought 6 sites in 2005 and haven’t been able to get them up and going. Three days after I signed up I receive a call from SOL telling me I would never be able to get my websites up and running. The only way to do it was with their help. They will help you for $7,000. They are just liars! They scammed me.

  316. Michael Lee says:

    Cancel the check or the credit card payment immediately! Don’t fall for this scheme! Get your money back immediately my friend!

    • Nicole Hughes says:

      My mother was invited to a seminar with stores online and she took me with her as her guest and they made her think it was a way she could make money from home and still make enough money to pay her bills, she is retired and on social security so she works a home health job to help pay her bills and other NEEDS. We paid for and went to the work shop and it was really a rerun of the earlier seminar to me and I was trying to pay close attention to catch the true story till close to the end and I went outside to smoke a cigarette and when I returned they already had her coned into buying this super duper package with a post dated check for the down payment when she had a chance to think about what she had done she tried to arrange for her to send them their stuff and get her check back that was fruitless so she tried stop payment on her check and they made it go through elect. with a different number so the Bank would not stop it, then she has to deal with the sol to get the money they scammed her for and we are at a loss what to do and who to turn to. We are in Texas and the seminar was the first part of May or the last part of April 2011. Please give any advise that you may have. Thank you.

  317. Randy Kurr says:

    My wife and I were sucked into SOL,s lies. I bought the 6k program and worked to get a product to drop ship. I liked the idea that SOL had there own list of drop shippers and could tie the products to your website. Problem…you have to pay to join them. We were not told we had a 3-day cooling off period or in our case 15 days because of being 65 years old. Problem.. sure it was in writing but the high pressure sales pitch never gave you time to read it. The personal consultation they offered was not what we expected; it was a high-pressure sales session. After I bought the program I worked on a product for days using the reverse search tools and finally found a concept with caviar that met our criteria; but trying to find a distributor is a hard thing to do. I went to the Internet to get SOL numbers and was amazed to find the BBB gives SOL an F. I was stunned to see all the states that have sued SOL including my state of NC. Our AG told SOL that they had to change their way of presenting themselves and telling them to tell us that there testimonials were paid for. Did you know that they are paid 8 to 12k for there endorsements? I want my money back!

    On 3/21/11 I received a phone call from Chris with PMI (telemarketing group) representing SOL he told me we were selected as a special individual to help with my websites. O my god I thought this is what I needed to get this off the ground. I made a point to ask him several times that this was a free service to put together my sites. I set up another time to talk about it. On 3/28 we were excited about the meeting until we found out we needed 3k (to start) to market our website I was appalled by this. I want to start another class action suit…can you help? By the way I did record both calls if you need them. I am getting an appointment with my Attorney and would love to know if there are any others out there that would like to join.

    • Anna says:

      I actually have a case very similar to this. I’d love to talk more about it and see what you guys have as input on what I should do and vice versa. My email is [email protected], and if after that we need to continue it over the phone, I’ll give you that through email.

    • Tammy says:

      I had the same guy call me. I am trying to scrap up money for a lawyer. I spent my extra cash on SOL. Dumb ass me!!!!! I,m in NY try to find people to fight against these guys…..

      • kim says:

        same guy called me, too. The few people that run sol, are coming up FAT on all our money. These people don’t even have web sites of their own. They are bouncing all over the world…planes, motels and resturants, making sure they are not in the same place two days in a row…they don’t have time for an online business!!!

      • Bobbie Fisher says:

        I live in NY to and would love to be on a class action law suit get a hold of me I could find money for this [email protected] I’m with anyone who wants to shut this company down

    • Jennifer Cook says:

      Randy, I too joined this ridiculous company on 2/22/11. It really is a scam and I want to know how I can get my money back. I called them yesterday to let them know that I can’t afford to pay them this month 6/11 or next month due to an illness and stay in the hospital. The guy at the financial institution told me that he will stop payment and send me a letter to cancel the automated payment that comes out every month but that they will be contacting me by phone later. I just want out of this mess but I already have bad credit and do not want to add this to my credit score. I am trying to get out of debt as it is. I too am in NC and I will be contacting the attorney general asap. I am so glad I came on this site to see how many others have been ripped off. Count me in.

    • Juanita Smith says:

      Dear Randy K. I to was sucked in by SOL and purcused the 6k package i also live in NC. i would love to get my money back from these liers we all need to make them go out of bussiness for good.

  318. Michael Lee says:

    Randy, please feel free to contact me directly via email. I would LOVE to try another Class Action Suit. My direct email is: [email protected].

    Michael Lee

  319. Candle Lady says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I was so glad I read these reviews before attending the real seminar that costs $99 which isn’t a large sum of money if the information is good but the hard sell is what gets most people. I do however have some advic for those of you who bought into “SOL” Wow is that short for “Shit out of luck”? Anyway I started doing some research about how to create an ebook to sell online & found an ebook on Amazon that really helped & it cost me .99 cents!! I have completed my first one & am now creating a website to sell it on. I will let you know how that goes. I know everyone has knowledge & beleive it or not people will pay for that knowledge, you may not become a millionaire but it can be a nice side income especially if you can do several ebooks. It is at the very least a product you dont have to ship or manufacture or rely on someone else to ship. Give it a shot i’m sure each of you have an ebook just waiting to be put to use…

    Best regards

    • bakersfield beware says:

      go to yardseller …its thru facebook…and it’s completely free to sell anything…. well i’m not sure of ebooks but can’t hurt to ck out.

  320. michelle lomax says:

    Has anyone been to a seminar in wisconsin or rockford. I went to one in rockford, i have not purchased anything because it seem to good to be true.