Storesonline Review – Part 2

Posted on June 15th, 2006 in by Martin Lee

In the afternoon session of the storesonline workshop, we were taught five strategies to help us succeed in our online business.

The first was on the use of joint ventures. Bascially, a joint venture is a collaboration where two partners cooperate to earn money. For example, person A might have a product but no traffic while person B might have traffic that is relevant to person A’s product. So person B sends traffic to person A and they share the profits.

Kory did not really go in depth into this strategy but he shared one of his methods of doing JVs. Basically, it was to search the search engines for a particular keyword and then go a few pages deep in the search to find a partner to do JVs with.

This was a decent strategy but his next step of this strategy spoilt it all. He told us that we could simply duplicate the entire site (with minor changes), get it to the top ten of the search engines and start making money! He made is sound very easy but it doesn’t take a genius to realise straight away that:

1) We will get into potential copyright issues.
2) Duplicate sites are not favoured by search engines and hence do not rank well.
3) It takes good quality (and relevant) inbound links to rank well search engines. If an existing site (with established links) can’t rank well, what more about a new site?

He then showed us his tax site where he’s using this strategy. I can’t find his exact site now but it looks something like this. Apparently, many people had already copied his idea. But seriously, would you buy from a site like that? For that matter, would it even rank well for relevant tax keywords?

You need to build trust in order to sell anything online!

Strategy two was about search engine optimization. He gave us a few rules for getting our websites ranked well. Keywords appearing in url, titles, descriptions, etc. Pretty basic but useful stuff.

There was a demonstration of a storesonline tool that was able to analyse the top ranked (on search engines) sites and provide a comprehensive report. We were told that with this tool, we could use the report to copy what they did and get our sites ranked in the top ten listings. Would this work? Go figure.

The third strategy was not on how to make money, but on how to save money by buying cheap items on ebay. The gist of it was that there were some ebay sellers who had typo errors in their item title and description. These items had no bidders because no one could find them. Thus, we would be able to buy them cheaply. To find those words commonly typed wrongly, you can make use of fat fingers.

While there could be a couple of really blur people, my opinion is that the majority of sellers on ebay are quite experienced. Some sellers might have purposely mis-spelled their item listings to reach more buyers. As for why they would sell their items cheaply, I’m sure you will be able to figure it that out. But this idea is still worth a shot as we can use it to find items that has less competitive bidding.

The fourth strategy was on the use of vertical portals. Essentially it meant having multiple websites with different products down the product chain.

The fifth strategy was on the use of affiliate programs for selling products. Having an affiliate program is a must have if you are selling any of your own products. This one is a no brainer.

The guaranteed method to get your website on the first page of a search engine within three days turned out to be using pay per click advertising (as expected). There was a very brief introduction about using ppc on overture and some using tips like bidding on non main stream words and mis-spelled words.

Overall, the workshop provided a fair bit of content but some people might be misled by some of their strategies which wouldn’t work. They made it sound very easy and many people were tempted to just jump right into it by buying their software and hosting.

I wouldn’t call the storesonline product a outright scam but at the price they were selling, it was definitely a rip-off. There are defintely better alternatives around.

For example, Sitesell provides more than what Storesonline was providing for less than 10% of the price and has most of the things that you need to get started online. It is something that I would recommend if you want to build a profitable website. For more details on the different alternatives available to you, please read my article Building Your Website.

Furthermore, the top few results in the search engines about storesonline were mostly complaints (too numerous) about their prices and customer service. There was even a website setup for people to re-sell (or get rid of) their multiple sites purchased from storesonline. Not to mention the multiple name changes of the company. This is surely a red flag.

If you found this storesonline review useful and feel your friends might benefit from it, please do tell them about it.

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  1. Rich Jones says:

    Just left a storesonline all day event and I concur with your observations. There were some interesting points made, but they spent all morning trying to build
    the perception of value in there product, then they continually
    deminished this by cutting the price. It was like a timeshare
    buying experience.

    Rich Jones
    Collegeville, Pa
    June 21, 2006

  2. Cindy says:

    Ohmygosh….I’m supposed to be in Wilkes Barre Friday morning for the all day Storesonline gig…wondered how in hell they can do this for $20…if it seems too good to be true, eh???? So…would you recommend going or not??? I’m cluesless about e-commerce…but want to find some alternate avenues of income…sigh, it’s all sooooo complicated.

  3. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Rich,

    Yes, it appears that they are using the same marketing strategy worldwide. Seems to be working very well for them.

  4. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Cindy,
    have you paid for it?

    If you have, then no harm going to session for networking purposes.

    However, do NOT be taken in by their sales pitch and purchase their product!

    If you have not, then don’t bother going as most of what they will be mentioning has already been covered in my review.

    If you are thinking of using the internet to develop an alternative source of income, I recommend you to find a closer look at sitesell.

    This is something that I use personally and it’s suitable even for e-commerce or techno newbies.

    Feel free to contact me directly for further clarifications.

  5. Rob Malden says:

    Hi Guys, just left a storesonline 90 minutes + free lunch. Talk about pressure selling! – ‘I can assure you the workshop will sell out today’ ‘Sure we have alternative dates…here’s the list’ (none closer than 200 miles away) ‘We are only in the UK for the one week’
    You get no opportunity for time to think about your decision, and the sharks are circling the room tackling anyone who is not in the queue to buy!! All done with a smile and a polished answer to every concievable question.
    Well my view is that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or a £20 training course, and if you cannot be given the chance to think about the opportunity there may just be something unpalatable about it when you get into it.
    I discovered this site when I tried unsuccessfully to reproduce a Google search that they put on the screen this morning…i couldn’t find the site they had shown as no.2 on the Google page, even if i typed in the site address!!
    This site and all of your comments have reinforced my initial impression that this is one to stay well clear of – thanks to all of you!

  6. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Rob,
    Yes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch because even if someone does not charge you for a seminar, you still need to invest your time. And we all know that time is money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who is sitesell? and where are they from. How are you personally involved in sitesell?

  8. Martin Lee says:

    Sitesell is run by Dr. Ken Evoy, and is one of the biggest integrated website building solutions around. I have an account with sitesell from which I’m building another of my site. If you compare the price and features of sitesell with storesonline, you will realise that you get a much better deal.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all for the information that you all give out about storesonline, My self and a friend are going to a stoesonline event day on the 14-july-2006 in manchester england, and with what i have just seen i will not be buying any thing from storesonline.

    i will come back to tell you all about what it was like and to tell you how many was sold the s**t that this company is selling

    again thank you all for the information, and let,s try to stop storesonline befor the rip others off


  10. bstours says:

    Sat in on the all day Stores Online seminar in Cocoa Beach Florida in June of 2006. The very first thing they talked about was “is anybody in this world perfect?” Crowd: “no”. “Are you perfect?” Crowd: “no”. “Is any company perfect?” Crowd: “no”. “Is Microsoft perfect?” Crowd: “no”. “Is Stores Online perfect?” Crowd: “no”.

    Why did they start with this? Well thankfully I didn’t buy into their program. I went home and immediately did some research and found they have a boatload of lawsuits all over the country. Seems is far from even normal; nonetheless, perfect.

    A few weeks later we get a call from their folks asking what we thought and wondering if we were interested in signing up. After mentioning the lawsuit, the sales guy who was wonderfully friendly on the phone, hung up. I feel bad for anybody out there taken in by these rip off artists.

  11. FancyReina says:

    I went to the 8 hour sales pitch for storesonline found the information they gave helpful. Then took that information and found the free tools online. = reversal keyword search has many different tools to help you figure out your keyword density and many other helpful tools. to help you generate content that is keyword relevent.

    Hope this info helps. I was able to use these plus the links stated in the original blog to move a low listed web page to the first page of a google search. and stores online sales rep told me I couldn’t do so.

  12. Drew C says:

    Seems like your seminar was an exact duplicate of ours, only the presenter’s name was different. Some of the info on market was helpful, but there is no way I’d pay the kind of $ they’re wanting. If you’re interested in seeing how our experience went, I created a blog entry about it

  13. Mike says:

    Does anyone know whereabouts the next up and coming seminar is or the EBay/Marketing training session in Manchester is? Also has anyone had any experience of trying to obtain a refund from these people? Interesting to know if they stand by the 3day refund agreement.

  14. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Mike,

    no idea about the marketing seminar in Manchester but I do know of someone who asked for the refund (after reading my blog) and managed to get it.

    • Jim LePine says:

      Manchester’s next 7 hr seminar is Monday 2/14/11 at 8 AM at the Radisson on Elm st.We’re going to make a lot of noise until we get our refund.I hope we’re not alone

  15. Anonymous says:

    stores online is a rip off to date I’m out of $7000. I was sucked in with the promise of being refered to securemserve, a company that was suppose to drop ship items, but after my money was gone, I was told that they ie, securemserve was a web hosting company. I paid for 6 sites to stores online and to add insult to injury, securemserve had my sites as phantom sites. In a 24 hour period each day 2 wuld work 4 would’nt . I complained to both companies to no avail. WARNING dont waste your precious time or money.


  16. momof4 says:

    Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I got suckered into buying 3 storesonline websites. I have ask for a refund, even keep what I have already paid, but no such luck. Anyone have any helpful hints on how to get it. And any one have information on storesonline law suits. I would like to see if any of the cases are simular to mine. Please any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!!

  17. Linda Walton says:

    Brother, am I glad I found you guys before wasted my time at the all day seminar and spending $2,700! A friend and I went to the 90 minute seminar yesterday, 07-25-2006, lunch was a stale crescent chicken salad sandwich, a thin slice of cantaloup, dab of potato salad and, stale angel food cake. Had they served the food first I’ld have known something was up! I may still go to the all day work shop. I’m not buying!

  18. bstours says:

    I feel so sorry for some of the people who have left comments here about It’s just blows my mind that somebody could walk into a Stores Online seminar where the air just feels slimy and plop down several thousand dollars without taking 5 minutes to do research first and see all the lawsuits against StoresOnline.

    I would love to stand up in one of their (choke / gags) Stores-Online “seminars” and shout “people, do some research first” if I thought it would help one poor sucker keep from being ripped off. I would do it if I weren’t afraid of their gang of sales people tackling me. They smile when you walk in like a thief smiles at a “gone fishing” sign. If you do go to a storesonline Internet Marketing Seminar, pay close attention to their smiles and for God sake, sit on your wallets!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone,
    I did go to one of the 90 minute lunches with all the hype. Since I am already a webmaster of sorts I was on to their scam first thing. I was doing some networking on the side with a few of the other people there. I was amazed at how many retired people were there! I sure hop they don’t get taken. I did sign up for the all day seminar to pick a few brains and do some more networking with the other attendees. I have no plans on buying into their expensive web hosting. I have my sites through and pay only $80 for one year and that includes a domain name, 30 sub domains and lots of other added extras. I do thank the person that mentioned the link, that one is a good one.

    JH in Oregon

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone I’m sorry to say we were a victome of stores on line we were looking for extra encome and went to the all day class we did get a baged lunch of sorts. We only just found out about all the law suits against this company. we have stopped payment on this account and waiting for that call asking for their money we are fileing a scam suit against them as they really do use all the scam tecnicts to get you to buy.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Parent company is Imergent (stock ticker IIG on AMEX)

    Formerly known as Galaxy Mall.

    Expose’s by Dateline NBC and Forbes Magazine.

    Lawsuits with the State of Texas and Washington.

    Get the truth at and see for yourself.

  22. gbxlrgj says:

    I am in Australia, attended a workshop held in Melbourne Australia and presented to the Australian public. The package included the ECIPAY online charge facility. Now that I have created my web site and am ready to publish, i discover that ECIPAY insists that my products are listed in $US instead of AUD even though I am not selling outside Australia. Stores OnLine at the moment appear to be unable to help me with any sort of conversion to the correct currency.

  23. Jill says:

    Is anyone familar with Money Resource Network? At the luncheon seminar they sold us a subscription to this website.


  24. Anonymous says:

    If there are any of u suckered and pay with credit card, make a claim to your cc comapny that you did send your cancellation notice wiithin 3 day period and put it iin writing that you did speak with a John or some other common name cos they alwyas use fake names anyways that it will be OK to cancel and they will process it.
    But also do mention that u didnt take tehir word for granted so u sent a cancellation notice within 3days.
    Be sure that u could prove you did call and did send the fax(use your creativity and Adobe tinkering with your bills).
    That got me out of thsi bad deal after 45 days. Took a little work but worth every bit since CC company returned all my money plus interest back.
    Also, when u write to your Credit card company, make sure u Carbon copy to your state District Attorney to make your letter of demand for refund more credible.

    Good luck all and stay away from this hell bent piece of s!!t.

    • No wonder you posted anonymously as what you are suggesting people do is break the law.

      • Jenny says:

        Gee Tamikia, you don’t seem to have any problem with SOL breaking the law–all kinds of them, repeatedly! I can’t even count the number of laws they’ve broken, and yet, you don’t seem to have any problem singing their praises!

  25. Martin Lee says:

    Two wrongs do not make one right. I do not advocate any forgery to get your refund.

  26. Anonymous says:

    We got scammed about 3 years ago by this group. I will be paying off the debt for a long time to come. Once they have your money it’s a completely different story on all their support and help.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know whereabouts the next up and coming seminar is or the EBay/Marketing training session in Manchester is? Also has anyone had any experience of trying to obtain a refund from these people? Interesting to know if they stand by the 3day refund agreement.

  28. bstours says:

    I feel so sorry for some of the people who have left comments here about It’s just blows my mind that somebody could walk into a Stores Online seminar where the air just feels slimy and plop down several thousand dollars without taking 5 minutes to do research first and see all the lawsuits against StoresOnline.

    I would love to stand up in one of their (choke / gags) Stores-Online “seminars” and shout “people, do some research first” if I thought it would help one poor sucker keep from being ripped off. I would do it if I weren’t afraid of their gang of sales people tackling me. They smile when you walk in like a thief smiles at a “gone fishing” sign. If you do go to a storesonline Internet Marketing Seminar, pay close attention to their smiles and for God sake, sit on your wallets!

  29. Jill says:

    I just attended the free lunch and signed up for the seminar prior to realizing that this was probably a scam.
    They also sold the “money resource network” program/subscription.
    Is anyone familar with this?

  30. Satini says:

    Hi Martin,

    Read your review on Stores Online. I attended a similar 1-day workshop in May. Although i feel their products are way overpriced (told them too!), there is one particular tool that caught my eye. The presenter demo-ed the Keyword Analysis tool which auto researches the top 20 sites using any particular keyword and reports on all keywords found at each of the top 20 sites, essentially reporting the competing sites’ “blueprint”. This report is auto e-mail to merchants about 24 hrs after a search is run….pretty cool stuff.Has anybody on this post come across something similiar? Been looking around without much success yet…most tools i’ve found don’t have this competitive intelligence. Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.

  31. Martin Lee says:

    Hi guys, my storesonline review site is now live.

    Feel free to use the forum over there for your benefit and discussion.

  32. Anonymous says:

    If you want a refund go to http://WWW.RIPOFFREPORT.COM and type in storesonline. I hope you all get this.

    • Beverly Nagy says:

      Mari Silva

      on July 23rd, 2008 at 9:28 am
      We are from Texas and we purchased 6 sebsites from StoresOline on 2-5-2007 for $6,398.00 and on 2-16-2007 another $249.00. and on 3-22-2007 we purchased another phase of StoresOline called PMI (Professional Marketing Institute) to help you get on the front page of Google for an additional $6,670.00 with no help whatsoever. We would call StoresOline 24/7 with still no help. We live in Texas and is anyone filing a class action suite against StoresOline in this state. We would like a full refund for our 6 websites.

      • Myrna says:

        I purchased the pro package with unlimited number of sites. I have just been approached to use PMI to help get going. The talk about being on the “success team”. They say they guarantee us to be in the black within 6 months profided we put in the time. I have until tomorrow to decide. I looked both Storesonline and PMI up with BBB. The rated SOL and F and had a lot of bad reports, but PMI they gave an A. I already purchased the kit for 5G with the one with the bad rating. Do I go in deeper or not??? PMI has a good rating and it doesn’t sound like I will catch on to setting things up myself. It sounds like I count my loses of $5,000 or take a chance for anolther 6 to 10,000 for training and marketing. I am torn at what to do. Have others much experience with PMI. I haven’t heard them mentioned much.

        • Dee says:

          Hi Myrna, I had to jump in here since you did ask, lol 😉

          Ok, I think pretty much ALL of us on here have gotten the pitch from PMI on how they only work with people who are really committed, yada yada yada… They try to make it sound like they are doing you this massive favour by taking YOU and making YOU a success story. Well, up here in Canukville, we paid 7 grand for the same unlimited web sites, etc. They want another 8 grand for their services. We thought we were being singled out and they really would do it for us. After much hemming and hawing and checking them out, we took a pass. They aren’t going to be able to fix some of the problems we were having (ie, the dropshippers, lack up saleable products). But, having said that, if those are not YOUR problems, maybe, just maybe they’d help you. I haven’t looked to see if there is a similar site as this for PMI, but if I were you, I sure would before I drop any more money in their laps. In fact, after I get home tonight, I think I will go searching for anything on PMI and see if they are a scam or not. Oh, and after they’ve gotten you, the next ploy is a company that wants to set up your books. They make it sound like they are going to cure any and all problems regarding bookkeeping that you have or may come up against in the future. We took a pass on them too. After asking a ton of questions, we decided they were just another way for SOL to keep their hands in your pockets. The exact same “services” can be found much cheaper. So, in answer to your question, I personally did not avail myself of PMI’s services. If you do, I’d get it ALL in writing that they guarantee what they say they can do for you. Any what do they condisider working hard enough??? Rather an open statement, no? Just m.h.o.

  33. Warren says:

    wow, stores online… I enjoyed the seminar. It had lots of good information and their marketing resource centre is pretty good. You can find all of this information on your own if you want but I decided to pay for the storefronts just for the access to the marketing center and the updates. I personally looked at the investment in time. Spend $4000 for lifetime access to this service is better than me looking myself.

    This is where the big problem lies. I purchased the package for the lifetime subscription to thier marketing center which every sales agent in the room was promoting. I was not purchasing for the storefront and hosting services. Now they will not let me into the resource center.

    3 years later I still can not get into the marketing section. Therefore I spent $4000 for access to their tools section for 1 year and now they want to charge me for subsequest years. I think I used it 10 times.

    If a company does business this way and changes their offering after the fact, DO NOT WORK WITH THEM! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY.

    I am more dissatisfied because they are only asking for $10 a month for this access, but it is not the money, it is the principle. You spend $4000 for lifetime access and then they cut it off a year later. If the value is $10 a month then I have prepurchased near 40 years worth of access.

    Every purchase decision is about VALUE and if you received it. I evaluated the value that I was sold on and I chose to purchase. However I have now not received the value that I was promised.

    I have tried to deal with Stores Online but they will not honor their agreement.

  34. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Warren, Yes, there’s no way to do business. Promising something but not delivering it. Sitesell offers a much better marketing center with all the articles and tools that they source for you. And they don’t even charge for it!

  35. Julio says:

    I attended a full one day seminar and was stupid enough to buy six licenses for six websites. It has been three months and i barely finished building my first. I paid them over $6000 for six websites. Is there anyway to get our money back for the other five licenses … can anyone help?

  36. Pete D says:

    I went and left at lunch not thinking it was scam, but just knowing that I was not going to spend 6 grand at this time. I thought down the road it might be an investment I might make. However, thanks to some research on sites like this my eyes have been opened. I will look into other options like Sitesell. Thank you Martin Lee

  37. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Pete,

    You are most welcome. Glad to be of help.

  38. fiz thomson says:

    Hi I bought the storesonline thing in March this year, and am still building my site.I bought the 6 sites, and then ended up getting phoned to tell me i was needed for the successteam…..I paid another £2000, and am still struggling..they…EMS have kept contact, but not as much as I need, and now having read all you are saying, I wonder if I have done right……….time will tell, but its not made me happy at all.

  39. TBP says:

    My friend and I attended the all day workshop last week in Northwest Indiana. We were almost on the brink of buying, but decided not to due to the $$$. We decided if, after more research, the product turned out to look like a good deal, they would surely sell to us at a later date.

    A few days later I got a call, wanting to know why I hadn’t purchased. I was offered more individualized help and there was something said about testimonials. I figure there is a no talking aggreenent of some kind looming with that kind of deal !! Plus they haven’t told me the $$ yet.

    My friend figured they called me because I had expressed concern about the software and the help from customer service .

    I am so glad I did some looking around today, and read this blog. My friend has been looking into this, too. My husband will be relieved !!


  40. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Fiz, why did you have to pay another 2000?

    Hi TBP, glad to be of help. Feel free to contact me if you need any 2nd opinion on anything that you might come across.

  41. Tony says:

    My spouse was taken in at a seminar, but they miscaulated me, I email faxed and US mailed their cancelation within the time limit, my credit card company gladly reversed this transaction after I proved this. Don’t be taken, what they are chargeing for “free internet tools ” is absurd.

  42. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Tony, glad you managed to get the thing sorted out.

  43. Tony says:

    I think most folks can get their money back due to their failure to disclose likely hood of sucess. They have more class action suits going against them then any company in recent history, consider going to your attorney general and tv and newspaper if you have been taken. These people need to go away

  44. Pam says:

    Hi, I’m so glad that I came on your site to get more information before the workshop. I were their today in Michigan. Thank you all so much I will not get cought up.

  45. […] on. As this review is getting a bit long, I will talk about the afternoon session in the next review post on the storesonline workshop. There were five strategies covered and a guaranteed method to get your website on the first page […]

  46. Fraud_Tracker says:

    StoresOnline is a scam. The State of Utah has oredered them to cease and desist:

    I went to a seminar and took a friend out of the seminar before lunch. It’s a hard sell for people that are not very savvy but you can buy websites and hosting for a fraction of the cost. Think about it… why would they be selling it if they could do it themselves?

    I have business experience with other companies like them and their whole success depends on their ability to continually make excuses and upsell to people who are hoping to make their investment back.

  47. melody says:

    Could someone please give me the website on selling my 6 websites from stores on line? It is alot harder than we thought to get all this going. We desperately want to sell.

  48. Pete says:

    I am one of the novice folks that bought the storesonline package. as i develop my first site, my gut feeling (as i have never developed a site before) is that this is not a user friendly platform from which to work. Does that jive with what you more experienced web development people have found or is your main beef simply with the cost and selling tactics of storesonline ? – thanks for the feedback! – pete

  49. Martin Lee says:

    Cease and desist? Interesting…

    Hi Pete, I have not used storesonline before so I can’t really make a comparison. I know wordpress is very user friendly. :)

  50. Joseph Eisenhower says:

    I purchased 6 websites from these people back in 2003 . Hat a nightmare I encountered. After fianancing websites I spent 3000 dollars for advanced marketing program from them all for not many promises did not come thru and only got one site up and the first order I had cost me because website they helped me market wasn’t even ready for business and people could not order any thing from my website there is alot of info left out at these seminars that I experienced after purchase and started into developing my second site. I cancelled my debit card payments to them. Now after 3 years found out they sold my account to a collection agency who now is trying to collect prior to this had no demands for payment from original sellers of websites. BEWARE

  51. Connie says:

    Please help. I purchased the 6 storeonline websites July 23rd of 2007. They said I had only 3 days to cancel as in the agreement. Isn’t it all state laws that you have a 30 day money back guarantee to stop the transaction?

  52. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Connie,
    quickly go and approach your state AG.

  53. Tom says:

    Hi. I also purchased websites from storesonline on 6-9-07. I am not happy with the software, I think it is too expensive, and I want out. If I had known about the lawsuits and the bad press, I would not have made the purchase. Even though I signed a legal contract, I will file a complaint with my state attorney generals office for being mislead into a business opportunity through a high pressure sales pitch.

  54. Connie says:

    Hello Tom,
    I agree with you. Before you know it you are in a line at the back of the table or with a group signing away money you know you can’t afford to lose.
    A single Mom who raised three kids alone, Connie

  55. Jenny Wren says:

    Hi folks…just came back from 90 minute seminar….I WAS NOT IMPRESSED with these people! When asked who would look into 3 or 4 pages or more of a webpage ( which I would if I were looking for something specific or a better price on an item I was buying) …those who held up there hand were laughed at by the big haired diamond studded presenter and were told we need to find a new hobby!! nice way to centre out people you are wanting to sign up for something..and of course this dumb bitch got a big laugh from everyone!. There was also way too much “pressure selling” to ordinary people who are trying to find a way to make a living through the internet…And don’t the storesonline people know it!! many in this packed room were elderly and some disabled….It makes me sick to think how many of these poor people will be using a portion of their life savings ,disability or welfare cheques to get sucked into this ploy…NOTHING IS EVERY FREE…and if it sounds too good to be true…BELIEVE IT!!! Don’t be taken by these people…they are the only ones walking away with a smile on their face and wad of your bucks in their wallet looking forward to their next worldwide tour to rip off the next poor unsuspecting country!

  56. Grace says:

    We did buy the 6 websites, using our credit card for part and some of thier financing. I had done some searching and read about the scam stuff, but didnt look deep enough as I didnt read about the law suits. I figured all companys have thier critics. But after I bought it I just had a bad gut feeling and spent the few days after the purchase on the internet. After deciding this WASNT the way to go, I called to cancel. I purchased on a FRI and luckily they don’t count the weekend so I was still within my 3 day right. I didnt have to send in a cancelation form, I just called and after an EVEN harder sell to stay, they gave me the $2000 counceling free, cut me back, but when I said NO I want a refund for like the 1000 time, he finally said ok. And thankfully my refund went through! I am so glad I cancelled!

  57. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your comments. So now we all know that weekends aren’t counted…

  58. John says:

    I also attended the all day “marketing seminar” and was put off at the high pressure nature of the pitch. After the speaker mentioned that they were not perfect and had a “few” very vocal unhappy clients I was ready to go. I was then approached by one of their sales staff and asked if he could clarify anything that had been covered so far. I responded I’d like to see him Google up “Storesonline complaints” before I plunked down thousandsof dollars. This caught him off guard and he sprinted off to consult the “boss”. Needless to say, I was persona non grata for the ten more minutes I spent there. (I left just before lunch) Thanks for your time and effort Mr. Lee in educating us potential victims.
    Johnny B.

  59. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Johnny, you are most welcome.

  60. john says:

    thanks Martin Lee for the helpful info, i just returned from their lunch seminar and i figured i’ll google StoresOnline before making any investment and your info was very helpful
    thanks for saving me spending a day for nothing

  61. Martin Lee says:

    Hi John, you are welcome.

  62. Chloe says:

    Just read all this bad press – So if I just signed up with Storesonline on 18AUG 2007 Saturday morning – I will be able to cancel by tomorrow then? Whew ! The internet can be very useful.

  63. Does anyone know if they are affiliated with Bright Builders? They are also a rip off company from Orem Utah and they had something called PMI.
    Bright Builders use alot of pressure tactics and they were good at figuring out how to charge the big fee to your credit cards.

  64. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Anne, I think you are right. I heard that PMI is one of the sister companies of storesonline!

  65. So is anyone able to do anything about this company or companies? I wrote the Utah Senitors a couple times about Bright Builders, but they never responded back. I filed thru BBB, but nothing was resolved, as they just lied to look good.
    Will this company just keep taking advantage of people, or can something be done to stop them?

  66. Jenni says:

    Hi..I went to the 90 min. seminar yesterday and did sign up for the day one with my sister…but we will probably not go now after reading these comments thanks for sharing…I have everything they are sharing already it seems and I can find the few things I am missing I expect…

  67. I had also signed up for the workshop after the 90 min seminar and the yucky dinner, but have decided not to waste my time. I wish there was some way to warn more people about these companies.

  68. Barb says:

    I sat throught the 90 min. seminar that began at 6:00pm yesterday with my stomach rumbling and after the wait they served us a turkey sandwich, but the cheese cake was good. I did pay $20 for the all day workshop. I am not planning on buying anything then. I just want to get more information. I do not have the money to just make an on the spot decision. I’ll do my research before I make any financial decisions.

  69. Mark says:

    I attended the 90 minute seminar recently here in Abbotsford, B.C.

    As I read this site, I have seen word-for-word what we were presented with. A little disingenous of them, but I guess if it works…

    One good thing I can say is the sandwich was delicious, but that’s to the credit of the Hotel in any event.

    I near got tackled by a guy for having “one” too many mp3 players at the end (my friend had to leave early so I argued my way into it). The guy actually told me I had taken more than I was allowed! Then it was wrong because my friend had left “early” (the sandwiches were 15 minutes late and he had an appointment). I really got to thinking about these dinky $2 mp3 players (I really didn’t care about them, but if they’re free…) and the hostility I encountered over just that, what the overall stance of the company was.

    It is true, these people patrol like nothing I have ever seen. Maybe I should have asked them how THEIR websites were doing? LOL.

    I even tried going to THEIR website. I got a 1 minute 26 second video demonstration that showed me NOTHING of what I would get for all that money! Hence, I decided to look here.

    I am an existing ebay seller and have my own website, both have been a LOT OF HARD WORK, and that is just what it takes, folks. Caveat Emptor has been sadly forgotten. (Buyer Beware).

  70. sherry d lane says:

    I think that you all are jus a bunch of worried crybabies who are too lazy to take action hence all the anonomous comment and all YOU are trying to do issell your product which of course competes with stores online

  71. clarence says:

    i went to the 1st internet conference on july 18,2007, here in bham,al. i was excited about what i heard and booked my space and my sisters’ space for the workshop (workover) on aug 1,2007,for $20….it was very high pressure selling from the sign up to enter to the end…..i am a kidney transplant patient,and i still hold down a full time job….so my medicine are very high..the salesman told me i was worth me missing my medicine to be successful….would i die for…hell no!neither should you!

  72. chris says:

    Well I guess my story is the same, about not knowing how to do this and, I am not the comp. person. We left the siminar thinking we would be up and running no time flat! Our story is much like others, 6 sites later, only one up and running, 3months and I think the only ones that visit are us and friends and family. We followed everything step by step. I am not afraid to give my name and website we even had the products printed up and shipped to us. I Have sold more on the streets than the website (0). We practically know everyones names up there. Now I spend my days and evenings trying to figure out how to market, and I am getting desperate. I called them last week and asked them if they could do somthing abot the other 3 sites since they could tell that there was no way we could ever come up with 6, useing there history with us! And they said no! I do not know how they get there leads for people to go to the siminars, and I counted at least 50 couples that signed up. Fayetteville Ar was where the siminar was, and Ft smith,Ar. I was so frustrated that I called them and asked If I could talked to someone that had made a go of it, that maybe we missed a step? There response, WE DON’T GIVE OUT OTHER PEOPLES INFORMATION! i THEN I SAID FINE I WILL GIVE YOU MY INFO AND COULD YOU ASK THE SUCCESSFULL ONES TO GIVE ME A CALL, after reading this now I know why? (maybe there only the 3-4 they showed in there little movie) I am getting extremely upset with them!!!! If you do nt know about building websites (DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!) (DO NOT DO THIS!!!) (DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!) HAVE A GARAGE SALE AND MAKE MORE MONEY THAN WE HAVE IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS, A NICKLE WOULD BE MORE THAN WE HAVE MADE. (true story) and Stores on line know that!!!!! (earnings 000.00)

  73. chris says:

    I would love for the sherry d lane lady to just call me, or dare to call me a crybaby, or lazy Because everyone ou there in Utah know that just simply not true. If she need names I have a list of the folks that have tried to help, and they know who they are, they really have helped us, but what the people in the workshop said has not happened.
    The people in support are great!!!! Just not the workshop!!
    OH We paid 1500.00 down, and the monthly price of 6 websites is 239.00 And 24.95 monthly. So miss crybaby, miss I’m lazy before she responds to me better ck her stores on line records, an loggs.

  74. It sounds similar to my story a couple years ago. Bright Builders promised I would make $5000 in three months with my website. I knew that was an exaggeration, but I figured when I put the 5-10 hours a week they said, that I would make some money. I did make a few dollars, when my friends purchased product.
    They also used pressure tatics and they are also from Orem Utah, so now I wonder if Storesonline is another company that Bright Builders started?
    I am not a “cry baby”, or “lazy”; I have put alot of work into my two websites, &, and the book I have published. I do want to warn others, that is important to me, as it seems these companies can do whatever they please with people.
    I have a day job, a child and I do this business at night and any other time I can find, so I am definitely not lazy.
    I am glad for these forums and for, as I have also had two other companies phone me in the last two weeks trying to get me to join their program and getting mad when I didn’t want to immediately give them my money and sign up. I checked out the names and found very bad reports for both of them. Since then, I have had alot of phoning and hanging up. They both had to do with selling mortgages on the web site they set up for you. One of them gave you four websites, with one being mortgages.
    Be very careful; do not sign up with any company no matter how much they pressure you, look them up first.

  75. emma says:

    Boy, am I glad that I found this website. I did go to their 90 minute free seminar and free mediocre lunch. And, I did pay $25 for the next full-day seminar, which I still plan to attend, b/c they promised some CDs for ebay marketing and other materials, which might be informative. However, I am definitely NOT purchasing their product after reading this website. Thank you Mr. Lee for your public service. It is true that “knowledge is power.”

  76. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Chris,
    yes, that’s a lame excuse. If they have people with succesful websites, all the more they should use them as social proof to potential customers.

    Hi Emma,

  77. Frank says:

    Went to Stores online workshop with my wife. Had her so pumped up, could hardly stand it. Was suposed to go to the next phase of their training (the money sucking part).
    Logged onto the net to do research on the company. GLAD I DID……..After reading hours of stuff, there was no way, I’d breath the same oxygen with them in that room.
    WARNING: Whenever there is a full page ad in the paper or get a nice slick mailing for something regards real estate, web page building, financials, etc., ignore it. They are all alike…..and I noticed they are mainly from UTAH. What does that tell you?

  78. Chris Downum says:

    Emma save your money, I have 3 of those cds I will be glad to send you one free of charge, unless you know about it will be greek to you as it was to us. I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then. All the other stuff they taught to us at the siminar are not really free, and the reverse search, tools , Utah said would put us right up there , haven’t happened!!! Now they told us to buy another domain name, change the meta tag, change our front page, which before We went live they told us we had done a great job, Like I said tec support is great, 0+239 still cost 239. We have not mad a dime!!!!!!

  79. John says:

    I went to their seminar on Friday Aug, 31. My family wanted me to go to check it out. I said what the hell, i just quit my job and needed an extra income. I’m a computer tech, and should of known to check this company out before i went, but didn’t. Stupid of me!! Went through their sales pitch and they served us lunch which was an impressive meal. They even had a live merchant come up and tell the group how successful she was at selling maps on her web-site. This got me drawn in, and at the end of the seminar was sitting contimplating whether to do it or not. One of their sales guys came up to me and asked me why i havn’t paid for the program yet? I told him i was thinking about it. He said what is there to think about, i got 6 sites up and very succesful. This fool drawed me in and suckered me out of $3,900.00 for 6 sites! The next day i went to go use my licenses to log in and non of them worked! Its going on the fourth day and still can’t log in! I contacted on-line support and they said to fax my merchant reciepts to their office. No contact so far on their part yet. I looked at their material they gave me in my builders packet and i got to say, not user friendly at all! It’s gonna take the average user as my self as far as web-sites go a very long time to publish. This is gonna be a 4-6 month process to complete for 1 web-site. My advice to everyone, DO NOT GET SUCKERED LIKE ME, DO NOT BUY THIS BUILDING PACKET!! You will thank me later. I’m gonna do my damndest to get a full refund!

  80. Martin Lee says:

    Hi John,
    I think you should be able to get your refund. The 3-day refund period does not count non-working days.

  81. John says:

    Thanks Martin Lee, I hope they do give me a refund since i’m out of work right now. I showed my wife these reviews, and she wasn’t excited at all! She said hell ya get your money back, considering looking at other reviews with this company having pending lawsuits and all sorts of complaints how people got ripped off! I just feel sorry for the suckers that bought the packet in the seminar i was at in Las-Vegas. I would say 80% of the class bought it, and half of them through credit with an 18% interest! How can a company do this to people!!!! Then when these people get home and view this product for them selves like me, your heart drops and think they never mentioned how hard it is to get started, especially for computer noobs! Very un-user friendly! I will fight tooth and nail for my refund! Thats money well spent for my daughters…..Thanks again Martin Lee for your input……..

  82. william says:

    I am so glad I ran across this site. My wife and I were planning on attending the conference in NOrthwestern Indiana on sept 21. She just got into the marketing business and was hoping to learn a little more to improve her website and maybe learn a little more about the marketing business online. We are not attending now. We are barely making it as it sits and we do not need any high pressured sales people down our back. Thanks so much for helping people not get taken by scammers. How do these people get away with it anyways?

  83. Tracey says:

    I am really worried now, after reading everybody’s comments. My sister-in-law and I bought 3 sites at the StoresOnline seminar in Brisbane Australia in March this year. We got very frustrated with the whole process however, persisted and now just about ready to go live with two of our sites. We have found it to be very expensive (so far costing us over $11,000AUD). This included extras like PMI and becoming members of Worldwidebrands and The Shipper, not to mention the 2K to start a proper registered business in Australia. My main concern is the marketing. Apparently PMI are supposed to help with this. Has anyone had any experience with PMI?

  84. Joseph says:

    Dear Tracey
    My name is Joe E. after purchasing 6 websites from StoresOnline in 2003 I spent an additional $3000 on an advanced marketing program with PMI. After “tweaking” my website they felt I was ready to do business so I published my website so I could get my links up and running because until your website up and running people will not link with you. Which by the way they fail to mention the difficulty in securing link partners which increases where your website is listed in the srarch engines. So after all this h was done and I started getting link confirmations they said I was all done. I started getting traffic to my website but not near as much as they had promised I was very alarmed at the rate of visits but no purchases. After about one month a prospective customer e-mailed me and said she had tried unsucessfully twice to order products off my website. So long story short is PMI told me I was ready to do business nobody could order anything and ended up paying out on my first and only order BEWARE

    JOE E.

  85. Martin Lee says:

    I’m not familiar with PMI but from Joe’s account, it seems that PMI is another over-priced product from storesonline.

  86. jeff says:

    My wife and I received a solicitation from about a month ago. We’ve been considering starting a small online business for some time but have been unsure exactly how to proceed. Our biggest issue has been trying to determine exactly what to sell. So we attended the 90 minute presentation on August 29th and decided to plunk down the cash for the DVD set and the “seminar” based on what we were told the content of the seminar was going to be.

    So we go to the full day “seminar” earlier this week and it was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life. Contrary to the statement above, this “seminar” was 95% hard-sell (usually disguised) and 5% actual content (in 6 hours I took 2 pages of notes – it should have been 20). They alternated between the sales babe and the “independent” (NOT!) lecturer. The sales babe did the expected schtick. The lecturer we had (some guy from Atlanta) was horrible. He barely use his powerpoint slides. Instead he would tell us about “rich thinkers” and “broke thinkers” and about how he used to be a “broke thinker” until he found storesonline. However, at no time did he show us eCommerce web sites that he owned. He alluded to them, bet never actually showed us whether he did anything. What was interesting (and expected) is that they took the offensive against their critics. I didn’t read the comments here until today, but these guys had an “answer” for everything and these preemptive strikes took up a significant portion of the lecture time. To be honest, the fact that they felt a need to say so much about their critics made me leery. Not only that, you would think if their tools and product were any good that they would spend a lot of time demonstrating them. The actual time spend showing us what we would actually be buying was short and vague. That’s a bad sign.

    When we walked in it was obvious that the “consultants” were simply sales scum. Frankly, I’ve dealt with used car salesmen with better ethics than these guys. Their only job was to separate you from your money and not to “consult” in ANY meaningful way. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up the first time when they passed out the “financing form” for those of you that don’t have the cash or a credit card (at 18% interest!). There was NO WAY I was handing over my SSN to these shysters. Then, the content-free sales job continued. On and on and on and on. Finally, about 1PM they tell
    us to huddle aroud the “consultants” who would tell us more about the “workshop only” offer. Well, there wasn’t anything much more to find out. He handed out these order forms and encouraged those of us who didn’t fall for the financing scam to enter our credit card numbers so that we could get a “priority” consultation and to speed up the process later. We didn’t fall for that one either. My wife, God bless her, looks at the “consultant” and asks about thinking this over and coming back. He gets irritated and tells her that if we don’t take the package TODAY we will never be invited back. Hey, that’s fine with me. The funny thing is that when he said that, four people got up and left.

    They finally served us lunch at 1:30. At 2 PM the lecturer proceeded to point to the empty seats (I’d say about half of the people had left by then) and berated them not taking advantage of this great opportunity. For the next 1/2 hour it was content-free marketing BS. Finally, he gave us a hint how to push your site to the top of the search engines. By 3PM they were showing the second “success” video. When the break came, my wife and I looked at each other and bailed. After being around those people I felt so slimy I had to take a shower when I got home. :-)

    Frankly, their pricing is a total ripoff. They wanted $6400 up front (6 sites) plus $29.95 per month per site for hosting and maintenance. That’s almost $180 per month if you have 6 sites. You can easily get quality hosting for under $10 per month. Plus the fees to ECI for credit card handling add up to another $30 per month. Do the math. You have to be selling a LOT of product to justify spending that much coin.

    Stay away from these people. If they were any good, they would not have to pressure you into a fast commitment. And they are not going to help you with your business – they only want your money.

  87. Gao says:

    Has it ever occurred to those that want their money back after the Storesonline seminar purchases, that to get their money back they could sue the place that the seminar took place in? Think about this: if your car got damaged in the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel, who would you file a lawsuit against? The Marriott, of course. The same would apply for the seminars: why would a respectable hotel (as I understand Storesonline do their seminars at hotels predominantly) get involved with a fishy event like that? They don’t need/want that kind of publicity.

  88. Cris says:

    I just attended a seminar last Friday in Albany, NY with Kory as the instructor. He and the other speaker seemed to know what they were talking about and gave us poor audience the impression that storesonline is worth investing money into. Kory emphasized that he’s not there to promote his business nor give us false hopes, and he was once just like us attending a storesonline seminar. During the morning session, they already began their marketing strategy, gave us the pricing information which was supposedly highly discounted, and distributed confidential information sheets, which are actually going to authorize them to do a credit check on us so financial options can be determined. I did not fill one out.

    I was still curious what else they had to say so I stayed throughout the entire seminar. After lunch I was called for a one-on-one counseling which I thought was a more individualized sales talk. l did not buy anything from them. Nevertheless, I think about half of the audience bought websites because they had to stay for some instructions. That day, I overheard a couple who bought three websites talking about how they smell something fishy, right after their receipt was given to them. I felt sorry for them and wished to say something but I have not read this website nor researched yet and didn’t know better than suspect. But hopefully they make good use of whatever they have purchased or get a refund.

    I then came home with a binder with several empty tabs, handwritten notes, mostly dictated by Kory, the eBay CD which is 196 pages in PDF and who knows how long it will take before I understand any of it, and lots of caffeine.

  89. Dennis says:

    on September 25th, 2007 7:53 pm

    Just returned from seminar. I feel the $20 i spent was well worth it. Theyl covered a lot of material I knew nothing about. HOWEVER the price they wanted for the membership was way too high and the sales pressure was worse than any car lot. My main reason for going was information and wasn’t going to be pressured into a sale without first investigating the company. After 2 unasked for and unsuccessful pressure sale consultations, they tried a different approach. I was offered a $900 discount if i promised to keep it confidential. hmm After I told them they wouldn’t get any money out of me until I checked them out they seemed to lose interest in me. In conclusion I feel the $20 was worth the info but wouldn’t recomend spending more. Buyer Be Ware do your homework

  90. Glad in Wisconsin says:

    I wasted my whole day at the “workshop” today. Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy into anything. Check these guys out with the BBB. (I did) they’re banned from some states in the US and from Australia because of their mess. People are suing them left and right. I went to the workshop for the “information”…yeah right. 97% of the “information” was nothing but a hard-sell pitch by the presenters of the StoresOnline product. The other 3% was very useful info, but 99% of that was no different than the info I got from watching the videos and getting the FREE e-books from So I paid $20 for the lunch from which I got sick and almost threw up. People, please do your research first, that goes for ANY company. Oh yeah, and if you have no backbone, they will talk you into buying their products, it’s like sitting through a time-share seminar or talking to a car salesman who doesn’t care what kind of crappy car you get as long as he get paid.

  91. Rene says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am from Canada, and these people are up here working there magic too. I have a small online jewelry business and went to see if I could get some pointers or buy some resonably priced software to improve what I already have. Wow! I was feeling pretty good because I could see I new a bit more than a lot of other people who had never even made a purchase online before, and I still got sucked in!! I came home very excited about my purchase (6 websites) and could hardly wait to get started. Found out after 4 hours of pouring through this EXPENSIVE material that it was no different than any other offer I had ever seen. Any little extra like finding a drop shipper costs money (with not much of what I am interested in selling). I became very frustrated and before I even started building my first website have thrown in the towel and have decided to cancel and continue with what I have. $20.00 was worth the information we got however. I am really glad I did not procrastinate like I have a tendancy to do as I read in one paragraph that you can cancel within 3 business days.
    I really wish I had of had the for thought to google these guys before I put money down. I wrote a check for down payment that already has a stop payment on my account.
    I think the sales people should sell cars, they would make a ton of money. I too wondered at the seminar, if it is so good why are they all not running profitable websites???

  92. Jean Nowlan says:

    Hi everyone!
    It’s a good thing! I search for reviews,now… I couldn’t attend there course because of there time table wasn’t good for me. I haven’t missed anything from what I can see. I’ve been looking for a long time for a legitimate site to come along. thanks to this site… I saved a lot of on money. Thanks again.


  93. Kevin says:

    Martin, and all respondents, thanks very much for your input, I just went to a full day seminar and left early, it was after I was approached for the third time about spending nearly 6000.00 with only a 3 day cancellation policy. I saw so many people signing the dotted line for their credit card, I’m usually skeptical, and this time I’m glad you reaffirmed my skeptisism. If so much money can be made, why are these people spending their days at all day seminars soliciting a product, that is a red flag right there. thanks also for the other recommended websites, at least now I know I don’t have to spend nearly 2 months sallary for info I could get alot cheaper. I feel bad for all who were misled.

  94. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Rene and Kelvin,

    you are most welcome.

  95. Marie says:

    I just want to thank you Martin for taking the time to share your information regarding the all day seminar and the danger of getting involved with this company. I was to attend a seminiar in Halifax Nova Scotia tomorrow in Halifax and might have been sucked in.. Thank you again..Marie

  96. Hunnytree says:

    I received a lovely mailing entitled “Women’s Night Out – Dinner Tabled Reserved for:” followed by my name in lovely type. First other thing I noticed were “ebay, yahoo, google and MSN” on the envelope. Took me a while to search out the name of the company, “” amongs the “Free Event-Ticket Enclosed” etc. and so on and so forth. I did my usual. Went to Yahoo Answers and typed in the search “”. Well that took care of that — after reading there, stumbling on over here and reading here….I’m tossing it. Don’t need to hear or read any more. Ugh! Just another bunch of papers to shred (with my name all over it).

  97. Julie says:

    Hi, I have read a lot (but not all) of the reviews about the stores online workshops and I am thankfully already convinced that I will not sign up to anything. However, I have one question that I can’t find an answer to. Is it worth going to the workshop to learn anything about getting into the internet business? Taking away their sales pitch, can I actually learn anything useful on the day, because having paid my £20 for the day I am considering attending just to see if I can learn anything at all. I am a novice when it comes to setting up an internet business and certainly will try to do this myself rather than get ripped off but if I can get anything out of spending £20 on the day I wondered if anyone agrees that this is possible? Please reply soon as I am due to attend in a week. Many thanks.

  98. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Julie,
    If you have time to spare and the place is near, maybe you can popin for the free lunch. I didn’t learn much the last time round but I’m not too sure what it is like now.

  99. Cindy says:

    Hi- I unfortunetly bought into all this too! I have since wrote an extensive letter to Stores on Line about a month ago and of course have gotten no respopnse. It took me two months to figure out nothing they say works and also had the problem, that when I did get visitors no one could buy! I financed my sites with there people and now i can no longer pay them there $148 a month because I am not making any money and I am on disibality. I would like to know what does the Attorney Generals office do for you?? Should I contact my tv news that investigates?? I can not afford any more negitivity on my credit report. Thannks for all the great advice and stories.

  100. medussa says:

    Martin, thank you, thank you thank you for creating this forum for SOL “survivors” ha ha!

    I am sure these SOL folks have their operatives all over the US, Canada, England and Australia simultaneously with synchronized watches as they do their mischief in collective force. Has anyone noticed that these all day events take place at different locations but on the same dates and times. Hmmmm. ( and usually on a friday it seems.) And what about those “to the minute” breaks and pauses? hmmmm.

    these guys must be a whole new breed of terrorists…….they ambush our vulnerabilities, our wallets, our trust. I cannot believe i dissed the warning signs that they apparently employ at every event. Like the grinning sharks that circle all of us who did not make a bee line for the sign up table. Yeah we were the little fish that did not get away…………………………….

    In reading these posts i am amazed at the scripts. Especially Martin’s reference to the day there were not enough tables chairs or binders…..that is exactly what we experienced in spite of the fact that we had rsvp’d our invitation. Not only that we got some sorry excuse that the little electronic organizers promised us as our “free gift” were not available due to a customs delay however if we kindly left our names and contact info, they would be sure to send us one. we fell for that too. now we are gettin daily phone solicitations, spams and junk mail i am sure originated from this ‘free’ lunch fishing expedition they orchestrated!

    so since i already invested precious time and energy by attending not one but two sessions,not to mention stupidly submitting my credit card and credit info….. i may as well donate my time to sharing with you all what i have gathered so far on these guys:
    I have already written my letters to cancel, contacted my credit card provider as well as the Canada dept of consumer and corporate affairs. I am glad we in canada get 10 days to reconsider contract agreements before they become non refundable.
    here is some info i found in doing more research on them. very interesting indeed. i post this with intent that anyone considering doing business with SOL will have more info to consider before taking that leap of (blind) faith such as we did. I am still whacking myself up side da head for not listening to my inner guru’s warnings on this one. I swear the pain meds i was on for a nasty dry socket numbed my senses as well as my pain!!!!!

    If you just recently purchased a program you DO have 10 days to bail if in Canada and if i am not mistaken, only 3 days if in US.

    wishing success to all who are dealing with trying to reclaim their investment losses

  101. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Medussa,

    Thanks for sharing. I will be posting up some of the links on the help page.

  102. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Cindy,

    There might be some class action suits against storesonline in your state. So you might want to contact your AG.

  103. Andy says:

    Thanks for this – just come back from a meeting with them in the uk – I will not be going and have just cancelled my card for 20pounds for the workshop – hope I have done it in time

  104. I went to the first short one with my boss who owns a store, she was sold to send me to the second one (the eight hour one where they make the real sales pitch). It was only 98 dollars out of my boss’s pocket and it didn’t seem terrible.

    My boyfriend and I went as reps to the bookstore we work for. I wont lie, I thought it was fishy that the whole room 99.9% of the people were older folks in like 50+ I would say. We went with no intentions of buying the site from them anyway. I personally think that they gives some good tips and tricks, though not worth the 98 dollars, aside from the endless sales pitch.

    Now, this gave us the idea/motivation to do something like it. We figure we could do the same thing for less ( we are 21 and 22 and so we figure we were a bit more tech savvy >.>) If you have gone, remember the the 1 on 1 consulatation? The guy was clearly surprised that we weren’t really inclined to buy right then and there and was just asking questions really. I believe he said ” So I just went through all that… ” and caught himself. LoL my boyfriend and I just laughed as soon as we walked away from him.

    I feel bad for all the old folks that got scammed. There is many other places as indicated by previous chains, that could do it for just as well and hell lot cheaper than for what they are asking.

    So what I guess I’m trying to say is… It reeks of a ripoff. The 8 hour seminar gives some good tips and tricks, the lunch wasn’t terrible, but not really worth 98 dollars. If gullible girl such as me can see this as a scam/ripoff….. that is something to say. So really, don’t let them push you and don’t dump thousands into it.

  105. medussa says:

    Hi to all….
    Marie and Cliff : thank you so much for the info. Marie your site looks great.Very easy to navigate as well. good job. your hard work and perseverence paid off it seems,. Are you getting sales? I sure hope so.

    As for our saga….we are still waiting fo our refund. I spoke with “ryan” an SOL rep and he assured me i would get FULL refund on our MC deposit and he would also nullify our financial agreement (loan to pay the balance) that was last week. still has not showed up on our acct but i am a patient person…i will give it another few days before i get ugly ugly ugly. LOL

    To all CANADIANS who have purchased last few days….DO NOT PROCRASTINATE….GET YOUR REQUEST TO CANCEL IN WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS. According to (free) phone consultation i got from a local law firm:
    In spite of the fact that your province may allow for up to 10 days to cancel a contract or get full refunds, the SOL contract states cancellation request must be made within 3 business days so by signing that contract, their terms over ride your state or province’s terms. Also, be sure to have you and your spouse or business parter etc sign the request for cancellation as well as all communications re your request for refund/cancellation–IF they have co-signed the financial agreements or any bill of sales. According to the SOL contract terms all parties who sign the agreement are liable. Therefore all parties who sign must also request the cancellation/nullification of the contract. I am not a lawyer so i am saying all this in lay terms according to my understanding of the research i have done re: consumer rights, contract laws, etc etc.

    RE: Gao said, on September 15th, 2007 at 3:39 am

    “as it ever occurred to those that want their money back after the Storesonline seminar purchases, that to get their money back they could sue the place that the seminar took place in? Think about this: if your car got damaged in the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel, who would you file a lawsuit against? The Marriott, of course. The same would apply for the seminars: why would a respectable hotel (as I understand Storesonline do their seminars at hotels predominantly) get involved with a fishy event like that? They don’t need/want that kind of publicity.”

    FYI…..I asked the lawyer i spoke with about this. He said that in Canada–hotels, conferece centers or any other venue that provides space for these operations are in NO way liable for lawsuits relating to the business practices of these “traveling road shows” as he called them!

    best wishes to all

  106. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Medussa,
    Thanks for sharing.

  107. medussa says:

    you are most welcome Martin. I am very grateful for the support this site offers thanks to you for setting this site up and to all who have shared.

  108. Bruce says:

    I feel real bad for the people knocking SOL, you get as much out of life as what you put into it, no more or no less. SOL gives you the tools and yes there is no free lunch but you do have to work, if you do the work the program works, you can call the support people at SOL for help, they are some of the nicest support people I have ever met in the internet marketing business, please don;t put the blame on the company, just look in the mirror for the answer.

  109. Rene says:

    I am one of those people that need to look in the mirror, Bruce. Can you post your website url’s for us to see? how long have you been in business? and how well are you doing in sales with your business ventures, (new stores). My problem with SOL was not how complicated the stores were to build, that was not the hard part for me, it was if I am paying $6000. for the programs it should have included some more precise marketing help and tools. I know how many web stores there are out there that potential customers don’t know about and know one will ever find because they do not posess the knowledge on marketing with the search engines, I don’t want to be one of them. I did not get that kind of marketing information or help from the seminars or the package once I got it home. I felt that 6 stores in cyber space that know one was going to find was too scary, and I have some knowledge about being an online merchant. What about the poor people who have committed funds that have never even made an online purchase before. There was a lot of greeen!!! people at my seminar forking over money, that will ge there stores built and will expect the customers to come flooding in, Surprise!!! I would rather pay someone $6000. to take my one store and market it for me with the search engines who know about click rates and click rankings, it still boggles my mind.
    Seriously, I would like to check out your stores will you post your store url’s??
    The sales tactics of SOL are far to pushy, you get roped in that this is a once in a lifetime thing, check out there website, it offers the same thing. They just don’t want people leaving the seminar to think about it because they won’t get the sales if you do.

  110. Bruce says:

    Rene: I have two sites, I did not expect to make any money with either site to start, both of my sites were put up to help people either with their health or finances. In the begining I did listen to what SOL support was telling me but being a senior citizen I thought I could take a short cut and decided to work with other programs, needless to say I was mislead. Just the other day I attended a SOL seminar as a guest and learned about things I need to incorporate on my sites. The site I have used to help people and their pets with their health is I have now been taking the seaweed 2 yrs and everyone should do the same

  111. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I had a look at your site. For some reason, the layout is misaligned on my browser. I think some of the banners are messing with the layout.

    For $6000, you can buy not only the tool, but you can probably get someone to build an entire site for you. Why do things the hard way?

  112. Arie W says:

    Hi people. I have just spent like 2 hours reading the whole comments and I want to thank you so much for sharing this information.
    I did attend the seminar with my friend on Nov 15, 2007 – at Embassy Suite Hotel in Dallas TX.
    Lol unlike you I just want to mention we couldn’t even eat the meal because we only eat Kosher food (We’re Jewish) so the only freebie we got is 2 mp3 players one for me and one for her, so at least that was the only good reason to come.

    I just want to introduce myself.
    My name is Arie and I’m the webmaster of the website where people like you can make money from completing offers, and I won’t lie to you – you can do the same thing as I do or do similar things with Affiliate Networks – money comes from networks, and from Google and Yahoo (I wonder if MSN will start something similar and if they do – be the first to try them, and try them is $50 or $100 investment, not thousands!!!)

    As for my friend, she’s actually the one who invited me to come to this seminar. She has started not a long time ago to work on a pre-paid legal business and she has a small website with this link: and she wants of course to make the main page look better, but that’s only introduction and I’m sorry if I’m putting already too many words on who we are.

    So the main part is – I don’t remember the name of the person who came to talk to us on the Seminar, but he started like “The first person who comes to me and brings me 2 dollars – I will give him 10 dollars” and 2 people did so and got 10 bucks (or actually 8 if you count what they gave him). He did it to drive our attention and he knows how to speak but omg – that was so pathetic! I got so many things to say about it from my point of view – 22 years old student who likes computers, business online and other online stuff from a very long time ago. But Please! Please read the things I want to tell you…

    So he explained about StoresOnline and explained that they can’t “teach” us everything in 90 minutes so that’s why there is a workshop day. The only thing that was interesting for me was the Google thing, coz’ they said they can teach you how to be in a good rank in Google but guess what… For some reason a friend of mine explained me all about it yesterday!! Nevertheless I admit I paid $25 for the Workshop because I don’t mind to spend $25 for learning Google stuff but that’s the only thing I spent, period. And by the way, the Google ranking, I can explain it in 3 lines and I’m pretty sure that’s all they do there – explain things you can learn FREELY on the web.

    People, the Internet nowadays is a bubble, a bubble that a lot of people don’t know and StoresOnline is abusing people and asking for a few thousands omg!

    You can do everything today for no more than $100 investment, trust me on that! Just read, there is a lot of FREE information online! You can sell products from Affiliate Network like Linkshare, ShareASale, CJ – just type those names and put dot com and you’ll be much more happier!

    One more thing – the pathetic part! In the end of the Seminar this guy there gave us a “Bonus” yeah right. And people were so naive and I felt so sorry for them!
    They had like a website where you pay for a membership like $50/month and with this membership you can shop online and get cashback – are you guys crazy???

    There are so many websites who will give you cashback for FREE!!! So many advertisers that will give you double discount if you just buy at their online shop, and those people there in the seminar actually some of them I’ve seen myself, they paid, they paid $50 / membership!

    It’s so pathetic to abuse people’s knowledge, because people don’t know the Internet but nevertheless – today is the workshop in Dallas (7050 Stemmons Freeway) – and guess where I am today? at home!

    People, just ask yourself, why would you bother to go to a such place? Why they want you to dedicate a full day of yours just to “teach you information” – give me a break!

    If I was thinking like them and I would get a lot of people coming to listen to me – the only thing I would do is to explain them about my website. That’s what they do and I’m a young person who knows at least what I’m talking about in this issue. You might know a lot of things in life that I need to learn and that’s normal, but trust me – stop wasting your money and TIMEEEE and don’t go there!

    Wish you just the best.

  113. Bruce says:

    Martin: I do think SOL gives the person the tools to be successful, however I was very dissapointed to find out SOL has gone back on their word, I was told when I joined in 2002 I would be able to attend their works shops(boot camps) for the rest of my life at no charge, now I am being told by Brian of SOL the Boot Camp will cost me $499.00 to attend. I attempted to call Clint Saunderson to verify information and I was told in no uncertain terms he is a V.P and I could not talk to him, after being told by another merchant he was the person I should talk to about the boot camp meeting. I still feel the company does a good job but I am very upset they changed their tune.

  114. Arie W says:

    Bruce, are you serious? They can do a good job, I didn’t check that but the comments above prove otherwise, AND, most importantly – Their price is so expensive! Charging thousands of $ for doing something that can be done for less than $100 is a very sad story, if not also a joke.


  115. Rene says:

    Hello Bruce,
    I am the trouble maker that asks people that think SOL are so wonderful to post their web address’s so we can check out your stores and/or sites ?, and ask you how you have been doing financially since you joined in 2002? That was 5 years ago, you should be pulling in some nice profits by now…
    I have been checking out some of the other web store builders around and have found that ProStores, an ebay company has a pretty good plan you can build and set up your store quite easily and affordably and then if you want you can buy a marketing experts time to put you out there on the search engines if that is where others like me are having problems. They have tier levels at different prices for the marketing and the store building, depending what and how much you are selling. Any thoughts on this program anyone!!!! Martin any feed back on the ProStores..

  116. Rene says:

    Hello Again Bruce,
    Sorry I did not realize you were the same guy that I already asked to post your url’s before, but I still am not convinced that your sites are successful because of what you bought from SOL, how much traffic is your website getting on the web or are you struggling with generating traffic as well?? Did you buy the 6 websites?? Do you only have the one up and running??
    I just don’t think you understand that what you have you could have done a lot cheaper than what SOL has charged you..

  117. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Arie,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. MSN does have an ad center like google/yahoo. However, do take note that whenever you run ads from one of those networks on your webpage, you are not allowed to run ads from the others on the same page.

    Hi Rene,

    Yes, ebay stores is another alternative to start and test things out. It is good as ebay by itself has many targeted buyers. Cost of starting is also low.

    However, in the long run, you want a store with your own domain name. The ebay store could be used as a feeder site to get traffic to your main site after people have bought from you.

  118. Leo says:

    Any one want to transfer a storesonline account, I can afford a little money to try out. I am in Vancouver BC.
    Email: [email protected]
    Please do not email me after new year to ruin a whole years resolution. Thanks!

  119. bruce says:

    Martin: If I understand what you are stating a person can not have a ppc acct with Adwords and MSN, yahoo all at he same time?

  120. bruce says:

    Martin: You seem to understand how internet marketing works? Have you seen the ad for getting information from some Dr re: using Adwords without paying? It seems like he just wants you to buy his book, if not please explain.

  121. Martin Lee says:

    If Bruce,

    There is a difference between a publisher and an advertiser account with yahoo, msn and google.

    You can setup and use a ppc advertiser account with all 3 at the same time. This account allows you to advertise on their networks.

    You can also setup a publisher account with all three at the same time. This allows you to show their ads on your website to earn money. The only thing to take note is that you are NOT allowed to show ads from more than one network on any particular page of your website. If a page shows google ads, it shouldn’t show yahoo ads and vice versa.

    Use adwords without paying? Forget about that ebook.

  122. bruce says:

    Martin: Everyone be careful when attending the e-Bay information free seminars, the people don’t explain what is on the contract real clear, I got taken once but was reimbursed. Get back to me and I will explain if anyone is interested.Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  123. Jan says:

    Watch out New Zealand, Storesonline are here. Luckily for us we asked if we would get our money back if we signed up, got the kit home and didnt like it. We were told we had 3 DAYS to cancel. Not a problem since we knew this but were only told when we were asked and it is in TINY writing on a small piece of paper. All you people that have signed up dont leave it too late to cancel. We did after reading such terrible reviews and found out even had written about them warning people to stay away – not to mention Australia and America where people are apparently taking legal action against them. This is a huge amount of money and the risks are too great. It made me feel sick to watch trusting and often elderly NZrs hand over vast amounts of money as a result of hard sell techniques. This maybe for you but do the research and make sure you get your money back if not. (We havnt got ours yet so heres hoping…)
    Dont worry about the kits you buy if you do cancel, they generally dont bother about them they told us as its not worth it.
    Take care.

  124. Bruce says:

    Jan: I was was talking about the affiliates for e-Bay, however SOL did go back on their word to me re: being able to attend the meetings and seminars for free, no cost when you become a merchant. I wanted to attend a Boot Camp and was told I could attend but it would cost me $499.00, that does not sould like it is no cost to attend.

  125. Martin Lee says:


    One of the website building solutions that I have always recommended as an alternative to Storesonline, “Site Build It” is having a 50% offer until Christmas.

    You can watch this SBI video tour to see what’s it all about.

  126. Jan says:

    To Bruce
    Thats terrible that they were going to charge you for the Boot Camp as we were under the impression it was free and part of the package. Guess we will never know since we pulled out.Lucky!

  127. Hannah says:

    I got a phone call from SOL yesterday wanting to help me with the website I bought (with my mother) last month for 2800.00. I haven’t had anytime to work on it because I am working a crazy amount of overtime to pay off the credit card I charged it to. My plan way to pay it off then dive in to the business. I was told they selected me to personally walk through the process and set up our website to start making us money. We would be flown to Salt Lake City for a few days to attend a meeting with the man who has the wheatgrass website we were told about in the first meeting in Tucson. We talked for 1hr 45mins and I had to stop to go to daughters school play. This man wants a futher investment of 15000.00 for helping us along with our website. He is calling us back today at 10am to finish the deal. I got on line and started looking up SOL and came across these comments. I wish I had seen this before we paid them the first money. I will be working day and night for months to pay it off. The phone call today will be interesting, but they won’t be getting anymore money!! If I can’t make something from the initial investment then it’s going to be a very expensive and painful lesson learned.
    Thank all of you for your commnents.
    If anyone out there has be given the “golden” opportunity to go to SLC I would like to hear about it. Email me at [email protected]

  128. Arie W says:

    Omg Hannah, this company just wants to rip off people. He wanted from you $15k in addition?

    Is there any ‘police’ or something that can stop those people from doing that?

  129. Anne Arsenault says:

    I have contacted the BBB and the Utah senators two times and never got a reply from them at all; the BBB couldn’t do much as the company just denied things and made up their own story. I dealt with Bright Builders also from Orem Utah, but I attended a SOL wrokshop ……..I bet they are the same company. I do wish there was some way of stopping them, as they have been doing this for yrs. Bright Builders got me good, now I am suffering with the debt, but as I said the BBB couldn’t do much. Yo can also check

  130. Hannah says:

    New twist……when he called me back (and his name was Don Fox) and I told him I was not interested in giving him 15000.00. He decided he could lower it to 6500.00. I told him no. He ask why, I told him I did not like what I had read about SOL and before I went any futher handing out money I wanted to do more research. He then told me I hadn’t listened to him because he had told me he was not with SOL but PMI (professional marketing international). Just an affiliate of SOL!! SOL’s reputation is their problem and PMI has a spotless record. Still not giving you any money Don. He got very frustrated started using 4 letter words. He started mocking what I would say and told me I would never have anything, go anywhere and my kids would not get to college ( I had shared a goal with him why I got into this). I wanted throttle him but remained calm. I may never have anything but I will NOT have a 15K charge on my credit to them!!!

  131. JayCee says:

    This drives me nuts seeing comments like all of this. StoresOnline sells websites. Just because you buy a website from them and don’t make a million dollars, is that their fault? That’s like saying, I went to the Ford dealership and I paid $25,000 for a new car. I thought I would be a race car driver and I’m not. I want to blame Ford for me not being a race car driver.
    Hannah says, “My plan was to pay it off, then dive into the business.” What were you thinking? That’s like saying, I’m going to buy a McDonald’s franchise, but I don’t want to make hamburgers yet. And then being upset that you’re not making any money.
    Half of the comments I’ve seen in here are from people that have done NOTHING to actually build a website, get some product, make some money, and manage your business. This is a business folks. It takes work. It takes time. It takes money.
    If you thought that you’d buy a website for $2800, or $6000 or whatever you paid – and you’d make money without doing a thing… then you’re an idiot. You shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Go buy a “Business 101” book, and then figure out what you can do.
    I know the rebuttal already, “but they made me all these promises, and I believed them!” Of course. You know what? I’ll make you ALL a promise right now. If you get a website, and you put effort into it and you do your research and you invest in wholesale products and you invest in marketing your website through Google, and you learn how to draw people to your website and turn them into customers… I PROMISE YOU that you will be successful. If you think because you spent a bunch of money on a website and you don’t have to do a thing simply because you spent money… I PROMISE YOU that you will fail.
    Just because you buy a treadmill doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose weight. You have to wake up, turn it on, and walk. I’m not going to gripe and moan to NordicTrack, and call the Better Business Bureau and complain about Nordic Track that I’m not skinny yet. I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do… get up, work at it, and be successful.
    And if you want to make money with a website – quit sitting here complaining – and DO SOMETHING. If you do it, I know you can succeed.

  132. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Jaycee,

    I agree with you that it takes work to make an online business work. Unfortunately, most people are lured by “get rich quick” schemes.

    However, charging over-priced products and applying high pressure sales tactics are definitely not right.

    The money could be much better spent on marketing the site.


    15k for that? Crazy stuff.

  133. Just to let you know…………I am one of the people that have worked very hard on my websites and my business. I have two websites: &; I have also published a book. Neither site is with Brightbuilders or SOL; I learned very little for the almost $4000 I paid, most of what I have learned about business is from my own research, teleseminars, seminars, business book and networking. I am making more money every year, but it is not enough to pay back the money I invested yet; it will be three years in January.
    After my daughter goes to bed and on weekend nights (I have no dating life), I work on my business; this is my choice, as I enjoy what I learned, but I learned very little from the company. So maybe some of the people have not done the work, but I have.

  134. Hannah says:

    JayCee….just to let you know, I did not have a complaint about SOL…not untill the man called me. I never once complained about not making money. Why would I expect to when I don’t have a website going? When I bought the website I was told at the seminar I could work on it when I wanted to. If I needed to wait a bit that was not a problem. It would belong to me, it is mine. No problem, just pay today after that price goes up. All good. Then the phone call with the guy’s offer. He gets insulting when I tell him I don’t want to give him 15k for his help. But wait he is not with SOL he is with PMI now. Where do you think he got my number? I did not contact him. Yet he knew all about the SOL seminar I attended and everything that went on there. That tells me SOL sold or gave my number out! If that man had not called me I doubt I would have found this website. That is where I have my complaint. That makes SOL look bad. I wasn’t working fast enough they had to send that clown my way? Don’t kid yourself they do use high pressure sales tactics. They do not want to you to go home without buying. That’s just business. They do paint a pretty picture. They do stress how easy it is …”anybody can do this”. And from what I have discovered (after the seminar) they do appear to be overpriced. Now, do they deliver? Well that seems to be the problem I am reading about. There are far too many dissatified customers. This is only 1 website, look around there are many. What about all the lawsuits, problems in other countries that have been reported? If that doesn’t make you think twice then you are in denial.

  135. Bruce says:

    JayCee: I agree with you, however what is your take on SOL not allowing merchants to attend meetings after stating we would be allowed to attend the meeting for life, or paying $499.00 to attend Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  136. Karen says:

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up on this company. I have a workshop (hard sell shop) today. Paid the $25 to go and now understand that I’m a “sucker!” Ha! Hubby must be one too!

  137. bruce says:

    Karen: I feel the $25 is well spent and worth your time. I just disagree the way they changed their policy, other then that I feel the company has done a great job for many people. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  138. Dollamann says:

    It is basiclly a worldwide scam….. simply a devil’s in sheeps clothing…

  139. bruce says:

    Dollamann: Why do you feel that way, are you a merchant? Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  140. jim Smith says:

    Hi All,
    My name is Jim. I went to the first 90 min meeting in Huntsville, Alabama on Jan 26, 08. There were about 150 people there. Some of the presentation was good but it was all sell,sell,sell. I have a product that I feel will sell good on the net so I thought what the hell, $50 for the all day conf. plus a free web site (sort of) it turned out to be the express one which does not allow a merchant’s account just a plain web site that I have to set up with no help or support. The second meeting on Sat Feb 2,08 was just like everyone else has described–SELL,SELL and then more SELL. I did learn a little very little. There were people there from all over North Alabama, from at least three small conf. I counted tables and chairs and there was close to 350 people there. As I watched about half signed up for the $6000 package. Do the math 175 X 6000=1,050,000—-This is why they do such a hard sell. Plus the 29.95 per web site per month is over $300,000 per month.
    I noticed as others of you have said that a lot of the folks were in my age bracket 55 +++ and many were disabled. By the way they were dressed I know they did not have the 6K to spend.
    I turned them down, then had a one on one with a line backer for a football team. He was not going to take no, but I finally just walked out.
    Monday, Feb 4, 08 I got a call from some smooth talking guy that told me he was there to help me get started for FREE we would use OPM-Other-Peoples-Money. I told him no thank you I was not interested and he told me that he worked for PMI Then I really said no thank you.
    First they try to sell me a 6000 package worth about 3-500 and then they tell me that they will help me get going for FREE because they need some more success stories.
    Thanks for reading my rant.
    By the way this is the first time ever I have written on a Blog of any kind. Sorry it had to be something this bad.

    Have a Great Day.

  141. bruce says:

    Jim: Would you please e-mail me so I can explain to you what this is all about, please don’t blame SOL for misinformation. Compared to me you are still young. If you want to stay healthy go to and get back to me

  142. Jim says:

    I did not say I was 55 I said the group was was in my age bracket 55-+++. I’m in the +++ area. I don’t know what you can explain that I do not understand. These guys are CROOKS plain and simple. First they want the big investment 6k then they call me and tell me they will set me up for free.
    Anyway Feel free to post more here and I will respond.
    PS I did go to your site looks good.

  143. bruce says:

    Jim: I have heard this story a few times, after checking further I have found SOL is not calling the person to sell them a web site but some other company person is calling. I dont know how they get the phone numbers to call but they get them some way. After checking still further the individual finds out SOL did not call. If a person is of age the can say no, please don’t blame SOL if a person decides to purchase their package high pressure or not. I purchased my membership in 2002,had it up-graded in 2006 and built both of my web sites through SOL, the company has treated me fairly. Shawn Guy was more then fair with me. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  144. jim Smith says:

    The man that called identified himself as being from PMI which is part of SOL. To me that means just what I said in my other posts. THEY are in it for the money. Those all day events bring in Millions of dollars for them.
    They are Slese-Bags of the worst kind praying on folks that really need help and promising anything to get their money. Kory who was our presenter showed us a website that was his wife’s. She has been working on it a long time as one other person in this long blog said he showed the same site to them over a year ago. And it still is not up and running. Strange.

  145. bruce says:

    Jim: I am not sure if PMI is connected with SOL, are you sure they are or does the name sound like PMI? One person I responded to thought she was hearing something, but found out she heard the wrong name. Is PMI an affiliate now? Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  146. jim Smith says:

    Bruce, Yes I am sure he said PMI and he also said PMI was the something (I don’t remember the exact word.)for SOL. You can also go on line and do some searches and find the links between them.

  147. Joe says:

    PMI is at least affiliated w/SOL if not owned by them because I was chumped into an additional $3000 after purchasing 6 websites and the check was to SOL

  148. bruce says:

    Joe: I will check and let you know what I am told. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman SOL taught and helped me build both web sites

  149. bruce says:

    Jim: As I told Joe I will call them to check, but that does not sound like something SOL would do. What did you think about the information I just added to my site re: Alzheimers? Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  150. Sylvia says:

    SOL is just now in Honolulu. I attended the 90-min meeting with free dinner a few hours ago at a posh Waikiki hotel, and am now doing my Internet research on these SOL guys. The presenters looked like a matched set: all young, male, clean-cut, short-haired, courteous, fresh-faced Utah boys. Free dinner was a turkey sandwich with fruit, salad and a giant choc-chip cookie, and the prize is a “personal organizer” thingy. But I am already feeling ripped off in comparison to most of you since the price to attend the day-long seminar to be held at the end of Feb., 2008, was $50 for us Hawaii suckers. (Not sure how much 20 pounds is in my money.) I will probably still attend the second session, and hope to pick up some few tidbits of information on website commerce, as many of you on this forum reported, but will make sure to keep my credit cards and checkbook securely locked up. I’ll consider the $50 (plus a chunk more dollars for parking) for two free meals in Waikiki as an entertainment expense, I guess, and maybe play around with my one website license (assuming the password works). Many thanks to you-all for all the tips to other web building, e-commerce sites and the helpful reports.

  151. RM says:

    Alas! After forking out thousands of our hard-earned Singapore Dollars, we are left in a fix by Storesonline. We were assured of how simple it is to have the site running and rolling with income, as long as we are work hard to build it up. And that we will have all the support needed to start and run it.

    Well, we really worked hard on it, got our first site designed, got our dropshippers to work with us, etc. But, after almost a year had passed with the site all ready to go and we still can’t publish our site. Why? It’s because SOL have not been able to resolve their issues with the local eNETS credit card processor to work with our SOL site. Now our suppliers are also questioning our ability to sell their products.

    We had to constantly chase their so-called “quickresponse” chat centre for the status and everytime the answer we got is “we will do our best to resolve your issue”. Incidentally, they never bothered to reply any of our emails or get back to us. Once, they even closed the case without resolving it.

    Now, how we wish there’s some way we can get our hard-earned money back.

  152. bruce says:

    RM: If at all possible I would try to use PayPal. I understand how you feel, keep asking questions. I have never experienced what you are going through with SOL, in fact most of my dealings with SOL have been positive, sometimes you have to keep digging until you find the right person. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  153. bruce says:

    I did check and found out SOL has an affiliate PMI or a similiar name, but they are not part of SOL, however they do receive the names of people from SOL,which I don’t think is good. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  154. Joseph says:

    PMI is definately part of SOL when I paid them for the advanced marketing program the money went to SOL

  155. Jeff& Tracey says:

    To Jim Smith…My wife and I were at the seminar on Feb.-2-2008 in Huntsville.We got suckered into it, but we only bought one site.I remember the speaker ( Cory) you were talking about.He was very good at what he was doing.I also noticed that the initials for Stores On Line should have given me a clue to what they were all about…”S- – – Outta’ Luck”. Strange but true. Jeff & Tracey/Hazelgreen

  156. jim Smith says:

    To Jeff & Tracey, Sorry I didn’t know you on that Sat maybe I could have helped you. I know how you feel now. Have they SOL helped you in getting your site set up yet? What ever you do I would not give them any more $. I have seen a lot of scams in my life and have been caught in more of them than I care to remember, but these guys take the cake. Wish you the best.
    I wonder how many people they signed up that day?
    On the question of SOP and PMI if you go on line and do some searches and read all the historical files you will find that SOL and PMI are joined at the hip, waist, shoulders and other places. Stay FAR FAR away from them.

  157. bruce says:

    Jim: I was able to build my sites with SOL, it took awhile but the support people were very helpful and nice to work with. Why are all these people not working with SOL? Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  158. Erythisis says:

    I also am from Huntsville and attended a meeting in January. However, as someone who has (somewhat unfortunately) gotten used to hearing hype everyday from doing internet marketing in the home business arena, I was on guard. I carefully double checked the text on the invitation when I got it and paid careful attention when I was confirming my reservation.

    The meeting itself was ‘exciting’ in terms of the benefits of getting a net business and actually covered some good topics. Just for the experience of attending and meeting people interested in doing business online, there’s a good networking potential and the prices quoted were competitive. Lunch was better than expected, but I’m not used to attending meetings in person, so I don’t know how it is relative to other business meetings. Though it seems that’s where the good stuff ends.

    The quoted prices were much lower than what people are saying they really ended up dishing out, even for a single web site. The information presented was pretty much a teaser for information that I already was very familiar with. Information that you can get for free or near free just by searching the internet. I also noticed that the presentation seemed geared at older generations. I would be surprised to find out if I was not the youngest person attending.

    Overall, go ahead and visit a presentation if you get the free deal, just be sure to leave your checkbook at home and go in with your head on. As previously said, if you feel like you are being pressured, then it’s time to walk out. Legitimate businesses do not have to use those sort of tactics in order to make a sale.

    Oh, and be sure to use use a fake email address on the ‘survey’. I had my husband make up a user at my domain and I’ve gotten a lot of spam to that address in my catchall account, even though he did not opt in to get partner offers and has not used the email address since then.

  159. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting. I receiveed a storesonline mailer and your comments saved me a lot of time and money. BTW, SEO’s don’t used keyword searches, they search for non-alias text threaded thru each page of your actual site. If you want a real inexpensive way to make a site, I have a link on the front page of my site –—(I’m not selling anything, REALLY)- to a company where you can put up a webpage in a few hours, but—–you have to KNOW HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP. It uses photoshop to make them. For the ecommerce, you have to link to paypal, or most hosting companies have their own ecommerce. The reason I had you go to my site to access the company, is I put up their link as an affiliate, which means, if you decide to buy their program, I get a few bucks because of the referral. It’s the best program I’ve ever found. You can demo their program until you have your whole site built. Check out their reviews.

    I am not saying this to make a few $’s. It allowed me to build a site for myself the way I wanted it to look, without using someone else’s templates and without knowing html or php. Cost for the photoshop plug in $249. Cost for a host & domain name, roughly $160 for 2 years. That’s it.

    As many of you have stated, thanks for this forum!

  160. Stephanie says:


    I need all people from Pennsylvania to contact me immediately.

    I spoke with the Consumer Protection (Attorney General’s Office) about getting StoresOnLine banned from PA and was informed if there is a reoccurring problem, they can get them banned.

    Any PA residents who have been lied to by StoresOnLine, contact me at 610-495-0176 or 610-213-9011 or
    [email protected]

    We need to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. Don’t worry about how long it has been. I filed 11 months after I was scammed.

    We need to show a pattern of deceit. This should be pretty easy considering the fact these people do not tell the truth about anything.

  161. Chris says:

    I contacted the newspaper where the next seminar is taking place. Here’s the article:

    Please feel free to post your comments!

  162. bruce says:

    I am sorry to say but I think you people are acting like grammar school kids, people should not have to hold your hand when you make business transactions, based on the fact you are an adult?

  163. Chris says:

    Bruce, I’m glad you consider yourself smarter than the majority of people. But I must ask, if it is so easy to be aware of their ‘deception’, then why did so many states have take them to court for fraudulent practices? I would reconsider your stand. Unless you work for them. Do you?

  164. Jim says:

    Bruce, In all your transactions with SOL you say they really helped you. And, you say all of us are wrong. And that you are not sure that they are part of the companies we have listed. Well, if you go to the WEB and check stock market you will find that SOLs Parent Co. is Imergent IIG on AMEX. And they are listed as Formerly known as Galaxy Mall, PMI, Bright Builder and Pro Stores. Now if they are so wonderful and helpful why did they change their name so many times and as Chris said yesterday why are so many states taking them to court? Maybe, you do work for them.
    One more thing the web site that our presenter said was his wifes, no one has ever been able to find it.
    They are as I said before a bunch of out right CROOKS praying on people who want to try and get ahead and make a little extra money. The only ones making money is SOL and group.

  165. bruce says:

    Jim: I am not telling you or anyone else to use their service, all I am saying for the most part I have been satisfied. I can understand your fustration with SOL changing names etc, however again I think many companies will consolidate, add, make changes, some for the better and maybe for other reasons also, no I am not a company man

  166. Chris says:

    Thought some of you may be interested:

    Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

    Press Release

    Attorney General Announces $130,000 Settlement With Storesonline, Inc. And Imergent, Inc., Restitution To Consumers

    April 1, 2008
    Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced that Storesonline, Inc. will pay $130,000 to the state and in restitution to consumers.

    Storesonline, Inc., which also operates under the name Imergent, Inc., charges consumers to set up online businesses or create websites for existing companies. The agreement settles allegations that the company’s online businesses made exaggerated and deceptive claims regarding its virtual storefronts.

    Under the settlement, Storesonline, Inc. will pay the state $65,000 and another $65,000 in restitution to Connecticut consumers who bought its services. Blumenthal estimates 10 to 12 consumers will be eligible for restitution.

    The settlement comes the day before Storesonline, Inc. will hold a recruitment seminar in Stratford. The company plans to conduct similar seminars on April 8 in New Haven and April 9 in Hartford.

    “”This settlement bars Storesonline, Inc. from making exaggerated and deceptive claims about its products and requires restitution to consumers,” Blumenthal said. “I urge consumers attending this company’s seminars to ask tough questions and demand honest answers. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    “Storesonline, Inc. capitalizes on consumer dreams, promising superior and state of the art products. This settlement requires that reality match the hype. My office will continue fighting to enforce consumer protection laws that shield consumers from deceptive business practices.”

    The agreement also creates a process for handling any future consumer complaints about alleged company misrepresentations. If a dispute persists, Blumenthal’s office will make the final determination.

    Content Last Modified on 4/7/2008 2:38:33 PM

  167. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the update.

  168. Bruce says:

    Chris: Thank you for the information!

  169. Arie says:

    People, I’ve already said what I said above in my comments from December.
    Chris, thanks for this update.

    Bruce – I want you to look, just to look and maybe it will change your mind because I’m really sick of seeing you trying to defend them – okay? I don’t wanna sound cocky, but I’m 23 years old, I know a little bit about computers, and paying $6k or even $1k for a website is a SUPER JOKE! So just stop defending them please!!!

    Look at the website I helped my friend Edna to build, she speaks Spanish and she wants to help Hispanic people to use Prepaid legal services which is what she does:

    (Abogados A Tiempo [Spanish] = Lawyers On Time)

    Cost: $28 dollars for Domain + Hosting for 1 year!!!!
    Additional Cost: Less than 4 hours of our time on April 7, and I’m going very soon to help to complete the website and remove the non-working links from the left menu.

    $28 dollars dude, why are you jumping for $6k or even $1k?? People, stop wasting your money and time on this CRAP and BS, I feel like I have to reply in this tone because otherwise people don’t understand. I did reply previously in DECEMBER 2007 and nobody bothered to read simple thing.

    Bruce, you should spend $50 or $100 or $200 on your website, but definitely not thousands, not even 1 thousand.

    Put that in your mind people, seriously, and if you need me to teach you how to get a website like Edna’s for free, yes, for free, without asking you to pay me anything just email me and I will be happy to explain you things:

    [email protected]

    I’m going over my emails every day so you won’t wait too long to hear from me, unlike people who take $6k from you and give you CRAP back.

    Seriously, just stop doing it, that makes me so sick to see that!!

  170. RM says:

    Thanks for the update, Chris. Now I wonder if there is any chance that this can be fought for in other countries – like Singapore.

  171. Martin Lee says:

    Hi RM,

    Given that storesonline does not even have a presence in Singapore, it is going to be tough. Even if you can get a judgement in a Singapore court, I am not too sure whether it is enforceable in the States.

    It is probably best to consult a lawyer. There are free legal clinics provided by your MP.

  172. bruce says:

    Arie: I am also a member of PPL, which saved me about $9,000 so far. I do understand where you are coming from, but how many Arie’s are there out there, not too many. It is just like me wanting to help people with their health, very few people listen. I will go to your site, but please don’t put all the blame on SOL, adults should be able to reason and make logical decisions. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  173. Arie says:

    Hi Bruce,
    I totally understand, but let’s try to make the world better but having merchants and businesses who care about their clients and only about their funds.
    You’re welcome to visit my website but I pointed out actually on Edna’s website and also replied to your email.

    I’m waiting for Edna to write in Spanish all the pages so I could upload it and make it looks better. As mentioned above the address is:

    Have a good day.


  174. Arie says:

    *but = by

  175. Peter Jansen says:

    With regard to anybody that wonder who SOL’s affiliates are, these is an internal note they send to all merchants dated Nov 16, 06.
    Subject: Update – Non-StoresOnline Affiliates contacting our merchants
    Date: 16-NOV-06
    Attention All StoresOnline Merchants,

    This notification has been updated with additional information.

    StoresOnline has a few select providers who are authorized to contact you on behalf of StoresOnline. These companies are:
    Express Village
    Tax Club
    MPG (Manhattan Professional Group (Also part of Tax Club)
    Operation Drop Ship
    MRN (Money Resource Network)
    Please be aware that some of our affiliates use a 3rd party company for fulfillment, some of those companies are MyEbiz and ACS (Advantage Corporation Services.)

    We have been made aware that several companies, including White Crane Productions, Internet Advancements and Web Marketing Source have been contacting our customers, and claiming that they have an affiliation with StoresOnline. (All of these companies appear to be out of Redmond, Washington – StoresOnline has no affiliation with any companies in Redmond, Washington.) The only companies authorized to do so are mentioned in the first paragraph of this notification.

    We are in the process of taking appropriate and aggressive legal action against non-authorized companies in an effort to protect our customers against this unlawful conduct.

    If you receive any phone calls from companies other than those listed in the first paragraph please take note of the representatives name, the phone number that they are calling you from, and the company they represent, and notify customer service via the email [email protected]. Please be sure to include your customer ID or license number in order to allow us to locate your account should we need to contact you in regards to this matter.

    With Warm Regards,

    Stores Online Management

  176. Kim says:

    I’m just wondering if Bright Builders is also an “affilliate” of sol and pmi? If so their price has gone us to 10k for the training and help of building the website and they still put you through the ringer with their “more than personal information” so-called interview process….they know all about your credit and hopes and dreams….I backed out a day after giving them my cc # and after reading all of this I’m glad I did.

  177. Anne says:

    Hi Kim,

    I am pretty sure they are related……….I lost money to Bright Builders years ago and they had their PMI program then, both out of Orem Utah. I contacted the Utah Senators a few times and they never got back to me.
    They did use personal tactics to get me to sign up. In those days I did not know much about internet scams or business………….I do wish there was some way this company could be stopped and held accountable.
    I actually learned more about internet business from other sources, most of them free or very inexpensive, compared to the price they charged me. I am glad I started my business,, but I do wish I had not invested so much money with Bright Builders and I think about all the people they have scammed since me.

  178. Gail says:

    Has anyone from Canada or USA had an experience with the collection agency from SOL?

  179. bruce says:

    Ann: I have only used SOL, no affiliate, to build and maintain my sites, I have had not contact with any other partner of SOL. You can check out both my sites if you like., Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  180. Chris says:

    Bruce, do you keep posting to get your links up here?

  181. bruce says:

    Chris: I am not sure what you mean by posting, do you mean responding to a person’s comment? No all I am doing is showing Ann how SOL has helped me with my sites. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  182. RP says:

    Just attented a local seminar at their event in Essex.

    Started off well, they were saying, we will tell you how to do this today, and this and this. (all good positive things on how to market your website)

    However, about 1 hr into it and it was a very hard sell and they never told us anything!

    Questions were being asked by the audience but were not be answered, this was a ploy as to not distract the few people who were signing up.

    You can buy, build and host your own website for less then their price.

    They sell you the idea to go to their internet marketing course which to be fair sounded good, but then you have to pay a lot of money after the workshop!

    Overall, very disappointing and full of empty promises from the start.

    Not a free dinner!!

    (I have sold over 20,000 items online since 2006, so I do sort of know how ecommerce works)

  183. RP says:

    Sorry, Essex, England, UK.

  184. Chris says:

    Why doesn’t anyone stand up when they are hard selling and mention the negative press on websites? Mention that they have been stopped in certain states, and that people have said that they have been scammed. What’s the fear? It’d be a great thing to do.

  185. GA says:

    After doing about 2 hours of research about SOL, I can tell you that there are only 2 camps; sites which lead back to an SOL sales website and people who feel they have been suckered out of money. Where are the legions of people who ARE happy with what they got from SOL?

    I attended a 90 min. seminar, got my sandwich ‘dinner’, MP3 player, and thought I’d do some research on the company. So here I am. Let the people who have had success pony up and defend the company.

    Or let’s say that these people are SELLING dreams via software. If you aren’t going to do your homework about investing even a small amount such as $50, $20, or whatever, that’s what the SALESPERSON is counting on. Also counting on your reluctance to complain, take steps to get a refund, or insist on getting what you paid for. These ARE the basics of economics in our free enterprise world.

    I’m thrilled the internet exists to help people talk to each other. Glad we don’t live in the day when it took months of diligent research in libraries, and newspaper archives, and word of mouth in order to exchange ideas.

    Keep up the good work all who have contributed to this review!

  186. bruce says:

    I have changed my email, but people have to take on their own responsibility, don’t blame SOL for being dumb, nobody put a gun to your head to join! Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  187. Arie says:

    Bruce, nobody puts a gun to someone’s head, that’s true, but they are using shady tactics to lure people to come. I’ve just received like a week ago a mail from them with invitation to come to their place (again in Dallas) and have a chance to make money etc etc.
    They offer you free gifts and basically trying to get “suckers” to come to their show, and fall in their trap.

    So even if that’s not a gun it’s still a dirty business and you can’t defend them in my opinion for doing so. What if all the casinos will send every single person in United States promotions and metrial in the mail along with a nice invitation to come there?
    They don’t put a gun on people’s head yet they are luring people, and that’s not allowed, it’s even a spam or scam if you ask me.

  188. Chris says:

    Bruce, Let’s end it and just say you’re smarter than all the Attorney Generals that sued the company for fraud and won, and all the people that were swindled by these ‘fine’ folks.
    Posting here is just a way to get people to click on your name and go to your website. End of story.

  189. bruce says:

    Chris: No you are wrong I could care less if the people go to my sites, if you go to my sites you will see I am trying to make people’s lives just a little bit better, but I don’t appreciate adult people wining after they have made a decision and realize they made the wrong choice. In fact I am getting ready to put information on my site how to double your current gas milage. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  190. chris says:

    If it’s gas pills, don’t bother. They don’t work.

  191. Mari Silva says:

    Due to the great response we’ve had in resolving customer service issues with past and present StoresOnline merchants on these blogs, we wanted to publish the official StoresOnline contact information for those who will visit this blog:

    Mari Silva
    Director of Customer Relations
    Stores Online Inc.
    Phone: (801) 227-0004
    Fax: 801-426-6712
    Toll Free Fax: (888) 416-7370
    Email: [email protected]

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  192. bruce says:

    Chris: No I have been meeting and talking to a 20yr old young man that has made a kit and has had it on his brother’s car for 6 plus months saving 50% on gas, another friend of mine is starting to also make the kit, but I am too dumb to try until I can get help from these people. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  193. chris says:

    Is this the new money making/saving idea?
    Exerpt from website:

    The water-powered car kits commonly advertised on the internet claim to use water to boost the efficiency of a conventional gasoline engine. This isn’t an inherently crackpot notion, and in fact a quick search turns up some non-crazy people who have done research suggesting that electrolyzed water can improve the performance of internal combustion engines. The problem is that the web sites selling the car kits generally are completely crackpot, offering up a stew of conspiracy theory, outlandish claims, and typographical errors that fairly screams scam.

    Free Kits:

    But I digress, this isn’t about saving gas, it’s about SOL and not getting scammed. Bruce, you’re still pitching.

  194. David Redding says:

    I might be a little naive, which my wife often says I am, but I was not aware of any attorney general suing StoresOnline for fraud and winning. In fact, it was my understanding that almost every state that had investigated StoresOnline had asked them to refund some customers and make some new disclaimers but otherwise allowed them to continue to do business in their state.

    I recognize that not everyone is going to make millions online, but I’m able to make a nice little profit on the side using StoresOnline and found the price less expensive than building a customer site. Not only that, but I appreciate the control I have over content, design and the statistical information has been priceless. Again, it probably isn’t a tool everyone needs or wants, but I like it and I have had no problems with it.

  195. chris says:

    Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

    Press Release

    Attorney General Announces $130,000 Settlement With Storesonline, Inc. And Imergent, Inc., Restitution To Consumers

    April 1, 2008
    Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced that Storesonline, Inc. will pay $130,000 to the state and in restitution to consumers.

    Storesonline, Inc., which also operates under the name Imergent, Inc., charges consumers to set up online businesses or create websites for existing companies. The agreement settles allegations that the company’s online businesses made exaggerated and deceptive claims regarding its virtual storefronts.

    Under the settlement, Storesonline, Inc. will pay the state $65,000 and another $65,000 in restitution to Connecticut consumers who bought its services. Blumenthal estimates 10 to 12 consumers will be eligible for restitution.

    The settlement comes the day before Storesonline, Inc. will hold a recruitment seminar in Stratford. The company plans to conduct similar seminars on April 8 in New Haven and April 9 in Hartford.

    “”This settlement bars Storesonline, Inc. from making exaggerated and deceptive claims about its products and requires restitution to consumers,” Blumenthal said. “I urge consumers attending this company’s seminars to ask tough questions and demand honest answers. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    “Storesonline, Inc. capitalizes on consumer dreams, promising superior and state of the art products. This settlement requires that reality match the hype. My office will continue fighting to enforce consumer protection laws that shield consumers from deceptive business practices.”

    The agreement also creates a process for handling any future consumer complaints about alleged company misrepresentations. If a dispute persists, Blumenthal’s office will make the final determination.

    Content Last Modified on 4/7/2008 2:38:33 PM

  196. Arie says:

    Bruce, does this gas thing work outside of US as well or only in the US? I’m planning to leave the country soon and my boss in Europe isn’t going to cover me for the gas you know, it’s very expensive there :(

  197. bruce says:

    Arie: From what I have learned it should function anywhere. I am receiving new information from various people that have made the kit or are now working on it. It has been awhile since I have heard from you. People are still bashing SOL. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  198. Melanie H says:

    Just a note to let you know my husband and I just left a workshop in Southaven, MS located next to Memphis, TN. I saw right through the seminar from the beginning. I cracked up when instead of paying 199.00 today only, you can purchase a book ( that was half empty) and for that you get … another day off without pay ( fortunately I was off work today) schedule another day off without pay ( remember folks, there is just no way those 11 professionals can reschedule their lives, but they expect all of us to) and lets not forget your getting a software license..i still can’t figure that one out of why you have to purchase something your paying 25.00 a month for. Well i found it absolutely hilarious when lunch arrived aka.. snack of 1/2 sandwich ( do you get the other half at the ” NEXT ” seminar ? along with that lunch you got to keep drinking the same water they served 2 hours prior. It sickened me to see some folks actually giving up 50.00 today especially after they took a day off. I caught the parts about having to pay extra for ” promotional tools” and I also caught the part about 24/7 tech support and I asked about it. I asked for the 24/7 phone number ..i was corrected that its all online tech support 24/7. Now if you’re needing tech support for an online product, how are you able to talk to them online ? It was then they told me they actually have a phone number you can call but its only operable 13 hours a day. Then i was told any add’l questions I had, could be answered at the ” next seminar” yeah.. the seminar that you have to go to on THAT day at THAT time and plan to spend ALL day brainstorming. Well i wonder if you get the other half of your sandwich then. Sorry to see you all went through so much hassle. I am just glad i put my foot down when my husband started to tell me how it could all work for us, we would just need to learn all about it. The next seminar is in Tupelo sometime this month guys.. so if you’re able.. you might want to get some materials together and present them to the next suckers that arrive that day. Run a warning statement in the tupelo paper. Contact the Mayor of Tupelo and let him know about this company and how they are about to hit his town and rip off his constituents. Best of luck !

  199. bruce says:

    Arie: I just saw your post re: casinos, the Hollywood Casino in Aurora was just fined by the state for sending out mailings to people who have put them selves on the do not allow in the casino list. Again we can not police every adult just because we don’t approve of some program or action. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  200. bruce says:

    Chris: Today I received a photo of the PVC tube my friend is going to use to make his kit, some people use mason jars. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  201. Dave Hayward says:

    There have been questions on the blog about getting in touch with Mari Silva. In order to contact her directly, you need to call 801-234-5976 or email her at [email protected]. Mari is working with merchants and others who have questions about StoresOnline and seems to be very passionate about her work. She is someone you can talk to and get help from, so I recommend that you get in touch with her.

  202. bruce says:

    Dave: I did email her and haven’t heard back in a week or so. Why is she asking us to contact her? Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  203. Mari Silva says:

    Bruce: I have been in contact with many respondents to blogs, not only by email but by phone as well on a daily basis. These questions and concerns are of the utmost importance to StoresOnline, so we do not miss a response, however you have stated that I did not email you back.

    I personally invite you to call me directly at 801-234-5976 so that we can discuss whatever questions you may have.

    You asked why I am asking people to contact me. The answer is clear: these blogs are a place where people are going for information. StoresOnline should have the opportunity to provide information and a direct official contact to these people. I take this work very seriously and this is why I have put my information out here.

    From you posts, it seems like you may have other questions that I can answer. Until I hear from you, I will look forward to your call.

  204. Frankie says:

    I have a free genealogy website I built several years ago but not one for selling anything. My husband and I attended the 90 minute seminar in Poplar Bluff Missouri last night. I came home after purchasing the $50 dollar empty notebook and minature mp3 player (LOL). I went to the storesonlineexpress website (thinking about logging in) but my little voice said “You don’t even have a product in mind yet, slow down, don’t get in and screw something up that you can’t undo” so I just looked around. The first thing I noticed was that the “testimonials” were the exact ones the speaker had mentioned. Are they the only satisified customers? This was enough to set a bell off and I decided to google storesonlineexpress, just like that all one word….. I found this site and have been reading and following links all night. I went to the BBB this morning and found their report. Looking at the most recent dates, I am wondering if they slowed down for a while or got better? I noticed that the rip off web site now says they are ok. Please let me know if you guys are still experiencing problems. I am going to attend the all day workshop in Cape Girardeau Missouri on the 9th of September mainly out of curiosity. I will not be purchasing anything!! I would like to know if any of you were compensated or if you still are having problems. Thank you email: [email protected]

  205. Frankie says:

    I guess lack of sleep causes vision problems… after posting I reviewed and noticed more recent dates. I will just go on about my business and consider it a lesson learned. Thanks.

  206. cathy says:

    THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU. I just went to the seminar with my girlfriend and left a deposit for the package. Thank God I found this website and all the complaints about this company together with BBB and we are sending our cancellation letter before the 3 days. Hope all goes well

  207. bruce says:

    Frankie: What is the address for the genealogy site? Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  208. bruce says:

    Cathy: I have attended a number a meetings, I see nothing wrong with SOL if you are an adult and careful, just learn how to say no! Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  209. Arie says:

    Bruce said:
    Cathy: I have attended a number a meetings, I see nothing wrong with SOL if you are an adult and careful, just learn how to say no! Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

    Bruce, I don’t understand why you keep on justifying them. It’s like giving you 2 options – buy pet food from a normal store and pay $15 for a bag or buy it from a crook and pay $1500 for a bag.

    I don’t understand what’s the problem to go to or or many other Webhosting and Domain registrars, pay them $100/year for a domain + hosting, go to affiliate networks, register for FREEEEEE and make money from your site without spending $6 thousands on crap!

    Goodness sake. Stop encouraging people to use this SOL, they will just spend too much money for nothing.

  210. bruce says:

    Arie: All I am being is honest, people should learn on their own, if the product or program is not right from them they should say no with no help holding their hand.
    It is good to hear from you again, now I know you are alive and well. What is Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  211. Arie says:

    Likewise Bruce, nice hearing from you too and I appreciate you as a good person whose goal is to help, but as I said it’s ok to sell to a person GPS for $2,000 but if the person is naive and doesn’t know he can get the same thing for $200 then it’s a scam, or ripoff and that’s what the people who dealt with SOL, most of them anyway, feel, in my opinion. provides you with a free tool to build your website, I forgot to mention does the same thing, they even have a better tool for people who don’t know anything about computers.

    I gave those names as examples for websites that can help you have a store, personal or business website, whatever you need without paying a dime for it.

    In other words those websites if we look at my very first story “sell” GPS for $200, but SOL does it for $2,000

    I hope my point is clear.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  212. chris says:

    Anyone can see you’re 100% correct.
    Some people comment here to get their website link posted. When Bruce doesn’t put a link to his name each time he posts, then I’ll change my mind about his agenda. I used HostMonster to host my site, which is $5.95 a month, (there are a ton of other hosting sites), and did my own pages with SiteGrinder. (Which you have to know photoshop to use.) In total I paid less than $100 for my domain name(s) and hosting, $350 for the software program to create the site, and I learned how to make sites from it. All in all, my total cost was $450 with an education I will have forever. If I wanted, I could create a site for anyone now. As you said, you can use the provider’s tools to create a site, so you don’t have to buy a software program to create one. Then my cost would have only been about $100. Yes Arie, your point is very clear.

  213. bruce says:

    Chris: It is easy for you to state information about computers etc, but when ou are older like me it isn’t as easy as you young guys think. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old people will try to take advantage of you through the computer. The two sites I have are:,, I did not know we should have link etc. I will welcome any help! Thanks, Seaweedman, Bruce

  214. Arie says:

    Bruce, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having less knowledge about computers, however when you justify SOL and other people read it, they get the impression that SOL is “Kosher” whereas in practice charging $6,000 for the information or tools they give you is a joke. What Chris and I were saying here is that you can get the same thing you got from SOL, or even better, for a cheaper price, much cheaper than paying $6,000, it’s absolutely a ripoff.

  215. Arie says:

    By the way Bruce, a friendly suggestion, don’t post your links here too many times, Google “punishes” people who post the same link in the same page many times.

    If you want a good Page Rank in Google better post your links a few times and no more than that.


  216. chris says:

    Bruce, I’m 57 and female. Don’t give me any of that stuff. I learned. Again, all you’re doing is promoting your sites on here. Stop it.

  217. bruce says:

    Chris: 57 is way younger then 71, you grew-up with computers I did not. The only reason I put my www.’s is bacause someone memtioned something about links. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  218. bruce says:

    Arie: The only reason I put my info here is because someone mentioned something about links. The young lady Chris thought wrong about me. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  219. chris says:

    No, I didn’t grow up with computers. 13 years isn’t that far apart. We both had the opportunity to learn when we were ready. No excuse.

  220. Arie says:

    Bruce, I think what Chris is trying to say is very simple, I don’t know why it’s hard to understand, but I will try to make it very simple:

    1) Look at this picture for example:

    2) The Website field is optional, not required.

    3) In every post that you make this field has your website, Chris said it’s not good, if you ask me I don’t care, but in order to respect the other members I suggest to leave this field empty.


  221. chris says:

    Arie, I don’t mind if someone is posting their site once or twice, but you have to begin to wonder when it’s each and every time. It’s one of SOL’s tactics to get noticed. Like you said, anyone can get a site cheap. It’s a crime what SOL charges. This site is to help people with information regarding SOL. I digress. ‘Nuff said.

  222. bruce says:

    Arie: I thought you were supposed to put the web site address. All she had to say was remove the address from the Website(optional) where you post your comments. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  223. Arie says:

    I totally understand, and I hope all is well now.

  224. bruce says:

    Arie: Do you see what I mean, everone seems to be suspicious like Chris. I had no idea what she was talking about, I do think people in her age group are much more informed when it comes to computers. How often should I include my www address? Thanks, Bruce

  225. Arie says:

    I totally understand. I’m not the admin of this webpage but I assume mentioning your site “here and there” is fine. Yet, posting the site in the page itself is good but until an extent, because as I mentioned before Google automatically index your site keywords but when you use the same keyword over and over again (e.g. website name) then Google gives you a low rank, thus your site doesn’t show up in the very first pages of Google when someone runs a search of something related to your site.

    I hope we could only learn from each other and not be suspicious but I understand all sides here, I’m just another side in our discussion so, I hope things are well now.

  226. GA says:

    Fascinating! This is listed as
    “An Independent 3rd Party Review Site”
    but some folks have managed to slip ads into their comments disguised as accidents.

    (This means you, Bruce. I’m truly not trying to be mean but I find it hard to believe you require help…
    “…people should learn on their own, if the product or program is not right from them they should say no with no help holding their hand.”
    One minute you say we should have no hand holding and right after you cry “I will welcome any help!” That kind of duality smacks of snake oil salesman. You said it yourself, “It doesn’t matter if you are young or old people will try to take advantage of you through the computer.” Your age means nothing.)

    While I appreciate the involvement of Storesonline via Mari Silva posting her information, I would like to put a challenge out to those using the Storesonline system. Get some OTHER people who are having success using the tools to post on this review. I restarted the postings with my research comment on Aug. 2 but so far NO ONE BUT BRUCE has posted their marketing dream come true story! If the company wants to honestly have more informed customers, let’s get some verifiable proof here. Otherwise, it appears just as Arie said,

    on September 3rd, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    “…it’s ok to sell to a person GPS for $2,000 but if the person is naive and doesn’t know he can get the same thing for $200 then it’s a scam, or ripoff and that’s what the people who dealt with SOL, most of them anyway, feel, in my opinion.”

    This review is to present ideas from both sides – so far only one person has taken up the fight. It’s a big internet, aren’t there more of you out there?!

    • Rachel says:

      GA: The successful ones have not stumbled upon this forum because they are not looking for Storesonline reviews. They have no need or desire to find a site of this nature.

      Beside, if they do post now, you’ll accuse them of advertising for Storesonline!

  227. bruce says:

    GA: Who are you, please identify yourself? Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  228. Gail says:

    These back and forth comments and digs between Bruce Chris and Arie are getting sickening. Enough already!

  229. chris says:

    Gail, I’ve said ’nuff said, and haven’t posted since. Guess you didn’t notice.

  230. bruce says:

    Chris: I told you I had no idea what you meant, I am in the process of sending out a letter with the heading, but I know you won’t believe me, My Mission In Life Is Helping People & Animals, if you like I can send you a copy by email or fax. Thanks, Seaweedman, Bruce

  231. bruce says:

    Arie: My friend is about half finished making the Hydrogen Kit, I will keep all of you up-to-date with his progress. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  232. bruce says:

    Arie: He still working on the H Kit, almost finished. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  233. bruce says:

    Beverly: Why did you purchase six sites and not three to start, why are you now asking about your situation and not at the time you purchased the sites. In my case I have only delt with SOL and no affiliate, is it the affiliate who is not helping you or SOL? This does not sound correct to me! Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedmn

  234. bruce says:

    Arie: The H Kit person had to delay making the Kit to help his father-in-law, but he will resume this week. I will keep you up-to-date. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  235. bruce says:

    Arie: The H Kit is still being worked on but not forgotten. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  236. Rachel says:

    Has anyone ever signed up for the Internet Marketing training or mentorship offer? The one where they offer to “take you under their wing” so that you can become one of their “success stories” etc… for a small investment of 6500, or 15000. I’m not supporting it or knocking it. I genuinely want to hear feedback FROM SOMEONE WHO DID IT, please. Bruce by any chance, did you follow this program? I saw a few people mentioned it above, but has anyone actually tried it, and if so, what of it? I’m not interested in ratings on it from people who haven’t tried it, you’re really not qualified to comment unless you have tried it.

    • bruce says:

      Rachel: No I signed up for to purchase sites etc, anytime I have had a question I was always able to get help, but I was not in a mentor type program. The support people answered my questions and helped me build my sites, I did not join any affiliate program which I think you are asking about, please respond. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweeedman

  237. Rachel says:

    Hi Bruce. Thanks for the prompt reply. They called me, apparently they’re a third party, and offered to walk me through the process over a six month period. I listened objectively to a 90 minute spiel, took notes, and then I indicated that I was not about to take such a leap without thinking it over. The ball was left in my court, so I spent time formulating a few tough questions. When I called the guy later to resume our discussion, the number was out of service. This is very strange since it was the same day.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew how they select the candidates for the mentorship program or if anyone has had any success with it.

    For the record, I did not buy a Storesonline site. I have an Express site which cost me nothing but a day at the workshop, and I’m not even using it.

    I think a lot of the complaints on here are the result of people having unrealistic expectations and needing somewhere to point the finger when the cash didn’t come falling into their lap. If they didn’t fully understand what they were buying, they were setting themselves up for disappointment. I don’t think SOL are crooks. I think their business model is to sell repeatedly to the same customers, which doesn’t make them scammers, it makes them sales people. They’re doing exactly what we all wanted them to teach us to do, so why are they being condemned for it? That’s my take on it.
    Best to all,

    • bruce says:

      Rachel: You are correct, nobody put a gun to their head. I have always felt SOL is a good company. I would hope being adults we have no one to blame but ourselves. The scam artists are the affiliates, sometimes it is hard to separate the two since they come across as being from SOL. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

      • Chad says:

        “I have always felt SOL is a good company.”

        Guess you haven’t dealt with the dark side of SOL, Bruce. How much do they pay you to post positive comments about them? Thousands? Cause that’s exactly about what we are out because of these scammers. They sell falsehoods – they are complete LIARS! Look to Texas, Utah, and other States that have taken notice of these crooks! Thanks, Chad

  238. Tasha says:

    I went to the Seminar November 3rd, 08. I ate a sandwich, some potato salad and 2 cookies out of a styrofoam box, after a 90 minute session. I bought a binder and a seat at the training session for my guest and I for $50.00 CAD. I just recently emailed them, asking for a refund. I should get it seeing as I have 3 days to ask for it. I only asked for a refund because the speaker never mentioned anything about having to buy the software or that you would have to pay a fee to build a site during the 90 minute session. He only mentioned that it would cost $50.00 to attend the training session and then 24.95 per site monthly. I only found out about having to shell out money to build your sites while reading this site and others like this. He might have mentioned a little something about it while everyone was eating out of their styrofoam boxes on their laps, but I don’t think many people were paying much attention…I know I wasn’t. I was famished! I didn’t know that they would be serving the “meal” after the 90 minute session. Anyways, I asked for a refund because I can’t possibly afford $3000+ right now, nor will I put myself in debt by financing it. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have purchased the binder. Hopefully I get my refund.

    • bruce says:

      Tasha: If you read my blogs you would understand one has to pay for the sites which include a number of programs. I pay $24.95 per month to have my site with SOL, but I could purchase it from any place. I did pay the $2500 for three sites for life in 2002. Please ask me any questions re: SOL I will always be honest with you re: the company. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  239. Paul says:

    I attended a full day meeting yesterday in Perth, WA. I read this site today, I am so glad I am not the only one who realised the emperor had no clothes. Not one question was taken from the floor. The Presenter used every known sales technique in the book- a little background, a glanced picture of his family, a mention that his dad was on his last legs and that he had spoken to him that morning and said ‘Dad, hold on, I’ll be home in two days’. Bud Lethbridge if you were any man you would be home now, not lecturing spam and making money. The killers for me were – Today only $5998.00 (Come on people, disguising marketing whilst teaching marketing!!!). Personal stories used by Bud, most embarassing moment (to get you on his side) old jokes from years gone by. I’m gutted I lost a days wages and I didn’t even buy it. The most annoying thing is they skate on the edge of the law and cannot be stopped, there were ten sign ups yesterday!!! Oh and Bruce I notice a great many emails from you defending them, surely you have better things to do!!! It would seem that your defence is a little too protracted however and as such the sceptic in me thinks your affiliation is a little deeper than that of a customer. Anyway unlike you, I’ve said my piece and I’ll leave it at that, I’m sure you’ll be keen to make sure the last comment is a positive one so over to you!

    • Rachel says:

      Actually, I’ll step in on Bruce’s behalf, for now. I take exception to your suggestion that anyone who doesn’t consider them a scam MUST be affiliated with them. Good grief, Paul, open your narrow little mind just a bit. Do you really believe that yours is the only possible opinion of validity?

      The bottom line my friend is this: You were offered a product you didn’t want to buy, so you didn’t buy it. Kudos to you for making an informed decision. To each their own. Why oh why must you harp on those who do buy it, and on those who didn’t buy it (me) but still don’t believe them to be a scam?

      • Paul says:

        OK OK Last ever – Subject – My Narrow Little Mind – That would be the narrow little mind that has $6,000 still in my bank account, that’s the mind that hasn’t really got the capacity, I admit, to absorb the countless disaster stories and law suits going on against this company. I may have a narrow little mind Rachel – thank god – but I know a scam when I see one. You can make this work and you can make money on it, my narrow little mind knows that but my experienced head knows I don’t have to pay $6000 for it and NOBODY REPEAT NOBODY has to sign up today and today only. That is the oldest one in the book and were it not for the people I had given a lift to I would have walked out there and then. Also ‘harp on’ I have put in one blog only just to re-inforce the emperor has no clothes, hardly harping on. Good bye

        • Rachel says:

          So tell me Paul, where else is this same product available, for any amount of money? Yes, you can get fragments of the same product, scattered all about, and end up spending collectively a lot more than 6000 over time, and many many hours tracking down all the information and tools… Or you can simply decide that internet marketing isn’t for you. That’s okay too.

          Storesonline is one option. It’s right for some and not for others.

          A Ferrari is pretty pricey, (a rip-off, some might say) and yet it’s just a car. I can get a car for a lot less than the price of a Ferrari. But there is still a market for Ferraris. Get my point?

          Today and only today. Funny: I bought the product, THAT DAY, and two days later, I canceled the transaction. Full refund. No questions asked.

          What a scam!

  240. Arie says:

    Rachel, let me quote what you said:

    “So tell me Paul, where else is this same product available, for any amount of money? Yes, you can get fragments of the same product, scattered all about, and end up spending collectively a lot more than 6000 over time, and many many hours tracking down all the information and tools… Or you can simply decide that internet marketing isn’t for you. That’s okay too.”

    Okay Rachel, I would just introduce myself firstly and let you know that I used to have comments as well, above. Now your claim “where else can you find this type of serivce” has no legs. I would say where CANT you find this type of service? Have you tried to simply google “Site Builder” Rachel?

    Just 1 example: is a user-friendly advanced website builder that lets nearly anyone create and handle a successful website quickly, and at a great price!

    Price: $49.95/month

    Here’s another one:
    Over 7 hours of training!

    Price: $99.99 only

    And these are just 2 websites I pulled out of google but I can assure you there are many providers and other websites that will get you to run a website in a professional way and the amount of $ you would invest would be much less than $6,000. Maybe the worse case would be $500 and that’s the “worse” case.

    Rachel, just to conclude, you said:
    “Or you can simply decide that internet marketing isn’t for you.”

    I used to work a lot with Internet Marketing and Affiliate Programs and I can tell you that SOL won’t take you far way. $6,000 for what they offer is a joke, completely a joke.

    I understand Bruce had success with them and he likes to defend them, and I already argued with Bruce about it in our comments above. I will be straightforward with you – You might get something from SOL but whatever you get is a rip-off. you don’t pay $6,000 for what they offer, period!

  241. Anton says:

    there seems to be a lot of people with positive and negative feedback about the Online Stores Pro web based software. I am interested in the functionality of this product and would like to offer an independent review for myself and others. If there is someone who has made a recent purchase and would appreciate some help using it, while i also make an independent decision to purchase myself please contact me by replying to this email or directly on [email protected]
    best regards Anton

    • bruce says:

      Anton,Rachel, Paul: Please understand you are all adults, nobody needs to hold your hand. I have had a positive experience with SOL, but maybe I am the exception as per Paul etc. The support team has helped me anytime I have had a question, in the begining I had many, build my site, make changes you name it, but I went through the company not an affiliate. I think most of the negative comments are from people who have been contacted by scam affiliates. Please comment. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  242. Karen says:

    Well, lets start this off by saying that, I did attend a seminar. We did our research and of course nothing “negative” came up. However, this is our story and this is very real and true.
    We bought the Pro and have been working on it daily (for 12+hours a day) for 7 months. We have gotten it up and running. However, everytime we go into “Chat” we ask questions and are given the run around everytime. The data in their system is old, they know nothing of what they are speaking of and talk miles of circles. When any questions have been asked they always gave an answer that was not right. For example: Which has higher ranking, one way links or two way links? Answer: YES. What the hello kind of answer is that? Circles!!!!! We have been told that our site is very professional and unique. We have called the 801-434-8582 Customer Service phone line and filed complaints and with chat online and not “ONCE” has our complaint been addressed by anyone.We are given the run around and then some. For those of you who have succeeded kudos to you, for those of you who have been ripped off, lets do something to stop this from happening to anyone else. I have gone in to the Utah Dept. of Commerce and they filled a complaint against StoresOnline in 2002 and in 2005 and they continue to abuse people. With our economy and people losing their jobs, they are seeking alternative means of providing for their families. Please don’t say that the people getting involved in this are deserving, they are not. They are hard working Americans looking to work for themselves because they are tired of being treated like SH*T, by the people that own businesses for us to have to depend on for work. Storesonline will continue to take advantage of people because they are snakes from Utah that do just that. Look into the history of Utah! Banding together is the only way we can take them down and stop the BS. I for one will do all I can to make it known across America that this company is a fradulent bunch of vermin to which we need to eliminate.

    • bruce says:

      Karen: I also joined I think back in 2002 or 2005 or sometime. I also had a problem with chat people in the Philippines, but the support people in Utah were great, sometimes one may have to call a couple of times to find the person who can help you. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

      • Karen says:


        Are you currently using storeonline now? In the last 3 months the service has been getting worse not better. I also get my questions answered but they are wrong answers. “If they don’t know they should shut their hole” and find me someone who does. With storeonlines current problems it even effects my ranking on google which doesn’t seem fair. Don’t take this wrong but are you the Bruce we meet at the storeonline power seminar in Missoula, Montana?

        • bruce says:

          Karen: No I am in Illinois, but as you can see by my comments over a period of time it have nothing to beef about. However I haven’t called in a few months. Yesterday I went on my first Secret Restaurant trip, afterwards I had to complete a survey which took 2plus hours and about 4-5000 characters, it was a big job for $23.00 worth of food. I told them I am not an English teacher. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

        • Karen, are you a member of th forum? You will find much better help there.

  243. Arie says:

    I read your comments all long and chose not to reply but Bruce, please, I really don’t know if you work for them or something like that.

    Karen complained above about things that are so easy to predict to happen with SOL and yet you always go and defend on them. Even if you had success with them, you still need to be aware of the fact many OTHER companies can provide Karen a better service for a lesser price, much lesser (maybe $100-$200 for the whole thing).

    Karen, if you read this, please understand that Bruce has replied to people in this thread all the times, I am not saying he’s a bad person, but either he works for SOL or either he is really obsessed with them that he chooses to defend them here all way long.

    Karen, please try to get your money back from SOL and spend it on other companies, there are many other companies who can help you build a nice site and you won’t pay them more than $100, please don’t pay thousands of $ for something that simply doesn’t worth the money.

    • bruce says:

      Arie: For some reason you think I am a company man, I am not, all I state is what has happened to me, not YOU, or Karen, I don’t know how else to tell you, my experience has not been bad. Why do people keep puting me down when all I am telling is the truth. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

      • Arie says:


        Let’s say you can buy coffee in store A for $5.00
        Let’s say there is another store B that sells coffee for $100.00 and not only they sell it for a high price they also don’t provide a proper customer service that deserves that $100.00 paid for the coffee.

        Now people complain about this store B that they feel like they got ripped off, and they’re very upset.
        Now out of nowhere there is one Bruce who said he feels actually quite okay with Store B, and he keeps saying it again and again and again.
        (End of story)

        Now Bruce, when you do something like that there is nothing illegal but there is something dirty. The fact you said you’re okay with way B might be good for you, but I can tell you 95% of other people wouldn’t say that.

        SOL charges $6,000 for something that in the normal market should cost $50-150 only.
        So if you paid that $6,000 and you’re happy with it that’s fine, but please don’t take off the picture people are trying to show you here.

        • bruce says:

          Arie: When I started working on my sites I had no idea what to do, SOL spoon feed me from the begining to the end and now. Yesterday I called SOL to see if anything had changed, after what I have been told, I could not see any changes. I bet you are much younger then me, grew-up with computers, I did not, however I do appreciate all the help you offer to many people including me. The only tool I remember is a slip stick which I used in college many moons ago. Keep-up the good work. Thanks,Bruce,Seaweedman

  244. Karen says:

    Arie, Thanks for the response and the information. SOL has been a big struggle from the beginning. Everyday is something new.
    Thanks, Karen

    Your evasive answer won’t fly with me. I was not born yesterday. You do seem to defend SOL, but the important question is, “DO YOU WORK FOR STORESONLINE” from Illinois???????
    A simple yes or no will due.
    You can be in Jamica and still work for SOL, thats just geography!

    • bruce says:

      Karen: No I am too dumb, old to work with any computer company, but I did call SOL yesterday, talked to Nick, nothing has changed. I just wish people would be a lot less negative, help more people like Arie does, stop puting people down this would be a better world. I feel the best, natural organic product for your health is the seaweed I take, but people don’t listen, it really doesn’t matter to me. My father who was born in 1900 used to say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. In passing I just started learning about genealogy , so far I have been able to go back to 1820 on my father’s side. Merry Xmas. Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

      • Karen says:

        Im not a negative person! I just know that the more people I run into, the more I hear the negative things about SOL. As for my health, that has nothing to do with anything in here. Great that you are healthy, Im healthy as well, (again nothing to do with what were talking about here). I get it Bruce, oh by the way Imergent, (the parent company to SOL), is not a computer company. Do the research on it.

        • bruce says:

          Karen: You missed the point!, people in general don’t listen to other people’s opinions, I was just making a comparison with the seaweed. I really don’t care if people listen to me. Many people refused to listen re: the mortgage meltdown, I was telling borrowers 2-3 yrs ago, just wait to see what happens when the 2, 3 5 yr arms, interest only, option arms come do. Many of the people I worked with as a mortgage broker were very demanding, not pleasant, would not listen, tried to tell me how to do my work, now I am sure they are in foreclosure. All I am making is a comparison, you have to read the information, make a decision on your own period. Thanks,Bruce, Seaweedman

  245. Nancy says:

    I agree that $6000 sounds like a lot of money. But, this is for 6 sites NOT 1. Most other builders prices you are quoting is for 1 site.
    Can you get hosting for less than Storesonline offers? Of course you can. But that is just hosting. It doesn’t include the shopping cart. The cart is a very important part of the website. If you just get hosting YOU will be responsible for the security of your shopping cart.
    You have to compare apples to apples here. Similar programs to what Storesonline offers is something like Yahoo stores and Monster commerce. Each of those cost close to $100 per month for the same service you get through Storesonline.
    In the long run, Storesonline will be cheaper. They just get your money up front and Yahoo stores doesn’t.

    • Arie says:

      Nancy, I don’t like to name companies but just for the record you can see that almost every good hosting company provides you with free-tools to build a website.

      Check NetworkSolutions, you pay $100/year for domain+hosting and their tool to create your site is very good and I’d say more professional than SOL.

      Also, shopping cart? Just google “Shopping Cart”, you can get this for $50/year!! Fifty dollars for 1 year, how’s that being compared with SOL’s price?

      One more thing Nancy, SOL invites people to come to their “Market Day” however you name it, they lure people to see what they have to offer, those free gifts, free mp3 player, food or whatever it is – all this needs to be covered someone, don’t you think?

      The $6,000 you said is for 6 sites, so if you buy with hosting companies 6 sites, trust me, you will get a very BIG discount.

      In the long run, you won’t spend more than $1,000 if you really NEED 6 sites (1 or 2 is more than enough, how can you manage so many sites???).

      There is nothing to compare with real professional companies Nancy. Absolutely not.

      • Nancy says:

        I did check Network Solutions and you are not reading the fine print. You are stating the cheapest non ecommerce web site. If you are looking for a Professional ecommerce solution Network Solutions will cost you $99.95 per month.

        This is exactly what I am talking about when I say you need to compare equivalent products. SOL doesn’t just give you web hosting. You do get a website builder, secure website for credit card processing, and lots of tutorials. You just need to log in to the builder and read the information.


        I am not sure what you want me to comment on. I looked at your websites and I am confused as to what they are about. I am sorry to say, they don’t look very well designed. SOL didn’t do a very good job at all with these. I think your sites lack focus. It seems like you are trying to do too much on one site. Your side menus are too wide on some pages and it is throwing the template off. It looks like you are using the 5.0 builder and I have 4.0 which is much easier in my opinion. I would suggest you go to and get help there. You will find a lot of tips and information there.

        I have a few websites with SOL and some I have moved off of SOL. The reason I moved is because of the amount of down time SOL experiences, especially during peak times.

      • Bruce says:

        Arie: As you know I am working with another company along with SOL, I have found out the other company does not offer the same services such as live directories etc. The templates are great but but for a person starting out SOL does a better job

    • bruce says:

      Nancy: Karen thinks I am a shell? for SOL, I am not, if you look at my notes you will see how SOL has treated me over a number of years, but as I state I know nothing about computers, I have to rely on other smarter people. Have you visted my two web sites to see how SOL helped me build them, any time I have a question SOL has helped me?SOL also has tools to help you get on the various search engines etc. Please comment. Thanks, Bruce, Seaweedman

  246. Arie says:

    Nancy / Bruce,

    Network Solutions is giving you, AS A PART OF THE HOSTING PACKAGE (like $90/year) a free-tool to build a site. I have no idea why you need to pay monthly or thousands to create a shop-site.

    Again, I think I’m the only one who’s in discussion here but just enough to read all the posts above to get the picture.

  247. bruce says:

    Arie: I am only giving my opinion re: SOL, but as I state nobody listens. You are one of a few people who honestly try to help people when it comes to the sites, please keep-up the good work. Happy Holidays! Thanks, Bruce,Seaweedman

  248. Bruce says:

    Arie,Gennick: Check out me new site, please comment on the templates!

  249. Bruce says:

    Arie: the site is Thanks, Bruce

    • Rhonda says:

      Hello. My boyfriend and I just attended a 90 min workshop with storesonline. We are very interested in doing something like this, but yes we are scared to invest my money if this company is what the other people say it is….I huge mistake…I guess what I’m asking you is would you buy into it? I’m still reading all the other notes others have wrote……Help!

  250. Bubbles says:

    Got busy, should have researched these folks before we attended the 90 minute, preamable to the pocket-picking session they wanted us to attend. BEWARE!

  251. Vat says:

    Very informative read for the would-be dropshippers.

  252. Jessica says:

    I purchased my 6 websites on 01/31/2008 Athens, GA. I now have the strength and means to fight this untrustworthy company with bad product and am doing so. I have officially requested a full refund both verbally and in a written letter. I then sent the letter to the StoresOnline, Inc. physical address and cc’d it to the attorney general in CA (because I recently moved to CA and didn’t know which state would handle it), UT, and GA, state senators in CA, UT, and GA, and the BBB of Utah. I also included supporting documents with the letter requesting a refund and why.

    I did receive a response from SOL but it is a pressured attempt to get me to sign a quick fix to the initial and larger problem. (They offered free programming for 1 year and hosting for 3 months). The issue is the company is not trust worthy, the product is faulty, their business practices deceptive, and I am completely unsatisfied with the product after making reasonable attempts to work with the software. Normally this would work with any company that respects it’s product and customer.

    Does anyone know what more I can do? Where can I send more complaint letters to? Has anyone had any luck with getting a full refund?

    Update: They are now offering half a refund but I would only have access to one of my websites… if I only keep 1 out of 6 websites then I should receive 5/6 of a refund. They are also making me decide by the 29th… so for as slow as they move I’m being forced to decide in one week. The point is that the product is faulty… so I still think a FULL refund is warranted.

  253. Rachel E says:

    I’ve read most of these posts with great interest. I am one of the satisfied SOL customers. Purchased unlimited licenses in April, 2008. Two sites published and more than earning their keep, two others under construction. It is a lot of work and helps to know business as well as internet principles. Keep your eyes and ears open for helpful ‘support’ products outside the SOL platform. I’ve found a couple that have greatly improved site performance. I would be able now to use the ‘scattered’ products to put together a site, but why go through all that when I know the SOL system and can make it work.

    • Ray Wilson says:

      Attention Rachel E…just read your posting on SOL and glad to hear you made it work. I bought my 6 licenses two years ago, over 6 thousand invested and have struggled off and on trying to make it work. Is there any advise on getting the web sites up and running. I’d appreciate some real points on how to succeed. Please email me personally at [email protected] Thanks I hope you come back to read this. Ray

  254. Chris says:

    Thanks for all the info. I just got a flyer today about an upcoming seminar in Shelton, CT. You supposedly get an MP3 player. Keep it!

  255. Martin Lee says:

    Those who bought in Washington can claim for their refund. You have until 21st Sep 2009 to file your claim.

  256. SK says:

    My husband and I attended the 90 minute seminar. We didn’t get a lot of information, but the lunch was good.

    Having already gone through a scam of sorts over software with a company dealing with budgeting your finances, we had already agreed that we weren’t going to be suckered into buying anymore software.

    I did pay for the workshop because I want to glean some of the information offered and see if it’s anything that I can use. I didn’t feel comfortable using my visa because they didn’t have a visa machine and all of the information was written onto a form. So I wrote a check on one of my smaller accounts. In the information that they gave me was a license and password for a website. After reading the agreement, I don’t intend to use this key, because once activated they will be able to charge me the $24.95 a month. During the 90 minutes they had said you could use it for 45 days. I know how fast 45 days is and how we sometimes forget to cancel things. However once the site is live, they can start charging you.

    So I won’t even activate anything or start building a site because I have my own domain and website, and I’m perfectly happy using Etsy to sell my products. I pay a small fee each month to advertise my products and use pay pal for people to pay for my products.

    The only reason I even went to this 90 minute seminar was because my husband was curious about what they had to say. I’ve been online for a long time, and pretty much know how to be successful with an online business but have been a little lazy about putting forth too much effort.
    There is a whole wide world of customers out there and with the right marketing tools you can reach those customers.

    The internet has many free tools available, as well as, software for a minimal price. Search out the tools, read the information and learn all that you can about starting an online business. Don’t expect anyone to do your work for you, and if they say you can go to sleep and make money, well, that’s only a small portion of truth. Yes, you can go to sleep and wake up with an order in your inbox.
    You still have to package and send off that product, plus transfer their payment into your bank account.

    Do your research. There is a lot of wonderful information available online, you just have to search it out.
    Don’t stop at the first page of links in your search engine, go to the next page and the next page.

    And lastly, the only way to be successful with any business is through good old fashioned work, time, and effort.

  257. Ian says:

    Hey… if you want to fight back at Stores Online, join us and together we will take down the giant. Email your story to [email protected], then tweet everyone you can reach and tell them not to use Stores Online! Tell them to tell everyone they know how crooked this company is! If we join together we can tweet the entire world…


  258. Jorene says:

    I was with StoresOnline and while I cannot agree it’s a scam (I brought in ALOT of business since 2004) …they did (unauthorized) take out close to $400 from our account, majorly bounced us and I lost everything because I didn’t want to continue with them, so yeah- that was a bad thing! Years of work, templates, products- GONE….so instead of keeping my card on file with them, I turned to Webstarts (link under website) and I’m very happy. You can get a beginner website for FREE with them, and you can choose to upgrade to a VERY affordable hosting fee (around $6.00/month versus $25 that SO charges) which puts you on major search engines, allows scripting, gives you $50 in Google adwords……By the way, the Overture Reverse Search SO charges for, is here and it’s FREE

  259. Ben says:

    I signed up for SOL back in 2004. I was a stupid 20 year old kid. I got lied to and jerked around with. They really knew what to say and how to say it to get me out of all my money. I tried for years to find some sort of lawsuit but I gave up. I wasted my life savings on that junk. I recovered from it but it was more the point of it than the actual dollar amount.

    Anyone with any sort of updates or (if any) suggestions on getting my money back.. even tho 6 years ago or so, feel free to email me.

    I do not know if SOL even does business anymore.

  260. Adam Gray says:

    They still do business. I’m going to one of their conferences for fun here in Minneapolis on March 17th. I mainly just want the free dinner and to see what kind of “offers” they have. I run my own web development & marketing firm but I’m still interested in what they’re selling to have been in business for so long, despite the bad reviews.

    • William says:

      Own your own web developing and marketing company but you have time to attend a beginners conference for website building. Mosy in here will believe you but I’m not buying it.

  261. Donnie says:

    I am from Singapore and a Storesonline Pro user for over 2 years now. My site has been up for 2 years already and doing fairly ok with Alexa ranking of around 600k consistently. 70% of my traffic comes from search engines. As a user, my assessment are as follows:-

    1) Is the price worth it? I believe it is fair price to pay. I have tried various platforms including building my own as well as lately Joomla. A custom site with such manageability of contents will cost more (Pls understand that manageability of contents is key to SEO). A platform such as Joomla takes more technical know-how, although it is very flexible and extensible.

    2) Is it as seamless as they say? No. The platform has got certain strengths such as Search engine friendly URL out of the box and integrated shopping cart with inventory management. This is not the case for many platforms out there.

    The page hierarchy structure is a lot easier to understand for beginners compared to platform such as Joomla’s menu driven ones. I do however find the Storesonline platform lacking in areas such as template design and editor. These are however not limitations that will be enough to restrict your site’s success online in my opinion. Content is king after all when it comes to SEO.

    3) What I find most valuable? For me it is a good starting point. The online knowledge base included is good for someone who has no prior knowledge to get up to speed. However, they are not complete. I find it useful to start my learning from there and have extended my knowledge online and through more in depth research off line.

    4) How do I feel about the company? When I first started, I had relied on the help desk more. As someone might have pointed out some where in this forum, that can some times be frustrating especially when your problems cannot be solved. Guess no company is perfect. I got this far but I still hope that the company can engage the users better and have a stronger group of support staff that can handle more complex problems.

    5) Would I recommend this to someone else? Yes & No. If you are expecting the platform to make you rich fast, I would not recommend this route. However, if you are keen to learn how to do internet marketing and do not have any idea where to start, this is a good starting point. The online documentation and a ready platform is a great way to learn.

    6) Word of advice? I would advise you to limit your exposure by starting with one or two licenses although that would mean you pay more per license. I have 6 licenses and only one is live. One I use for testing purposes. There rest still dormant. You can play with the platform as much as possible. You only need to start paying when it goes live. I played around with my 1st license for more than 6 months before it went live. I still only pay for one live site after 2 years.

    Also, hard work pays. Any chance you are sitting around doing and learning nothing expecting something to happen, you need a change of plan.

    Good luck!

    • William says:

      Very good advice and information though I expect it will fall on mostly deaf ears as most will accuse you of being an SOL employee. Misery loves company and your not welcome here unless you are miserable and victimised.

      Good luck!

      • Donnie says:

        Thanks for listening. Chinese has a saying that you can force a buffalo to the river but you cannot force it to drink. I just share what I feel like sharing. Whether it is useful or not is up to whoever is reading.

        • Erika says:

          Donnie I thank you for your information but I have not had the same experience with Storesonline as you did. We sent them our information within the first week. They looked at the two sites and said that they could work with the information and would do our sites and make them look better and that they would get back with us. We were not even assigned a programmer until two months later. We have gone round and round with these people and they have only given us ONE site and that one is not right even after we tell them exactly what we want removed and changed. We never did see anything on the second site to this day. They tried twice to charge us for a hosting fee and both times I called them on it and told them that we have not approved the site and they had to refund our money. As of right now we can’t even get into our site it comes up under construction. So I hope all goes well with your site and I wish you nothing but the best but as for me I just want out.

        • Donnie says:

          Dear Erika,

          I am sorry to hear that you experience has been so bad. My experience is based purely on tinkering with the platform myself which leads to me believing that the greatest value I get out of the effort is the knowledge I gain from getting the pieces together.

          I have never engaged the Storesonline help to develop my site so far which is probably due to my intention for this to be a DIY exercise for myself and also I prefer to have control over changes on my own site. I probably took longer than most to get the site going but it has become sort of 2nd nature now.

          One thing perhaps Storesonline could do better is not to understate the effort.

          In any case, I wish you all the best.

  262. Steve says:

    They had a seminar where I worked, bunch of people that hardly knew what the internet was. I knew instantly it was a scam. Seen it thousands of times, but this is different, never seen it in person. So I found this site, and I read a comment and noticed that they could replicate google searches, what if they were spoofing google, or had their own google copy.

  263. That is pretty crazy to think that someone is spoofing google. some scetchy stuff seems to be going on. great post and very interesting! thanks

  264. kim says:

    I just went to storesonline and purchased a license for $58.00. I think it could be good or bad depending on how much work you put into it> I do feel it is a good place to start, learn and experience. Does anybody have any recent information good or bad?

  265. Carolyn says:

    Storesonline is such a sham that they have to keep changing their name! They used to be iMergent. They have also been or still are Profit System Online, The Manhattan Professional Group, Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income course and others worldwide. I would like to forewarn people of Lincoln, Nebraska as they have scheduled seminars in September. I just received my “free tickets”. You will have lots of trouble getting your thousands back. Let’s see if they don’t find a way to delete this posting! It has happened. There have been lots more since Kim’s of July 14th. Don’t Go. Thanks, Kelly Richards

  266. I find this baby cloths site has consistently provided great info, and the Matt Cutts video is very helpful.

  267. kim says:

    ok people, i’m going to try to do something about this but i want to know how many are with me. right now i’m trying to re-activate a yahoo e-mail i haven’t used in years. i live in california and am one of those who recently got scammed, in fact less than 1 month ago. i want my money back and i’m ready to act like it. so…for all those that want to ban together and force sol to pay back the money they conned us out of, here’s my email [email protected]. don’t send me your story, i’ve already spent 3 days reading them. just sent an email saying “i’m in”. ok, that will get a list going for the Attorney General for a class act. there will be other things we can do, too. i will let you know what they are every step of the way, when i figure them out. it’s not the first time i’ve done something like this and i can either do it for myself or try to help the ones who are serious. i was going to call them today and just try to get my own money back, but i will give it a few more days to see what kind of response i get. i’m gonna get my money back with or without you, but i’m willing to start building an army so long as i know your willing to fight. sorry about my punctuations, i’m just being lazy not lame.

  268. craig says:

    I signed up for the stores online pro upgrade. Afterwards I reviewed the information in this blog and spoke to a freind who is makes his living creating and getting web sites placed. I also reviewed all of the information given to me by stores online. Yes it is true their are less expensive ways to accomplish the SEO placement and my decision based on the above review was to cancel with stores online. They refunded all of my money and handled the cancellation extremely professionally. It has been a while since I read the information in this blog, but my recollection is that most of the concerns expressed have been taken care of by stores online contracts or modified procedures. Some of the complaints seem to be because the purchaser appears not to have read the entire contract, or the contracts have been revised by stores onlline since the complaint ws logged. Yes, the free seminar is nothing but a sales pitch. If you sign up and pay $99 for the second seminar and read the material given to you, you will realize the real value is in the pro upgrade and without it SEO optimization is pretty difficult unless you will do a lot of research and learn a bunch of material which my freind says is available online. My review of the stores online pro package revealed what appeared to be valuable material and a doable process. It will take time and effort but the material to create and place your website appears to be in the material. Since I havn’t actually attempted to use the material I don’t know how realistic it really is. The bottom line is my experience with stores online was handled professionally.

  269. I truly enjoy examining on this site, it holds wonderful posts .

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